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Census It. t Mm-
Washington, August 25. —From advance
sheets of Census Table No. 2, it appears
that the population of the various States
and Territories, which are officially antl
finally revised at the Census Office is as fol-
Alabama 906,992 Missouri 1,721,295
Arizona.. 9,08 ft Montana 20,696
Arkansas 481,471 Nebraska 122,(«ni
t'allfornta 5011,247 Nevada 42,491
t'olorado S9,sf l 4N. Hampshire. 318,300
Connecticut... 637,454 New Jersey... 900,090
Dakota 14,181 New Mexico.. 91,874
lielnwnre 126,016 New York 4.382,759
Dist. Oolumbia 1.11,700 North Carolinal ,071,381
Florida 137,748 Ohio 2,085,200
tieorgia ... 1,184,109 Oregon 90,92:1
Idaho 14,000 Pennsylvania. .3,521,791
Illinois 2,539,891 Rhode Island.. 217,353
Indiana 1,000,637 South Carolina 706,«""
l„wa 1,191,792 Tennessee 1,208.510
Kansas 304,399 Texas 818,879
Kentucky 1,321,011 Utah 80J8O
Louisiana 726,915 Vermont 330,359
Maine 620,915 Virginia 1,226,1*6 I
Maryland 780,894 Washington Ty 23,1)66
Massachusetts. 1,457,364 West Virginia. 442,i1l I
Michigan 1,184,060 Wisconsin 1,064,(170
Minnesota 439,706 Wyoming Ty.. 9,118
Mississippi.... 827,422
Population of the States and Territories,
The totals of populations of States and
Territories are made tip in the following
classes — W for white, V for colored, / for
Indian, and C'/iifor Chinese:
States. W. 47. /. Chi \
(trnia"".".'.'.".'"" 491M24 iJIN 7,241 49,310
of Coi'umbia".' 88,278 43,401 15 3
tieorgia ....'..'. 638,9*6 646,142 40 1
Idaho 10,618 00 47 4,274
llliuois 2,611,090 28,702 32 1
Indiana 1,666,337 24,560 I4i>
lowa' 1,185,979 6,702 48 • i
Kansas 346,377 17,108 914
Kentucky 1,098,692 222,210 103 I
Louisiana 3*8,096 364,210 609 71
Maine 024,809 1,600 499 I
Maryland 005,497 175,391 4 2
Massachusetts 1,443,150 13,1)47 151 97
New Hampshire 317,'0ii7 680 23
New Jersey 875,407 30,063 10 15
111 Carolina.'.'.'.'.'.'. '(578,470 394,680 1,211
Ie 151 and.........! 212,219 4,' wo 151
h Carolina 239,667 415.514 124 1
b'mgnm t"".'..' 712,195 j 917 '.319 234
s composed with the census of 1860,
State of California shows an increase of
177 Chinese, and a decrease of 10,557
United States Senatorial Vacancies to be
Besides the fact that each of the State
Legislatures is to be charged with re-dis
tricting, under the new apportionment, the
following senatorial vacancies have to be
provided for:
State. What Vaceid. Incuntbtnt.
Alabama Now Claimant dead.
Alabama March 1, 1573 Spencer.
Arkansas March 4,1873 Klee.
•California March 4,1873—. Cole.
Connecticut March I, 1573 Ferry.
Florida March 4,1873 Osborn.
tleorgia March 4,1573 Hill.
• leorgia Now Hlodgett, clm't.
Illinois March 4, 1873 Trumbull.
Indiana March 4,1873 Marton.
•lowa March 4,1873 Harlan.
Kansas March 4,1873 Pomeroy.
•Kentucky March 4,1873 Davis.
•Lousiana March 4, 1873 Kellegg,
•Maryland March 4, 1873 Tickers.
Nevada March 4, 1573 Nye.
New Hampshire March 4,1873....-Patterson.
•New York March 4,1873 Coukling,
North Carolina...March 4,1573 Pool.
• Ohio March 4. 1873 Sherman.
Oregon March 4,1873 Corbett.
♦Pennsylvania...March 4,1873 Cameron.
South Carolina ...March 4, 1873 Sawyer.
•Wisconsin March 4, 1873 Howe.
This makes twenty-four in all. Nine
States elect legislatures this Fall, which
will have to choose the successors of the in
cumbents. They are marked with an
asterisk. New York elects a Senate which
liolds over. Only lowa and Kentucky will
elect at their first session, as they only meet
biennially. In Alabama a successor to the
deceased claimant, Goldthwaite, is to be
elected. If Blodgett is not admitted,
fleorgia will have only one Senator next
"Of what does the surface of tho earth
consist?" asked a Bridgeport teacher of her
class in geography. "Land and water,"
promptly responded a bright boy. In order
to impress the matter upon her pupils the
teacher attempted to elicit the same fact by
reversing the question and answer: "Wliat
then do land and water make V" And the
bright boy readily answered, "mud." He
The quiet breakfast of a family in Low
ell, Massachusetts, was rudely interrupted
a few mornings ago by the laundress, who
bolted into the room with the exclamation.
"An sure, missis, I thought I'd come and
tell yez that I couldn't wash for ye this
mornin', as me boy is sick with the small
pox, and is as black as me old man's hat.,'
She was allowed to depart without further
a] in logy or explanation.
