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POBLJBHED DAlLY—(Sundays Kxoopte
*« n\m\i Main Sir*.l, Richmond, Va
Tha JOURNAL la dolivered to subscribers In tl a I
city at FtnitN Gains raa Wan, payable to tha
carriers—Tnaia Csmts per single oopy.
Patoa roa Maiusts.—Three months tl 74; tli
months t3 00; one year t« 00
The WEEKLY JOURNAL will be mailed to sab'
•orlbers clx montha for 76 cents; one year, tl 60.
[Advertisements of Lost, Wants, Found, For Root, I
*c, not exceeding three or fonr llneß, will be In
terted under the proper headings at TWENTY-FIVK
CENTS, for one Insertion; or two I nsi-rt ions for FOR
TY CENTS ; three Insertions, BIXTY CENTS—ln
variably OASH IN ADVANCE.|
will perform for the
of this city,
Sheridan's splendid comedy, in five actr,
Reserved seals can be procured at Weat _ John,
•ton's bookstore, commencing at 0 o'clock on Mon
day morning
Performance to commenco at BJ4. P. M.
Oeacral admission, 76 coots ; reserved seats, tl.
, , „ WM. B. MYERS, Stage Manager.
Burt H. Phluam, Business Manager.
Are situated In the romantic "Warm Springs Valley.'
"Hie season of 1871 will
These thermal waters aro celebrated for their
CURATIVE virtue in Chronic Rheumatism, Oout,
Torpor of Liver, Chronic Enlargement of Liver or I
Spleen, Chronic Diarrhosaor Dysentery, non-Organic
Paralysis, Old Injuries, Diseases of the Skin, espe
cially of Syphilitic origin, Chronio Diseases of the
Uteris, Affections of the Womb, and other Diseases of
a delicate character incident to Femalea.
Baths vary In temperature from 88° to 110 n Fahren- j
The accommodations are first class, und offer un- I
surpassed attractlona to the invalid and pleasure,
seeker. I
Telegraph Offlce in Ho'el.
Prof. .1. L. CABELL, M. D., of University of Vir-
Inia, Resident Physician.
Descriptive Pamphlets with full particulars fur
nished on application to
Richmond, Va.,
my 19—Uyl Hot Springs, Bath County, Va.
IjiO R N B W V 0 R X"'."" jL__U.
COMPANY'S elogant slde-wl,cui S_H_E3-_(n
steamship WTANOKK, Capt. BotraNt. will leave
her wharf, at Rocketts on TUESDAY, June 6th, at
6 o'olock P. M. Freight received until 4 p If.
Throngh bills of lading signed, and goods for
warded with dispatch to all polnte—north, south,
eaat and weat. Close connections made with Cunanl
line for foreign ports.
Passenger accommodations unsurpassed.
Round Trip T10keta........'........."."....'."!!!.","'..'. . 20 00
For freight or passage, apply to
je 6—2t No. 3 Governor-street.
|J»OR NEW YORK. Ja ;*?
IACKET COMPANY'S elegant Hteiiiu-?2_H 15*
lip GEORGE B. UPTON, Capt Robirtb, will loave
sr wharf at Rocketts on TUESDAY, June 6th, at
Close connections and through billi of lading given
i alt southern eaatern, and western places ; also, to
lurope and Australia. '
Fare, $6 j meals and state-rooms, extra.
D. J. BURR, President,
3* »—«» 1214 Main street.
The fast and elegant side-wheel steamer PALI
SADE, Captain Chas. Nelson, will leave her wharf
at Ro<ketie for King's Mill Wharf, oa James river,
onTUKBDAYaud SATURDAYS at 9 o'clock A. M ,
connecting with the 12 o'clock train at City Point
from Petersburg. Returning, will leave King's Mill
on WEDNESDAYS and MONDAYS, at 6 A. M.,
touching at all the regular landings eaoh way.
Will leave her wharf at Rocketts for Binn's ou
Chlckahominy, THURSDAYS at 6 o'clock A. M., con
necting at City Point with the 7 o'clock train from
Petersburg, touching at all the regular landings on
James river down to Dillard's Wharf, and all regular
landings on Ghickabomlny. Returning, will leave
Binn's on FRIDAYS at 6 o'clock A M.
Freight received from 12 o'clook Mondays to 9
o'clock A. M. Tuesdays, and from 12 o'clock to 6 P.
M. Wadnesdaya, and from 12 o'olock Fridays to 9 A.
M. Saturdays.
Freight for Chlckahominy will only be received from
12 o'clock Wednesdays to 9 A. M. Thursdays.
All freight to way landings must be prepaid.
For further particulars, apply to Captain on board
or to GEORGE L. CURRIE, Agent,
at Cuaaia _ Co.'s, corner 18th and Gary streets.
After TUESDAY NEXT, 6th June, the DAY
THROUGH TRAIN of this company will loave Byrd
treet depot at 6:20 A M dally, instead of 12:16 P M.
Will arrive in Washington at 12:16, Baltimore 2:16,
Philadelphia 6:30, and New York 10:20 P Mof the
same day.
Other tralna will leave aud arrive as at preaent.
Je6—3t Q. T. _P Agent.
Itention ia called to tho change of time of arrival
departure of trains on this road ou and after
X 4th, 1871.
6—lw General Ticket and Freight Agent.
MOND.—The undersigned has commenced
the publication ot a complete and carefully
RICHMOND FOR 1871. It will contain the
name and residence of every male person over
21 years of age within the city limits, and tho
name and location of every business house.
Alio, a complete catalogue and description of
the publio buildings, banks, courts, Govern
ment offices, colleges, churches, newspapers
societies, &c. '
Every feature necessary to make the moat
complete DIRECTORY ever issued in this
city will be incorporated into the work.
Our canvassers have nearly completed tbe
Übor of compiling the names' of the citizens,
and will immediately commence calling on the
business men for their cards.
