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Deep vi Shallow Plowing.
The agricultural papers of the country
have for years been discussing the ques
tions of deep and shallow plowing and tbe
level or ridging process of cultivation.—
The misfortune is that many of the opin
ions advanced come from men with no ex
perience in farming, and their ideas are
beautiful in theory, but prove false in
practice; and ag3in, the mistake is made
that their plans are susceptible of general
adoption, when only particular localities
are suitable for their application.
Upon our river low grounds and rich al
luvial bottom lauds, deep plowing will
answer and no doubt prove of great advan
tage, but practice proves that upon onr
tbin highland farms, where the soil is
about as thick as a case knife, deep plow
ing does not answer. New grounds, just
cleared of timber, when ploughed never do
well ; whereas, if the soil is scraped np
into a hill about tho siza of a man's hat
they produce finely, and all after cultiva
tion and applications of manures remain in
lor of the land whore the skinning pro
s was pursued at first.
Isk all old farmers about the truth of
i. All lands should be bedded or
jed for corn, potatoes, peas, beels,
:ermelons, and in fact all crops except
has are sown broadcast. The reason
plain that in ridging land the soil is
thrown together ; and auolher and better
lison is that the young plants, being
sed upon an eminence, do not suffer
m too much wet weather, and gither
ire warmth from the Blanting rays of
i sun, when in spring the ground is too
d and too wet.
ijjThe after process should be to level with
harrows aud cultivators until by the last
working the land is nearly level. This is
uniting the two systems of level and ridg
ing cultivation, which practice will prove
is the best about Green Bay. Any farmer
may try both plans, side by side, and bo
convinced which is the better.
No water should bo permitted to remain
upon lands or ruu over it, except what
falls from the clouds, and by tunning fur
rows by a water level there will bono gul
lies or wash places. 11. t. q
Specific manures for Gardens.
There are some manures which act like
a charm upon certain vegetables which d>
not benefit others, indeed, sometimes seem
to do harm. It is therefore very import
ant for those who are acquainted with this
fact, which is the result of many years of
observation and experiments. First, if the
garden has a gravelly, porous substratum,
manuring iv the full is not desirable, be
cause the winter and spring snows and rain
carry off the essence of tbemauure to a depth
beyond the reach of tho roots oi any vege
table. Such a soil as this should be ma
nured in the spring on the plowed ground,
and the manure mingled with the earth
by tho harrow. This sort of soil is best
adapted to fruit trees ; they will grow upon
it better than a clay ; the texture may be
reduced lo any state which may be de
Secondly, for pens, a sprinkling of ashes
on each side, about an iuch from the seed,
it all peas require, taking it for granted
the soil has been manured, as above re
ferred to, with mixed manures.
Thirdly, for potatoes, vegetablo manures
are best; for we have known flesh animal
manure to injure the crop materially, and
if this is not the o.ise in every instance,
the flavor of the potato is injured. A
mixtuio of plaster, ashes, and wood earth
in equal proportions, we have known to
produce fine crops, without the aid of any
other manure. What the potato needs is
equality of temperature ; this is best ef
fected by putting over them about eigh
teen or twenty inches of straw, or plant
ing them uuder an old sod will luvo the
same effect.
Fourthly, onions should have hen-houso
manure, forked in around the roots.
Fifthly, for asparagus, plenty of salts.
No fear of having too much even if an
inch thick over the bed, no harm would
bo done. There should always be enough
to destroy the growth of grass, weeds, and
anything that grows to the detriment of
the asparagus.
Sixthly, for lettuce, any stimulating
commercial manure is best.
Seventhly, for tomatoes, hog-pen ma
nure, and soap-suds will make them per- !
feet. l
Eightly, for cabbage, the same as let
Ninthly, for beets, salts when they are
planted, and a little when they are grow
ing, is all they require if tho soil is rich.
Tenth, for strawberries, soap-suds acts
like a charm, but animal manures are gen
erally injurious.
Eleventh, for cucumbers, any good fer
tilizer put iv the earth five or six inches
from the seed. If the stripped bug should
make its appearance, use plaster freely over
tbe hills and plants.
Too 'Wet or too Dry.
"The farmers of Colorado are complain
ing tbat it is too dry, while the farmers in
Kansas growl becauso it is too wot."—Den
ver Tribune.
"And that's the trouble out there on the
treeless plains of Kansas and Colorado,
tbat it is generally too dry or too wet for
the farmers. We havo hoard of several
instances of Minnesota fanners removing
to the too much puffed plains of Kausas,
who, after losing their all there, were glad
to get back to Minnesota, to start the world
anew, and never again think of seeking a
more southern climate."
We clip the above paragraph from a
Minnesota real estate paper, as confirming
what we have repeatedly said about the
West. We have traveled over overy part
of that country from tlie Mississippi river
to the Itocky mouoUius, and we are con
vinced, from our own observation, that a
very large majority of those who settle in
any of those States or Territories would
gladly get back to their old homes if they
One can see more misery and discomfort
among the new settlers there in one day's
ride, than he would in Virginia in a
year's steady travel. Thousauds and tens
of thousand ot credulous foreigners have
carried their money and energies to those
treeless plains, aud there, deprivi d of every
comfort or enjoyment, dragged out a cheer
less existence. The same piper from
which we make the pJ tract above also I as
the following tuii,..:ra 1.1I1:
"The arable lands .1 Hit: West tertuttnle
at longitude 97 iimr about ono baudred
sonri river."
This we also know to be correct. What, I
' then, must be the condition of the vast j
multitudes of people who are annually I
I enticed to buy and settle upon those deso- I
late plains ?
Potato Sugar.—Tho agricultural jour- I
nals begin to talk of a new industry, the
manufacture of sugar from sweet potatoes. I
The average product of a bushel of pota
toes—the yam variety beiug preferred—is I
said to be over two gallons, ant! as the I
averago yield per acre on poor, saudy Boil I
is from a hundred and fifty to a hundred I
and eighty bushels, it follows that the pro- I
duct will be from three hundred to three
hundred and fifty gallons of syrup. This I
syrup, moreover, is said to surpass that of I
the best, and even that of the sorghum in I
delicacy of flavor nnd in nearly all the I
other qualities which should commend it I
for uso at tho table. The residium, after I
the juice is extracted, is pronounced a I
valuable article of food for either man or I
boast. In the Southern States, whero yams I
grow almost spontaneously, the manufac- I
ture of potato syrup may be very proflla- I
bly carried on, and if it has the effect of
cheapening sugar, the consumers of sac- I
cbarine at the North can have no serious
Ground Bones.—A correspondent asks,
For what crops are ground bones most
There is scarcely any crop that is not
lenefitted by phosphate of lime, tho chief
constituent of botie. When dried, bones
consist of about a third part of organic
matter, and two-thirds inorganic. The
irsl is in the form of gelautino, chiefly,
nd that you know is highly nitrogenous
Tha inorganic part is mostly phosphate of I
lime, tto I hat you have in bones both or- I
nolo and mineral manures, the oue class I
furnishing the soil without ammonia, and I
the other phosphoric acid.
Perhaps they ure most valuablo for the I
| Thk State Jodunal enters upon a new ca
reer, under auspices which promiso perma
nence and increased usefulness.
This paper will be Republican. The organ
of no wing or cliquo, it will aim to represent
the policy of the National party; to build u-p
a healthy National sentiment, and inspire love
of the whole country.
