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PUBLISHED i>AILY-(Bundiyi Excepts-
At 01»H Wain Strut, Klchmns.it, V*
Thl JOURNAL Is delivered to subscribers In the
city it Ft—sin Ci—ni Win, payable to tbe
cirrieri—Tn»«i Cms per ilngli copy.
Pitoi fob Mituito.—Three month, tl Tl; ill
month! )S 00; one year S8 00
The WEEKLY JOURNAL will be mailed to smV
■eribers six months for 76 cents ; one yeir, tl 69.
[ Advertisements of Last, Wants, Fonnd, For Rent,
Ac, not exceeding three or four lines, will be In
serted under the proper headings at TWENTY-FIVE
CENTS, for ono insertion; or two insertions for FOR
TY CENTS; threo insertions, SIXTY CENTS—in
variably CASH IN ADVANCE.]
TT OT~TprI N <fsT
Are sttuited in tbe rommtio "Warm Springs Valley."
The season of 1871 will
These thermal waters ire celebrated for their
CURATIVE vi> tun in Chronic Rheumatism, Oout,
Torpor of Liver, Chronic Enlargement of Liver or
Spleen, Chronic Dlirrhcea or Dysentery, non Orgmic
Paralysis, Old Injuries, Disease! of the Skin, espe
cially of Syphilitic origin, Chronic Diseases of the
Uteris, Affoctfonsof the Womb, and other Diseases ot
l delicate character Incident to Females.
Baths viry in temperature from 8& c to 110° Fahren
The accommodations are first class, md offer tin
surpassed attractions to the invalid and pleasure
Telegraph Office in Ho'el.
Prof. J. L. CABELL, M. D., of University of Vir
ginia, Resident Physician.
Descriptive Pamphlets with full particulars fur
ulshed on application to
Richmond, Va.,
my la—Uy I Hot Springs, Bath County, Va.
These Springs, so long ami favorably known to the
public, have passed into the hands of the under
lifted, who-gfedges himself to devote his entire time
to tbe comfort and pleasure ot his guests. The
waters bavi been held in high esteem by medical
men of eminence, especially in diseases of the SKIN,
A chalybeate spring of great strength has been re
cently found near the plica.
FINE MUSIC in attendance.
Tills—-Board, per month of 28 days, $37 60; per
day, $2; per week, $12. Parties furuishing their
own bed linen and lights, $32 60 per m .nth. Chil
dren under ten years aud servants half price.
The hack will meet thl train that leaves Richmond
it 9:15.
Round Tripe Ticket, $3,60
For further particulars, nddross the undersigned,
or apply to S. S. Cottisix, Richmond.
F. R. FARRAR, Proprietor.
Dr. M. F. T. Evans, Resident Physician.
my 19--F6w
CHESTER, MAY 20, 1871.
Hiving received the list of ANNUAL TAXES for
this District from the Assessor, I hereby give notice I
thit the taxes due thereon must be pud at my office
in Manchester, on or before the 3n DAY OF JUNE,
Tax-payers residing In Amelia, Powhatan, Cum
berland, Fluvanna and Nottoway counties, may pay
their taxes to Col. Jno. A. Graves, Deputy Collector,
it Amelii C. H.
Taxpayers residing In Prince Edward, Appomat
tox, Amherst, Nelson and Buckingham counties, may
Jily their taxes to Dr. Joseph Jorgenson, Doputy Col
eotor, it Farmville.
Tbe full penalty of tbe law will be imposed on ail'
owing taxei who fail to pay by the time fixed herein.
my 19-tJe3 A P. LATHROP, Collector.
The fast and elegant side-wheel steamer PALI
SADE, Ciptiin Chas. riEr.HON, will leave her wharf
at Roi ketts for King's Mill Wharf, on James river,
on TUESDAY and SATURDAY.) it 8 o'clock A. at,
connecting with the 12 o'clock train at City Point
from Petersburg. Returning, will leave King's Mill
on WEDNESDAYS and MONDAYS, at 0 A. M.,
touching at all tbe regular landings each way.
Will leave her wha -f at Rocketts for Binn's on
Chlckabomlny, THURSDAYS at 6 o'clock A. M., con
necting at City Point with the 7 o'clock train from
Petersburg, touching at all the regular landings on
James river down to Dillard's Wharf, and all regular
landings on Chickabominy. Returning, will leave
Blnn's on FRIDAYS it 6 o'clock A M.
Freight received from 12 o'clock Mondays to 9
.'clock A. M. Tuesdays, md from 12 o'clock to 6 P.
M. Wednesdays, and from 12 o'clock Fridays to 9 A.
M. Siturdays.
Freight for Chickahominy will only be received from
12 o'olock Wednesdays to 9 A. M. Thursdays.
AH freight to way landings must be prepaid.
For further particulars, apply to Captain on board,
or to GEORGE L. OURRiB, Agent,
it Cuius h Co.'s, corner 18th md Cary streets.
my B—lm
Ha. LOUIS EUKER takes pleasure in notifying
his miny ftiends md the public generally that he
bos recently fitted up md opened the ibove place.
He keeps constantly on hind the finest LsGBR
BEER and ALE—both on draught and bottled for
family use; together with a choice selection of
WINES and LIQUORS—both foreign and domestic.
Thankful for past pitromge he solicits the same
in the future. my 17—lw
POR NEW YORK. _-~ „_■■!'
PACKET COMPANY'S elegant steam SljMll Hfe
ship GEO. B. UPTON, Captain Robsits, will leave
her wharf at Rocketts on TUESDAY, May 23d, at 6
P. M. Freight received up te the hour ot sailing.
Close connections and through bills of lading given
to all southern and eastern ports.