~T , {'e tw, o Dir« > issued by Bovd—one in
ISG9 and the other in 1870-are both so defec
tive as to have called forth universal censure.
War book will be entirely free from this objec
tion, aa tbe utmost care has been taken to se
e-re a PERFECT RECORD of our citizens.
One thousand copies of tbe work will be
issued, and the rates of advertising Bred so as
«o Rive every one an opportunity of beine ac
commodated. *
_-„'.* wi " bß,be "rybeet ADVERTISING
MtDIUM in the city.
Peraons desirous of consulting us in refer
ence to their advertisements will please call or
oRSU 08 ' 1 " ° rder « »t tbe office of the DIREC
TORY COMPANY, No. 912> 3 ' Main street.
je 6-8t B. w. GItUS, Manager.
w/_ r f I S t,eIII «'-Popular subscription Book». SX- I
tn* JK|} 00aMWi * B Tu . AGENTS. Intmmalioa I
Ifvwittfl #t»u |ouvnat.
The claque of investigating committees,
in hot cry, but bootless chase of the re
porter, who obtained an advance cory of
tbo treaty, negotiated by the joint high
commission, between the United States and
Great Britain, has diverted public atten
tion from the merits of this most import
ant document, and it has not generally re
ceived that calm review whicb it demands.
It is really a new departure in diplomacy
and the United States takes front rank, as
one of tho great treaty-making powers of
the world, to lay down principles of inter
national law, and codify them into the
The subjects discussed, and (having met
j the assent of the Senate,) the conclusions
finally arrived at thereupon, have a wide
i range and important bearing, affecting our
national as well as our commercial rela.
tions with other countries. To review
tbem at length is impossible, within the
narrow limits of a newspaper article, and
we shall, therefore, (from time to time,)
but touch upon what appear» to us the
most salient points; but before doing this,
we would state that to President Grant is
due a greater meed of praise, thau is ac
corded to him, for his able diplomacy in
this matter—another fulfilment of his
famous invocation, "Let us have peace"—
to secure which at bonis and abroad, he j
pledged himself to devote his official life, j
By his dignified approaches and attitude,
bo first secured Washington, the capital of
our country, to be df signated as the place j
of meeting of tho Commission—for the
preparation of the treaty—a concession in
I If of great importance, as it enabled
President to watch tho proceedings,
constantly to advise with our represen
ye members,
'o the concrete form of the treaty, thos
ired by careful construction of article
r article, is due tbe all but unanimous
fication by the Senate of the corn
ed treaty, while the high political
tion of the leading member repre
senting Great Britain, gives assurance
that the Queen, by advice of her Cabinet.
will promptly give tho royal assent, and
Kend a controversy which some fondly
i -light lead to a foreign war, aod
afford au opportunity for renewal of
home difficulties. Some of these j
lots still count upon the rejection of j
Jhe treaty by th'i House of Commons,
t-e popular branch of legislation in
Great Britain, where, like our own popu- j
lar branch, the House of Representatives,
questions aro frequently discussed, not on
their essential merits, but as may b\st
subserve personal political ends.
But this is not the case:—The Crown,
that is the Queen and Cabinet, is the
treaty-making power, and the only func
tion in the matter pertaining to the Com
mons, is to grant or withhold supplies to
carry on a treaty wilh effect in case its
terms involve au expenditure of money,
and even had the House of Commons to
pass upon the treaty, the following, under
date 14th iusl., from a thoroughly well in
formed correspondent in England, shows
that although English fault-finders cavil
at what they term a surrender of national
prestige, the people aro not disposed to pro
long or press the questions at issue to ex
tremes. He writes:
"It is satisfactory that a way has been found,
by mutual concession, for arranging some of
tbo disturbing questions between England and
the United Statea. The war on the continent
hu made men here, more averso. to pushing
disputes to violent extremes."
This is the tono of the leading newspa
pers in England, and shows that although,
in the opinion of many Englishmen, con
cessions have been made which hid been
refused when the treaty-makers met at
London, the surrender, as some of the
eitreme writers term it, is considered as
no more than an equivalent for removal
of cause for hostile collision between the
two nations.
Mew Orleana Under Water.
A dispatch from New Orleans, dated
the sth instant, says:
The flood is increasing, water being as
far up Canal street as Rampart street.—
With the exception of the neutral ground
on Canal streot, which is not entirely cov
ered, east of Claibarre street, there is an
unbroken sheet of water from Villery
treet to tho Metarie Bridge, and from the
new to the old basin, en area of five 6r six
quaro miles, including about 300 thickly
nhabited squares. The suffering of the
nhabitants of this quarter, especially
among the poorer clat-ses, is very great.—
Thousands living in single story houses
have moved out, while most of those liv
-g in two story houses have been com
lelled to move iuto the second stories.
lock of Claibarre street on Canal there is
i average depth of two feet of water.
The city authorities seem to be doing all
hey can lo alleviate the sufferings of the
►eople. Every available boat and skill
las boen brought into use. Policemen
may bo seen moving in almost every di
ection, rendering such assistance as they
an, moving those who are in danger and I
istributing provisions to Iho needy. The
amage by this oveihW cannot be esti
inati-il with any degree of certainty. The
shiubbery aud gardens have all been
iued, houses damaged and property de- I
The overflow from the Lake Gentiily
ad quarter has caused heavy loss,
n the destruction of many fine mar- I
■t gardens at Milneburg, aud thu PotJ
.artrain railroad from the Gentiily sta
_is still overflowed. The water iv the
te is receding slowly. A train came
hrough from Mobile ytsterday oo the
lattanooga railroad. A passenger re
•orts about four miles of the road under
ater. A Jacksou railroad passenger,
io came in this morning, reports that
•oad under water for seven miles north of
Foreign News.
