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<_■wttittg 9 tate gountat,
» , - •
DAILY* —_ jK-r year; six months, . ; three
months, ♦1.50; 1 mouth, _ cents.
SEMI-WEEKLY—_.Ao per year; six months,
$1 23: threo months, 7.'i cents.
WEEKLY'—_ .60 per year; six months, 76 cents
(Evetttofl estate gowna!.
foxes of Democracy out of their holes, and
compelled them to come into the light in the
presence of honest, intelligent men. The
voters, and especially the property-holders
of Virginia, arc nt last aroused to the im
pending ruin that threatens them ; but the
Eiupiirer undertakes to parry the attacks
made against the financial policy of the
Democracy all along the line, by the false
statement that our taxes have not been in
creased at all.
We state, that this is untrue, and again
acsert that tho rates of taxation, up to the
coming in of this present detestablo Demo
cratic State administration, was thirty cents
on the hundred dollars, and that by that
administration it was increased, and it is j
now fifty cents on the hundred dollars, and
not only so but this enormous increase will '
leave a deficiency of about one million of :
dollars to be provided for in the future.
We appeal for the truth of this statement j
to tlie oilicial record, and finally we appeal ]
to the Enquirer to confess the misstatement j
stated, and to do so speedily. For failing in j
this act of justice it and its party, will re- j
ceive the condemnation from an outraged
people which their temerity deserves.
It has always been regarded as a lasting
disgrace to our Father Adam, that, when ar
rayed by infinite justice for his first great
crime, like a sneaking coward, he undertook
to defend himself by saying, "'l'he woman
whom thou gayest to be with me gave
me of the tree and I did eat;" and it is
just this argument that the Enquirer tenders
in reply to the charge of the enormous out
rage perpetrated in tlie interests of the Gov
ernor and his associate stock-jobbers, in the !
provisions of the funding bill, that give those
bankers and brokers priority in payment
over every other class of State creditors.
Itpractically says yes, it is true, the bid is
wrong, it does bleed the suifering people of '■
the State for the benefit of these mercena
ries, but the Democracy are not to blame,
» *
for Republicans voted for the bill. Now
we are glad that your backs do smart, the
rod has been long in pickle for you, and we
arc glad to hear you offer such a pitiful ex- !
You know tliat the majority in a :
Legislature is always, and justly, held re- j
sponsible for all the vicious legislation, and |
claims justly u thc honor and benefit of all ■
that is wise.
You have been teaching us that lesson ,
all along during the years of our suprcma- !
-_, and perhaps the most notable illustra
tion of this, occurred when the test-oath ;
was under consideration, on the final vote j
in the constitutional convention. A well- '
known and prominent Republican movei
to strike out the test-oath, but his motion
was lost, and tho test-oath finally retained
in the constitution, by the votes of nine
prominent Conservatives, the very men
who had most bitterly denounced all dis
franchisements and test-oaths.
This wasdone, too, under the leadership o
the noted apostle of Virginia Democracy
fiustice Gibson, and when your party were
charged in the campaign of 1860 wit
retaining the test-oath, you rcplic
litly and satisfactorily that you
not, "for the purpose of msikin
constitution as odious as possible," and
rted everywhere that this was one o
recognized rights of a minority in poli-
This was the medicine you adminis
d to us, and, following your example,
must now hold your noses and swal
your own medicine without a grimace,
are making 1 )emocracy odious, and shall
tinue to do so to the end of the chaptc
* ,
ome three months sinco we called attei
.to the financial condition of the Sta
series of moderate articles, written
best spirit, and with an earnest purpos
dvance the interests of the State. Ou
uiion had been drawn to the great difl
«__•/ experienced by farmers, in our ow
(hborhood, to obtain money to pa)' tin.
s. Complaints were coming to v
l all sources, of the decline in tlie ma
value of property, and the increase o
ssed value iv many localities,
he losses of the war, the disastro
iths, and the extensive exodus of elite
prising young men and laborers, were a
matters of common remark. AYe ende
vored m these articles to point out the re
financial condition of tlie State, and mi
eate the necessity of giving to the people
•Virginia every advantage which a humai
and sensible creditor extends to an hone
•debtor whom misfortune has overtaken.
We obtained no favorable response fro
the Conservative politicians or the Co
servative press, and even found ourselv
treading on delicate toes in our own part
But, from the country, the people ever
where sent us words of cheer.' We ha
continued, from time to time, to expose t
origin, aims, and ruinous tendency of tl
Funding Law, and challenged any man o
v wapaper to point out the errors of ou
(statement. No man has ventured to con
forward to disprove our statements yet.
The Republican Convention which h
recently met .with surprising uuanimi
adopted our position, and made it a part n
its platform of principles.
And now the Richmond Dispatch sa>
" they are not Virginians. They hate V
ginia." That is its answer to an appeal
behalf of the people.