It will not be the'vehicle of personal detrac
tion, nor be used to get its pets into office, nor
to keep others out. Tbe safety of all is in the
triumph of the cause ; and to secure it, all
must labor zealously and devotedly, and take
their chances in tho general result.
Aiming to treat every member of its own
psrty generously, it will bo just to its oppo
nents. It will discuss all questions of public
interest fairly and temperately. Asserting the
right earnestly and resolutely, and bating no
jot or tittle of the truth which it is called to de
clare, it will aim to "speak the truth in love."
It will commend genius, patriotism and vir
tue everywhere, and bo as prompt to expose
corruption and imbecility in its own party as
in another.
We shall advocate all measures to advance
toe public good, originating in our own party j
or outside. There are vilal questions enough
between us and tho opposition without seeking |
issues where all good men should stand on
common ground.
Believing popular Education to be tho one
cryiog want of our State and of the country,
we shall give large space to its advocacy.' To
educate thoroughly all tbe children of tbe
State should be tho supreme and paramount
work of legislation. To this sacred task we
consecrate our paper. Wo shall plead the
causo ofthe little ones who have no voice;
and, in so pleading, we plead for the future of
Virginia in whatever can make her great and
glorious. j
The financial condition of tho country, and
especially of the South, will not be neglected.
We advocate a financial policy which will
bring back again to the South more than its
old prosperity. We are for the encourage
ment of a varied home industry. We are for
Free Banking, under a system which makes
money absolutely safe and accessible to busi
ness men at living rates. Wo are for such a
revenue system as will preserve the public
credit without imposing undue burdens upon
the people.
Realizing the vast importance of mechanical
and manufacturing industry, we shall labor
heartily for tbe development of tbeso interests,
we shall give accurate and detailed informa
tion of our vast natural wealth in mines, for
ests, water-powers and fisheries.
Believing in the "harmony of interests," we
shall endeavor to show how fully each is de
pendent upon the prosperity of all; tbat labor
and capital, employer and employee, should
be allies and friends, enriching each other by
fraternal co-operation.
Agriculture is our pet. Fresh from a VirJ
ginia farm, which we leave lovingly and re
luctantly for awhile, we have learned some
thing of what wide and varied knowledge,
what patience, economy and administrative
ability it takes to make a farmer. We shall
give large space Io Agriculture and Horticnl-
In conclusion, we will say that we will unite
cordially and earnestly with men of all parties
to remove every obstacle to the moral, intel
lectual and physical progress of our State and
nation. There ure thousands of noble young
men and women in the State full of grand
capacity, now dormant and wasting. The old
Commonwealth is sounding tbe drum-beat to
duty. Let tbem shake off the night-mare of
conservatism and old traditions, and march
bravely to the work ol this new day. So shall
they make the future of Virginia worthy of
the past, and themselves worthy of a great an
-SSJ : 1
J. KIEI-b 0-lUNTY—Having heretofore been
hou-i-ed by your confidence by being elected to tho
COURT of thia couaty, which I now hold, aud an
el, ctioi, to till those offices having been ordered ly
thejuiigo to be bold iv May next, I again offer ray-
Bolt .1- v ciudidate, aud while 1 believe I have faith
fully und impartially discharged my duties, I ca |l
with coundeace upon you for support.
X TV—The judge of this couutv having ordered
an election to be' held in MAY NKXT, to till corta'-n
olli.es that were luade vacant by tbo election of No
vember lust being set aaide, 1 aunuunee nitaelf a
candidate for the office ol COMMON tt BA LTU'S AT
TOK.'-.1-.Y i.-i-tin. .1-.nt. .and leeling'assured that,
lir-iot : -re-, I have honestly and impartially dis
charged uiy duty, I most respectfully n.-k your sup
Your fellow-ciliztn.
ap 15- M*S3w WM. AMBBHB.
19th Year. 6iM Acreß. 13 Greenhouses. Largest
Assortment all sizes. Boat Stock I Low Pricea!
Would you know What, When, flow to Plant!
I. nit. Shade, Kvergreon Treta, Hoot Oralis Seed,
lioga, O-ago Plauta, Appl t Seed, Early Rose PoUt-es,
Shrub l , Roaea, Greenhouse aud Garden Plants, &c,
IS-.at ('ollecll in—Sorts aud (pulpy. Send In csnts
for Ne.v, Illustrated, Deßcrlptfve Catbb gua —fid
p-ge . -end stamp,each, for Coal gues ot Seeds,
with plion directions—(U rates; Bedding and Gar
de-, I, ts- :ta pam-a ao-l Wholeaa'e Pilce List—24
pa ea. \iUlreas
i li ilitlJN'lX, Uloouiinglon, Illinois.
The bill to enforce tho provisions of tbe
fourteenth amendment to the constitution
of tho United States, and. for other pur
poses, which was passed by Congress, pro
vides that any person who, under coloi of
any law, statute, ordinance, regulation,
custom, or usage of any State, shall sub
ject, or cause to be subjected, any person
within tho jurisdictiou of tho United
State* to tho deprivation of any rights,
privileges, or immunities secured by the
constitution of the Uuited States, shall be
liable to the party injured la any actiou at
law, suit in equity, or other proceeding for
redress; such proceeding to be prosecuted
in tho several district or circuit courls of
the United States, with and subject to the i
same rights of appeal, review upon error,
and other remedies provided in like cases I
in such courts, under the provisions of the
laws vi tho United States which are- iv
their nature applicable in such cases.
Tbe second section provides that if two or
more persons within any State or Territory
of the United States shall' conspire together to
overthrow, or to put down, or to destroy by
force the government of the United States, or
to levy war against the United States, or to
oppose by force the authority of the govern- I
mont of the United States, or by force, intimi
dation or threat to prevent, hinder or delay
the execution of any law or tbe United States,
or by force to seize, take, or possess any
property of tho United States contrary to I
lhe authority thereof, or by force, intimitis- I
Hon or threat, to prevent any person from
accepting or holding any oliice of trus
or place of confidence under tbe United
States, or from discharging the duties there- I
of, or by fotco, intimidation or threat to in
duce any officer of the United States to leave
any State, district or place, where his duties
as such officer might lawfully be performed, or
to injure him in his person or property on ac
count of bis lawful discharge of the duties of j
bis office, or to injure his person while engaged I
in the lawful discbarge of the duties of bis
office, or to injure his property so as to molest,
binder, interfere with or impede him in the
discharge oi bis official duty, or by force, in
timidation or threat to deter any party or
witness in any court of the United States from
attending such court, or from testifying in any
matter pending in such court, fully, freely and
truthfully, or to injure any such party or wit
ness in his person or property on account of
his having so attended or testified, or by
force, intimidation or threat to influence the
verdict, ptesentment or indictment of any
juror or grand juror in any court
of the United States, or to injure such
juror in bis person or property on account
of such verdict, presentment or indictment
lawfully assented to by him, or on account of
his being or having been such juror, or shall
conspire together, or go in disguise upon the
Xl highway or upon the premises ol anoth
the purpose, either directly or indirect
depriving any person or any class of per
f the equal protection of the laws, or of
equal privileges or immunities under the laws, j
or for tho purpose of preventing or hindering I
tbe constituted authorities of ar.y State from I
giving or securing to all persons'within such
State tbo equal protection ofthe laws, or shall
conspire together for the purpose of in any
manner itnpediog, hindering, obstructing, or
defeating the cimrse of justice in any State
or Territory; with intent to deny to any
lof tho United States the" due and
otection of the laws, or to injure any
i bis person or bis property for lawfully
g4be right of any person or any class
os, to the equal protection of the laws,
rce, intimidation, or threat to prevent
:en ol the United States lawfully enti
ote from giving his support or advoca
awlul manner towards or in favor of
tion of any lawfully qualified person
ector of President or Vico President
nited States, or as a member of tbe
Congress of the United States, or to injure
any such citizen in his person or property on
account of such support or advocacy, each
and every person so offending shall be
deemed guilty of a high crime, and,
upon conviction thereof In any district
or circuit court of the United States or
district or supreme court of any territory of
the United States having jurisdiction of simi
lar offences, shall be punished by a fine not less
than five hundred nor more than five thousand
dollars, or by imprisonment, with or without
hard labor, as the court may determine, for a
period of not less than six months nor more
Section 3 provides that whenever any such
insurrection, violence, and unlawful combina
tion, or conspiracy shall oppose or obstruct
the laws of the United States, or the due exe
cution thereof, or impede or obstruct the due
course of justice under tho same, it shall be
lawful for tbo President, and it shall be his
duty to tuke such measures, by tho employment
of the militia or the land aud naval forces of
the United States, or of either, or by both
means, as he may deem necessary for the sup
pression of such insut rection, dutnestic violence
or combinations.
