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(Bvmms #tate journal.
American Insiituir Farmers 1 Club.
A Ladv-Kakmer I sks Wood-Ashes. :
Mrs. 11. K. GWpin, Oswego, \. y. : |
have derived frei|iit'iil aid and much inlbr- I
inalion which Ims greatly assisted me in ;
carrying ** n "tnall farm font- miles Oram
this village. When I . nine in possession of ;
it, five years airo, the gnm on the best
meadows ad not tvrenge more than in
inches in height, and yielded about one-half
ton to the acre, and was red in having time j
with sorrel, for which I sowed hard wood
ashes, one liurrel to the acre, all 1 could j
obtain, and the next year the same rate in ;
other fields, anil so on each year; anil nmv
there is not a blade of sorit-1 to be seen,
and my meadows average three tons to the
acre and some yield jnore than lour. I
have half an acre in vegetable garden, i
and for the last 10years have had no trouble
with club-foot cabbage. My seed beet is lib
erally mixed with hard-wood ,-islu-s, and the
plants which show signs of club-foot after
being set out, receive a sufficient quantity
of white lye to thoroughly wet the roof,
which kills the worms and makes the plant
thrive. The Ive also kills the worms at the
root of squash vines. One ytear 1 lost
nearly all my vines by these worms, ami
after trying various remedies which did no
good, the lye saved the vines, ami they
yielded abundantly. The cabbage which
nave worms in the tool can easily be dis
tinguished when the sun is hoi .and the
ground dry; they look wilted.
Cheese Making on Small Farms.— j
Mrs. 8. Hasting, Flemiiigtoii; X. ,J., says
she was one of eleven children, all raised to j
middle life by her mothet, the wife of a j
country preacher, who never received over
$-100, and generally not over 1800 per year i
as salary. She matle excellent cheese every
Summer, and this was her process: She,
took the stomach of a calf, say about five '
or six weeks old, filled it with salt and fas- I
lened it together; this was done in the j
Spring; the cheese season was not till July,
when the weather was too warm for butter. j
When she wished to make cheese she took j
this rennet, took out the salt, audit put into
a pint of new milk; she strained the milk
for cheese at night uite tin pans Or pails;
in the morning she heated the night's milk
to the warmth of the morning's milk, and
added the milk from the rennet and let it '
stand till it became a thick curd ; then cut- :
ting it through with a- long knife, the
curd would separate from the whey ; then
spread a linen strainer over the top, dip all
the whey olf into a clean brass kettle, heat I
it to a boiling point ami turn it back through
the strainer into the curd ; let it stand lill it
is cold ; have ready a dry cloth and mold
for your cheese ; spread the cloth over a j
cheese-basket, anil flip your curd into the j
basket; let it drain two hours ; put it into !
the cheese mold, or hoop; nave a round
board that will go easily into a hoop, and, !
after making it all as smoothly as possible i
in the hoop, put on the board, with the i
cloth between it and the cheese, and put it |
in the press. Press it sufficiently hard, so I
that when it is taken from the mold ii will
retain its shape, lv three hours change it j
into a dry cloth, and let it stay in the press J
overnight. In the morning cover it with j
thin cloth to exactly lit the cheese, a j
straight band, with two round pieces the [
size of the cheese. Grease this twice a day
with fresh butter. Don't forget to salt the '
cheese before pressing it ; the quantity of
salt according to the size of the cheese. A
smart farmer's wife can tell by the taste of j
the curd, and any one that cannot tell by ;
the taste had better not try, for she will
spoil the cheese.
.Mr. Kly—This is valuable matter, anil |
will be of service to Margaret Russell, of I
llarrisonville, Mo., and other correspond
ents who have asked advice.
Short Answers to Short t_i i:s
tions. —J. Oilman, Koseiuont, Minn.:
When shall 1 plant larch? ('. I>. Bragdon—
tn the fall.
Wilson Young, Pittsburg, Pa.i What
tree is best for railroad fence; board fences
get burned too oftenV ('. I). I.nigdon—j
Honey locust.
Oeorge O. Bacon. Candor, N. V.: What
corn M best for soiling? 11. 1,. Heinle—.l
Sweet corn in drills, two feet or thirty I
inches apart.
Philips' Corn HUskeb.—A commit- ■
tee, consisting of Messrs. Baldwin, Lyman
and Crane, having visited the machine on
exhibition at No, 89 Oortlandt street, re- j
ported that it husks rapidly and clean, and
seems made in such a way as to be durable, j
Two spirally cut rollers, about four inches
through, revolve inwardly upon eace other;
one of.tliem is armed with short iron pegs i
or teeth, which catch the husk and tear
them off. When the corn is moist in the j
fall, none of the kernels are shattered off.
If dry corn were run through some of it j
would be shelled.. The machine picks liie
ears from the stalk and throws them in one
pile, then strips the husks and drops them !
in a separate pile, and delivers the husked
corn behind. Its rate of work is a bushel
a minute. The large size, to be worked by
horse-power, costs sslOO ; a small size, for
husking by man-power, after lhe corn is
picked from the stalk, can be sold for 030
or less.
Plain Directions fob Shearinci a
Sh_9_>.—The sltearer may place the sheep
on that "part of (he floor assigned to him,
resting on its rump, and himself in a pos
ture with his right knee on a eiisjiion, and
the back of the animal resting against his
left thigh. He grasps the shears about
half-way from the point to the how, routing
his thumb along the blades, which gives
him better command of the points, lie
may then commence cutting the wool at the
brisket, and, proceeding downward, all upon
the sides of the belly to the extremity ofthe
ribs, the external sides of both side's to the
edges ofthe Hanks, then back to the brisket
and thence upward, shearing the woo! from
the breast, front, and both sides of the neck,
but not yet the back of it, and also the poll,
or forepart, and top of the head. Then
"the jacket is opened," anil its position,
as well as- that ofthe shearer, is changed by
the animal's being turned fiat upon its side,
one knee of the shearer resting on the cush
ion, the other gently pressing the fore-quar
ter ofthe animal, to prevent any struggling.
He then resumes Butting upon the Hank anil
rump, and thence onward to the head. The
'heep is then turned on the Other side-in
doing which gnat care is requisite to pre
vent the fleeces being torn ; and the shearer
proceeds as upon the other, lie must then
lake the sheep near to the door through
which it is to pa.-s out, and neatly trim the
lens, leaving nof a solitary lock anywhere
•is a lodging place, for licks. His absolute
ly necessary for him to remove from his
stand to trim, otherwise the useless stuff
from the legs becomes intermingled'with
the fleece-wool. In the use of the shears
the blades should be laid as flat to the skin
fi- possible; the points not lowered too
much, nor should more Hunt from one to
two inches to be cut at a clip, and frequent
ly not so much, depending on the compact
ness ofthe wool.— Amerii-an Stock Journal.
Tin- statue io be erected in ('entral Park,
New York, to Sir Walter Scott, will be- an
■'xact copy of thai which is sheltered be
neath the monument in Pinces' streei Edin
I la- lai.- hull storm in Vermont attacked
••railway train wilh such fterceness that
w locomotive, with all the energy of KIO
I'winds of steam, required twenty minutes
'" haul the cars a mile.
Tm: Sr .i I fol Ukt enter- iiikhi a new cmeer
under auspices whirh promise pnrmtmenre aiul
increaspfl u-r-fidnew.
This paper will he Itopubli-jan. Th" organ of
no wing or clique, il. will aim lo represent Mm
| IHjlicy of the National party ;to build up a heal
] thy National senliment, nnd in-pire WW of the
! whole country.
It will not he the veliu'leof pergonal detraction
i nor he used tn pet i\* jiei- inu> otllre. nor to keej>
jothersout. The safety of all l-i in the triumph
; ofthe cause; and lo secure it, all musl labor
zealously and devotedly, and lalie theii Mianc-er
in the general result.
