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$Mtmtfl...£tafc g<mnu*L
At No. 111854 Main Street, Rirhniond, Vn.
DAILY—*n per year; six months, t:i; lime
months, ♦l.ftll; i mouth, 00 cms.
SEMI WEEKLY—*2 flu per year; six months,
♦l 25; three months, 7ft cents.
WEEKLY—*I.SO per year ; six months, 7ft cents
to clubs at extremely law rates.
Mobile, Alabama, August 38,—The Mo
bile Register kindly furnishes the following
particulars of the disaster to the steamer
"Ocean Wave":
The steamer—a low-pressure boat—left
this city Sunday morning with about 200
persons on board, for an excursion to Fish
river, about twenty miles from the city.
On her return she stopped at Point Clear,
reaching there at SP. M. Tlie boat was
made fast, and the liand and a part of the
passengers went ashore.
After remaining half an hour the whistle
was blown, and the passengers had just
gotten on board, when the boiler exploded
with great force, followed by a rumbling
and hissing sound, fragments of timber
and metal Hew in every direction. The
forward part of the boat ami the cabin
were carried completely away. Tlie chim
ney fell backwards, towards the rear of the
boat, crushing in the upper cabin, and the
boat immediately sunk, with her bow sub
JAbout sixty or seventy persons were kill
ed and injured by the explosion. So far the
bodies of nineteen dead—right ladies among
the number—have been recovered. Eight
wounded have been brought to this city —
one of them, a little girl, who has since died.
The scene was appalling to the eye and
heart-rending. Wfll ler scenes of grief have
seldom been witnessed. The frantic cries
of the survivors, as they lamented for lost
wives, children, parents, and sisters, was
agonizing to all who had human sympa
Many of the passengers were little chil
dren, and many hats and bonnets came
ashore to tell of the little victims beneath
the waves.
The captain, Win. Eaton, swam some
distance with both legs broken. A boat
started to his assistance, but he went down
before it reached him. The two pilots and
all the firemen were killed, and the engin
eer and his wife severely injured. It is
impossible, at present, to estimate the loss.
By some it is supposed that at least thirty
or forty are still buried in the debris of the
wreck, or at the bottom of the hay. A
diver has gone to the scene of the disaster.
The accident has cast a gloom over the
whole city, and a universal sadness prevails.
The streets are crowded with people and
the excitement and feeling is intense.
The "Ocean Wave" has been for some
time considered au unsafe boat. She has
always been an unlucky one. A criminal
responsibility rests somewhere, and it
should be visited upon those to whose reck
lessness and incapacity it is attributable.
The systems of inspections everywhere is
loose, careless, and reckless, The boiler
was not so much exploded, as it was torn
open with a long seam. It was so rotten
as [to literally tear open. Had it been
stronger, so as to explode with greater vio
lence, the destruction would have been
greater. The explosion was upwards and
The California election will be held on
Wednesday, September (I, instead of Tues
day, the sth, as generally reported.
The Hon. John A. Bingham addressed
the citizens of Dcs Moines, lowa, on the
political issues of the day, on Friday even
ing last.
The Camden, West Jersey, Prtss of Fri
day contains Kdward liettle's withdrawal
as a candidate for the Republican nomina
tion for Governor of New Jersey, alleging
that the success of the Republican party
was above personal consideration.
The Worcester Sjty reviews the names al
ready mentioned for the Republican nomi
nation for the Governorship of Massachu
setts, and rather gives its preference to the
Hon." Win. 15. YVashburne.
A correspondent who met with Robert
Toombs at a watering-place says that Han
cock is his favorite tor the Presidency, al
though he says he will support Grant in
preference to Quincy Adams, Chase, or any
other Democrat on the New Departure plat
The Springfield Republican observes that
no United States Senator has been reelected
in New York for many years, and goes on
to say : "We have no idea that Air. Con
kling will be reelected if he tries ever so
hard. But we have no idea, cither, that
he will withdraw his name for the sake of
promoting harmony in the Republican
party. He is not that sort of a man."
The Hon. Samuel F. Oary's campaign
speech has been published. He is as strong
for unlimited greenbacks, a three per cent,
maximum rate of interest, money at will
for the masses, and short commons for the
bondholders, as any of the rest of the Ohio
Democratic stumpers. Pendleton himself
is expected from F.urope at once, hut he can
hardly outdo Fwing, Cary, and McCook.
The St. lxmis ])emocrat shows that the
result of the recent election in that city
was not so unpromising as appeared from
the lirst reports. There were six county
justices elected, and in every district the
Republicans Increased their majority or di
minished the majority of the Democrats
as compared with the vote of last April.
The Democrats and Republicans each
elected one of the officers on the general
ticket, and each carried three districts. The
district vote shows a Democratic majorit y
of only 102.
Republican Vlcctiiiit in Brunswick County.
August lio'th, 1871. i
To the. Editor <!/• the titute. Journal.
A Republican convention was held here
to-day for the purpose of nominating a can
didate for the House of Delegates. Al
bert Walker was chosen chairman and J.
J. Vaughn secretary ; after which Mr. Jos.
C. Russell was unanimously nominated by
acclamation, as the candidate of the Repub
licans of Brunswick. Dr. John L. Green
was chosen delegate to the convention to be
held at Richmond September 27th, 1871,
with Mr. J. J. Vaughn alternate.