That is its answer to facts ami figure
_mt it is in keeping with the tactics of t
party which it represents, in which fr
discussion of measures to elicit truth ant
secure the public good, are unknown.
It matters not what man or part
approved this law, as far as its effects are
E|e DfiUij State SiwtttaL
__r i_
pair it. We have never sought to |
ilamc those who voted for it honestly, be- j
leving it right. AYe ask every man to look }
at this matter as a citizen, and not as a I
•artisan, and, realizing the great stake that i
himself and his children have in tho State, !
act upon his own convictions of duty.
We had the pleasure of a call from Gen. ;
lufus Barringer, of Charlotte North Caro- :
(ien. Barringer was a gallant Confederate j
nldit-i- in the late war, but accepted its re
ults and is now practicing law at Charlotte, j
Ho is not an office-holder or an oflice- I
He informs us that the Ku-Klux trials
nd the vigorous Execution of the law are
mving a healthy effect in his .State.
He emphatically states that very few of'
the Ku-Klux are Confederate soldiers, j
Most of them are cowardly ruffians, who |
shirked responsibilities during the war, and j
now try to redeem themselves by these
diabolical proceedings, lest they should be I
suspected of Northern sympathies. They j
sometimes force in better men. The Dem
ocratic leaders look upon it with favor, but
lave generally stood outside, in order to
irotect themselves from punishment. Sev
ral prominent Democrats, however, are
cnowu to be members.
A powci ful force of detectives are still
t work, and we may expect still more as
tounding results.
We find in the Liberal Citizen, of Alex
iiilriii, the following notice of John ][.
■ ray, Ksq., the Republican nominee of
_il__ county for tlie Assembly. We
leartily endorse the compliment. Judge
hay is our friend and neighbor, and we
itipc to see him elected by an emphatic
lajority. The Citizen says :
All parties acquainted with the Judsre admit
is peculiar illness for that important position.
Judfre (Iray has been one of ihe Supervisors of
'.liriax. County for the past two years, and has
niphnticsilly proved hlmselra Wonting member,
■ivery ('onservative in the County cordially isi-.e
din that credit, lie has taken a great interest
agriculture, fruit growing, and improvement
f the public roads. It would be a fortunate cir
misliince for the State of Virginia If a majority
her law maker* are compoeedof as good man -
:il as Judge liray.
SINCE the Republican victories a number
f Democratic papers, including several sit
16 South, advocate the breaking up of the
lemocratic organization, and a union with
il anti-Republican elements of the coun
ry. "Anything for success" is the first
notto of Democracy. A party with whom
irinciples are of any consequence would j
not talk in this loose way of throwing them
aside. LSut the proposition is not one cal
culated to insure success.
There are not opposing elements enough
in the country to defeat the Republicans
in the next Presidential election, even if
they could bo harmoniously united in one
party, which is a manifest impossibility.
The "new departure" was an attempt at j
this. The only abandon the De
mocracy is to come over to the Republican
party. That is the party of principle and
of success, and is stronger to-day than ever
Washington, September 27.
The winter preceding the assembling of
ie National Conventions, always brings to
Vashington an extra number of wire
mllers and anxious politicians; and this
act, coupled with that other fact, that the
oming session of Congress is to be tlie
ong one, promises to bring _ an extra
umber of strangers, and with them a
ussier and gayer season than WUMIUfUMj
las seen for many years.
Tlie lack of hotel accommodation will
anse many members of the llouseand Scu
te to seek quarters elsewhere, and hence
uany of them have already rented, or pur
lased, residences, and are preparing to
iring tlieir families and keep house, A
rreat deal of improvement has taken place
uring the past spring and summer, and
louses are plenty and rents moderate.
It is estimated that over two thousand
louses have been erected during tlie past
eason, and as a general tiling the)' contain
11 the modern improvements, and are
astly superior both in architectural appear
nce and comfort to the many antiquated
rat-harbors" which so mar the beauty of
nany of our fine, broad streets.
ilany of our principal streets are in a
woeful condition at present. The city has
ommenced a scries of improvements, which
will involve the outlay of some eight or ten
lillions of dollars.
Tho season here for intellectual enjoy
nent will open theseeond week in October,
y a series of lectures at Lincoln Hall, un
er the auspices of the Grand Army of the
lepublic. J'he opening lecture will be de
ivered by Rev. E. N. Chapin, who will be
illowed in the succession named by Mark
Twain, Anna E. Dickinson, Rev. Robert
.'ollyer, John Hay, Olive Logan, General
iilpatrick, Mrs. Dallas Glyn, George W.
'urtis, R. F. Taylor and Wendell Phillip?,
i behalf of the Republican party.
