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(Swnittfl #tat* $omml
At X«. 91!1>4 Main Street, Richmond, Va.
DAILY— tn per year; six montln, H; three
months, ILWJ 1 month, /So cents.
SEMI-WEEKLY—♦2.SO per year; six months,
II 26 ; three months, 7ti rents.
WEEKLY—*l.6Oper year; six months, 76 cents
Clubs at extremely low ratei.
<Bvm\\\$ #tatt founuriL
administration of law in so impartial and so kind
hearted that even the Radical Jol'rkai. has been
constrained to applaud.— Whig.
The Whig sees proper thus to Fpcak of
our references to Justice White. We not
only concur with its statement referring to
Mr. White, but again repeat what we have
so frequently said of this gentlemen—and I
that is, that he is "an honest and just man j
in the discharge of his official duties. A
large number of trying cases, in which the I
colored peoplo of Richmond are interested,
como before Justice White, whom we have
watched with intense interest, and of whom
we have never been justified in speaking I
otherwise than as we have.
The mere fact of our applauding Justice I
White for being just, is evidence that he is '
an exception to those who have the dispo- j
sition of similar cases; but Mr. White can- I
not and does not leaven the whole partisan |
judiciary of the State. You need not single I
him out, and refer to him as a fair sample
of others of your party similarly situated.
We wish it would be fair to do so ; but the
crowded state of our penitentiary,—the !
erection of whipping posts all over the I
State, and their frequent use, deny in un- j
inistakable language a comparison with the j
majority of such officers.
An intimate acipiaintance with many
sections of the State, and a knowledge of j
the conduct of your law officers, convince |
us we are not unjust when we say their j
conduct has driven the colored people such
a distance from the part}', as that the thun
ders of Heaven alone can recall them.
More cases, in which colored people are
interested, are heard by Justice White, |
than by any other twenty judges in Vir
ginia, and yet we have never heard of him |
condemning a single one to the whipping
post, or, without the most justifiable
cause, consigning them to prisons. How
is it if you cross the James into the neigh- '
boring county of Chesterfield ? How is it I
with tho records of your own Cit}' court V I
We have heard your judges boast
that they had performed a hard day's t
labor—that they had that day consigned a |
half dozen negroes to the penitentiary.
Such language as that m which our co
temporary has indulged) for the past sixty
days can ,be of no avail, so long as it is
known by the colored people that the Dem- j
ocratic party not only legislates in favor of j
the white and against their own race, but
carefully selects oi' it- material, lit tools to
execute their unjust and inhuman laws.
The negroes would be the simplest fools ;
of God's creation if they did not despise j
and hate your iniquitous laws, and those !
who glory in their execution. I f the Whig I
really desires the negroes of Virginia and |
the South to desert the "scalawags" and I
"carpet-baggers" of the South, it must re- |
form its laws, so unjust to them, put itself I
upon the broad platform of EQUAL JUS
TICE TO ALL, ground its arms of opposi
tion to their advancement, and if not out
(, at least keep up with those who are
artial and willing to give them an open
I and fair fight.
I r e are engaged in the great foot race of
and while Republicans are willing tliat j
men should hear tho starting word t
>," Democracy is blindfolding and
'ening the cars of the negro, until the
te man shall have started by many
yards. Slavery has given us sufficient ad
vantage over them; and it is almost an
Idgtnent of the . inferiority of
race to be afraid at this late hour
c negro a "start."
WMIH will please an
iquirer's reply to our inquiries of
, as to the knowledge of the exis
secret political organization of its
lich excludes Catholics from mem
is so very evasive and unsatisfac
.we feel compelled to propound
ct questions and to locate the or
hich we referred in one of the
tlie city ; und again ask its denial {
iion of its existence. Does it or
i that a secret political organiza
sts in this city, called "The
ian Council of Consekva
,or not know that this order exists
OE ward, und that it regularly
the house of a certain gentleman,
Canal and Foushee streets, and
ugh this organization certain party
lone, and certain men thrust upon
as its nominees ?
