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droning £tate fjmnwt
At Ne» MUH Mala Street, Richmond, Va.
DAILY—*6 per year; six months, $3; three
months, tl.Mi; 1 month, flo cents.
SEMI-WEEKLY—♦2.BO per year; six months,
•1 2ej three months, 7fl cents.
WEEKLY—#l.Boperyear; six months, 7»cents
• Clubs at extremely low rates.
icond night of the beantiful and accomplished
i the great drama of
tanm Jmunh Mas. F. s. Oaunit,
Saturday Afternoon —
[>c3—lt "EXPIATION."
At the following reasonable rates :
Each additional i.nuo '.'.', 200 I
The CASH must accompany all orders.
Write the names to be Inserted PERFECTLY
PLAIN, in order that no errors may occur,
oc 3—d,swAwtde
No. 1401, Corner of Main and Fourteenth Six.
With an experience of 20 years in the business
and the best facilities for manufacturing in New
York, is prepared to give satisfaction to the trade
and public in quality and price, at
s« 20—d.swiwlm
1871. CXOT ™" G - 1871.
'• :ial attention is called to the large and bu- j
r stock of Gentlemen's and Youths'
Now on sale, comprising everything that, is new
in style and fabric.
Ii addition to the above superior stock my earn- j
i for the
represent the immense piece good stock of
n which I am now prepared to take orders.— j
My arrangements afford sjieclal facilities for ma- I
king them up in style and workmanship that can j
not be surpassed by any house in this country.
a complete stock of
comprising all the novelties of the season.
An examination of my stock of this season's j
manufacture is respectfully solicited.
100T Main Street, opposite the Post-offlce.
ae IS—U
__ ra^OJALR_
Third Stout, Ukiox Bask ltviiiiisu, 1
Faybttb, nkak Chabi.es Struct, [
Baltimore, Mn., Sept. 30,1871. J
oKALKD PROPOSALS are invited for re-
O moving about 60,000 cubic yards of mud, sand,
Ac..from the cut already commenced by the city
■of Petersburg, Va., through the Puddledock
.marsh in the Appomattox river. Tho material
removed is to be deposited on the northern side
of the existing cut, at a distance not less than 40
feet from the northern edge. The object is to I
make a channel 60 feet wide at bottom and abon t
10 feet deep at low water. The tide rises about
2)4 feet. Location is sheltered.
Proposals in duplicate, endorsed on outside, ac- I
companied by a copy of the advertisement and j
the specifications, addressed to the undersigned, |
will be received at this office until noon of Octo
ber 30th, next, and will be opened ten minutes 1
thereafter, in presence of such bidders as choose I
to attend.
The right Is reserved to rejecUany bid.
Forms of proposals, specifications, Ac, to be I
had at this office, where the maps, Ac, Ac, may j
ba seen. WM. P. CRAIGHILL,
se SO—(it Major of Engineers.
-TITA VTED— An active, faithful BOY, lo ,1 i»-
Use city every morning. None need apply with
out good recommendations. Apply to A.. K.
HENRY, corner of Twelfth and Franklin sts.
oc 3—lt*
WANTED— A good House Servant. Apply
101 Main st. ( corner Main and Adams.
WANTED— A widow lady of culture aad
refinement and of mature age, without in
cumbrance, desires a situation as GOVERNESS
in a pleasant family. For particulars, giving
name, address "PATERNAL," Richmond, Va.
ot that Institution will commence OCTOBER 2n,
with greatly improved facilities, and advantages
of the highest order. Insuring its students a tho
rough practical course of the highest value.
For particulars address
Je B—law4m G. MORRIS NICOL. President. I
Hoard and Tuition per annum ♦22«.
Inaugurated by H. R. H. Prince Authur. Board
and Tuition per annum, 1228.
PnisiDEKT—The; Very Rev. I. Helmuth, D. D.,
Dean of Huron.
HsTFor particulars, apply to Major Evans,
London, Canada West. se 10—dAwly
We have now on hand a large and superior
made by the most experienced workmen, of sea
soned materials.
We Invite ail in need of first-class
to axamine our stock before buying. We cannot
be undersold in the State.
ac B—3ni Governor street, Richmond, Va.
- - ■
YpOft RENT—Two large DWELLING*,^
X: with modern conveniences—one with car- sl'j
rjaga-house and stable attached, near the corner
°f Leigh and Adams streets. Apply to
sa se—lmeod* GRUBBS A WILLIAMS.
®ljc Udlj State Ikmntai
GMtty £tat* §NBtt*i
Hv Col. W. W. Payne—
" Resolved, Tnat the bill known as the " Fund
ing BUI" is an iniquity, contrary to tho policy of
the State, greatly unjust to the tax-payer, and
ought, in our opinion, to be repealed."
From the indications throughout the Valley
and the Southwest, this Fauquier res&lulio'n
seems to express the general sentiment. As the
Radicals have unanimously denounced the bill
for which they nnanimously voted, present ajf
pearances lead to the opinion that the bill will
have few friends in the next Legislature.
We copy the above from the Whiij of
this morning, and arc surprised that it
should have so long remained in ignorance
of the true feelings of the people of the
j Valley and Southwest, in relation to the
especial iniquity of Democratic legislation.