The Daily Saratogian of Monday, says
that Miss S. L. F. Smith, of Virginia, re
cited Tennyson's poem of "Maud" in ex
cellent style at Dr. Hamilton's last Satur
day evening. Miss Smith is very accom
plished, and is we are glad to learn meeting
with good success in her labors for the
Washington Agricultural University at
Mecklenburg, Va.
Jim Beckworth, the famous mountaineer
hunter, scout, guide and Indian interpreter,
was a mulatto slave, born near Alexandria,
Va. He ran away early in life and reached
tlie West. There he fell in with and was
adopted by the Crow Indians. He because
their chief, and fought along the Arkansas,
as his fathers fought along the Niger, lb
roved off at last, to California, Arizona and
Mexico. In his old age he brought up in
Colorado, where he died, and where hi- !
cabin it still shown.
In St. Petersburg, the population of
winch is about <!00,(X!0, only 12 persons
were murdered last year; 55 destroyed
themselves ; US were drowned ; 145 died of
intemperance, and 1-19 perished by various
accidents. In the capital of Russia it is
very rare for a man to be killed in a riot, to
which, indeed, its soil is not at all fau>r-
At a Boston church, where the choir sing
the "Amen" uftcr the benediction, the I
officiating clergyman was surprised on Sun
day to hear the musical response given at
the end of a notice he had read.
We often notice that a .shipment from the
Pacific cost of bars of silver precede! the
placing upon the market of shares in certain
JOHi W. WIH.TZ. New* and City J'.dlinr. I
■gTNPECIAL NOTICE. —Advertisements ef
Lost, Wants, Fonnd, For Rent, not exceeding
four lines, for one insertion 3."i cents; two In
sertions 40 rents; three insertions SO cents,
ash In advance.
svS < ill Subscribers.—lVrsons wishing the
tatr Jiicrnai. left early and regularly at their
laces of business, or residences, by responsible
arriers.wiU please leave their orders with Jona
roa It Sui.i.k.v, Newsdealers, 918 Main Street,
and at the News Depot of W. A. Edwards, 3411
East Broad Street.
ih! Tlir Daily State Journal will lie mailed
persons leaving the city for the summer
t nrTT crnts per month.
Ward Meeting.
Monroe Ward. —The Republicans of
lonroc ward will meet in the basement of
ie Methodist church,' on Third, between
ieigh and Jackson streets, Wednesday i
vening, at 8 o'clock, promptly, for the
mrpose of carrying out the instructions of
ie City Central Committee. A full and
irompt attendance is most respectfully re
Clay Ward. —The Republicans of Clay
-ard will meet at the Fifth Baptist Church,
near Morton's flower garden) on Main
treet, to-morrow night, at 8 o'clock, to
ransact business of great importance. It
very desirable that as many Republicans
lould be present as possible.
Jefferson Ward. —The Republicans of
efleraon Ward will meet in tho School- '
oom on the corner of Twenty-third and
■'ranklin street, to-morrow, Tuesday even
ng, Aug. 29, at 8 o'clock. A full meeting
s requested to complete tho organization.
Frigidful Runaway. —A horse attached
to a small wagon, in which were seated
tree persons, all colored, became frightened
this morning, on lower Broad street, in the
neighborhood of the new school-house, and
ran away down the hill at a furious rate.
The terrific rattle of the wagon behind
him and tlie clashing of the gearing against
his heels, increased his fright, and he
plunged headlong down the street at the
imminent peril of those who happened to
be in the street, as well as to those who
were in the wagon.
Near the comer of Twentieth, Lavina
White, a colored lady, attempted to jump
out of the wagon, and in doing so, she was
thrown to the ground with great violence,
and received severe, though probably not
fatal injuries. She was picked Up in an in
sensible condition, and taken to a house
near by, and properly attended to.
The horse- dashed ahead, the colored
driver anil another colored woman main
aining their "positions in the wagon. Be
wceti Seventeenth and Eighteenth streets,
ie driver succeeded in running the horse
ver the curbing and sidewalk against a
Kh board fence, thus ending the wild race,
c wagon was pretty badly wrecked, and
ie horse was considerably cut and bruised.
'Ihe Grand Jim/ for the"Hustings Court.
—The Hustings cotirt for the city of Rich
lond, Judge Guigon presiding, will meet
tie first Monday m September.
The following citizens have been sum
uonotl as grand jurymen for Richmond:—
V. W. Timberlake, S. C. Tardy. Moses
Hiyson, Charles T. Wortham, Christian
Uiikcl, John 11. Claiborne, Edwin A.
Smith, Joseph P. Winston, W. ¥t. Tanner,
Charles P. Word, E. S. Turpin, Thomas J.
Hardgrove, James B. Pace, Lemuel Pow
ers, John H. Pleasants, A. L. B. Rust, E.
P. lludgins, R. J. Christian, John C.
Hughes, Oscar P. Kelly, Robert R. Priddy,
Albert Ordway, Peter W. Ralston, James
>*«- — j —
Summer. —The summer season, accord
ing to the almanacs, (of which we now
have an abundant supply,) is about to close.
Whether cool weather will immediately
follow, remains to be seen. The season
has been a remarkably warm one, aver
aging more real hot days, perhaps, than
any other for ten years past. Upon the
whole, however, our people arc emerging
from the lieated season in tolerably fair
condition. The public health has been
good. The earth is yielding fair crops,
and tho coming fall promises oven greater
business prosperity than our city and State
have experienced for many years.
