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(fwtttofl £tntt
DAILY—Sd iter year; sir months, f;l; three
months, 41.90; 1 month, SO cents.
SEMI-WEEKLY—»2.6U per year; six months
• 1 215; three months, ".'< cents.
WEEKLY— tI .80 per year; six months, 75 cent"
fvtttbkg gMt dfourital
patch of this morning, we are informed the
Republican Convention which assembled at
Pit_ylvania 0. If. on Monday last, was
broken up in confusion, and resulted in the
withdrawal of several township delegations.
Making all due allowance for Democratic
distortion, we are satisfied there is sufficient
truth in the report to justify us in believ
ing that something serious has happened to
the party in that county.
Tho convention made nominations of
candidates for the legislature independent
of the bolters.
We cannot, as one of the defenders of
Republican principles, be silent while we
see the present bright prospects of the
party overclouded by such unnecessary and
injudicious action.
Somebody was to blame fob the j
disruption. Who that somehoily was j
should be known and exposed.
It is time for the journals of the party in j
the State to shake from their hands j
the gloves, and handle without fear j
or favor the disturbers of party success. '
These disturbers are generally men of am- '
bition beyond their ability, who, rather ;
than sec their selfish purposes defeated, i
would drag the party to utter ruin.
Let no one imagine wo refer particularly ;
to than. Our language is general, and so j
long as we are on guard w* feel it due the j
brave soldiers who are sleeping in peace, to
let no one pass the outer lino who is a tra -
tor and a spy.
If we are not sustained in this position,
we would discard, as unworthy the evi
dence of the party and ourselves, the ma.i
who, at this critical moment in our histoi v,
would deny us his approbation.
It is impossible in the life of any party ,
to supply every aspirant with positions of
honor and prolit, and the individual who
fails to recognize this great fact lacks polit
ical wisdom and experience. A political
blunder is as liable to criticism as a crime,
and this is no time to oncotrragc blunderers;
they must be put aside ; if they hold place
and pjwer, they must be driven from tiiem;
if they are private citizens, and are aspir
ing to place, they must be checked.
The party must be obeyed ; the will of
the people must be regarded, and if not,
we might as well surrender every hope of
securing a Republican majority in the next
Every member of our party must recog
nize no law, nor lie guided in his conduct
by any other than of adding strength and
respectability to Republicanism. Neither
can be acquired without an obedience to the
will of the people and their majorities.
To destroy the present bright prospects
of our party, by the disgraceful breaking up
of properly constituted conventions, is po
litical murder, and the murderers should
be brought to justice and burned at the
stake of party opinion.
The county of Pittsylvania, as well as
several others now jeopardized by misman
agement and blunders, are of too serious
importance to the party to be thus frittered
away. We cannot submit to such Jdiocy
and self-destruction, nor can those who
have so long struggled for the maintenance
of our glorious principles, (Exhibit the Job
like patience that has graced them for
several years. We call upon the people to
arrest these madmen iv their reckless
September iS.]
Butler, rejected by the Massachusetts
convention, has, by his conduct after the
liallot, done much to allay the feeling
which his conduct of the canvass had ex
cited. The course of the General for the
Kw weeks has been, on the whole, aston
hing. He has done great violence to Mas
sachusetts precedent and prejudice, and has
ntroduced into her polities measures de
•.idedly novel, and calculated to discompose
those not accustomed to such hilarious
scenes. There is, among the "orthodox"
of the Bay State, the memory of a re
ligious controversy, now many years gone
ty, but which turned upon what was called
he "new measures" of certain revivalist
Keachers. The church was moved to its
undations, and many a staid believer was
i riven almost to despair by methods of
grace altogether foreign to his own expe
rience. The "new measures," however,
succeeded in the end, and the church found
■their advantage in accepting them.
Butler is the apostle of the new evangel
a his party in Massachusetts, and though
ie may be derided at first, and mourned
over and prayed at, he has imparted some
whst of his own enthusiasm even to his
opponents. He bore his defeat
nobly, and yielded gracefully to the
voice of the convention. Ihe temp
tation to bolt was strong, but the Essex
statesman has sagacity and sense, and too
much consideration for his future to do so
foolish a thing. He even went so far as to
commend the convention for its fairness and
its want of mistakes, and then, after cotn
, alimenting lus adherents who had stood so
olidlv by him, he promised.tbat inside the
lepublican party "the tight shall go on for
ts rejuvenation, for its purification, for the
.advancement of labor, for the suppression
•of vice, and for its great mission ; that in
that organization we go and labor still for
the great principles for which we started
out, and as sure as there is truth and jus
;ice in the people of the Commonwealth, j
. ust so sure, sooner or later, we shall attain j
Thk Coffer Ckop.—An importer of
coffee in New York publishes a letter in
which he states that there has been a con
siderable falling oft' in the production of cof
fee this season. The three principal coffee
regions are Brazil, Java, and Ceylon. The
The Brazilian crop has declined from 480,
--000,000 to 200,000,000 pounds, and the
Java crop from 170,000,000 to 10(1,000,000
of noonds. Of the Ceylon crop there is no
accurate data. He adds that there is no
lock of the supply yet felt, but that the ul-
Pte effect of these deficiencies has al
f been discovered throughout the
d by a rise of price.