Secretary Boutwell has gone to Ohio,
here he is to malic two speeches during
le coming week—one at Cincinnati, and
ie other at Cleveland.
The prospect looks glorious in Ohio.
Ohioans now here, and direct from that
State, are claiming from 1)0,000 to .',0,000
majority for the Republican ticket. The
lection occurs on the 10th proximo.
The President is expected to return next
Secretary Robeson is in Pennsylvania, !
where he is electrifying llie people" by his j
eloquent arguments and appeals.
[From the Richmond Whig.)
Emit Culture.
A communication from front Royal gives
n account of the splondid vineyard of Mr.
lock. It is a new industry in our State, i
nd in that aspect it deserves commendation |
and serious consideration. We must mul
ply and vary our products, and nature
id circumstances indicate that fruit prc
euts the means tor our deliverance and re
upeiatioii. The grape and apple are the
■rofitable fruits ; our climate and soil
.upted to both, and every farmer
make it a point to devote acres more
to their cultivation, lit pine they
not the only gentleman in Virginia who is
turning his attention to this important sub
ject, lie is justly entitled to credit for be
ing the pioneer, and for the extent and va
riety of his operations. The whole com
munity will in time reap the benefits from
his experiments.
The Lecsburg Washiniftonian reports the
following in respect to Major Williams, of
Fairfax, which we take pleasure in copy-
Fri-its ami Grapes.—Major Wil
liams, of Vienna, Fairfax county, exhibited
at the Loudoun fair a number of specimens
of apples raised by him, which were shown
as a display of the varieties adapted to cul
tivation in this section of Virginia. Mr.
W. is a gentleman of much experience, and
is possessed of a remarkable fund of infor
mation upon such subjects. The im
provement of fruit is a department of scien
tific culture which has received his special
attertion, and he is contributing greatly to
increase the varieties of fruits in this see-
It is his opinion that the wild grapes of
Kiills and forests contain the germs
which, by cultivation, can be pro
a wine grape equal to the best in
His attention is directed to this
subject, and he is now experimenting upon
those of Fairfax, and the results thus far
are most flattering. (>ne year's growth
has materially improved the quality in size
and flavor, and lie believes in a few years,
twill present a grape to the wine pro
ers of Virginia which will answer the
essity all experience in the want of a
ive, reliable grape, with rich flavor and
I ne-producing qualities, superior to
eties with which they are now ex
I not some of our enterprising and
nt grape growers of Loudoun, find
,'otoclin and Blue Ridge Mountains,
which could be redeemed from its
te, and made a joy and comfort to
ie producers of our county ? The
ent is worth trying. Major Wil
■oposcs oll'ering a special premium
next I.oudoun Fair, for the best
of wine from the native Virginia
W r e hope there will be many con
fer the prize.
Ncbraskans who neglect to vote are rid
den on a rail.
New Albany ladies walk up to bars and
call for a little sugar in theirs.
Gloves are rather deeper iv tone and
higher in price than last season.
Thayer, of circus fame, is about to enter
the political ring in Pennsylvania.
An unruly lover was cowhided by his
prospective mother-in-law in Cincinnati.
Mr. Howe, of Lebanon, N. IL, aged
eighty-five, took his first railroad ride last
A Florida colored woman rock-a-byed
her infant to sleep with a dose of laudanum.
Venison is eight cents a pound in AVis
consin, and "deer" at that.— Boston Post.
"Yankee Doodle" is often played now-a
days by English bands, and is very popular.
A wood-pile fell and forced a Detroit
man against a circular saw. Ho was cut in
The gloom of a Missouri funeral was
alleviated by an impromptu jig by an in-
The Hartford Times mourns that the only
sparrows in the park are spare rows of
Southern saloonists have formed a syndi
cate to put the price of drinks down to ten
A Massachusetts psychologists has mes
merized an inebriate out of his appetite
for liquor.
A Hartforder advised a slender friend to
chalk his head and go to a masquerade as
a billard que.
Some Troy Sons of Temperance seasoned
their oysters with whisky, by mistake, in
stead of vinegar.
Mr. Kerr, of Kansas went to bed upon
a roof, and on waking up on the sidewalk
made some Kerrsory remarks.
St. Louis gamblers are out with a circu
lar setting forth the great losses to the city
occasioned by the suppression of gambling.
Three ami li-urs attempted burglary in
Greenfield, Ind., anil weie cordially wel
comed _til a littlo shot-gun by the affable
James Neely, of Ohio, enjoyed the great
est Satisfaction in his last moments, by re
fusing to tell his weeping family where he
had buried 110,000 in coin.
A Vermont paper speaks of a minister
who had resigned his "pastorate." His
last sermon might have had for its text,
"All flesh is grass V—Boston Post.
