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POBLI8HSD DAILT-(8nnd» T i Kxo.pt*!
at 0l»K «•»'■ atraat, hi elm •>■<!, Va
The JOURNAL la delivered to nrtewrlbari In the
olty at Frm» f inw rm Win, payable to the
earrlera—Tuam Ctms par alngle copy.
Paid r» Mmiijio —Three month a SI Tl; Its
montha $3 00; on* year $6 00
rhe WniLT JOURNAL will be mailed to rab
•Bribers six montha for 76 cent!; on* year, tl 60.
[ Advertisements of Lest, Wants, Found, For Rent,
Ac, not exceeding three or four lines, will be in
serted under the proper headings at TWENTY-FIVE
CENTS, for one insertion; or two insertions for FOR
TY CENTS; three Insertions, SIXTY CENTS—ln
variably CASH IN ADVANCE.]
Mat Jan and 4th, 1871, by
Majsr WM. B. MYERS Stage Manager.
Major WM. H. CABKIB Business Manager.
Professor ft A. AMBOLD Musical Director.
Dress Circle and Orchestra Chairs $1 00
Reserved S>ats (extra) 25
Family Circle and Parquette 76
Gallery 60
Bale of reserved seats will commenoe Saturday,
April 29th, at 9 A M., at the Richmond Musical Ex
change, corner of Tenth and Mala .-treats.
Librettos of ths opera may be procured at the
Richmond Musical Exchange.
The oelebrated Dunham Piano, kindly tendered by
tbe State agent (Prof, ft A. Ambold), will be naed at
each performance. ap 21—et
918 Main Street.
Price 30 cents. ap 29;—lw
REGULAR ASSEMBLIES for Skating at the
above Hall will talce place every MONDAY, WED
NIGHTS, at 8 o'clock, and every SATURDAY morn
ing at 10.
o'clock, the Rink will be open EXCLUSIYBLY for
gentlemen and youths.
The PRICE OF ADMISSION, with the use of
Bkates, is 60 cents, for a single ticket, or $3 per dozen.
Children, under l*i years of age, 26 cents.
At the Afternoon Assemblies Ladies and Boys will
only be charged 25 cents. mh 7—tf
NOTICE .—I most respectfully call the atten
tion of my friends and tbe public at Urge to my
fine assortment of FAMILY GROCERIES, on the
corner of Hull aud Eleventh atreeta. All I ask is
an equal share of the trade, and satisfaction will be
my I—2w P. BOWIB.
Hull street, north side, between Seventh and
Eighth, front CO feet, running back 152; six rooms
In building. Terms liberal. Apply to
ap 27—eodts JOSEPH WELLS.
A B. I. 1 TH BOW
Respectfully Invites the attention of his patrons
and the public generally to the (act that he has con
stantly on hand
which he offers for sale at RICHMOND PRICES.
an 2fl—lw
CIE PRIZE PACKAGE Price 25 cents,
Keeda only to be seen In opera
tion to convince the moat sksptical tbat, with Its
of SEWING, It well deserves Its proud title of ths
Sold on the easiest possible terms.
iiS Main street. Agent.
styles for MAY Just received. my I—diatom
Resuming that part of their business In which they
were so extensively engaged in former years, are
prepared to furnish whatever may be needed for
SWORDS and BELTS of every description ; STAFF
Tbe above will be sold at such prices as to make it
to the Interest of purchasers to give them their or-
Call at 13lis Main street,
ap 29—diweodlm Richmood, Va.
HOUSE, situated on the northeast oorner of
Duval and St. John's streets, opposite Ebenezer
Church. It oontalua five rooms, with water In the
house and yard; coal and wood cellar in tbe houae.
Th - garden is an excellent one, containing choice
firape-vinea and some fruit trees. The yards are
arge, with a good cowhouse. For terms, apply on
the premises. ap 29—sou St*
Call on
No. s Socio Tiara Biaasr.
ap 28—lm
tCubhions FOR .MAY." "~
Just received. Also, the
The ladies are iuvited to call and examine the
Fashion Plates.
Butterlck's Patterns are to be had only at ths
823 Mainatreet.
my 1—dAw6m J. F. MeKBNNHY.
for the Benefit of the Widows and Orphans or
the Southern States.
DISTRIBUTION No. 306. Kvswma Mar J.
tf 4 46 21 76 29 65 26 70 73 39 S H 6S~47
DISTRIBUTION No. 307. Momw~mTtT~
46 29 44 48 64 66 78 3 2 4 46 28 II 3T
Witneea my hand, at Richmond, Va., this 2d day
of May. 1871. *
Managers. Commissioner.
CERTIFICATES OF RAFFLE, can be purchased
from Oapt. W. I. DABNHY/, at the Branch office. No
8, Eleventh street, one door from Main.
$2 50 PERDAV $2 50 MEDAY -
Thia new and attractive HOTEL Is now open for
the accommodation of the travelling public.
Its location gives itpeouliar advantages. Situated
on Main atreet, near the Post office, Cuatom-Houae,
all of the Banks, Telegraph Offices, and moat of ths
wholesale and retail houses of the city.
The house is near aud newly furnished, and its ex
perienced proprietor promises that it shall be first
class in all of its arrangements.
The TABLE shall have full advantage of thla and
other markets, tbe BAR aupplied with CHOICE LI
QUORS, and the wine cellar with the most select
The LIVERY attached will supply the finest teams
at all times. NORVELL COBB,
■■J *—w»s» Proprietor.