This elegant steamship has fine cabin accommoda
_«•• $10 00
Steerage 5 00
Round trip ticket!, good nntil used, only 16 00
For freight or pswssge, apply to
DAVID J. BURR. President. '
_ No. 1214 Main street.
Washington h Co., Agents,
Pier2l, North rlver_Now York. my 2n—St i
Tj*o R NEW YORK. _»__dß__
COMPANY'S elegant side-wheel atuM Er3»
steamship SARATOGA Captain Codcu, will leave
her wharf, at Rocketts on SUNDAY, May 21st, at 3
o'clock P. M. Freight received until Saturday night
Through bills of lading signed, and goods for
warded with dispatch to all points—north, south,
east and west. Close connections made with Cunard
line for foreign ports.
Passenger accommodations unsurpassed.
-fire $12 00
Steerage 8 00
Round Trip Tickets 20 00
For freight or passage, apply to
JOHN vV. WYATT, Agent,
-W 20—It No. 3 Governor street. ,
o'rrici A. 6.8., \
Font Momos, Va., Miy 16th, 1871.1 !
SEALED PROPOSALS, in duplicate, will be re
ceived at this office until 11 A.M.JUNE ioth
1871, for furnishing the FRESH BEEF required by ,
the Subsistence Department U. S. A., at this station,
during six months, commencing July Ist, 1871, I
Information aa to conditions, qii-llty of Beef, pay
ments, Ac, can be obtained by application to
tnylo—6t Ist Lt. 6th Arty, A. C. H. '
upper Franklin street. Cm be rented by a
small family for four months, or one or two years
my 16—3t» M. 11., Postofffce Box 139. I
WANTED By two young gentlemen, a FUR.
NIBHED BOOM, in a pleasant location, with
in ten minutes walk of tbe Postoffice.
Address O P. P. 1
WANTED.— Two small neat HOUSES are waited, 1
and owners of such can iiud responsible, caro
ful tenants by ipplying to THIS OFFICE '
________ my 18—ts
\l7 ANTaD—Fifty WOMEN and GIRLB, fur pri i
vf vate families In New York, Brooklyn and
New Jersey; wage. $12 to $20 per month. ■ Also,
nfty LUMP MAKKK* for tobacco factory In Breok
lyn, it high wages and regular work.
J. P. JUSTIS, Labor Agent.
■T IS—lw No. 9 fifteenth strut.
•She Untie SStete Smtml
,o,oop„ y .. r . RICHMOND, VA., 8ATURDAY EVENING, MAY 20, 1871. VOL. IIL-NQ. 168. [
As the limo approaches for making city
nominations, we desire to remind our Re
publican friends of tho importance of
bringing out their best men. Personally
we would be very glad to see the munici
pal election conducted without regard to
party lines. What is needed in Rich
mond is a return to the solid earth from
the waywardness, hostility aud Quixotic
madness of its political life. Its leading
politicians are wasting their energies on
sentimental politics. If all good citizens
could bo induced to unite, and selecting
men from all parties of tho highest intelli'
gence, business ability, patriotism and in
tegrity, the affairs of the city would be so
administered as to restore confidence at
homo and abroad. Chicago, with a Re
publican majority of 5,000, aud Milwau
kee with a Democratic majority of 500,
did so a few weeks ago, in both cases with
tbe best results.
men and the workingmen of our city are
the true conservative class. With them
must originate any movement of reform
which hopes to be successful. They and
heir families have everything at stake.
Ran administration of affairs as shall
the drooping industries of the city
tate, givo life and activity to trade,
icrease tho value of property, can be
•3cured ouly by putting forward good men,
whose intelligence is undoubted, and whose
msiness integrity is unimpeached,—men
who havo such an interest in the good
name and prosperity of the city as to give
security for the faithful discharge of their
public duties.
burden the property holders by a wasteful
and corrupt expenditure. They can be
found, if proper search is made, without
the aid of the lantern of Diogenes. How
welcome to all of us, would bo an election
in which all parties united to present such
candidates. It would inaugurate an era
of fraternity and good will which would
seen obliterate every root of bitterness,
and open to our depressed and impoverish-
A a. v -a.
Our office was visited last evening by a
gentleman, whoso manner and dress told
us plainly he belonged to the laboring
class of ttiis city, and who did uot hesitate
to avow that his political sentiments were
in antagonism to thoso of our paper. In
fact, wo are satisfied that he is at this time
a staunch, firm believer in the doctrines of
the Democratic party, and so wedded to
them, that it will require timo for him to
sco his errors.
He stated that he came to us with a
matter of news, which he wished us to
notice, preforriug we should do so, because,
our paper had exhibited an interest in the
working men, not felt or shown by any of
our cotemporaries.
Without reflecting upon them for pur
suing any course which snUs them best,
we do not hesitate to say that we do feel
the liveliest interest in all matters connect
ed with the welfare of this class. One of
them ourselves, boru with no silver spoon
in our mouth, with them, because tbey
have been our friends and associates ; we
feel like defending them from the oppres
sions of those who regard labor a disgrace.
Our party sentiments and their interests
accord, .they are as twin sisters, robed
alike, going hand in hand ; the arm of the
one encircling the waist of the other, they
sleep and eat together, awake together;
one and inseparable. An union, indivis
The political prejudices of our visitor,
and all like him, will and must undergo a
change; the future demands it and will
take uo denial, and while we have every
disposition to proselyte all such men to
our political faith, at once, we have calm!
surveyed the field and have calculated, to
a certainty, that they will, in a short time,
behold the injustice they are doing them
selves and unite thoir fortunes with tho
party which is enlisted in their behalf.