Atniin: lo treat ovt-yy iffeuiher of its owu party
; penemuMv, ii will he just io ils opjionents. Ii
i will discuss all questions of public intcre-d fairly
i and temperately. Asserting the right earnest 1\
i and resolutely, and baling nojol or tittle of lhe
, truth which it is called to deelnre, it will aim to
—-pe;d.- the trnth in lov«?. M
11 will commend pen ins, patriotism and virtue
j everywhere, and be as prompt to expose corrupt
j tion and imbecility iv its own party as in another
We shall advocate all measures to advance the
j public pood, original ing in our own party or out- j
i side. There are vital question?* enough bei ween
jus and the opposition without seeking issues
where all pood men should ,-tand on common ,
Helievinp popular Education to be ilw* one cry- !
inp want, of our State and of the country, we
shall pive larpe space to its advocacy. To edu
cate thorouphly iHI the children of the State j
should be tlu* supreme and paramount work of i
lepNlation. To this sacred task we tonsecrate ,
our paper. We shall plead the cause of the little j
ones who have no voice ; and, in so pleadinp, we
plead lor the future of Virpiuia in whatever can l
make her preat and plorious.
The financial condition of tlw* country, and es
pecially of the South, will not be neplected. AVo
advociitc a financial policy which will bring back -
i ap:iin to the South more than its old prosperity. !
jWe are for the encourapement of a varied home
industry. \\V Me for Free Hankinp, under as\ >-
j tern which makes m<»uey absolulelj' safe snd HO
] lessible to business men at ttvtftg rates. We are ;
ft'rsucli a revenue sytem as will preserve the
: public credil without impo-inp tindie 1 burdens -
} Upon the people,
Hn Wring the vast tmportanci' of mechanical :
i and matmfacturinp industry, we shall labor '
■ heartily for tin* development of these interest",,
IWe shall pive accurate and detailed information
lof our VBtt natuaral wealth iv miues, forests,
| w.ilor-powers and" fisheries.
Helievinp m the "harmoijy of inti'rosts,*' we :
'■■ shall endeavor to show how fully each is dr-pen
i dent upon the prosperity of all: that labor'tind
cajiilal, employer aud employee, should be allies
; and friends, enrichhip each other by fraternal co- |
: oi»eration.
Apriculture is our piM. I-Vesh from a Virpiuia
, f-inu, which we leave lovinply and reluctantly
j for awhile, we have letirned somethiup of what
i wide and varied know led ire, what patience, econ.
I oiny anil administrative ability it takes to make
| a farmer. We shall pive larpe space to Apricul-
I Hire and Horticulture.
Ilu com lusioii, we will say that we will unite
cordially and earnesilv with men of all parties
.io remove every obstacle to the moral, intellec" ,
j tual and physical propress of our State and 11a" i
i tion. There are thousands of noble younp men j
: and women In the State full of prand capacity ;
{ now dormant and wasting. The old Common- ;
j wealth is souudinp the drum-beat lo duty. I.et [
j them shake oil' the nipht-mare of conservatism ;
i and old traditions, and march bravely to the j
I work of this new day. So shall they make the j
! future of Virpinia worthy of the past, and them
selves worthy of a great ancestry !
Kxhrrtivi: CoMMITTBB OP Nation.vi. QlkHQt.— '•
j Win. Suanders, Thos. 11. Bryan, Key. A. H.
j (irosh, Col. .r. 1». Thomiison, Rev. .loltn Trimble,
O. 11. Keih'y, Washiu«ton,l». C.
DhPCri l:s At LaBOI. —t'ol. 1). S. Curtis, j Wash- ■
, inpion. I>. O.) l)r. W- H. Huruham, T. A. Thomp- .
i son. Dr. .las. !_. Knos, Z. took.
National Gkaxuk, WABBtVOTOJT, 1). ('.
It is evident io all intellipcnt minds that lhe \
I time has come wheu those enpapetl in rural pur- j
i suits .-hould have an orpaui/alion devoted entirely i
; t(» their interests. Such it to intended to make tie
Order of Patron*. It was instituted in lSt>7; its j
: prow ih is unprecedented in the history ot secret j
j associations, and it is acknowledged one of the
mosi useful and powerful orpanizations iv the !
'■ luited Stales, li.s prand objects are not only
general improvement In husbandry, but io in- i
t crease the peueraly happiness, wealth, and pros
peiity of tlie country. It is founded upon the
I axioms that the products of the soil compri.se the
, basis of all wealth ; that individual happiness de
i pends upon general prosperity, and that the
i wealth ola country depends iq>on the general in
| tellipence and mental culture of the producing
: glasses.
In the meetings of this Order all but member!*
are excluded, and there is in its proceedings a
S symbolized ritual, pleasing, beautiful, and appro-
I priate, which is designed not only to charm the
\ fancy, but to cultivate and enlarpe ihe mind and
\ purify the heart, having at lhe same lime, strict
i adaptation to rural pursuits.
1 The secrecy of the ritual and proceedings of
! the Order have been adopted chiefly for the par
\ pose of accomplishinp desired eiliciency, exlen
j sion, and unity, and to secure amonp ils mem-
I bers. in the internal workmp of the Order, conli
, dence, harmony, and security.
Women are admitted to full membership, and
i sve solicit the co-operation of women becatt.se of
a conviction that without her aid success will lie
I less certain and decided. Much might be said in
! this connection, hut every husband and brother
! knows that where he can be aceompauied by his
i wife or sister uo lessons will hi'learned hut those
|of purity and truih.
The Order of the Patron.-* of 'Husbandry will
; accomplish a thorough systematic organisation
among Farmers and Horticnlturists throughout
I the rutted States, and will secure amonp them
j iuiimate social relations and acquaintance with
each other, for the advancement and elevation of
j their pur.suhs, with an appreciation andprotec
[ tion of their true interests, Hy such means may
!be accomplished that which exists ihrouphout
: the country in all other avocations and amonp
all other classes—combined co-operative associa- j
tion for individual improvement and common
Among the advantages which may be derived
j from the Order are systematic arrangements for
j procminp and dissendnatinp, iv the most expedi
tious manner, information relative to crops, de
mand and supply, juices, markets, and transpor
tation throuphout the country; also for the pur
chase and exchanpe of slock, seeds, and desired ■
varieties of plants and trees, and for the purpose I
Of procuring help at home or from abroad, and
siiiiulions for persons seekiup employment; also |
tor ascertaining and testing the merits of newly- ;
I invented farininp implements and those not in j
■ general use, and for detecting and exirasing those ■
! ihat are unworthy, and for protecting, by all
i available mean--, the farminp interests Irom fraud ;
| and deception, and combinations «f every kind.
We ignore all political or religious discossioits
in the Order; we do not solicit the patronage of I
* any sect, association or individual, upon any j
grounds whatever except upon the intrinsic merit i
of the Order.
The belter to secure greater benefits to our ;
members, v\e desire to establish Oranpes in
every city, town, and village in the United States, j
Information relative to orpanizinp may be ob
tained by addressing the undersigned, or either ;
of the General Deputies.
O. 11. KELLY,
Secretary of the National Grange.
r 1 the Largest type foundry
Soul!) i'l' l'liilflilepliiil. i.- Ilii' i-l.ihliKliiiient ef
II 1,. I'KI.OI'Z.K k co.,
Hii llMusfi, Va.
Tne Richmond Dlspatoh says:
" Un ffifoMi Tfl-i: Kcil.mikv.-—The new dn-.n in
which Un- Dlstmtcli litis :ij,jie:ii'i'd liar noini- weeks
V,-us liinii.-lieii by Jli'ksi-s. ii. 1,, rr.i.cii/n k 00.,
■ t.roprietor. of in." liichmoml Type Foundry.
We Iwtve l.een using I—Mr ly)).-for eight or ton
years, and have found itu-in equal iti durability
and ."tile ot tiniali to tha licsi foundries iv Hub
country and England. Their prices ore uniform
I wilh nil lh"' oilier foundries,.'
Tin- Kiuliinond Whig w*_fM :
• Tin: I,'n■ii.ii. im.TvpbFiu xnuv.— We hnve l.ceil
' guilfy uf tin Inadvertence in i-iling to mention
■ thai Hie beautiful sull of type iv wlii.-li the Whig
now appears was fiitiniiftieiureii fur us at llu' |
Richmond Tyiie Foundry. This ts the third out
fit we have obtained from thai estaßlWmtent--, !
before and two since Hie war—and we tin
).i-,|.,ir.-.i t,, bear emphatic testimony to theffldel- '
iiv wiili which the proprietors (Kessn. H. I. j
■ reiciu/.e t i'„.i execute their contracts, to the
. beauty and durability of their work, and to the
l'tiiiiess of their prices.