Hk IMIm State Journal
a,,ooP.,T W . RICHMOND, VA.e TUEShAY EVEM1NC , MAY 2, 1871. VOL. III.- NO. 152-
MOTlOKa—Assignees forwarding, notices of
their appointment lor publication will oblige us by
stating In which Court the. case la filed.
It is a matter of great gratification to
know tbat our repeated efforts to arouse
public attention to the monstrous outrages
committed by tbe City Council are having
a powerful influence. The fact tbat the
oity debt was increased $682,129 68, and
that there is now a deficiency of $456,
--799.22, nearly half a million, additional
t nation to be raised this year, was cer
tainly enough to arouse the attention of
tbe most careless and indifferent citizen.
We expected that the disclosures already
brought to light would shock tbe honest
and too careless tax-payers, who, virtuous
themselves, never inspected that such a set
of precious scoundrel* and spendthrifts
had obtained control of our municipal
affairs; from such men we expected an
early and unmistakable response. We did
not, however, anticipate that Conservative
journals like the Whig and Dispatch would
turn and become the accusers of the very
men whom they had helped to put into
office. The former in it» issue of to-day
boldly points public scorn and condemna
tion to the acts of these false public ser
vants, and tells the people plainly what
the result of continuing them in office will
be, and says:
The administration of the past year has
been far from satisfactory ; and If tho "Sing"
fixes itself permanently upon ns, oppressive
taxes and prodigal expendittre will certainly
be our portion.
This is all well, and shows that after
•11 there is some honesty in journalism.
We would suggest, howevet, tbat "ring
is rather moderate and hardly comes up
to a proper description of the deeds that
have been done, and the robberies that
have been committed.
But the strangest of all is the fact that
we have been able, not only to fix public
attention upon these mercecaries, but have
Actually pierced their own thick hides,
and compelled them for once to feel restive
and uneasy under the storm of scorn and
contempt that has been poured upon them.
They did, in fact, at their meeting last
injht, by solemn resolution, direct that
a report should be made of all their ex
penditures from the date of tbeir inaugu
ration to the firat of May, 1871.
This is well enough ; but would be much
better if it was honestly intended. No
' body, however, believes it is. The public
judgment and popular expectation ia tbat
no honest statement will be made ; that the
resolution itself was designed to divert
public attention and to stop the inquisi
tion which justice is now making, to
silence, if it be ouly temporary, the univer
sal condemnation and threats of punish
ment everywhere uttered by citizens of all
classes against these wretched architects of
the city's ruin.
Will the Council that adopted that res
olution, that bought the mules, tbat sold
the city bonds for six-tenths ot their value,
that squandered twenty thousand dollars
last year at the alms-house, forty thou
sand dollars at least in the gas works, that
stopped a great manufactory, turning hun
dreds of needy mechanics out of employ
ment, that bought engines and other me
ohanical works in foreign cities, tbat bai
riotously squandered and wasted in stupid
missions, lavish expenditures, the city
funds, made places for its partizan favor
ites and menials in the gas works, at the
alms-house, upon tbe police force, and
everywhere, turning out honest men and
faithful servants without any regard for
decency or honesty—will such a Council,
we ask, make an honest report of its own
infamous abuses of the public confidence?
Will such a Council point out the friends
or emissaries to whom this immense sum
of money, so squandered by them, has been
paid, and finally will tbey pay back any
portion of the money of which the city has
been robbed? We have no expectation that
they will perform either of these honest
actions, for men never grow altogether gocd
or utterly Bad at once. They do, however,
sometimes, go down like a plummit, as
this Council has done, into a fathomless
abyss of degradation ; but they never come
up with the same rapidity with which
they descend. It is said that even murder,
not only occurs regularly at fixed periods'
and under what appears to be an establish
ed law as to its frequency, but is as much
R growth as the fairest flower, the state
liest tree, or the ripened grain.
To covet another's goods, to cheat, pil
fer, steal, rob, murder, is the very gamut
and scale of crime ; to repent, confess aud
make restitution is the method of ascent
from vice to virtue—so when this diabolical
Council has begun to pay back tome of its
ill-gotten gains and to restore, even tbe
smallest proportion of the immense sums
which tbeir pilfering, waste and extrava
gance has cost the city treasury, we shall
begin to have some faith in their repeu.
tanco ; but we tell 'you beforehand tbat
your "repentance without works" is filthy
These "hold, bad men" may be sorry as
they doubtless are, tbat they have been
found out in their vices ; they do doubtless
smart under the contempt with which
honest men regard them ; they nave some
times, but only for a moment, pity for the
abject poverty and distress which tbeir
vicious practices have wrought upon the
olty—for even a body of naked lluard
eaters may occasionally indulge in the
luxury of mercy, and be loathsome still,
but neither their sorrow-smarting or mercy
are of any value, or prized by any body,
so long as they have tho power to tax
mercilessly and squander wastefully.
The penitence, sorrow and confessions
of these UDjust servants, who have carried
the public bag for the last year, is particu
larly suspicious at this time, when wo ob
serve the zeal, energy and activity witb
which they are all or nearly all laboring to
secure a re-election to the places they have
so disgraced in the past. If they are
honest and intend to reform, it is best to
remove them from the temptations that
overcame thorn in the past; but if, as we
believe, they want another term of office,
to cover np their past defalcations and for
the accomplishment of new enterprises in
the future as disgraceful to themselves and
as expensive to the public ai those already
accomplished, they should be burled from
their places and consigned to the coutempt
and infamy which their misdeeds deserve.