A Texan on His Travels. —A horned-frog
of the Texas variety, jumped spryly from
a mail bag received at the Louisville post
ollice, a few days ago. Mr. Tuley, the as
sistant postmaster, was for a time at a loss
to know what to do with his toadship.
Being aline, he could not well send him to
the dead letter office, but finally sent him
as a contribution to tlie New Albany So
ciety of Natural History. We do not
know that the clerks in the Richmond post
office have ever received such mail matter
as this, but if they do, the precedent set by
Mr. Tuley may be of service.
Oily Scluiols. —For the 3,15(i scholars,
which the hooks at the central school-build
ing show was the average attendance for
the last scholastic term, then; were seventy
four teachers, of whom sixty-three were
white anil eleven colored. Males —white,
one; males—colored, three ; females—col
ored, eight. There will be nearly a hun
dred teachers for the next term.
Still they Com*. —We haven letter before
us from friends at Winchester, Va., inclos
ing the names of twenty-one new subscrib
ers to the Weekly State Journal.
It is a most gratifying document, anil we
cannot refrain from making the following
extract from it.
" Please llntl list of iwenty-one subscribers to
ihe Weekly State Journal, in adtlition to the
one hundred tintl four subscribers already went;
also X O. order for the amount of subscriptions.
" Your paper gives universal satisfaction, and
we will do nil we can in the future to increase the
circulation in this and adjoining conn lies. Hoping
it may meet with the success it so justly merits,
we are most respectfully yours, fee.,
"John Link,
We also received by the same mail a list
of ten new names from Staunton.
The time for tho award of the fifilring
machine prize .for the largest list of sulimti
bers is coming apace, and the contest wax
es warm. Who will be the lucky winner.
~»~ —.
School Trustees.— R. L. Cousins has liceii
appointed trustee of public schools for
.Jackson district, Amelia county, vice H. C.
Gregory, removed front district.
Scttooner Seized.— The schooner "Cor
redor" was seized by the United States
Marshal of this district on Saturday, at
suit in admiralty by the Gallego Mills Mau
t ufacturing Company, The schooner lies at
Richmond, will call a meeting on Thursday
to perfect arrangements for the exhibition.
—Twelve cities competed with Richmond
for the joint Horticultural and Pomologioal
—Rank street, between Eleventh and
Twelfth, is to have new sidewalks.
—Our typos must not despair. It nifty
hit some of them next time. Jcnks, an
Indianapolis printer, has hat! a windfall of
—The State Journal, we liave rea
son to lielieve, creates "a bustle" in very
many families in Richmond.
—Mr. George Callan is building a new
grocery store-house at the comer of Broad
and Eighteenth streets, to bo occupied by
himself. .
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff, Davis arrived in the
city Saturday, en route to the White Sul
phur Springs.
—The Conservative State convention con-
Tenes in this city on Wednesday.
.«. ,—, —
Great Success in the Drug Jlusiness. —
Four years ago, Mr. Ohildrey entered into
the retail drug business at the corner of
Main and Eighteenth streets. The capital
which he invested did not exceed one nun
tired dollars. ISy strict attention to busi
ness, pluck, anil perseverance, he has suc
ccedeu beyond his most nqguiae expecta
He has not, as too many do, hoarded the
Srofits arising from his business; but has,
ke the public-spirited man lie is, used it in
improving his corner. He has added two
handsome two-story brick buildings to the
wealth of Richmond. Messrs. Childrey &
Co. deserve all the prosperity they are en
— —
Personal. —Major 10. R. Cooke) of Vir
ginia, was registered at the (ialt House,
Louisville, Ky., on the 23d,
J. L. Waldrop, passenger .agent of the
Raltimore and Ohio railroad, is in the city
on business connected with the road.
Police Court — Bon. i. J. White, Jus
tice—Mondai/, August 28.—The following
cases were disposed of:
Robert Wilkinson, colored, charged with
obstructing the sidewalk and refusing to
leave when ordered. Discharged.
William Wilkerson, colored, charged
with interfering with an officer of the tie-
Mary Price, colored, charged with steal
ing a bonnet from Indiana Featherston.
holle prosequi entered and party dis
John Holt, charged with assaulting and
striking Mary Haberstraw. Dismissed.
Henry Haberstraw, charged with as
saulting and threatening to shout John
Bott. Dismissed.
Henry Ellis, colored, charged with steal
ing a lot of iron. Dismissed, there being
no evidence to sustain the charge.
J. 11. Dickinson and liouis Taylor, col
ored, charged with assault. Case dis-
I" —no prosecutor appearing.
i. Clay, colored, charged with as
g and striking Jenny Roy. Oontin
ala Johnson, colored, charged with
g $1.50 from the person of Saiiliiid
Found guilty and sent to jail for
ala Johnson, colored, charged with
stealing $2 from Mr. Hawkins. Dismissed
—no prosecutor appearing.
Napoleon Young, charged with being
drunk and lying in the street. Bound over
j for three months in the sum of $50.
Thomas Dwycr, charged with being
I drunk and disorderly in the streets. Reing
first offence, discharged.
Francis Drown, colored, charged with l»e
--iug drunk and disorderly. Finetl $1.
John Mills-colored, charged with cm-sing
and abusing Robert Micker. Dismissed —
no prosecutor appearing.
Chas. Nidcrche, charged with assaulting
and beating Robert Barlott. Dismissed—
no prosecutor present.
Peter Everett, charged with assaulting
and beating Wm. Winston. Fined $2.50.
James Sweeney, assaulting and threaten
ing Wm. Thorn. Discharged.