Section i authorizes the President in case of
insurrection to suspend the privileges of the
writ of habeas corpus to the end that such re-,
bellton may be overthrown : Provided, That
the President sball first have made proclama
tion, as now provided by law, commanding
such insurgents to disperso : And provided
also, That the provisions of this section shall
not be in force after the end of the next regu
lar session of Congress.
The remaining sections provide that every
juror in courts of the United States, in cases
under this act, shall, before entering upon any
such inquiry, hearing or trial, take and sub
scribe an oath in open court that he has never,
directly or Indirectly, counseled, advised or
voluntarily aided any such combination or con
spiracy, and each and every person who shall
take this oath, and shall therein swear falsi-ly,
shall be guilty of perjury, and shall be subject
to the pains, and penalties declared against that
crime, &c.
Tbe substitute adopted for the Sherman
amendment in the bill, by the new conierence
committee, provides that any person or persons
having knowledge that any of the wrongs con
spired to be done and mentioned in the second
section of this act are about to be committed,
and having power to prevent or aid in prevent
ing the same shall neglect or refuse to do, and
such wrongful act shall be committed, Buch
person or persons shall be liable to tho person
injured, or hia legal representatives, for all
damages caused by any such wrongful act
which such first-named person or persons by
reasonable diligence could have prevented,
and such damages may be recovered in an ao
tion on the case in tbe proper circuit court of
the United States, and any number of persons
guilty of such wrongful neglect or refusal may
be joined as defendants in such action;
provided that such action shall be c >m
menced within one year after such cause of
action shall have accrued, and if tbe death of
any person shall be caused by any such wrong
ful act and neglect, the legal representative of
such deceased person shall have such action
therefor, and may recover not exceeding
$5,000 damages thereon for the benefit of the
widow ol such deceased person, if any there
be, or, if there be no widow, for the benefit of
the next of kin of such deceased person.
. ,«,
An Act to enforco the right of citizena of tlie Unite
States to vote Iv tbs lever*! Slates of this Union
autl for other purpoaes.
Bo it enacted by tlin Sen.,:,, :.nd Houso cf gtepre
sentativoa of tbe United Sates of America lv Con
greaa assembled, That all citizena of ibo Unitod
Stiitoa who ure or shall lie otherwise <|<:alitlcd by law
to vote at aty election by tbs people in an; Srnto
Territory, district, count-., city, parish, townsbip,
school district, municipality, or other territorial sub
division, shall bo emitted anil allowed to vote ut all
such elections, without distinction i t men, color, or
previous condition of servitude; any constitution,
law, custom, usage, or lobulation of aoy State or
Terr itory, or by or under ita authority, Ht tlie con
trary notwithstanding
Sr.o. 2. Aud bolt further enacted, That If by or
uudei- tlio authority of tho constitution or lawa ot"
any State, or the laws of any 'i'erritoiy, any act is or
shall bo required to be donea, a prertquisi eorquuli
flcatinu for votiug, and by sttsb constitution or laws
pari ma or officera are or sliall bo charged with the
p-rfor . aoce of diuiei iv foiiilaltiutc to cittzunß uu
r pp,nullity to ptrforur anch prerequisite, or to be.
coma qualilled tn vote, It sball bo tbo duty of every
such persou and officer to give to all cit zaufl ot tbe
United statea ihoainue iwirl equal opportunity to per
form auclr prerequisite,aad to income qualified to
vale without d etl- c.iuu of race, c lor, or pievinus
eooeiiioi tit ,-rvittilo( arnt if tny such parson or
ottlcer i lutll ret'u oor knowingly o,nit to giv-o.ull ef.
feet to this section, l,e sball. tor evo.y audi oft'e.ieo, (
forfeit auJ pay the turn of tire hundred dollars to '
for Colin*-! fee* m the court shall deem just, sod
■bail also, for every tuch offence, Ik> deemed of a
misdemeanor, and nl.a'l, on conviction theiaof, L«
flced not lbrs than fire hundred dollar*, or be lm
prisoned not less than one month and not mire tban
outfyear, or both, ftt the discretion of the court.
Sao. 8. And be it further enacted. That whenever
by < r under the authority of tbo constitution or laws
of any Htate, or tbe laws ot any Terrko-y, any act
Is or shall bo required to be done hy any citizen as
a prerequisite to qualify or entitle him to vote the
offer of any citizen to perform tho act required to
be done as aforesaid shall, if it fail to be carried into
execution by reason ot the wrongful act or omission
aforesaid of the person or officer charged with the
duty of receiving or peimitting such performance or
off'r to perfo.m or acting thereon, bo deemed and
held as a peri*o-*manco In law of such act; and tbe
person so offering and falling as aforesaid, and being
otherwise qualified, shall be entitled to vote In ths
same manner and to the stfme extent as if he had in
fact performed such act; and any judge, inspector,
or other officer of election whose duty it is or shall
b* to receive count, certify, register report, or give
effect to the vote of any such citizen who sball
wrongfully refuse or omit to receive, count, certify,
regUter, report, or give effect to the vote of pinch ei't
llm u;>.m the presentation by him of bis affidavit
sr.tiug such offer and place thoin**f, and the name of
the officer or person whoso duty It was to act there
on, and that he was wrongfully prevented by
snch person or officer from performing such act,
shall for every such offence forfeit and pay the sum
ot five hundred dollars to the person aggrieved there
by, to bo recovered by an action on the care, wi>h
full costs and such allowance for oounsel fees as the
ourt shall deem just, and shall also for every such
offence be guilty of a misdemeanor, and shall, on
conviction thereof, be fined not less than five hun
dred dollars, or be imprisoned not loss than one
month and not more than ono year, or both, at the
afscretiou of tho court.
fesc. 4. And be it further enacted, That If
any person, by force, bribery, threats. Intimi
dation, or other unlawful means, shall hin
der, delay, prevent, or obstruct, or shall
combine aud confederate with others to hinder,
delay, prevent, or obstruct, auy citizen from doing
any act required to bo done to qualify bim to vote or
f-om voting at any election as aforesaid, such poison
shill for every such offence forfeit und pay the sum
of five hundred dollars to the person aggrieved there
by, to be recovered by an action ou the case, with
full costs and Biich allowance f-r counsel fees as the
court shall deem just, and shall alrio for ev«ry such
offence be guilty of a misdemeanor, and sball, on con
viction thereof, be fined not less than five hundred
dollars, or be Imprisoned not less than ono month
aad not more thau ono year, or both, at the dfscro
ti.iii .>f ibe court.