Versailles, Juno C—The deputies from
the departments occupied by the Prussians
hive agreed to move the postponement of
tbe Orleans princes question, until the
war debt of France is paid and tbe country
cleared of Prussians.
London, June 6 — The Orleans princes
will decline tbeir seats in the Assembly.
Versailles, June o.—The new appoint
ments to the Ministry nre announced, as
follows : Lambrecht, Minister of the' In
terior : Le Franc, Minister of Agriculture •
Oeneral Cepoy, Minister ol War; Leon
Say, Prefect of tho Seine, and Lefto, Am
bassador lo St. Petersburg.'
The L,nl>or Movement In W aaliliiglon.
liington, June G.—The Labor Com
d session here has fixed upon $2.60
for "labor." Many laborers re
accept the terms. Inflammatory
J were made at the meeting last
md a specimen of them is tbi.i, by
us West, who said :
f are laboring men, and must have
keep their families from starving,
they were to be kept out of il by
jntractors, they would havo their
and should this OOOtiooe, he would
icm to take a contractor's bead off
lders whenever and wherever they
neet him."
Id them to go to their districts and
association for laboring men, elect
i, and send a memorial to "these
ankee contractors—the meanest
t contemptible setot men on God's
is the strike of the colored laborers
;r wages on the public works in
;ton, which has been refused by
rnment contractor*.]
imeatlc Newa Summary.
ighteenth annual session of the
Typographical Union is in ses- |
Jaltimore, William J. Hammond, I
Orleans, presiding. Sixty-four
were represented. Miss Mary I
orn Ihe Woman's Union of New !
as prcsout. Mr. Hammond hits I
looted President,
gricultural Bureau man who yes- j
wore (iv the interest of cotton
ra) that the cotton crop would be
Million bales short, now swears
tis nothing official about it. He
t again in two weeks—so the re
of bricks fell in New York yes
mryiug several children, two of
ere roKiiod with broken limbs,
hers, it is feared, are dead. A*
so under the pile,
bbinical Conference is in session
iati, Dr. Liebenthal presiding,
oked on the subject of the prayer
proalites who are "without the
of synagogues."
who murdered a Miss McDaniel
ng to marry him, was hunted in
.tains of California by infuriatod
shot, and his body burned to
w York "Cotton Exchange" has
with President, John Henrizon,
dent, M. Wonman and Borne
& Son have bought from the
laryland 5.000 shares of stock
imore aud Ohio road at $140 per
The City of Brussels, on her last trip
made tho run from New York to Queens
town in 8 days, H hours, aud 30 minutes.
A Chinaman has been held in $5,000
bail to answer in New York for an attempt
to murder a ship officer.
A boat capsized this morning in An
dover Iky, Massachusetts, and drowned
five amateur fishermen.
r A large portion of Waverly village, N.
T„ has been destroyed by fire. Loss $75,
--— _a— —
Orelgn News Summary.
Prince Metternich, with nearly all the
members of the diplomatic corps attended
a meeting of the Assembly on the 6th,
which presented an animated appearance.
The building was crowded, anticipating a
debate upon the right of the Orleans prTn
ceß to a seat in the House.
President Thiers complained of being
unwell, and begged a postponement'of the
question. Au adjournment was a.reed
upon without debate.
Reports were received favoring an inves
tigation into the recent government of na
tional defence at Paris, Tours, and Bor
deaux, and of the Thiers government.
Mr. Gladstone, of the House of Com
mons, declared tho laws ample'to enable
the government to fulfil conditions of the
Waahington treaty.
The French soldiers returning from
Germany replace the mobilized guard as
they arrive.-
Eirl de Gray has resumed his seat in
the House of Lords.
London is now iv direct telegraphic
i'iniiiunicaliou with China.
New York Market*.
Neu York, June fi.—Aboii. —Gold steady at
WlYe. Governments steady and dull. Money
easy at three per cent. State bonds quiet Kith
little change.
Floor steady. Wheat quiet and lit in ; lard
firm. Cotton excited—Uplands \»%; Orleana
20Ji. Freights steady.
~ » «r> »
Foreign Markets.
Liverpool, June 0, Noon.— Cotton op.-in-d
with hardsniDg tendency—Uplands, B.f»iß).,'i
Orleans BKi estimated sales 15,000 bales. All
these quotations are "nearly" }.;' higher.
London, June fl, Noon. — Consols, ill s_: U.S.
bonds, 90J_.
Frankfort, June 5, Noon.—U. 8. bonds,
■»-******- em
The Crops.—The wheat harvest has
Jegun in Southern lllitn.is earlier than evir
jefore known, and the yield is abundant
The crops iv Maryland and Virginia pre
eeut a very promising appearance, and the
field will be large. Favorable weather
las increased tbo estimates of the wheat
crop io California fifty percent, within the
past two wwlu.
Enter from Petersburg
Petersburg, Juno C, 1871.
tor of th* State Journal :
and business seem unsually dull,
our friends, tho Baptists and'
iang, have left as, our streets
nod their old Sunday appcar
the merchants .are beginning to
ners in this vicinity havo already
d harvesting their wheat. The
fa good crop is rather discour
se rust has seriously damaged
publican City Committee met I
at the court-house to talk over
nfliot, and compare results. But I
little business was transacted. A vacancy
was reported in tho position of watchman
in the Inteiior Department at Washington,
caused by tha resignation of Mr. H. 'I '
Tatum. The committee recommended Mr.
David F. Batte lor Iho placo.
The change of schedule on the railroads
from here through to New York is regard
ed as a good step in the direction of
modern enterprise and progress. We can
now start from Petersburg vory early in
the morning (4 o'clock) and arrive at New
York the same night.