The Dispatch of this morning impudent
ly denounces the Republicans of Virginia,
and charges they are "avowed repudiators
and totally regardless of the honor of the
. What will it say of the "repudiators" of
its own party ? It must choose between
popular sentiment in Virginia and the
wishes of the jobbers and gamblers who
engineered the "Funding bill." It must
decide under which king it will serve.
■i* the above oaption, ice cheerfully aim space
•ticks suitable for'publication, when ever it
hie to do so. We must not he. considered:
rsiny or opposing the views of those whose.
appear in this column, hut simply as desi
encourayiny discussion of questions likely
jmblic mteresU
A Conservative, Denied a Hearing by Conser
vative Papers, Asks to be -Heard Through us
—Repudiators Denying the Hi' hi of Repudi
ation—He Denounces the Funding Rill and
Its Patrons, Wnlker, Stock Jobbers, \ <■.
To Vie Editor of the State Journal.
Repudiation is very impalitable to the
leaders of my party (Conservatives) who
hold a large amount of State bonds. I
cannot be heard through their columns. I
am therefore induced to appeal to your
cnown fairness for a hearing. The g/ounds
taken by me (and 1 am not alone, for I
verily believe I am in a very lai-ge majority)
arc briefly these: Ist. The Federal govern
ment has, by its action, set free all our
slave property. This was done in open vi
olation of the constitution.
2d. The same authority forced the Slate
of Virginia to repudiate the debt contracted
>y the State for our very self-preservation;
nor did it stop here—every county, city and
wrough throughout the entire State issued
obligations of different kinds for various
imposes, all of which have been repudiated
>y State, county, city and borough.
Take, for instance, this city, and I regard
t ax a fair specimen of all parts of the
S'.."te; did not our City Council repudiate
a debt contracted, not for war purposes,
>ut, for the purpose of supplying change,
and in order to do this disreputable act,
they employed able counsel, both of.whom
were Conservatives, to counsel anu advise
them in tliis dirty act. The argument
used upon the street was that the notes
thus issued had been bought up by the
money sharks of this city at about 10
cents on the dollar. Now, Mr, Editor,
if the argument was a good one then and
induced our "Honorable City Fathers" to
repudiate these notes, does it loose any of
its" force when applied to .our State deat ?
Will you tell me now much our Conser
vative (jrovernor and his New York taoney
sharks have made out of the honest fax
>ayers by the Funding Hill ? The effort
nade by my party to hold the Radical
•arty responsible for the action of the last
/jgislature, is truly contemptible.
If the Conservative party can convince the
ax-payers of this State that !i"> is a minori
f of i3H,then, indeed, may they succeed in
emonstrating the honesty ami wisdom of
i\e Funding Bill. I well remember the
same line of reasoning was adopted by the
old Democratic party; when they had two
hirds majority in Congress they cliargcd
on the Wnig party every odious measure,
»ut they took care to claim the credit of
laving passed any measure which reflected
any credit on them. 1 do not, Mr. Editor,
ask you to indorse my views, nor do I ask
that the Radical party shall be held respon
sible in any way for them : 1 simply re
vest that you trill publish them.
lam honestly of the opinion that if it
were submitted to a vote of the people of
Virginia, that nine-tenths of both parties
would vote for it.
The people of A'irgmia will not long sub
nit to the onerous tax imposed upon them
n consequence of legislation, had iv the
nterests of Walker, New York Stofl£ Job
>ers, Ate.
Conservative VrßorNt an.
_ . _
Commissionerof Indian Affairs—The Depart
ment of Agriculture—A New Wheat, Weigh
ing frout Vri to ''•> Pounds to the Measured
Bashel—-Our Convention Gives Great En
couragement to our Friends From ail Sec
tion! or the Union—Hon. J. 11. Plntt, Jr.
Washington, Oct. 2nd, 1871.
It is said that Col. J. S. Stewart, a prom
nent young Republican of Indiana, is book
ed for the commissioners!lip of Indiana,
le was paymaster at Gen. ilrant's head
[uarters during his campaign in the South
east. He would make an excellent officer.
J. 11. Hawes, Esq., formally one of the
iroprietors of the (heal liepublic, a paper
ormally published here in the interests of
Ik! Union League, has been appointed to a
Jeiwulship, but is as yet unassigned.
The department of Agriculture has about
completed the distribution of some five or
ix hundred bushels of a new variety of
all wheat. It is known as the " Fu'ltz"
iand originated in Pennsylvania,
in is small, and it is said the stalk
short, but it yields heavily, and
Trom 02 to 05 lbs. to the measured
The new Commissioner of Agri
(Judge Watts, of Pennsylvania,)
3 be much more liberal inthedis
it of seeds than was his predecessor.
d. Swank, Esq., a journalist, an in
, active and energetic young man,
i appointed Chief Clerk of the De
larmonious action of your Republi
te Convention la-st week has given
atisfaction to leading Republicans
m different sections of the country.