Yesterday we referred, in our local col
umns to the fact tbat Judge Bond had de
clined an invitation to be preseut al a ban
quet tendered him by tho Richmond bar,
if the late President of tho Confederate
States Jefferson Davis, was lo be present
We also informed our readers that his re
fusal to dive with Mr. Davis, had induced
a number of gentlemen of his profession to
withdraw from it, and gav-e it as our opin
ion that it was a deliberate attempt to
"capture" Judge Bond, in their political
net, which would have succeeded but for
the superior judgment of tbe Judge.
Such couduct was to have been expected
from a gentleman situated as Judge Bond
was, but we are called upon to record
another incident of a similar nature, of a
very significant character, and which has
rendered Mr. Davis' last visit to Richmoud
rather unpleasant unlest he. was a party,
to what may have been a party trick.
We are informed tbat Governor John
T. Hoffman, of New York, who bas been
iv the city for several daya, was, during
his stay, invited to take a carriage drive
around the city, accompanied by Mr.
Davis, and be too, most respectfully de
We don't pretend to say what Hoffman's
motive for refusing was, but it is liable to
He was either afraid
it would injure his chances for the next
Presidency, with the people of the North,
who are not particular admirers of Davis;
or it was done to deceive us here as to tbe
real object of his visit. In either event,
we are disposed to believe Mr. Davis must
feel badly and begins to know how it is
himself, in regard to tbe choosing of asso
Some of our cotemporaries have been
diligently searching to find some ground
upon which they might contradict our
"phizzle," without success, and we predict
that labor in tho same direction, to deny
"another phizzle," will be attended with
like results.
To win is to be great; to lose is to bo
It is very important that parties interest
ed should know that in order to vote at
the coming election it is not necessary for
their names to appear upon tbe books of
registration, but that it is necessary, with
out being registered, for them to prove
that they offered to register, armed with
all legal qualifications, and were refused.
The recent decisions of Judgo Guigon, by
which several hundred of the legal voters
of tho city were rejected by the registrars,
are not acknowledged by us to be correct,
and preparations are now being made by
which parties can demand their rights,
and if refused, may carry their cases be
fore the United States courts, where the
opinion of Judge Guigon will be properly
The necessary blank forms have beeu
prepared and all instructions necessary to
their procurement and completion, may be
obtained at tho rooms of the Republican
City Central Committee, in the old Law
Building, corner of Franklin street and
Capital Square. Persons who are situated
as wo havo described are urged to go at
once and prepare themselves for election
day. We presume there are no Democrats,
who are not properly registered, therefore
our remarks do not apply to them, hut
should there be any such, we extend them
the benefit of our advice, as we want to
sco neither party swindled, but prefer to
sco "fair play and a free fight."
" Lay on McDuff, &c."
The Ku-Klux Law.—The instructions
of tbe war department to the army officers
in the South show that the law is to bo
vigorously enforced. We are informed
that a large body of tbe ablest detectives
in the country have been for some time
past working up the secret organizations
of an unlawful character throughout tbo
South. They have placed the department
In possession of the Dames of parties in
these organizations, and, holdiug confiden
tial relations with them, we may expect
some startlicg disclosures soon in that
quarter. With this information in his
possession, the stern executor of the law
will know where to strike.
The Column Vrnilnmc Tin liicit
fflonunient Destroyed.
For nearly two hundred years the site of
this beautiful column has been famous.—
It was as long ago as 1688 that Louis
Quatorze founded the square, aud although
his designs were not completed, a colossal
equestrian statue stood until 1792 in its
centre, to remind the Parisians of tho
glories of the reign of tbo magnificent
monarch. Its Borrows bad long been well
nigh forgotten. To replace this statue,
which had then been destroyed, Napoleon,
in 1800, ordered a triumphal column, by
which his victories should ever be remem
bered, as were Trajan's by his pillar in
Rome, upon the model of which tbat of
Paris was built.
The shaft was formed of two hundred
and seventy-six plates of metal, cast from
twelve hundred guns taken from tho Aus
trian and the Prussians. From a height
of one hundred and forty feet tbe effigy in
bronze of the great modern conqueror
looked down upon the city at its feet, and
from base to capital were twined iv alto
relievo representations of the triumphs and
achievements of the campaign of 1805
and Austerlitz. Iv the reaction of tbe first
Bourbon return, in 1814, this statue of tbo
conqueror was removed, and one of
Henri of Navarre substituted, but
when Louis Philippe, the ctizen kini»
teigned, another statue of Napoleon, cast
from the cannon of Algiers, taken in 1830,
dressed with the historical great coat and
cocked bat, was again elevated, and the
old hero of Navarre removed to one of the
bridges over the Seine. It is this, the
bronzorecord of former victories over their
late conquerors—it is this, cast from tho
guns of Algeria, now escaping from her
grasp, which Paris is willing to surrender,
anxious to destroy.
The Fredicksburg Beraldsaya the fruit
of victory is ready to fall into the lap of
Democracy in 1872. That old hoary
headed rebel sinner Democracy has been
holding his lap, with the devil up iv the
tree shaking away, fur ten years or more,
without a particle of liuit being caught,
except what may be ?eeu by visiting some
of our numerous cemeteries. Fredericks
burg received a small share of this fruit
aometime during tho late unhappy diffi
culty, and we presume wants nn more of
such fruit as turns to ashes.
Col. Jeremiah Grigge, for many years
clerk of the courts of Henry county, is
dead. We have had some experience in
the clerk's office and always feel kindly for
our brother chips.