'I'll.' Ui.'lunoud Entjui.tr sfi.'.a; .
The handsome typographical appearance of
this paper li:t- been noticed and complimented by
I lhe press all over the country. We take pleasure in
-t iHug Hun our uutil! wa, procured from Ilia
Richmond Type Foundry, Messrs. 11. I„ I'eluuzi
! _ (Jo,, proprietors. je li—deod_wi:ni
41MI <
'PHIS isTiM'ivr not if E—That on the 17 lb j>
-1 day of June, 1871, a warrant In bankruptcy I
was i.siteil against the c.talc of Jesse ,1. Porter, 1 °
■ •I Louls.-i oonnty. and State of Virginia, i "
who lias iieen adjudged a bankrupt on hia own \ °
petition , that the payment of any debts, rinil tha j c
delivery ot nn,v property belonging Io .-aid bank- j '
rupt, to him or for his use, anil the transfer of B
any property b.i him, are forbidden by law; that, j
a meeting of tie- creditor, cv saiil bankrupl, to ■ I
prove their debts and choose one or fuoia- assign- .1
ees of his eslaie, will be held al a court of bank- j *"
ruptev, to be holden al Klel.iiii.iicl, bell,re W. j "
v I'niiies, Rm , Register, on the 88th day of !•_
Juno, IS7I, at II) o clock A. M.
io ui—M2w I. S. Marshal. '
i | _— v
mm* WTO GIVE .NOTH K-Tlmton the I7ih ~
Lday of JnBP. IsTl, a WtUTUII iti bankruptcy j,
was Issued ag&mst the eclat*? of Branch J. ton- 0
naUy, of Nottoway county, and Stale of Virginia, ;i
who has been adjudged a bankrupt un his own
petition; tli.it the payment of any debts, and the v
delivery of any property belonging io ink) bank- v
I rupt. to him or for his u_.e, ami ihe transfer of r
any property by him are forbidden by law ; ihat v
a meeting of the creditors of saiil bankrnpt, to *]
, prove their debts, and choose one or more a>- ;i
sfgnees of his estate, will be held at a oouftof H
bankruptcy, to be holden at. Richmond, before ',
W. W. V'orbes, Ksq., Kefcistcr, on the 2Mb day of
June, |s7l, at burdock A. M. _,
, jeIR-M2w IT.§. Marnhal-
THIS IS TO <JIVI. \OTl<:l_—That on the "
7th day of June, 1871, .a Warra&l in bankrupt- t|
cy waa issued agninsl the estate of Inward A. j.
Petty, of Norfolk county, and State of Virginia, f
who has been adjudged a bankrnpt on bis own
, pi'til ion ; that the pa\ nient of any debts, and the f :
I deliver} of an\ property betongteg to Mud bauk
j rupt, to him or for bis use, aud the transfer of
■ any property by him are forbidden by law; that
■ a meeting of tbe creditors of the said bankrupt,
to prove their debts, and choose one or more as
signee of bis estate, will be held at a court of c
; bankruptcy, to be holden at tlie (Custom-House at
Norfolk, Va., before Benjamin H. Foster, Ksq., j.
; Register, on the _2tl day of June, ls7l, at 12 t)
o'clock M. JOHN W. FAKKKLL,
i je 9—F2w Deputy Marshal M Messenger.
jm _
fpIIIS IS TO GIV_B NOTICE—Thai on tin- fith „
JL day of June, IS7I, a warran! in bankruptcy (>l
was issued afraitist the estate of J*. <t. \Vinjrtield, Q
[ of Krauklin couuty. and State of Virginia, who
has been adjudged a bankrupt upon bis owu peti
tion : lhat tlie payment of any debts, and thede
: livery of any property belonging to said bank- j-.
'. ruju, to him or for his use, nnd the transfer of <.i
any property by him are forbidden by law ; that w .
i a raeeong ef the creditors of said bankrnpt, to ':,
i prove titter debts, and ohoon one or more asalgn
] ees of bis estate, will be held at a court of bauk
[ ruptcy to be holden at the Register's offioe at
Danville, Virginia, before John K. Cobhe, Ksq.,
Register, on the ."ah day of July, 1871, at 10
o'clock A.M. N. B.BTOVALI-. I>. I\r..
, je B—F2w for A. S. (fKAY. l r . S. Marshal.
i n
rjllllS IS TO On*B NOTHi:—Thai on the fi
X I.">tli da\ of June, l>7l, a warrant in bank- v
i ruptcy was issued against the estate of Joshua »
1 Prewelt, of Rocky Gap, Bland connty, and State tl
of Virginia, who has been adjudged a bankrupt B
on bis own petition; that the payment of any "
debts, and the delivery of any property belonging
to said bankrnpt, to him or for his use, and the
transfer of auy property by him. are forbidden by ;
law ; that a meeting ot the creditors of said bank
rupt, to prove ibetr debts and choose o-ne or more
assignees of his estate, will be held at a court of
baukruptcy, to be holden at Abiii-_<ion, Virginia, "j
before li. (''. CHbbous, Esq., Register, on the 30th J
day of June. 1871. al Id o'clock, A. M.
l>epntv I.S. Marshal J
1 jei:~N._w for A.S.G-ray, r r .S. .Marshal.
4930 1
TED STATES tor the Eastern District of
i Virginia.
In the matterof William P.Orowder, bankrupt
| —in bankruptcy f<
To AVhom it May Concern—The under-signed,
William 11. Allderdice, of Richmond city, Virginia,
I hereby nives notice of hi* appoint incut as assignee
of the estate of W. I*. Orowder, of Goochland I
'■ county, iv said district, who was, on the 4th day 1
of May, 1871, amutteed a bankrupt on bis own I
(petition by the district court of said district. W
Date! ai Richmond, June _:., is.7l. f
WM. 11. AJLI.PKR.DieE. f
je li)-~M:!\v Assignee. tt
| ' __£ ft
. I'N'ITKIISTATKS loi- IbeEfHrtß* l>i*lrictot' 1
VirgUiift. n
in the matterof Thomas if. VtoAdrap, bank- l)
ru])i —iit lifinkruiilcy. 11
To Whom ii Mfiy Oanoum :—The imdiPnUinni,
W'illifim If. Allclerclici-, of Uu-luuond, (.'Hy, Vir- I
irinin, liereliy notice of hi.- Appointment tv i •
ii.-.-i_iiei- of the .-.-iiiti' of Thonuis il. Woldrop, of i
J.ouisfi eounly. in sulci district., who was, on the A
20thday. tt April, A. 1), 1871, adjudged a batik
ru|il on his own petition by the 1 li.-f rlci eo__t of a
• sai.l district.
Dated Illclimottd, May 22,1871.
WILLIAM 11. ALLIIKRDU'E, A-si(rnpe. w
j ,je W—MSw 1
TKD STATKs forth* eaatern district of Vir-
In the matter of Joseph Brounley, bankrupt—
in bankruptcy.
To whom it may i-c)))c.irn.—The iimlersiiriied,
William 11. Alldordice, of Richmond ("Hj, Vir
liiiiia. hereby nives notice of his fipjxiiiittiii-nt as
assignee of the estate of Joseph Bi-ouiiley, of ~
Kins anil liiii'.-n oonnty, in said districi. who
was. on the _-.il clay of May, A. I)., IWI, ndjtidfi- J
id a bankrnpt on his own petition by the District J*
(,'otirt of said districi. "
l.aiecl liicliiiioncl, Va.. June to, 1871.
je l'l—M.iw
* . A
1 TED STATES for lhe Western District of '
; Virginia. V
ln the mallei- of Isaac Mnsselni-in, bankrupt— '
iti bankruptcy. ".
To Whom 'it May Concern—The nnderatgned, r.