1% iMig State lotttnaC
The. oft-repeated rumors of the with-
Irawal of Secretary Fish from the Stale
department arc again revived.
A stone marked "I). 15., 1773," Btippos
cd to be a relic of Daniel Boone, was re
cently unearthed in Robertson county,
Dennis Harden, ju>t acquitted in Wash
ngton city for the killing of McCarthy, is
reported to be insane, superinduced by the
excitement of the trial.
Ex-Senator Hiram It. Revels, of Missis
sippi, is in ill-health, but hopes soon to be
strong enough to take the stump iv that
State in behalf of the Republicans.
The St. Louis Democrat hopes much
rom the prasent effort to re-unite the Re
itiblican parly in Missouri, and says the
State can and must be carried for the Na
tional Republican cause in 1872.
The Secretary of the United States
treasury has called in all three per cent,
certificates between numbers 2,366 and
!,592 of $5,00(1 each, ami all between num
icrs 2,306 and 2,866 of (10,000 each—the
otal amounting to 81,500,000.
Mr. A. Pardee, of Ilazleton, Pa., has
presented the sum of $200,000 to the trus
ees of Lafayette College, in Kaston, for the
■rcction of a new building for the scientific
department, the trustees agreeing to raise
an equal sum fur the general endowment.
Colonel Downing, chief of the Cherokee
lation, has married Miss Avers, a wealthy
uid cultivated spinster of Philadelphia.
The lady met the chief some years since,
and immediately determined to devote Iter
ife to the pursuits of Cherokees and their
tdvancement in civilization.
Tho indictment against the correepon
dents who promulgated the Treaty at
Washington, were quashed in tiie Crimi
>al omit of Washington yesterday, the
Runt not having jurisiictroii of trjn case,
he District Attorney says be will titose
iute them to the fullest t-xinit hi Out- Wiiice
The following persons l-.u'.i boon ap| ,: '• inl
et 1 pasttnnsters in Virghiit: 7,. ■>. ISlartitt,
it ISamettsville, Marion comity, vice da
wn Smith, resigned; Robert ('. Perkins,
t Poindextcr's store, [jOuisß covmty, vice
V. li. Hensen, resigned ; J. M. Krider, at
\lathson court-house, Madison county, rice.
Miss Julia Kobinson, removed.
President Grant, Governor Cooke, (Jene
ral Siterman, all the Cabinet members, and
>thurdistinguished men, with the Governors
if New York, Pennsylvania, .New Jersey,
Ohio, and the Virginias, are all invited atul
expected to attend the Maryland State
Agricultural and Mechanical lair at Haiti*
nore on Thursday and Friday next.
The International Money Order system
>etween the United States and (ireat Brie
am went into operation on Monday. Dy
way of London, remittances can be made
to all the principal towns of Austria, Hun
gry, Spain, Kussia, Sweden, Denmark,
Norway, Turkey, Greece, IJgypt, tiie Fast
Indies aud China.
Democratic Tennessee is tlissatistied with
ksult of the Democratic administration
,te affairs, and from the western por
f the State especially there goes up a
strong claißor for a reduction of the lugh
rates of taxation. The present rate is sixty
cents on the one hundred dollars, where the
rate under the old order of things was only
lalf that amount.
Mayor Hall was on Monday summoned
to appear before a police justice to answer
to the charge of "gross misdemeanor in
perverting, or allowing to be perverted, the
mblic funds from their legitimate use, by
signmg warrants for the payment of Work
which .had not been done." Tweed and
others were to have been similarly (halt
with yesterday. Tammany and the Mor
mons are in a bad fix just now.
The strike among the laborers ntNewcns
le, England, has existed for nearly eremite
Been months, and is still as far from set
inent as ever. The attempts to settle it
jy arbitration and by the introduction of
oreign workmen have equally been failures.
The influence of the International Society
las been powerful to prevent any adjust
ment, and there is no prospect that the
lead-lock will soon be broken.
The Deseret Kew;< (Mormon organ) ex
cesses contempt for those of the saint.-.
vho, under the pressure now brought to
>ear by the Federal authorities in Utah,
against poligamy, "squirm and twist around
and shrink down to the size and shape of
Ke unrighteous law" which "requires
ent to violate their consciences," and
;r-jwlingly adds that "the world's heroes'
lave bones in their backs, law or no law." j
The following telegram relative to the
trial of the Ku-Klux at Raleigh, North
Carolina, was received at the Department
if Justice, Washington, Monday evening,
'rom the marshal of the State: ''.Judge
fond refused this morning to continue the
cases upon any arrangement. Plato Dur
-lam continued his case upon affidavit.
Nine pleaded guilty to-day. Judgment
will be prayed in their cases."
The Indianapolis journal says it has been
assured by persons who profess to know
he truth of what they state, that Attor
ley-General Hanna, of Indiana, will pro
ceed without delay, to bring suits for the
recovery of the money abstracted from the
State Treasury by means of bogus vouch
ers for State printing. And that it is also
reported that he will institute proceedings
o compell the State officers to account for
nterest received on public funds farmed
out on private account.