The public good demand two things,
first ths instant and irrevocable dismissal
of tho guilty plotters now in office, aud
then tbe substitution in their disgraced
seats of honest men who will honestly ad
minister public affairs. The great danger
is that in the excitement and universal joy
felt ia thrashing these wretches out, same
miserable tools of theirs may sneak in.
Our motto then should be, turn the
We havo suspended for one day the
itemized statements of the peculations and
waste of the Council, to be resumed to
Taking tbe census in this country is a
by no means easy task. Tbe enumeration
is still incomplete, and a year will proba
bly have elapsed from tbe time the work
was begun before all the returns are iv.
Another year or more may be consumed in
printing the returns. But if the country
is in possession of the whole results of the
enumeration in two years time, it will be
sooner by four years, than at any time
previous, under the operations of the pre
sent law, The census of 1860 was not
printed in book form until 1866, and tbat
of '60 not until 1859.
Every decennial census furnishes Impor
tant facts concerning tbe manufactures and
internal industries of the country, and tbe
value of such statistics* is partly lost, if
half a decade or more is required to pre
pare them for the public Tbe census
laws undoubtedly need revising. Five
months are allowed for the enumeration
and an unlimited time for publication, and
it is charged, too, that the results are, in
some particulars, inaccurate and incom
plete. The system is manifestly too' slow
and cumbrous.
Plantations Under Water—A Scene
of Desolation and Kuin.—The New Or
leans Times, describing a visit to Bonnet
Carre crevasses, says: Within about five
miles of tbe crevasse we came upon what
wbs an apparently valuable plantation,now
covered with water to the depth often feet.
Tbe sugar house, negro quarters and dwell
ing house are all staoditig in the midst of
water, a desolate picture saddening to be
hold. At Bonnet Carre a huge volume of
water rushes through the gap 1,200 feet
wide, foaming and seething, while the an
gry roar impresses a sense of fear on the
listener. Near tbe break is a small collec
tion of houses, back of them plantations,
and further removed is a line of forest,
through all which the flood pours a resist
less force. From the village all light of
life is fled. Deserted houses, with open
doors, tell too truly the painful story.
Funeral of James M. Mason.—The
funeral of the late Senator James M.
Maston took place in Alexandria Sunday
afternoon. His remains were brought
from Clarens, bis residence, about three
miles from Alexandria, to Christ church,
where, at 3 o'clock, the funeral ceremonies
were performed. Rev. Dr. McKim, Dr
Newton, and several other clergymen offi
ciated. The church was densely crowded,
and throngs of people wailed in the neigh
borhood of tbe church. The pall-bearers
consisted of gentlemen who resided near
him on Seminary Hill aud its vicinity. At
the conclusion the corpse was borne to its
last resting place, among tbe graves of his
Strange Scene at A Funeral.—Du
ring the funeral services of John F. Dick
iusoo, a well-known sportsman, at Wil
liamsburg, Sunday, tbe Key. Mr, Johnson,
who officiated, alluded in severe terms to
tha life of the deceased, upon which Dick
inson's sister arose, and in an excited man
ner commanded Mr. Johnson to stop his
remarks, as they were altogether uncalled
for and inappropriate. The affair created
a great sensation in tbe church. Mr.
Johnson apologised and sat down.
Ku-Klux in Naw Tobk.—Au attempt
wai made about 2 o'clock Sunday morning
by a party of Morgau & Co.'a employes
to cut loose from its pier in Kast river the
ship William Tapscott, concerning wbicb
tbe firm are in litigation with Tapscott &
Co. The United States deputies in charge
of the ship resisted the attack, and with
the assistance of the police dually drove
off the assailauts, after twenty or thirty
shots were fired, but nobody was hurt.
It SK.ttM.-i after all that South Africa pro
duces genuine diamouds, and the rush of
emigrants to the diamond fields is said to
resemble old California days. There is a
canvas city of sixteen thousand people at
one point and of twelve tbousaud at
anotber. The stones are small, but of pure
water, and are found in great abundance.
Diamonds, weighing seven and eight carats,
have been extracted from the mud walls
of the cabins of the natives.
Ou Thursday evening there was com
mitted in a street car in New York, a most
brutal and unprovoked assault upon a
gentleman, which bas since resulted in a
murder. Mr. Avery D. Putnam, a gen
tleman of respectability and refinement,
was the victim, and died ou Saturday.—
tie.was first grossly insulted by a rowdy
and upon getting out of the cars was fol
lowed, knocked down and killed. Foster,
tbe assassin, ben been arretted.
Washington News and Goeelp.
Washington, May 2, 1871.
The payments by warrant, exclusive of
the public debt, for the month of April,
were $12,446,668 11. This includes war,
navy, interior and civil and miscellaneous
The United States and Mexican Claim
Commission to-day allowed $14,200 in
satisfaction of the claim of the heirs of
Almendariz (or the land and reservation ou
which Fort Craig, in New Mexico, is sit
The Southern claims commissioners yes
terday heard tho cases of Benjamin J.