Hon. W. 11. 11. Stowell then addressed
the convention on the political issues of the
day, in an able and earnest manner, and
was loudly applauded by the audience.
He was followed by Capt. (ieoi'ge W. (ira
liani, (the Republican nominee for State
Senate in this district) in an earnest address
which was well received.
The utmost good feeling and unity pre
vails in this county, aud with two live Re
publicans on the ticket like Messrs. Crahaui
and Russell, the Republicans will carry old
Brunswick. f>v a lai-gely increased majority.
Heath ok an Old Mason.—Mr. A.
Butts, who died at the ripe old age of 88,
at his farm in Prince (leorge county, was
a member of the Masonic fraternity for 05
years, and one of the founders of the Prince
<ioorgo Masonic lodge.
JOm W. WOLTZ, News and City Editor.
StfT SPECIAL NOTICE. —Advertisements or
Lost, Wunts, Funml, For Rent, not pxrcriliiiii
four tines, lor on., ins. rii.>n 2f> rents; two in
sertions 40 « fill. ; three insertions .10 rents.
Cash in ndvanee.
»,}' < ity Subscribers.— Persons wisliinil the
State Jochnai. loft early and regularly at their
places oi business, or residences, by responsible
carriers, will please leave their orders with John
ston k M—MS, Newsdealers, 918 Main Street,
and at Ihe News Depot of W. A. Enw.nius, .1111
East liroad Street.'
ii ,- Tin- Dully State Journal will be limited
lo persons leaving tho city foi- the summer
at fifty cents per mouth.
Ward illretmu.
Monroe Ward. —The Republicans of
Monroe ward will meet in the basement of
the Methodist church, on Third, between
Leigh and Jackson streets, Wednesday
evening, at S o'clock, promptly, for the
purpose of carrying out the instructions of
the (.'ity Central Committee. A full and
prompt attendance is most respectfully re
Clay Ward.— The Republicans of Clay
ward will meet at the Fifth Baptist Church,
(near Morton's flower garden) on Main
street, this (Tuesday) evening at 8 o'clock, to
transact business of great importance. It
is very desirable that as many Republicans
should be present as possiblcr
Jefferson Ward. —The Republicans of
Jellerson Ward will meet in the School
room on the corner of Twenty-third and
Franklin street, this (Tuesday) evening,
August 2!lth, at 8 o'clock. A full meeting
is requested to complete the organization.
Broad Street. —We presume the lax
payers and voters on upper Rroad street
have ample time to meditate upon their
own neglected condition, as the next city
election is far in the future, and no candi
dates for the Council are yet peddling out
their promises, and they are visited in au
official way but twice a year, once by tlie
assessor and once by Die collector. They
ciui stumble around in the dark after n'ght,
as there are no lamps in that region by
which they may see their way, ami no
water to extinguish the flames, should their
houses take fire.
It is very certain that no portion of the
city has been so shamefully neglected, for
years, as upper Broad street. Cos and
water have been carried up all other im
proved streets, in some cases, to the corpo
rate limits, but Broad is neither properly
graded, nor paved, nor furnished with
any of the conveniences to which its people
are entitled in return for the taxes furnish
ed the city treasury.
Foreign and Ntdire. —The Journal
of yesterday contained tables showing the
total population of the United States, clas
sified into while, colored, Indian, and
Chinese. The following are the totals of
the States and Territories, classified .as for
eign and native: States—native, 32,840,
--90 7; foreign, 5.472,340, Territories—
native, 848,030; foreign, 94,800.
Total population of the United States,
38,555,083 ; composed of—natives, 39,989,
--437; foreigners, 5,560,486.
For purposes of comparison, summar
izing the tables already published, the total
population of the United States may also
be made to appear under the following
White 5,1,«86,«8S
Ooloivd 4,880,609
Indian 2.">,;:tl
Chine** 68,—H
Total B&JJM,HS
Of the Indians and Chinese the Territo
ries contain 4,r>o;f of the former and 7,075
of the latter.
The Indian Territory and Alaska are not
included or mentioned in any of the census
tables above epitomised.
False Alarms of Fire. —The alarm of
tire, turned iv last night at 9 o'clock from
box No. 17, corner Third and Duval
streets, was evidently caused by BOOM mis
chievous chap who has gotten possession
of a key. ho trace of fire could be found
by the Bremen on reaching the point for
which the alarm was sounded.
At half-past 11 o'clock the alarm of fire
was again turned in from box No. 17, cor
ner Third and Duval streets. No lire was
found, but two men were seen to run from
the box and were arrested.
Return <;/' Thanks. —We are under re
newed obligations to our friends at No.
918 Main street, for newspaper and periodi
cal favors just received. Among them we
lind Harper's Bazar, beautifully embel
lished, also with pattern supplement, which
no lady should be without; then we have
the Chimney Corner; Harper's Weekly;
Once a Week, and other papers well as
sorted. Messrs. Johnston & Selden will
receive this evening, the New York Ledger,
New York Weekly, Fireside Companion,
and a thousand other papers, and those iv
want will know where to call and get their
Oeer a Half-Million of tlie Stale Debt
Fundtid Yesterday. —Yesterday the amount
of the State debt funded at the office of the
Slate Treasury reached the large amount of
$586,099.58, making the aggregate to date
$11,430,745.07. As the pressure around
the oilice continues unabated, it is fair to
presume that by the sth of September,
which will make two months since the
funding commenced, nearly or quite $1:1
--000,000 will have been funded.