Frederick w. Bruce, of Sperryville, Viririnia, l_
hereby gives nolice of his appointment as as
signee of the estate of Isaac Mussclman, in said ~
ili-trict, who was, on the — day of , 1871, ad- ;
|ndged a bankrupt on bis own petition by ihe I
llisti-ici Conrt of said dislrict.
Dated Sperryville, Va.. May 2u, lti7l.
.j.'.'.--Wf'.w Assignee.
TED STATES for ih.- Western Districi of -,
lfi the mallei- of Holton L. Muncy, bankrupt—
j in bankruptcy.
To Whom it May Concern :—The uudei'si^iii-al,
Wm. Hage, of Aolgndon, Washington couuty,
Virginia, hereby gives notice of his iip])oinimeni „
a- assignee of the estate of Holton L. Muncy, of *
Bland county, in saicl district, who was, on' the
1.-llhilay of April. IS7I, adjudged a bankrupl on .
his owu petition by the District Court ol" said dis- r
Dated Abingdon, Va., June:!, 1871.
Ije ti—TuSw (A) WM. PAGE. Assignee.
TED STATES for the Dislrict of Vlrtfliiu. l
In tne mailer of li. K. Douthat, bankrupt—in' f
: bankruptcy.
To Whom it May Coucern —The unilcrsijoied,
I John Paul, of Uoekincjiam county, Va., hereby o
gives iii'ti.a.i'i his appointment as assiiruee of the ,
estale of It. Et. Dtiiuhat, of Rooktngham county,
! in said district, who was. on ihe :ld day of I'eli
: ruary, 1871, ndiuiltied fi bankrupt oti his own peli
i lion by tlie Dislrict of saicl district. it
Dated June "I, IS7I. (I
, je h—Th:iw JOHN* PAUL, As.ii-nee. j,
iX>_!. ~ I
Iti the matter of Samuel 11. Ttute, bankrupt—
I iti bankruptcy . a
To whom it May Concern:—'l'he iinilersiioied, a
:W. (1. Hanks, of Donville, PittsyUania, county, s
Virginia, hereby gives notice of his appointmeiit
as assignee of the esmte of Samuel 11. Tune, of t
Halifax county, in said district, who was, on the s
::isi clay of August, A. 1)., 1868, adjudged a .
I tiftnkriijil on liis own petition by lhe District '1
court of said dislrict. 1
Dated Danville.Va,June 18th, 1871.
WILL. tl. HANKS, Assignee,
je 14—Tli.'lw
1.1 I
TED.STATES for lhe Districi of Virginia,
in iho mailer of Samuel Walround, bankrupt—
; in bankruptcy, t
To whom it May Concern—The undersigned, i
J. E. Wharton, of Bedford county, Virginia,
hereby pives notice of his apiK.intiiienl tis as
signee of lhe i state of Sfinutel walround, of Bed
ford oonnty. iv said dislrict, who was, ou the 26th 1
day of April. 1871, adjudged a bankrnpl on his t
own petition by the District Court of said district, i
Dated Liberty, Va.. June -'.tli, 1871. i
j.-7—WHw " J. E. WIIAHTPN, Assignee. 1
TED STATES for I lie Districi of Virginia. r
In the matter of Wm. I*. Pool, bankrupt—in i
bankruptcy. • f
H> decree entered in tills matter, on the
daj tnTMay, I was npplnted o .peciiU .annmis- t
I sioner ii. take au account of all liens subsisting (
upon Ui.' reality surrendered by the said bank- 1
I rupt at the time his petition hi bankruptcy w.t- i
liled. with ihe priorities thereof. I
I All persons concerned are hereby notified, thai 1
I t have appointed THURSDAY, the 20th day of i
, July, 1871. .'ts lhe time, and lhe -.tore house of
Bohert V. Overby, in Mecklenburgcoffnty.as the
place, lor laklnis- lhe said accounts, fit which time
' : and place thoy ure required to attend, with all
papers, kc, neoeasarj to the full and perfect ex
ecution ol this decree,
cli,en under my hand litis Till day of June,
' IS7I. W. 11 HAKKSDAI.E l
i ,je9—law:lw Special Commissi,mev
|of the county of Nottowav, a number of gentle-]
men assembled at hi. residence Saturday, De
cember 10, lo tost by prac-tical experiment the
j comparative value of the DIXIE PLOW, manu
factured by Starke & Co., find any other thai
might enter the Held of competition.
Tlie plow, were taken to the Held at half •
past two R M.. the following gentlemen aciing a. i
i judges: F. \V. Eppo-. .1. II Williams, Koberf •
Sett. .la-. S. (Ullltm, Win. T. ("liri«liilli. liicli
ardVlppes. Dr Dnrrtng, Sidney flraves, Walton
Sydnor, F. 0 Williams, it. N. S.-a.v. atul J. M.I
Hurt,. Mr. S. Oraves and Walton Sydnor were I
the principal plowmen. Mr. W. Siclnoi working
the Watt plow, and S. Hl-aves the Dixie—both ol
wham linndled lliem with nia.lefly skill und
Those entered were the Dixie two-tone right nit.t
left-hand plows, and the Watt (wo-horse lefl
hand. Soon after the Irial ecanimenced. lhe beam
Of the Dixie right-hand broke in two and was laid
aside, the contest being narrowed lo the Wntt left
hand and Dixie right-hand. The soil flrsl selected J
was a stubble loam without soil; hut as the plows
were new, atul did not turn iv congruence of die
roughness of the casfings. after a short Irial it
was. decided to take them Into another field where
Ihe soil was a well-trodden, tenacious clay, with
a tlmothv sod covered with vegetation and with ; .
straw. The plows here performed their work ad- { :
mlrsbly, cutting atul turning without choking.
As tlie Dixie was a new comer, as tlie contest j
waxed warn most of the judges took hold of it j ■
to test personally Its practical working. While |
there Is no intention tt> do injustice to any, as
neither party had agent or representative pre- I i
sent, and both Blows did well, yel the trial, with i (
the award of the .judges, is deemed of sufficient i j
importance to the Interest of agriculture to.jttsli- !
fy its publication. t i
The award of lite judges was unanimously iv :
favorof the Dixie an tbe following ground.: i
Ist. It ctit a deeper furrow. ]
2d. It cut a wider furrow.
3d. It more etfectually inverted the -.oil
4th. The ill-all seemed to be no greater. I .
.-.th. The mechanical arrangement for altering
cut was deemed more simple unci .-Indent. j ]
At the conclusion of lhe trial some of the j
judges were so pleased as to determine lo order j ]
them for their own use. j
J. M. lll'l'T, Secretary. |
I certify that the above was sent to the Rich- j 1
luond "Whig" for publication by myself; lhal I • ,
am uot acquainted with Mr. Starke :' that he had ! ,
never seen the paper and knew nothing of its ' ■
contents, and was in tio wise a parly to the irial t
of the plows alluded 10.
January 7. is7i. J. M. Hi'RT. I ,
— i
We. the judges in the "Plow Trial,' on the
farm of Mr. F. (.'. Williams, published In the I
"Whig," hereby certify that It was directed to be
sent lo that .journal as a communication by the
judges who made the award. I ,
,T. M. liritT.
•T. H. WILLIAMS. , ,
January !>, 1871. .IAS. S. GILLIAM.
I do not believe in plow trials made by the
manufacturers themselves, but hope that every
farmer will fit once make a full trial of the 1)1 XII')
with every plow he can find, and buy Hint which (
does the liestwork. I have been not allien) supply
the demand, nor lill my orders for noun-time, and
must leave lield-l rials where they rightly belong '
—10 themselves.
ap 12—warn No. 1440 Main street.
T,*! A. DAYTOe., \
STEAM ENGINES of improved construction,
for all purposes, of Richmond or northern build.
Railroad. Machine, Car and Cnr|ienter Shape,
Planing Mills, Sash, Blind, Door, Cabinet-ware,
Chair. Bedstead, Wooden-ware, Agricultural,
Machine, Handle, Spoke, Stave, Carriage Wood,
Cotton and Woolen Factories, Cotton (litis, |
Farmers, Foundries, Rolling Mills, Tobacco Fac- •
lories, Tanneries, Saw. Flouring, Corn and Paper
Mills, Mines, kc. kc; Forged and Rolled Iron.