Qrubb, of Virginia, for cattlo taken by
General Geary's troops ; Levi Parker and
Beth and Cyrus Osborne for farm property
and produce used by the army, and Lewis
P. Griffith presented a claim of a similar
character. All the parties are from Vir
Tho following cases came up to-day:
Alfred W. Gardner, of Maryland, the use
and loss of the steamer Gipsy on tbe Poto
mac river and thereabouts, $12,000 ; Sam
uel E. and Joseph Nichols, Philraont, Va.,
fencing and farm products used by the
army, $3,873 60 ; Nelson ConDer, now or
Washington,, farm products and mules
taken from him near Alexandria, Va.,
$1,049; Reubiti J. Ives, Falls Church, Va.,
■ farm products used by the army, $304.
The President has appointed Lieutenant
Colonels Wright and John (J. Foster, two
well-known army engineers, as the com
mission authorized by Congress to examine
aod report upon the Sutro tunnel, which
is constructed half a mile into the moun
tain that overlooks Virginia city, Nevada.
Tbe object is to sink mining shafts from
this tunnel whe;i it is completed three
miles, and the purpose of this commission
is to report if it ia worthy of government
assistance. Its p-ojectors claim that the
enterprise will develop untold millions of
mineral wealth.
court op claims.
Argument has been commenced in the
Court of Claims on a motion for a new
trial in the suit of Klein vs. the United
States, for the proceeds of 670 bales of
cotton seized by the Confederate military
authorities, used in tbe fortifications of
Vicksburg, and afterwards captured by
the United States authorities.
Tbe Civil War In France.
Versailles, May I.—The insurgent gar
rison of Fort Issy this morning displayed
a flag of truce, and a party has been sent
forward from the government lines to con
vey the terms upon which tbe surrender of
the fort will be accepted.
There was a disturbance at LyoDs yes
terday, fomented by friends of the Paris
Commune, but it was readily quelled by
the authorities
Paris, May I.—This forenoon General
Cluseret was dismissed from the office of
minister of war by the Commune, and re
placed by M. Rossel.
The Oi dv People says that Cluseret has
been arrested by order of the executive
committee, with the approval of tho Com
mune. General La Cecilia is in command
at Fort Issy. General Durassier replaces
General Okolowiia, whs was wounded.
All through last night there was cauon
ading and musketry fie at Neuilly, but it
has now Blackened.
The Journal de Paris says that the Ver
saillists have evacuated Gennevilliers.
London, May I.—Generals Sheridan
and Forsyth and the widow and son of
President Lincoln are passengers on the
steamship Russia, which sailed Saturday
for New York.
Versailles, May I.—Rossel, in accepting
the insurgent ministry of war, says he will
have ueed of absolute co-operation of the
Commune troops and people of Paris.
Versailles, May 1, 7P. M.—The nego
tiations for tbe surrender of fort Issy
failed. The bombardment has recom
menced and is now very violent.
Paris, May I.— Afterncon.— Tho Com
mune has revoked its order for the arrest
of Cluseret. The Masons take turns with
the Nationals in guarding the city and
ramparts, and do duty under the terrible
Death of J. Marshall Hsnna.
Baltimore, May 2.—Mr. J. Marshall
llanna died oo Sunday last at tbe residence
of his brother in Belair, Md., in the 88th
year of his age. The deceased was well
known to the editorial and reportorial
corps of the country, having beeo connect
ed with the press of Baltimore, Washing
ton, Richmond and other cities. He was
in the South during tbe late war, and sub
sequently resided in Washington until ill
health compelled bis return to his native
couuty, where he died.
Dueling In Cuba,
Havana, May I.—A quarrel arose on
Saturday, In the ball of the Supreme Court,
during which Judge Silgar slapped the
face of Judge Vasques Quiepo. Judge
Quiepo challenged Judge Silgar, and this
morning they fought a duel with swords,
in which both received slight wounds, af
ter which they adjourned for breakfast.
The civil authorities are investigating tbe
matter. Other duels are ou the tapis.
Klcotlou In Raleigh, N. O.
Raleigh, May I.—Wui. Henry Harrison
Republicau, a brother of Mrs. Governor
Holdeo, bas been elected mayor of this
Ex-Governor Manly died iv this ciiy
this afternooD, aged about 76.
Dr. Cobb, who eloped with Mary L.
Don from Wilton, Maine, was yesterday
turned over by the police authorities of
Buffalo, N. V., where they were over
hauled, to the custody of tha father of his
victim, ami they left fcr home.
Edward May, an old resident of In
dianapolis, having forbidden John Smith
from visiting his daughter, John and his
brother nearly murdered the old gentle
Register! —We appeal to our people not
to neglect this important doty to-day.
The safety of our city may depend npon one
vote, and no man can vote who does not re
We again repeat tbat the redisricting of
the city requires the reregistering of every
Register the first thing you do on Monday.
Do not delay it, sickness or some unforeseen
accident may deprive you of the opportunity
No Republican, who is unwilling to see this
fair city given up to the misrnle and oppres
sion which has marked the course of tbe pre
sent Conncil should neglect to register on
Register yourselves, and see that all your
friends and neighbors do likewise.
interesting- Suit In the V. S. Court.
cOLoaxn woman aftbh her kio.hts.
Proceedings were commenced in the United
States Circuit court in this city a few days ago
in behalf of a colored family named Orillin
living in Philadelphia, lor the recovery of
property in James City county, valued at up
wards of $200,000. The bill filed in the cause
represents that Captain Robert Ander-on, of
Williamsburg, died in 1869, leaving a large
estate both real and personal.