Rough Passage. —The steamer Wyanoke,
due at S A. M. Sunday morning, did not
arrive till t I*. M. She experienced very
rough wi'ather. She had about one hun
dred and eighty passengers on board to
Norfolk, nearly all of whom were sea-sick.
Excursion to Danville. —The following
colored associations left on an excursion to
Danville yesterday atlernoon : " Richmond
Cadets," " Young Sons of Messiah," anil
"Twister's Aid of Shiloah." The excur
sionists will return to-morrow.
The Potomac Route. —The Keyport, after
having been renovated, repaired, and refit
led to the amount of about 140,000. has
been put upon the Aquia Creek und Wash
ington route iv connection with the trains
of the Richmond, Fredericksburg, and
Potomac railroad.
Cutting Scrape. —Two negroes, Robert
Smith, ex-penitentiary convict, and .Simon
Cooper, got into a row near Hollywood,
last night, when .Smith cut Cooper, but not
dangerously. He was arrested by Sergeant
James and taken the third station.
Lornl V.if.
—Hrayfogle says moralists are ever
ready to advise people to avoid bad com
pany. He don't object to the advice, but
says when it is pot forth without a wind of
qualification or explanation, it often has an
opposite offset to that intended, as many
persons are never in such bad company as
when alone. Hrayfogle is an eminently
proper man himself, and his opinions are
worth considering.
—Captain Luther Libby died at his resi
dence, in New Kent county, yesterday.
He was owner of the famous "libby
Prison," in which so many Federal prison
ers were incarcerated during the war. lie
was sixty-live years old. Captain Libby
was a native of the North, but for the best
portion of his life resided in this city. His
remains were interred by the side of his
wife at his farm in New Kent.
—Mrs. F.mily A. Rutherford, widow of
the late Colonel John Rutherlbrd, ot this
city, died at Estonville last Saturday. The
funeral services took place this morning at
11 o'clock from St. James' Church.
—A circus is coming to Richmond, from
Bolton, in a steamer.
—.Samuel C. (ireenhow, Esq., City Trea
surer, paid into the State treasury yester
day, for the week ending with date, $21!,
—Henry Bell, of Mat—tows county ; A.
J. Bond-rant, of Howardsville; and Dr.
P. A. Fitzhugli, of Leesrille. are at Ford's
—There will be a called session of the
Chesterfield County Court on Monday
—The Democratic convention will meet
in the Assembly Hall at 12 M. to-morrow.
—It is rumored that a line hotel is to be
built soon in Manchester.
—A sharp peal of thunder startled our
citizens this forenoon.
—A Gypsy caravan passed through the
streets yesterday.
—The Hustings Court will be held on
Monday next.
—Mosquitoes are in circulation.
7he Slauardseille Postmaster. ~~~Joseph
Hani, the postmaster at Stanardsville,
whose arrest by Col. Frey, special agent of
the Post-office I lepartment, has been an
nounced by special telegram to the JOUR
NAL, was before Commissioner Buftum, hi
Lynchburg, on Saturday, lie. is charged
with re-using posloilice stamps ; opening
letters not addressed to him; removing
stamps from letters and envelopes fiir the
purpose of re-using them, and for improper
cancellation of stamps. In default of bail,
fixed at $2,000, he was committed to jail,
to await trial in the United States Court,
which begins in Lynchburg on the 11th of
Virginia in the Census. —Virginia is the
tenth State in tlie Union iv point of popula
tion according to the late census returns.
Site would he sixth, were West Virginia
added. There are two hundred and twen
ty-nine Indians in the State and four Chi
nese. The State contains nearly two hun
dred thousand more white than colored peo
Police Court—Hon. J. J. White, Jus
tice—Tuesday, August 2',). —The following
cases were disposed of:
Robert J. Smyth, colored, for shooting
Simon Cooper, was sent on to the Hustings
Court, Ist Monday in September.
James Eppes and William 15. Whceley,
charged with giving a false alarm of fire.
Continued to August IK).
Hubbard Powell, John Gamp, Lewis
Davis, John Smith, charged with being
common thieves and vagrants. Powell,
Davis, and Smith bound over in the sum of
$500 for six months; Camp in the sunt of
1100 for six months.
Reuben Dabney, colored, charged with
interfering with Officer Otey, while dis
charging his duty, and also "carrying con
cealed weapons. Fined $2.50.
John Bott and Henry Haberstraw, on
cross-warrants were discharged.
John 11. Davis, charged with having a
pair of boots not his own. Discharged.
Richard Walker, colored, charged with
being drunk and disorderly in second mar
ket. Fined $1.
Jacob and Henry Haberstraw, charged
with threatening to assault and lieat John
Bott. Bound over in the sum of 610!) each
for six months.
