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<£wmnfl £tatr gmtnial
PUBLIBHKD DAILY-(Hnndirs Excepted
At 01»!_ Mails Strait, Hlchmn.it, Va
Th. JOURNAL Is delivered to subscribers In the
oltv at Pimm Cists p»» Win, payable to tn«
carriers—Tnm Cutrs per single copy.
Pain roa Maiuhs.—Three months $1 76: lis
months (3 00; one year $6 00
The WEEKLY JOURNAL will b» milled to sub
serfber. "I. months for 75 cent. ; one rear, 1 1 in
srniJlKlt RESORTS,
Are situated fn the romantlo "Warm Springs Valley."
Tie season of 1871 will
These thermal waters »re celebrated for their
CURATIVE vn tue fn Chronic Rheumatism, Gout,
Torpor or Liver, Chronic Enlargement of Liver or
Spleen, Chronic Diarrbora or Dysentery, non Organic
Paralysis, Old injuries, Disrasts of the Skin, espe
daily of Syphilitic origin. Chronic Dl-eases of tbe
Uteris, Affections of the Womb, and other Diseases ot
l delicate chnrttcter incident to Females.
Baths vary in temperature fromSC 0 to 110° Fahren
The accommodations are first class, and offer un
surpassed attractions to the invalid and pleasure
Telegraph Office fn Ho'el.
Prof. J L. CABELL, M. D., or University of Vir
ginia, Resident Physician.
Descriptive PaniphUts with full particnlars fur
nished ou application to
8 C. TARDY a CO.,
Richmond, Va.,
my 19—tJyl Hot Springs, Bath County, Vo.
Those Springs, so long and favorably known'to the
public, have passed Into the hands of tbe under
stated, who pledges himself to devote his entire time
to the comfort and pleasure ot h<s guests. The
waters have been held in high esteem by medical
men of eminence, especially in disease, of the SKIN,
A cha'ybeate spring of great strength has baeu re
cently found near the pi tee.
FINE MUSIC in attendance.
TlßMS—Board, per month of 28 days, S3" 60; per
day, $2; per weak, $12. Parties furnishing their
own bed linen aud lights, $32 60 per Uinta. Chit
dren under ten years and servauts half price.
The hack will meet th. train tbat leaves Richmond
at 9; 16.
For further particulars, address the undersigned,
or apply to S. S Cottkbll, Richmond.
F. R. FARRAR, Proprietor.
Dr. M. F. T. EviNS, Resident Physician.
my 16—F6w
CHESTER, MAY 20, 1.-71.
Having received the list of ANNUAL TAXES for
thl-t Dietiict from the Assessor, I hereby give notice
that the taxes due thereon must be p*id at my office
in Manchester, on or before the 3d DAY OF JUNE,
Tax-payers residing in Amelia, Powhatan, Cum
berland, F uvanna and Nottoway counties, may pay
their tateß to Col. Jno. A. Qraves, Deputy Collector,
at Amelia C. H.
Taxpayers residlDg In Prince Kdward, Appomat
tox, Amherst. Nelson and Buckingham counties, may
pa) th. n taxes to Dr. Joseph Jorgenaon, Deputy Col
lector, at Furmville
The full penalty of the law will be imposed on all
owing tai.* • who fail to pay by the time fixed herein.
my 19-tJea A P. LATHROP, Collector.
PACKET COMPANY'S elegant steam *JJ -fffc
■hip W. P. CbYDK, Captain PARKER, will leave
her wha>f at Rocketts on FRIDAY. May 19tb, at 6
P. M. Freight received np te the honr of sailing
Close connections and through hilU of lading given
to all southern and eastern ports.
This elegant steamship has fine cabin acconimoda
Fare $10 00
Steerage 5 00
Round trip tickets, good until used, only 16 00
For freight or passage, apply to
DAVID J. BURR. President.
Ho. 1214 Main street.
WiftniNciTuN k Co., Agent?,
Pier 21. North river. New York. my 17 —St
The fast and elegant side-wheel steamer PALI-
SADE, Captain Cuas. Nelson, will leave her wharf
at Ro'ketis lor King's Mill Wharf, on James liver,
on TUJlSDAY and SATURDAY* at 9 o'clock A.M.
connecting with tbe 12 o'clock train at City Point
from Petersburg. Heturuing, will leave King's Mill
on WEDNESDAYS and MONDAYS, at 6 A. M.,
touching at all the regular landings each way.
Will leave her wha f at Rocketts for Binn's on
Ohickah ininy, THURSDAYS at 6 o'clock A. M., con-
necting at City Point with the 7 o'clock train from
Petersburg, touching at at] the regular landings on
James river down to Dlllard's Wharf, and all regular
landings on Chicfeahomiuy. Returning, will have
Binu's on FRIDAYS at 0 o'clock A M.
Freight received from 12 o'clock Mondays to 9
©'clock A. M. Tuesdays, and from 12 o'clock to 0 P.
M. Wednesdays, and from 12 o'clock Fridays to 9 A.
M. Saturdays.
Fre ght for Chlckahomlny will only be received from
12 o'clock Wednesdays to 9 A. M. Thursdays.
AU freight to way landings must be prepaid.
For further particulars, apply to Captain on board,
or to GEORGE L . CURUiE, Agent,
at Curkie A Co.'s, cotner 18th and Gary streets.
my 8—lm
Mb. LOUIS SURER takes pleasure in notifying
bis many friends and the public generally that he
has recently fitted up and opined tbe above place.
He keeps constantly on hand the fiuest 1,-iJRK
BEER and ALE— both on draug'ut and bottled for
family use; together with a choice selection of
WINES and LIQUORS—both fereign and domestic.
Thankful for past patronage he solicits the same
iv the future. my 17—lw
ornci A. C. 8., I
Fort Monhox, Va., May 16th, 1371./
SHAIKH PROPOSALS, in duplicate, will be re
ceived at this office until 11 A. M.J UN IS 20th.