We hope that the Colouel filed a propi r
"declaration," that bis "case" was entered
at "rules," and that when the "final trial"
takes place, his "witnesses" may attend
the "summons," having been "subpeened"
to "testify in his behalf.''
Fredericksburg heard thunder and sat
lightning this week.
Major George Wilson, of Pittsylvania, a
soldier of tho war of 1812, is dead. Still
they leave us!
Bishops Johus and Whittle will attend
the annual council of the Episcopal Church
in Petersburg, to be held next week.
New potatoes have made tbair appear
ance in the Fredericksburg market and are
selling at 50 cents a gallon. A good price
for the old town.
Henry county boasts of thirty-five
schools in active operation. Nothing
gratifies us more than to see thorn flourish
ing in all sections of the State.
Col. McDearmond, a protninet old citi
zen of Appomattox county, died at his
residence last Tuesday. One by one the
old men leave us. Peace to their allies.
Staunton boasts of having in it a man
who averages nine drinks a day. Pshaw !
You cant hold a light to us , we can find
you a hundred that will beat you and give
you three in thejgnmo.
The Virginia Herald, doesn't understand
the game of turuiug from a Republican to
a Democrat and lighting niggers. We are
glad of it, and hope it will continue lo be
ignorant of it.
Judge Wingfield, of the Bedford district,
baa decided to tine Gov. Wells $50 for a
contempt of hia court. We imagine Gov.
Wells is lawyer enough to care of himself,
and will bo likely to do so when occasion
demauds it.
Tho crops of Bedford, Botetourt and
Rockbridge nrffsaid to ba looking badly.—
We hear but little complaint from Hoanoko,
and it is well we do, for if she dou't pro
duce wheat you need go no farther to look
for it.
Our friend Sener of the Ledger, ac
knowledges himself under obligations to
some friend, for a nice treat of strawber
ries. We are gl*d something has stirred
him up, as it is the first time we have
heard from him for lo ! these many days.
J. H. Kelly, Esq., editor of the Fred
ericksburg Herald, is assessed by the
revenue officers, as a retail liquor dealer.
He denies it. Can't go behind the record
Brother Kelly. You must own up and
come down like a man.
If the young bachelor, who is a brother
jourualist, in Alexandria, hasn't been able
to see straight, since he helped the young
lady over the stile, ho is fooling yon as to
the real cause, for, for a long time before
he left Rich.rjond, it was a habit to see sev
eral ways at once. Don't be greened by
him I if the State Journal isn't the
most relable authority tho'.
Letter from Petersburg.
Petersburg, May 20, 1871.
To the Editor of the State Journal:
Ki-Ki.ri.—We learn that aome ten daya
ago Mr. Roderick Viughan, a very inoffensive
and harmless man, residing about three mile,
from thi. city, in Dinwiddle county, wa. taken
from bis house by a party of colored men, in
the neighborhood, and carried to tbe wood,
where he wi. very severely whipped, from the
effects of which he wa. taken sick and died a
few daya ago.
The above is from the local column of
the Courier of this morning. lam aston
ished to find such a glaring falsehood in
that paper. The Courier has been im
posed upon, and should take bis Mun
chausen informant to tack for his gross mis
Mr. Vaughan was a poor white man,
"inoffensive aud harmless," and withall a
general favorite with the colored people.
He was tbe last man they would harm,
and they are the last people to commit an
outrage on anybody. Mr. Vaughan was
taken sick a few days since iv his own
house, and died calmly and quietly, sur
rounded by his friends.
So you see it is not Republicans, who
"manufacture outrages for political effect."
Tbe Index is getting desperate. He is
afraid of the "independents" and is trying
to drive them into the "Radical" party.
And then he says I
Ignorance, itncompetency and knavery are
the three dimensions of the Radicil party of
the South. Is the city of Petersburg, are its
citizen, ready to band over to the carpet-bag
gers and idrenturers who lead tbe league, tbe
control of their finances, their property, their
I do not think tbe citizens of Petersburg,
who are any way familiar with the man
agement of the "finances" and the "pro
perty," etc. of this city, by the several
city councils since the war, will be very
much frightened at the idea of putting the
control of the city into the hands of these
"carpet-baggers and adventures who lead
the league."
The Republican party had the city gov
ernment for two years. During that time
they put the streots in better condition
than they have been at any time since the
war; repaired the public property and put
it in good order ; built two handsome and
durable iron bridges across tho Appomat
tox river; provided for the poor ■ kept an
efficient police; lighted the streets better
and at much less cost j built a handsome
fire engine house; purchased one good school
house and built another; and last, and
by no means least, provided a grand sys
tem of public schools, by meaus of which
over two thousnnd children could be thor
oughly educated. The Rspublicau Coun
cil accomplished all this, aud much more
that I have cot tho tima to enumerate,
and yet they managed the "finances" of
the city so as not to inaxase the burden of
the tax-payers one cent
Here in what tho Republican city gov
ernment have to bliow as an account of
thai? stewardship. The voters are now
asking what tho Democratic council have
to show as the result of the increased bur
den tbey have laid upon the people.
I was a little too fast in my letter of the
18th when I stated that tbe Republicans
had niailo nominations in all the wards. I
had forgotten the Third ward. Nomina
tions were made in that ward last night,
as follows: Councilmeu—C. Baker Raine,
Col. Wm. Lewis, J. M. Booth, James H.
Bailey. Justices—C. W. Rosenfeld, M.