A Young Lady Struck by lightning. —
Miss Julia Dcnoon, who resides on Se
cond street, between Main and Cary, was
struck by lightning during the thunder
storm this forenoon. She was standing on
the porch at the time. The fluid Hashed in
her face and ran down her neck; she fell
to the floor, and remained still' and speech
leas for several minutes. Medical aid was
immediately Summoned, and on examina
tion her neck was found to be blackened
from the ell'ects of the lightning.. Under
judicious treatment her condition was soon
improved, and at last accounts she was
able to be up.
Arrested. —James Fppes and Wm. B.
Wheeley were arrested last night, as the
suspected originators of the false alarms of
tile last night. Justice White will consid
er the case to-morrow morning in the po
lice court.
Appointed. —Judge Minor has appointed
R. R. Pleasants collector of State and town
ship taxes for Varina township. Mr. I'lea
sants will assume his duties on the first of
September, having given the required bond
iv the sum of $15,000,
Fell. —A gentleman, whose name we did
not learn, while walking up Nineteenth
street, near Main, last evening about ti
o'clock, was seized with a lit of vertigo,
and fell to the pavement, by which he re
ceived a severe wound on the head. Dr.
T. J. Riddell gave him medical attention.
A Tobacco S"AW/'.—Officer Henry Char
ter, last night, about eight o'clock, found a
negro man near Kighth street and the basin
with a basket containing three boxes of
tobacco on his head. An the officer ap
proached him with the view of making tin
arrest, he threw the basket with great vio
lence against the officer, and attempted to
Mr. Charter, before regaining his feet,
seized the thief, and was dragged a consid
erable distance before he was finally com
pelled to release his hold. In tho mean
time he hail given the man a heavy blow
on the head with his stick, and shot at him
as he ran. The man succeed in making
his escape.
More Conciets. —Charles Walker (while),
sentenced for one year for petty larceny,
and Jacob Pritchett alias Filchetl, colored,
also one year for the same offense, were re
ceived at the penitentiary, from Norfolk,
this morning. This is the second offense in
the case of each of these parties.
Cyrus Stokes (colored), sentenced for
four years for house-breaking, and larceny,
was received from Amelia County.
>l:im ln'-lrr News nutl (Joss Ip.
Slabbing Affray. —About!) o'clock Sat
urday night, a colored boy named Samuel
\\ utkins, a shoe-maker, living on fourth
street, slabbed Mr. James Williams. The
parties were arrested yesterday morning by
('(instable .James Monroe and taken before
.Justice Martin, who, after the examination
of the witnesses in the case, discharged the
young man after [laying the costs.
Personal.—Justice B. T. Edwards has
been confined to his bed for several days ;
but will be out very soon.
Gypsies. — A large number of Gypsies
arrived lure yesterday. They are encamped
on a lot of Mr. Briggs, in the corporation,
where they were compelled to take refuge
wilh Mr. Ifriggs, in consequence of the ill
ness of one of the children of the tribe,
who died shortly after they arrived here.
The child will be buried to-day by Mr. B.
11. Morrisett, undertaker. They have very
line horses and mean looking dogs. We
don't care how long they stay among us,
so they spend their money freely.
//' Manchester is not improving we are
very much mistaken. .Six years ago, when
we first moved to the town, one would
have to go to Richmond for everything he
wanted, from a stick of candy or a ginger
cake up to a barrel of (lour; but now you
can get anything you want here, from a
line pair of boots at J. C. Wells', direct
from New York, to a splendid Howe sew
ing-machine, at (J. R. Harding's, direct
from the factory.
Mr. James Monroe wishes us to say that
if the 1 lemocratic party never gets a voter,
nor form a club for their support, as lias
been stated, until he does it, they will live
a long time to enjoy the name of Democrat,
which name he dislikes. He said no negro
could be a Democrat or Conservative; if he
was, it was for pay, and he ought to be
sold into slavery.
We have but one colored Sabbath-school,
and four white. The number of scholars
is about seven hundred white, and two
hundred colored.
Sudden Death. —An old colored woman,
living on Hull street, was taking on Sun
day evening with what some say sun-stroke,
and died iv a few hours afterwards. She
was seventy-five years old.
On the 25th inst., Jordan Smith lost one
of his children. It bloomed in the morn
ing to fade in the evening.
1 will take these little lambs, said he,
And fold them to ray breast;
Protection they snail Hud in me, iv me—
Court. —Judge Cox will hold his special
session on Friday next.
Capt. Wm. I. Clapton is on a visit to
West Virginia.
l'nsbylerian Excursion. —The excursion
which was to have taken place has been
We are glad to see that it is expected
that we will ha\o a new hotel on the corner
of Hull and Ninth street—a good thing.
Wm. tl. Taylor and family are at the
White Sulphur.
Tribute of llcspcct.
At Mecklcnbui-g August court tho Mecklen
btnj bar were called together to pay a tribute
of resjieei lo die memory of the late venerable
fudge, Wu.i.mm Liiiuii. The Hon. E. K. Cham
bers was called to the chair and Wm. Basker
vil!,.Tr., appointed secretary of the meeting.
Judge Chamber!', in stating the object of the
meeting, spoke in eloquent and glowing terms of
the virtues and talents of the great jurist to
\vho--e memory we were met to do honor.