The special four-days' election for Con
ressmen began in Texas yesterday. <hi
ie 10th instant Ohio elects Slate officers'
and a Legislature, and votes on a revision
of the constitution. Pennsylvania also
votes on the 10th for auditor, surveyor,
and Legislature. Philadelphia will elect a
mayor and city officers. lowa votes the
same day for State officer* and members of
the Legislature. California chooses judges
of her supreme court October 18th, and
Vest Virginia will close the elections of
lie month on the 20th, by choosing (Ide
ates to the constitutional convention.
In the town elections of Hartford, Con
necticut, on the 2d of October, the Repub
cans won a great victory, electing A .S.
Stillmanover F. A. Marey, first selectman,
jy a majority of 804. Only one Democrat
s elected on the board. The Democrats
elected Levi Woodhouse town clerk by a
majority of 101; John Finney, collector,
:iy 21 majority, aud one grand juror. All
the rest of the officers chosen are Republi
cans, by a majority of from 800 to 400.
New Britain, West Hartford, Vernon, and
Wetherslield also went Republican.
The exports of New Orleans, according
to a statement made by the Philadelphia
Price Current based upon information re
021; rrHnlodelphm. ♦if1,903,07_ ; Galvcs
ton, $14,860,60] ; Baltimore, ft" I 1,330,2!* ;
Boston, *t5,*51,467; Charleston, *10,
TtiE A NTH BACITS C<">.\ I > -BAD 1 ■:-
The Philadelphia Ledger of .Monday, in its
weekly review of the anthracite coal trade,
has the following:
"The public sale of anthracite coal al
New York last week has had the effect of
stiffening prices of jcoal generally, and in
some instances advances have been eeteD*
tithed even greater than those shown at th
auction sale. This increase in the price o
coal is, no doubt, in consequence of the
shortened supply, as compared wiLh last
year. This, however, should create no
alarm. Much, if not all, of the difference
short it, is expected, will be made up before
the close of navigation and if it should not
be by that time, it can easily be supplied
by rail all through the winter, as the mar
ket may require. There is reason to antici
pate a good, strong market for coal to (he
end of the year at current prices, which
slightly advance to-day, say 25 cents per
ton over last week's quotations ; but thcr
is no reason to anticipate an}' very materia
further advance, unless there is some diffi
culty at the mines, or some unwarrantei
combination to force the market to unnatur
a! figures. These contingencies, of course
are assumed by all who postpone the pur
chase of coal. The Reading railroai
company has issued a circular, taking eff'cc
to-day, advancing tolls 15 cents per ton b;
rail and 20 cents by canal, which, of course
will enter into the price of coal for con
The Male rnnvuss Opened.
[Prom the New York Tribune, September 59.]
We accept the ticket yesterday nomina
ted at Syracuse, and pledge to its supaoi
i'.u --olrl ihrec-fiKirllis of the entire Repoh
i',c.-i,i <o!e ~i llu-. city whose delegates Wcr
insultingly driven from the conveittiop. W
ai et j',. il.c wiiacio of clumsiness called tin
platform, aud bow to the mtjnstrou* Staf
committee. Come what may. we (iius
cany New York for lone,~i government ai.i
against the thieves. Let the new-made ora
clesof the Republican pltrty, who jester
day strutted their brief horn" on the stag'
at; Syracuse, enjoy their fleeting triumph
we have-nobler work in hand. Ours is th
task io save the easy Republican victor}
over i ii v robbery and State misgovernmen
they have done (heir best to throw away,
it is pot the first time it has fallen to v
I) rally the noble people of New York tin
tier the discouragement which the success
ful intrigues of false office-holders created
while the victors in caucus and convention
hating us far worse than the common enc
my, spent their time in dividing our raimen
among them. Let them revel in the spoil
and parcel out the offices; as for us and fo
all whom we can influence, wo shall can}
the banner of victory in the front, elect th
ticket so many good and true men shared it
selecting, and settle with the stragglers am
marauders on the field when we have won
it. To this good work (he Tribune rail
every delegate who resented the insult o
the office-holders' scant and blinded major
ity by retiring from a convention tha
branded Moses 11. Grinnelland Marshall <
Roberts as Tammany thieves.
Facts aboit Poitlatjo-N.—"lhe In
dian population of the United States is by
the census reduced from 41,021, in 1800, to
25,731 in 1870. All the indications are for
further diminution. The Chinese popula
tion numbered 34,03:! in 18t_), all of whom
were in California. Now they are 03,251,
of whom -10,310 are in California, and 12,
--000 more in the Pacific Stales. The China
man has found his way into nearly every
State of the Union, but in no such numbers
as to warrant the alarm expressed last year
as to the immense numbers who would
come among us. The total number of im
migrants of all kinds arriving in the United
States during the year ending June 80th,
1871, was 321,350, of whom 100,428 were
males. The number from England won
.1 ASJ'EIt j;. (i AHIiK il' .:) ' liAB_OTTK 1..
October :'.!. .r.u.- ti usim'til illness, JOHN
HgOOKA HI li.i- .',7 ll jiMlot lusnß.-.