1871. tor furnishing the FIIE-II BEEF required by
the Subsistence Department U. B. A., at this station,
during six months, commencing July Ist, 1871.
Information as to conditions, quility of Betf, pay
ments, Ac, can bo obtained by application to
my 16—8t Ist U. 6th Arty, A. C. 8.
TO KENT— FURNIBIIr.D 110U8E (ttrsMlass), on
upyer franklin strtot. Cua lie rented by a
small family lor four months, or one or two years.
my 16—3t« M. 8., Postolßce Box 139.
WANTED -Uy two young gontlemta, a FUR-
NlßllriD KOOM.in a pleasant location, viilh
!n ten minutes walk of tbe Postotiice.
my 17—St* Address G. P. P.
WANTED.— two small uoat HOUSE* are wanted,
aud sum of such can find responsible, care
ful tenant! by applying to Till.- OFFICE
my 16—ts
\kl ANTtD— Jolly WOJIIS.\ anl UlttiA lor pri.
ff vat. laiuili.s in Isew Yolk, Brooklyn anil
New Jersey , wage, tit to $20 per mouth. Also,
fifty 1.U.111' UAHr.hj, for tobacco factory iv Br«ok
lyu, at high wages and regular work.
J. P. JUBHB, Labor Agent,
lay 13—lw No. 9 Utteenth street.
Siva PAlVl'iaO.
Cull on
M (» N 1 A < J I t■; ,
No. 8 goum Tjhth Staixi.
ap 29—Im
forth. Benefit of the Widows and Orphans of
he Southern States.
DISTRIBUTION No. 330 KviMliio May 18.
72 34 36 27 31 19 15 IS 67 1 74 13 32
DISTRIBUTION No. 337. Morhiho Mat II)
76 42 61 6 39 22 74 21 1 7 68 44 69 iT 70
Witness my hand, at Richmond, Va., this lath flay
of May, 1671.
Managers. Commissioner.
CERTIFICATE? OF KAFFLB, can he purchased
(Tom Cunt. W. I. UABNKV, at tbe Braucb office, No
, Eleventh stroet. one door from Main.
at nun orno*.
She Uailn State lonrrml.
1-toop.rn.r, RICHMOND. VA., FRIDAY EVEMN< , MAY »9, • s? ». VOL IH.-NO. ig 7 .
(jgwrnttp, '$ tatc journal
These works, owned by J. li. John
son & Co., are located on James river,
at the foot of Ninth street, and are de
voted to the tnanufactuie of forged work
of all kinds, especially steamboat, sta
tionary engine and crank shafts, locomo
tive, car, truck and tender axles. Their
speciality at this time is car axles, which
they claim to make of a quality equal to
any iv the world. This is the only steam
forge south of Baltimore, except a small
one at Rome, Georgia, and is amply pro
vided with machinery for producing forg
ing of every description,.
The enterprising proprietors have ex
pended a large amount of in equip
ping their works, and deserve the grati
tude and support of the public for
thus supplying a want loDg felt by the
industrial interest of Richmond.
The power of these works is furnished
by a large engine, which drives the pon
derous hummer, weighing 3 600 pounds.—
The material used is scrap iron, which is
carefully surted by hand and made up intp
squire piles, weighing about 200 pounds,
resting upon pieces of board.
Thtse piles are placed upon the floor of
a furnace and submitted to a welding heat.
Tbey are then withdrawn ami placed un
der the hammer, and welded into rough
flat bars known as slabs. This is done
with a smooth hammer-face, and requires
about five minutes to each slab. Two of
these slabs are required to mako an axle.
Tbey are doubled by placing one on top of
the other and returned to the heating fur
nace. A welding heat is again secured,
and the mass is subjected to the process of
swaying, or hammering with a grooved
dye or hammer-face. One end of the bar
is thus roughly rounded, while the crane
holds the other. This last end is then re
heated and in like manner rounded. The
hammer-faces arothen changed, and at two
heats the axles are finished ready for tbe
turning lathe.
One peculiarity in the manufacture of
Johnson & Co. is, that the journals are
swayed under the hammer, instead of be
ing turned out of the niaso, as is usually
the case. This is done by a dye in the
hammer face, which hammers the journal,
and leaves it of uniform quality with the
rest of the axles. It is well ascertained
tbat a hammered surface, when exposed to
wear, is much more durable than when
deeply turned. The turning here is little
more than polishing.
We have thus minutely described the
process of making axles, to givo some idea
of the care and pains taken at this es
tablishment to produce a portion of rail
road gearing, upon which, more than any
other, the safety of life and property in
railway transit depends. The same gene
ral succession of treatment is required to
produce all the varied forms of hammered
iron which are here manufactured. The
aim is to do everything in the most perfect
and thorough manner.
We notico in the heating furnace an ap
plication of the new ideas of producing
perfect combustion and fine heat. The
coal is put into a furnace separated from
the heating chamber by a fire bridge. A
blast of air is driven into the ash pit by an
Alden's blower running at 1000 revolutions
per minute. The gasses evolved are
driven into the heating furnace, and burn
with tremendous energy, producing a heat
adequate to all emergencies and entirely
free from the accidental impurities in tbe
The number of haods employed is about
fifteen, mostly Americana.
The capacity of the forge is ft rty tons a
The company has a rolling mill, adapted
to the production of bar iron of all sizss,
with two trains of rolls driven by a hun
dred horse power engine. They use the
coal from the Midlothian seam, near Rich
mond. The aim in these works is to pro
duce a superior article in every depart
ment, aud they have been fortunate in se
curing the universal commendation of
their customers. Nearly all the Southern
roads have tried their work, aud found it
equal to any in use. We trust tbat a vast
increase of trade will flow to this very de
serving firm, and enable them to be still
more useful to the public, while it proper
ly rewards their skill, fidelity aud enter
Under the above caption the Alexandria
Gazette, of Wednesday, attempts to give
us the idea of what the Radical newspa
pers mean by political proscription. Now,
we have high respect for all journals con
ducted fairly and honestly ; nut we canuot
believe that the Gazette is honest when it
proclaims that we only mean tbat we shall
be elected to all the offices, aud be permit
ted to control all public affairs, by our cry
of proscription.