Ou motion, Messrs. E. K. Harris, S. P. Thrower
and \V. T. Atkins were appointed a committee to
draft re-olulion:i suited to tlie occasion, and,
after rot—ins; for a short lime, presented the
following resolutions, which were unanimously
Was—l— we, the bar of Mecklenburg, hav c
evt-a the announcement of Ihe death of Ihe late
Judge William Leiuh, and wishing lo pay ti
suitable tribute to the memory of lite departed
*— t here—ire, be it
1. Kt.solred, That there is always a feeling of re
grel iv the pub!lie mind when a (Mat and good
man dies, aud although our sadness on this occa
sion la softened by the reflection that he has
filled his allotted time on earth, yet we could
wish that he had still lingered amongwl us as a
typo and a pattern of tho purity and itilegrily of
tlie former great men of Virginia.
2. Resolrttl, That hi* ability as a lawyer and a
judge was too well known to require continent
from us; that his career is interwoven with Un
laws of Virginia, and must be rememliered as
lung as these laws shall continue to have their
filed upon free institutions.
3. Resolved, That about his declining years
there was a dignity peculiarly striking and at
ti-aclive. Unlike manymen of genius he avoided
the fatal error of darkening the splendor of his
career by the shadows of decline, but ever watch
ful of his powers, he quietly laid aside the ennitte
as soon as lime began to touch the vigor of his
intellect, thus evincing a delicate regard for the
purity and sanctity of the law, and at the same
time teaching us the sublime lesson of knowing
how to die, as well as how to live, great.
-1. Resolved, That we are proud of the fact thai he
selected the county of Mecklenburg as the lionie
of hi* old age ; aud alt hough excluded by iulirmi
ty from pat-ticipatiug mi Iter councils, he contin
ued lo evince suchau interest in our public all'airs
as lo atl'ord gralil'v ing assurances of his sympa
thy And esteem.
ft. Hi solved, Thai these resolutions be sent, lo the
li.ianoke Valley, Halifax Itccord, and the Rich
mond paper* for publication, and that the judge
of thet.'ireuit court of Mecklenburg be requested
lo have the same spread upon lite record of the
E. K. I'iiAMiiEKs, Chairman.
Wot. li<i.sktrcitt, Jr., Sic'y.
On the mot-nine; of tlie 2fith inst., in Albemarle
at tlie residence of her nephew, Peyton S. Coles,
of tlie late John Rutherfoord ; aged 7(iyeais.
Charleston, S. O. papers please copy.
Yesterday evening, after several years of in
tense sulli-ring, of ceucer, Mrs. ELIZABETH
STOLP, in the (11th year of her age.
Norfolk papers please copy.
On the -jsth lost., .1 AMES BBANNON, the son
of John Brannou, aged four years and nine
On Ihe Kith instant, iv the city of Rich
mond, Mrs. EMXLY M. EADES, wife of the late
K. W. Eades aud daughter of the late Mann Sal
lerwliile, of Louisa county, Va.
At Id residence, in New Keut county, ou the
-.M.h lost., of Intermittent fever, Capt. LUTHEK
LIBBY ; aged OS year*.
At its parent's residence, corner of Broad and
Oarrington streets, August 17th, NANNIE J.,
only child of J. 11. and S. E. Taylor, aged six
months and seventeen days.
Y.t., Ai .1. ti'.nt. Is7l.
NOTICE TO shippers.—The arrangement*
hil'l-eioiore existing for the shipment of freight
South, via (ireeusboro', ou throuich bills, having
i.e.-u discontinued l.y the North Carolina Railroad
Company, all rales to point-, south of Greensbo
ro', heretofore given to shipper*, nre revoked.—
Hereafter no rates will be guaranteed beyond
Greensboro. JOHN it. MAUMIJKDO,
tlen'l Ticket aud Freight Agent.
T. M. it. Tai.c.tt, Engineer and Sup't.
au US—ls
I IT.E for the Betiellt of the Widows and Or
phans of the Southern States.
UifTßinPTios No fins. Evexixu, Auu. 28.
7tl H MS 30 48 7:1 «5 m (13 IS~7O 49 1(1 38
UiaTßtßPTios No. sum. Mubsiko, Aeu. 29.
4 7(1 US 44 2 7(1 .19 bit 49 .12 48 U
Wltness'iny haiuiritt Kichmond, Va., this 29th
day of August, 1871.
Managers. l.'ommissioiier.
chased from Captain w. 1. HABNEY, at the
Branch oilice, No. 9 Twelfth street, tbrue doors
I from Main.
West Virginia Convention Election!
_CO« At«. ACO.
Social Equality at Long lli-aneh.
£tu Branch, Aug. 20. —Major Caul and
Captain, Watson of the 2nd battalion, Mas
sachusetts colored volunteers, sought, but
were refused, admittance to the grand mili
tary and civic ball at the Continental
The ball was a grand affair, then; being
4,000 persons (whites) present, including
the full Ninth New- York regiment. A
band of 100 instruments furnished the mu
Tin- Polar Expedition.
New York, Aug. 2.). —The steamer Con
gress has returned from Greenland ; hav
ing made 1500 miles in less than thirteen
days. Returning, she passed a hundred
icebergs but not packed of ice. The sea
son very open ; not unlike May in New
York. Day became perpetual as the steam
er advanced north.
The "Polaris" sailed northward on the
the 17th wilh her party, amid cheers from
the crew of the Congress. The Congress
is the largest ship ever before in Disco Kay.