Republicans throughout tho State
to work in earnest and as one man,
eel the old Commonwealth into the
can path. By an earnest and uni
rt it can be done. The result of the
s which have occurred this summer
ought to bo evidence sufficient to
nocracy of the South that their par
io strength whatever in the North,
t if they desire reform the only way
re it is by and through the great Re
n organization, which is really
X and more powerful to-day thau at
ivious period of its history.
trict, was in this city during the latter part
of last week. Delias gone East after his
family, and will return at once for the pur
pose of taking an active part in the canvass
now progressing in Virginia.
Republican Convention in Sussex—William (I,
Stevens Nominated for the Senate—Resolu
tions, Ac.
To the Editor of the State Journal.
The Tenth Senatorial District Nominating
Convention was held at Stony Creek, Sus
sex county, on the 30th of September.
Hon. P. K. Jones was called to the chair
and J. 11, Van Auken, secretary.
On the first ballot YV. N. Stevens was
declared the choice of the convention to
represent the district in the Senate of Vir
ginia. Mr. Stevens accepted the nomina
tion in a brief speech.
A series of resolutions were passct
heartily endorsing the administration o
President Crant, and thanking Congres
for the passage of a bill promising protec
tion to the loyal people of the South.
A resolution, declaring faith in the poli
ical and personal character of Mr. Stevens
was also passed, pledging him the suppor
of the party in his district.
The convention then adjurncd.
Peter K. Jones, Chairman.
/. //. Van Auken, Secretary.
Republican Convention in Prince Edward.
To the Editor of the State Journal.
At a Convention of the Republicans of
the county of Prince Edward, held at Lee
Hall, in the town of Farmville, on the 30th
I of September, for the purpose of nominat
ing a delegate for the Legislature, on
motion, Br. R. L. Hamilton was called to
the chair, and H. R. Hooper made secreta
ry. The credentials of delegates being ex
amined by a committee, and the Conven
tion permanently organized, the claims
of Dr. Joseph Jorgenson and Talleyrand
Branch, colored, were presented by their
friends as suitable persons to represent us
in the CJeneral Assembly of Virginia. Dr.
Jorgenson was declared the nominee on th
first ballot, and on motion the nominatio
was made unanimous.
R. L. Hamilton, Ch'n.
//. 11. Hooper, Sec'ry.
X.;- \ Habit is a Habit.—*irent social cvi' s
and abuses, which interfere with marriage, kttg
ruined the prospects and happiness of thousands
of the young. Sure means of relief for the err
ing and unfortunate, diseased and debilitated,
can be obtained by eallingat Dr. Woi.cott's Pain
Paint (Uriel, No. 207 Fifth street, between
Where all advice is given free, none need fear
exposure. AUoominunications answered prompt
ay One of those handsome store-rooms in
St. Alban's hall, corner of Main and Third streets,
has just been opened by our young friend, G. G.
Thmmpson, who has a complete stock of Gbocr I
bibs, Wines, Lmi'OßS, &c., to which Hie attcn- J
tion of the public in invited.
I ; Vln>irnl Instruments and Musical Mer
chandise of every description can always be
found at J. Marsh's Music Depot, No. 91S Main
street. Bellas just received a new and exten
j sive stock of the abovo named goods.
, _.»-
SS'Corus, Bunions, .Nails growing into the
fiesh.and all diseases of the feet, hands, &c, re
moved without pain or inconvenience to the pa
tient, by Dr. Scihjltz, the most scientific Chirop
odist and Specialist. We are glad to say lie has
returned, and is still devoting several hours daily
to the relief of the afflicted. Those sutTering
with Cancers, Tumors, Sores, Ulcers, Whitlow,
should avail themselves of his huge experience.
!He also treats them painlessly, and Willi instant
relief. No anaesthetic used. Oince—Nineteenth
street, near Main. •
a-g-» nnliil. purchasers for
new and secon l-hnnd.
Also, Musical Instruments, in endless variety ;
Revolvers, Shot Guns, Rifles and sundry articles
too numerous to mention.
G. T.T.vsER, Seventh street,
Between Broad and Marshall.
&£-Thurston's Ivory Pearl Tooth Powders
is strongly recommended as the best dentrifrice
known. It cleanses and preserves the teeth [
hardens the gums, sweetens the breath; and, eor
taiuing no acid or gritty substance, is perfectly
harmless, and c-an be used daily Willi great ad
vantage. Sold by all druggists. Price, M and
60 per bol II".
i'oinacle Opliuie, as n dress- i
lug for the Hair, is all thai is required; purely j
vegetal,le and highly perlumecl, it softens, im j
proves ami beaiuitii s (he Hair, slr.mglliens the
roots, and gives it a rich glossy appearance.—
For sale by all druggist. Price, 35 and 75 cents )
per bottle.
Hicumond, Oct. 3,1871. >
We quote first-class paper at 8 to 10 per I
cent, per annum. Richmond city bonds are held '
at 60 cents. Virginia State stocks dull. There is j
an active demand for first-class railroad seeuri- i
New York Stock and Money Market*
New Yohk, October 3, 1171,
Stocks very dullandratherheavy. (Joldsteady
at IM?s. Governments dull and steady. Money |
0 per cent. Sterling—long 8H: short 9.
Richmond Grain Market.
Richmond, Oct. 3,1871. )
W«eat—While, lnoii bushels. Red, 716 do.
CeaN—White, 880 bushels. Mixed, luu bir-hcK
Oats— ASS bushels.