I or not know that Roman Catho- I
rohihited from becoming members I
organization, thereby excluding j
in a voice in political matters ?
he Enquirer now know what we
lg about ?
he En-piicer now think the device
me to charge Democracy with
othingisin ?
apposed the Enquirer was in pos
}f all the secrets of its party in
id, and would not permit itself to
:norant of its party workings; but
ifcsses ignorance of what ijokb
' exist, we felt it our duty to en
t upon the subject.
avo never, until now, known the
n a Roman Catholic was willing to
his religion for • political organiza
ich was its enemy ; and we now
Catholics of Richmond, who may
rant ol the machinery of Democra
if they support the present ticket, |
c for men who PROSCRIBE THEM j
hem arouse themselves to the dan
the hour, by which their faith ; g
led, and spurn from them men of
ntracted and prescriptive views,
oe ward, as well as two others of
,-, is in the hands of enemies of tho
p Church, and if they be enemies
®l|c ffltotlg State Jfaroat
x^^P 3 RICHMOND. VA„ TUE8JDAY EVENING. 0Ct7)BER 17, 1871. YoL. III. NO. 285.
them. The Enquirer's professed ignorauce
of the secret workings of its party, will not
ong deceive those who are most interested
in the early destruction of religious prose
cutors. It must and will have to come out
and avow its friendship for, or opposition
to, such an organization as we have named.
public; addresses.
Hon. Charles 11. Porter will address the
citizens of Pittsylvania, at Danville, to
morrow evening ou the political issues of
he day. •
We call the attention of our readers to
he appointments of hoth Mr. Porter and
Mr. Platte, and hope our friends will see to
t that the people arc called together to
tear these able champions of our party.
Both have (pledged themselves to good
>arty work, and we may expect glorious
results from their efforts."
Dinwiddle Nominations.
Ib the Editor ofthe State Journal.
Pursuant to a call of the County Execu
tive Committee, a convention of delegates
j from the several townships of Dinwiddie
county, met at Olive Branch on Tuesday, !
Oct. 10th, 1871, for the purpose of nomi
nating candidates, to be supported by the
Republicans of Dinwiddie county, for the
House of Delegates, sheriff', treasurer and
superintendent, of the poor, at the ensuing
election. On motion, A. 0. Winston was
hosen chairman, and J. A. Deck, secre
After a session of seven hours, the con
entiou failing to make nominations, the
lairman adjourned it to meet at Dinwiddie
. 11., on Saturday, Oct. 14, 1871.
At the adjourned meeting of the conven
ion, held at Dinwiddie Court-house, Octo
ber 14th, Mr. A. 0. Winston, the chair
man, called the meeting to order, and sug
ested, the regular secretary being absent,
lat Mr. A. T. Powell be elected secretary.
)n motion, the latter gentleman was chosen
On motion, it was resolved to vote by
lallot for a caudidate to the House of J Ide
ates. On counting the votes, Mr. William
'. Perkins was found to have a majority;
whereupon his nomination was made unani-
On motion, Mr. Henry Cousins was en
orsed as candidate for sheriff, and adopted
s the candidate of the Republican party.
On motion, Co'oncl William M. Field
was nominated and chosen us candidate for
On motion, Collatinus Mason was chosen
as candidate for superintendent of the poor.
On motion, A. C. Winston was elected
hairman and A. T. Powell secretary of
he County Executive Committee.
On motion, the chair appointed Michael
<ragg, of Namozine township, Collatinus
I. son, of Sapony, and John Coleman, of
Lowanty, members of the Couuty Execu
ive Committee.
On motion, the following resolution was
Resolved, That the Republican party of Din
virlrlii' is identical in its objects, interests and
principles with the great National Republican
•arty of the Union;
Tbat we heartily endorse and are unanimously
n favor of General Grant's renominatiou in
That we will give to our standard-bearers a
earty, cordial anil undivided support ia the en- I
uing election ;
That we extend to all liberal-minded citizens
n invitation to unite with us and help restore
irginia to her old place—the first State in the
On motion, the State Journal and
r ational Virginian are requested to pub- '
On motion, the Convention adjourned
A. C. Winston, Chm'n. j
The Chicago Hanks.