October**, NOR WOOD SMITH, son of Geo.
V.. unit Laura VV. Smiili, aged 17 mouths.
October M, „f wSioo>iiiii;-eoiu,'li, CIIRISTIXA. i
youngest daughter oi George E. ami Mary J.
Bowdsu, air«l I year and 4 mouths.
A pi-«.:_jttiic*'* ot' the b.am.lul Comedienne,
:.Li;S. F. S. (.'UANFJiAV,
wliotsn rare talents and culture have c.i.ntl^h-d
ln-r in critical esteem as the peerless represent a
tive of all characters based upon vrvomanH
audi Bweetne^e.
Third iiijfht of 13. W Tayleuiv's new dr-uin.
.id-ip.cJ from Charles Ream's esq»4atU» mo- \.
CIIRIeITIE 30*&#WXM BSftS. F. S. ('H A.* i it*. ( .
cnitiPTiE joßMYosx MAiisiit: o„n sat. kiiai
In rehearsal, the French version ol **Ea-i [
Lynn--,'" adapted from tho French by C. W. Tv- ■ j
Iciir*' for JtlWt. Chanfrau. and entitled
oc 4—U I
""t^TAiM'EIi—A Mood feiMttifi House. Sertuuf |
YY and seamstress. Appiv at llzO-rdcei
uc _—it* I
iV refinement, of nrnnu'' as-.'', without incum
brance, may hear of a Mtintiou ustIUVEKNESS
iv a pleasant family, by addressing "J'ATFK
NAE," Kichmond, Va. or.—'*<*
An active, faithful HOY, io dls-
the Lily every morning. None need apply wiih
oht good recominendatioiu. Apply to A. K.
HENRY, corner of Twelfth and FmxtkUa «ts.
OC3— lt*
"TTrAIN'TED—A l'o*h\ MMAg Servant. Apply
I'.n Main st., corner Main and Adams.
oe 3—- —
y»u KKw2.Two lares DVI flmngs!
| As with modern con vunienct^ —one with car-
ringc-house and stable attached, near the corner
of I.ehfh and Adam* i-ireeis. Apply to
W 30—lmsod* ORUBUS & "WILLIAMS
| riVVKIK* I I'oti my place, last Iriduy,
IU.PI~I-I.IC A* NO.MI.M .!*>.
I'or the Senate.
Hon t ilpopuam, WILUAM TROY,
jon.\ woomvuKTii.
lor tho lioiitc.
1». W. UoItArWOV. (VS. MILL:-.
aPKCIAL NOTICE. —Advert.M incnt* of
! L.--I, \Vn.it«, ComitS, For llcnt. not rxrcotl.iia
four lint-, Itr otic hisci'tloii &. pmti ; two in- ;
i ilii.ii* J(» cent!*; three InMrtftotM Ml PWH*
* Rife in _(!mui.t.
'< ity ■Snlwrih(*i-s.--l > rr ; *oiis wishing th*
AfAfl .I"'k\'ai, left early and regularly aI Lheir
pbien ol business, or residences, by re-po-tsibta
carrier?, \\'ill | (lease leave their orders •Willi Joh\
•tei fi SxtO-tX) Newsdealer?, 918 Main Street,
i Urn Hem i"e;>ot of w. A. EdWalu
Eaut Braid Strei t.
Hinford, and perhaps other officers of tl
m hooL liavc issued orders prohibiting tl
colored scholars from coming to or goin
from the school-house by certain street
and designating the routes they shall tak
The result of such an order is to compe
numbers of them to go some dislanoo on
of their way to reach the school-house am
their homes.
We hope there is some mistake a'ooi
.hii matter, but if it be true, we enter ot
earnest and solemn protest again*! at
s-i, h rc;;*.n ; and deny lo any man or set
men lhe right to say what streets shall i
shell tct be useii by coterc. people. Tl
Mayor o<" this city would no mere-are i
'■;. an older than he would dare p*
■ id a; in hi the fire,
. gh tin.- Lrsueh nonsense and rai
Its—plililc discrimination lo cease, ami \
now notify tin- ulllc* r,- oi the public sclioi
iftfwy threaten colored children with c
, pui lion, because they will not COlifll
themselves to certain streets, upon whic
;to walk, (hey will bring upon themselv
i ihe scorn and contempt of all lovers of jus*
CiiANi'Eisv Cot'itT OF Richmond.—
j The following cases were disposed of:
; Pickett vs. Pickett and others. Decree
j confirming report of commissioners of sale,
and directing the collection of the purchase
money, and the distribution thereof, and
deed to the purchaser, (ir.ittan _ 'luy,
Kendrick vs. Dowers, Ac. Beeree au
thorizing the purchaser of the property sold
iv this cause to anticipate the payment of
the purchase money, and when payment is
mode in full directing a deed to lie made to
said purchaser. Sands ,<. Leake, and li. .
Atkinson vs. Atkinson, ,Vc. Decree di
recting fund to the credit of the court in
this, to bear interest, and to that end that
it be withdrawn from the bank in which it
is now deposited and placed in the Rich
mond Banking and Insurance company.