But the change has its drawbacks. It
greatly interferes with the business rela
tions between the cities of Richmond and
Petersburg in our mail arrangements, [f
a letter for Richmond is not mailed before
half-past 3 o'clock io the morning, it will
not leave until 7 o'clock at night. I fear
it will intcrfero with my valuable letters
for your paper, and yon may not be ablo
to hear from me at all. To avert, if possi
ble, such a sad calamity to your readers
I called to-day on our postmaster to fee if
He informs me that he has already writ
ten a letter to the Post-Offico Department, I
asking that a local mail be put on the 10
A. M. train. As an additional reason why i
this should be done, he says, the Norfolk
mail, which arrives hero at 10 o'clock, will
have to lie over until night. As the re
quest of Mr. Greene involves important
mail facilities between the three largest
cities of the State, it is to be hoped his ap
plication will be granted. lam sure the
entire business community of the three
cities will second his request. Until that
is done you may not hear from me even
COOK DROS. - CO, 1013 Main street, offer their ...
perior BROOMS at greutly reduced prioea until Wed.
nesday evening next, when tliey will close up their
bußlness. Parties desiring their Brooms had better
call boou. t
EDWARDS, -29 Broad street, sells all kinds of
NEWSPAPERS and MAGAZINES at publishers'
"rices, and delivers the sumo at your realdonce or
place of business without extra charge.
iatteution puid to the prompt und early e"e
tho Richmond and New York daily papers
3IGN OR PATT-RN.-I am prepared to
.mples of material and estimate of costs for
to soltß at short notice. Owing to my con
ith the house of Messrs. DEVLIN & CO.,
:, my facilities for manufacturing this par'
le of garment in large or small quantities
isfactory prices are unsurpassed.
.AL.-Db. g7 WILSON HUNTER offers
is to all in need of medical attention aj
rate rates. Pays special attention to the
f Ladies and Children , and will guarantee
if Rheumatism and Neuralgia, by the use
at remedy, "THE UNDOUBTED CURE,"
be had for $1 00 a box of any Drugeist In
ou of country. Porsons at a dlstanee can
•cc of charge, by letter, addreeied to hia
Jrace street, Richmond, Va,
D—Wanted every Lady to know that the
WA STORE haß the largest assortment
<OLS and SUNSHADES of the lattst
ie city, at the
corner Fourteenth and Main
— s ,
ATTENTION l-Jott received mo bun
issorted Ladles,' Misses, Children-,' Mens'
HATS, which I will soil at mj usually
corner Fourteenth and Main.
OS'S POMADE OPTIMB, as a dressing
■ is all that is required ; purely vegetable
perfumed, It softens, Improves and beau
ilr, strengthens the roots, and gives it a I
appearance. For salo by all druggiata
i 76 cents per bottle.
aid g!ovo3 can bo quickly and repeated
nd made equal te new ; even when badly
:un be roadily restored. It is easy of ap.
lis perfectly froo from any odor. For
gists and fancy goods dealers. Price, IS
plaint peculiar to their box, lire gnar
ly relief by DR. BOTT, No. ft| Main
respondence strictly confidential. All
I'liry answered froe of charge.
s from 9 to 12 M., 2 lo 0, and 7 to
ndays, 2 to 4 P. M.
HONEY.—The old-tlmod axiom is aptly
l the use of DOOLKY'S YEAST POW
roll known that th,- common process ol
I Is a slow one, and often attended Willi
results from t1,., use of poor baker's
proper heat. With DOOLKY'S YEAST
ie best rolls, Liscuits, ct i n-cskes, etc., I
lv the short spice of ten niiiintea, and
■•rtainly attend its use. This la owing
strength, rind the care with which It ii
fork, Proprietors. For sale by all Gro- I
lILDB NURSK WANTED, b7 a lady going to
Alubama Will bear all expenses of a nine for
lervices during the trip, and give permanent em
inent nftor arrival, it desired and nu>se give
Taction Apply at ouce ut I_C« Broad street.
BCOTCHMA N, with g-od references, education
and experience iv w. rk, wants employment In
Counting-Ho'ißo, Stable, Garden or Faim. Address
D. M. MARQUIS, nib™ of this paper. je 6-lt«
\|r ANTED—A SERVANT WO«AN to d/general
TT housework. Apply to
Je o—tf 01G Main street.
. Broad sheet, betwocn Fifth and Ninth streets
A l'P'> "> I. C. BBNEOIOT.
je 6— n
I lor tbe benefit of the Widows and Orphans ,
the Southern Slates.
"8 JH 6(1 10 OS iv 7.'i .16 41 69 s 40
UIHTRIBUTItiN No :i»;. Moaawo Jans t) "
» 8" 68 48 ST US 7 g 68 34 19 Bi
Vliiuesa my haud, _t Uinhmoud, Va., this 6th day
.1 June, 1871. *
Mau.ik-er- Juliliulssioiiß.
01''itl'IFlUATEi o.' IvAt'lL-, can be purchased
_? U ' l "' W " '• "ABNKV, nt the Branch ollice No '
Eleventh atreet, ou. door lion. Main.
City Subscribers — Persons wishing the I
STATE JOURNAL Isft early and regu'arly >t their
places cf business or residences, by responsible cur
riers, will pleaee leave their orders with JOHNSTON
k BF.I.DEN, Newßdoalera, 918 Main Street.
W. A. EDWARDS' nowß depot, 229 Eait Broad
Congreeamnn llowen x-cllfiaed.
Some years ago, the parlors of a fashionable
mansion in the city of Washington were bril
liantly lighted, sweet strains of music floated
on the evening breeze, laughing eyes sparkled
In tho brilliant light, and all was as happy as
"marriage bells"—because, thero was lo be
united two hearts as one, which had plighted
their troth oach to the other.
