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totting £iate jaatt-ttt
DAILY til per year; six months,sß; three
months, *l..'itl; 1 month, _ cent*.
SEMI-WEEKLY—_.ftn per year; six momh-,
tl 8.1; three monlhs, 7ft cents.
WEEKLY—SI -'-per year; six months, 7ft cent*
* Clubs id extremely low rate*.
tfvetttog jPtate gtmnrat
bill, and who is the author of the arlicl
published in the JOURNAL, in relation to th
subject, will account for the non-appearanc
of a reply to the article of the Eiic/iiin r »
this morning.
Colonel Daniels has a weakness for con
lessing his errors, and will cheerfully do si
;f wrong; but we are disposed to dotib
the insinuation of the Enquirer, that the
statements concerning the funding bill were
either criminal or bhmdeis.
The Journal has, fortunately, "blun
dered" on a number of facts conncctet
with tho Funding Bill and the maimer o
its passage, and has thundered it into them
so strong, that Democracy in Virginia is so
divided upon the subject, that no man ii
the Valley or Southwest, with legislative
ambitions, dare defend it.
Public Meeiinii in Henrico.
ToOu Editor of the State Journal.
A meeting was held on Saturday, th
23d day of September, 1871, at Deep Km
church, by the people of the upper o
second district of Tuckahoe township, t<
take action in regard to the "fence law.'
Jeremiah F. Jones in the chair and Join
W. Talley secretary.
The following preamble antl resolution!
were offered by John E. Jones, Ksq., ant
unanimously adopted:
Whekeas it is not only the privilege, but th
duty of freemen, to step forth, and boldly am
frankly declare tlieir opinioh* regarding th
"fence law," as well ns the right of a frc
people peacably A to assemble and to express their
opinions upon in" course of cuncluet of tlieir re
presentatives and their Governor, in vetoing
the Bill 303, who, according to correct piin
ciples, are regarded as the agents of Iluise ii
whom resides the sovereign power; and that th
rights of the people *of the second district o
Tuckahoe township have been disregarded by
the Governor and former representative*of Hen
rico county; and
Whereas, an act relating to fences, and tor Hi
proteotton of crops, passed January 2 . 1888, am
th* said act, left to the county court of any coun
ty in the Commonwealth to be in force in thei
county, or in any selected portion thereof, and
Whkreas, the'coiiiuy court of Henrico county
did adopt the said net to be in force in the uppe
or second district of said eoumy in Tuckano
township, to the injury and annoyance of nil tb
farmers, and the people generally, from raising
. ;ii I le. sheep, horses mules, swine, goats, or meat
cattle of any discription ; therefore
Resolved, Thai the nominees for the House of
Delegates, and Senators from the county of Hen
rico and city of Riclimond, do pledge themselves
if elected, to use all their endeavors to have a
act passed giving the right to the people in eacl
voting district lo vole for or against a lence law a
IhenextMay eleeiion, in llie year I&7°.
Resolved, Thai, they are requested lo use their
influence Villi the mombers of the Legislature
of both houses, to aid them—as it is of great im
jiortance to all the fanners and the people gene
rally throughout A'irginia, where ihere is an
abundance of timberaiid vacant lands, lo liavea
fence law; and that we earnestly request, the
cooperation of other voting districts in carryfii
.mt the above measures.
On motion of Mr. Jones, the chair ap
pointed the following gentleman as a com
mittee to consult with the nominees to the
Legislature, and report the result of the
consultation to tho people at the next elec
tion day.
Committee—Messrs. John K. Jones, Tho*.
E. Nuckols, Jos. C. Mann, R. 11. lirock,
and Andrew Gordon.
The above resolutions were also adoptet
at the meeting held at Mr. James Patter
son's the same evening, at 3 o'clock".
Jkuemiah T. Jokes, Ch'ran.
John W. Talley, Secy.
To the Editor ofthe Steite Journal.
Can it be possible (as stated in the Stat
Treasurer's letter to Messrs. Baker & Co.
Winchester,) that by the auditor's reporf,
that after paying all Ihe expenses of govern*
tnent for the year 1871, there will be a bal
fe of $1,500,1XJ0 in the treasury. Now,
will you be so kind as to explain why
Legislature required the taxes to be
paid Ist of September; failing to do which,
we, the tax-payers, are required to pay five
per centum additional. If it be true, as
stated in your convention, that this stun is
deposited in our so-called banks, at lour
per cent, per annum, to be loaded out by
fhem at from ten to fifteen per cent., is it
uot sufficient proof to satisfy even' tax-pay
er, at least, that the Conservative party
are, to say the very least, very bad iinau-
It cannot possibly be true that our State
officials have any pecuniary motive in re
quiring our already over-burdened tax
payers to raise money at from 10 to 1. per
cent, to pay into the State Treasury money
to be loaned out at 1 per cent ? But, to
my mind, no sane man would thus manage
his own affairs; consequently there is no
other mode of accounting fpi• such action,
unless they were pecuniarily interested.