Rye—l 2 bushels.
Whbat—White, 906 bushels [email protected] for seed;
*1.75 for prime; [email protected] for good; *[email protected]
for common. Ked, 6:10 bushels at *1.80 for seed; |
♦1.7.1 lor prime; $1.72)4 for very good; #1.70 fori
gocsl; tl.SOfil.AO for common.
Corn- White, Mo bushels at 83c. for good, Sic.
for fair, 78c'. for weavil eaten. Mixed, 1110 bushels
Oats —196 bushels at 6l)e. for very good spring;
j She. for winter.
Rye—l 2 bushels at 70c.
Corn—White, MO bushels.
.: Oats—l 36 bushels.
Domestic Markets—[uy telegraph.]
New York, October 3, 1871.
Flour 10c. better. Wheat a shade Armor. Corn
quiet and unchanged. Pork quiet—Mess, #13
tfi "MX.III. Lard steady—[email protected] Cotton gui
and steady—Uplands 19T»; Orleans •>-,—sal
2000 bales,'including 1800 yesterday. Turpentii
steady at on. Rosin quiet at *[email protected] fo
strained. Freights firm.
_L FLE for the Heiieflt of the Widows and O
phans of the Soul Item States.
1 Distribution No 568. Evenino. Oct. 2.
30 13 67 76~0l 70 42 47 8 18 46 26 20 50
Distribution No. 569. Mobninu, Oct. 3.
40 28 33 3:1 65 80 34 31 26 09 78 38
Witness my haud, at Richmond, Va., IhisMrc
day uf October 1871.
Managers. Commissioner.
chased from Captain W. I. DABNEY, at ilie
Branch olflce, No. 9 Twelfth street, thr%* doors
UEl'l lll.u A>- MMUMHbV
I'or the Senate.
For the House.
re Sl'lf I \l. NOTlCE.—Advertisement*
Lost, Wuuts, Found, For Kent, net exceedin
four lines, for one insertion M cents; two!
sertions 40 cents; three insertions uO cent
Cosh in advance.
a?J~City Sulmcriliers.—Persons wlshius tl
State JorRNAi, left early and regularly nt (he
places of business, or residences, by responsib
carriers, will please leave their orders with Job
ston A SEt.nEN, Newsdealers, 918 Main Stree
and at the News Depot of W. A. Edwards, 301
East Broad Street.
The regular semi-monthly meeting of the
Cittf Council was held yesterday afternoon
in its new chamber in Washington Hall.
The Finance Committee presented a re
port recommending an additional appropria
tion of $."500 to the Male Orphan Society,
under certain restrictions ; the refunding of
taxes erroneously assessed and paid by
several citizens, and the relief of Messrs.
Lybrock cv. Sebert from a class tax wrongl)'
I assessed. The committee also reported
the rejection of a number of petitions.
The committee asked to be relieved from
the consideration of the resolution, recom
mitted on the 21st of August, concerning
■ the interest due from the James River and
Kanawha Canal company. The request
was not granted. The committee was in
structed to inquire into and report tho facts,
and not to accept as satisfactory any deed
of security, the provisions of which may in
anywise .impair or lessen the said security.
Tlie Committee on Water submitted a re
port, which was adopted, recommending
the extension of water pipes on Broad
from Adams to Gilmer street, at a cost
of $4,504; the extension of pipes on Brook
avenue from Clay to Leigh street, at a coi;t
of $1,290.20; the same on Leigh street, west
of Brook avenue, at a cost of fs7SI ISO ; the
! same to the State penilent ; ary, at a cost of
£1,921 '"'0; the same on Duval, from Jef
ferson street to Brook avenue, at a cost of
[ |I|6M f!0 ; the same on Sixth street, nort
of Duval, and east along Baker, at a costof
The Committee on first Market recom
mended the appropriation of 1300 for paint-
I ing and repair of butchers' stalls. Agreed
The Committee on Claims and Salaries
reported that they had ordered the pay
ment of the following bills : N. M. U>e,
$701.00; John C. Sinton,tji9.flo; S, C. Per
inson, 12.60j A. W. Rosea, $22.60; John
K. Gates, $438.34; Dr. John Dove, $80;
Clerk of the Chancery Court, $100.
The Committee on Streets was authorized
to confer with the county authorities as to
| the construction of a bridge across Bacon's
! Quarter Branch at the New North Roatl,
and to arrange for the erection of the same.
An ordinance was adopted making the
penalty for creating false alarms of fire by
use of the fire-alarm boxes imprisonment
for one month and a tine of from one to
two hundred dollars, at the option of the
Police Justice; also authorizing the May<
to offer a reward of 8100, or less, for th
detection of any person so offending.
The rules of the Council were so anient
ed as to provide for a meeting once a mont
instead of twice a month, as formerly. Th
vote by which this change was made will b
reconsidered at the next meeting.
The bill of Mr. Dowell for two fire-alan
boxes, amounting to $528.73, was orders)
A resolution instructing tho Committee
on Water to examine into, and report up
on, the amount and character of the water
power of Richmond which can be mat
available to the development of the re
sources of this city was referred, after
which the Council adjourned.