Improved Shafting. Pulleys and Hangers, Belt
ing. Locf Leather, Saw., Files, Wrenches, Twist
Drills, Steam Ganges, Saw Gauges, Saw Glim
mers, Steam and Water Plpeand Fixtures, Pack- :
ing, Journal Metal, Pick and Toot Handles, Tur- !
bine Water-Wheels, kc, kc
HOIEERS bought, sold and exchanged. A cptatt
i tit\ of the same on tend to be sold low, such as t
Engines Boilers. Mill Stones and Gearings, Wood
Working, Machinery, kc
Plans and estimates of Machinery for Mills
and Manufactories of all kinds. mh | Only j
U'M. |, CCII.X. KiltN VltftS. :
TtO" EtV 1' IK.M. 9
No. 8 KtuiiTH Strkkt, betwke.v Main and
Vra.vki.i.v, Hiciimoxi). Va.
\V M .II . 0 OOK & 0 O .
With improved facilities ami with a determina
tion to please iv prices and style of work, we re- !
speetfully ask from the people of Richmond, Vir- ;
ginia, and the South generally a fair .-have of
We manufacture
Verandahs, Balconies, Iron Vault and
Cellar Door?, (.ratings, "Window (fnurds, Awn
l&g Frames, Corinthian Columns and Capitols,
Ornamental Window Caps, Ornamental Uraekets
for Ualconies, Shelving, &c, Ventilator;; for Brick
and "Wood Cornice, Oas and Water Pipe, Hy
drant Keys and Rods for (Jas and Y.'ater, Traps
for Culverts and Hydrants, Coal Shoots, and all
kinds of lUON WORK for buildings generally. \
"We also manufacture, together with the above, (
work PI_OW-OASTINGS, aud would respect
fnlly HOliciL the patronage of merchants and
farmer*. All work guaranteed, and orders filled
wlti dispatch. nolo—6m
r. UftlTinCK. i:t Ita AllltAM.
-iTriiiTLoi'K * a«ra*i,
AMI \Vtt"[.i:SAl I! AM. flf-TAII. f.ftAl.l.tls f.\
No fSOI Main Slreel, opposite- St. Oliarles liolel, ,
lttUIllMONl), VA.
je 15—3 m
Sali: ojf tiiiV i_i*i _:< ts of thk i \-
In ohedieuee to a decree of the Circuit Court
of the I'niti'd States for tin' liistrict of Virginia,
the undersigned will, on the
beginning ;it 10 o'clock A. M., ai the Court-house
door of said court, in the Custom-house imilding,
in the city of Richmond,make sale for cash, of all
the eih-cts of ths Farmer* Bank of Virginia, con- '
slating of BONDS, BILIJS, NOTES, JUDG- •
MKNTS, DKCR_.ES, and whatsoever else flu-re
Creditors of the Bank, whose claims ha\ c bften
allowed, are, under said decree, entitled to set off
at par their claims against any pnircliitt.es of
said efteots they may make.
A descriptiresist of said effects may he seen at ,
the oflice of David J. Saunders, un Kteyenth
street, between Main and Bank, in Richmond,
which the nubile are invited lo call and examine.
This list will be printed for circulation, and will
be ready ns won as it can he prepared,
ap 1 r»—-law Ufa. Farmers Bank Va.
Sam; of thi: effect* of the hank
of virginia.
Ia obedience to a decree of lhe Circuit Court of
tin* United States for the District of Virginia, the
undersigned will, on the
begiuing at W o'clock A. M.. at the ('onrt, iv the \
Ou-uim-house building, in the city of Richmond, |
make sale, for cash, of all the EFFEOTB of the
HANK OF VIRGINIA, consisting of BONDS,
and whatsoever else there be.
Creditors of the Bank, \\ hose claims have been
allowed, are under said decree, entitled to set oil' ;
at par their claims againsl any purchases of -aid
effects they may make.
A descriptive lin of said effects may bee seen at \
the count ing-hnu-e of S. C. Tardy, one of tbe un
dersigned, on Seventeenth and Dock streets, oral
the oflice vi l>. J. Saunders, on Eleventh street, !
between Mil in and Bank, in Richmond, which !
tlie publle are invited to call ami examine. This
list will be printed for circulation, and it will be j
advertise when ready.
1 [-reivers Bank of Virginia.
March mh, ls7l. _ mh _J— law ids.
FA PUR IS PRINTED, was cast ai the
foundry of H 1,. PELOUZE & CO..
fje I.V-deodfcwtim Richnii)nd, V*.
Dl{ JOHNSTON lias discovered the most cer- ■ ,
| tain, spoedv, and only effectual remedy in the ! •
j world for \V'eakne sof "the Hack or Limbs, Strh -
1 tuns. Affections of the Kidneys and Bladder. In
voluntary discharge*, linpotency, General Dofoil- i j
1 ity, Nervonsßess, Dyspepsia, Languor, Low
1 .Spirits, Confusion of Ideas, Palpitation of the
i Heart, Timidiiv, Tremblings. Dimness of Slghl ,
or (criddinera, Dtseasesof the Head, 'n.roat. Nose i j
or M;in, Affection of the LnngS. Stomach or Bow- : ]
eN—those terrible disorders arising from the Sol
itary ll:.bin of Youth— those secret and solitary
practices more fatal to their victims than the ;
' SOU oiSvren>to tbe Alarinerof Clysßes, hlightinK
; their most brilliant hopes or anticipations, rem ,
I dering marriages, kc. impossible.
| Especially, who have become the \ ictims oi
Solitude Vice, that dreadful and destructive habit (
which annually sweeps to an untimely grave *
thousands of Young Men of the most exalted
talent and brilliant intellect, who might otherwise .
have entranced listening Senates with the thuu- i
j der« of elotiuence, or waked to ecstacy the living _
I lyree, may call with full confidence.
Married Persons, qr Young Men c<aitemplating
I marriage, bcini; aware of physical weakness, or
i gante debilities, deformation ' ke.. speedily cured.
ii" who places himself under the care of Dr. J. .
may religiously confide on his honor as a
gentleman and confidently rely Uppn ids skill tv a ».
physician, > I
immediately cured and fnil vigor restored. t
This dreadful disease—which renders life raise
rable and marriage Irnposalblft--4s the penalty
paid li> the \ ictims of improper Indulgencies,
Young persons are 100 apt to commit excesses
from not being aware of the dreadful COUse- .
quences that may ensue. Now, who that under
.-lands the subject will pretend to deny that the
power of procreation is lost sooner by those fall- I
tag into improper habits than by the prudent? J f
Besides being deprived of the pleasures of i i
healthy offspring, the most serious and destrue- j
live symptoms to both body and mind arise. The j
system becomes deranged,"the physical and men-
I till functions weakened, loss of pToereattve pow- j j
er, nervous instability, dyspepsia, palpitation of i
the heart, indigestion, constitutional debility, a j j
, wasting of the frame, coughs, consumption, kc. \ j,
Offici; No 7 Soith Fhkdfruk Strkkt, i \
! Left hand side going from Baltimore street, afrvr
■ doors from the corner. Fail not to observe the .
name wad number.
Letters must be paid and contain a stamp. The j
; Doctor's Diplomas hang in his oflice.
Member of the Royal College of Surgeons, Lon
| don, graduate froni one of the most eminent Col- *
' leges iv the United States, and the greater part
of whose tife has been spent in the hospitals of «
: London, Paris, Philadelphia and elsewhere, has
■ effected some of the most astonishing ourei ~
that were ever known ; many troubled with ring
ing in the head and ears when asleep, great j
, nervousness, being alarmed at sudden sounds, | ,
I bashfulness, with .fretpient blushing, attended |«
sometimes v. itli a derangement of the mind, were ;
; cured immediately. ■»
Dr. J. addresses all those who h&ve injured j
themselves by improper indulgencies andsolita- j
ry habits, which ruin both body and mind, unfit- <
ting them for either bushiest, study, society, or j j
marriage, L
These are some of the sad aud melancholy ef- y
fects produced by early habits of youth, viz:
Weakness of the _lack and Limbs. Fains in the
Head, Dimness of Sight, Loss of Muscular Pow
er, Palpitation of the Heart, Dyspepsia, Nervous ; ,
Irritability, Derangement of the Digestive Func- ; f
tions, Oeueral Debility, Symptoms of Oonsump- ;
lion. *
The fearful effects on tlie mind are much to be !
dreaded. Loss of Memory, Confusion of Ideas, !