Look at it: the tax-payer is to pay his
taxes six or eight months before the neces
sities of the State require tlieir payment,
which, if lie fails to do, he will be made to
pay 5 per cent, additional. His properly
can be sold by tho sheriff (with which ho is
now threatened,) to pay money not re
quired for sjx or eight months! I hope,
sir, you will ventilate this piece of—either
stupidity or rascality.
lam no politician, though I acted with
the Old Whig, and have since fallen into
the Conservative ranks, but I do feel a
litely and sensative interest in the finances
ofthe State. lam now taxed 25 per cent,
of all my income to support the city mitl
State government. If this funding bill pro
gresses I suppose it will take another
I ask the attention of the tax-payers of
this city and State to consider seriously the
• subject of taxation, antl sustain that party
at the approaching election ou which we can
rely for a remedy to this growing evil. —
Will you, Mr. Editor, enlighten us on the
funding bill. It strikes me there is some
D__BlC_ OF COL. MBIA.—Of the total
population of the District of Columbia
(131,700), 115,44(1 were born in the United
States (72,107 whites, 43,325 colored, aud
14 Indians), and 1f1,254 were born in foreign
countries (10,171 whites, 79 colored, '■>
Chinese, and 1 Indian.) The number of
|iersons residing in the I'nited States avliu
were born in the District of Columbia is
07,547. Of these 52,440, still reside in the
District, 458 are in California, 218 are in
Connecticut, 724 are in Illinois, 298 are iv
Indiana, 3,211 are in Maryland, 422 are in
Massachusetts, 5111) are in Missouri, 413 are
in Kew Jersey, 1,232 are in New York,
i>7(! are in Ohio, 1,468 are in Pennsylvania,
1,434 at-e in Virginia, 240 are in Wisconsin,
and others in every State and Territory of
the United States. These figures are oil.
.LD PAPERS-ln anr qaaml rr - »r Hi* at
1 this ornoK
Hl|e Dailg State SemntaL
9 " -IJLolf j JL __ _J -O.-' _l _L J_ J _ T Jl <> —
JOIIY W. U'OI.TZ, Yews and lily Editor.
For the lloit»
;— -.__.
Religiocs Services To-Morroav.—
We note the following special appoint*
St. John's Episcojial.—lluv. Henry Wall,
D. D., at 8 P. M. Subject: " Teinpcr-
Ckrist F.iiisciipnl (Volley). —Rev. Dr.
[innigerodc at A\ P. M. The Holy coni
uunion will be administered.
Second I'leMiytcrinn. —Hev. Dr. Hoge at
IA. M. and 4P. M. The sermon in the
ternoon will be to the children.
Second Baptist. —Rev. C. 0. Bitting at
1 A. M. and 8 P. M.
Grace Slre.it Presbyterian, —liev. Dr.
eadat 11 A. M. and -U I. M.
Grace Street JJupiist.'-ilvy. N. W. Wil
son at 11 A. M.; and at 7A P. M. annual
crmon before the Grace Street Missionary
nd Library Association.
Virginia Hull. —-Rev. John Blenncr be
g absent, liev. J. 1,. M, Curry will pronch
Christadelphian Hymiuofpie ( _r< nctnt
loll).— Services at 11 A. AL
Lutheran ((hid- Fellows' I Lit I, corker of
rantclin and Mayo street.*). —Rev. D. ii.
Second Baptist [Colored). —Rev. Richard
eßaptiste, of Chicago, 111., will preach in
ie above named church to-morrow (Sun
ay), October Ist, at _' o'clock P. M. and.
S o'clock at night. Monday night he
will also deliver a lecture in said church for
the benefit of the congregation. 'Subject:
"Civil and Religious Progress of the Col- |
The ___t of the Taber&acl&_
onspicuous among the Israelitish festivals
lands that of tho Tabernacles. This im
nirtant feast began yesterday evening, and |
vill last for eight days. The first, second,
venth and eighth days are kept holy, and
> menial service is performed thereon,
tusincss is entirely suspended, and the
ynagogues are well filled with those who
commemorate the dwelling of the Israelii •
i booths, during their sojourn in the
ilderness. On the first two days of tho
ioly day, the ceremony of using the
luluf," a branch of the palm tree, bound
ith myrtle aud willow, ami tiie "Fsrog,"
ie pomegranate, is kept up among those
ho remain true to orthodox principles,
'he beautiful moral of the same, as ex
•iaineil by a learned Rabbi, is that the
lalm being the loftiest of trees, the myrtle
.presenting the most common of shrubs,
id the willow tvhich is always drooping
id meek, which ore bound and held to
gether in one hand, antl with the pome
;ranate, which is the richest of fruits, held
n the oilier hand, are waved towards
leaven, lo teach that our Almighty Father
recognizes alike, "the lofty, tlie "humble,
The sending of presents to the needy and
poor constitutes another beautiful feature of
Services will be held in all the Syna
gogues to-day and to-morrow, at the usual
lar melting of Shockoe Hill Division, Sins
officers were elected to serve the ensuing
Worthy Associate, W. T. Allen ; Record
ing Scribe, Ed. A. Minor; Assistant Ro
ording Scribe, D. T. Tupuian ; Financal
•scribe, W. W. Childs ; Treasurer, W. J. |
lenn; Conductor, 11. (.'lay Lockwood }
.ssistant Conductor, 11. K. iiiay ; Inside j
entiuol, J. W. Lee ; Outside Sentinel, J.
V. Forsey ; Chaplain, P. August, Jr. ; I
>ast Worthy Patriarch, J. P. Wood ; ]
.Joard of Trustees, l'eterlii. I Trent, P. I
ugust, . Jr., 11. Clay Lockwood, John
teinliardt, James P. Wood.
Springfield Division, No. Mil), elected on ]
'hursday night with the following result : j
oseph W. Carler, W. P.; D. C. Ricliar t-
Mvn, W. A.; Davis, K. S.; R. J. I'ol-'
artl, A. R. S.; Win. Hall Cre.v, F. S.; J. !