Serious ltesulls of a l'uute.
Ijouisrilte, Kg., Aug. 20. —Several hun
dred negroes who had collected around the
Danville jail to protect a prisoner, charged
with arson, from tlie Ku Klux, becoming
panic-stricken during the night, they rushed
into the streets and fired about a hundred
shots, wounding several of themselves.
The New York Abortion Mystery.
Neiv York, Aug. 20. —The mystery of
the finding of the corpse of a young wo
man in a trunk at the Hudson river depot,
is clearing up. Dr. Jacob Rosenwerg alias
Asher, from whose notorious abortion
house the trunk was taken, litis been ar
rested. The people attempted to lynch
li'in on the way to jail.
Tli.» West Virginia Colmention Election.
Wheeling. W. Va., Aug. 2!).—The elec
tion to decide as to whether a State conven
tion shall he held or not bos been decided
in the aflimiativc by 1200 majority.
Uoat llariitu at Halifax. If, S.
Halifax, N. S., Aug. 2!).—The Paris
crew have definitely withdraw.i from the
proposed four-oar race, but will challenge
the winner for a race in smooth water.
News front 11.-. Liviimstouj.
Imuloh, August 20. —Advices from
Zanzibar report that Dr. Livingstone is
slowly making his way homeward.
flouring Mills Hiiriie.l"Hcnvy Loss.
Deiroit, Michigan, August 20. —Bennett,
Kenckerborker it Co.'s,ilouring mills were
burned last night. liOss $300,000.
to.ban Troubles in California.
»S'((« Francitco, Cat., August 20. —The
Indian troubles in South California are
growing serious, and a general uprising of
the Indians is apprehended.
National Haul. Iloblieil.
A r eie York, August 2!1. -The National
Rank of New Ark, N. J., has been robbed
of $11,000 in fractional currency, by a col
ored woman who was employed to sweep
the office.
French News.
Paris, Aug. 29. —The Prussians will pro
bably evacuate the forts near Paris on the
16th of .September.
The report of the committee to consider
the prolongation of Thiers'powers,gives him
the title of President, with power to pro
mulgate and execute decrees of the Assem
bly ; allow him to participate iv the Assem
bly's deliberations, and to appoint and dis
miss ministers who shall be responsible to
lo the Assembly for Thiers' acts.
The Yellow Fever in
Charleston, S. ft, August 28.—Diligent
inquiry fails to discover any new cases of
fever in the last twenty-four hours. The
whole number of persons now with the
disease hardly exceeds a dozen. The dis
ease seems to yield readily to medical treat
ment, except in cases which were neglected
in the early stages. The apprehension of
an epidemic is gradually subsiding.
New York Item*.
New York, August 2S.—Suits have been
commenced against the Stuten Island Kerry
company for sums ranging from live to titty
thousand dollars.
The British steamer "Linda" is ashore
on the Dig I lead, near Yarmouth, and will
probably be a total loss. The crew has
been saved.
The assistant alderuteu have concurred
with the aldermen in directing the mayor lo
take steps for thu immediate recovery of tin?
old Itrick church property.
Chesapeake and Ohio railroad six per
cent, gold bonds have advanced to tl.'f.
t i.ill-11l \\ ill.l Slonn ill h—MMtcllllselts, tec
Boston, Aug. 2S.—A violent wind storm
lias occurred in this vicinity. Two steeples
blown down in Arlington, and trees pros
trated. .Maiden, Everett, and Millford also
Two additional deaths from the railroad
disaster at Revere have occurred.
Three persons were drowned by the up
setting of a boat in a fish-pond in "South
< (range."
Ckvs« ol" llir Bread Jury in the '.West.
Held *' Explosion.
Xnn York, Aug. 28.—At a meeting of
the grand jury to-day Recorder llacket de
livered a special charge ou the subject of
the " Wcstlield" boiler explosion.
The judge pointed out the provisions of
the law applicable to the case and the cir
cumstances necessary to be found to exist
in order to reach the president of tin com
pany, superintendent and engineer, lie
said it was too often thecose that subordin
ates are made scape-goats for the erring
officials who are over them, and who are
more powerful iv place and means. If it
is possible, on the facts and law, to hold the
president, directors, etc., of common car
riers responsible for accidents to passen
gers, whose lives and limbs they are bound
lo insure against negligence, then a great
beneficial example would be set these
He concluded by saying : "With a na
tion looking at our judicial action upon this
great catastrophe, let us give no room for
after-reproaches from any quarter."
From London.
TOKiNd oaosaa iv. in ikki.and,
London, August 2S. —An atteni]it was
made to-day, by unknown parties, to blow
up the monument to George IV, at Kings
ton, Ireland. Though much blackened by
gunpowder, the monument received no real
Th 6 European Syndicate has exhausted
the American five per cent, loan, by the
distribution of seventy-five per cent, among
London, August 2i-'. —The French Depu
tation, which, since arriving in Ireland, has
met with a constant succession of enthusi
astic greeting from the people of Ireland,
bus left Dublin for England.
Upon the departure of the deputation
from Ireland, the bands played American,
Irish, and French airs, and the enthusiasm
was intense. There «as had feeling evident
between the police and the people, but no
disturbance occurred, the police holding
aloof. The procession paraded through
the principal streets, and the houses on the
line were decorated. It was an extraordi
nary Fenian demonstration.