His will, in bis own hand-writing, appoint
ing his two nephews bis executors, one oopy of
whioh was found in tho Bank of Virginia, at
Richmond, and another at his residence iv
Yorktown, where he also bad property, be
queathed $1,000 a year during ber lifetime to
bis widow—there being no children the issue
of the marriage, although she bad children by
a former husband. The residue of bis large
estate he left entirely to a then shave woman
named Maria Griffin, with whom it appears he
had been on intimate terms and whose five
children Captain Anderson recognized as bis,
tbe youngest of whom, sained "Seventy>
Seven," is now some twelve or thirteen sum
Upon the will being offered for probate by
the executors it was contested. Able counsel
were employed upon either side, and upon tbe
issue being submitted to tbe jury they failed
to agree, standing six for and six against the
will. This was in 1859 or '80. As soon there
after as tbe delays of tbe law would admit
another trial was "had and again resulted in a
disagreement, tbe jury this time standing
eleven against and only one tor tbe will. Mat
ters being thus situated, the war coming on,
and prejudice against tbe colored race of course
increasing. Mrs. Griffin concluded it would be
utterly useless to further prosecute her claim
until the excitement then existing bad coaled
down and judicial affairs in this Slate had as
sumed their wonted quietude. She movtd her
family to Philadelphia where she now resides,
and until recently bas been unable through
extreme poverty to make an effort to obtain
her property.
In the meantime tbe property remaiaed in
tbe occupancy of Mrs. Anderson, tbe widow,
who qualified as curatrix and received the pro
fits therefrom until her death, which occurred
several years ago, whereupon her grand-son,
Robert A. Bright, qualified as her administra
tor, and now has charge of the estate. It
seems, however, tbat there is another claim
against the estate. Tbe Dismal Swamp Land
company obtained a decree in 1868 for tbe sale
of the real estate to satisfy a judgment said to
have been rendered in its favor during the life
time of Captain Anderson, and it is princi
pally with a view to stop proceedings under
this decree that the present notion is brought
at this time.
As tbe case cannot be finally disposed of
nntil the status of tbe will has been de
termined by the proper State court, the
complainant, Mrs. Griffin, who has been living
in Philadelphia in poverty, by tho assistance
ef friends, now comes into the United States
court and asks for an injunction and receiver
until her rights can be properly adjudicated.
Tbe Frea Bridge.
stbation axraorsD—TOßN-OUT or
The ceremony of laying the corner-stone of
the proposed new bridge between this city and
Manchester on Thursday evening, at 4 o'clock,
it is anticipated will be one of the grandest
demonstrations that bas taken plaoe in this
community for a long time.
Judge Wellford has been invited and will
deliver the address on tbe ocoasion. The
Council of this city will attend in a body.
Tbe Masons, Knights Templar, and the eight
lodges of Knights of Pythias will also partici
pate and no doubt make a handsome appear
ance. Tbe various Orders will assemble on
Ninth street, between Main and Broad, at 2
o'clock on Thursday evening, when the line of
march will be taken up as follows : Up Broad
street to Sixth, down Sixth to Main, down
Main to Fourteenth, and thence across Mayo's
bridge to Manchester.
Oo reaching Manchester the prooession will
be joined by the various associations and citi
zens of the town, when at S o'clock the line is
expected to be in motion and will observe the
following route: Up Hull to Twelfth, down
Twelfth to Porter, down Porter to Seventh, up
Seventh to Perry, down Perry to Fifth street,
and out Fifth street to the abutment et the
bridge, the point at which tbe oorner.stone
will be laid. Dr. L. R. Chiles and W. E.
Gary, Esq., hare been appointed assistant mar
Painful Accident.
Mr. Carl Schelenberger, yesterday, at the
anniversary of the St. Joseph Shooting socie
ty, of which he is president, had two middle
fingers of bis left band blown oS and a portion
of the little and fore floger and the flesh on the
thumb was also lacerated by the bursting of
the gun-barrel which he bad loaded. His lit
tle son, who was standing near, was also struck
by a piece of the barrel, which passed through
bis chin, causing a painful, but not serious,
wound. Another gentleman whose turn it was
to shoot next, was. standing near, and a portion
of the bone from Mr. S.s finger passed entire
ly through the lappel of bis coat and through
his coat into his shirt.
Mr. 8. was brought immediately to town
and conveyed to tbe Medical College, where
the fingers were amputated and tbe wounds on
his face and head dressed, when be was con
veyed to his residence on Main street, opposite
tbe county court-bouse.
The accident happened on Mr. K. Schutte's
farm, in Chesterfield, about four miles from
the city.
Greenbacks. —Johnston & Sidden are
selling a prize package that certainly exceeds
anything of tbe kind we have ever seen. VVe
saw one opened this morning that, beside con
taining about fifty cents worth of stationery,
had enclosed a handsome song book, a beauti
ful picture, and half dollar in currency. Tbe
package itself anly cost fifty cants. We would
advise everybody and bis friend to try their
Another New Steamer. —There arrived in
this port yesterday, tbe atsam-propellor 'iv.
disc, which brought freight and passengers to
tbe Tlrginia Steamship and Packet oompany.
She rates Al in the Auierlean Lloyd's Regis
ter, and has a capacity ot 620 tons. She left
Kooketts this evening, on her return trip, with
a full freight.