'. Shinbcrger, Tr.J Jas. Atkinson, Cond.; !
iernard Lewis, Assistant Con.; John F. I
land, I. S.; Thomas R. Join-:, O. S.; S.
. Curry, Chaplain.
An AdßKKAiii.i: Chanuk.—No coiv
eratulate those who, by choice or other- :
■ise, attend tho courts of the I'olice Jus- '
ico, that in a few days a change will be |
natlc in the place of holding the Police j
ourt. Tin' new court-room, in (Xld-Fel- ]
ows' Hall, is now receiving the finishing
trokes of the carpenters, and will be
ready for occupation in less tliau a week. ]
It will be a great improvement over tlie
room formerly used, and will cost the. city
but little for furnishing and rent. The ar- .
rangement of the stand, prisoner.' coop,
witness-box, ftc, is also much bl I
The prisoners will not be seen from any
direction in tho room, except from the !
Judge's stand, as the coop is made cjos .
and is above llie height of a man. A small
room, which has been partitioned oil' in |
one corner of the main hall, will betid.
fur the otlice of the Police Justice and bis
United States Cincrrr and Die* I
trict Courts.—As there appears to be
ome misunderstanding among llie mem- j
lers of the bar, as to the time anil mc
f these courts, we will state fur Ihe infur- j
nation of them and the public, that the re- ;
•ent act of Congress dividing the State into
wo judicial districts, changed the time al
vhich these courts should commence their .
erm here, from the first Monday of May
nd fuurth .Monday of November, to the |
irst Monday of April and October of each
ear. These courts are also required by ,
said act to be held in Alexandria on the
irst Monday in January and July, and at
Norfolk on the first Monday of May and
The Circuit court will be opened next
Monday at il o'clock I. M., by Judge L'u
derwood, the District Judge, who will pre
side until the return of Judge Bond from
Kaleigh, who is expected during the week.
The grand and petit juries will probably
ie in attendance on Monday, but it is
bought -no business will be transacted tm
ilthe following day.
Crystal Tijmple q? H<___:—A reg
ular meeting of this new temperance organ
isation will be held at Springlield Hall this
evening at H o'clock. We are gratified to
learn that several gentlemen will be initi
ated to-night, and Unit the Temple is in a
—Weather pleasant.
—Another "olil tar" in the police court.
—The Hustings court was not in session
—Gentlemensrereferred to the adver
tisement of C. Wcndlinger.
—Velocipedes are becoming i|tiite. popw
lar with the youths of Richmond.
—.Mr. Francis V. Sutton, Ml aged citizen,
died at his residence, on Marshall streat,
yesterday morning, after a long illness.
—It is announced that over ten million
dollars of the first mortgage gold loan of
the Chesapeake and Ohio railroad company
have heen taken.
—Captain Kpps nnd two nthergentlcmoii,
returning from a hunt last night, found a
coat and hat in the Powhatan road, about a
milt! below the city.
—L. Benton, Jr., was tried in the Hus
tings court yesterday for .selling goods by
sample in violation of llie State law, tSfm I
guilty, and lined $20(1. Tlie fine was paid.
—A little boy named Kd. Napier, had
his linger so badly erased by the machine
ry in the Vulcan iron works, yesterday
evening, as to render amputation neces
—A convention of the Baptist .Sunday
schools of Virginia will be held in this city
some lime in November. The committee
of arrangements are already preparing for
the meeting.
—Tho October term of the Henrico coun
ty court will commence on Monday. The
case of .lack Finn, accused of being con
nected witli the Kersey-White prize fight,
will be then heard.
—The new building, corner ol Thirteenth
and Cary streets, one tloor of which is oc
cupied by the Corn and Flour Exchange,
has been christened Columbian Block. It
is on the site of the old Columbian Hotel.
—-The handsome store, corner Tenth and
Main streets, lately occupied by William
Ira Smith, will be occupied early in Octo
ber by the Wheeler ft Wilson sewing
machine agency, and Rcorgc 1.. Bidgoml,
—Some forty or fifty persons, white and
colored, were tried before Justice J. E.
Jones, of Tuekahoo township, Henrico
county, on Wednesday last, for non-com-
Eliance with the requirements of the road
tw. Such of them as could not make
valid excuses were fined.
—The following cases against the Com
monwealth will com. up at Tlie November
term of the Court of Appeals. Counsel on
the other side can take notice of the fact:
Levy, Baron Rothschilds, Kutim, Smith,
Uirsh, Wells, Bird, S. 11. Hollinsft Co.,
J. C. \V. Miller, Pace Brothers _ Co., J.
M. Nenl, . raves, McDeannon k Co.
—The convention which met here during
the past week was one of the most impor
tant, as well as most able and harmonious
political bodies ever assembled in this Com
monwealth, and the week closes upon a po
litical horizon bright with promises of com
ing victory over misrule. The week's
work "pans out" well for us. The Joi"H-
N'AL has lound hundreds of new supporters,
and the glorious principles for which we
fight have been well advanced. Lot* h .
The Union Hotel.—The large house,
situated on Seventh street, near Broad, and
known as the "I nion Motel" was yostcr-
Ray sold at public auction, and purchased
y Bush Burgess, Esq., for the sum of
Its location and interior arrangements
arc such as to render it a desirable place in
which to hold public meetings, and as tlie
Republican party is sadly in need of such
a place, if Mr. iinrgess is willing to sell, we
would recommend the formation of a joint
stock company to purchase the house lor
party use.