B. Tapley. Occasionally.
CA_DIUATK.*J Kii.l ->l. lit 10.
r-|'o TUB VOTERS Of TlJOliAll,n; TOvvivßlllP
1 COUNTY Of HENUICO —Uontleinen-l have
tbe honor to innouuce tnjs.lf as an independent
candidal, fur the ottuo of Slll-_K.VI.-iOK, and pledge
myself, If eleetvd, to devote n.y time aud talents lo the
interests ol ev-ry one, regardless of party or any
previous issues.
Very respectfully, your obedient servant,
my ll—Kimt v JOHN H. JU.N Vi.~
Local Dundee.
Fist—Young men.
Smelling load—Fisb.
Still dear—Strawberries.
Faster—The girls of the period.
To lose—PUj it (Euchre) Euker.
To keep sober—Tace nary a Todd.
Hive we a monarchy ?— Ask Prince.
Can't come it 1— Recent n"tninitious.
Smoke stacks departure—Broad street.
Trouble miy be expected about tbe 25th.
Viewed but not reached—The promised land
by Moses.
Who wis dliippointed?—The "English',
language will inform you.
It the city owes you anything call on tbe
ORv Council, which seems to have all tbe
If tbe Old Dominion owes you anything now
is a good time to present your bill, as '.beTrea
sury his about $700,000 to its credit.
Tbe launching of a new steam-dredge, will
take place this afternoon, on tbe eanil, near
penitentiiry pond, from tbe building yird of
Messier A son.
Striws piled np will make a rick,
Straus elected will make jou sick,
Straws scattered will make manure,
Straus' nomination will lick him sure.
Straws well plaited will bottom a chair,
Straus elected will not be fair,
Straws well tied will make a broom,
Struts defeated will give us room
To elect another and better man,
Who will make an honest Councilman.
Don't fail to go to Assembly Hall to
night and enjoy tbe roller skating"; tbe season
will soon be over, and then you will regret not
going. *
The Shooting Accident. —The morning
paper, furnish v. with accounts of the acci
dental shouting of a young gentleman by a
young lady, which are in substance correct.
The young lady who had tbe misfortune to
shoot the gentleman, bad been presented
some time before with a .mall single-barrelled
cartridge pistol, which she kept either in ber
trunk or bureau. Desiring to .how the gen-,
tleman some letters, the left him on tbe porcb
and returned to her room to get tbe tetters.
The pistol being quite .mall, .he did not die
cover tbat it was batween the package of let
lera until she bid left the room. Upon hand
ing him the letter, the pistol wa. discharged,
owing doubtless to pressure upon the trigger,
she being ignorant tbat the bimmer wa.
raised, which must have been the case, the
bill .triking the young gentlemen near tbe
corner of the eye, passing downwards into the
We learn that tbe gentleman rested quietly
last night, and while it is impossible for a
wound of its chancier not to become tore and
troublesome, we hope be may soon reoover
sufficiently to attend to the business in which
he is engaged.
We have been reque.ted by the friend, of
both parties not to mention the name, of those
concerned, with which request we cheerfully
comply, not only i. a pleasure, but a. a duty,
under tbe circumstance..
Skating to-night at Assembly Hall. •
The Democratic Nominations. —As an
nounced in our piper of yesterday, we awoke
this morning to find that last night the party
was in labor, snd bave brought forth a number
of mice, which we expect to catch with our
cit, about sunset on Thur.day next, unless they
turn louse a few of their bull dogs to worry us.
The following gentlemen ire named for the
several wards, as tbe choice of Democracy:
Jeffersoa Ward.— Dr. W. H. Scott, John M.
Digging, J. C. Smith, Jacob A. Levy and
Charles ii. Whitlock.
Madison Ward.—L. Wagner, A. Y. Stoke,
Wm. li. Isaacs, Charles T. Davis and John A.
Monroe Wtrd.— Messrs. Wm. English, Geo.
Birgamin, Thom.s H. Wynne, M. U Straus.
P. H. Starke. '
Marshall Ward.— John E. Bossieux, G-jorge
W. Allen, Henry Met/ger, C. B. Lipscomb and
Robert terse.
Clay Ward.— They were unable to complete
their nominations in tbia Ward.
Jackson Ward.— Dr. Theodore Boldeman,
John C. Page, Jr., Q. R. Freeman, Cbarle. B.
Henry and N. R. Savage.
We imagine that the nominationa in thia
ward had aa well have been,left off, aa they
conceded our ability to elect whom we choose,
when the ward, were .0 manipulated tbe last
change. Not being one of the "elect," we
were not represented lust night, whioh pre
vent, our giving an account of the many rough
and tumble quarrels we learn the "respecta
ble.." bad amung themselves over their acram
bles for office.
We .hill furnish our reader., between now
and the diy of election, with many interesting
facts connected with the political and finincial
history of several of the Democratic nominees.
Look out for the Joubsal during tbe coming
week, as we expect our rapid press will make
it "red hot."
Skating to-night at 8.
Fitness for Office. —It is presumed tbat
men are selected to fill positions of a public
character, with some regard to their fitness,
but this seems not to be tbe case with the indi
vidual who manages and control, the public
squire attached to the Capitol. The gnu i.
permitted to grow to a heighth destructive of
its best interest, while the weeds are as unno
ticed aa if they were ornaments instead of whit
they are, nuisance.. If the grass i. cut
down before its strength ia carried to the seed,
it will grow much more rapidly and abun
We know that this neglect is not owing to
the scarcity of labor, for our penitentiary ia
overflowing with it, and can be procured by
tbe Superintendent whenever desired.
Let him attend to tbia duty more carefully
and we will have an abundant and beautiful
crop of grass, soon hiding all the naked places
which now disgust the eye of the beholder.