B«c. 5. *nd be It further enactod, That if auy per
eon sha.il prevent, binder, control, or iutim<date, or
S'i%H attempt to prevent, hinder, control, or fntiuil
da'e any p«us>n from exercising or in exercising the
right ol snfTnige, to whom tha right of suffrage is
secured or guaranteed by th« fifteenth amendment
ti the Constitution oi tho United States, by mians
of bribery, threat*, or threats of depriving such per
*on of eraplojinent or occupation, or of eject ing ■ n :b
person Irom rented home, lands, or other property,
ur by threats of refusing to renew leasee or coutrac'S
for labor, or by threats of violence to himseif or
family, such person to ofitinding shall be deemed
guilty ota misdemeanor, and shatl, on conviction
thereof, be fined not less than five hundred tfollais,
or be imprisoned not less than ono mouth an 1 not
more than one year, or both, at the, discretion of
tbe court
Pic 8. And be it furthet enacted. That tho distiict
courts of the Uuited Matos, within ttuir respective
dUtricts, shall have, exclusively of the courts ofthe
eevral Stat-.s, cognizance of all crimes and oflonces
committed sg-iiußt tho provisions of this act aud
also, concurrently with the circuit courts of the
United Mates, of all causes, civil aud criminal, aris
ing under this act, except ns herein otherwise pro
vid«d and tho Jurisdiction hereby conferred shall bo
exercised in conformity with tho laws and practice
governing United States courts ; aud all crimes and
«,ffV-uces committed against the provisions of this act
may ho prosecuted by the indictment of a grand
J'iry, or. In cases of crimes and offoncesnot in r amous
the prosecution may be either by indictment or in-
Please to take notice hereby, that a petition has
been.to-wit: on the 25th day of April, I*7l, filed in
slid diatrict court hy Charles Hunt, ot Richmond
(ity, in said district, who has been heretofore dnlv
declared bankrupt, under the act ot'Cougresfl entitled
"An act to establish a moro uniform system of bank
rnptcy throughout the United States," approved [
M irch 2ud, 1867, for a discharge and certificate there- j
of from all his debts and other claims, provable under
said act, and that the Bth day of May, 187 i, at 10 a.
m., before W \V Forbes,ono of the registers ol said
court in bankruptcy, at his office in Richmond, in
the said district, is tho time and placoassignedfor the
hearing ofthe same; when and where yon may attend
and show cause, if any you have, why tho pray or of
the said petitioner should not be granted.
You are also hereby notified, that tlie second and
third meetings of the creditors of said baukrupt will
b*> bold at tbe same time and place.
Rogister in Bankruptcy
an 25—Tu'2w for 3rd rnmr'l ni-. -r *-■-
This is to give uotice that I have filed my final ac
eouuU as aaaignee of the eatate of Willlaniaon Ilur
nett, bankrupt, iv aaid conrt, and that on the 10th
i ay of MAY next, I shall apply to tho said curt, be
fore Johu F. Cobbß, Register in Bankruptcy, at his
office in Lynchburg, Va., for the settlement of my
aaid account i, aud tor a discharge from all liability
aa aaaignee of aaid estate, In accordance with n c
provisions of the 28tu sectiou of the bankrupt act ol
March 2.1, 1867.
STATES for the Fasfeni District of Virginia.
In tho mattor of Hyman Levy, bankrupt—in
Eastern District of Virginia, ss:
Notice ia hereby given that a final meeting of the
creditors of thosaid Hymsn Levy, bankrupt for Iho
purpose of declaring a dividend, will bo hold at
Richmond, at the oltlce of W. W. Forbes Fni one of
the Registcra In Bankruptcy, in eaid' district, on
Tuesday, the 2M day ot May, 1871. at 10 o'clock A.
M., in accordance with the provisions of the 27th und
28th Bectiotis ot the bankruptcy act of March 2d
1867. '
Dated at Richmond, the 29th day of April 1871
ap 29-S2W Aaaignee.
ESTATES for the Eastern District of Virginia.
In the matter of J C Drake et ala vs Jos. Mayer
liiiukrutit— in bankruptcy.
The undersigned. H. 8. Morton, of Richmoud
city, Va., hereby gives notice of his appointment
as ttsmguoe of the eatate of Jos. Mayer, of Henrico
county, iv said diatrict, who was, on tlio 18th day
of February, 1871, adjudged a baukrupt on (ho peti
tion of J 0 Drake et ids, by the District Court of said
Dated Richmond, April Bth, 1871.
._, __, II 8 MORTON,
apld—M3w Assignee.
L Statea for the Eastern District of Virginia.
In the matter of L II Itejnalila, bankrupt—
in bankruptcy
Kaßtern Distriot of Virginia, ss:
Notice is hereby given that a final meeting of
lb* creditors of the said L H Item-aids, bankrupt,
for the purpose of declaring a dividend will bo bo d
at Uict iionid, at the oltlce of W. W Forbes, Esq
one of lhe Registers Id Bankruptcy, iv said diatrict,
on Thursday, the Ist day of June, 1871, at 10 o'clock
A. ST., in aecord.incf with the provisions of the 271h
and 2Hrh sections A the bankruptcy act of March
Dated at Rlct.uond, this 2!) th day of April 1871.
_• I' 29-S2w Assignee.
Statea fur tbe Eaatern Diatrict of Virginia.
In tho niinjii-r ul Sterling I' Thro nor, bankrupt—
in bankruptcy.
Eastern Diatrict of Virginia, es:
Notico is hereby given that, a final meeting of the
iroditora of tho aaiil Sterling P Thrower, bankrupt,
'or the puiposo of declaring a divldoud, will bo held'
it Richmond, ut tho office ol W \V Forbo-t. I ,;,. , one of
:he Registers in Bankruptcy, iv said district ou
I'hursday, the 27th day of May, 1871, at 10 o'clock
\. M.. io accordance with the provisions of tbo 27th
md USth sections ofthe bankruptcy act of March
Id. IS: 7
Duled at Richmond, the 29th day of April, 1871
ap 29-82w Assignee.
* STATES lor the Eastern District of Virginia.
In the mutter of Robert C. thle. bankrupt—in
Eastern District of Virginia, »p :
Notice la hereby given tbat v final meeting of the
creditors of tho said Robert O. Palo, bankrupt, lor
the purpose of declaring a dividend, will be held at
Richmond, at Ihe efflce of W W Forbes, he.ister
in Bankruptcy, In said distiict, on Saturday the
'illlli duy of May, IST!, nt 111 o'clock A. M., lv ac
cordanm with tbo proviaiona of the 27th aud 28th
SSOtlOi sol the bankruptcy act of March 2d, 1807.
Dated at Richmond, thia 2»tll day of April 1871
*■■• 2D-S2W Aslgnee.