In every city of the North, of any size,
political parlies own property and use it as
"Headquarters," where all important meet
ings of the party are held, and we can see no
reason why this city and our partymay not
he provided with such a convenience.
We believe the party has in it a sufficient
number of gentlemen of wealth, who woijld
be willing to contribute for the purpose we
have indicated, and wo hope immediate
steps will be taken Lo carry out our ideas.
Ac. idknt. —Little Eddie Napier, wo are
sorry to learn, met with a painful accident
last evening, He was at the Vulcan Iron
Works about 1 o'clock, and while am-in.
the machinery had his linger so badly
crushed a ii ii ct'ssitatoainpntatt#n. The
operation was performed by Dr. Uoorga
Ross. '__ little fallow bora it manfully,
and WW .lirig >.fl "i last ,-v. mnts.
,'v Mkktini; I.A .' Nniiii' AT _AVE_.
POHt'b Hon iWe regretted our inabil
ity to be present but night and hear the ad
dress delivered by Mr. Arnold, of North
We Understand a large crowd was in at
tendance and Listened with great attention
to the able remarks made by the speaker.
After Mr. Arnold had ceased his address
Solon Johnson, "a Northern man with
Southern feelings," or rather a colored man
of DeuioiTste proclivities, attempted are
pljp lo Mr. Arnold : but failed in every
particular to justify himself for being in
such company, and. like (lie rest of the
herd to which he belongs, fouud i: impossi
ble to say what his principles were.
lie was requested by Mr. Arnold to show
the plank in the Democratic platform on
which a colored man could Stand without
blistering ami withering his feet. Mr. John-
Kirclied in vain and could find none,
a knotty and gnarled one, too hide
shape ami appoawce to bring to
Liiderson Taylor replied to Mr. Joan
id poured such a Stream of hot shot
into Johnson as made him sipiirm and
twist worse than a black: snake with his
tail crushed.
Mr. Arnold is regarded as a speaker of
ability, and will, no doubt, do good work
in the approaching canvas.
Corn'. —The monthly report of llie De
partment of Agriculture, for August and
September, baa teen received. Tho report
gives the following information concerning
the corn crop in Virginia: A very line
prospect is reported from Princess Anne,
N'ansemoml, Henrico aud Surry, while
drought is materially shortening the crop
in Nelson, Buckingham, Madison, Amelia,
Pulaski, Bath. Highland, Louisa, Rappa
hannock, and Augusta counties. In Mont
gomery, the crop was terribly injured by
drought, but has improved beyond expec
tations. Corn is .unusually fine and abun
dant in the impel section of King Georga
county, but has suffered for the want of
rain in the eastern section. In favored por
tions ofthe county the yield is 50 per cent,
above that of last" year.
]>i;sii;aiii.„ Kk.sidkn.i:s.—At the pre
sent time, when dosirable residences are
in such great demand, we need only call
public attention to those for rent near the
corner of Leigh and Adams streets. For
full information apply to Qrubba ft Wil
naif, has, wo understand, consented tv
ili-iu:-s party issues with Mr. Arnold, the
colored orator, of North Carolina, and
Wednesday night next has been select! il I
the time for holding the discussion.
The place has Dot yet been selected, but
when it is, we hope it will be so situated ns
to accommodate (lie large crowd that may
be expected.
We arc sincere, when we say we hate
mat curiosity to near a colored man de*
I. uiliiig a parly that would deprive his race
nf theft rights', if it had the power, quicker
than a sheep could shake its (ail, anil If pos
sible will be on hand to hear Mr. Hobson.
We promise to give him a fair hearing, and
I ourselves open to conviction and con
ion. As we have never yet seen any
* that would induce OS to become a
c Democrat, kis barely possible Mr.
son, and those of his race who agree
him, may SO picture the beauties of
party, ns would xonvert us to bine.
'c trust every body who can, irrespec
of party, will go to hear these two men
ie same race discuss party difference..
Is. inrvi'.—We given specimen ofthe re-
Badical Convention in till* city. One of the
:ates from the Northern Neck, a *eedy and
verou -ooking carpet-tagger, put up at a
ling-house, lie said he merely wanted hi<
s for that day and a night's lodging, Heat
■d the Con venl ion. It got through ItalabON
t midnight. The Northern Neck carpet
er returned to the boardiug-hou-e and er
ic* bed. Ai daylight he got up and quietly
away, without settling his bill or saying
hing iilioiit ii. This fellow didn't even have
an empty carpet-hug lo leave behind him. Anil
this is ihe character of llie men who .present
[lie great Republican party of the conntry-»the
part] of all the morality, respectability, and
honesty—the parly of President (.rant—hi the
grand old Commonwealth of Virginia !Il is very
' -Fne^iinr.
'flint's nothing! we know a prominent
Democratic representative who, a short
time ago, came to Richmond, took lodgings
at a fashionable boarding-house, anil not
only sneaked off without paying his bill,
but stole about a hundred dollars from the
lady who was entertaining him. "And this
is the character of the men who represent
the great Democratic party of the country
—the party of all the morality, respecta
bility and honesty, in the grand old Com
ir.o.iwealth of Virginia ! It is very select."