With the completion of tho European
I American railway from Bangor to
in, on the ISth of October, the ocean
to Europe will be reduced live days!
eccentric clergyman lately said in
his sermon's, that " about the com
t proof we have that a man is made
i is the brick so often found in his
Miss King, who has tasted tea in every
part of China, says Americans will never
get the. best tea until they are willing to bid
as high for it as the Russians, who now
monopolize the finest growths.
The Queen of Belgium is a better horse
wotmui than scholar. Her trained horses
recently awoke the professional enthusiasm
of Ernest Benz, a famous circus rider of
Brussels, who declared them much better
educated than herself.
The ex-King of Spain, the consort of the
deposed Queen Isabella, is stated to be a
very skillful turner and wood carver, and
spends several hours every day in making
small images of saints out of wood. He
can out-whittle any Yankee.
In one county of Kansas alone there are
R acres of castor beans under cultivation,
Greeley thinks it needs no iiialhemaii
to show that the crop will supply cas
to every bedstead in tlie L'nited States
vii Free ins.i.
btura De Force Gordon insisted, in a re
cent lectin* at Stockton, California, tha
she was "an American citizen over twenty
one years of age," which provoked a crus
ty and disgusted benedict to exclaim
Fou bet you are!" Sensation in the au
One of the most humorous things con
■Meted with the small-pox excitement ii
Lowell is told by the Courier, which re
ceived a letter from a man in New-Hamp
shire, desiring his paper discontinued ti
the disease should abate. The CouiUr is
afraid to telegraph him for fear that boys
JOBS W. U'OI.TZ, Rewi and City Editor.
. ,-r- . ■ ■ r
For the Senate.
For the House.
I hiatus.—We invite the at
votcrs of Richmond and Hen
imes, character and standing
nen composing the ticket of
t party.
>een selected because of their
•it and their ability to make a
aign against those who have
by the Hermaphrodites—in
hey have the disposition to
not seekers of the places for
aye been selected, but were
_ously by the great heart of
.his district. Our motto and
ampaign will be lex tettionit,
ght so will we fight.
;y raises the black flag, it
:ker than ours (here's a chance)
bcral, generous and fair, we
on equal terms; but if not,
who don't want to be hurt
for Tin: Wau.—We ac
if battle thrown down by the
, and hoist the flag of our
;rs, and nail it to the top of
We are enlisted for the
etermined to make the com
lot." if hot shot and shell
ny of our furniture scorched,
t good naturedly and turn a
water upon it.
lladicalism" is the battle cry
. It is a fierce and rclent
of the enemies of free go v
ree men.
•rors for us, and while it may
w of the nervous of our par
ouses to double action tho
rgy of the faithful. If your
ie slaughtered, you may be
the thought that they Sough
sacrifice—that they were not
line pressing their claims foi
•nors ; and if instead they ro
an darts, grease tlieir bruiseti
and they will soon be healed.
_ '
BRVATIVE Ticket.—After
on of the rings they succeed
ing a very milk-aud-watcry
■ling no real strength. Mr.
clever young man, but notli
m Wynne is exceedingly un
isown party, andhisnomiiia
o down,
a spread eagle, gassy, sort of
Iks very much like a back
is a gentleman and an orator,
_i celebrity, but like "Poor
in sorry company and may
n Brown, an amiable young
vice president ot tlie Trades
nit on to catch Republican
tho Trades Union. But
ie and Dick Walker cannot
;s Union into a political ma
own selfish purposes,
is a promising young lawyer,
nost of the Catholic associa
ty, and was put on to catel
toman Catholic vote.
t bait thrown out was the
catch the German and Jew
ovenstcin. We rather think
popular with his country men
dge Meredith, he is chiefh
s desire to hold office. He
one—that of City Attorney—
in addition to be a member o '
c. He held on to his post as
until he was obliged to go
he tried bis best to, get a Su
lip, but was beaten by Judge
c has a great faculty for hold
it we do not think lie wil
time. We will have to rake
s record when he was trying
biiitios removed by Congress,
is in the Conc/resninnal Globe
;le of yesterday referring ti
ie nominations, the name o'
tndy, of the Dispatch, was
nner, which to us, is objee
_ association with differen
ie press of the city, since our
th the JouiiXAl.'has been o '
eeablc character, and we do
o disturb it, unless we have
do so.
to make fierce war upon the
i members, who may offer
" public position, but in doiiij
to be fair to et cry one, am
of unfaithfulness are made, or
their records as public men,
are free to themselves and
them right.
of Officers of Harmo
ns Sons Temperance.—
meeting of this very flourish
:ie!d last night, the following
elected: A. J. Terry, W.
ens, W. A.; C. 1). Bray, R.
fi.C; J. J. Onenhouser, I.
O. S.; R. B. Wilson, Chap.;
;reat interest in the cause of
md it affords us pleasure to
}vent gathering of its friends,
invite them lo make use of
when desired.