Chicago, Oct. 15.—A meeting of the of- I
ficers oi' the national batiks of Chicago waa
held on Sunday evening for the purpose of
I conferring with Mr. Ilurlburt, Comptroller i
lof Currency. J. lrvin Pearce, President of
the Third National Bank, occupied the
chair ; Henry Greenbaum, of the German
National Bank, secretary.
A full exchange of views touching the
condition of the Chicago banks, as affected
by the lire, was had.
It was ascertained, upon comparison of
liabilities and resources, that all the banks
were perfectly sound, and should resume
business at once. The only delay asked
by any of the banks was for sufficient time
to convey their safes from the ruins to new
places of business, and to arrange their
books and office furniture.
After considerable discussion, in which
the comptroller participated, a resolution,
immediately, was unanimously rescinded,
and resolution adopted to open for regular
transaction of business at 10 A. M. on the
17th inst. The following address has been
Having ascertained from personal investigation
that the national banks of Chicago are solvent
institutions, and that, notwithstanding tlie lato ,
fire, they are able and ready to pay all just,
claims on presentation, I hereby announce that
tbe national banks of Chicago will open their
doors for the transaction of business as usual on
Tuesday, the 17th instant, at IDA. M., and I here
by express my belief in their ability to meet all
their legitimate engagements on demand.
(Signed) H. R. Hclbcet,
Comptroller of Currency.
_ , ,
The London " Tunes" on the Western Fires.
landon, Oct. 14.—The Times this morn
ing states that the Lord Mayor has received
el 7,000 as the result of two days'sub
scriptions to the Chicago Relief Fund, and
that lists have been opened for the recep
tion of contributions at Birmingham, Brad
ford, Hanloy, and other towns in the man
ufacturing districts. The Times also has a
leading article, in which, reviewing the
Chicago conflagration and the great fires
now ravaging tho fields and forests of the
Northwest, and adducing the prompt ac
tion of the United States authorities in sup
pressing the attempted Fenian invasion uf
Manitoba under General O'Neil, it drawi
the conclusion that England and English
men are herein furnished with every incen
tive to labor and to give for ihe alleviation
of the suffering caused by the dreadful ca
lamities in the West.
The Chicago calamity absorbed public
attention last week to such an extent that
the returns from the important State elec
tions held during the week almost passed
without notice. Returns are not yet com
plete, but those already received show Re
publican majorities of 40 000 in lowa, U),
--000 in Pennsylvania, and '22,000 in Ohio.
In the latter State the Senate is reported to
be a tie, while in the House the Republi
cans have 13 majority. In California, lull
To the public:
Milwaukie, October 15. —I.atcr accounts
from Northern Wisconsin confirm all pre
vious reports and rumors. The loss of lif
iv the neighborhood of Pishtego will reac
1,-iin. Fifteen per cent, nf those injurei
cannot recover.
Reports from the cast shore of Green
bay, place the loss of life fully as high a
at Pishtego. The same account states that
the immediate wants of the people arc sup
plied, but large amounts of provisions am
clothing will be required for the comin
winter. The Mayor of Milwaukie has
issued an appeal to the people of the coun-
Chicago, October 15.—Pishtego (Wis.
dates to'the 12th record the utter destruc
tion of the town. Four hundred dead bo
dies have been recovered, and it is thought
that 300 more aro in tho river, where the
intense heat caused death by inhalation
while the rest of tho body was under wa
ter. The velocity of the lire was so grea
that all escape was impossible. A large
number of dead were brought to Oconto
lor burial, as no materials for coffins could
be procured.
The loss of life on the east shore in Dover
and Kewanee counties are appalling. All
communication is severed, and the terrible
news comes slowly. At Pcnsaukee 25
dwellings wore burned and several lives lost.