: Depression of Spirits, Kvil Forebodings, Aversion '
1 lo Society, Self-distrust, Love of Solitude, Timid j j
| ity, &c, an* some of the evils produced.
Thousands of persons of all ages can now .judge j
what is the cause of their declining health, loosing I
their vigor, becoming weak, pale, nervous, and j
emaciated, having a singular appearance about
the eves, cough and symptoms of consumption.
who have injured themselves by a certain prac- j (
tice indulged in when alone—a habit frequently ';i
; learned from evil companions or at school, the ; ' (
! affect* of which are nightly felt, even when ; x
\ asleep, and, if not cured, renders marriage im- I „
: possible, and destroys l>oth mind and body— i ]
! should apply immediately.
What a pity that a young man, the hope of his
country, the' pride of his parents, should be j >
snatched from all prospects aud enjoyments of 1 j
life by the consequence of deviating from the ;
' path of nature and indulging in a certain secret
i habit. Such persons, mist, before contcmphi- I ;
: ling ,
| rolled that a sound mind and body are the most ,
I necessary reqttisiies to promote connubial hapi- f
: ness; indeed, without these, the journey through ',
; life becomes a weary pilgrimage, the prospect
i hourly 1 darkens to the view, the mind becomes ,
j shadowed with despair and tilled with the me!- j
: ancholy re/lection that the happiness of another ,
I becomes blighted with your own.
Whorf the misguided and Imprudent votary of ,
■ pleasure finds he has imbibed the seeds of this j
painful disease, it too often happens that an ill- ,
timed seiue ef shame or dread of discovery de- t
ters him from applying to those, who, from edu- (
cation and respectability, can alone befriend him. .
He falls into the hands of ignorant and dosigning *
pretenders, who, incapable of curing, filch hia
pecuniary substance, keep him trilling month
after month, or as long as the smallest fee can be
obtained, and with despair loam him with ruined
: health to sigh over his galling disappointment, or t
:by the use of that deadly poison Mercury, hasten "
the constitutional symptons of the lerriblo dis
' case, such as Affection of the Head, Throat, <
Nose, Skin, etc., progressing with frightful rapid- (
ity till death puts a i>eriod to his dreadful suffer
ing by sending him to that undiscovered country »
from whoso bourne no traveller returns. J
The many thousands cured at this" institution
within the last eighteen years, and the nume- (
'' revs Surgical Operations performed by Dr. John
ston, witnessed by the reporters of the "Sun" (
and many other paper*, notice of which appeared t
again and again before the public, besides his I
standing as a gentleman of character and respon
sibility, is a Bumclcient guarantee to the aillicted. fi
i Persons writing shotted be particular indirect
; ing their letter-, to his institution in the following a
Baltimore Luck Hospital,
aug ."i—ly Baltimore, Maryland.
a thing of yesterday, got up to gull the un
wary and put money in the pockets of the pro- ;
prietors. It has stood the test of time. Having
beeu in the market over thirty years, its very
name will recall lo many who "are now the re- *
duected heads of families, the halcyon days of
their youth, wilh all its joys and sorrows; it is
still the same; infallable in its operation; a spe
cific remedy for youthful indiscretion and folly;
a true friend. It is for sale by all druggists,— C
Prtoe. *1 per bottle. de 14—ly *
Just publislMrtl, vi a sealed envelope. Price (> .
MENT, and Radical Cure of Spermatorrhea or j
Seminal Weakness, Involuntary Emissions, Se\- •
ual Debility, and Impediments'to Marriage gene- fc
rally; *Jse'rvousness, Consumption, Kpilepsy,
and Fits ; Mental and Py.-ical Incapacity, result- *
ing from Self-Abuse, jtc., by Rou'r J.'Cui.vna
-1 WKi.r, M. D-, aidhorof the "Green Book," &c.
Sent under seal, iv a plaffi enveloiie, to any ad- j
dress, postpaid, on receipt of six cents, of two
' postage stamps, by .
117 Bowery,«_N'ew York, Post Oflice box 4560.
I je 8--eod.hu
of iliis In-1 ii in ion will I'oftinii'DO.' Ol "I'OHKH l'h,
wiih sii-.-.'illy iiiiiiroccl liuililii'.s, :ui.l ffilv:ililti»,-s
ol'tlip onliT. lii.-iii-liiii' Us sludiMiis v tho- I
n.iii,h _9__Ucsti ctiiiiM- of flu l liitrh.'st vi.lno.
For piii'lic-iilurs jHlilia---,
,ji-!—liiwlin ti. MORIIIS NK"OI,. l'rp.'.ldriii. .
! TTKllH'll i:i>ri'ATlON.
Board in.d Tccilion pel- atmuiti c
1 In:ui|;tir.iti'il l.v 11. H H. Ptinci' Aiiilmr. Board
tiilil 'I'liiticn iii'i- finiiiiiii, if2_i.
Prksiukxt—TM Vi'iyltiv I. H.-ltniiili, I). I).,
liran of Huron.
US'for paflic-filai-.s, iipi.l-. lv Major F.aan-,
■ laoiiilon. Ctitiiula Wi'M. si- let—diwl.i
KftVißg a larp' --tcK'k on hand. I tun M'llini; at
Pivatlv r.'iliici'il pt'i'i-s.
S'.'.', Main and Jt, llrorul -m'.-'f.
j« lfi—'lnnl_w
On and fiffr JUNE 11th, 1871.
(ii'lNfi WEST.
Train No. 2 (Through PmnHlfort laavea Rich
inoiid daily (except Sundays) at. 4.".. A.M ; IflftTi-
Danville at 11.-09 A. M ; arrives al Greensboro' at
1:02 P. M.
Traiii No. a (Lynchburg Passenger! leaves
■ Richmond dally at "f):l.-. A. M.; arrives at Lynch
burg at .11". M.
Traiii No. 10 (Through Malland Expressl leave-
Elchmond dally al 11:40 P.M.; leaves Danville dai
ly at ll):4l P. M : aiilW .'f liieeu-lii'ii'' daily at
l:l!!A. M.
Train No. 12 (Through Mall and Express) leaves
frreenslioro' daily at 7 :IW. 1.,11 : leaves Danville
daily al 10:12 A. M.: arrives al Ilic-htnond daily al
8:U A. M.
Ti-aln No. H (Through Passenger) leave.
Oreensboro' dally (except Sundaes) at 11:0- A.
M.i leaves Danville at 1:27 P. M.; arrive, at Rich
mond at 8:22 P. M.
Train No. D (Lynchburg Passenger) leaves I
Lynchburg daily at 8:30 A. M.; leaves llui-keville !
at 1 P. M.i arrive, at Richmond, at 400 P. M.
Trains No.. 2 and 10 connect at Greensboro' j
with Traina on North Carolina Railroad for all
points South.
Train No..', connects at Hurkeville wilh Train '
on Atlantic-, Mississippi find Ohio Kailroac! tin- all
points Southwest find South.
THROrfHI TICKETS to all points South and
Southwest can be procured :cf the ticket oltlce in j
MTPapen that have arrangement* to adver
tise the schedule of this company will please
print as above.
je .', General Freight and Tickel Agent.
18717" 1871.1
THROUGH TKALVS leave depot, corner
Byrd and Eighth streets, as follows :
Tlie DAY TRAIN dttlly ;.. B:_0 A. M. Arrive
in Washington at 1_:1"», Ualtimore (except on
Smulavs) at 2:15. Philadelphia :it 6:1.-., and N.-v,
York tit I0:2(t 1\ M. THE SAME DAY.
The NIGHT Tit AlNdailv (t-xc-rpt onSuntliiys)
a I S:4.'» I*. M.
The DAY THAIN arrives iv Richmond at 2:17
1». M.
The NICrHT TRAIN arrives in Richmond
(Monday* excepted at :<:3O A. M.