John Fick, charged with assaulting, abus
ing, and striking F'enton Hodges. Finetl
Sam Wheatley, charged with being drunk
and unable to take care of himself. Reing
first time, discharged
Featon Hodges, colored, charged with
abusing John Fick on the street. Dis
John Carter, colored, charged with as
saultinn; and abusing Ben. Fleishiber. Dis
Sallie Page, colored, charged with tres
passing upon the premises of .Martha Dan
dridge aud assaulting and beating said Dan
dridge. Fined $2.
Martha Dandridge, assaulting and strik
ing Sallie Page. Fined $2.
Anderson Johnson, colored, charged
with stealing railroad iron. Found guilty
and sentenced to sixty days continement
and labor.
Nuisances. —Randolph Square is com
plained of by many citizens in its vicinity,
as a nuisance. It is full of thistle weeds,
and the bloom from them fill the houses of
the neighborhood, unless the doors and
windows are kept closed, which is too much
to expect this hot weather. Noxious weeds
should not be allowed to grow in vacant
lots in the middle of any city, and are not
allowed in many cities.
This square is the depository, also, of all
the oll'al and tilth of the neighborhood. It
should be looked after, anil if the owner
will not improve it, and thus abate the
nuisances complained of, let the city rcii
it, enclose it, ami sow it down iv oats or
clover to feed the city mules.
The tilthy ditch running through tt*
vacant lot on Main street, between First
anil Second, although attention has bee
called to it by the Journal, and it ha
been "viewed" by the police, has not bee
attended to. If wo are to preserve th
public health, such "breeders" should in
be allowed to remain a day within ou
When Sunday school "lets out" at the
Grace-Street Baptist church, the attendants
thoughtlessly crowd tho sidewalks so that
people coming down town to other churches
at that time are compelled to push through
tlie crowd by main force, or else leave the
pavement ami take the street for il.
Pensions to Veterans. —Andrew Wash
burn, Esq., United States pension agent in
Richmond, is now busily engaged paying to
the vcU»ruiis of the war of 1812 the pensions
allowed them by the act of Congress ap
proved February 14, 1871.
All soldiers in the war of Ixl2, except
j those who actually held oilice under the
late Confederate States 1 Jiiveninient, are
entitled to pensions, under the law, and
| all widows of soldiers, married prior to the
when the following officers were elected :—
Joseph liurrell. M. E. High Priest; James
Cunningham, King; James B. Burrell.
Scribe ; John 11. Ix;wis, Secretary; Richard
Baker, Treasurer; John T. Bell, Capt of
Host; Wm. Hughes, Principle Sojourner ;
lames 11. Cuinbre. Royal Arch Capt.;
lames 11. Clarke, Crand Master of the Ist
Vail; Frank Jones, (Jrand Master of the 2d
Vail ; 11. Rkter, Grand Master of the :id
Nominated. —By a telegram just received
in the city, we learn that J. C. Russell was
nominated by the Republicans of Bruns
wick county on Saturday, by acclamation,
for the House of Delegates. The nomina
tion is equivalent to election, as the Repub
lican majority in the comity is about eight
UnmaUMc Ldlers Remaining in the
Richmond Post-office, August 28th, 1871.—
Mrs. 1). McCrae', Plymouth, N. C. ; C. B.
Vadcn, Manchester, Va. ; Miss B. Colbot,
I red) Jackson, N. C.
Manchester News nnd Gossip.
publican Meetings. —Tuesday night the
iship conference will meet at the col-
Baptist church. Thursday night a
i meeting will be held at the same
i. At this meeting the delegates will
'lected to the nominating convention,
:h is to be held at Chester on Monday
, the 4th of September. All ore re
ted to come to the meeting Thursday
t, and send the right men to the con
vention, who will put men in the field who
will command respect and bring success to
the party, and not men who will, if put in
the held, not only affect the reputation of
tho party, but defeat it.
lesterday morning at 8 o'clock we took
the excursion train from Richmond to Pe
tersburg. This train was well filled with
all colors, and some of them looked as if a
kw hours from the hot bricks would be of
great advantage to their health. On reach
ing the Cockade city, the large crowd was
soon dispersed, some going one way and
some another, some to the house of God,
and some to the homes of their friends.
We took a carriage at hotel de Jarratt, and
went six miles into the rural district of
Chesterfield, to the house of our friend, Mr.
Yates, a gentleman of high standing.
We were gratified to see the corn looking
so line. We were told that it would uot
bring more than twenty-five cents a bushel.
We arrived in Petersburg in the afternoon
in time to take the train for home, which
we reached safe. Nothing transpired dur
ing the day among the large crowd to cause
a blush or a sigh of anguish.
Religious. —At all the churches and Sab
bath schools yesterday a good attendance
was had. The girls beat the boys in tho
A Card. —l will say, in answer to the
question "Will you be a candidate for
otlice ?" I am not a sandidate for any office
in the gift of my fellow-citizens. I have
been urged to allow my name to be brought
before the people, but decline, having a
higher duty which claims my attention
more than polities—the work of Christ—
which work, 1 am led to believe, is calling
for more men to push it forward.
ig'Wr, the Committee appointed to make ar
rangements lor the reception of the Chambers
Fire Company of Portsmouth, return thanks to
Companies "A," "B," nnd "E," and to the few
citizens who were so liberal in assisting ns by sub"
script ion in entertaining our visiting brethren
■ton return thanks to Mr. John H. Tri.ua, for ten"
tiering us the use of his house for the occasion
also to Mr. Kouert St ammeli., for his promptness
in getting up the collation.