The destruction of hay, farm-houses, and
fences in the vicinity is complete.
In Brussells, Dover county, 200 houses,
comprising the Belgian settlement, were
destroyed, and a large number of persons
are missing. The people, in utter destitu
tion, are struck dumb with the losses, and
powerless. Houses, barns, farming im
plements, and cattle all destroyed ; roads
are filled with carcasses of animals —horses,
cattle, and sheep—dying from smoke and j
heat, while hunger and starvation must be j
endured by the wretched people. Mere j
Kaure has been destroyed, and all its in- 1
habitants are destitute, houseless, and |
homeless. No particulars has been re- !
It is reported that the whole country is
on lire from Green bay to Menominee De
pcre. Wrightown and Fort Howard are
threatened. No rain fell for two mouths
until to-day, when copious showers were
hailed with joy.
Great numbers of wounded have been
brought to Green Bay. The scenes were
appaling. Men and women were partially
roasted alive, their eyes burned out and
their ears burned off. Advices from Fan
dv Lac say that reports from tho northern
districts grow hourly worse. The accounts
of suffering are unparalletl. Clothes, food,
and money are greatly needed.
Great lires are also" reported iv Calumet |
county. Dwellings, bams, hay, grain and
stock "have been destroyed. Not a single
town in tho county has escaped. All
crops have been destroyed. Particulars
have not boon received.
L»te advices say that the towns of Mari
etta and Maroetti were partially saved.
The heavy rain which is falling has nearly
extinguished the fires in Calumet aud
Sheeboygan counties.
Chicago, Oct. 14.—A letter from Green
Bay, Wis., reports the burning of Wil
liamson's mills. Fifty-five lives were lost,
and ten of the survivors were badly burned.
Only three persons escaped uninjured.
Some idea may be formed of the fire in
the neighborhood of Green Bay by these
details. The list of casualties, however, is
necessarily very imperfect. Reports now
received show that the conflagration has
swept through the whole northern tiers
of counties —Marathon, Shawano, Brown,
Oconto, Keewannec, Door, Wanpaga, Ou
tagamie and Winnebago suffering the worst.
The loss in these districts is computed at
$10,000,000, which falls to a large oxtent
upon small fanners, whose entire capital is
but a few hundred dollars, and to whom
insurance is unknown. The painful earn
ings and savings of years of honest toi
have thus been swept out of existence b
the havoc of a night.
JJe/roU, Mich., October 14.—News re
ceived to-day confirms the previous report
of the widespread desolation inflicted by the
tires in various parts of the State, Iron
Port Huron to Point aux Basques. Th
lake shore is almost deserted, the inhabi
tants being obliged to flee for their lives,
Particulars of the Manistee and Hollani
City tires also give a more disastrous aspec
than the first reports. All the energies o
the people of'this city are now directed I
: aiding sufferers in our own State, The
Central Relief Committee has sent a specia
I agent to Manistee with $5,000 worth o
■supplies and $1,000 in cash ; also an agen
to Port Huron with clothing, provision, Ac.
I Collections will be taken up in all th
churches to-morrow in aid of the Michi
gan sutterers. In most ofthe cities through
j out the State relief committees have beci
Grand Ilapids, Mich., Oct. 14. —Genera
I Cutcheon of Manistee, with his wife ant
children, has just arrived here, having los
everything except the clothing worn b;
i himself aud family, lie says the great mul
titude at Manistee are in the same condi
j tion, being without shelter, bedding, cloth
ing, or food.
ihe following interesting letter from a
postal agent was received in this city lo
"lt seems as if the fire liend was on my
track. I have this morning a dispatch to
come immediately to Saginaw. All north
eastern Michigan is in flames. The Chica
go calamity overshadows all others, yet my
advices go to show that Michigan has al
ready, in the past week, lost $100,000,000
of property by lire. Northeastern Wiscon
sin is also all allame."