Willson's administratrix vs. Willson's
executors. Opinion delivered setting aside
sate, and referring cause to a commissioner
for n port. Giles, Steger, Ac, counsel.
Friends of Temperance.—The fol
lowing officers have been elected for the
ensuing quarter by Stonewall Council, No.
I 71: President, S. C. Curry; Associate,
William 11. Pleasants; Chaplain, T. 1..
Rhodes; Secretary, T. Harry Burroughs;
I Financial Secretary, William Hall Civv, :
I Treasurer, John F. Shinberger; Conduct.
■I. M. Vest; Assistant Conductor, S.
| i 'urry ; Inside Sentinel, James Ainsli
Outside Sentinel, James Atkisson; E
President, William 11. Taylor. The fo
lowing representatives were elected to tl
State Council: William Hall Crew, Jami
O. Kiddiek, John F. Shinberger, Jami
Atkisson, "William 11. Taylor, T. Han
| Burroughs, S. C. Curry, and T. L. Rhode
I Mr. James Atkisson was elected as speci
representative to the Stale Council, wit
I S. C. Curry as alternate.
Av.'Aiiit of Contracts.—At the la
meeting of the Committee for the Relief o
the Pool', contracts were awarded for fit
.ig supplies to the city alms-house ft
| the quarter ending December 31st, 1871
--! to-wit: et'iCi pounds mess pork at 7.1 cent
William Jenkins ; I.yfiiH pounds Ires
beef at ?4.90, J. W. Braver; 3,ll_poum
bacon at Bfc, William Jenkins ; .in" ba
rejs floor at $7.48, SSI) bushels corn meal
iat 89c., Henry Newman ; 600 pounds rice
Ol -._!•.,—pounds Rio coffee at life, 32')
, pounds sugar (A) at 13c, 4,oC>-\', pom:.,
gar (brown) at lOfc, So gallons vinegar at
23c, William Jenkins ; ],(JtjO pounds soap
ai Be., Ilnrvoys & Williams ; 7 sacks sail
at t-.~7j, 188 gallons molasses at 2,'ic, 22
bushels potatoes at l>i>c., 30 barrels her
ring, alt 0.50, William Jenkins.
School TristekpS.—The board of ed
ucation lias appointed the following district
[.school trustees: Greene county —Ruokers-
villc district, Nathaniel B. "Early, vice
Ueiijamin Herndon, resigned ; Wonroedis
trict, Milton 1.. Runkle, vice Jesse 1..
Garth, removed from the State. Greeus
ville count) —Ilicksfurd district, Dr. John
R. Jones, vice L, L. Dcakins, resigned.
Madison county—Robinson district, James
M. Graves, vice Thomas W. Chapman, re
signed. Alexandria city, Lawrence B, !
Taylor, vice John S. Blackburn, resigned. '
ixsi'ECToßs ay Tobacco Aitoint-
ED. —The following inspectors of tobnc
have been appointed by the Governor for]
the various warehouses of the city :
Mayo's : Jesse T. Hutchinson, on part
Public: B. J. Vaughn, on the pari ■ :
State, 1.. P. Archer, on part of owners,
Siiockoe: John W. Powell, on part of
port of State, W. P. Weisigor, on part of
—■hinull'h; Dr. A. 11. Christian on port
of State, Colonel Jeter, on part of city.
Democratic Justice.—Ws tee that
Mr. John Q. Winn, of Hanover couniy, has
been appointed by the City. Council, tit v
Translcr Clerk, with a salary of iJTVI pi r
annum. This carpet-bagger already holds
the position of clerk in the Auditor's office,
but ti still crying for mote ! When will the
reward be paid the men who have dime all
the dirty party work for the present city
administration? Are they ready to stand
idly by and see the patronage which pro
perly belongs to tho city given to carpet
baggers from Hanover county,
— Robert Jackson, alias was reciiv
lat the penitentiary yesterday from Alle
isny county, to undergo a eontlnenient of
ghtecn months for house-breaking.
issenger train on (he Richmond, Kredcr
cksbui-g and Potomac railroad, near Ash
■', on Saturday, died at noon yesterday.
During the month of September tiie
'olice Justice imposed fines amounting to
(04.80. Of this amount*! 12.80 was paid
it, leaving a balance, which has been paid
ver lo the Auditor, of 5251.70.
-Ex-Gov. Henry A. Wise's new book,
Seven Decades of the Union, including a
urrative of the Life of Tyler," is ready
or the printer, and will in due course be
vols are in progress at I'nion Station
cthodist church, and at Leigh-Street Bop
it church—at the former place, the ser
lick and Tyree. Large crowds are nightly
iin attendance, and great interest is mani
ministered to two persons last Sunday, at
LHgh-Street church, and others are expect-
Coropany "G," under the popular Cnp
! tain Whitehead, paraded this evening, in
full uniform, and engaged in target prac
| tiee. The company is well drilled, and |
made a ver}' handsome appearance.