If the Gazette will come out squarely
and tell us that it is ignorant of what
political proscription really means, we will
prove to its entire satisfaction, that there
is something of little more importance at
tached to it than the simple refusal of
holding of office.
If your little city is so free from it,
(which we doubt) as to keep ao intelligent
a source in ignorance of what it really is,
we will enlighten you as to its existence in
Richmond, and show you what harm has
resulted to the interests of this city, from
it here.
Late Papers.— From Johnston & Soi
den we have Ilarper's Weekly. Its first
page is embellished with one of Luraley's
pictures, illustrating one of Carlcton's farm
ballads—"Betsy and I are Out." It is very
touching, and should be read every morn
ing and evening by parties who find the
matrimonial yoke a little uncomfortable.
A fine map of France in its dimensions is
furnished. "Picking Wild Strawberries
from an old Battlefield near Rchmond.
Va.," is a beautiful poem, with an appro
priate illustration.
As some wise mother's tender thought,
Forgives ber children's angry strife,
Conceals tbe wrong their wratb has wrought
And builds thereon a gentler life—
So Nature's grand maternal soul
Forgives tbe petty wars of men,
Forgets the battle's awful roll,
And bids the blue birds sing again.
And from the tra npled sod, restored
By summer vain and winter snow,
Blots out the track of fire and sword,
And makes the purple violets grow.
Once A Week:, with its fine paper print
ed so neatly, good stories, aud pretty de
signs of summer dress, is for sale by Johi -
ston & Selilen.
The American Exchange and Review con
tains tho latest financial news. Its leader
on proposed changes in electoral represen
tation, is a most valuable paper, discuss
ing the various schemes now under inves
tigation or experiment to purify our polit
ical system and secure a more faithful ex
pression of the popular will.
Summary of Foreign Sun.
The Communists have retired from Petit
Vanvres and Montrouge.
It being an offence to indulge in extrava
gant feeding, a party of one hundied and
fifty men and women were arresled iv an
American restaurant, in l'aris, Wednesday
night—among them several superior offi
cers of the Commune.
The terrible explosion-which took place
on Tuesday evening, wps the magazine in
the Rue Trocadore, inside of Paris, and is,
by some, attributed to falling shells, and
by others to the conspiracy against the
Commune. Six hundred persons were
killed, mostly women.
The Communist official journal accuses
the Versaillists of causing the explosion of
tbe cartridge magazine in Trocadero ave
nue, but La Verile says it was the result
of an accident, as no shells were falling in
the Champ de Mars at the timo.
A stormy debate has arisen in the Ger
man Parliament over the right ol mem
bers to enquire into the acts of the
It is said that the Prussians are march
ing on Paris, and will co-operate wiih the
government troops to subdue the Com
Advices from Japan state that three great
clans there are united, under the leadership
of Peiujo Satsuma. to maintain the Mikado
in full powers against the Tycoon and
party. Satsurua is now virtually dictator.
He has sent his father to Yedo to take
possession of the Government in his name.
Lemuel Lyons, United States Consul at
Yokohama, died there of softening of the
brain ou the 6th ult. A Japanese mint
has been established on tho American plan
at Osaka. A postal system has also been
instituted. The Canton Custom authorities
have trebled duties on opium. The existing
forts are being greatly strengthened, new
works are being constructed further up the
Peiho, mid other preparations are making,
indicative of an anticipated foreign war.
It is reported that the Arab insurgents
have been defeated in an engagement, in
which their leader, Kilife Mokrani, was
The serious phase assumed by the Alge
rian insurrection has incited the French
government to more active measures for
its suppression, and a force of 10,000 men
has been ordered to Toulon, whence they
will immediately be dispatched to Algeria,
Summary of ltdteat News
Messrs. White and Ramsdell, correspon
dents ol the New York Tribune, having
refused to answer certain questions pro
pounded to them by the Vice-President of
the United States, the Senate ordored them
to be placed in the custody of tho sergeant
at-arms and to be held in confinement dur
ing the rtc.ss of that body.
At the reception of Horace Greeley by
the American Union Club in New Orleans,
he said : "This is my first visit to the
South. I come here with a heart devoted
to the good of all the people. They are
not my enemies now who were six or eight
years ago. I bear hatred to no one."
"Brick" I'omeroy, recently divorced, was
mariied iv New York on Monday evening
last to Mrs. Louisa M. Thomas, a contrib
utor to Pomeroy's Democrat. Mr, Pome
roy gave the bride a dowry of $75,000,
aud the happy couple have started on a
wedding trip to Salt Lake aud the Pacific
L. F. Rogers committed suicide in New
Orleans, Wednesday night.
George 11. Farriugtou, assistaut post
master of Augusta, Me., was drowned in
the Kennebec river Wednesday.
Randolph, N. H., rejoiced in six inches
of snow a few days ago.
Dr. Lookup Evans, a Now York abor
tionist, has been convicted of manslaughter
in the second degrte and sentenced to three
years and six mouths' hard labor in the
State prison.
General Gordon Granger telegraphs
from Santa Fe that Fort Bascomb has
been surprised by twenty-two hostile In
dians, who carried off 700 cattle and
General Conference 111. E. Cliurch.
Pittsburg, Pa., May 18.—The second
quadrennial session of the General Confer
ence of the Methodist non-Kpiscopal
Church commeuced hereyesterday morning.
The Hon. F. H. Pieirepunt, of West Vir
ginia, was elected permanent chairman,
being the first instance in the history of
American Methodism where a laymau has
been chosen to this office. Seventy-five
delegates are present and thirty more are
in —
Heavy- Kxpreai Robbery.
Columbus, 0., May 17 —Adams Ex
press office was eoteied by burglars this
morning. Two men who slept iv the of
fice were druggetl and two safes opened,
aud between forty and fifty thousand dol
lars in current funds taken.