A Carii.— Mr. Editor : In publishing the re
c.-piion of the Portsmouth Fire Company, we er
roneously omitted to mention Captaiu Herudon's
company "15," which wo humbly ask pardon.—
We also return thanks to Mr. Tavi.hr, of Com
pany "C," for his liberal subscription.
I'.il' 1 MII.BS l'llll.l.lts, D. S. CoRHELL,
ElivvAßl) SWEKTMAN, J. T. NoI.AXn.
New York Stock and Moucy Market.
New York, August 28,1871.
Stocks steady and strong. Governments steady
and dull. State bonds very dull. Money a per
cent. Hold 112*;. Exchange, long, 9K; short
Hiclimond t.ruin Market.
Corn anu Fi-outt Exohanuk, 1
Richmond, Aug. 2s, 1871. )
WHKAT—White, 3,744 bushels. Ked, 4,(144 do.
Coos —White, 284 bushels. Mixed, 3h« bushels
Cats —1270 bushels.
Rvk—l7ll bushels.
Mbai 211 bushels.
Wheat — White, 3,202 bushels at |I.U for
seed; 15214 lor prime; *! 17 '•-:.. rl ..'ai for very good;
ti.47Xfctl.43 furgood; tl.4u for fair; [email protected]
for various grades of common, lied —.'1,874 bush
els at ti.su for prime; *[email protected] 4714 for very
good; [email protected] lor gootl; *1.35 for fair; [email protected]
tl .23 for various grades of common.
Coa.x—white, 21 bushels prime at b2X cents;
264 bushels very good at 82 cents. Mixed, 3811
bushels at 83 cents for prime, 82 cents for very
good, 81 cents for fair.
_,Cats —1016 bushelsjat [email protected] cents for very good
and prime; 47 cents tor common.
Rtk —1(54 bushels very good at 65 cents.
Meai—Couutry bolted, very good, lit S7J4 «U.
Oats— 3d bushels.
On it. • 22d of August, at the residence of Dr.
P. K. Anderson, of Amelia, by the Rev. Mr.
Wlianw , SPENCER H. POWERS, Esq., of Cum
lierlaud county, and Miss LISA C, youngest
| daughter of tin. late Major Charles H. llyde, of
Hi, linioud, Va.
In Oesburg, August 21, Mrs. EMMA S. MIT
CHELL, wile of Rev. James Mitchell, nnd
daughter of Bishop Scott, of the M. I:, chruch,
in Uie 33d year of her age.
On the 14th August, in Fairfax county, Mr.
At Woodland, Loudoun county, onthellthof
At Woodside, Prince George's county, Md., on
. ih.- :mli of July, altera brief illness, llr. MONT
UOMERY JOHNS,'eldest son of the late Rev.
Va., Aro. 23th, 1871.
NOTICE TO SHIPPERS.—The arrangement
( heretofore existing for the shipment of freight
South, via Greensboro', ou through bills, having
I lieen discontinued by Ihe North Carolina Railroad
( 'oinpiinv, all rates to points south of (It uslki
rOj, h.-reiolore given to ahlppers, are revoked. —
j H.-n-al'ler no rates will be guaranteed beyond
Greensboro. JOHN R. MACMURDO,
Geu'l Ticket and Freight Agent.
T. M. R. Tai.cott, Engineer and Sup't.
♦i".. On receipt of price sent i>osi paid.
J aw Booksellers,
au 2.1 M l'l> Main slri'.'i
Severe Storm in the South I
Canal Boat Sunk—Four Lives Lost!
JVlariite JT>iMUStcii«!
Dcstrnctiye Fire in the West Indies!
Still Another Railroad Disaster!
Six Persons Rilled aud Many Wounded!
Severe Slorin in the South.
Savmmah, Ga., August 20.—There has
been a severe storm on the line of the At
lantic and Uulf, and the Jacksonville, Pen
sacola and Mobile railroads. The telegraph
wires are down, and no trains have arrival
A tornado is reported as having passetl
over Tallahassee, Fla., and a heavy blow
has prevailed here for twenty-four hours.
(.'anal ll.nit 11 an Down—Four Lives Lost—Au
Arrest for Kobhery.
tliat a canal boat in Raritau river has been
run down by the propeller Annie. Capt.
Thurman, two sons and a daughter were
been arrested, charged with the larceny of
0,000 from the office of the Southern Ex
iress Company. He was the nionev clerk
t the Atlanta office at the time of the rob
te Cotton Cron in North Carolina—Gloomy
Gokhboro', N. C, Aug. 20.—Very
oomy but reliable reports reach the Car
ina Messeiu/tT, (newspaper,) from nearly
parts of the counties in eastern North
!arolina, of great damage lo the cotton
rop from the rust. Much alarm prevails
among the planters. The prospects, which
ere good a few weeks ago, are now Tery
nfavorable ; especially in the counties of
uiphin, Lenior, Greene, Johnson, Wilson
and Pitt. In these counties the drought
nd rust will cut the crop short fully one
urd from last year's receipts. Similar ac
counts are given by gentlemen who have
recently passed through the more western
Marine Disasters.
FoHess Monroe, Aug. 20.—Tho schoon
er "Marion" is ashore on Body Island.