IN rh« District Court of the United Statea for the
x Eastern blatrict of Virginia.
lii the matter of W D Allen a baukrupt—iu bank
District of Virginia, ss :
Notice is herfby given that the last general meet
ing ot the creditoraof the said W D Alton, bankrupt
will be held at Furinvillr, at tho office of W w!
Porlien. E.q , ono of lhe Registers In Hiiukr ltitoy, in
said district, on lb,, 22 1 day of April, 1871, at 10
o clock A. M., for the purposes liamo 1 in the Lt'th
and 28th sectluiia of tbo bankrupt a t uf March 2nd
1807 '
Uatod at. Farmville,tl:o Btb rluyol' April IS7I
aplO-M2w W M DAVIDSON, Assignee.
J3 I fp O M M I SB I 0 Ninrp'TATi'
ts 0'
Br By virtus of an order of the Diatrict Court or lbs
F| United Statea for the Oi trier ef Virginia, in ids tbe
I 10. Ii day of April, 1871, vie shall, ac cominisaioutra o
v Geo. W.Bryan, bankrupt, sell at public auction, a
~, I Yorktown, on
" Wednesday, the Bth day of May, 1871
' commencing at IS o'clock M., all the right, till*
1 and Interact uf Bald baukrupt in tbs following rV
- Beriberi TRAOrB of LAN D, aurrendered by said Gso.
W. Bryau In bankruptcy, to wit :
TRACT No. I—Two hundred and eleven acres of
land, situated lv York county, on the main road from
• Yorktown to Willlamaburg, about five miles from
Yorktown, bounded *■• mMo-ars: —on the north by tbe
n landa of Jaa. 11. Kirhya, west by W. H. Wonten's,
• aoutb by T. 0. Nowman'a, and east by W. B Moo.e's,
1 [ wish good Improvements thereon.
\ No. 2—TRACT of WOOD LAND, e-tlmate.l at four
acres, with old mill pond thereon
' No. 3—TRACT of LAND, eighty three acres mors
t or less (bla rijht of courtesy In said reol eaute)
r bonndpd aa fo|iows:-on tbe north by the lands of
. F. H. Loss, weat by Jaa. 11. Kirby's, east by W B
, Moore's. About thirty acres of said land ia cleared
, I and tho remainder wooded,
i No. 4—BONDS, 4c, due the bankiopt, as filed In
Schedules B— 2 aud B—3 sold for cash.
The above named tracts or parcels of land will I c
sold free from all liens aud .encumbrances, except the
I contingent dawer Interest of said bankrupt's wits.
TERMS—Three hundred dollars cash ; the balance
on one, two aud threo years, credit, with
nnoroat and good personal security from day of sale
and tbe titln to be retalued by ths commissioners un
til the purohoae money Is paid lv full, with powtr to I
J resell if tbo balance ofthe purchase money Is not I
ap 14—2»w3w Commißaioners.
In obedience to a decreo of the Circuit Court of the
| Unitod States for tbe D'Strictof Virginia, the under
signed will, on tho
I beginning at 10 o'clock A If, at tbe Conrt Home
doorol said court, In tho Custciu-llonae building In
lhe city of Richmond, make sale, for caih, of all tbe
effecißof the farmcta'Ba,k of Virginia, consisting
CRhKS. aud whatsoever else there be.
Creditors of tbe Bauk, whose c'aimß hive been «I
lowed, are, under Bald decree, entitled to set off at I
p*r tbeir claims against any purchases of said effects
tliey may niako.
A d.scrlptlvo list of s»id effects may lie teen at the
office ot David J. Suundors, on Eleventh afreet, be
tween Main and Bank, In Kiehmoud. which tbe pub
|He are invited to call and examine. Tbis list will be
printed for circulation, nnd will be ready as soon SS
it cau be prepured.
ap lo—Uwtds farmers' Bank of Virginia.
In obedience to a decree of tbe Circiut Court of
tho Uuited States for the Dis'rict of Virginia the nn
dirsigmd will, on the I
beginnipg at 10 o'clock A. M., at the Court-House
door of said Court, In the OuEtom-llouae buildiug in
tbe pity of Richmond, make aale, for cash, of all the
EFFECTS of the BANK OF VIRGINIA corisfailmr
L RfcKS, and whatsoever else thero be.
Creditois of the Bank, whoso claims have boon al- I
i wd, arc, underpaid dec. 00, entitle! to let oft* at I
par tt-eir claioia against any purchaaes of said c-tletta
lliey may make.
A descriptive list of said effecte miybepoen at the
countiug-bouso of S. C. Tardy, oue of tho undersigned,
on Seveoteeurh aud Dock streets, or at the office or
as s l uu ' l<ir8 ' on Eleventh street, between Main
nud Bauk, in Richmond, which the public are mv
.ted to call aud exaßiina X'biß list will be printed
for circulation, and It will be advertised when ready
Receivers Bunk of Virginia.
March Mill, 1871. mh*Z4— lawtda
MOND, VA-, APRIL 16, 1871. '"-**■
ORDERED that Jou* Aiidlbr SKim be substi
tuted iv tbe plane ol Hwis E. Hiour aa Assignee in
all cases iv which said Higby has acted heretofore
up to this date, and that tho resignation of said
lligly be accepted aa soon aa sa-d Smilb shall file
with the clerk of thia court a bond satisfactory to
the clerk, or Register Forbes, in the penally of five
thou-and dollars for tho faithful performance of du
ties aa such as.srguoeiu tbo casts aluresaid.
District Judge.
A true copy—Tcßte,
E. J. Undkbatood,
District Clerk.
I. Edward J. Underwood, clerk of the District Conrt
of tho United Males for tho Eastern District of Vir
riuia, do hereby cortify that John Ambler Smith
Ktq, has thia day filed hie bond a» requirod by the :
oreaoing order of court, and tbo Bame is hereby ap- [
Iv witness whereof, I bare hereuuto signed my
nine arid alined tbo seal of cur «ald court thla 2v'd
lay of April, A. D. 1871.
Western District of Virginia, at Abingdon—ln
Tbe act of C'ongieai approved March 21,1887, hav
ing required all such advortiaements aa may be or
dered by any U. S. Court, or judge thereof, or by any
officer of such couit, to bo published In one or inoio
t ewspapers designated by the c>rk of the Home of
Representatives, by virtue of taid act, for tbo publi
cation < f the laws uud treaties; and having been offl
cially roil itied by sai I clerk, under date oi 22d Inst.,
thai he hal, on the Slh instant,selected for that pur
pose Tub St.te Jousnil, Richmond, aud tho "Na
tional Vlrginiau," Richmond, I do accordingly re
scind tbo order heietofore made by me for all such
advertlsenionta tobo madelo the'-Lynchburg Proas,"
arid direct that hereafter they be published in ono or
tlie ether of tbe newspapers selocted aa aforesaid by
tho clork of tho House of Representatives
D. S. District Judge for tho Wostern Dist.of Va.
Harrisonburg, 31st March, 1871.
Edward S. Watson, Cleik of U. 8. Diatrict aud .Cir
cuit Courts, at Abiugdon.
A copy—Teate:
i.lerk U. S. D. and 0. 0. W. D. of Va.