"A Rowland for your Oliver," Sir En
' _ 0
Broad Street.— Tho alacrity of the
Council committee to whom the subject of
the Broad street Improvements was referred,
is not such as to inspire our friends in that
locality with a very great amount of confi
dence. A meeting of the committee was
called for Thursday afternoon, but a quo
rum did not attend, two of tlie members
being out of the city, and a third failing to
appear. Another attempt to have a meet
ing is to be made this evening.
mm ,
Legal Puklicatiox.—Mrs. J. W.
Randolph i. English, booksellers and pub
lishers, Main street, this city, have laid on
__ table a valuable contribution to the le
gal'literature of the period, entitled "Mat
thews' Guide to Commissioners iv Clinnco
i.v." embracing practical forms for llie dis
obarge of their duties, adapted to the statute
law of Virginia. .Second edition, revised
and enlarged. The work give full and reli
able information upon the topics treated.
Attention, Republicans !— We
speak what we do KNOW, when we say
Many of the better men of the party
cannot be induced to vote for tricksters,
bullies, and clowns. Among the pot-house
politicians there is equal dissatisfaction.
Several lights have already taken place,
and we are prepared to see many more
atuoug tho faithful.
'[ho Evening A'< ws wants to- know what
business it is of ours if meetings were
packed or rings controlled its party.
To this we answer, it IS our business to
do all we can against the parly which is
alllicting the whole country by its corrup
tions and cheating. It is our duty am
pleasure to expose to the public the unfair
ness which characterized the nominating
conventions of the party, in order that al
honest men may BM the diflbrence betweer
t'ae conduct of your party and ours.
There are hundreds of men who hereto
i• ;■ have blindly supported the ticket made
for them, who are determined this fall to
vote lor men, aufl not for the infamous
hypocritic measures of Democracy.
The universal acknowledgement that th;
Democratic city ticket is weak, while thi.
Republican ticket is composed of some tin
ablest, most respectable and worthy citizens
of Richmond, will give in success if we
will only make an sport.
The nomination of Tom Wynne is the
death blow to the party in this city, ant
if we, as we should do, elect our ticket
iv a great measure, this man of so grea
ambition, will be entitled to much grati
lode from the Republican purl;,. W(
have only to unite our .strength, put gooi
man to work to watch the polls, and lav
man lo count the ballots WHO CAN
BE BOUQ-IT, and Wynne, Connelly
Co. will explode, leaving nothing behim
them to tell of their former existence.
_a- __—
Important to the Colored Citi
zens of this District.—We call atten
lion of the colored people of this (Third)
Congressional district to the following cal
to select a delegate tv the Southern Colored
The president of the National Burea
vi Labor, Frederick Douglas, has ordered
a meeting of the National Labor Union at
the same time and place, and it would be
well enough to select a person who is eli
gible to both conventions. It will require
money to defray the expenses of your del
egates, and it is hoped every one attending
the District convention will come prepared
to contribute to that object.
Te llie Colored CltUtnl of (lit Third •■
eternal llislcid :
111 pursuance of the call for a convention of
the colored people of the Soul li, to be held at
Coluiubii, Soulll Carolina, on the lsth day of
Ooioher next, in which emh Oougressional dis
trict of Virginia will be entitled 1o one i....
you are hereby requested to mccl In cenven
ai the cusioni-liowsc, Richmond, Virginia, on
Monday, October the Till, ISTI, for the pur
iof aelecttog a delegate to represent you in
i'ie said ronvo__a. E_ch township, in each
county of ihis (:',ii) district, is eniHied to and
will appoint one delegate to repreeenl ii in the
Vih of October convention to be held in this
ciiy. Richmond ciiy will be entitled
delegate from each ward, and ii is expected
every ward will *..• represented,
.1. A. T-YLOB,
Wm. 11, L-STSB,
Lkwis Limisav,
Ws, P. Kosanar,
.!..>!.I'll CN_.
List ok t nmailable Letters Re-
iii iME Sei'temisf.k SO, 1871.— MisaM.
of this morning:
11. i. Bertram, charged with unlawfully
obtaining a picture from Mrs. M. A. Moi
ris. Found guilty, and sentenced to fif
i ■ n days' confinement in the city jail.
Ceorge Huberts, charged with refusing to
do duty on board the schooner "S. C.
Rvans. Turned over to the captain for
I.'is action as per contract.
.Mary Smith and Catherine Jones, col
ored, charged with stealing money and a
pistol from the person of Frederick Brown.
.limes discharged ; Mary Smith bound over
fur three months, in the sum of $200, as a
suspicious and disorderly character.
James liogers, charged with creating a
disturbance, and abusing and threatening
Fred Evans and William Henry, colored.
■d with stealing two coats, a gold
snid, and a pistol. A case of suspicion
only, discharged.
CORRECTION. —Jno. Oliver, Esq., chair
man of the colored convention, held in this
city several days ago, is authorized to re
ceive contributions of money to aid in de
fraying expenses of delegates to the Colum
bia convention, and should be addressed on
all subjects pertaining thereto, and not
Messrs. Boyd and faster, as we stated yes
t c n lay.
Mr. Oliver's address is Richmond.
'I'm: "National Virginian" Jest
ing.—We did think our neighbor of the
National Virginian was a gentleman of ton
much dignity and sincerity to indulge iv
jokes ati'l poke fun at his own friends.
The following, which we take from the
Virginian of Ibis morning, shows that
friend Maddox is a decidedly clever jester.
In advising Republicans to register, anrl if
refused, he adtls:
Bee lliat your name is properly registered, or
promptly appeal to the County .udpe, or Hus
i;i;K»» Court .Indite, 10 compel a corn .lion.