I'road street, from Twentieth to Twenty
j lifthj is being paved by Mr. Rick in a very I
1 serviceable manner. The improvement \
has been long needed, and will lender the |
101 l more accessible to teams. And while j
I t liiii'-h-IVcquenlcd locality should be
tflip ol li:a:k> will Ik' found inadequate,
"I say, dim, you know thai confounded hog
neighboMinod more trouble than the rebel
reason not to forget him, since the time he
wasn't no earthly account, for he belongs
to the racer bred, and all the corn in Vir
"Well, you see, Jim, a feller comes
[ cr, want to part with that porker." Says
I to him: 'Mister, I've raised that hog from
' a little pig, and got sort of 'tached to him
all the time I was wishing he would offer
me fifty cents for tho cussed varmint, when
he says 'iook here, stranger, rattlei's and
worth just ten dollars to me for to clean
| 'cm out; what do ye say, will you take the
dollars changed locations, and you see I
was trying to find some article that 1 could
I Robinson's big Menagerie and Circus, when
| along comes that man and buys the worth
blows nobody good,' and if the snakes had.
not been so tarnal thick on that man's
form, I. should have had to have soldsomc
' thing else to ratso the wind, but 1 am <. cv.;
! with the old woman and all the children,
"Well, Tom, 1 was coming to town, and
Martha says 'Jim, you had better take
drcn will want to go fo the menagerie nnd
Circus of Old John Robinson, for when he
comes with his big show there will be a
sensation,' and I intend to let the children
ci ';,otl know how it is yourself,' we were
once children." And thus the old friends
ported, to meet at the Menagerie and Cir
ce- of old John Robinson in Richmond,
competitor of ours appeared yesterday eve
although it does not take ft large number of
yards of goods to cut and fit it, the make
independent, and has the honesty to tell its
because this is true we trust its cup may
platform lhe countryman's idea about the
wherever it sees 'em. This smacks a little
to.) much of the late convention platform,
but we accept it as tho best thing the News
We will endeavor to see that the News
don't get a chance to kill many Radical
snakes, by taking them under our special
meeting of the Washington Literary Socie
ty, held at their hall Tuesday evening, Oc
tober Jd, IST 1, the following officers were
elected for the ensuing term : J. J. Creer,
president; C. W. llardwicke, vice prosi
-1.. Owens, librarian ; S. M. Gary, censor.
Mokti'AKY Repokt,—The following is
the mortuary report for the week ending
from sexton's returns received at the office
of the Board of Health: Whole number
stilt-born (colored) were reported. Sex : —
males, Si ; white females, 7 ; colored mates;
i (i.s<iHi:ssiti.NAl. District.—The mem
bers of the State Central Committee from
tho Lighth Congressional District having
signed a call for a convention of the district
to be held at Abingdon on the 21th day of
October, each county iv that district is
each county, and we hope immediate steps
"th day of that month, the registering ofli
cers "will sit TWO DAYS for the purpose of
amending and correcting the lists, at which
time any qualified voter applying, and not
previously registered, may be added."
the registrars are required to give *■■' I aei
ten days' notice before each sitting by
posting written or printed notices (hereof
at live or more public places in I heir town
ship, ward or election district.
On or before the 13th of October the re
gistration notices should be posted. On
the 2.'id and 24{h every voter who is not re- \
ivd ; every voter who has changed his
residence, first obtaining a certificate of for
mer registration, and every voter whose
vote was not receive in consequence of er
ror in the name or any similar cause,
should go forward and see that his name is
<■• rrectfy entered upon the registralion lisi.
Nor is this sufficient. Ten days after the
registration closes, the registering oilicer is
required to post up "at three or more.
places in the election district written or
printed lists of all persons admitted by them
See that your name is properly register
ed, or promptly appeal to the county judge
or Hustings Court judge to compel a cor
[ rection. And further, note that every per
son named on the list has been a resident
of the State for a year and of the county
for three months, is twenty-one years of
age, and in all respects a legal voter.
With proper attention devoted to this
I vitally important matter of registration,
nearl}' every doubtful district can be saved,
and a large majority secured in the Legist**
1.. 1.. LEWIS, _8Q. —The genllem
whose name heads this article, is one o
the rising young Republicans ot" the O
Dominion. He has had the manliness I
ignore every personal consideration for tl
benefits which must accrue In our contain
• ■■•iiulrv, by linking his destiny with tl
: I.ion ant! the party which sustains k.
He is in the city, and. we are e! :: ,i tv ss
iiis almost entirely recovered liom t!
effects' of tite brutal, cowardly and tualieiot
assault made upon him, doubtless, liecaus
et s—l political sentiments, by a man urge
to the attempted assassination by others
I too cowardly to act as principals.
.Mr. Lewis is a resident of Culpeper, ant
' Commonwealth's Attorney of that count;
I From proceedings of an enthusiastic 1;
i publican meeting held in Culpeper seven
; flays ago, we find the Republicans o! h
; county have seleetetl him as their slandar*
bearer in tho coming struggle. The Cv
i neper Obserccr is welcome to all the Repu'
i lieaii votes it can secure for Mr. Strode
lin opposition to Mr. Lewis. We belie.
I he has the ability, and has shown the di
| position, to battle with the enemy of fit
j government, and his nomination jii\«
| promise of a glorious triumph for ou
\ party in Culpeper this fall.