The happy pair became as one bird, whose
aweet songs of spring gave happiness to all
wbo beard their joyous note?. Yeara rolled
by, and no monster entered that happy home
to mar its pleasures. The confiding wife
trusting in tho loyalty or her husband, and be
lieving him incapable of wrong, not only
trusted herself to him, but conlided all her
earthly possessions into his care and keeping
Here was the rock on which her hopes were'
crushed. Securing by sale and otherwise sur
hcient or his wife's money to keep grim want
Irom him, a few minutes' ride brought him to
Alexandria, where, attracted by the elegant
plumage and proud bearing of this noble bird
a ' T j Un( E y of res P e otability agreed to sur
render herself to him, and wa9 speedily made
Without a bridal tonr, marriage would be a
liumbng: so the happy couple determined to
visit the capital of tho Old Dominion, and day
before yesterday reached our city, takine ele
gant apartments at the Ballard House.
1 his morning, their happiness suddenly ter
minated, and turned to ashes upon their lips
by the sudden and unexpected appearance of
Detective John Wren and officer Burnett, of
Alexandria, who complained that Mr. Bird
was the lawful husband of another lady wbo
resided in Washington ; consequently he had
violated the law, as he had no right to mate
with two doves at the same time.
The wron is said to be one of the smallest
and most timid birds known to history, but Mr.
John Wren proved, by his management of the
allair, that ho was ready to capture a bird
even of thesizn of the one of beautiful nlumao-e
and song. v *
The parties in this affair aro Thomas R
Bird, of Washington, and a Miss Godwin, who
is respectably connected in this city, with one
of our leading Democratic politicians.
Mr. Bird is now under arrest, and will be
taken to Alexandria to-morrow by Mr. Bur
nett, the officer who came in pursuit of him
bi am W '" b ° tr ' ed f ° r th ° offence of
As abinl, he is said to be a success: as a
bigamist, considerable; but as an escaphtt with
his wife's funds and another woman, he is sun
posed lo be a failure.
He is said to have borne his arrest with irreat
coolness, and convinced all by his bearing that
be regarded the circumstances as ono of no
great importance.
Disfiguring City Property.—Yester
day - ono °f our most efficient city policemen
called_ in at one of our fashionable barber i
shops for the purpose or improving his appear
ance by a clean shave and hair cut. The
Knight or the Scissors and Strop, in his
anxiety to exhibit the grand flourishes, which
he was able to make with his keen whitted
clippers, by mistake cut from our policeman a
part or bis oar instead ot his hair, "ir" said
he, "you call this job 'hair cutting' it isa very
bad one, but ir you call it 'croppine' you have
equalled the best expert I know of" The
apology of scissors sufficed, and our public
guardian left undetermined what action he
would take ; but we learn this morning after
consultation with one or our detectives ' it ia
bis intention to have the professor or ear-cat
ting arrested and tried for defacing some of
our most beautiful city property. Without at>
tempting to speculate and not desiring to nre
judice publici sentiment against tbe offender
we express the belief that the barber was a
Republican who has not yet forgotten our in
gorlous defeat last election, and has taken this
plan to get a little "sweet revenge."
Gala Day.—The Richmond Fire De
partment had a grand time or it yesterday it
being the occasion or the annual parade in
spection, and trial or their enginea. The turn
Inwinoed us tbat Richmond need not be
d or those connected with tbis depart
lbeir appearance indicated that they
apable or performing valuable services
hour of need. The day was intensely
and not well calculated for the enjoy
f such proceedings, but towards the
tbe evening the real pleasures or the
a began, if we are permitted to judge
hearty cheers we heard, passing the
it Ninth and Broad streets, where they
hear speeches, and enjoy the ao
"Alerts," or Manchester, were on the
out that hour, and remained with our
itil the sun had given his light to tbe
le or creation.
Theatricals To-Night. — Tbe
f the drama and admirers of Sheridan
re an opportunity of gratifying their
y witnessing the rendition ot "The
at tbe theatre this evening. We can
heartily commend the object to which
eeds ol this entertainment will be de
ad hope that the charitable efforts of
ipe will be rewarded by a liberal
re and a foil house. The following is
or characters. Sir A „,_ o Abgo)ut
Umpbell; Captain Absolute, E. M
; .Sir Luoius O'Trigger. W Pane
T ; R F „ alk , lan p d - w v D _ " eman ' *««»!
L Royal; Fag, J. B. Purcell; David
H. Carina; Mrs. Malaprop, Mrs W
rosed of by Police Ju°stic7 Whlt.lhis
Wagner, lor obtaining a coat valued
he property or Beverly Turpin, with
defraud, was discharged.
Hill, colored, up to answer for as
»nd striking John Campbell, was re
j pay a line or $5. '
Williama, email colored boy, chamed
fueling tbe platform and i_terferi_
engersat the Richmond and Peters •
at, was sent back.
■ Caskie, colored, for stealing a 10l of
led at $5, the property of H. M
>s sent to jail for firteen days.
Havnstkin Forgery—Jo
io, it will be remembered, was some
irreeted in New York and surrender
a requisition of Ibe Governor
as an accomplice of Chahoon and
mis m tbe Haunstein forgery case, was vh«.
erday called lor a hearing before Justice
nite, who, on account of the absence or _n
mportant witness, continued the ease until
i-nday next. Jonea is in custody, awaitino
e arrival ot a friend from Norfolk, wbo, it i.
erted, will endoree bis bail bond The J_«
c agrees to bail him in the sum of SI too
en satisfactory security is offered.
mportant CoNVENTiotT--The annual
eting or the National Car-Builders' Asso.
ion will meet in tbis city on Wednesday,
Uth instant Rooms have been engaged
be Kxchange Hotel by many members, and
.wm h ' ° u,eel _ n 2» or the convention
h»i\, r an « M J lß >»>ly or several hundred
he most practical men in the country.
itViVAL -One hundred and bixty-fivr
«ona were baptised at tbe First Baptist
uch, on Broad street, on Sunday last, the
sul or a great revival which has been gotne
tere foi some weeks i ii.i. ■ *
Potponkd.—"F" company's meeting
appoited lor to-night at Bosher'a Hall, has'
oeemoatpoted until Thunday night.