■ ' —■••»
Why George Rye is State Tkeas
i'hkh, and Why he is aDemockat—
'J'here it Much Virtue in a Clean Shirt. —
(ieorge Rye, commonly known as "Old
Rye," is, by the grace of Democratic votes,
the Treasurer of the State of Virginia. lie
was a member of the Constitutional con
vention, and as such, one of the most radi
cal to be found amongst them. When a
certain member offered to apply the test
oath to the Governor and his associate otii
cials and to members of the I.egislature, as
a condition precedent to the admission of
the State, his Rye face grew wry with rage,
and he stamped and swore that the Repub
lican party was about to be sold out.
So intensely radical was he, and so confi
dent were members of tho part)', that he
was above suspicion, that the (irantaud
Colfax club, of this city, appointed him
one of a committee of three to go to Wash
ington and ask the Reconstruction Commit
tee to require members of the Legislature
to take the test-oath before admitting th
State. Rye went to Washington and n
turned an altered man. He was changet
| from a Radical Republican to a rampan
j Democrat, and is to-day fattening off o
party pap, furnished by the Democracy o
The question which naturally arises is
I how came George Rye to, in the twinklin
of an eve, become a champion of Democ
racy. We propose to tell our readers tl
story, from which they will see there
great virtue in a clean shirt.
Many years ago, a man, sorely nfUictc
witli the blues, applied to the most em
nent physicians of the land to prcscril
some remedy. They all failed until aph
losopher was consulted who directed tl
invalid to search the Universe until h
could liud a perfectly happy man, an
when found to borrow and wear his shir
He searched in vain for years, but final
his efforts were successful, and he found tl
individual he had sought so iudustriousli
The happy man was completely envelo'
ed in rags, and when the altlicted individu
negotiated for the shirt, to his utter asloi
ishment, he found the happy man was eve
so poor he had none to dispose of. He
however, concluded if a man could be ha
py, even so poor as not to have a shir
surely he could be, who was so much be
tor on in this world's goods.
Not so with (Jeorge Rye—his happines
prosperity, success and future political a.
sociation depended upon his finding am
wearing a clean shirt.
Now for the story:
When in Washington as one of the Con
niittee of three, he determined to return a
tar consulting the Reconstruction Oonun
tee, because he had no clean shirt to wear.
Meeting Jno. I!. Baldwin, one of the "Com*
d garment. Rye accepted, and so pleased
vas he with this exhibition of Democratic
'cnerosity that he immediately entered into
legoliations with the "Committee of Nine,"
o sell out the party with which he had
ii'cn acting, and to-tlayhe is Treasurer and
i Democrat because John Baldwin loaned
ilm a shirt.
Had Baldwin refused, Rye would have
nsisted upon the terms being complied
villi, and Virginia would have been in the
lands of Republicans, instead of, as she is,
with the power in the hands of the Demo
rats,to legislate in opposition to tho benign
irovisions of the constitution.
(>n his return to Richmond, Rye boasted
villi pride, while his whole countenance
vas radiant with smiles that "that old reliel
laldwiu had loaned him a shirt."
That shirt, which has brought so much
uffering upon the people of Virginia, should
ie found and preserved as a relic of the
lasl, while George Rye should be made to
year a dirty one the rest of his life.
The Route of Old John Robinson's
lammoth Three Tent Show
and North Carolina, viz:—Burke
ille, Saturday, Oct. 7th; Danville, Mon
ay, 9th; Clover, Tuesday, 10th ; Rich
nond, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday,
>ctober 11th, 12th antl 13th ; Petersburg ;
aturday, 1-llh ; Weldon, N. C, Monday,
6thJ Tarboro', Tuesday, 17th. ; Rocky
lount, Wednesday, 18th; Wilson, Thursd
ay, 19th; Goldsboro' Friday, 20th; Ral
igh, Saturday, 21stj Hillsboro', Monday,
:ird; Greensboro', Tuesday, 24th; Salis
niry, Wednesday, 2">th: Charlotte, Thurs
day, 20th; Chester, Friday, 27th ; Winncs
-1 nit re, Saturday, 28th ; Columbia, S. C,
Admission—Adults, 75 cents ; children
under ten years of age, 66 cents.
The Theatre Last Night.— A
tribute to Merit — The Beautiful anil
Charmini/ Mr.v. Chanfran. —We make no
ability. Indeed, we may go one step be
yond and declare that we are thankful we
cannot assume the role. We rejoice that
our mind is not cast in that analytical
mould which divides and sub-divides into
well arranged parts and parcels, and in the
prevalent conceit of critical operators,
ndertakes to say thin is wheat — that is
haff. If an actor enchains our attention,
lolds our thoughts, excites our sympathies
r arouses our indignation, we are satisfied
-ith him at least, let others think as they
But were we even the most polished
nd accurate critic that ever raised a glass,
r scanned a drama, we do not think we
mild become entirely impartial when
Christie Johnstone" was the subject.
Charles Read has written many books of
lower and interest, but in our humble and
Undent judgment, neither has he, or any
ther writer of this century, produced a
em of clearer lustre, or purer water, than
lis sea-side tale. It is to us, in its prose,
hat the Idyls of Tennyson are in verse.