Tho "E. f. Dunbar" has been abandoned
The steamer "Resolute," from Hotly
Island, reports that tho weather was too
■otigh to get the "Marion" off, and the sea
>eing too heavy to boat the cargo to the
earner, it had to be landed on the beach.
bout thirty tons of cotton ties were lantl
1. She was then pumped out, but tilled
am owing to the rough weather. The
tesolute" left the steamer "B. & L. Ba
ier" with her and returned for another steam
tump, and goes back to-night, and if the
veather favors will save both cargo and ves
el. The "Marion" was from Liverpool,
or Boston, with a valuable cargo of mn
linery, cotton ties, crockery, &c.
Fire in Chicnuo—Three i'rrsons limn. I.
Chicago, JII., Aug. 20. —The house of
acob P. Kibskat was burned last night,
ibskat and his child were burned fatally,
and his wife burned to death.
I), alli or nil Old Vnvy OOlci i.
Boston, Aug. 20.—John Adams Bates,
nc of the oldest paymasters iv the United
jites Navy, is dead.
ellaw Fever in Charleston, S. C.—Preeuution*
in Wilmington, Hi. C.
Wilmington, N. C, Aug. 20.—Our city
uthorities have issued an order, of which
ie following is an extract: "No person
rom Charleston will be allowed to stop
vithin the corporate limits of this city, anil
o person who may visit Charleston from
t lis city will be allowed to return during
the continuance of the yellow fever in
Neio York, Aug. 20. A dispatch from
Charleston, alluding to the progress of the
yellow fever, says the declaration of the
medical society is considered by leading
physicians, including the health officer, as
:m extreme statement. Many of the mum
on which it was based were doubtful. The
a'filth officer does not consider that the
acts in the case justify him in withholding
a clean bill of health from the New York
teamer, which suils to-day.
Charleston, Aug. 28. —Since last Friday,
three new cases of yellow fever are re
ported, and one of the cases previously re
ported has proved fatal. The excitement
occasioned by the appearance of the disease
is subsiding, and the feeling of the coinun
nity is quiet and hopeful.
Fatal liailroad Collision.
Hiirrisburg, I'd., Aug. 20. —A passen
ger and freight train collided nt Westport,
on the Erie road, killing four employes and
two passengers.
From Greere.
Alliens, Greece. Aug. 20.—During a
violent storm which passed over Uttitia, a
town on the Turkish frontier, lightning
struck a powder magazine, which exploded
with terrible etlects. Tho destruction of
property was very great, find the inliabi-
A General Conflagration (he Itesuii.
A Uni ..in;. Scelhiio! Mass of lltimaiiii v.
liostiui, August 27.—Particulars of the
accident on the Kaslern railroad, at Revere
last night, arc appalling. The Bangor ex
press ran into the Beverly accommodation
train at full speed, with such force that the
engine and tender reached the centre of the
last ear, which was demolished. This car
was crowded with passengers, sitting and
standing. 'ITie wood work instantly took
lire, and the scene which followed was ter
rible. The boiler of the engine bursted,
and the victims were enveloped in a cloud
of steam and deluged with hot water.
The llames have been extinguished, but
few of the passengers in the cars who were
not instantly killed by the collision, es
caped the fatal effects of the steam. Other
ears in the accommodation train took fire
from the upsetting of the kerosene lamps,
and but few of the passengers got out in
Eighteen men and three women were
killed outright, and between forty and fifty
otliers terribly injured.
At the time of the collision tho accom
modation train had its red signal lights be
hind, and the rod signal was hoisted at the
mast-head of the signal post, for the express
to hold up, which it did at Evcritt, but sub
sequently proceeded and was under full
headway when near Revere Station, the
engineer evidently not being aware of the
proximity of the Beverly train until per
haps within sixty rods of it. He then
whistled "down'brakes," but not soon
enough to avoid the calamity. Some of the
passengers in the rear part of the accom
modation train heard the whistle, but too
On came the express train at great ve
locity, and the engine struck the rearmost
car full in the centre, and forced its way in
n-li-seopc manner. The car was crowded
with people, every seat being occupied, and
many standing in the aisle. In among
tliiM' the locomotive rushed, quick as a
tl.-tsh, just as the Beverly train bad started,
mangling and killing in the most frightful
manner. Subsequently the boiler exploded,
and shattered he lumps of the first cars.
The number of dead so far is twenty
four. Among them is Rev. Dr. K/.ia liar-
The following is a list of the persons
tack, of Lynn ; 0. B. Shattack, of L)'im ;
Susan T. Cheney, of Lynn ; William 11.
Jeffreys, of Lynn; K. P. Sanborn, of
Providence; Ella Pierson, of Lynn J James
Burns, of Lynn; Earnest S. Merrill, of
Danvcrs ; Henry A. Foster, of Providence;
Miss Foster, his sister; VVni. 11. Kmcrson,
of Providence; (100 W. Bancroft, of Beverly;
Rev. S. R. Mason, of Cambridgeport;
Thomas F. Bancroft, of Lynn ; Rev. Dr.
Ezra S. Gannett, of Boston ; Aaron Eriek
son, of Swampscott; Win. A. Seele, of
Beverly ; Mrs. P. 0. Jasper, J. B. Miller,
Mary A. Crowley, and two bodies unre
j cognised, making twenty-four in till. Rev.