April SJ. 1871. ap6-tf
That on the 14th day of April, IS7I, a war
rant in bankruptcy was iasued against the esfate of
William E Glenn, ef Cumberland county,and State
of Virginia, wholiaa been adjudged a buokrupt on
bis own petition:—That tbo payments of any debta,
ami iho delivery of any property belonging to said
bankrupt, to him or lor his U'o. aud the transfer oi
any property by bim, are forbidden by law :—That n
m, etinp- of the creditors of eaid bankrupt, to prove
tbeir debts, and chooee one or more assignees of hia
estate, will be held at a Court of Uaukruptcy, to be
holdon at Richmond, Va, befora W W Forbes Esq
K-aiater, on the sth day of May, 1871, at 10 o'clock
A M.
ap 17—M2w v S Marshal.
X That on the 14th day of April, 1871, a war
rant lv bankruptcy wus lasued againat tho es
tile of ii Watson Scott, of Prince Edward county,
and Statu ot Virginia, who has been adjudged
a bankrupt on hia own petition:—That the
payment of any debts, and tho delivery of
any property belonging to aaid bankrupt, to
him or lor his use, and tbo transfer of auy property
by him aro forbidden by law :—That a meeting ofthe
creditoi-B ofthe said bankrupt, to prove their debts,
and choose ono or moro assignees of his estate, will
be held at a Court of Bankruptcy, to be holden at
Richmond. Va., before W W Forbes, Esq., Register,
on tho sth day of May, IR7I. at 10 o'clock A. M.
sp 17—M'2w v g Marshal.
X That on the 14th day of April, 1871, a
warrant In bankruptcy was isaued agaiuat the
oatate of James Mickle, of Prince Edward county,
uud State of Virginia, who hns been adjudged a
baukrupt on hia petition: — That the payment
of any debts, and the delivery of any property
belonging to aaid bankrupt, to him or fur his
use, aud the trauaferot any proporty by him, are
forbidden by law; uud that a meeting of the creditora
of suid baukrupt, to prove their debts, and chooee
on? or more assignees of hla estate, will bo held at a
Court of Bankruptcy, to be holden at Richmond, Va.,
before W W Forbes, Esq , Kegiater, ou the 6th day
uf May, 1871, at 10 o'clock A. M.
up 17-M2w U 8 Marshal.
Thatou lhe Htli day ol April, 1871, a warrant
in bankruptcy was issued atainai the eatate of Wil
liam A Uanuaway. of Buckingham county, and State
of Virginia, who haa been adjudged a bankrupt ou
hia own pei it ion :—That the payment or at'ij debts,
and the delivery of any property belonging to fuld
bankrupt, to him or for hia use, and the irinsferof
any property by him, are lot hidden by law :—Tlmt a
meeting of the credit*,ra of said b.nkrupi, io prove
their debli, uud cltooae one or more MSSgnat-s of bis
oßtatw, will hK held at n Oonrt of Uaiikmptcy, tn be
holden nt Kil'hiuoinl, Va., before W Vf V rbia, Esq.,
Kegister, ou Iho sth <uy of May, 1871, ttt 10 o'clock
ap 17-M2w v S slsjtshal.
the eoiintv of Nottoway, a number «f gen
tlemen aseemblsd at bi« reaidnnce Saturday, Dew in
ner 10, to teat by prac-ioal experiment ths coninar
ative value of tho DIXIJS I'lAlW, manufactured by
Srarke k Co , «nd any otter that might Snter the
field of competition.
The plows «ere takon to the field at halt past too
P. M., the following gentlemeu acting as Judgol - F
W. Kpoa, J. U. Williams, Robert Kent, Jas. 8. Oil-
Ham, Wm. T. Chriatlan, Richard Kpea. Dr. Darning
Sidney Graven, Wallon Syduor, F. 0. Williama (J
N. Peay, aud J. M. Hurt. Mr. B. Uravea and Wol'ton
fydnor were the principal plowmen Mr. W. gydnor
working the Watt plow and 8. tlravcs tl o Dixie—
both of whom bandied them with maaterly skill and
aside, tbe contaat being narrowed to tbo Watt left
hand aud Dixie left-band. The anil firat selected
waaastabble losm without Boil ; but as tn, plo»s
were new, and did uot turn iv consequence of tbe
rouKbneaa of tho caatlnaa, alter a Bhort trial it was
decided to take tbem into another field where the
soil was a well-trodden, tenacioua clay, with a tlmo-
Ihy sod cove-ed with vegeuuion and with Mraw.
Tbe plowa here performed their work admirably
cutting and urning clear without choking.
Aa tbe Dixie was a new comer, as the contest
wsxsd warm moßt of the Judgea took hold of It to
teat psraonally IU practical working. While there
is no intention to do Injustice to any, as neither
party had sgent or repreaentallvo present, and loth
plowa aid well, yet the trial, with the award of tbe
judges, la deemed of sufficient importance to the in
terest of egiiculture to Justify Its publication.
The award of the Judgea was unanimously lv favor
of tbs Dixie on the following grounds:
Ist. It cut a deeper furrow.
2d. It cut a wider furrow.
3d. It more effectually inverted tho sod.
4th. The draft itemed to be no greater.
6tb. Tbo mectiahi al arrangement for altering cut
wsa dr-omed more s mide and efficient.
At the conclusion of the trial Borne of the judges
were bo pleaaed aa to determlno to older them f..r
their own u.e. j. M. HURT, Secrelary.
•<u-i Cer J."'? **"' "" atOT6 wa " sont *o "is Richmond
"big for puldiraiion by myself; that lam not
ar.iuaiuted with Mi. Slarko; that ho had nevur teen
the paner and knew nothing of ita contents, and waa
In no wlae a party to the trial of tho plows alluded
f. J. M. HURT
January 7,1871.
We, the lv "gr,s lv the "Mow Trial," on lbs farm of
Mr V. O. Williama, Bubli.l.ed in the Whig, hereby
certily th.it it was directed to be Bent Io that Journal
M a communication by tho Judges who made the
I do not believe in plow triala made by tlie manit
factniers themselves, but hono tfeat every f*rn,or
wnl at once make a full tral of tlio DIXIE with
every plow he cm find, mid buy that which does lhe
oe-twork. 1 have tot been able to supply tho do
mand,nor 1111 my ordo-s for sometime, and muat
leave field-trials whore they rightly belong— to turn
era theuißelyea.
ap 13—w-3m No 1410 Main street.
HA I'VE ST OF 1871.
X vited to our stock or
Agricultural Implements
Wo aim to hue the best In tlio country,ami lnvile
exauiioation aud ccnipji-ison.
We are tbo GENERAL AGENTS for
For the fullest rloscripti-iu, with price, write for a
copy of onr
Catalogue for 1871.
H. M. SMITH <fc CO.,
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tx-r mouth nmde EASY by any LADY or GENTLr
MAN introducing this GENUINE and IOINA
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additions, making tbe most complete combination c
vnhwble and Übelul improvenirnts ever effected i
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bimplicity, efQciuticy and utility, entirely different
(■)•■■! i aud design hum any low priced mai:hino.
is the most Bervia-able, elegant and reliable IT AMI L
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noiseless, make the strong aud beautiful KLASTI
LOCK STITCH, with wonderful rapidity and cc
tninty. Sows anything a needlo will go througl
from ihe finest to tho thickest fa brio, firm aud nea
with ease. Uses all kinds of silk or thread din-t
from tlio spool; is improved with new sedf-actin
J* vd > "Bring tension, sol.-guiiler, and uses tho adju
talde straight, n.■•■!;, , nerpoudicular moth-n, wit
powerful lever action. Possesses an ibo go©
qualities of the best high priced machines condense*
without their complications or fault. Samples o
sewing SENT FREE on receipt of stamp. For cc
tiflcate*., Ac, sue DESCIUPTIVK PAMPHLET
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—"N. Y. Weekly." ltisquiiea new machine with
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ing ease, rapidity and neatness.—"RepublJcau, H N.Y.