With this estimate oi the novel itself, we
cave our readers to infer with what inter
st we watched the performance of last
ight, and whilst wo were sometimes pro
oked at the manner in which some of the
lost striking incidents and scenes were
tarred by the failure of ihe seemingly mi
or characters to remember even their text,
inch less to comprehend its import, we
eclare, m all candor and sincerity, that we
lave not enjoyed such a treat in the Rich
lond theatre in ten years as the acting of
Irs. Chanfrau afforded us last night.
We write thoughtfully when we use the
jove expression, and with no diposition to
avish indiscriminate praise. We had im
gined, when reading the original, that it
vould be difficult to conceive a character
equiring more careful stud}' and artistic
alent to represent accurately and effective
y, upon the stage, than Christie's; and
'hen we recollected that tho failures and
iluiiders of several, had to be atoned for in
le splendid acting of the one, we can more
udiciously discern the extremely embar
•assing and difficult role in which Mrs.
hanfrau choose to make her debut. We
lose this, already too long, article, with
ie plain remark, that we do not believe
lere is an actress on this, or even the East
rn Continent, who could, under the cir
tnnstanccs, have? done bettor in this char
cler than Mrs. C. We trust the house
'ill be full to overflowing to-night to wit
ess the repetition.
Making a Convenience of Hall,
ooley, Hoiisoxct Co.—We learned this
lorning of a little circumstance which oc
tirred at the recent Democratic Nominating
.'onvention of this district that may be of
nlerest to Hobson, Hall, Coolcy & Co. to
iiiow, and of which we have no doubt they
are entirely ignorant.
Not wishing them to misunderstand what
icir friends think of them, we desire to
(lighten them, and they certainly need it,
od knows.
The "memorable six" who were honored
ith seats in the State Convention, were
dmitted as delegates to the Nominating
'onvention. On the first ballot one of the
ind'dates received a majority over his com-
H'titors, and on the second ballot it was de
ciinined, if one of the other candidates (we
uppress names) did not receive a majority,
tat the "nigger vote" would be kicked
ut. Fortunately for the firm, the "nigger"
"pudiationist was elected, and the necessi
y for disposing of the firm removed.
Cooky & Co. can see from this they arc
lly wanted when it is convenient to have
icm, and when it is not, they are liable to
;ieks and cuffs. _
Arrangements for the Recep
here will be a special meeting of the sev
ral committees of arrangement for the rc
eption of the Knights of Pythias of Peters
mrg, at Pythian Ball, this evening at 0
'clock. The committee is composed of
ght members from each lodge in tho city.
It is earnestly Imped that all will be in at-
To-night, at 8 o'clock, there will be a
public temperanco meeting at Clay-Street
church. Rev. Drs. Burrows and Garland,
and Thomas B. Hicks, president of the
< Irder will address the meeting.
Appomattox River Lmprove
i:nt. —The attention of contractors is
called to the advertisement for proposals
for removing mud, sand, &c, from the cut
[ready commenced by tho city of Peters
mrg through the Puddledock marsh in the
vpporaattox river.
Election Tickets. —We refer those
ontrolling such matters to the "Election
'icket" advertisement to be found in our
aper. The prices for tickets are very low, I
chief, Black Hawk, died.
—The October term of the chancery j
court commenced yesterday morning, but
no business of public importance was trans
—Governor AValker has issued a writ of
election to fill the vacancy caused by the
resignation of John T. Hamlette, Esq.,
long-term Senator from the county of
Old John Robinson's Card— The
Print of Admission Beduccd. —Old John l
Robinson would respectfully announce to
the people of the State of Virginia, that in
consequence of the partial failure of the
crops in some localities, and the general
depression in money matters, that m view
of the immense patronage he has already
received, and hoping for a continuance (if
the same, he has concluded to reduce the
prico of admission to his great Three Tent
Show, Museum, Caravan, Menagerie and
Circus, I, c., 75 cents for adults, and M
cents for children under ten years of age, j
it scad of $1.75 cents, which was charged
through the State of Tennessee, on account
of the exhorbitant high rates of licenses
imposed upon the exhibition. Remember
the prices are : Adults, 75 cents ; chil
dren under ten years of age, 50 cents.
POLICE COURT— Justire J. J. White pre
siding.—The following cases were disposed
of this morning:
James H. Brown, colored, chai-ged with
feloniously stealing a watch. Found guil
ty and sentenced to city jail for six months. |
Charles Alexander, colored, charged |
with assaulting, abusing and threatening I
Joseph A. Gigon, charged with being a j
deserter from the United States army.
Committed for ten days to await order or
requisition from commander of the United
loniously administering poison to Isabella
Turner, with intent to commit murde
Continued to 12th instant on account of al
sence of witnesses.
Louis Johnson and James Robinson, co
ored, charged with assaulting and using ii
suiting and abusive langnage to M. Ellick
Daniel .Scroggins, charged with being
vagrant and also with drunkenness. Bount
over for 3 months in the sum of $50.
Nelly McGwinn, charged with creating
disturbance in the streets, throwing stones
Ac. Fined $2.50.
Henrico County Court— Judge M
nor Presiding. —The October term of thi
court commenced yesterday. No bnsines
of public interest was transacted. At th
Clerk's office of Henrico county forty-si
conveyances of real estate were admitted t
record during the month of September.