Dkclination.—Judge John A. Mer
j dith, a gentleman of decidedly the be
I ability of any of those selected by tl
! Democratic party of this city, as candidati
| for the Legislature, has wisely determine.
j to withdraw from the canvass and let son
f one else lie offered as a sacrifice. We hat
1 already referred to tho fondness of li
i judge for office-holding, aud we have n
doubt he would willingly "have stuck,
even if he bad have seen any hopes fo
! the success of the ticket. It is either this
i or the judge is unwilling to lend himself t
j the fraudulent means which must 1
i adopted, in order to carry the city. I
either event, Judge Meredith has show
; superior judgment or such purity of char
acter as raises him above the dirty work o
I'm; SwTHEBN Planter and Far
M_R. —This deservedly popular farmers
journal has passed into the hands of Job
* \\". Risen, Ksi|,, of this city.
Mr. Kison is known as one of our inos
enterprising business men, and is conduc
ing a leading drug business on the corner <
'1 itird and Main streets. He has a lai'j,
and extensive acquaintance throughout tl
\ alley and Southwest, which will enable
I him to place before the planters of tin* c
sections, this indispensable periodical.
No farmer should be without this guii
: book—its teachings arc practical, and cai
■ not fail to be of immense service to the ti
: lers of the soil.
The staff of the Planter am! Farnor wi
jbe announced in the November editioi
; Mr. Rison greets his friends in a brief an<
1 happy manner.
DkiVRHSITY OF VlHdlNiA.--This in
I stitutinn, located at Charlottesville, w.i
opened on tiie 7th of March, 15.."). Th
first matriculate was Burwell Stars, q
I hinover. 1 hiring the session of 182s" ther
I were 123 students, among whom we we fire
' the names of Henry Shackelford, preset
' Judge of the Charlottesville circuit ; J. 1
Ilalyburtnn, formerly 1". S. Judge Tor tl
Eastern District of Virginia, and now pro
lessor of law in the Richmond College
(.enerals John S. Preston and J. li. .'da
: grudcr, and Henry Tutwiler, formerly pro
fessor of the Alabama University. Tidga
■A. Poe was a student in IS2H, and Rober
A . Toombs in 1828 ; and in 1837--'B, Klish
Kent Kane, the Arctic explorer.
CoI,OKEI>TEMPI.ItA.\( i; Convention.
We are authorized to state that Sunbeam
Circle, No. 1, has called a convention of a
the temperance organizations of color in tli
city and State, to take place on the 7th it
stant, at 10 o'clock A. AI. The conventio
will meet In the basement of the Thin
i Street Methodist church. Each organiza
tioti is authorized to send seven delegate
i with proper credentials.
I'm: Next State Fair.—Persons ii
tending to exhibit articles or animals at th
approaching Fair, are reminded that entrii
should be made on the Secretary's book
by the 25th instant. The observance o
this rule will much facilitate the business
of the occasion. The Fair opens on the
31st of this month ; only three weeks re
main to complete the arrangements.
Intekestinu to Temperance Men.
j Asa matter of interest to the temperance
! men of Richmond, we state that 22,416
gallons of whiskey were rectified in this
city during last month. This is an average
of a little over 803 gallons per day—quite
a respectable quantity of "kill 'em quick."
Meeting Postponed.—The meeting
announced yesterday, to be held to-night
in Jackson ward, is, owing to other politi
cal meetings, postponed indefinitely.
Police Court. —The business oi the
I Police court this morning was very meagre,
, indeed. There was but one raso on the
docket, and that was of a \< : , ununport-
(gvimittfl ftatc Journal
Oft- DOLLAR per square nf right Uom
SPKi lAI. I,'ATKs pjsssts :n r.miiirr, fir I*
ontract, v.iili rt-culat |..tirom*.
Wmri'lNG-I'OSTIiOCAI.I'I V.Mai'll 1: -.
ieorgc Morris, a yoiuv. '11lI ll of "em e
racy, and a resident of Manchester, We
esterday tried and convicted l,v .'n.-t:■-.
lartin, fur stealing a suit or clothe.-.
"he justice sent him lo jaii for Ihiil".
As Manchester seems to be the most ap
iropriafe place fur executing the irhippmg
-081 law, and M we doubt not, its ndmirei,
tldge Cox, has provided n convenient anil
übstantial one for the purpose of striping
ie backs of Republicans, we think Justice
lartin would have been guilty of no great
TOOK had he administered a slight tlos
lis democratic physic to its own progeny.
ov. would it do, justice, to try if on oric
f these tlays and see Ihe effects of ehickits
unit!;,' home to roost .
I'm: 11.v.M 'l< "KS'i'io.x. -From twoconi
innieations in the October number of lhe
Oiitiiern I'/onler, we infer that the-display
f Virginia boiled bacon bams at the »ex"l
tate Pair will be the best ever seen. Dr.
ohn H. Woods, of Albemarle, is confident
f securing the first premium. He says :
It seems lo me the idea would he a good
Mr each competitor to enter hvo hams,
be tested oy a committee of Bafctle
;he other by a committee of ladies,
hose taste is often more refined and dis
itnhrO—trg than that of the sterner Hex.