'I he report that a treaty of alliance, of
fensive aud defensive, has been concluded
by Prussia and Italy, rests on the au
thority of a special dispatch lo the London
French A It'llirs.
Pari*, August 28.—General Ducmt
has been appointed military commander at
I Irpgos.
It is reported that the Radical Deputies
will resign their seals in the Assembly
and coolest the elections in all the depart
The discussion of the report of the com
mittee, upon the motion of Mr. Rivet, for
the prolongation of Thier's term, will begin
in the Assembly to-morrow.
The Municipal Council of Paris has re
solved to issue, in the form of a lottery,
a three per cent, loan for a huge amount.
l-'rotn (ieruutuy.
Ilttliit, Au;;. 28.—The Prussian Cross
(lazeile confirms the report that a second
meeting of the German and Austrian Em
perors litis been arranged, and states that
it will take place probably on the 7th
of September. The Emperor Franc-
Joseph will be accompanied by Count Yon
A linn basis was laid at < lastein for re
lations whereby (Jerinany and Austria are
to assume a joint attitude. Italy hits un
conditionally agreed to the same policy,
and communications have passed between
the three governments looking to the es
tablishment of a complete understanding.
News by the Latest Mail.
Balance in the Treasury Department
yesterday, at the close of business were:
Coin, $90,460,350 ; currency, $5,448,440;
certificates, $18,054,000.
Al Wolf Trap, Halifax county, Va., the
salary Of the postmaster has been raised
front .'.••17 to )?"> a year from the first of
The question of closing the United States
custom-house at Charleston, ineoiisc.ptonce
of the prevalence of the yellow fever, is
under consideration at Washington, and it
is probable it will be closed for thirty tlajs
or until the disease subsides.
The treasury department has decided that
in cases where seizures are made under tl c
customs laws by a V. S. marshal, the seiz
ures should be regularly returned by the
collector of the district when brought to his
John J. Kuiipp, of Michigan, has been
appointed special agent on mail depreda
tions in Indiana and -Michigan.
The journeymen brick-layers in New
York have been successful in their attempt
to raise the rale of wages to (4.50 per day.
forty of the contractors have complied
with their demands, and it is thought the
other bosses will follow thu example.
Crops.—Farmers, from different por
tions of the eoan-y, report the corn crop
as very much in need of rain, and will neces
sarily he cut short if they don't have rain
in a few days. From alx>ve town on the
Rappahannock, only do we hear tint far
mers have had good seasons of rain, lv
that section it is said that tbe corn crop was
never more promising than at present.
from Louisa we leant that the corn anil
tobacco crops have been almost ruined by
the protracted drought. The corn has
fared —moll belter than the tobacco, as not
more than a half crop of the latter will be
Prom Fauquier we learn that the late
corn litis Buffered very much, and will not
make more than one-half of a crop. The
mill-races have nearly all dried up, and the
people are dependent upon Alexandria for
meal, —Fredericksburg Ledger,
A Cridors Will. —One ol the most
curious wills ever made was by an English
man at Montgaillanl, in IS'i'J, thus quoted
in Once a Week: "It is my will that any
on.- of my relations who shall presume to
shed tears at my funeral shall be disin
herited, He, on the other hand, srl 0
laughs the most heartily shall be my sole
heir. I order that neither the church nor
(iniri.il Paper for tke tnurnmnil.
ONE DOLLAR |mt square M stghl Nasi, ...lid
Sl'Ecl.—ti KATES made at roiintrr, >n I y
conlracl, with rpgutar patmns.
my heme shall be hung with black cloth,
but that, on the day of my burial, the
hearse and the church shall be decorated
with tloweis and green boughs. Instead of
the tolling of bells, I will have drums, fid
dles and fifes. All musicians of Montgail-
Jard and its environs shall attend tlie
funeral. Fifty of them shall open the pro
cession wilh limiting tunes, waltzes, and
A Useful Discovery.—Some time
ago a Mr. Pleasonton, brother of the ex-
Coiimiissionerof Internal Retenuo, residing
near Philadelphia, applied for a patent for
a method of cultivating fruit in hot-houses,
by diminishing the red and increasing the
blue rays of light admitted through the
glass, l'he application met with slow pro
gress, as the examiner did not put much
faith in the process.
As Mr. Pleasanton persisted, the ex
aminer went to Philadelphia, at his request
to inspect the new method, lb has since
returned fully impressed with the great im
portance of the discovery, bringing with
him several immense clusters of the finest
grapes ever produced. Mr. I'leasanton ac
complishes result this by making every
eighth pane of glass in the hot-house a
blue glass.
llailt State Joi'r.vai. Oeeii c, <
BicifMOMi, Ang. 2H, 1871. 5
We quote first-class paper at. 8 to in per
cent, per annum. Kirhmond city bonds are held
at CO cents. Virginia Stale stocks dull. There is
an active demand for flrst-cl:Lss railroad securi
iVew Vorlt Stock aud Money Market.
Neiv Y'okk, August 21), IS7I.