P. —Mr. Stack, whose a.hci
larsinthe Journal, exliibit
pto us this morning. It has
regarded as a difficult matter
c Yankee in cuteness and in
vention, and the most ingeni
las heretofore found more than
c pesky rats which, in kitchen,
and store-house, consume the
the people without any com
onsideration whatever. But
rap certainly "lays over" any
kind we have yet examined,
ited to deceive the most astute
of the rat species.
aoogtoh Dnr__j____—Mr.
resident elect of the Polish
nd other members of the con
,ve requested us lo state Unit
between Messrs. Kaufman
%, is purely personal in its
nd that the congregation, as
> way responsible for it, nor a
notary public for Fredericksburg.
—The Baltimore Sun says Jeff. Davis,
who is now in that City, is expected to
reside then; permanently,
—Mr. Joseph Delarue, of this City has
recently invented and patented a machine
for canceling and culling revenue stamps.
—The up freight train on the Danville
road ran oir the track yesterday morning
when about eight miles beyond Richmond.
—Ten new tenemculs, suitable for
families of moderate means, aresoom to be
erected on Pine street, in wliat is known as
—There will be a public temperance
meeting held in Clay Street M. E. church
next Tuesday evening at S o'clock. Also
in St. John's church ou Sunday evening
—Aimer H. Richardson has been appoin
ted by the Board of Education district
school trustee for Mount Carmel district,
Halifax county, vice Thomas Chalmer's ap
pointed teacher.
—The City Council will meet on Monday
evening next, probably in the new Cham
ber, in Washington I fall, the preparation
of which, under the order of Council, is
rapidly approaching completion.
—Miss Susan L. V. Smith, formerly of
Virginia, gave a recitation of Tennyson's
"Maud" a few days since, to an apprecia
tive audience at St. Paul's Methodist j
To the Israelites.—During the haste
of 'Wednesday, when most of us were en
gaged in watching the proceeding of the j
convention, a communication, signed "Con- I
.seryative," appeared in the columns of the j
Jocrnal. In this article an attempt was
made to reflect upon Mr. I<ovenstcin,oneof
the Democratic nominees fiir the Legisla- |
ture, because he was a "Jew." Had we |
discovered this fact we would have erased
the objectionable sentence; but we Want I
our readers to understand that we devote a
part of our paper to "free discussion," and |
when I ri s/ionsible party oilers a communi- |
cation of a proper character for publication, i
we arc relieved of all moral responsibility. ;
We feel none, and make no difference In- \
tieeen men on account of their reliijion, and
are as kindly disposed towards a "Jew" as
we arc towards a (ientile. In future we
will endeavor to avoid any seeming reflec
tion upon the religion of every man.
Not Him, hit Somebody Else.—
Perhaps the Dispatch did not dream of a
" possibility" of the defeat of its candidates
for the Legislature ; but it was positively
certain that one or two of the. gentlemen
whose names are on its party ticket were
ineligible, therefore the vote cast for them I
Now if this be true, and we presume the
Dispatch will admit, it, its declaration that
" such officers, however, need not resign
their office before they arc elected to the
General Assembly," seems to us to imply
at least a doubt oi' their success.
The Dispatch need not tell us it meant it
would be time enough to resign after they
were elected, in order to make themselves
eligible. We think there is quite as much
thirst for office in members of the Demo
cratic party as there is among Republicans,
since we see so many of them who now
hold offices anxious to take a few more.—
"Carpet-baggers," we find, don't like the
loaves, fishes and spoils of office any more
than native Democrats or "scalawags" ; at
least they always find men to take all the
places they .have the disposal of, and not
unfrcquently willing ones to occupy those
stolen from iiejivblicans.
Delegates Retcrninu.—The several
railroads leaving Richmond this morning,
carried to their several homes the delegates
to the convention, who remained in the city
yesterday to make purchases for themselves
and families. Among the delegates, were
a number of large farmers and several mer
chants, who expressed themselves satisfied
with the prices and terms ofi'ered them by
our wholesale merchants. By means of
the two conventions recently belt! lure,
merchant and buyer were brought face to
face, and new acquaintances formed. The
trade of Kichmond is looking up, and we
hope that during the heated political contest
soon to take place, great care will be taken
not to disturb the trade of our community,
and the friendship so happily begun be
tween traders in commerce.
Correction— The Colore 11. 'onvention.
In our report of the proceedings of the
colored convention, held in this city yester
day, we unintentionally left out the names
of the alternates selected by that body, and
now supply the omission.
Joseph Cox, of this city, and John Ave
rett, of Lynchburg, were chosen as alter
nates of Laudon Boyd and Win. IL Lester,
who were the regular delegates.