Singlu machfue, as samples, selected with wire, for
ITAMI.LY USE, with everything COMPLETE, sent
to any part ofthe country per express packed In
stroug wooden box, FREE, on receipt of price, $5 00.
8f 'b delivery of (-cods guarnuteed. Fore ard cash by
at oar risk. Agent* wanted, male or female, every
where. New pamphlets containing extra lilieral iu
i ducements sent free.
R. a. Vstoaa
James Rivi r Insurance Company,
Thin day this cause came on ujraiu tola heard upon
the* emended bill oi the plaiotitfaud tha deom tw n
D J ILirtsook, one of tho defendant!*, filed by leave
of court arid wiiß argued by counsel. On considera
tion whereof, and fur rt-w-sonsappeariuf to ibo court.
tbe court do ib, overrule tbe said demurier. Audit
■i. \ .-.tt lug to tbo court that thin cau.se ha* 1 regu
1 ii ] j matured at the Kutes and wet for hearing an to
all the defendants except J E Dill rd, Rob'tt W E.
<.om and Ueorgo T Jones, upo-i whom LM-poetf had uot
been served, and the bill ofthe pluuiiilf having been
taken tor confessed M to ull of tbo deie-ulauta ex
cept tbo said defendants upon whom process has uot
beea wived, and W D Ligon, li C Ilartnouk, J J
Ilopkins, George .1 Huud'ey,,! R Wind, D J ll.iri
look aud William P Bht-phtrd; and now th-scauoe
came on to be heard itn tbe pipers formerly read, the
bill* exhibits, the answer of D J llartnook und fTUe
I'am P Shepherd, the petitions of William D Ligon,
Hl* Hartsook, J J Hupkin*, George J Hundley toe
J R Ward, together with the special repor.s of tbe
it,. my- r, .1 A Lynham, upon each ol said petitions.
And it appearing to the court that final decne.-i, b>
conient, havo beru made aa to the said William fi
Ligon, B C Harttnnk, J J IlopkluH, George J Hni.d
\> y and .1 R Ward, on consideration wheieof the
conr', withoutat this time passing upon auy oi the
questions raised by the anowern of delVm-ants and
with >ut prejudice to tlfe . r.ghts of any of thj def«-n
dan la, doth atfbdye, oiiUr and ik-civo that Jams
PJeA*aiits, ofthe city of Richmond, who is hereby
Hj i- niii'.l k special Commissioner fur tho purpose,do
Like the following accounts :
Ist. An account ol all dehts due or to b.come due
frum tbo Jau tea River Insurance Company, together
with the priorities thereof.
•-M. An account of all debts due fr-'tn <ach ofthe
defendants except the the said William l> Ligon, B
C Hartsook, J J Hopkins, George J Huudlf-y aud J
R Wartl witli tbo 001 shieratiou aud evidence tb reof.
3d. An account showing all other assets of tbo said
James River Insurance Company.
4th. An account of the funds in the hands of John
A Ltnham, receiver in this cauno.
stb. Any otber mutter dewed pertinent by the
or required by auy party, aud make
"■*:■■"■] tof all said matters to Court. And tho court
lotb further order that publication bjr the Oouimih
lioner for once a week loi four successive aeokj iv
be Virginia Journal, uud in notne other pa
jer published in the city of Ken.mud for a like
in*, shoeing tbe tinirt aud place oi taking thm-a'd
ircouuta, sball be equivalett to personal service en
April Bth, 1871. District Judge.
Off\ici, 1
KicuuoMt, Apri », uri. J
Notice io herol-y sriren that I luye appointed my
office in th's city, Wo. 11U M -in street, ah >hs place,
andTHrip.snAY, tht 26ttl day of May, IST I, at the
hour of 12 M., an th« time for taking the account*.
tnakinif tho taqolrta* an : tryneralty exaoutlpg tha du
ties directed and present c ! l>» lhe -brejeoing dacrae:
when and v. litre all Mtfons lutarastad af« rauairad
to he preai-nt. with the papers necaalary to ci.able
me to respond to tB4 matters reft m-d to -tie hy said
Gi-en under my beu,d at ttichtuoed, taj* S4th
April, Hi7l. 3AM 8 l'K\>AM* ,
f ap 18—T«*w tip oial CVnuu.ssiuue..
IB BOW., 1,.
IJ*. JOHNSTON has discovered th* most certain
and only effectual remedy In the world for
■Jenkueea ofthe Hack or Limbs, Strictures, Affec
tions of the Kidneys and Bladder. Involuntary dis
. mi; r-lepcy, 0,-noral Del Ility, N. rrousrosa
■■in. Languoi, Low Sr-lrita.Conliiaioo of Ideas'
lalpirstlon of l be Heart, Timidity, Tremblings, Dim'
nes« or Sight or Oidiiiuesa, Dl»onaea of the Head
Throat, Nose or fikln, Affections of ths Lungs, Stom-
V ? r ""»'»la— those f<ri ible disorders orrlsln'g from
be Solitary Habit, of Youcb-thcao aecret and soll
»ry procticca mors fatal t, tiieir victims than ths
rong of Syren* to the Mariner of Ulyaaes, blighting
heir moat brl!!t{«nl hopes o- arrtjclpatiop*. rendering
marriages, *c, inipossible.
•spsdnlly, who havo become the victims of Solltasis
v Ice, tbat dreadful and dostructiva hrbit which annu
al ly swoops to an untimely grave thouaaudß of Young
I en ofthe niostexallud talent and brllliuiit luttllect
who might otherwise have eutrancel Hetenfug Sen
iles with the thunders ol eloquence, or waked to
•'Stacy tbo living lyree, may call with full confi
Married Persons, or Young Mon contemplating
marriage, being aware of physical weakness, organic
debilities, delortuities, Ac, speedily curod,
lie who places himseli uuder the care of oi. J.
may religiously confide on hia honor as a gentlomsr
aud confidently rely upon hla skill as a physician '
uihiediotely cored and full vigor restored.
Thla dreadful disease— which renders life miserable
and marriage impossible—la tho penalty paid by ths
victims of improper indulgonciea. Young persons
are too apt to committ exceaßca from uot belug aware
Df the dreadful oonaequonces that may ensue Now
*-ho that underatanda the aubjoct will pretend to
iony tbat tho power ot procreation Is lost aoouer by
loose islling into improper iiabr < than by the pni
lent! Besides being deprived ofthe pleasures ef
sealttiy offspring, tbo moat serious and destructive
lymptoms to both body and mind arise. The system
Kicomes derauged, tho physical and mental luncttoi.i
»eakenod, loss of procrcative power, nervoua irrita
dbty, dyapepaia, palpitation of tho heart, indiges
;ion, oouatitntionul debility, a wasting of the frame
ionghe, consumption, Ac.