The Valley School.—This school
formerly known as the "Fancaster'an," i
now completed. It has six fine schoo
rooms, provided with all the modern appl
ances and conveniences. It is now ope
and ready for the reception of scholars lit
ing between Thirteenth and Seventeen!
streets, being the lower portion of the mil
die school district.
Republican Meeting in Madison
Ward. —A meeting of the Republicans o
Madison AA r atd, will be held to-night, a
Ham's Hall, for the purpose of ratifyin
the ticket recently made by the Repubh
cans of this city. It is hoped every body
will be present promptly at 8 o'clock.
AVake Snakes, Day is Breaking
AYe understand an order has been issuet
from the Internal Revenue, and will issn
soon from the other departments of th
Federal government, requiring those who
hold commissions as Federal officers
to resign their positions as such, in cast
they accept nominations for State offices.
We hail with satisfaction this evidence o
the determination of the Administration to
assist us in building up the party in th
State, and giving it a healthy tone. Thi
disposition of greed on the part of a num
ber of selfish aspirants, has been an injur;
to the party in this State, which we have
long struggled to correct, but in vain.
Aye hope no compromise of this questioi
is possible, for we have long since felt the
impossibility of any man serving two mas
ters, or giving satisfaction to both parties
where the proper and faithful discharge o
his official duties necessarily rendered him
unpopular with the masses. If such a
order has not been issued, we beg that i
may be done at once.
Ticrets for Sale to the Mam
moth Caravan Menagerie and ClB
CUB Coming to Richmond for thkei-
Days, the 11th, 12th and 13th.—
<lid John Robinson would respectfully saj
to his many friends and patrons in the cit;
of Richmond and vicinity, who are desirou
of witnessing his mammoth three-ten
show, with their families, and do not wis
to be delayed by the annoyance of crowd
ing through the masses which always be
siege the ticket wagon, that lie lias placet
tickets for sale at the following places
AVest it Johnston's, booksellers andsta
tioners, No. 1000 Main street; Bodeke
& Dade, druggists, No. 1444 Main street
E. A. Ambold's music store, No. 92(
Main street, and at James C. Roy's, book
seller and stationer, corner of Ninth am
Broad streets.
The price of admission will be 75 cents
for adults, and 50 cents for children unde
ten years of age.
Flection of Officers of Manches
ter Temperance Societies.—Lee Sec
tion, No. 4, of I. O. of Cadets of Bono
and Temperace, organized on Saturda
night with the following officers : D. ,
AVeisiger, AY. G. ; Thomas Johnson, firs
Assistant Governor ; AVm. Smith, secont
Assistant Governor ; George Gary, thirc
Assistant Governor; John Lipscombe
Grand Archon ; George Baugh, Grant
A'ice-Archon ; Charles AValke, Treasurer
William Kidd, Assistant Treasurer; Johi
11. Matthews, Secretary ; William I
Weisigcr, Assistant Secretary ; Berber
Owen, I'sher ; Addison AVeisiger, Assi
tant Usher; Thomas Robinson, Insk
AA'atchman ; W r m. Atkinson, Outside Pro
Lafayette Division has elected the follow
I ing officers for the next three months: P
AY. P., W. E. Gary; AY. P., R. D. Hogan
W. A., R. Id. Beazlcv; R. S., E. H. Foote
jF. S., \V. B. Wehsger} T., S. If. Perdue
| Bedford: O. S., R. A. Baugh';'Chap.', A
C. Harding.
The Sons, Cadets, ami Friends meet to
| night to attend the temperance meeting
| Richmond in a body.
Personal. —J. B. Sener, of the Fred-
I ericksburg Ledger, is in the city.
dwnittfl £tate louroat
Official Taper far the (.ove mmmi.
ONE DOLLAR per squareof eight lines, solid
SPECIAL RATES made nl connier, af hv
contract, wllh regular patvnn--
United States Circuit Court—
Hdge J. C. Vndtnoood, Presiding. —The
bllovfing grand jury was empaimeled this
noniing : AY. H. H. Wilkinson, Tazwoll
Iraoeh, R. L. Hamilton, AY. S. Harry, \\.
i. Dunn, Chalkley GQltngham. Shepherd
John 11. Gray, Job llawxhurst,
ohn Bellinger .J Yu.r land Jnl c is, W. J. S.
iowe, (icorge Bennett, tJeorge \V. Smith,
;. A. Thompkins, R. F. Robinson, Al
bert Hurd, B. S. Burch, Peter Archer,
Thomas Walsh, AVm. Adkiis, John M.
Shepherd 11. AY. Hey.
After being sworn, Judge Underwood
charged them, and they retired to their
room. Ip to the time of going to press no
indictments had been announced.
In the case of Shields it Cary vs. AA'il
liain (i. Scarlett, removed to this court
from the Circuit Court of tho city of Rich
mond under act of Congress, the court held
that the defendant must enter into bond
similar to that given by him in the said Cir
cuit Court of Richmond, as a non-resident
on an attachment.
The case of Thomas R. Bo*den vs. AVm.
Ira Smith was dismissed.