Somebod/ has "put a new bead" on the _M
Stepped aside—John Brown, one of Colonel
strotber a boarders.
That was a slim amount tbe Stati JocaaAi.
received from the Council yesterday. It didn't
deserve tbat, we reckon.
We note the politeness of the Enquirer, in
stating, that in a certain statement made by
another paper it had been misinformed. We
wonder why it didn't «ay /,' e .
A ,_ ird ' * bird—a beautiful bird I
Spread hia strong wings and soared away
I o sunny ohmeg, where oft he heard
More beautiful songs by night and day.
Wearied with flight, he stopped to real
At Alexandria, where he spied
a* Z b "e? b * fo,ded t0 h i» breast,
And off to Richmond, hence he hied.
Wi 'b a new-found mate of sweeter aong
Old love was forgotten, and as dreams of bliss i
lame ocr him, his heart beat loud and strong
As be snatched Irom his bride a wedding kits, j
Mis first love mourns his sudden flight,
His plumage gay, his sweetest song ■
!»be carols for his return at night,
And wonders, why he stays so long 1
His stricken dove coos for her mate
°, r ? am { n ls not ,hat he bas flown,
And left her to such cruel fate ; '
And with another, forever gone.
The flown one happy, the deserted sad, |
The avenger quickly followa on :
~„r m' crles stop ' y° a naughty lad,
Ml take you back to Washington. j
The conduct of the Wren partakea more of
the spirit of the hawk, in tbia matter, when
loiding bis wings he swooped down npon tbe
naughty bird, who impressed with the suddens
I less and boldness of the attack, surrendered:
will be taken back to meet the tears and j
uish of a deserted woman.
[otkl Arrivals.—We note the follow
ird's Hotel.—Jo Davie, city; T H Brooke
r ne; .i W _ Cocke - d »"Hhter and son, V.|
e »th, H H Dison, Nottoway; S F G
v le ', „f" iD « ton ; John Chahoon, Nelson;
Samuel Phillips, Roanoke; J B Thomas, G*
D B Sieger, Powhatan; C Jamea Perrell
Hanover; R Moss, Amelia; A S Carter I an
7ST' v-! »X «handlerf -.rXT'e B
Bosher, King William; T L Cennella, Lexing
ton; P P Boast, Surry; S O Hollingshead
Washington, D C; Dr J L Burroughs, city !
W J, Balthis, Staunton; Ira C Crandall, Na
poli; Mrs Tiffany, Miss Turner, Master Miles
John 0 Dewey, N V; JJV Opie, Augusta; A P I
Horsford, Iowa; D B White, Hampton, Va. |
Exchange and Ballard House.—W M Bridges
ril- *!!*' Loaiavi "e. Ky; Henry Lazenby
Ohio; C Blackford, Lynchburg; W J Robert
son, Charlottesville; W S Winn, Williamsbure-
H A Hashon, Staunton; W B Gleason and wile'
Boston: J B Crosby, Boston; E McMahon'
istaunton: L Goodman, San Francisco; T hi
Ballard, Hanover; J E Lanier, Va; R T Co_
shall, Lynchburg; Moss Harper, Va: W Trice
Charlotte; Mrs Taylor and child. Va: S E
Kdrannd, Halifax; A W Dunn, Petersburg
H H Courtney, city; C P Hide, South Caro
lina; JW Mclntire, Savannah; T L Brown
! Charlotte, NC; N W Haun, NC; Miss Lou ir
liss E Fain, N C; Miss F Calvin, N C :
N Wilson, N C; Jno Malone. NC- WI
son, NY; F Oakley, HJ; F Hardy
k; Mrs C;W Hardy, do; Miss Jessie Har
i Dr J M Shelton, Va.
rican Hotel —J D Hancock, Charlotte •
or, Virginia; R H Howerton, Halifax •' I
:agby, Powhatan ; T H Holland, Mrs'
olland, Virginia; Major John Selden'
s City j R B Stevens, Farmville ; J W
', Virginia ; N Vandorn, Philadelphia •
c, Virginia.
Powers cf a Justice of the
—We have received several communi
cations from parties denying tbe right of a jus
tice to impose fines upon certain offenders
especially in cases when parties are brought
before them for violation of law as sample mar
chants. Our information upon the subject is
not sufficient to justify us in giving an opinion,
but if they exercise powers nofcgiven them by
law in imposmg floes, the sufferers have only
to reruse payment of the execution, and take
tho matter to a higher power. We advise this
course, which wilt save any lengthy discussion
of the question. '
Called a Liar!—ln the trial of the
wStJmAn tb ' B r morDin fr. before Justice
.-..•V .' - ,c ODe of . our real eß,ate W>tß was
testifying |„ regard to the case then being
___!' „i, WaB oa » ed _ » >•"" by a party inter
ested, whereupon he resented it with a blow
lloth parties were promptly orde.-ed to Jail by
• v J lO r a Conte ™pt of court. While it
is a bard case for a man to be called a liar
without resenting it, parties attending tbis
court should, by tbis tune, know Justice White
well enough, to know that he permits no un
oecoming conduct to go unpunished.
Council Meeting.—The City Council
held a meeting last night, at which nothing of
any great importance occurred.
~ "JV more of . tbß sanae ' ort " will enable
us to introduce to the public, what will be con
sidered an improvement upon the old msreii,.,,
w ben it is to be hoped that the interests of the
™imh W sy? . 80 we " R asrd e d by the honest
? ,?->..1 'i. ?° ° ccaßlon will again arise to
doubt the honesty of any of its members.
In the Hustings court to-day, tbe cane
against Chahoon was oontinued until the 20tb
oi tbia month. I
. e m„t h r a - e ° f ,i- J ' Rowl »» d . indicted for
ve_r,h'rA d , 9 „ Wi,hOUtalicenße - tho Common
-»T_ii, * ttorn ?yi on application of Mr. Schi
drowitz, counsel for the accused, moved for a
nolle prosequi, which was granted and entered.