Police Court. —The following case-i were
disposed of by Police Justice White tbia
morning :
William Stonington, for assaulting and
■triking Isaac Straus, was warned and let off.
Agnea Lewis, colored, charged with steal
ing three dressea and one bedsbeet, the pro
perty of Lewia H. Lothe, was adjudged guilty
and sentenced to three month, iv jail.
Harrison Williams, colored, charged with
breaking the lock md taking away one boat,
it being in the possession of James Jones wis
discharged, there being no evidence whatever
against him.
Chirles Stettar, drunk and unable to tike
otre of himself, was discharged.
George Smith, drunk and throwing bricks it
Eddie Woltz, wa. warned and let off. Eddie
had better stay it home md keep hie name out
of tbe Police court.
John Smith, alias Sweeny, drunk and lying
in tbe street, wis let off.
Skating al Assembly Hall to-night.
Religious Services To-Morrow. —We
note the following special appointment. :
Broad-Street Methodist Church— Anniver
aary of the Broad Street Sunday school and
annual meeting of the Methodiat Sunday
School Society at 3). P. M.
Leigh Street Baptist—Rev. J. R. Girlick
having returned to the city, will preach at 11
A. M. md 8 P. M.
Second Biplist.—Uev. W. D. Thomas, or
Greenville, S. C, at 11 A. M.
St. Mark's Lutheran (Odd Fellows' Hall).
Services at 11 A. M. On the following Sundiy
the Lord's Supper will be administered in the
Universalis! church, Mayo atreet.
Christ Episcopal—Rev. Dr. Wall at 5 f. M.
Methodist Episcopal—Rev. A. R. Miller,
pastor, will hold services in the V. S. court
room at 11 A. U.
U. 8. Circuit Court.—The United Statu
Circuit Court, yesterday, made aa order in re.
card to the removal of cases to the Western
district of this State, under the recent net of
Coogre.., dividing the State info two judicial
diitnoti, which is important to parties con
cerned. It i» a. follow.: "It Ii hereby order
ed, that in ill cisea removed to the Weitern
district of this State, under tbe act entitled
'An act to divide the State of Virginia into
!.?, J _'v dl,trlct ». approved February 3d,
. -'."su ,h ? » c 'in-enditory thereto, approved
April 4th, 1871, the costs (which shall include
charge, for oertifled copies of all piper re
moved, to be retained in this Court, the certi
fied copies required by »id aot, and tbe Court
ooet. of the pirty on whose motion tbe cue is
io removed,) shall be paid by the aaid Dirty
within 30 diyi from the dite of inch motion ■
otherwise sucb order of removal will be null
and void."
It Is understood that partiei who have pre
viously obtained order, for removal of cises
without limitation a. to time, will be required
by this order to pay tbe cottl within thirty
day. from this date.
Judge Bond adjourned to-day until the 30th
Inst., when he will be here for one day, and
beir an appeal In Bankruptcy, in tbe matter of
Louis Oimmi upon the petition of Pitrick Cul
len ; he will then leave for Raleigh, where he
open, court on the 6th of June.
Skating to night at Assembly Hall.
That Monkey— Scammel, No. 218, 9th
btreet, has a Monkey, whose fondness for get
ting drunk equal, tbat of many of our flrat clias
drinkists. Hia conduct when under tbe influ
ence of liquor resembles that of a man simi
larly .ituated ao much, that he actually hie
coughs to perfection. He can climb a poll
ind-then climb down again ; baa a fondness
tor the front window where he attract, the at
tention by hi. queer antica, of a number of
passers by, many of whom occasionally drop
in to make the acquaintance of hi. Monkey.bip
Mass Meeting.— Republicans of Jeffer
aon Ward, don't forget to attend the grand
mas. meeting at Metropolitan 11.11 on Honda,
night next. Hon.. C. 6. Porter, L. H. Chan/
-•r. Col. John R. Poptram and Col. J. H. Shields
will be pre.ent to address tbo meeting. Let
thi. be a grand Republican rally.
Magnanimous.lndeed!/— lt is said that
Mr. Joei Eogluh, President of the City Council,
declined a re-nomin.tion. Th. truth ia, the
Brat ballot was not counted/bee.use of tbe fact
that partiea had neglected to write their names
on their ticket., tngiiah, finding he hid been
beaten, magnanimously withdrew!! How the
mighty hive fallen 11
<7o to the Bkating assembly to-night —
Muiic by Dabney'e brass-band. *
0. Bell Dyer, 801 Broad street, has
pliced us under obligation, to him for v.riou.
iterary paper., among tbem "Harper*. Week
ly „»h» ''-New York Weekly," "Day.'Do
ings and a copy of a magszine entitled
"Freeraiaonry I_poeed"-a burlesque ol the
Brat water, which i. .aid to be funny in the
extreme. Dyer is a good fellow, and deaerve.
to be pratron zed extensively. He has ilwiy.
on hand a full aasortment of the late.t reada.
ble matter, which is .old at the very lowest
price.. Go and see him.
Is It True—lt has been asked several
time, to-day, if our "Phi„l 9 " article ofye.ter
diy wa. in fact, true. We reply, that whit
.?.''wTif ""*.? "" given v.
We call attention to "Phixzle No. 2," which
appear, to-day. '
Personal— We were much pleased to
meet on the atreet thia morning Captain W.
&. Johnson, of tbe regular army, who arrived
i. n ' ! \ c,,j :., 1 " te j e ? iD ',- Hbia *•-«»• "isa
to hia brother, Major Johnaon, who ia such i
n. T « or .'J. e 7' f 'M ;be U _ Jmoe '«'» ol Marshall ward,
over the left "you know."