Dr. Bernhardt, the celebrated Prussian
optician, is iv Charlottesville.
A colored man, James Hamilton, drop,
ped dead on Tuesday last in Charlottes
A bald eagle was killed the other day in
Augusta, measuring seven feet from tip to
Charlrttesville mentions having a grave
nearly one hundred years old. I's con
tents must bo pretty well dried up 1
The Postmaster General has appointed
William Janus postmaster at Ashland,
Hanover county, Va., vice John D. Smith,
At Gainesville, Prince William conn 1 )',
Miss Emerussn Williams has been appoint
ed Postmistress, vice J. B. F. Sothoroo, re
A forco of engineers connected with the
Shenandoah Valley railroad, is in the
neighborhood of Snepherdstown, locating
a route fur that n ad.
The Norfolk Virginian calls Sandy Lit
tle, ■ "meatax," anil says ho is an "audax."
We dou't know, really, whit sort of an ax
he is, unless he is a "Utile axe."
The City Council of Norfolk refuses to
appropriate $75,000 towards building a
city railway. If it was as foud of jobs as
our's it would not have so refused.
The schooner Sarah J. Bright, from tho
Tortugas, arrived yesterday in Norfolk,
having on board 81 cannon taking from
the wrtxk of the schooner A. E. Richard
Hon. John W. Johnson, U. S. Senator
fiom Virginia, is detained at his home in
Abingdon by sickness. Should it be ne
cessary, ho is willing to go to Washington
at once.
The jury in the Sauds case, -part of
whom were from Alexatdiia, have readi
ed home, and have reported that when dis
charged, the jury stood nine for conviction
to three for acquittal.
The place made vacant by the with
drawal of the Vanderbilt, from the Acquia
creek line, has been filled by the George
ana. The former has been towed to Bal
timore for repairs.
Tbe InMligencer says that the crew of
the Democratic ship do not hate Republi
cans but only pities them. This reminds
us of the pity of tho chained cur for the
lean wolf. We have the same advice to
give that the wolf did the dog.
Destructive Firs in Alkxandria.—
The Market-house building, covering a
square and including the city offices, a
Masonic lodge, and the old Museum, con
taining many relics, were burned last
The Day Book says Dr. Helmbold is a
live advertising man, and is determined to
make all the printers rich. It being on in
timate terms with th« Dr., we would like
for him to scatter a few of his riches this
way !
The Charlottesville Intelligencer hand
somely apologizes to a colored church
there, for having used language in onnec
tion with it which was misunderstood. A
brave man never refuses to correct his
The real estate of Rockingham county
is valued at $7,716,606 15; Frederick
$6 248,713 54; Shenandoah $4,137,
--167 02; Olaiko $3,037,020 18; P-.ge
$2,094,360 45 ; Warren $924,619 48.
Lauds seem to bo worth a little more in
the Valley than they are in this section of
the State.
Several gentlemen from the Valley,
among them Col. M. G. Herman, of Au
gusta, are in Baltimore, looking after tho
interests of the Shenandoah Railroad. If
Col. 11. fails to build a railroad in the
Valley, arid then don't by it out, B.diimore
had as well give it up as an impossibility.
The Day Book denies tho charge of the
Virginian that white men are leaving Nor
folk because they are driven out by Repub
licans, and charges that it is owing to mis
rule and mismanagement of Democracy.
If not true of Norfolk, it is of Richmond ;
that business is prostrated here fiom the
same cause, in spite of the Democratic
paper's cry of prosperity, big trade, &c.
"Trichina factories" is Westerncse for
Tuftouboro', N. H., has wheat s : x
inches iv height. It was sown April 10,
A pioneer says the only good Indian is
a dead Indian.
A "free agent"—one whogops off with
his employer's money.
A Troy prisoner found fault with the
judge lor making bis sentence too short.
About half the Mormon voters of Utah
are under 15 years of age.
The commune has forbidden night work
to bakers, and every Parisian is now com
pelled to eat stale bread.
A sophomore says : "It is no time to bo
writing Latin essays when billiards are
only ten cenfs a gauio."
A negro woman in J-icksonvilie, Florida,
wants the ku-klux act enforced against the
A sign on an eating-house on the New
Jersey railroad says, "Ceiffue and eggs fresh
laid by Mary Jones."
Rents in Chicago have increased to such
an extent that they charge $25 for a night's
lodging iv a dry goods box.
A resident of New ILiven has been fined
two dollars and taken up litre days fjr
stealing an umbrella.
In many divorce eases ou account of
"incompatioility," the income is the prin
cipal consideration, while patibility is
rarely urged.
Buenos Ayres is now paying the peualty
of ignoring all sanitary laws. It is the
death penalty, with 700 victims a day.
West Rochester, Vt., is afflicted with
black bears to such au extent that tho
people anticipate the necessity of or
ganized warfare against them.
A strong-minded woman at Bay City,
Mich., made her hii.tiatid disgorge bis
pocket-book, ll,e other day, by presenting
a revolver at his head.
Oue of the wealthiest bankets of
Chicago is charged with stealing the gas
belonging to atuther man by tapplug his
pipe ou tbe wrong side of the meter.
Heart Betiding. — One of those un'X
peccd events occurred last evening, which
boding hea-1 and mind unprepared fur, reo*
der» Ibeir occurrence almost beyond human
power to endure
Tbe mere expression of sympathy in such 1
ease fails tn alleviate the agonies of fond pa
rents' hearts, for we are toully incapable of
even feeling sufficient to mike ID exhibition
of it a cmisnlario i.
List night, abnal half psst seven o'clock, a
Buuber of small bins of the neighbor hood
were Mending in front it) the grocery store of
Mr. V nc m L'lOls, at iho corner of Franklin
and Twen'ir-th streets, one of wbotn had a
■ all r.in„le-*<«ir"l pistol in bis bands, with
which it appenis the boys hid been pining.