Orrios No. 7 Sodtd faxnuifli Brasst,
.eft band aide going from Baltimore etieot, a leu
lo.irs Irom tbo corner. Fail not to observe tlie ,i«,.-..
md numbor.
i.ettora must bo paid and contain • bsjm ti„
>ocUir's Diplomas hang iv hie ofllco.
an T,,nxTom.,M
Member of the Royal College of Burgeons, Londoa
graduate from one of the moat eminent Colleges in
Iho Unitod States, and the greater part of whose life
ban been spent in tlio hospitals of London, Puria
Philadelphia and elsewhere, lias effected some of the'
ucnl astonishing cures that wero even known: man}
troubled with ringing in the head and ears when
..sleep, greut nervousness, being aleitiinl at sudden
souuda, baahfulneaa, with frequont blushing,attended
lometlrals with a derangement of tha mind, were
■■:i'j 1 immediately.
Dr. J. addro3Boe all those wbo have IsJflrsd tbcia
aelves by Improper indulgences and snlirarj imbita
which ruin both body and mind, unfitting them f.r
.sitlier l.iisiinosß, study, aocioty or cinrrlago.
These are oomo of the sad and melancholy effects
produced by early habits of yonth, viz : Wenknosß ol
the Hack and Limba, Paiua In the Head, Dimness of
Sight, Lobb of Muscular Power, Pulpitatiou of the
Heart, Dyspepsia, Nervous Irritability, Derangement
of tho Digoetivo Functlens, General Debility, Svnsu
toms of Consumption. " '
Ths fearful offsets on the mind are muoh to be
dreaded. Loss of Memory, Confusion of Ideas Ve
proisien of Spirits, Evil Forebodings, Aversion to
Society, Self-diatrust, Lovo of Solitude, Timidity 4c
.reßOuie of the evils produced.
what is the cause ol their iTbciiSi„„ w.»i"h "„,""?
their vigor, bocoming weak, pale, nervous and ema
clated, having a singular appearance about the eyes
oongh and :yuiptoms of consumptioa.
who havo injured themselves by a certain practice
indulged in when alo^e—a habit frequeutly learned
from evil companiona or at school, the effects of which
are nightly felt, eveu when asleep, and, If not cored,
renders marriage impossible, and destroys both mind
axti] tody—should apply Immediately.
VTtist a pily that a young man, the hope ot lite
country, the pride of bis parents, should be snatched
from all proapocta aud eojoyinents gf life) by theoou
seuuuncu of deviating from the path of nature aud
Indulging in a certain secret habit. Snob pe i-sotrs
Mi'Sf, hofore Gontt-rnplutiug
ri — nan-Tat
reflect that a Bound mind and body are trie most ueo
cssary requiaites to promote connubial happiness; iu
deod, without tnese, the Journey throueh life becomes
a woary pilgrimage, the prospect hourly darkona to
the view, tho mir.d beccmea Bhadowed with diapaii
and filled with the melancholy reflection that the
happiness of another becomes blighted with onr own
When the misguided and imprudent votary ol
pleasure findß he has imbibed the seeds of this paiu
fnl disease, it too ofteuhnppouß that an ill-timed seuae
of ahame or dread of discovery doters bim from ap
plying to those, who, from education and respecta
bility, can alone befriend bim. lie fatla Into the
hands of ignorant and designing pretenders, who, In
capable of curing, filch his pecuniary substance, keep
him trifling mouth after mouth, or aa long as tbe
smallest fee can be obtained, aad with dißpair leave
him with ruined health tosrr-h over hia galling dis
appointment; or, by the use of that deadly poisou
Mercury, hasten the constitutional symptoms of tlie
terrible disease, auch as Affection of the Head.
Throat, Nose, Skin, etc., progressing with frightful
rabidity till death puts a period to bis dreadful suffer
ing by sending him to that undiscovered oeuutr
from whoa*- '-ourne no traveller reti,-•>-•.
The roanj thousands cured at thia institution
within uivlawt oi ft bteea years, and the numerous
Surgical Oporatioua performed by Dr. Johnston, wit
noaued by the reporters of the "Sub" and many other
papers, notices of which appeared again and again
before the public, besides his standing as a goutle
nian of diameter and responsibility, Is a anfnclint
guarantoo to tho afflicted.
Persons writing Bholud be particular in directing
their letters to bis fnatltation In the following man
Baltinaore Lock Hospital,
aug6-Iy Baltimore, Maryland.
$1,000 REWARD
DEBING'S VIA FUGA cures all Liver, Kidnoy and
Bladder Diaeaaes, Organic Weakness. Female Afflic
tions, General Debilitya nd complaiuis of tbe Uri
nary Organs, in mile aud female.
$1,000 will aIBO be paid for any case of Blind,
Bleeding or Itebiug PILES that DitfrHO's Pus Him
Bel fails to cure.
DsBING'B MAGI LINIMENT cures Kheuniati
Pains, Sprains, Bruisea and t welled Joints, in me
and beast.
Sold everywhere Send for pamphiet.
Labokatost~~ 14' i Franklin st, Baltimore. Md
ap 18—ly
This splendid Hair Dye ia the beat In the world
the only true and perfect Dye; harmless, reliable, In
Btantaneous; no disappointment; no ridiculous tints;
remedies the effects of bad dyea ; invigorates and
leavos the Huir soft and beautiful, "black Of brown."
Bold by all Druggists and Perfnniorß, and properly
applied at Batchelor's Wig Toctory, No. 18. Bond
Street, New York. decß-ly
Edited hy GEO. E. WARING, Jr.
Author of " moments of Agriculture," "Draialna
for Profit aud for Health," and former:,
Agricultural Engineer of Central
Park, New York.
too Octavo Psoas AMD ovsa 200 liMtsrsAriosn
The New Orleans "Tlnies" Bays: "It fa a book
which should be in the hands of every Farmer and
Me hanlc."
The New Orleans " Picayune" says: "Bo valuable
s book should b« found in the houss, of every Farm-
Brand Mechanic ; Ita elegant HlustraHona will make
It welcome everywhere '
Active men am! women cau make more raoi eyanJ
give better satisfaction in selling this book liaa any
work in the Held.
Send for In-page circular, eliingall alKMit It,
K. B. TREAT k CO., Pnbl>! ■•
WANTEU.— We desire to obtain 930,000 IK
VIRUINIA STATE BONDS, and to any party
making va the loun, we will give them ample secu
rity for its return within one year, besides a hand
some Intereat for its use
To any party who ia active Intelligent and ener
getic, who can control siirnrient capital lsl 11,500)
to piircbare these bonds, we will give them en inte
rnal in a bnaineaa in Virginia that will p,-,y them be
tween 53,0H0 rind 94,000 a year, besides security
for the returu of tin' amount invested.
ly 14—tf 1101 Venn. Avenue, Wiishlntrron 11. C.
9<bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbV bbbbbW ' .»Hl ■>■ ,-***
It rapttllf ■upenedlnf all other prepuratUud far ,
EL-gant, Street and ITfeolMotM BOLLS, BlMtTJTS,
Buckwheat and otbar Ortddls Cak—\ Perfectly Pure u !
KtliaMe, and alwaya r«oo'y for dnM«4jaf« ««#. Tba CHEAP.
BSTBaking Powder in th* WORLD, and It H'/ZZ A a £7' OJf
Za.VD OaS Ja?1, >n any cHtnati. /or yrar*. It ii well nuapivj
to lUo dm of Boutekttptrt, Miner; Mariners, Emigrants, J.*.,
aaJ It la fart. In -*v#r|f respect, the BEST YEAST PO tl".''.' '.':
maJt "/or •*»« BUtton, the Camp, th* GmUey."
Manufwrturtd by DOOLB Y & BBOTBXH

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