Monroe Ward. —The Republicans of
Monroe ward will meet at Samaritan Hall, on
Franklin, between Third and Fourth streets,
this evening at S o'clock P. M.
Broad Street and the Richmond, treder
xckAurg and Potomac Railroad Company —
For some time past, tbe Council has been airj.
tatlng tbe question of requiring tbe above
company to remove tbeir track from Broad
street, and the meeting last evening again had
the subject under consideration, when Mr.
Laube offered tbe following report, which,
with the resolution attached, was adopted:
To the Council of th* City of Richmond I
GE!(TLMiit.—A report having heeii mad- by Mr.
Thomas H. Wynne, chairman of the commute* noon
the matters connected with tbe Richmond Kreder
Ickaburg and Potomac railroad comp.nv. which
would aeem to carry with it tbe aancion cf the en
tire commute*, appointed for that purp ac I take
thin method of statins; that I utterly and entire!!
dissent from the atid report, f„r the following
amongat other reasons, to wit:
That the said Richmond. Krederickeburg and Po
tornac railroad comp.ny dally violates its chartered
rlnhts, hy obatructlng the streets along «hxh it
passes on H, or Broad street, within the corporal*
hurts; that the consent or ss,ent of the city of
Richmond h,a never been given to tbla company's
running their engineaon H street, beyond temporary
ariaugemeut, within the oorporated limita "They
acquired a right or way for the trauaportation rf
pas-engers and_prodnce"-they obtained no property
In the soil, ard they paid no equivalent la money
even for tho use of the street; an f too ilme bas new
atrived when, aa the thump li paasenger and other
tranaportation trains have another route thronzh
the city, that II or Broad atre t ahould bo vacated
oy them, in order thit said atreet may have snrh
necessary impro- omenta as will conform to tho
wishes of the property.holders and tax payers on
said II rr Broad street.
The numbeiless reasons, which are ao plain and
apparent to every man of reflection, and to every
impartial thinker, tend etrongiy to eatabiiah the fact
tnat thia nuisaooe ahou'd *>c abated.
Aa to the purchaae of the property hy tho city of
Richmond of the Richiu nd, Fredericksburg aad
I'otoniac railroad company, situated at the corner ot
Eighth and Broad streets. I am inclined to ths
opinion that the finances of the cily are not in a
condition at thia time to Justify such outlay, and
am therefore oppo.ed to any such expenditure *a
contemplated, and respectfully a-k that the commit
tee tie diacharged from the further consideration of
the subject matter involved.
Therefore, aa one of the committee, I offer the fol
lowing reaolution :
Resolved, That from and after the Ist of JaDnary
ISTI, no locomotive engino shall bo run by the Rl-b
raond, Fredericksburg ami Potemae lailnad oompa
ny In and upon Eighth and tread S'neta. euatof the
0 innectieg track or the said comp my and tha Rloh
uiond anil Peterabnrg railroad company.
After considerable discussion, the report aud
resolution of tbe minority were adopted by
the following vote:
Ayea—Messrs. Eiiker, Soott. Brannan, Todd, Kent
Stranas, Latibe, Groaner, Hi|,-g!ua, Mayo, Smith and
Noea—Meaara. Davia, Sloan, Wynne, Moaes, Al'en,
Lipscomb and English— l.
Police Court.— The following oases were
disposed of by Polioe Justice White this
morning :
Bettie Lovenburg, charged with feloniously
stealing a lot of mink skins, the property of C.
Haase. Case continued until to-morrow, on
account of the absence of an important wit
Jacob Lovenburg, for interring with and
using abusive language toward Directives
Knox and Wood, while in the discharge of
tbeir duty, was warned and let off.
Salina Robinson, colored, for stealing a ooat,
the property of David Johnson, was sent to
jail lor twenty days.
John H. Bell, colored, charged with being a
oomtnon tbief and a vagrant, was, in default
of security in the sum of $100 for his good be
havior for six months, sent to jail.
D J. Munson, charged with assaulting and
strikiog Charles Richards, wes let off on pay
mentor cost. "
Sain Cousins, colored, charged with stealing
iron from tbe ruins of the Spotswood hotel,
and with using abusive language toward po
liceman Hicks, was adjudged guilty, and sen
tenced to ten days in tbe cbaio-gaog.
Giles Uayden," colored, charged with being
tbe father of an illegitimate child, was admit
ted to bail until to-morrow, to whioh time his
case was continued.
Henry Morris, colored, charged with being
a vagrant with no visible means of support,
was bound over fur six months.
Saalina Rigsby, drunk and unable to take
*MM ner » elf > w»» required to pay a floe
Margaret Lynch, up for the ninety-ninth
time on the charge of being drunk and unable
to take care of herself, was sent to jail for six
Dolly Lumsden and tapsey Brown, colored,
were each fined $1 for walkioe by uwonliiht
Daniel Scroggins, drunk and lying on the
aide walk, was required to pay a fine of $1.
Chancery Court—Judge Pitzhugh —The
following business was transacted to-day :
Nott's administrator vs. Wall and others
decree referring cause to commissioner for in
quiry and report.
Jones' executors vs. Wm. Ashley Jonos—
deoree confirming report of commissioner fix
ing rate of compensation of eiteeulors and
trustees as required by will of Wm. B. Jones,
Sheppard, trustee, vs. Crouch and others
decree confirming sale of commissiouers, and
by consent of adult beirs, making a partial
disposition of the fund.