Mr. Lucas' attention was attracted to the cir
cumstance, and be took the pictol to see if it
might not be 10-ided and endanger tbe lives of
the boys In lb-act or examining It, the pis.
tol i xplod.d. and the bill whicb it Contained
struck tbe bieaa; of his own son. Andrew
Lucas, passing obliquely through his beart.
He instantly fill and died in about twenty
minutes, without having uttered a word.
Youni Lucas was between nineteen and twenty
v ears of age, of prc-posseHiing appearance,
popular manners, antj highly esteemed by a
large circle of youthful associates.
Th« pistol which caused this distressing
accident was a "self-cocker" with which Mr
Lucas was unfamiliar, and in handling which
caused tbe sad results we now behold. We
learn to day, that the mental conditinu of both
the father and mother is extremely ignniiing,
and tbat some speedy relief must be found
for their suffering minds, apparently irrecon
cilable at their loss. The warmest sympathies
of the community have been enlisted for them
since learning the accident through our morn
ing pspets.
A Phizzh. —A most unsuccessful but
amusing attempt was made on yesterday to
capture, the United States Court, by a small
armed baud of ex Confederate officers and
private?, v: der tbe command nf one Jefferson
D<Tis, late President of the so-called Confede
rate States.
Tbe fact?, as we learn them, are these: A
complimentary dinner was tendered Judge
Bund, who is acknowledged by the Enquirer to
be a gentleman and a lawyer, by the lending
members, of the Richmoucl bar, who also in
formed the Judge tbat the great honor would
be paid him of sitting side by Bide wilh His
Excellency, Jeff«rsun Davis, who was also the
invited guest of the bar.
Although a compliment of such magnitude
had not been tendered any gentleman of Judge
Bond's proclivities since ihe wai, the Judge
'ailed to "see it in tbat light," and must re
spectfully, yet posiiivelv, declined to accept
the tender under the circumstances.
This, of course, riled some of tbe admirers
of Mr. Davis, and do doubt all of (he gentle
meo who were present; but to have refused to
carry cut the programme to some extent would
have been too glaring, so to settle the matter,
a part of tbem withdrew and a part proceeded
wit i the ceremonies.
Tbe Enquirer of this morning tells the tale
as well as sra can do so, and if our friends wi I
examine its notice of the dinner, they will find
absent fiom the circle, many of the most prom
inent lawyers of the city, who piactice in
Judge Bond's court, proving that the enter
t.intnenr wms not really first-class.
The W/iiy knows nothi g about the grand
dimer; the knowing and more cunning Dis
patch do"s kno»v something of it, but is "a d«y
o.hind the feast}" it asserting that it is to
come off thit evening at 6 o'clock, when real
ly it came nil on yesterday, during the absence
of Mr. Davis and quite a number of the most
eminent lawy. rs ot the city.
We fail to observe amongst those present,
tbe names of any of our-ltetiublican lawyers,
none of whom were even invited, of whom
there is a considerable number, and whsse res.
pectabiliiy of talent and position should have
entitled them to some professi >nal couitesies ;
Out nf course this would not have suited the
ta.-tes of Mr. Davis.
We cannot believe that Judge Bond was
aware ol this Ufa ntional slight ol Republican
lawyers, and particularly the parfsan char
acter ol the i.ff*ir. The gross character of the
discourtesy is evideuoed by the failure to
invite General Wells, the law officer or the
United Mlates government. Had Judge Bond
been aware of th-se tacts we are sure he would
have rij-ciHd an invitation from a class of men
who have shown themselves ignorant or re k
less ni tbe clitiuQS of prolessiojal decency with
tbe contempt it deserves.
Altogether, this h-ts proven tbe most com
plete failure to capture s judge we have ever
known, and surprises us greatly to see our
.voi thy g. ntiemen of the bar exhibit to poor
anopininn of Judge Bond's good sense, as to
imauine that he would nibble at such bate. It
is laughable, we confess, and furnishes us with
the first case ol ostracism coming from out
side, which we bave S'-en since It became fash
ionable. "All we a-k, is that Congress shall
give us lawyers and gentlemen "
lection is most ordinary: as men have been
npointed who are utterly aud i-ntirely desti
ute of the capacity and qualilications esseu
al for the proper discharge of the duties
jpettaitiing to sucb a position. It is true
tat K. M. Manly, who bas for years devoted
lis energies to a proper system of school
ahsgtiment and made tbe business a study, is
ne ot the appointees, but only for the shortest
t-rra—one year. A must admirable selection.
ut where is Mr. Andrew Wasbburne, who
as always manifested soch deep interest and
■volion in popular education? Why, he is
ot even namesl ! And where too, are otben
111lil y qualified, who could be named if it
ere necessary 1 Can it be tbat tbe political
ewa which certain gentlemen entertain aud
■n, (as is their right and privilege)
ihem from holding place iv a matter
y important as tbat ot education, or
t there is no unaccountable move which
City Council
Big Thing On Ice. — It chmond is hon
ored by the presence of Governor John T.
Hoffman of New York. One of our morning
coteuiporaries says bo Is here, doubtless, to fret
rid of the politicians of his own Slate. We
are of the opinion that he bas "jumtied nut of
tbe frying pan into tbe fire" Richmond is
not much v a resting plsce for political in
valids. Coniinu, as hn does,immediately a'ter
Governor Wafer's visit to New York, we
rnt.ht : r "Birmll a mice," and canaot believe tbat
ili.tiiuau is b> re simply to r.-turn calls.
Ho is a '■Tammany" man, and a political
trickster of the first water.
Tbe "Heathen Chinee," never could bave
palmed or sleeved political catds upon one of
these fellows. ono 1 they are up to all such
tricks, and for every king stolen, Tammany
would huve secured two aces.