Stocks steady sad dull. Governments dull
and heavy. State lionds dull. Money 2 iwr
fi-ni. (lold 112fi. Exchange—long, 9'n; >;hort,
Kicliniond Gruill Market,
Corx ixo Flock Exiiiakoe, }
Kleinloss, An;;. '±1, 1571. >
Wheat—While, 2,0:12 bushels. lied, LB—I do.
I '.iks—White, too bushels.
OAT*—4B2 bushels
Wheat — White, 1,803 bushels at Jil..'.2fc for
prime: *I.«| for very good; 91.46 for good; tlM®
*l. 11l for fair; ifU.l2fcfJ4l.3i> for various grades of
common. —ed—LO3S bushels at iI.M for very
..... I an.i prime; *i.42fc for good.
Corn—White, -101 l bushels good at 80 cent.--.
Oats—lß2 bushels at r.(l cents for good; l;o c* i.ts
for good Winter; US cents for seed winter.
Wheat — White, (i:io bushels. Bed, B* do.
OATS - !,l busliels.
HonMalic Marked— [ly f—UUa—Ml.]
R»w Y.iuk, August 99, 1871.
Flo—r dull and d.-i lining. Wheal quiet and
nominally lower. Corn unchanged, l'oi-k quiet
at♦13.7»8»13.87. Laid dull. Cotton quiet, bill
linuer- Middling Uplands, 19';; Orleans, lo", ;
■alee, 309 bale*. Turpeat—m strong m .'.av-i.vi.
Itosiu linn at (3.10 for strained. Freights very
(1. HILTON SCIUBNEB. President.
SIDNEY W. OHOFUT, Secretary.
This company is purely mutual. All policies
niconieslable i.v- usual causes. No restrictions
iqiou travel or residence.
All policies absolutely Incontestable after two
annual pr.-iui urns.
(1.H..1, reliable, and ellicient AGENTS are
wanted tor every section of the Slate. A pfolll
ahle jiositiou is opeu to all those who can furnish
sati-I'aeloi-y references and are willing to work-.
Apply at tin- branch oilice of the Company,
c. A. lowbkh, Manager.
Medical Examiner, De. A. S. McttAE.
au 12—tf
PANY oiler inducements BlitttirjH—rritl by an.
safe company, to in.-uiv agaiie-i loss by lire of
all kilnls ..]' iiroj.ei-ty.
They ask of lli.-ji- friends and the public to
give llu-in a call before iii.uriug elsewhere.
('onsult >our own interest and insure with us
T. 11. STARKE, General Agent.
.1. IJ. Davis, Pre: idem.
John V. tl. Parts, Secretary. jy 6 —dAi\v:;ni
AM"-' in v * liltATriN'S ItIJI'OKT^
ts. On receipt of price sent sett paid.
Law Bonks.-11.-r- ,
au 28—ft 1318 Main street.
By aulhoiily of Ihe United States District
Court, for the Eastern District of Virginia, in the
matter of E. Heller, liankrupl, I shall oiler for
sale at public auction, in the town of Karmville,
Virginia, on
PR-DAT, sin DAY ell' SEPTEMBER, 1871,
at 1-J o'clock M., a laage assortment oi'
THE CHOKES IN ACTION surrendered by the
said E. 11.-Her, bankrupt.
Titans-Can. EMMET clil'MF,
au at—atood Assignee of E. Heller.
TED STATES for the Eastern District of Vir
in the matter of John J. Southworlh, bank
rupt—in bankruptcy.
To whom it may concern.—The undersigned,
William 11. Alldordi.-e, of Richmond City, Va.,
hereby gives not ice of his appointment as ni >•
of the estate of John J. South-worth, of Caroline
county, iv said district, who was, on the Ist d ty
of August, A. D., 1871, adjudged a bankrupt ....
his own petition by the District Court of said dis
Dated Richmond, August 2.lth, ls7l.
au2!'—T.'tw Assign.
--'I'KU STATES lor the Eastern District of
in the matter of Reuben 11. Bought—a, Jr.,
bankrupt—iv bankruptcy,
Tow—obi it May Concern-The under—gued a
William 11. All.tordice, of Richmond coy \a,
hereby ;-i\es uot ice of his appotdtmeut as assign! c
of the .-slate of Reuben 11. Bouchtoii, Jr., oi |.
sex county, in said district, who was, on the 2:uh
day of July, A. If, ls7l, adjudged a bankrupt ou
his own (i.-t 11 ion by Ihe Di.-tiicl Court of said dis
Dated Richmond, August 'Jolll, IS7I
au2i>—WW As.ic.ii.-,.,
IN THE lllslltll t I Ol 111 OF THE I'M
TEII STATES for the Eastern District of
lv the mati.er of John 11. Buchanan, baukru] t
—in bankruptcy.
To Whom ii* May Concern—The in—lersigued,
William 11 Allderdlce, of Richmond City, Va.,
hereby rocs atnice of It—appointment as rtitignrp
of the .-.-.tale of John 11. Buchanan, Of lluiuo.i
count}*, iv said district, who was, on the —I day
of August, 1871, adjudged • l.aukrupt on his own
petition by tin- district court of said district,
Baled Richniuud, August —lib. 1871.
au 29— Taw Assignee,
| "•" ti - r «; o iil :
It.a your WATEH-i Mot.Kits, ice CRF.AM
Hi". Mam and 21 S Broad turrets

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