Cutting Wheat.-Several farmers in
__2_? oe ° r ,Ke county were busy cuttin_
wheat on Saturday and yesterday. We rf.
(jret to state, however, that in some portions
inured °b° anty Wb<Sat Crop has bee " b »dly
the excursion train which was en rout* from
this city to Petersburg on Sunday momine
"i- n?i ar K° ■ J ,*'_ a P ed bring killed. He was
slightly bruised about the head.
for it (n i r 'p ß t IDU K i B *_, ™ collector
lor the Petersburg district, is gradually re
covering from his recent attack of paralysis
we trust be may be out in a fe* more days. '
__?__ B ! ea '" er r John Sylvester will miss
tier trip to Norfolk to-morrow, but will re.
ZZ c .. c ,- T * S u" ,r,p on F " da J °<>s<, having
uere m t>. a. Al. • [
r--.i n u"L mati 'r"', J o _ L T . eßterda yi stating 8 thu
Commissioner I. H. Shields had been indicted
was incorrect, as we can loam nothing to day
to justify the statement.
Maui In -in- Newa and Qosalp.
The citizens of our town are at last bein_
aronsed to the sense of their duty, and a nrn
per appreciation of their interest'by taking in
itiatory steps looking to the annexation of
Manchester to Richmond. Petitions are now
being circulated throughout the town for the
signatures of voters, petitioning the City
Council of Richmond and tho Board of Trus
tees ot Manchester, to appoint committees from
each place who shall thoroughly and intelli
gently discuss the expediency of this matter
consider it in all Its bearings ; weigh well it's I
numberless advantages ; and, if possible, ar
rive at some conclusion asto what plan wi I be
Tn' -i .tf" I s - atiafaeu "-y for the accomplish
ment of this objeot. I
After a thorough discussion of tbe whole mat.
r f be«e committee! are authorized to lav be
fore the Council ol Richmond and the Trustees
oi Manchester the result ol iheir conference
ana thus acquaint tbem with the d. sire of those"
citizsns as expressed through their representa
tives. Wo fair minded man can object
to su/'h a proposition if the committees be
?r\iH , ,°A "' ";i l ." i K cDI » nd discr.et publle
apinted men. What harm can result, ii it b.
lementa will be Inserted In tha RVEKUO
> at tbe following rates, except legal ad
c, one Insertion a y.
», two Insertion 1 28
», three Insertions _ " l 75
>, six Insertions a no
!, twelve Insertions 6 Si)
», one month lo Do
c, two montha ia an
s, three months .'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. 25 nj
luarterly Hnd ye_riy''T_reni*ea
rrannements will bo made.
re believe it is, that this question is
«nt with Interest to both kichmon
hestar? Where is the impropriety
it thoroughly canvassed, It the com
rests demand tbis union ? Why de
J if, on the other band, no such ben
crue, what the objeotlon to bavin, a
laced npon tha whole subject, by a
tndid consideration of it by those
lost interested in it ?
ild like even now to enumerate some
ny advantage, which must and will
Kb to Richmond and Manchester
union; but forebear, as notbin.
said to prejudice the mind or fore
action of those who may be placed
ommlttee. We do say thia, how
every man who opposes thia ngge*.
ily and blindly opposing bis own
c care not what may be his calline
>n. We doubt not but tbat some
found who will oppoae this scheme
js the case whenever anvtbins? ia
which has for its object the accomp
f good. To such persons, every
argument will be vain and futile
to them the oar of progresa and i m
must move on by tbe power of the
1 if a very few are on the tracfc
ans -We have been requested to
ention of tbe Republican parly to
ince of looking around for the best
best men to represent them in the
ature. Work must be done, and
lommenoed the earlier completed
, white or colored, who wishes his
Ivanced, shculd look to the fall
ving persons are appointed dale
md a county convention at Chester
to deviso measures for re-organ
lemocratio party of Chestern'ld ■
B. Wooldridge, William Ambers,
cc, James A. Gentry, C. C. Mcßae
arke, C A. Jones/k H. CogM-.'
n, and Alex. Fitzgerald.
-The pugilistic sparring matob be
sr and Dougherty did not come oil
bees use they failed to par the
t $20 on exhibitions. They tried
1 collector out of it, but he eould'nt
herefore, tbe doors were closed.
Itachcd to a sewing machine was-.
--, .... ~,. yesterday evening, smashinir
ariver. UP « eßßr " , >* and "Hghtlv injuring th.
A little son of Mr. W. T. Liibeow felt
rom a window, a distance of ten feet, but for
tnnately received bnt little injury. ' uut ,or
members of SOCIAL
1 LO , DOB - "»• 6. are requested to attend a re_u.
S,n- »»" .0/ _K. ,r La^H this (TOKBDAY) ovenlni
June 6th. A L 6871, A D 1871. promptly nt 7 o'clock'
as election ofofllcers for the eusulug twelve months'
win take place.
By order of W M :
FrTi- 1 . RIr 7 J I i? DGIB ' N °- ». Ancient, VV
rree and Accepted Masons, aro hereby sum- /^*T\
-}°.-L«f a " c - (1 ,. a Btated m»Ung of their Lodge
at the Masons' Hall, on TUESDAY EVENING J„_
„fli' V I " C .° Ck ' A ,o| l attendance is requested a,
otßjora for the ensuslng year will bo elected
MmT^-i 0 - U,r Lod * M » r » fraternally invita.
By order of the W. M.