But what does ho w.int ? Why nothing
more or less than to negotiate for tbe purchase
of Virginia, to help ele.t himself to tho next
Presidency. We don't doubt the willingness
of our Govt rnor to negotiate, nor do we doubt
the wilhugness of tbe Democratic leadei s of the
city to co-operate but we do doubt tho dis
position of the p-ople to place themselves in
that swindling sink of Democracy—Tammany
Exceedini/li/ Suspicious. —A number of
very prominent Democrats were in Richmond
last night—among w bom we may name His Ex
cellency J fl'meon Davis, too well known to
say more about ; His Excellency John T Hoff
man, Governor of New York, and one of the
chiefs of Tammany Hall ; ihe Hon John B.
Badwin, of'Augus'a; the Hon. R T. Daniel,
who is a fixtme here, and last, but not li-ast,
His Excellency Gov Gilbert C. Walker G iv
ernor of Vti ginii. How many more maybe
here, we doni know; but the cat has sufficient
ly crept out of the bag to satisfy us that mo
mentous eVi-nis iire'ti-anspiri-g
Richmond could not burvive without a sen
sation, nml we are just now having a fir3*-clans
one. We shall so If th • bierze and unless
Tammany is sharp, we will secure some inter
esting points.
J. A. Glover-bas been elected cashier of the
First National Bank,
I.oc m| Dasuci,
Tricky—The Jipmeoe.
More Tiicky—The City Conncil.
Recovering-Sherifl H. J. Smith.
Confused-The banquet yesterday.
Gone—The spirrows from tbe Squire.
In the city—Gov. John T. Hoffmm.
Where is the money f—Ask the Council.
Where is the promised land ?—Ask Moses.
To prosper -Go in and Wynne (win.)
Meets-The Jefferson Ward Republican club
to night.
Extravagant—To pour people's whiskey in
to the streets.
Ought to go- Tbe City Council to where the
woodbine twineth.
Cmtly—To ej ot oolored persons from first
class cars and Ooits.
Where is tbe wind?-Stnus (Straws) will
tell ton. '
Straus (straws) show which way the wild
But he i.us to tell us where the money goes.
The president or the Common Council o
Philadelphia is in he city. Wonder if he hi.
my points for ours.
Our Trials —The trials of "ye local"
are great—at times bird to bear—and but
little appreciated by tbe inexperienced. We
are kept constantly on the lookout for some
thing which we imagine will interest our
readers, (and too often are we deceived by our
imtgination,) and when found, we wonder
what particular style will urn them best
Among our many difficulties, none present
themselves with more hirce than tbe appeals ol
those who would keep from the eyes' of the
world the disgrace ot those who have offended
but who are near and dear to tbem.
We have a kind beart within us, which
prompts us to commit many sins of omission
aud commission, but which always admonishes
us to listen to the appeals of our fellow crea
tures in distress.
Our political adversaries abuse us, and we
abuse them in return; they taunt us with
threats, we retort; if they fight us, we hVht
them, (we can't turn the other cheek); but
after this bas been done, we ire ready to yield
to their requests when they come in proper
This morning we were requested lo save
from exposure, a man who had been oharged
and convicted of an offence against the law, by
an individual whose political hatred of us has
manifested itself openly to be of tbe most in
tense character, anil yet, vihiTe the politician
lorbsde, the man yielded, and we complied
with bis request.
We mention this fac', that it may reach the
mention of the individual referred to, and im
preis upon his mind the importance of discard
ing is far as possible all feelings of political
hatred, and assuming that we are all human
biings, and as sucb, are entitled to tbe free ex
pression of our political and religious opinions
without fear, and tbat when he learns to prac
tica ly acknowledge it, we are prepared t"
meet bim and his party on grounds of friend
ship and respect.
Bully Frightened —We yesterday men
tioned the fact, tbat the most beautiful yr ure
I 'dy of Richmond would be at the strawberry
feast to be given at Viiginia Hall, and advised
everybody to go and see who sbe was. Many
nersons availed themselves of our notice, ni'n
ctuieaway rejoiced that we had posted tbem
iv time to be piesent.
This young lady had quite an event to hap
pen to her before leaving the ball, resulting it.
a big scare without much hurt. Leaving th.
ball, in company with several friends and
a beaux, who rejoiced in being the envy of all
eyes, she remembered have left some parcel
behind, and returned to secure it ; in the
meantime tbe rest of the party had pas-crt
from tbe room shutting the door behind them,
which fastened with a spring, rendering it
impossible 'or her to escape without try
ing Borne other way nf exit. >Nt
relishing the idea of passing the ni°ht
alone in a "banquet hall deserted," arm
being as agile as she wis bemtiful, made for a
window, through which she leaped like tbe
bright-eyed antelope, clearing a sky-ligbt
without tipping a toe, landing safely on a plat
form, from which another window was reached,
through which sbe pnssed as easily as she din
tbe H'St, freeing herself entirely and relieving
her mind from farther thoughts or ghosts, hob
goblins, etc.; but most of all fiotn the sad
thought that her handsome attendant would
have to go home alone. Sbe wit welcomed
by the party in waiting, who were growing
uneasy over her lengthy stay, and after, with
one of her sweetest smiles, declaring that she
was not a bit frightened, returned home, well
pleased with all that had hipoened.
The Demo-ratic Nominations. — Rich
mond will awake in Ihe morning to find that
Democracy bas so far completed its work as to
name the men who are supposed to be the
choice of the party to represent it in the Civ
Council. W« hive not the temerity to deoy
tbat the party has a number of men connected
with it who would nuke bonest, faithiul and
capable members of- the City Council, but will
such men be selected 1
Have not the actions of members of the pres
ent Council, who were endorsed as first rate
men by the party when they were announced
as candidates for election, so disgusted those
who ire really most interested in tbe selection
of capable men, that they will decline to take
any interest in the matter of their selection
and leave it to the control of the political
leaders ? We are dispostd to believe this will
be the case, and instead of turning nut the old
concern, unanimously acknowledged to be cor
rupt, tbev will ask the people to support many
of the same men, and complain if it is not done.
We bave wasted no time upon this question,
os we bave nothing to do with their candidates.