11 of the hams should be turned over to
ie society, to be used by the officers and
i'iends on the occasion."
Important Notice to the C'o_ok
k Citizkxs OF RTcrnrovi). - -We are re
nested to invite the colored citizens of the
ity to hold meetings in their dill'ercnt wards
o elect delegates to the District Conven
on, lo be held at the Union hold, on Most
ay next, the 7th. Each ward Will be en
tled to one delegate.
The object of the District Convention is
i elect a delegate lo repjesi nt this (Third;
ingressfonal District in the Columbia
■ mill Carolina) Convention, lo be com
losetl only of colored nieu,
We hope this notice will he made gener
among the colored people, and that full
cetings will be held iv each ward on I'ri-
Tlli: DISITHSION" Tl>-.\IOHT.— Wo im'
■ |Uested, by tho committee of arran. *■-
leuts to conduct the discussion between
essrs. Arnold and Hobson, I i say
iron Hotel has been seleeted.aitfl agreed
is* ion, ami not the City Half, a - WHui ■
isly stated by the /.W< (/<•.•'.■.
Mr. Arnold reached ilie yity ihi.- n*.ui,
---0 and is stopping at Davenport".- Hotel,
t is to be hoped there will be no backing
ut or confusion of places, as Mr. llohsou,
i his card, pledged himself to meet Mr.
Vrnnld at any time antl place. The public
is cordially invited to attend to-night, irre-
Mass Mkktino of Kf.i-ihmcans, at
la\chkstf.u> —Colonel I'opham has pro
lised to address the citizens of Manche.-i* •
-morrow (Thursday) night, and as Ihe
colonel never promises to speak that he
ott't comply, they may cxpoel to hear : i
rousing speech from him. We hope the
people of .Manchester will (urn out, ■
hat a grand gathering of the party may lie
had. Other prominent and able spea
are expected to be on hand ; and if Deimi
als would like to hear a little history of
nir parly, they too, are invited to be
lATi'Eii States Ciiktit Cnri;.
ailge J. ('. Underwood, I'n'siding. —The
and jury this luiiming found true bills
■ai.ist the following persons for yAmlatioti
the internal revenue laws : .(. li. lial
erson, A. I!. Terrill, aud A. !T. Duima-
On the trial of tie BrsHMMBOti ci" ■ *•, the
ut'y returned a verdict, of guilty,
euce suspended.
Terrill was recognised in tV; .-.am oi
1 ,<)• >o to appear to-morrow roofiihrg, v..
. Hudson as security.
A. 11. Dutmavanl plead gtuity. After
•earing the evidence aud argument the jurj
..■turned a veidictof guilty. Sentence mi-
•loseph Mayo, Jr., Ijiwlffled to practice
aw in this court.
The court then adjourned lili (en u'cio--".
tiir a misdemeanor; case continued to next
J term of court. Bailed upon her own re
Win. Perkins, colored, cliarged w'th
;»■ -ti t larcny. found guilty and sentenced to
two months' imprisonment.
this afternoon, tautened with flour, for Rio
The collections of internal revenue in this
district during the month of September
Personal.- -J. A. W. si. Andicw,
traveling special correspondent if the
Albany (N. V.) Evening Journal, is in the
Spg"One of those handsome More-rooms in
Si. Alban'shall,eornrrofMass toidTlunWitiiM If,
li-is ju.M been opened by our young friend, et. (- .
THOMPSON, Who lias ;l Cl.lilp'.ele siocli of la.nl
Sties, U'imcs, Liijions, &r., ni which tlw Biteii"
UM of the public i". uiiiletl.
IC.g'Milsiciil Instrument, nnd Aliii-lcal .Mer
chandise of every description cari Mwav :.
I fomiil MJ. *I*Bsiif jM-.i-i'.- I)t>pi>t, No. ft*/* _
sln-et. Hs ha« .Her l-ceivisia asm .ocl sxleii
>ne stock ef ttie above named Roods,
! StST't'irnK, Bunions, Anils growing BBSs) ill**
I flesh and all diseases ol" (In* feet, hands, &c\, re
moved without pain or inconvenience to the pa
tient, by Dr. Sciui.tz, the most scientific Ohirop
osttet and Specia!i.-t. We are -.'lad to s:iv he
li'lurned, aud is still devotin'; several hours i" .. .
lo the relief of the allhctnl. Those Mill
■.. nil t:;incer.-, Tumors, Soo-., 1 it* is, Whitlow ,
-.hotlid avail themsclve- of his l:n-';e e:,periei ~■
He also treats them painlessly, and with in -
:■-H-t. No anivsihelic used. Office—Nineteenth
>i reel, near lUnin. *
_ FEE for i In* Uenefit of the Widows and Or
Oj [lie Southern Slates.
lbsTHißCrios No i'lTO. EvKxisn, Oct,:!.
,'l :y.\ -id 84 i-4 is 17 as 23 41 s.M Lii 7.1 'ii
No M*>II.NIMI, lI'T. t
bt 47 41 :1 -.) l I -"-L? 4- !
Witness my hand, at Kichmond, \'a., thi
iUauagers. t'ommissiouer.
cbaseil from Captain W. I. lIARNEY, at the

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