If this isn't olfering a stone for bread,
and salt water to quench thirst, then we
aie mistaken. Come, Maddox! the Con
vention has turned your heafl; for you
know 'twould tlo no good to act upon your
suggestion. Try again, and see if you
1 -ant do better, and give us something more
Condition op Crops.—The tabular
statements in the monthly report of the
Agricultural Department at Washington,
for August and September, show the fol
lowing average condition of the various
Trips in Virginia, on the first day of the
months named:
Ani/ii.it I.—Corn, 08 ; oats, 75; buck
wheat, 88; Irish potatoes, 04 : sweet pota
toes, 102 ; tobacco, 01 ; timothy hay, 85 ;
product of clover compared with last year,
80; clover when harvested, 04; beans,
98 ; cotton, OS ; sorgham, 90 ; apples, 78;
Sptembcr I.—Corn, 00: wheat when
larvestod, 70; rye when harvested, 85 ;
ts when harvested, 73 ; buckwheat, 77 ;
rish potatoes, 88 ; sweet potatoes 08 ; to
>acco, 83; cotton 07; timothy hay oom
larcd with last year, 83; timothy when
mrvested, 07 ; product of hay of all kind,
mparcd with last year, 87"; beans, 01 ;
rgliam, 84 ; hops, 00; wool compared
th an average clip, 01 ; apples, 00;
leaches, 80 ; grapes, $1.01.
vVB make the following extracts from the
cw York Jlerald's account of the pro
edings of the late Republican Convention,
n many respects, its report is so garbled
vi incorrect, we are unwilling to publish
After an exciting debate, which was rich, racy
id personal in ihe extreme, J. Ambler Smith, a
ning nnd rising Republican, and son-in-law of
Senator Lewis, WB* agreed upon as the tempora
ry chairmuit ofthe Convention, and tho Hon.
Charles 11. Porter as the permanent chairman.
Tie se two points settled, and the members
pledged tt» the inmost secrecy aw to the stormy
aud iiiie-rnature of the morning'*proceeding*,
tbedoor* were opened and ex-tlovernor Wills
r.uVil the Convention to order at 2 P.M. Ac
cording io the cnt-and-dried programme, J. Am
-s_ith was unanimously elected temporal v
, R_fltmn.
A letter was read from Colonel Robert Hughes,
the head of the party in the State, who was ab
*ent :r the 'Baltimore Commercial Convention.
He strongly endorsed General Grant for reAec-
Uon, gKing reasons why he should be t&estan
dard-bearer of the pany; that there were nu
. - precedents _r holding: a second term;
ihat their parly was now entering upon the __■
lersbnrg of their second campaign, and his re
election would soon bring it to its Appomattox,
when tiie mission ofthe parly would be l'uliilled ;
llnit GtaUt 1 * administration had been in full ac
-oO_ with i lie principles ofthe Republican party ;
ihat llie debt had been greatly reduced, with a
prospect of an early reduction of taxation, and
that il was the duty of the Convention toendorse
General Grant, as had beeii.doue by nearly all
Lh._tate Re publican Conventions already held.
the reading of the letter was received with ap
plause. \ iinnilier lhen oll'-'red a resolution pr,>
posing that llie Convention nominate General
i ~ :iiii and Sena lor Lewi*, of Virginia, as the Re- |
publican candidates for ihe Presidency and Vice-
Predicency iv 1872, which was laid on the table.
A. committee of one from each Congressional
district and one at large was ihen appotnted on
permanent organization, which reported Hon.
Charles 11. Porter for President, and James ]|
1.i'.1, Jr., W. H. 11. Stowell, Lewis McKenyie
id 1,. 11. Chandler, Vice-Presidents. Ujiou
being oondnoted io the chair Mr. Porter made a
neat address, aclcnowled_n* the honor conferred
upon him, eulogizing llie Republican party U
ii.c progressive party of the country, which took
no new departures, and a parly which had a
great mission to fulfill and which would march
steadily onward in the future, as it had in the
. .*>. _—
Democratic Nominations in
Craki and Alleghany.—H. B. Rob
ertson, Esq., of Covington, Alleghany
county, has received the nomination for the
Mouse of Delegates iv the district com
posed of the counties of Craig and Alle-
We do not regard Robertson as a very
popular man in his district, and it 'is likely
lie will be opposed by an independent can
didate. Those counties wero represented
in the last Legislature by Clarke L. Wood
son, of Craig, whose course was so unpop
ular with his constituents as to induce him
to throw up the sponge and strike for tho
West, whore he is now editing aDemocrat
l'he slaughter upon the old Representa
tives, thus lar, has been terrible.
. , , m
DEMOCRATIC Nominations.—Colonel
Edmund Pendleton, of Hotetourt, has re
ceived the nomination of the Democratic
party of his district for the Senate. Colo
nel Pendleton was opposed in tlie nomi
nating convention by Colonel (i. W. llans
lirotigh, of Roanoke, and Lewis R. Mann,
of Alleghany. Pendleton was a member
vi the last Legislature, and a bitter oppo
nent of General Mahono's railroad policy.
'I'he nomination of Colonel Pendleton was
scarcely expected, as it was supposed even
his own county would be opposed to him.
It is rumored that William M. Lackland,
of lloteUiurt, will be an independent candi
date in opposition to the regular nominee.
We hope tlie report is correct.