We expect to offer to the people of Richmond
such a ticket as will satisfy all classes that it is
the right one, aud exnect to give Democracy
such a whipping as will prevent it from exhib
iting such presumption in tbe future as it bas
in the past.
Police Court. —Tne following cases; were
disposed of by Police Justice White this
morning :
Alexander Morgan, colored, charged with
trespassing on the premises of Ca;sar Scott,
contrary to law, was discharged.
Jacob Brown and Ellen Brown, colored, up
to answer for threatening John Reardon, were
discharged, their being no evidence to sustain
tbe charge against tbem.
James Leppard alias Jim Curtis, colored,
for stealing a lot of clothing, valued at SCO,
tbe property of Chas. Dit>ner, was sent on for
indictment by tbe grand jury.
lltavyon Prince George County Lands.—
We have just learned of a remarkable case,
which does not speak very favorably of the
lands of Prince George. "Two years ago a
gentleman of that county died,'leaving his
widow I,'iOO acres of land to be held by ber
during her natural life. Sbe pays tax-s upon
this land which amount to more tban the real
value of its productions, aud yet sho don't
want to relinquish ber tight iv it. Sbe bas
recently consulted tbe law as to what is ihe
best course to pursue uuder tbe circumstances,
but as yet has been unable to arrive at any
satisfactory conclusion.
Handsome Donations to Ihe Orphan.—
The Southern Associition for the benefit of
the widows and orphs.ni of the Southern
States, bis donited $500 each to tbe r'einale
Humane Association and to tbe Mile Orphan
Society of tbis city. We ire informed tbat
tbe Association has recently donated $1 000 to
Norfolk, $1,000 to Fredericksburg, and $500
to Alexandria, which, with the $1 500 given
the Catholic Asvluui of this city, mikes an ag
gr gate of $7,112.
The annual a Itirww Ustura the Male Or.
phiu Society, will be deliveied it St. Haul's
o lurch on Tuesday evening next at 8 o'clock,
by James Barron Hope, N.q. Tbe member! of
tbe society aud the publia generally ate iv
vited to attend. Tbe reputation of tbe ontor
and the olij-ct contemplated should secure a
Urge attendance. Tbe lecture will be free,
nor will auy effort be made to raise money.
Advertisement, will be Iniertod In th. KVn*. (Nil
rnrmi»Ai. », the fotlowlng rater, except legal ad
me square, one InMrtton f 75
'hie ..joar--. two insertion 1 2f*
i.c square thru* tint».rl ton. 1 75
»ne ..jimre, six insertions 3 Of.
*nc- sqn.re. rwelveinaertion. 6 6^
In. .qw.ru. one i,,,mtl, 10 on
•ne square, two mouth. , , la nr,
In. square, thr™. mouth. , 26 00
for quarterly and yearly Advertiser,
tpeoml arrangement will he made
Th. Courts. The Hustings V, nrr wag
engaged 10 day in triing thi case of tbe Corn
monaeallh »». Ma'ia Laonnn, who is charged
wirh assaulting md baring one Mr. perdue.
The U S Co cuit court was engaged today
iv tbe trial of causes in bankruptcy,
"Dutch and Irish"—A prominent Con
servative gentleman was heard to siv, this
morning, that if hi* party had nets t-.b bun
dred •mgiers" in en hard, tho Dutch and
Irish might go to the devil.
DlMmgi't.— lu th- U.S. r. urt.yesferdwv,
Henry Smiih, wa = awarded a judgment against
the citu tor $2 800 for di-str.tlng a lot ot
whiskey on the uight of April 3), 1865 Why
didn't they let il alone ? it would have proba
bly destroyed itself.
The Nominees of tne mechanics.
To the Editor of the State Journal.
Ihe Statu Journal will greatly please the
mechanics of tbe city or Richmond by k eping
prominent the names o' the gentlemen select
ed by the Richmond Mechanics' Trad s Union,
as candidates lor ibe City Conncil In rb» _p.
proicbing electlin. Tkedeoab M«m.
We tike p'easuro to coroplving with the
above request, and would statu tbat we have
received others of a similar purport in the last
day or two, from other portions of toe city.
Should any of the names in the list be fonnd
wrung, tbe necessity correction will be made.
The notniuitions are as follows :
Marshall Ward.
Edward C. Chomp. Dahikl H. Allst.
Jefferson Ward.
Charles U. Talboii.
Madison Ward.
Charles W. Allen. Cbas. T. Davis.
Monroe Ward*.
George Bjboamin. Tnos. H. Wrung.
Cloy Ward.
George J. Hooper. John J. Kino.
Jackton Word.
Wilkinson G. Fkekhan. J. W. Oilman, _
A Card.
RlCßMosn, May 19th, 1871.
To the Richmond Mechanics' Trades Cnion :
Qontlemen—Sioing mv name a> a candidate for
the City . ouocil from Jefferson Ward revived iv the
State .lourvai., I take this method of announcing to
tho public aud your honorable Association tbat I
m tat rospectlul y deetine the nomination ai I am no
oolltic-an and do not aspire to aujth'ug h'gher than
oget pt«nly of work, at reasonable prices, in mv
line of business (Tinning, Plunbing Ac, and store
business ) Permit m» to tbank you for fe high ap
tireciation shown me by your brdv, ami wi.hiug you
success In the adv.nc.m o nt of your aims, I remain
Your obedient servant.
* Jsmss E. Phillips.
his r.rvices to all in need of medical atteution 1)
very moderate rates. Pays special at'ention to the
Oiseascs of La'jfos and Children., and will guarantee
the cure of Rheumatism and Neuralgia, by the v a
of ois great remedy, "THK UNDOUBTED CURE,"
which can be had fjrs4 00 a box of any Drugtti.t in
evtry BPCtion ol country. Perilous at a distance c n
onsnlt, frw of charge, by letter, addressed to bit
uffi-o, 709 Once roreet R-chmond Va.
ftlA.nche.ter New. hiiii Goigtp.