The Accommodation train, for Mil
ford leaves Broad-street 1 Depot daily (Sunday*
excepted) at 4:30 I*. M. Arrives in Richmond :tt
8:42 A. M.
FREIGHT TRAINS leave Richmond on
TUESDAYS and FRIDAYS at 0:46 P. M.
CrAGE Checks to nil the principal points iv die
! North. East and West.
COMPANY'S OFFICE, corner of Broad and
Eighth streets. (
TICKET OFFICE, corner Byrd and Eighth
General Ticket Aja-mm.
E. T. 1). Myeu*, General Superintendent,
w je 7
lluiiMoMi a.vu York Kivi:k Haii-h-ah, i
StTEItrNI'EXIIKNT's OftflCst, f
liren.Ho.vn. V.*., May .'tilth, 1871. 7
.On and after MAY SOth, 1871, the TRAINS on
\h\-> road will run as follows :
Leave West Point daily uiOOOum; arrive ai
Richmond dally at 10:6_ am.
Lenve Richmond daily at 3:00 pm; arrive at
West point dally at 4:45.
Leave Richmond daily (Mondays excepted).
On Sunday this train will leave Richmond at .'':.'"ii
a m : arivini; al West Point at K:4l am., and re
■ turning, leave West point, at 8:40 p m, and ar
rive at Richmond at S-06 p in, thus enjoying line
salt, water bathing in commodious bath-rooms.
Fare for the round trip, 1:74.
Train*- connect daily (Snndays sxcepied) a:
Went Point with lirsi-class Steamers for .Bal
timore, and all points North ami West.
Fare from Richmond to Ualtimore. to.OO.
Through Bills of Lading giren to all i>oints
North and South. Freight- received daily and
promptly forwarded.
persons Koint; by this route fej a £ood night's
rest on most coiniortahle boats, With tables un
surpassed by auy, aud arrive in Ualtimore iv
time for Northern and Western trains.
The Freight Train, with Pamiepger Car at
tached (Sundays and Mondays excepted), will
leave Richmond at 4 a in ; arrive ai West Point
at 1:90 a m.
Leave West Point {Sundays and Mondays ex
ceptdd) at Ipm ; arrive at Richmond at 4:40 p
A round trip ticket will be sold from Rich
mond to West Point, pood to gu down on SAT
URDAY ami return on MONDAY, lor lUJfI.
Good hotels are open for the accommodation of
guests at moderate prices.
WM. N. BRAGG, Supt.
J. M. TcßXsn, Freight Agent,
J. L. Taylor, Ticket Ageat. my 1
On aud afterTHCRSDAY, .Inue ist. PASSEX
GER TRAINS leave Richmond (Sundays ex
cepted) as follows :
8:30 A. M— MAIL TRAIN ft>r SUauuon, con
necting al Gordonsville with Orange, Alexandria
and Manassas train for Washington and North,
and Lvnchburg and South.
On and after the l/ith of JUNE a PASSEN
GER TRAIN William daily (except Sundays) be
tween Staunton and the white Sulphur, as fol
lows :
Leave Staunton at S:.."* A. M., arrive at White
Sulphur at 1:33 P. M. ; leave White Sulphur at
2:30 P. M., arrive at Staunton at 7:44 P. M.
THROI.'GH TICKETS, at low rates, .-old to
al! poluts North, AVe>;t and Southwesi.
Further information may be obtained at tie
company's otllce,
No Pa's.senger Trains arc run on Sundays.
General Superintendent.
General Ticket Agent. je 1
This Great passenger and Fast Freight Line is
composed of the Richmond and Danvdle rail
road, Atlantic, Mississippi aud Ohio railroad,
East Tennessee, Virginia and Georgia Railroad,
Nashville aud Chattanooga Railroad and Mem
! phis and Charlestown Railroad and their connoc
j tion.s.
Passenger train.*; leave Richmond dally (Sun
d.ays excepted) at 9:10 a.m., making (done l con
nections throughout to Lynchburg and all sta
tions on A., M and Ohio railroad, Knoxville, De
catur, Corinth, Grand Junction, Memphis, New-
Orleans, Chattanooga, Canton, Jackson. S'aks
burg, Mobile, Dalton, Atlanta,* Rome, Seliua,
Macon, Columbus nnd all points "South and
Southwest, Nashville, Columbus, Chicago, Cairo,
St. Louis and all points North aud North\\e>i.
Through tickets good until used.
Baggage checked through.
New and elegant sleeping cars on all Bight
Fare lower thau by any other route.
The fast freight line on this route oilers great
inducements to shippers.
Through bills ladings issued and rate* guaran
Quick line and low rales and a prompi adjust
ment of all claims for losses, damagepr over
For further information, apply at the otllce of
the Virginia and Tenhe&se Air Line Railway,
133S Main street, or at the office of the Richmond
and Danville railroad.
THOMAS PICKNEY, Agent Claims aad Ex
penses, Norfolf, Va. je 3
Ou ami after Sunday, January __;►, ls.'i, one
daily passenger tmiu will run between WASH
INGTON and LYNCHBURG, connecting at
Gordonsville with the Chesapeake ami Ohio
Railroad to Richmond, Staunton and the Virgin
ia Spring.-; at Lynchburg for the West and
Southwest, and at Washington, to the North and
Leave Washington daily at O:.V> a. in, aud Alex
andria at sa. m., arriving at Lynchburg at 5:01
p. m.
Leave Lynehburg at Ml _ t . m., arrive at Alex
andria at .*>:2:» p. m., and at Washington ai 8:lfl
p. in.
For MANASSAS LINE leave Washington
daily (excepting Sunday) at lu.'iuam; leave Al
exandria at 11:20 a. in., puss Strasburg at 4 _n
p. m., and arrive at Harruburg at ; p. m.
Eastward, leave Harrisburg at &:.'4\ a. m : pa-s
Strasburg at !<_.'> a. m., arrive at Alexandria at
LM p. in. and at Wasbiiigton in time for connect
ing with the :t p.m. train from Washington io Bal
tfood connections, by comfortable coaches, are
made to Fairfax Court House from Fairfax sta
tion :to Middleburg from Plain*; to Cppervillc
from Piedmont, and lo Staunton fjom Harrison
Elegant sleeping cars are run daily between
New York and Lynchburg, without change.
Also, cars through between Baltimore and
Lynchburg, avoiding the huonvoniance of trans
fer in Washington.
Through tickets aud baggage checked to all
prominent point- J. M. RROADI's.
mh7—tf i teiiHial Ticket Agent.
Two 11.liii. (ifttlt (oxcoul sini'i.-ij ; betwem
Alexfuulria atul Hamilton.
Lima.' AlextLndria fit 1:40 A. M. mid .*• I*. M.
Arria" ,at Hamilton at 10:i< A. M. aif'l ~'2-~' I*. M.
Leave Uamllton at 6:88 A. M. and IJilf* V M
Arrive at Alexandria at k.m A. M. nnd 2:'!.-. P. M
Thp 8:40 A. m. ifain Irom Alexandria aad l_i "•
1* M. train fn,fti Ilaiiiiliuii, ooniMCI it Hamilton
with Kemp's Daili Line ofCoacbn tor Pmwll
villi', Snlek.rsTllle. Berryville and Witu li.--t.-i':
.•tl-:.. with l,Vanii'r\s i.mi- ut r.Kuii. ~ which lea,v
I.i'i'-lniri; ilail> for AUli.- :uul Midilli-Lurir.
Annual ti.-k.-is. .ixt.v dotlan; lainimniaiiim
ticket. CM ti-ipsi ai 2H ettitttj per mile.
I! 11. IIAVI'.NNIM,'.
je I', l.enei-al Ticket Aneut.
roll MEW YOIIK.--OI.1) DO- .-fi** 8 ?,
The siilendiil new si'l" wheel Stealtiship-
HATTERAS and NIAOAUA leave New- Tork
Norfolk, I'llv Polnl and Hiclnnond every TI'ES
DAT, TlllliSDAY and WATCRDAY, at 1
o'clock P. M.
Tbeae ships an entirely new. aad werehuih
expressly lor thi- I-Otlte.