The oilicial call for the convention, which
is lo meet in Columbia, S. C, on the IMb
of October next, invites the different Con
gressional districts of Virginia to send,
each one delegate. As the deliberations of
the convention are likely to result in bene
fit to the colored people of the South, we
earnestly recommend each district to select
a delegate, and that they report their ac
tion to the two delegates at large for this
tatc, or to either of them. The address
both Mr. Boyd and Mr. Lester, is ltich-
A Beai tifi'L Blonde Holding the
Reins—"Go Lima." —We observed a
oung and lovely damsel, this morning,
riving a spirited horse through our crowd
-1 streets, holding the reins and guiding his
lorseship with the confidence of the most
experienced. Her wagon was filled with
mskets, and we presume she was in the
city to do marketing for the household.
"As she sat in her low-backed car," we
felt like exchanging places with the noble
animal, if only to be driven for awhile by
the beautiful girl with golden hair. A
happy time, say wo, for the beautiful
Correction of a Name.—The name
of Mr. Philip Mugler, delegate to the State
Convention from Orange county, was er
roneously printed in our paper, both iv our
report of the proceedings of the Convention
and in the proceedings published yesterday
of the meeting sit Orange 0. IL, which se
lected Mr. Mugler and W. W, Johnson as
its delegates. It is due to the gentlenitiii
that his name should be correctly printed,
M it is in this notice.
LimiT Tracts ok Land for Sale.
We call the attention of land buyers to the
bankrupt i,ale of valuable Virginia lands
advertised in our paper to-day. These
lands are situated in Botetourt county, and
v. ill be sold as a whole, or subdivided into
tracts of five or six hundred acres, to suit
purchaser!. Purchasers will do well to
on Friday night, he had fastened new hooks
to bis lines, secured a cup of worms, and
filled his snack-basket; or when he had
washed out bis gun, oiled the lock, filled
his pouch and flask with powder and shot;
ami then awake Saturday morning and find
i* pouring down rain, with no power to stop
Our souls were then tried, nor have we
ever felt the keenness of disappointment so
severely since, until this morning.
Here we have been since the Ist of last
May, anxiously toiling to find something to
please our readers. Worrying our mind,
and fatiguing our body, have been but few
of the trials incidental to the life of contri
buting to a newspaper.
We have sweatetl and swore, blustered
about, have received kicks and cults, jeers
and taunts, have written, read and rereat
our articles, have read news-papers unti
we are sick and tired of them—we are sur
feited, gorged and feel as if we could dis
pense with news for at least twelve months.
Pencils are sharpening, brains are at
work, and our enemies lilting on their ar
mor ready to battle with us for victory.
We know we are to pass through hail, rain,
thunder and lightning, and possibly to get
a bunged eye, broken nose or smashed
countenance generally. Considering al
these things, we asked for and obtained a
fourlougb for a week, to begin immediatley
after the adjournment of our Contention.
We had already packed our carpet-bag
(though not a bagger); written to our
friends in the blue mountains to look out
for us; had notified the trout, pheasants,
and deer to beware of our coming; took
two cock-tails before breakfast, and had
even asked our little friend, Wade, to send
us the ___ (we didn't want the rest);
spent our money to indulge in a farewell
dish of 03'stcrs ; drew on our overcoat;
paid a 15th amendment a quarter to carry
our baggage to the depot; had said good
bye to Hie "devil," and enjoyed the envied
looks of the "typos," and, in fact, had our
pocket full of rocks, ready to tlee from the
noise, dirt, and follies of city life, when in
stepped the "boss" and inquired, which
from his looks, we trembled to answer.
Wo said, "To the mountains." He said,
"Nary time; it is my turn to go." We
wilted, we wasted, we gasped for breath;
but knowing the inexorable laws of obedi
ence lo superiors, we collapsed like an to-
Bated balloon with a hole punched in it;
anil here we are, a victim to the rules and
regulations of obedience and stern neces
sity. We ask our readers for sympathy,
or anything else that will give us peace ;
and settle upon our disturbed mind, we ex- |
We ask everybody if they think a "Dan
iel-s" has come to judgment, who, instead
of permitting us to go and return "eager
for the fray," has made us a drone, a dis
appointed discontent. We send our coun
try friends the sad message that necessity
knows no law in this country, and in this
Music and Voice.—We were incor
rectly informed of the time when the com
plimentary serenade would be tendered Mr.
Arnold, of North Carolina.
Instead of last night, this (Friday) eve
sing has been fixed upon, when the person
al aud political friends of Mr. Arnold will
tender him a serenade at Davenport's hotel,
All persons desirous of participating in
the proceedings are requested to assombl
at the place designated at 8 o'clock this eve
.Mr. Arnold cordially invites any colored
Conservative so disposed, to discuss the
principles of the two parties, and we doubt
that he would be willing to meet any
gentleman of the white race to come for
| Ward and to battle with him.