Dr. Gannett was on his way to Beverly
where he was to preach to-day
The following is a list of the wounded in
the .Massachusetts (leneral Hospital: John
Buckley, of Beverly, aged 'JO, scalded in
the face and chest; E. Williams, of Lynn,
aged 22, scalded in the fare and hands ; '1
Browning, of Salem, aged 88, scalded i
the hands and face ; S. (). Thayer, of New
ton, scalded ; J. It. Botlis, of Salem, agei
It;, scalded ; Anne Foley, of Boston, aged
l!!l; Eliza Hatch, of Charlcslown, aged 2">.
The following wounded fire in the city
hospital: F. Fitzpatriek of ('unibridgeport,
compound fracture of the arm ; Jefferson
Kowe, of Portsmouth, New Hampshire,
arm badly broken ; Mary Ann Call, of Bos
ton, injured in the chest ; O'corge S. Hill,
of Lynn, and Frank Davis of Charlestown.
There are many others injured, the names
of whom arc not yet known.
llcstrucli .'c Storm on the Florida Coast—lm
mense Lessor Life nml Properly.
"Pomona", of Richmond, Me., went ashore
•_'-"i mile south of Cape Canavaret, August I
17. No lives were lost and her cargo of!
cotton can be saved.
The steamer "Lanada" was stranded six
miles north of Cape Canavcrcl. The beach
is strewn with her cargo for .'ill miles. The i
captain and crew are lost. The first and se
cond officers, the chief engineer, the first as- I
I sistant engineer, chief cook, one fireman,
I Captain Harvey's son, the moss boy anil
live seamen wore saved.
phiu, is ashore fifteen miles smith of Gam- j
varet. Her cargo of sugar was washed out. |
('apt. Watson was drowned and his body
found and buried on the spot.
Brig 11. (i. Barry is ashore fifty yards
from the Welch. She had a cargo of sugar
and molasses and is a total wreck.
Ihe bark Hilda, from New Orleans,
bound to ('owes, is stranded (! miles south
J of St. Augustine, with a cargo of tobacco
1 and staves. A total loss and one man
Destructive l-'ire in the West Indies—The t ai>
itul ol" filillilnloiliie Isluuil .\cnrl> Ocli-uycl.
' from the West Indies stale that the fire
[ which recently visited Point-n-Pietre, the
j capital of the Island of (Juadaloupe, dc
\ stroyed nearly the whole town iucluding
''the bank, treasury, and custom-house.
| Sixteen blocks were consumed, and the en-
I tire northeast portion of the city known as
The church, court-house, hospital, and
Washington, August :!K.—The loss by
the great fire at Point-a-Pitie, (itiadaloupe,
is from six to eight million dollars.
An Alinrtiou Mystery.
ner Herman made a post mortem examina
| tion at the morgue of the body of an un
known female, discoMicil, on Saturday, in
a trunk, left at the Hudson River railway
depot, for Chicago. The verdict was that
the cause of death was inllamation of the
bowels brought on by abortion. The corpse
j is evidently that of a young woman IS or
Washington, Aug. 38, —No clue has yet
been obtained as to the identification ol Ih,
at once move for the appointment of a re
Wholesale Revenue.
New l'ork, Aug. '27. —A man who hud
lieen struck with a tumbler in a saloon,
I went for a shot-gun and wounded a man
and three women at one shot.
A "M'rstflrld" Disaster Near Mobile—Fearful
Steamboat Explosion und Loss of Life—Sixf y
Persons Killed aud Wounded.
Mobile, Alabama, August '28. —The low
pressure steamer "Ocean Wave" exploded
her boiler at half-past five o'clock .Sunday
afternoon, at Point Clear wharf. Alxuit
two hundred excursionists wiic on board,
fifty to sixty of whom were killed and
wounded. A portion of the bodies were
brought to this city by the steamers "Foun
tain" and "Annie last night. The others
will be brought to-day. Efforts are being
made to recover the (frowned. The cause
of the disaster is not ascertained, but an
investigation will be made.
A Creole family, consisting of seven per
sons, had six killed. The captain, engineer
and pilot were killed. Only threo ollicers
Another llailroud Disaster--Si.v Persous Killed
and Many lo lured.
Washington, August 28. —A mail train
going 88 and freight train going IS miles an
hour, collided yesterday on the Erie road
near Westport, Pa. Six persons were
killed and a long list wounded. The en
gineer, who was fatally injured, had orders
iv his pocket forbidding the movement of
the train which caused the disaster.
Another accident on the Schuylkill and
Susquehanna railroad. A train ran over
three cows, upsetting the cars. Mrs. Jack
son, of Diincaimoii, was injured.
Didn't Want to be Tried by Negroes.
New York, Aug. 88.—A jury wholly
composed of negroes was empanelled in
Flushing, Saturday, to try the case of an
Irishman, charged with assault, but "Pat"
protested so vehemently against being tried
by negroes wholly, that the court took ihe
responsibility of dischaiging the jury, and
ordered a new panel.
Telegraphic Summary.
Twenty-live railroads, mostly South of
the Ohio river, will carry passengers to the
Cincinnati exposition for half fare.
Charles. Scribner, head of a New York
publishing house, died in Europe, of ty
phoid fever; aged fifty-one years.
The French section of the International
Soceity in iNew York have resolved to take
part in the great demonstration of the
Workingmen's Union in that city, on the
15th of September, provided, the section is
allowed to carry the red flag.
Foreign Miscellany.
The Algerian advices are very grave. All
the Yabra villages hay lieen destroyed by
the rebels.
The deaths in Paris dm ing the past week
821!: including 0 from cholera.