They have splendid saloons and .-faff)'))!)-.
find I he aceoiniiiiailaiions and attention fin- in ■
(iixHls .hipped l.v this line are landed riy-u
--larly at New York,'on the Company', rovnwl
pier, a? North rtrer, within f.)i-tv-eiKhl hours.
Insuraii. il'ei-led when ordered, al a m ai:
TMI 09 I'M: riff i i:nt. at file otllce of this com
Freight* tor point, hevotul New York forwarded
with dispatch, and no charge made, exeeepl ac
tual expenses iuenrred.
HV_" For farther information apply to
ja I—tf No. 3 llovcriior .treet,
The sleamships OKOlif IK 11 UPTON and
\VII.I,IAI\I P. ('I.YI)K leave New York eyeri
TUESDAY and SATI'UDAY al :'. 0.-lotli P. 1>( . •
from Pier Ml North river: leave lliehinondevn
TUESDAY and KKIIIAY at ltij.-h tide.
rinse connection, made v.ilh .teamen, for all
Southern anil Eastern ]iorts.
D. J. UUHR, Presid.n;
WA.aitiM.f'S k Co., Agents, Hichniond, Vn
Pin- 21 North river, New York. ap 1
fe 2.a—tf
-iTioR ja:vii:s ami <nu kt- /ftviEJL i
r hominy ltm'-.iis. Wa.
The fasi and elegant side-wheel steamer PA I.
ISADEOaptnln Cans. Khmios, will leave her
wharf a I Rockets for King's Mill Wharton James
river en TUESDAYS ninl'SATUlll'AYS si 10
o'clock A. M.,eonnecttnn will) the l-Joeln.k Irani
atCitv Point from Petersburg- Kelurniiig, will
leave King's Mill "n WEDNESDAYS and alo.N
DAYS, at ", o'elo.-k A. M., loiicliiiff tn all lhe reg
ular laudiiig.s each way.
Will leave her wharf al Beckett, for Hum's on
Chickahominy, THURSDAYS al 8 o'clock A. M
connecting at City Point villi the 7 O'clock l rain
from Petersburg, touching at all ihe regular
landings on .lanies river down to DUlard's
W'liaii'. and all regular landings on t*hickalfomi
nv . Upturning, will leave Binn's on EHIDAYS
at ti o'clock A. M.
Fretght ree. iv.-d from 13o'clock Mondays to In
o'clock A. Al. Tuesdays, and from la o'.iork toll
P. M. Wednesdays, and from 12 o'clock Fridays
u» la A. M. Salui-diiv.s.
Freight for < iiickahomiui will only be received
Iron V 2 o'clock Wednesdays lo fi A. W. Thin
All freight, towaj landing must he prepanl.
For further particular*, apply to Captain on
hoard, or to OEORG L. CUBRIE, Agent.
Al t'ruuii; if IV-.'s. corner lSlh and Ifaiv
slreels. jes--:llll
,j_i._jryr-_ A MOlWTH—Expeßse. paid—Male
JflS's / *J °r Female Agents—Morse and outtli
furnished. Address, Saco N'.vi.i.tv f'u , Sine,
aie. | ,i<' I''—>w
CJOHOOI. TEACHERS WantUaa i.iiii>!o).u.-.ii.
O at from ~.'«i to 4-ll>'l per mouth, slmnld addre--
SIEIiI.EH ,t MrCURDY, Philailelphia. Pa.
Ai:i:\l's i,iii)k: U f." Ho Per Da*. Eaar.
gmtee) and iuolilal.le lui-iu.-s. A little
Novell) which everybody want-. SUCCESS
Sl'l(l'.. Send for circulars, (iliurchlll _ Tempte
lon, i'lanulaiiuier-. 814 Hroadvay. N. Y.
je la—tv
rilHlS IN NO 1101810 !
11. seiidinc-3.-. CENTS villi aga, li.-ifrlii. color
of e'vs and hair, you will receive h.y rettirn mat!,
a correct picture of your tut tire husband or vile,
with nam.- and (late of marriage. Address AY.
FOP. P. (I. Drawer. No. !>4, Fullotiville, N. Y.
je U —4w
A Pocket Prosp.-ctus of the beat Illustrated
Family Bible, published in both English and Ger
man, containing Bible Histofy Dictionary, Analy
sis, Harmony ami History of Raltgiaas. Sent
free on apiiUoatiou.
W. FEINT _ CO., 88 South Till St..
je 13 4w Philadelphia. Pa.
Circular. je lft-4w
ha. thodelleute und ret'treshisy
uf gonulnu Furhm
■*s(fA Wuter, ....,1 Ij
**■* '& lo
tho Toilet o? Soa •___, 'Ofl/Vr
every I.u.iy or ™C
i 1.,,,..,. Sold by Druggist. -^^_
and Ileulen In
WANTED— Agents, (*«0 per .lay) lo sell lhe
MACHINE, llu- ihe iindi'iied, makes the "lock
.sfitch" (alike on both .-ides,) 3nd is tully licenced.
The best find chean.-si family Sewing Machine in
ihe martlet Address JOHNSON, I'LAIiK a.
CO.. Boston, Mass.. Pittsburg, Pa., Chicago, 111 .
or St. Louis, Mo j.- IS —Iv
(Jh(/)O0 in 1C DAIS
(JPX'CSO Dljufe hy line A«em. Uo you wan
a situation as salesmen at or near home to ino_e
*. r . io $90 per day selling our new 7 stiand White
Wire Clothe- Lines to last for ever. Sample free.
Addrees Adsoit River Wire Wefts, 18 Maiden
I.am-, cor. Water street, N. V., ot- 111 Dearborn St.
Chicago. je 13—|w •
j)CinVrloN tii pitu i>
P0 iMNI "UM 'it.
I.V (.1.11 IM. If if.t-fls.
K_ Send for our Price l.i-i and a club
form will aecompaii. It, coufainiuf fulldirecti-Hl«
—making a targe s'aih,;, to consumers a-.: I re
muneraitve io clnb organiaers,
:'.| am. :i:l Vi:-i:i' Si-ukut,
P.O. Box 6043. n,:h Yoa*
.1 "r 'v i g 8 h a .
Ii is a sure unci Perfect Remedy for all Hi;
ease: of ihe
Lie can.l Spl'tn, En/ai-j.m.nt or Obstruction ,f
Intestines, Urinary, t't',-,i„, or AMouUnul tn
gans, Poiwrfw ",-.. Want of 1i10.,.1, i„t r .
mittt-nt or tittnitt, nt Fever*, tntttnia
lion of tin l.itrr, DropSy, S-li-iiji. 1
Circulation of It,,- Blond, Ah
*e****Si Tumors, Jaundice,
Srioftlla. i),/*J,,-p*i'i,
.(.,('• ~,,./ ErO.,-, ~.
I HE IK O O Nf' O Al 1T a N T s
ltit. Win.l.- having become aware, ,i thaextnt
ordluari medicinal [iroperties of flu' South Ann-i
--cau Plant, called
J v it (* v i: i) a ,
sent a special commission to thai cnnim ta pro
cure II in its native purity, and having found u
voiideii'ul curative pro]iertles to ey.-n exceed ihe '
anticipation, formed bj ttsgrenl reputation hi
Concluded t,. ..m-i- ii to the public, and ishappi
i.i siate ihai he has perfrcted arrangements for n
regular monthly supply of this wonderful Plain
He has spent much lime eXperimenting and In
vestigating as i • ihe in.-i eiikieni prsparaliou
from it, lor popular use, and has for some urn.'
used in his,,\.n pra.ii. ,• with .most happ. n
.siilis. the eft'ecliml mcdl. hie bow presented to the
public as
DR. WELLS' EvTKA("T OF .11 lil'HEl'A
aud he confidently recontmiii'l- n lo every family
aa a household r.-fuedy which should be freely
j taken a.aßi.ooo Pi mi-fen mall derangemani-.
of tlie system and animate and fortify all weak
; and • vinpaihetie temperaments.
JOHN 11. KF.1.1.0U.;
Is Plan si . Neyv York
Sole Agent lor ihe united Stati -
Price one Dollar per Bottle Send fori.'m-nlar.
je l.alw

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