If the Democratic candidates would like
01 make a lew converts, they might bo on
Who Want Phizes?— Having occa- j
sion some time ago to denounce the " Prize j
Box" business, we did injustice to the two j
young gentlemen who were tlien conduct- '
ing a business of this kind on Broad street,
near the New Market. Since then they j
satisfied us of the honest maimer they con- 1
ducted their establishment, and we endeav
ori-d to repair the injury we had done then.
They have recently moved to No. 634, |
Broad street, and have fitted up in hand- i
some style, tlieir room ; have employed a \
handsome young lady to assist them, and i
have advertised tlieir business quite liberal
ly in, we believe, all the city papers. This j
looks like business, and lists entitled them j
to I'siir notice of their business from us,
which we cheerfully give. All persons who
love "risks," and have a wish to secure a I
prize as large as ten dollars in gold, for fit- I
bj|f_nts, are referred to No. (i'.U Broad
"Coat Hands Wanted."—"We no
ticed this morning a notice corresponding to
the above, written on a small slip of paper
and pasted on a window pane of one of our ]
B_hloneble merchants tailors. This same |
notice would have cost 2o cents if inserted
in one of the city papers, and besides en
couraging them, would have been seen by j
fifty persons to where one now notices it.
Not only are "coat hands wanted," but
i's, when completed, are occasionally |
worn by newspaper men, and they are fre
quently purchased of those who advertise
by other means than those resorted to, to
MVe I quarter. We charge nothing for this
notice, but we must not be expected to con
tinue them indefinitely. AYe hear a num
ber of similar notices grace the windows of
many of our business houses. This looks
like making a New York of Richmond.
Can't See It—Who Can .'—Mr. Solon
JohttSon, the Democratic gentleman from
Africa, having failed to respond to the in
vitation of Mr. Arnold to meet him in de
bute, Mr. Arnold now throws down the
gauntlet to Mr. K. L. Hobson, or, if ho ic
tuses to come to time, to any other man
calling himself a coloretl Conservative, to
be on hand to-night at Davenport's Hotel,
J aud discuss the issues between the two
parties. We ask Johnson, Cooley, Hall,
Hobson St Co., if they have any principles,
to meet Mr. Arnold and vindicate them bo
fore the people of Kichmond to-night. If
you have none, why just ....-.■ n_ like
OEwttittfl gownnl
Oflelal Paper for the Government.
SPECIAL RATES mad- hi eoiiuter, or bj
.-ontract, with regular pal rtm*.
Police Court — Justice ./../. fVhitepr -
siding. —The following ■__ were disj
of this morning:
Bernard Tracy, charged with using ob
scene language on the street, and abusing
the police while in the discharge of I
duty. Bound over for three months in the
Bernard Reese, charged with assaulting,
abusing, and destroying the clothing of
Mary J. Reese. Dismissed on payment it
Mary J. Reese, charged with aboi
assaulting, and breaking up the furniture of
Bernard Reese. Dismissed on payment of
John Clacker, charged with assaulting
and beating Anna Mahony. Fined $5.
James Reynolds, colored, charged with
using abusive and insulting language to
Mary Jackson. Discharged.
11. C. Bertram, charged with obtaining i
picture under false pretenses. Continue.l
lo 30th September for witnesses.
Jack Gray, colored, chai-ged with steal
ing a satchel. Not guilty, and discharged.
Hi'stino.s Cocrt To-Day. —Judge
Gitigon Presiding, —Three cases were dis
posed of in the Hustings Court to-day, as
John (». Wiley, cutting Jacob Richard
son. Acquitted.
Singleton Pleasants, assaulting and cut
ting Nancy Pleasants, fined one dollar
| a id imprisonment in city jail for ten t'ays.
Wm. 11. Turner, charged with poisoning
his wife. Continued till next term of the
The court then adjourned till 11 o'clock
to-morrow morning.
List of Unmailable _____ Re
maining in the Richmond Post
office September 2!), 1871.—Jas. 0.
Journey, West Fair View; Mr. Bruce,
Richmond ; Henry C. Lyne, Richmond;
ono letter illegibly address.
Convict Received.—The sheriff of
Orange county arrived in the city this morn
ing, with Albert Taylor, a colored man,
convicted and sentenced to the penitentiary
[ for one year for burglary.
Jackson Ward Meeeting.—A meet
ing of the Republicans of Jackson Ward
will be held to-night at Rev, John Jasper's
church. Let every man be present.
i Buiiiont., >:iiu growing into Mm
I iles.li ami all diseases of tin- feet, hands, kc, _-
j raovod without pain or inronvenii tc.-e 1,1 tie- j -i-
I tient, by Dr. __x_, ihe most ■efenrtttfl i 'iiiroi -
i odist ami Specialist. We are e_s_ anf.haanM
i i .uriied, aud is still devoting several hours __y
to the relief of tlie Slllliclcd. Those siitlivni.