Mitchell vs. Clarke, Ac—decree directing
fund in hand of receiver to be paid to defend
ant, and referring cause to a commissioner for
Inquiry and report.
Jacobs and wife vs. Herman Building Atno
ciation—leave granted complainants to file a
supplemental hill.
Hurt vs. Watkins A Cottrell—decree dis
missing bill with costs, but without prejudics
to tbe rights of the plaintiff in a court of law.
Steamer for the Chickahominy. —Captain
Charles Nelson, a steamboat man of great ex
perience and a popular gentleman, bas recent
ly purchased in New Tork a oeat little steamer
called the "Palisades," to be run upon the
James and Chickahominy rivers. The Pali
sades arrived here yesterday, and is a staunch
craft of three hundred tons burthen, drawing
only three and a half feet of water (being flat
bottomed.) She is copper fastened and bolt
ed, and has floo passenger sccommodHtiona—
in all respects beine fitted out as a flrst-clsss
passenger boat. Previous to the war, a fine
business was djne ou this route by the steamer
Skating to-night at Assembly Hall. •
The Opera To-night.— The Opera of the
Bohemian Girl will positively be presented at
the theatre tonight, sod the performance pro
mises to be a grand success. Tho lovers of
good music will no doubt fill the building to
overflowing to hear this effort of the Richmond
_ Amateur Operatio cempany, whose perform
ance heretofore bare been nf a high order and
given much satisfaction. The sale of tickets
have been quite numerous, and those desiring
to attend should securethein during tbeevenitig
to avoid a orowd at the box office to-night.
Correct editions of tbe librettos of tbe opera
can be had of John Marsh, at his music store,
918 Main street.
Narrow Escape. —This morning, as the
train on the Richmond, Fredericksburg and
Fotomao railroad was about to leave the de
pot, a horse attached to a charcoal cart, stand
ing near the corner of Seventh street, became
frightened and ran across tbe street against a
lauip-po.-t, upsetting tbe cart and throwing the
driver out. He was at first supposed to be se
riously injured, but sfter being raised up, was
found to be only slightly bruised and vary
much scared.
Don't fail to go to Assembly Hall to
night. •
Persona'..— o. F. Presbry, supervisor of
internal revenue for Virginia and Weat Vir
ginia, arrived iv tha city this morning. Deis
looking well and in the enjoyment of good
Judge Bond, of tbe Circuit court, tele
graphed this morning tbat he would be here
tomorrow at 11 o'clock, and would open his
court at 12
Judge Underwood will not be here until
Hustings Court —This court was en
gaged to-day in trying Moses Faulkner, color
ed, »b» is charged with stealing a horse from
T. B. Bates, of Henrico, some weeks ago.
$ates"of gLdmttstog,
Adverilaraoenta will h. Inserted In the •rvm*. r» •
I'TTRWAL at cbe following rates, eicept legal ed
■me aijtiare. «*ne insertion i 74
Ine ssjSßsjas, rwn inaertiou 1 2j
■me M]iiar« tbren iiiavrttoiia 1 71
*v* sqnare, .11 fnaertloua 8 00
•n* sqnare, Twelve tnsarrrfona 6 60
me square. ,n* month 10 00
vie siirmre, two months. IS (sj
>ne square, three months as OO
For quarterly and yearly Advertise, c
ipecial arrangement* will he, made.
Meetings.— The Catholic Beneficial So
ciety meets to-night. A full attendance is de
The Republican City Central committee will
meet to morrow evening at 8 o'clock. A full
attendance is desired as matters of vital im
portance to the party will be considered.
Increasing Popularity nf the Singer
Ssicing Machine.— Some nefarious scoundrels,
having a deaire of getting a Binger Sewing
Machine, and not bavin, the money, attempted
to force tbeir way into their establishment on
Sunday night: but failing to get one in that
way, if they will call at No. 913 Main street,
they will be supplied with one at half prioe
and no questions asked.
The Enquirer of thia morning in noti
cing the collections made by Collector Barges*,
says that it costs heavily to be citiiens of tbis
great and glorious Union. Tbe little cost yon
speak of, neighber, was brought upon ns by the
extreme folly of your party, and we are in
clined to think that it wenld show goad taste
on your part to keep mum. Don't irritate yonr
w one els.
Convict.— Edward Blanks, colored, sen
tenced to one year for house breaking in Hall'
lag, was received at the penitentiary to-day.
Skating at Assembly Hall to-night. •
Maiiiiiinisr News and Gossip.
Great Dissatisfaction.—We nope that tbe
trustees of the town will rescind the tax of ten
dollars that seems to be so unjust, and whiob
will not be paid by many of tbe bustuess men
of the town without a law suit. A part of
these upon whom this tax was imposed have
been exempted, and wby nut al; T .shall we be
crushed to death by taxes ? We are unwilling
to believe tbat ths vast resources for the oJu
leotion of the necessary funds lor the expense
of the town are insufficient if properly admin
istered. This tax, it seems to us, will have tha
effect to damage tbe improvement of tbe town
rather than add to its advancement.
fight. - Henry Carroll and John McDanall
got iuto a difficulty yesterday in Hey'a hotel,
and blows were passed. E. H. Foote was call
ed in, arrested them and took them before
Justice Martin, wbo, after some begging upon
the part of the prisoners, discharged them.—
Later in the evening the same party were re
arrested by obief of police S. S. Jones for vis
olatiog tbe dignity and peace of tbe town.