GoM.-Thos. W. Upshur, Esq., left the
city on yesterday, on lbs ataem.bip W. P.
">_}<-•-•»•« conneoted witb|lb*
______ ___■_• H . " M -> r " en » employed
-_-_*i- > * «~ «»' on tbe Jopa/ai,. ii
many suppose.
We advise all who have never partici
f« wilE tn,^P l6 * Sttr »of roller lka ,j_£ t0 - 0
to-night and enjoy them.elves at Assembly
We heard of a young man this morning
who ia moat anxious to shoot somebody W«
would advi»a him to incase hi. ceooanut in a
well shaken .alt sack.
Many of our moat prominent citizen, are just
new suffering with a disease known a. '-fishing
on the brain."
We would call attention to the condition of
the culvert on the corner of sth and Marshall
Manchester News and Gossip
Circuit Court.— ln this court yeaterday, the
case .of tbe Commonwealth for Newbery A
Kaulston, against A. M. Cbalkley, conatable of
Chesterfield county, for an illegal attachment
on a lot of sumac, wa. submitted to a jury.
After i tedious investigation, the jury failing
to agree, were discharged, and the cue con
tinued until the next term.
The Wilke. and Moore case wa. then called
upon a plea for a discharge. Tbe judge re
tained hia deciaon until Monday next, and the
pri.oner. were allowed bail in the .urn of $50
each for their appearance.
Court adjourned until Mondiy morning at
10 o'clock, at which time the Martin will cisc
will claim the attention of the court.
Laying ot the corner-stone of the James
river bridge, will take place on Monday next
at 6 o'clock. We notice but little interest in
tbe matter.
The Manchester Baptist Missionary Society
will bold its quarterly meeting to morrow eve
ning at 3 o'olock. Eisetion of officer, will
take place.
Republicans.— The Republican, of Manches
ter are now and for tbe last time called out in
mass meeting, on Monday nigbt, to ratify the
ticket for tbe town officers. This ticket will
be submitted by tbo conference committee
after a careful selection of such men aa will be
elected. It ia expected that all will attend thi.
meeting to apeak for themselves, or forever
thereafter hold their peace and vote for tbe
Scalee.- The town scalea are now in working
order; all persons having forage to way can
call on Mr. A. B. Lithgow, wetgbmaater.
Lease.—A. lease was granted to Mr. E. M.
Reamer, by the Board of Trustees, of a bouse
and lot on First street, to be used as i cooper
CWsre olive Meeting—Nomination/ for
Tounship Queers.—Supervisor, J. D. Craig ;
Assessor, A. A. Allen; Collector and Constable,
A.Dyer; Town-ship Clerk, J. C. Roberson;
Overseer of Poor, George Cox ; Commissioner
of Roads, A. B. Wolldrige; Second Constable,
Mr. Frayzer. Mr. S. M. Page addreased the
meeting at length, and urged them to atand by
tbe prinoiplea of Ihe party at any cost and
labor. He waa harsh in bis denunciation of the
Hon. Charles H. Poter.
_. for the Benefit of th. Widows anu Orphans of
fc. Boutliorn Statu.
DISTRIBUTION No. 338. Evj.-u-tu Mat 19.
T3 « 28 8i 71 24 1 Bfl SO St 14 SI
23 20 2 S8 84 6 83 23 22 SI 68 SO 36 SI
Witness my hand, it Richmond, Va., this 2«lh day
of Miy. 1871.
Managers. CommfMioßer
CERTIFICATE" OF RAHLE, cm be purchased
from Capt. W. I. DAUNKY, at the Brauch offi.- Ifn
. Hleveuth street, ou. door from Main
'■ ' " ' " — ■
OLD PAPERS, (uncut),
iiis v loonti. ofvtga.
JM— M will be Inserted in the BVBKLVH
JOURNAL at th. following rates, except legal svt
One squire, on. Insertion I 7;
Oaa squire, two insertion 1 9,1
One sijnir., three Insertions _ 1 jj
! One iquare, six Insertion! „.. s0 J
One square, twelve iniertioni 6 si
One sqn.re, on. month „, „ 10 0>
On. square, two month.. IS o*|
On. sqnire, three months 83 0*
For quarterly and yearly Advertiser (
special arrangement, will be made.
The Homlneiei of the Meehanlea.
To tho Editor of the Stat* Journal.
The Statu Jocihal will greitly please the
mechanics of tbe city of Richmond by keeping
prominent tbe names of the gentlemen select
ed by the Richmond Mechanics' Tridei Union,
■s cindidates for the City Conncil in tbe ap
proaching election. Tbkdeoab Man.
We take pleaiure in complying with tbe
above request, and wonld Hate thit we 1n...
received others of a similar purport in tbe last
day or two, from other portions of tbe city.
Should any of the names in the list be found
wrong, tbe necessary eorreetion will be made.
The nominations are as follows:
Marshall Ward.
Edward C. Caciir. Daxiki H. Ali.et.
Jefferson Ward.
CaiatiSi H. Talsott. .
Madison Ward.
Charlbs W. Allbk. Ckai. T. Davis.
Monroe Ward.
OaoROK iS.ia.l tsii.v. Thos. H. Wrs.Nt.
Clan Ward.
Gnoses J. Hoorxi. John J. King.
Jack-ton Ward.
Wilkinson G. Frekm.n. J. W. Oilman.
his services to ill la need of medical attention i,
very moder.te rates. Pays special attention to tin.