A dispatch from London reports that the
ships " Typhoon," and " Kiiling," have
been wrecked, and several lives lust.
MS— Admiralty.
I. J District of Virginia, se:
Thedallego Mills Manufacturing Company vs.
Ih.' schooner "Oorredor," iv admiralty, iv a
i ansa of contract.
Whereas, a libel has been tiled ill the District
Tottrt of the United States for the Eastern ]Ma
riet of Virginia, on Hie 26th of August, 1871, by
he (iallego Mills Manufacturing Company, h
flant, against tin. schooner "Ci r.'etlor:"
n a cause of action, civil and maritime, an.l
inlying process may issue against said school..-,
'orrtdor," her tackle,&c, ami that said schoon
er, her tackle, ,tc, may Is' condemned and sold
lo pay such judgment, with eosls, charges and
Now, therefore, ill pursuance of the monition
under Ihe seal of the said Court, to tue dirt. ill 'I
and delivered, I do hereby give public notice to
all js-rsons claiming the said schooner "Corr.-
dor,'' her tackle, &tt\, or in any manner Interested
terein, that they lie, and appear before the sai-i
istrict Court, to lie held at l tic court-room iv the
ostein.House, in the city of Richmond, in and
. r the Eastern llistrict of Virginia, on the K.lh
ly of September, 1871, at II o'clock iv the fore*
n.Min of that day, (provided lln* i am.' shall Is- a
day of jurisdiction, otliet'v.w', on the next day ol
jurisdiction lliereaft'T,) then and there lo iuler
|Hise their claims and make their allegations in
that behalf.
Dated til., teth day of August, 1871.
I.S Marshal.
Paub & MaOK, Proctors for Liliellant.
an is—id
.l/STATKS lor Hie Eastern llistrict of Yirgiui i.
Tn all wham il may concern, (Ireetimj ;
Notice is hereby given, That, on Ihe 'Jfiih daj .-i
Augusi, 1871, two {-j} packages manufactured i->
bnoeo, {22 lbs.,) on.- (i) package I wist tobacco, an. I
live (a) imply cigar bases, claimed by Wil.-.v ('.
Evan, ami valued a I IU& alxltt) pounds twist to
ceo, claimed by J. N. L. Hlatikeliship. tallied
at -tl; live (.'.) iHiiinds liiaiiul'acliired tobacco,
lainiod by .1. V. (Iriiliih, valued al i 2.80; uv.ni> -
hreo (2:1) )iouuds mailufactiired lol.acco, claim. .1
iy .1. K. Knyron, valued at ij.ll; seven hundred
Tim) cigars, claimed l.y.lohn Memloza, valued a.
♦ lti; three (a) emjily ikpior barrels, .laiiuo.l hj
'.'. Morrisett, tallied ai |6 —were aelaed l.y the
Marshal of the 1 Felted Slales lor said Dislri. I .
0ii.ii...1 to Hi.- use of Hie United Stains, and the
ame is libeled and prosecuted in this court in the
laineof the I'idled States, lor cuiideninatH.u Ii r
he causes in said libel set forth, and that said
aitse will stand for trial at the court-room in tin
city of Kicliiiiontl, on the loth day of Seplciiii..-..
1871, next, when ami where all porsonsnre want
ed to appeal' to *h*eiv cause why condemnation
should not he decreed, and lo intervene for their
Dated August M, IS7I.
an 2D—lot P. g. Marshal
UNITED STATES for the Eastern District ol'
in the matter of 15. M. Canaries, Hec'r, vs. W.
S. (1 nihil, individually, and as one of Ihe firm of
1.. Harvey & Co., bankrupt—hi bankrupt. \
At Richmond, on the 24th day of August, 1871.
Please to take notice hereby, that apetition has
Mwil : on the 24 th day of Aug., 1871, lib.l
Dislricl Court by W. S. (Irillin, ol
nil city, iv said district, who 1...
ivtolore duly declared bankrupt upon
ition of his creditors under tin- a. t
oi v entitled "An act to establish a more
uniform system of bankruptcy lliroughoiii tbe
United States." approved March 2d, istir, lor a
discharge and lorliflcnte thereof, from all his
debts and other claims provable under said ai i,
and that the lilhday of Septem'r, IS7I, at It) o'clk
A. M., before W. \V. Forbes, one of the Begistei
of said court In bankruptcy, at his office in Klcb
mond, iv said district, is the lime ami phuc :.
signed lor the hearing of Ihe same , when nn.l
where you may in lend and show cause, 11 am
yon have, why the prayer of the said nelHkwi
should not he granted.
You are also hereby noiilied, lhal tit.-
and third meeliugs of tbe creditors of lie-- at.l
I l.aiikriipt will be held at the same time and place
Register in llankruptcy lor
a.. M -M2w ad Cong'l Dist. of Va.
I JL YLE for the Benefit of the Widows and Or
plums of the Southern States.
DisTsmuTiiiK No find. Kvssiku, Acu. —6.
72 811 11 74 tifl 2 46 kT(U *n 81 44
DisTmncTio.i No. f»i7. Mobkimu, Auu. 28
I .n ;., I ; I- . I
Witness mi hand, al Richmond, Va., thisßßth
day of Augn'si, 1871.
Manager-. ('onimissioiu-i
OEKTIKU'ATES 01-' KAI-'I'LE can Is p.o
chased from Captain W. 1. DABMEY, al ihe
' from Main.

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