I? with modern conveniences— one with car*
house and stable attached, near the corner
i.. -h and Adams streets. Apply lo
The Evening Aews propounds the follow
ing: "Con.— Who penned the ordinance o '
secession?— Flegenheimer, tho defeatet
German Radical aspirant."
Admit that he did, what of it ? His
profession was that of a teacher of penman
shin, book keeping and card writing ,
and he was employed to '* pen
the ordinance of secession," because he
was lirst-class in his business, not that he
advocated the passage of any such ordi
nance. The reflection attempted to be cast,
is not only undeserved, but most unjust,
and not at all creditable to any journal.
The same paper also propounds another
con, viz: " Who in Richmond"_>ld more
blockade goods than any one else during
the war, thereby conniving at this surrep
titious traffic with rebels, and giving aid
comfort to the enemy'?— Horace L, Kent."
Now, we deny this assertion in toto ctvlo,
antl defy the 2\«_t to establish any such
It would seem as if political bias and
prejudice has made the Mm blind, or less
indulgence would be given to views, which
are found in no other city paper,
A Radical.
»fi".Musical Instrument* and Musical Vli r
chandise of every description can always be
found at J. Maesh's Muslo llepot, No. (US Main
street. He has just received a new and exten
sive stock of the above named goods.
WT< urns. Bunions, Nails (rowing Inl* the
fleah and all diseases of the feet, hands, &c, re
moved without pain or Inconvenience to the pa
tient, by Dr. ___,«, the most scientific Chirop
odlat »nd Specialist. We are glad to say he has
returned, and Is still devoting several hours daily
to Ihe relief of Ihe aMlctod. Those suffering
with Cancers, Tumors, Sores, Ulcers, Whitlow
should avail themselves of his large experience
He also treats them painlessly, and with instan
relief. No anaesthetic used. Office—Nineteenth
street, near Main. *
a-ST WniKed. inn clinsci s fur
tn Tiiora_-n miliars worth or
new and second-hand.
Ainu, Musical Instruments, in endless variety
Revolvers, Shot Guns, Rifles and sundry artich*
too numerous to mention.
fl. Uxsbe, Seventh street,
Between Broad and Marshall.
On the SOtli instant, ut St. James'church, by
Bey. Dr. J. feterkin, Mr. GEORGE F. ANIIEIt
SON to Miss HANNAH M., third (laughter o
Prof. J. Helnhardt—all of Kichmond, Va.
On the 27th instant, by the liev. T. ii. Dashiel
at St. Mark's church, Mr. THOS. G. HARTZ 10
Miss MARIA 11. WALKER—both of this city.
In Memphis, Term., September BM, in the 3d
year of her age, VIRGINIA, youngest child o
Lewis L. and Mollic M. Smith, formerly of Rich
In Baltimore, on ;the 2sth instant, in the 20th
year of her age, ELLA St., second daughter o
Eliza and the late I. 11. Keach, formerly o
Kichmond, Va.
On the 21th instant, in Matthews county, o
consumption, WILLIAM A. THOMAS, Jk., o
this city, aged 25 years.
In Chesterfield county, on the 29th instant
JOHN W. LIPSCOMB, aged (13 years.
On the 23th instant, in this city, FRANCIS V
I SUTTON", S»., in the 77th year of his age.
I _L FLE for tlie Benefit of the Widows and Or
j pbans of the Southern States.
llnTßisCTios No 564. Etx-siku. Sept. 211.
28 .'l9 3 60 8 .17 70 27 (i fr~47~2iT
IIISTBIBCTIO* No. 666. Mua.MKU, Sbpt. 30.
7 21 2 57 22 41 78 50 1 05 43 17
Witness my hand, at Kichmond, Va., this 30t~
day of September 1871.
Managers. Commissioner.
chased from Captain W. I. DABNF.Y, at th
Branch olHce, No. :i Twelfth street, ih_e door
from Main.
VTERCHAM ______£ ""**'
just received
ted with great care. My friends »ud th
Ie are invited lo call and see me.
30—lw 918 Main street.
lIBLIC.— The following article was
r room this morning, and copies o
ilaced in some of the pews am
te Polish Synagogue, and read to
ie President of the Polbh Svin
jwmaii quietly took charge oi'ail
ould ilnd, and expressed no opin
> :he matter.
"RioniloxD, Sept. 25, IS7I.
that in the Polish Synagogue Ken- l
alone, that a man like _ Bowman, i
lsely the whole year through, from
t day until ihe other, and informs I
« of families and members of his
was elected and honored a* pro*.
nembers and congregation. It is
a man like P. Bowman for a prcs
is, and commits such deeds as the i
mil ted iniquity and ac ted presume;- j
lmttlcd violence, fraud and false
_rtd lies under oath and caused
elled and gone astray, knowing it
au-a;d others to swear falsely.