Accident. -The youngest son of Col. Woa.
Ambers, while fishing from ono of the piers of
Uayo's bridge, lost his footing, fell to the wa
ter, and came in contaot with a stone toileting
a slight wound in the bead. He cams home
very bloody, tbe wound was dressed, and he is
n is ready to try it again.
Mechanics and laboring men of Man
chester will bear in mind that Mr. Trevilliok
will speak at Metropolitan Hall next Thursday
night, oo tbe ere.it subject of labor reform.
Go and hear him.
Presentation.—Mr. Charles Clarke will be tha
recipient this evening of a fine gold breastpin
by tbe Friends of Temperance,presented to him
lor bis energy iv working fur the good of tbe
Mass Meeting.— Republicsns, look, read
and think. A grand raasa meeting will ba
b«ld ou Thursday uight at tbe Baptist church
to attend to business. All ought t come.
Hook and Ladder Truck— We are informed
tbat tbe Hook and Ladder tiuck will be
brought ever Tbuisday next.
READ, PO.NOKK, AiiU BH * Mb.— Housekeepers
sSjssbjM bear in mind that of all the iliffnrent Baking
Powdera Iv market, none have stood the teat of a
atriot chemical analjßis like DO.'II.KY'S YEABT
no ingiedttnts but gLCb aa are lie .1 thiol aad chemi
cally pure. This ina>iies uniform tucecaa in the
making of rolla, biscuita, Ac, which Inmnor artioles
de aWt Mann fact ureil aud sold at wholesale by
DOOI.BY * BROTHER, 63 New street, New York,
and at retail by grocers generally.
.11 A Kit I KM.
WIi.Lia—DOKSBKHRY.—On the 26th of April,
at Trinity Methodist Church, by the Rev. J. Powell
Garland, il GaR M. WILLIS to Mlas LELIA A.
JONER— MILI,ER.-'-On the 27th instant, by the
ltev. Dr. Heniy Wa I, Mtsa Hs.Rh.IET A. JONEB to
Mr. t. 0. 1! 11.1,81 ; all of this city
CRAW LEY.—On Saturday, the 29th of April, at 3
o'clock P. M, Mrs. ALICE M. CRAWLEY, wile of
WHia'il T. Ciawlev.
10-*T. —Hy a lady while out shopping Taeslay, c,
j POOKKT-HOOK containing one f.) and 4 one
dollar bill*, proof of iletubraut picture and some
slna'l Changs. The teats* will be rewaru'ed by leav
iu» the same at tbe omce of P. Oa upliell k Co., on
Kleveulh street, between Main and Bunk.
' | 'lit! OH»,AI'LSI' W,itf to b.!, STATION KB ¥ ia
J. to invest 26 or 60 cents in one of JOHNSTON A
By lee A Goddin, Auctioneers,
No. 1113 Main street.
Msy instant, at 4J4 o'clock P. M., under the provl.
sioui of a oust de."! from Bernard Oottleib and wile
to Thorn is W Upshur as trustee, duly recorded in
tbe Henrico connty court, we Will proceed to sell
ttio RIS A I, KfTATKco' reyod iv said deed, being lots
No. 3i ai;d 33 in a plan and survey atuched, which
aaid property has recently been anrveyod and laid
nil Into NINK BUU.DING LOTS, each having a front
of a'tout at it-et on Moore street near Pin., street,
am! rxtenling back of lingular depths, varvlng
from *'#) feet to 276 ftiet. Sile postponed from July
ath is;o.
TERMS—At sale.
J. AMBLER SMITH, Assignee.;
Sale by Lee k Goddin, Auctioneers. my 'J—td
By W. Qoddin. Auctioneer.
By virtue of a decree of tbe Chancery Court of the
cl y of Richmond, prouounced on tSe 20th of April,
1871, in the caae of Uardgrove, guardiau, agalnat
McCartjy, Ac, I shall, aa the commissioner thereby
appointed, proceed to sail at public auction, on the
premises, ou SATURDAY next, the 6th of May, 1871,
at 5 o'clock, the real eatale, locate! as above, of
whic'i James "-'cCarthy, dead seixrd, fronting about
80 feet, more or le>a, on aaid south aide of Cary
eireet, running back 100 fee t; te be, sold as awh le or
divided, aa may bo deemed beat at tha time of aale.
TERMS—"ne third caah; balance at six and
twelve months for negotiable notea. iotereat added,
and title retained till all of the purchase money Is
fully paid and a conveyance ordered by the Court.
asj|J-dta (Vmini-sioner.
By Tuofc. W Keosee, ..in: ouear,
Ne- 1317 Main short.
I will sell at my Anctios-Ui uae.ou WEDNES
DAY, M*Y 3d, commending at 11 o'clock,a large
lot of FINE CHROMOs, just received.
Catalogues will be ready and Chiomoa can be aeen
on Tuesday morolug.
my I—2t *iuttonft»r. •
WANTKD— 50 LUMP MAKERS to go to New
York. Highest wa;es pain. Apply at once
my I—lw Tobacco Exchange.
' | 'Hi. Ol.li ijOMIMIOM
Contains 10Insets Vote Pip r, 10 Envelopes, 1 Pen
cil, 1 Pen Holder, 1 Card i-iciure. I I'en, a set of
Jewelry, besldea Iron, D cents to 81 la Oneubaeks.
Try your luck,
ap .6—la/ JOHNSTON k HILDKN.

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