Judgments were entered against the fol
lowing parties for violation of internal re
venue laws: Philip M. Jones et al,
138.33 ; liCwis AY. Landrum et al, $.10» ;
Montgomery Lawlor et al, $159.061 Geo.
AY. Jameson et al, £97.10 ; Eugene Bradv
et al, $126.80.
In the case of AVm. M. Keblinger, late
postmaster at Charlottesville, Va., et al,
the jury found a verdict for $1,008.70.
Algernon B. Chandler, of Hanover coun
ty, qualified as an attorney at law for this
The court then adjourned until 10 o'clock
to-morrow morning.
■'he True Knight.—This excellent
nthly Magazine for October, published
>y Messrs. Handy and Hanking, of this city,
id devoted to the interests of the Knights
'Pythias, comes tons tilled with interest
g matter. Although young, its typogra
ly is perfect, while in the selection of
reading matter its editors have displayed
great taste and judgment.
Wo regret the failure of "Tho True
Knight" to republish the article from the
"ntghis of J't/thinx Journal, on "Borax
for exterminating cockroaches." 'These
miserable pests are so annoying to house
ieepers, particularly in the city, that, if the
order was devoted to no higher and no no
bler purposes, to teach us how to destroy
cockroaches, would entitle it lo the grati
tude of millions.
AYe recommend "The True Knight," not
uly to the members of tho order, but to
lose who feel an interest in one of the
grandest charitablo institutions of the pre
sent day.
"The True Knight" may be addressetl,
box 212, Richmond.
.SB. .
Arrangements for Public Dis
ussiON.—Messrs. J. A. Taylor, P. N.
udah, Joseph Cox, R. McNaughton, and
G. P. Gray, having been appointed a corn
littee to arrange for a joint discussion be
ween Messrs. Arnold and llobson, met
last night at Davenport's Hotel, and deter
lion the arrangements.
icussion is to take place on AVed
vening, October 4th, at 8 o'clock
t the Union Hotel, on Seventh
ar Broad. The speakers to alter-
H'ing twenty minutes for each al-
Mr. Arnold is allowed (he
sf closing the debate.
rsons irrespective of race, color or
pinions, are invited to be present.
ohmal and High School, on
street, under the supervision of
y, commenced its fifth annual ses
erday, and to-day every seat is
wo new teachers, Miss M. E.
and Miss F. A. Morgan, have
loyed. These ladies have had the
issional training and mueh.stiecess
ence in the department of normal
n. The school is worthy of the.
ichors, and we believe it has them.
;o of study embraces three years,
classes, as now organized, have
,'cnty-live pupils each, ami the
or experimental school has twen
— -at-
olored Population.—A few
, we compiled some statistical in
coiiceriiing the colored popula
e United States. In* addition to
lation then given, we find a state
le "African Repository," for Oc
lowing the number of colored
i the United States at each census,
tbsolute increase in each period of
, and also the decimal rate—thus :
Number. Increase. Per cent.
KW7-70 :;7.?,'s
] ,771,062 S7MM M.58
2,325,1 M-> tW.CS'J SI.4S
?,5?3,75S .ilS.llil : : 3.41
9,638,808 769,1u« 2&WI
4,441,7311 Stt',92:! L' 3.37
4,89.5,164 4.W, 1.14 10.08
itement shows the increase of the
opulation to be of such a dimin
as to make an absolute diminu
bable result of the next canvass.
ilican Meeting in Jeffer-
RD. —Republicans of Jefferson
requested to meet this (Tues
ling, on Eighteenth street, he
iin and Cary. Business of impor
be transacted. Let every mem
>f Unmailahlk Letters Re
» IN thr Rich muni) Post-
Htohek 3. 1871.—Jane Lomax,
;; .fames A. Jones, Richmond;
. A. Fay & Co., Cincinnati ; Miss
lake, Etna Mills, A r a.; Hon. ti.
s, Oak Grove P. 0., A'a.; James
'ort Monroe; Louis Palmer, Kgg
ohn Naylor.
IC NOTICE— The member* of
KITY LODGE, No. i. A V. lad
summoned to attend a stated. , .
1 llii'ir Lodge-Room cm TI'ESHAY
I.Oct. 2d, nt s o'clock M ; tubers of
BM and vUitmg brethren in cool stancl
ternally invited to be present.
2, A. L. SB7l, A. ll'lS7l. 21*
Ul' on my wince, last Friday, <s\___
IK HAY HOUSE, wllicll \hes?trtX
have by proving property and paying
Near Harvietown.
TA'I'ES tor tin- District of Virginia.
.altered' H I. Evan* a Co, bankrupts
in it nay Concern : —Tli" undersigned,
iols, ot Norfolk count] \ nvmia, bate*
alios ot appolntmeul as assignee of
of 11. F. Bvana and Claik HarrinKton,
county, in said district, partners as
is A C 0.,) \vla> wciv. .hi i in- 'tli day ot
71, adjudged bankrupts mi ilieir credi
dli by Illi- District Courl of said Hi-
orfjlk, August 31, Ml,
w» 11. B. NICHOLS, Assignee.
—____ _—
THE STATE nil it >A I. is mi excellent ad
vertising mwlliun. Try It aad see.
31.4 a

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