---| wiih Oncers, Tumors, Sores, Ulcers, Whitlow,
j should avail themselves of his large experience.
He also treats them painlessly, and with instani
relief. No anaisthelic used. Ollice—Nineleeuth
street, near Main.
I _s"Notlee. —Twenty thousanddollar* siwnnl
ed to Ihe man who will prodiu-ea self-setl ins ani
; mat trap more simple ami more perfeel—thus can
|be mimufaelured cliesiper and catch as many
j rat-s—as the trap I have on exhibition at Kurd's
Hotel. This trap never has to be set or cleaned
out; it adjusts itself, and no scent by the animal
.in ihe least left in the trap. Call, everybody,
and see for yourselves ; anil 1 ,-mi sure yew will
pronounce what I have said to be as represented.
Call on or address Wm. A. Stack, pauii" c.
Fold's Hotel, lor four days.
State and county rights for sale on easy terms.
■YiP I'he Best Ever Made." "Cannot use any
other." "Never could use Railing Powder* until
I tried yours." "My family will not tic; any
other." "It is perfectly splendid." "I ilnd it
much cheaper than others." "Think it superi- r
to any I have ever tried.' These are a tew ot
the many expressions iv fsivur of 1),.0i ity's __i,
Powdek, which well deserves tlie rapidly lm _ i
«ing sale it lias atlsiined for caaldug sweet, lighi,
and healthy biscuits, rolls, pa-try, kc. Cor j.
lty, strength and economy it has poeq._il. j>
can be obtained at your groce. '*. I N__t A Ills- -
mit, Proprietors, 68 New street, New York.
SSTTlioiiipsoit's Pomade Hotline, as n __*>.
ing for the Hair, is all that is required; pun-I*
vegetable and highly perfumed, it softens, im
proves and beautilies the Hair. Btrsuguil i;> ii.
root*, and gives it si rich glossy appearance.—
For*alebynll druggi-is. .Price, floand7B n-:.-
---per botlle.
*_~Waiitcil, purchasers fur
I.AUIKS' AXD ttItSTI.K.MKN'S 111-t.'I'V.H.I 111: rI.iTIIIX"
new soul secoii'l-hand.
Also, Musical Instruments, in endless van A ■
Revolve! , Shot Guns, Riiies tinri sundry artt.-l -
too numerous to mention.
G. Vxskk, SSeventli slreet,
Between Broad ami Hatvhall
On the 2(llli tost, by the liev. Mr. ttarUrlc, Mr.
HOLMES-both of this city.
In this city, on the lsth instant, lo liev. V r
Gnmbery, IvEBSON .1. LONGEST sod__
On the -Jist instant, at Grace ciiureli, by Rev.
l)r Henry C. Potter, JOHN 11. CoLUl'i'l'i i..
SARAH VIRGINIA, daughter "I Phitlp Wi od
house, Esq.—till of New York.
On the 28th install, al Stlf P. _~ ('LIKPOIiIt,
i infant son of ___sd .!. and Virginia Levy.
On the 27th iusiaui. Mrs. MARIA DOIiAN
NAN, widow of the late liionmi i.oliinimui In
the 82d year uf le-r age.
i "\\TANTEO—A No. 1 tuok.Uut.licr anil Iruiicr
IV without encumbrance, liesr reference i
quired. Apply at -»■"> south Fourth street.
I »c 22—eodlw* s. W. SNYDER.
T.IOK SALE—A line C«W and CALF—
-T gives four gallons of milk per day. Ap
'ANY'S elegant side-wheel »teara«btp ALU
MARI.E, Capt. (iiti-ii, will s:ul on HI Mil',
(etober 1, at 7 o'clock A. M.
Freiglit received until Saturday nigln.
Through bills of lading signed, ami goods : .
ranted with dispatch to all points—north,
east ami west, close eunnectioui made with Cu
lard line for foreign ports.
Passenger accommodation* unsurpassed.
_re , tit _
Round Trip Tickets
For freight or passage, apply to
*e_—2t No. :t Governor street.
COMPANY'S elegant steamship V\ lI.LIAM p
CLYDE, Captain Dkew, will leave her whan
at Rocketts on FRIDAY, Sepiein!. .
Couneeiing wiih sieamers fur Ilan i.m-,1, N ■
wicti, Stoningtou, Fall River imd Boston from
same pier
Freight received up to tin- hour of sailing.
Close connections and through bills of lading
given to nil southern, eastern, ami western
places ; also, to Europe anil Australl.t.
Fare, e.i: ineiils ami stale-rooms, exirn
D.J. Bl'ltli, l're.-iilein,
1214 Main street.
Wasmixutox & Co [vents Pi-i 12 North ri\i i

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