Republican Meeting. — A very large and en
thuoastio meeting of the Republican patty was
beld last night at the coo d Bap'i-t.ehurcb in
this town. A considerable piotion of the au
dience were white peisons The hest feeling
and good order prevailed tfrougbout. H"0.
Unas. H Porter was introduced to the assems
bly and delivered an .x-.'elleot address. He
gave a full account of his etewa>-dj.hip in Con.
gress, with bis vie a a on the different hilts pass
id by that hodv, including tbe eiifm cenieut ac*.
He also spoke of tbe gerrymander of the wan s
in Richmond, and predicted that tboße guilty
of sucb a fiKud on tbe community wouhl c. me
to grief. Hs preriictid the success of the Re
publican patty in the Statu it good and tiue
men were nominated. In speaking of the re
-tnurces of the S : a'e, he alluded to the tact of
his having voted in Oi against taking the
duty off of coal, which p-culiaily affected a
large number of ih« people of Uhe.terli-ld.
lie I op Ye nl tie township eystem at d ibe
beij'-tiis to he derived ftnm the htituestend act.
At the conclusion of his lengiby speech, he
'hanked the incetti g tor the prompt attention
with which he had been listened to, and th -v
left the Stand amid vociferous applause.
the following resolution was then offered
lud adopted by accla-catinn :
Wheteas, the ilufoHlliiate ppr s-ion U'idi»r which
all trus Hepuhliei.Ni. now rent is the nsult of the
outrageous aj»d unjust legi.lut on ' f the l.e«is!uturo
c ected in ISG9 in onpo iitou to the ric ustiuctiou
acts of 0-oigrsss, hut nnf n tun ttely placed over us
'iy tboatlojirsion of Ihe Stat- ; se'-ure-i too. by m v
who ware on friends an I who th <nid have kn wu
etter ; l-.nt under tnoia's* an 1 dan emu. idea of
liberality and conciliation, \ieldini principle, to com
promise ,1us r ice with frjj 'Siiee. right, with wroog.
Resolve 1, Ihat the Kiphnt cans of ohe-ternebl
e.ouuty do cor.liai'y endorse tho Hon. H.
Porter in his elf >-t- to pro Mot lota-ty agaiu.'. op.
.oeßsinn betoro he i. Witling to re-eva frjin all dis
abilities the oppressors; they, there ore,endorse and
pnrovw Ins vote ou the amnesty question in the
Oongre-s of the Unitid States, aud they thank him
I-I-his nonl l efforts 10 protect loyalty, by his bill
nu.tiling loyal mm to appeal for jusli-e to tvs
United Ptatos coio ts.
Resolved, That we think him fir his manly speech
on suppro-s.ion of riuKlux in the South.
Manchester Letter List. —The following are
the letters remaining in the Manchester post
ollice to day. Parties calling lor letter! will
pleiae say they are advertised:
ladies' list.
Anderson, Mrs S F Keiley, Mrs Eliza
Brandis, Miss D (2) Keiley, Mrs Jine H
Boyle, Mrs Margaret Lyons. Miss Eliza Jane
Clark, Miss Klvira Perdie, Mrs A X
Cross, Mn Martha E Perdue, Mis Annie
ihioley, Miss Lothio E Robertson, Mis f Hz*
Dtrkerson, Miss E (col) Sampson, Mrs Jos L
Drake, Miss Ann H Schwartz, Miss Fannis
Furcnm, Mrs Bettie F Sterne, Miss P E (2)
Fuigu-soo, Mrs E P Swan, Mis Martha
Harris, Miss Mary F Winfrey, Miss Nannie
Winfree, Miss Lelia S
gentlemen's list.
Abbott, J T Hatcher, John II
Armistead, Hil'd (col)Haitwell, G M
Bowe, Ehck Lynch, Wm T
Brown, Daniel (col) Lichtley, Henry
Chalkley, Goo X Perkins, Jamts
Craoi, Omar P Robinson, Prof ,aS
Godsey, Wm H Rudd, Edward
Graham, Capt Edward Sims, J B
Gill, Joseph R Smart, J E
Harris, Bean White, Addison
Hobson, Lysander Wells, A A
Harrington, Jeremiah Wells, Samuel 8
Judge Weisiger's Court. —The case of
Walker and Scott, charged with poisnuing the
husband of the Utter in 1869, was again b fore
this Court to day on a writ of habeas corpus.
After mature consideration tbe Judge decided
to remand the prisoners back to the bands of
the Magistrate's Court aud to constable Foote,
in whose custody they were iv. The counsel
for the prisoners excepted to tbe opiuion of tbe
The case of Wi'kes and Morris was called
and was still before tbe Court when this report
closed. ____________________
ill A Kill It. U
TALBOIT—TALIAITBKKO-At the residence of J.
n. !•».-•, Us 1, on Mou lay, _.% lota, b. the Rev. J.
Powell Oarland. JvMKI M. TALISOIT. Jr., to Mill
UKTIIK TAl.lAHi'lK); all of this city.
lONBS—(fONTAINB—At St. PinlV Cu-irch, Rich
mond, Va., May 17th t-y Key Or Miouigerude, aa
ssted by Rev Mr. AlVcb, THOMAS OaTtSBY
J iNß'.of Rlchmoad, to R WALIK, daughter of th.
Ute Cll'tnel X Iniiii '■■' ' i'"'.
FORD—On th» Isth inst., Mrs. C AROLINB FOBr,
consort of the late l.arkiu t». Ford.
RUTuKR-At l.nc 1-1 drove Car .line county. May
lZ'h. .IKNNIB. eanghter of lames T and Kli'lthtth
Butle-, 01 the c ghee oh year of hr i.-p.
, "41«i.ttl.{m tiXTivA '••'.»,
Joel taoeiv- 1. a-< lot of
,1 tTKIiHINI -'. I'llßPOSßa—farin.
n- :. anytlo ■ ... 1. tite city—which W*
!•■ •■»> ■*■ •- woti , l. .v itntl ! s<, !«,

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