Disuses of Ladies and Children , and will guiranteo
the cure of Rheumatism and Neuralgia, by the us*
of bis great remedy, "TUB UNDOUBTBD CURB,"
which can be had for $2 00 ■ box of my Druggist lv
every section of country. Persons at a distance cau
consult, free of charge, by Utter, addressed to hi.
onVe, 70S Once itreet, Richmond, Vi.
LAR DBSION OR PAtTjSRN.—I am prepared t<
furnish simples of material and estimate of costs for
one or more suits at short notice. Owing to my con
nection with the house of Messrs. DEVLIN h CO.,
Mew York, my facilities for manufacturing this par
ticulir style of garment In large or small quiutittei
and at satisfactory prices are unsurpassed.
_ ___ 1007 Main street.
TIME IS MONEY— The old-timed axiom is aptly
illustrated in the use of DOOLRV'S YSABT P OW
DBR. It is well known that the commou process ot
rilling dough is 1 slow one, and olteu attended with
unfavorable results from the use of poor baker'-i
yeist, md improper be«t WPh DOOLKY'S YEAST
POWDER tho best rolls, biscuits, cim-cukea, etc.,
cau be made in the short space of ten minutes, and
success will certainly attend its uao. This is owing
to its purity, strength, and the care with which it ii
manufactured. DOOLEY A BROTHER, fill New
street, New York, Proprietors. For sale by ill Gro
- .
BR.—By its aid gloves cm be quickly and repeated
ly cleaned and made equal to new; even when badly
soiled tbey can be readily restored. It Is easy or ap
plication and is perfectly free from any odor. For
•ale by druggists and fancy goods deilurs. Price, '.-<■
for the Hilr Is all thit is required; purely vegetable
and highly perfumed, It softens, improves and beau
tines the Hair, strengthens the roots, and gives It a
rich, glossy ippoirince. For .sale by all druggists
Price, 35 and 76 cent! per bottle.
Ii strongly recommended as the best dentifrice
known. It cleanses md preserves the teeth, harden.
Rgems, sweeteus the breath; aud,containing n->
or gritty substance, is perfectly harmless, and
be used daily with groat advantago. Sold by ill
Igists. Price, 36 and DO cents per bottle,
SPECIAL NOTlCE.—Persons wiehing the STATE
JOURNAL left early md regularly al their piano.
Pot residences, by responsible carriers,
-aye their orders with
Now»dealera,roiß Main Street.
IAOHINB FaTtS. ' """"""'
As much his been said about gold medal awards
for Sewing Machines, I wish to soy a word myself.
The highest premiums awarded at the various fairs
in this country are of notoriously sjjall importmco,
some even less than others. If any importance'
attaches to any awards made late years, it is those
of the Exposition Cuiverselle, at Pans, 1867, where
all tbe principal Sewing Machines of the world were
in com: etitlon and where they were taken out into
an annexe md thoroughly tested; and here th-tcbarac
teristic urbanity aud fairness of the HOWE COM
PANY has often been remarked as In strong contrast
to the course pursued by some other c nipauie*.
The prizes awarded to the
and now la their poesession, was the great iMt-alt
OF HONOR, the highest prist in the gift of tb.
843 Main Stii.m,
I. Agent for the HOWE.
uy So—ll
„. -„, „. „_^„_^„..
MECHANICS NOTICS.-Toe member! of th*
ire hon by summoned to attend a called meeting
at 8 h tl, Moaticello Hall, MONDAY NIGHT, it
S oMick.
Rv.ry member is expected to be present, is
businui of Importance will be brought before the
By order of the President:
my *J—2t Secretary.
V IAB. You are hereby summoned to at'eud a
died meeting at PYTHIAN HAI L, on MONDAY
AFTERNOON, tbe 22d instant, at 2J_ o'clock.
By order of th. W. U.
iny2o—lt A. McWILLIAM, W.j_
-Jo Main Street, two doors above the poitolhce,
of ill kinds.
iNK BOOKS modi to order in my style of liiu.l
uri I Ruling, using the best material and warrant,
lug satisfaction.
Bankrupt and Pension Blanks.
Orders promptly atteuded tv
my liO—lit
1J or any complaint peculiar to their sex, are
Kiturauterd speedy relief by DX. BOTT, No. 7SI
MAIN STREET. Correspondence strictly confiden
tial. All letters of Inquiry tuewered free or charge.
Office hours from S to Ik! M., -2 to .". and I to 8U
evening Sitnd ■ ye, Vto 4 P M.
my 2(l—Jt
Opared to fill .rde's for our New M.tallic Cartridse
Sporting Kitiei, of various leuutbs and . 11.i1t.re. For
accuracy and safety, we recommend our Breech Load
ing rifles, as superior iv every rasprct to auy others
now made. Fur Circulars giving lull description aud
prices, apply lo BHARPS' RIFLE MFG. CO., Hirf.
ford. Conn. an w_i->
Shis is to give m oriole?
Thatou the 14th day or April, 1871,1 warrant
•ukruplcy was issued aeaiust the estate ol B 0
pbell, of Wim-iiMier, State of Va, who has been
died a bankr n-.t ou his own petition :—That tbe
payment of any debt., and tbe delivery of any
property belonging to said bankrupt, to him
or for his us-*, and tbe I cluster of auy pro
perty by him, are lor bidden by law:—That a
meeting of the ciedilors of said bankrupt, to
prove their debt., nod choose atie or more assignee.
ot bis estate, will be held at a Court of Bankruptcy,
to be holden at Ibe office of the Rtulster in Bank
ruptcy In Harrla-aibitrg. V_, before 0. Donglii Griy,
Esq, Kegi.t.r ou it,, li'th ,Ky cf Miy, ISTI, It iv
c clock A.M.
■7 *-».» ._. c ■ Maria-

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