Richrn, „rl i. t r,„ . _ D COM ». Secret,ry
I ""hmoud.A LSB7I. ADIB7I. je6-2l'
MVITJ^ IAH ,e /' horae "'"« Monday f May
tim i.'X k \ auill »T' ot ke « n ! «"» 8 since; he son.*
ita. T" *"""• " " bou ' M >»»'» old, bright
win™l), "_ , X,,y ,° n * kno »"'K •»'» "hereabout,
orira Jruausi. „fhce, or with h's father
1n.....,- ,« - n „ , W M. JAMKH BARTLETT
and Bixfh Fra " kii " 'treet, between Fifth
a-:sk;mkk SALKS.
By 001. J J Hill, A^lcltlooeer]
In tho muf ier of It H MOSS A BROS.
By an order of tbe District Court of the UnitrJ
Slaws fHr tbe llistrict of Virglnh, consented to by
au parties interested, I shall, as assignee for th.
KhUhStb W «tr. k ™ Pt ' , " n " ,mbU " "»«-. «•
tilth, town „f Clarksville, Va, free from all lien.
?.'_;»£__?^_ Jrauc * : "' "■ large -mount ot PERSONA 1
1 aurafti 1, consisting or
llarses, Mules mid Cattle.
Household nud Kitchen Furniture
Two (2) ile.m -nglms, with comp'eto r.uidi •
Tob»'-co i ai-tory fflxtnrea, In good order, sufll
cient to Work 2IKI hands.
The REAL ESTATE consist of about tweutv.flv..
valuable Town and Wood Lots, in and near to tie
_i- rk ."' l6: . T "° l "*» factoriea (iiok 1
and manufacturing) ; als,, "Kindorton," one m *
Dwelli-g!"'' " 1 "*""« 3(W ««•». *** handsome
_.H-__"""i_ ,, _- 1 ******* Property cusli ; lor real
estate, onj-foiirth ot purchase money cash, the b.I
ance payable iv twelve months, with interest from
Qfty of sale,
• «., ... J M CARRINGTO.V, Asslirnea
je 6-a.wtds of R H Mos. * Br oa.
By Col. J J Hill, Auctlomer.
By an „r ler of the District Court of the United
Stoles for the District of Vlre-iula, I shall as „
-. g th. 1■ , Chu, 1 ", , »/ lRJ,ne & Mo«s, expose for ~"
w the highest bidder, at public auction, one of th.
baatand largest DISTILLERIKB iv Virginia with
-_-- . ."^"'t' 6 ' ,r " ,lorn »" »™s and encum
brances, iv the town of Ufarksvllle, Va., on
TERMS—One-fourth cash; the balance nsyable
with interest, twelve mouHis after daj of »'c
1,• n ,a J M CAK-RIN-TON, Assignee
Je b-iawtds of Chamberlayu. « J(L.
Jimss Rivkbßte*.\ibo.tCo., )
Richmond, June 6,1871 i
O-fOIAL NOTIOE-Tho steamer
p JOHN SYLVESTER will miss -_S__j_
bertrip to Nor oik to-morrow (Wed. <___lfflß
aesil.y), reaiimiug h,r regular run __._!■ it T
on FRIDAY the 9*t.
i-«-2t l-B.TATUVf,
JBo^it Oeneral Agent.
That ou the 31st day of May. 1871 a w«,
ant in bankruptcy waa isi.UHlagalu.Vth , esi.t."Tf
WuiC Mar. o w 8r ,of Warwick couuty, and Aa?.
h sow- n^'i.T h0 t "»„ bt ' )U a tankrupt on
i„ 11" Pef.'tion :—That the payment of any debt.
f_ h.l„. el ,' v "J" >f » n >' I"°P ert y belonging to said
'•"kriipt, to hiini.ir for bis use, and the transfer of
«ny property by him, are forbidden by lav:—That a
mcc.lug of the creditors ol said bankrupt, to prove
tnelr ilobts, and choose one or more assignee, of hi.
estate, will he held at a Court of Baukruptcy to L
holden at the C stom-Hous=, at Norfolk Va 'befoi.
Benj rmin B Fester, Esq., Keglsler, ou the lath day
of Juno, 1871, at 12 oVlock M. *
Ja 6—T»2w Deputy Marshal aa Meseenger.
A That „v llieal.t day of May, IS7I a wtrrant
in bankruplcy ra issiieil aeaiust th.' estate ol
Isaac Kriiiiheiiii r, of Norfolk county, and Bt»t.
of \lrglula, who haa been adiu,lgod a liankrobl
k. °j W ._ P"'' l ' That the payment of any
.. ,' *" 1 a tne delivery ol auy proj.erty beluuglna; to
aaid bankrupt, to him or Ibi 1,1. v..., and tbe trans
fer ot any propei ty by him are toibidd- v by law —
That a meeting ol Ihe creditors of aaid baukrupt to
prove thoir debts, ami choose oue er more aasi-nee.
?„ . LTm"' ".".', '' c ,''"' d " 'I, Co,lrt of Rankrilptcv
to be holden at 1,,- liisloin-House, at Norfolk Va
before Benjamin II loster, Es.l, Register, on tha I*ll,
d y o- June, 1871, at 11 o'clock AM " "
i.« t,.0 r, JOHS ' W - 'ARRBLL,
Jj6-Tu2w Deputy Marshal aa Messenger.
_ __, IS
1 State!l for the Western District of Virginl.
. k n - the "'»"'"• °f Holton LMm cy, baukroDt
ln bankruptcy. r
_ To _ w,,om " May Concern :—The underalmad
wm Page, of Abingdon, Washington c'ty, VaTber*-'
by gives notice of los appoiutinent as assignee 'of the
t-.-,l __?', ,l ? > " }-.*•"*.<* Btan" count,, V.
''''' diatrict, w',| as ~., tie 13th day of April
' ,1 n• .? . " '" "' '"' "" "'• own petltloß
bi th. Diatrict en . . .. ,|i,, ni .,. •"
Dated Abingdon, v», 1,m., j, 1871.
la (-Tatar (A, WM. PAGE, Awlgiwa.

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