;Tupted many, ruining thy fathers I
>v llie SOtll of May, 1870, in a case ]
whom P. Bowman employed to
cob's store, and claimed us his own,
rob said Isaac Jacobs, he (P. Bow
ed- and commission merchant,)
, swearing before Robert Howard,
the Chancery Court, that he was
large amount of real estate in the
ond. The case was tried, and went
s. He (Bowman) knowing that Ja
records searched by Mr. Cloplou,
w, and that he found nothing there
:lh of personal property, on which
i tax, P. Bowman, auctioneer and j
lerchan I, then had S. Morris (whom
lis pocket,) to carry the case to the
eals. P. Bowman again attempted
airily before Mr. Berry, now clerk
>ry Court, and stated again that he
c. in the city. Mr. Berry told Bow
lad svvorn before Bob Howard that
property, which was not so, and I
not play such a trick ou him,
P. Bowman has committed more
than those prohibited in our Holy
lei- than last Saturday, the 23d (if |
ie (Howman) afler his brother-m
--inster) had gotten through his cere-
Bowmaii) went and testified in a
Kns Informer of, and swore falsely,
giiizod to appear Tuosdav, the Mia
■, the day after Atonement. Is it
to have P. Bowman lor their pi_i
)w him to sit beside the ark in the
Id, in answer to Mr. Whitlock, that
l, Vice-President ami Board of Tru*
in court that they had mad* a law,
esident the jiower to kuock down
were non-contributor*.
r—A lulu «. It L V 11(11 \ I). ■-, J
hit* breast. Had on a ml__£C
Under will be rewaiiled by reiurn
[se 90—lt*J
& vetting £t*te gwmgl
Official Pajer far tke «»»er_»eoil.
Rates of advertising
The Queen's Health •
Neic For*, Sept. 30.—The primary elec
tions at Tammany Hall yesterday, passed
off quietly.
Chief Justice Chase is here M route lor
A meeting of Italians is proposed, to re
quest the Italian Government to recall
Consul-General P. DeLucca.
The schooner Clara Montgomery, from
Charleston, reports having encountered
heavy gales, in which she had her sails
split and sprung a leak.
From France.
Paris, September 80. —Drouyn De
L'Huys has been appointed amhassador to
The German generals refuse to evacuate
the department of Ouise until they arc offi
cially informed that the third half milliard
of indemnity is paid.
from London.
Lotulon, September 30.—The usual i in
ference to the Queen's health dues not ap
pear in the Court Journal to-day.
Mr. Gladstone and the Prince uf Wales
] have gone to Balmoral Castle.
I ..Hun Sales for Future Muittlif.
Nctc York, September oil. -The sales ol
cotton last evening, lor future months, were
-,•100 bales, to wit: October, I.J_H9J ;
November, l.'Oa/1.l ; December, [email protected]
\'J\. One cent paid to exchange November
Fnnearl Honors to General Clunlon—Grenf
Demonstration of* Rcsiieci.
Montgomery, Ala., September 29. —The
grandest demonstration took place to-dnv
ever known in Alabama, on the occasion of
the funeral obsequies of General Clanton.
was visited by over 10,01)0 people, and the
Methodist Episcopal church, where the fu
neral was preached, was filled to overflow
ing, and the square around the church
packed with people.
The procession to the cemetery was over
two miles long. It is estimated that the
crape on the stores, private residences and
public buildings, would make a line ten
The grief of the citizens is great, and
men and women freely shed tears. The
colored population vied in their dotnnstia
tions of the respect to the great Democratic
leader of Alabama.
contributions have already been
made towards raising funds for the' family
of the deccasctl. Every business house i*
of General Clanton has created universal
and profound sorrow in this community.
To-day the church bells are being tolled
and other demonstrations of respect made.
No Yellow Fever In _w Orleans.
iVew Orleans, September 2!). —A meet
ing, representing the dry goods, grocery,
drug, and Western produce house s, embra
cing one hundred and fifty firms, was held
to-night, to protest against the quarantine
of New Orleans entering Texas ports.—
Pointed resolutions to that effect were ado|v
ted. and telegraphed to Governor Davis.
A letter declaring that there was no yel
low fever in this city, signed by Doctors
Breckell, Brun, Cheppiii, ami' lloliidav,
was read at the meeting.
Arret Tor Fraud, Cheatiuu, nnd _r__lta(.
Blodgett, late superintendent of the State
road, was arrested yesterday, charged wiih
fraud, and 11. P."Farrow," the Attorney-
General, was arrested to-day, charged with
cheating and swindling.
Ilospilulillr* to the Grand Duke .llrvl..
Council has been appointed to extend the
hosritalltics ofthe city to the Grand Duke
Alexis, of llussia, who is on his way to
visit thin country, as he is expected to ar
rive about the Btli proximo.
A Double Murder.
Selma, Ala., September _!). —._ York,
Alabama, seventy miles west of Selling
yesterday, a drunken man, without provo
cation, killed his wile and father-in-law, and
A Defaulter Sentenced.
the defaulting cashier of the National Banlc
was sentenced to six years' imprisonment.
Hanged tor Rave.
Baltimore, September '20. —Wm. 1 Tit,-' -
ar.l, colored, was hanged to-day, at Tow
sontown for raping a German gurl in 1870.
Destructive Fire.
Philadelphia, September 89, —The papei
nd rag warehouse of Jessup & Moore, lo
cated in the centre of a number of paper
tores, was burned to-day. Loss, $150,000.
The .Vitimnil Commercial * ouvcuiiou.
Baltimore, September •_!).—The Con
dition has adopted various reports ;
Iso a resolution recommending c.ii
gress to pass a bill for universal anine.-;\ .
The following resolution was adopted :
Whkrkak, this Convention having adopted .i
reaoluUon asking the General Government „
luiul the tax collecied ou cotton : therefore lie
Eeaoleed, That coal oil, iron, and other Ma
mo<hti.->, having paid a similar tax. be included
in the resolution refunding Ihe iax on cotton.
The Convention has adjourned sine di,
and will meet again in 1572, in St. l..uii-l
VTATTHE-VV G-i_-r"_7c7_r___|o\.
IVX ERS IN CH .NCEKY Seem a edition -
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