The cash contributions in the District of
Columbia to the 'Chicago relief fund so lar
j foot up $157,275, and to this must be added
several thousand dollars' worth of clnthinc
and miscellaneous stores, making a total
approximating $200,000. Can any city
show a better record according to popula
' Captain Richard T. English, one of the
editors and part owner of the Memphis A/<
--jiial, died in that city on Friday last. He
was a native of Pennsylvania, and served
It appears that Harney Aaron is aliv
and in prison at Chicago.
The defaulting pension agent at New
York has made good his entire default.
Charles W. Harnden, an attache of the
Boston Ecening Transcript, died Saturday
In New York on Saturday several ne
groes were sworn in as inspectors of clec
The Pennsylvania railroad company
have subscribed $15,000 to the Chicago re
The whole amount contributed by Balti
more for Chicago up to last evening i
Brigham Young is in a peck of trouble
but as he has sixty or seventy wives, he
ought to get out.
Major Hodge, tho defaulting paymaster
has been removed from Fort Mcllenry ti
the Albany penitentiary.
The Rev. E. Hanks, a native of Pittsyl
vania county, Va., died recently in Colum
bia, Tcnn., aged 78 years.
The Chamber of Commerce, Galveston,
Texas, has appointed a committee to raise
funds lor the Chicago sufferers.
There were eighty-nine newspaper estab
lishments destroyed in the Chicago burnt
district, embracing dailies, weeklies and
The St. Louis Hi publican suggests that
no Democratic candidate for the Presidency
be nominated in 1872. The Cincinnati En
quirer Hares up at the suggestion.
In 1860 Chicago had only 20,00;! inhabi
tants. During the succeeding decado the
population nearly quadrupled, and in 1800
she had 110,97— persons living within her
limi's. Iv 1870 the number had increased
A short and sharp earthquake shock
awoke the people in l.akc Village, New
Hampshire, about 12 o'clock last night. It
was passed from northwest to northeast,
and was generally noticed, though lasting
only a few seconds.
All Northeast Michigan is in flames.
The loss of property in that Stato during
the past week is estimated at $100,000,000.
Northeast Wisconsin is also burning furi
ously. Nothing can be found in the world's
history to equal the extent and awfulnoss
of these monster conflagrations.
An idea of the- tremendous heat of the
flames at Chicago is given by the fact that
on the opening of the vault of the Custom
house, in which one million dollars in gold
and two million greenback were deposited,
the gold was found melted into almost a
solid mass. Of course the greenbacks were
reduced to ashes.
Mr. Bradlaw, the great Republican lead
er in England, has publicly declared that
Ouccn Victoria is insane, and at a monster
meeting, held last night in London, he de
manded that a Regency, to be entrusted to
the Judges of Law and Equity, bo bad
until a Republic shall be established.
A rumor is in circulation in New York
that some of the Poles resident there have
formed a conspiracy to assassinate the
(irand Duke Alexis while he is in that city.
The report is so for cred ; ted that a number
of tho more prominent Polish citizens held
a meeting on .Sunday, and took steps to
avert any such danger to the roj'al visitor.
(in Thursday last the Common Council
of Alleghany City, Pennsylvania, refused
to appropriate $25,000 for tlie relief of the
Chicago sufferers. When the chairman ofthe
council announced that the bill had been de
feated the crowd in the lobby ofthe Cham
ber created such a disturbance by hissing
that it waa with difficulty that the dis
turbance could be checked.
Tj hlhmo x tTtii eaire,
Great success of the beautiful young artist,
TUESDAY EVENING-, October 17th, mi,
Last night of the beautiful play of i
Alma, (with songs) Miss Lili-ib Ei.humus.
To conclude with the laughable farce of
Satunlav Afternoon —
TUAMIiU-A Diniiijt-Room SERVANT —
YY a boy of It; to 20. Apply, with recommen
dations, at 104 lVr'.t Franklin street, corner of
Jefferson. oc'l7 —21*
~II7"A.M'EU—An active, can-fill PORTER,
YY who understands taken care of horses.
OCl7—lt* No. 42(1 North Sixth street.
~J47"ANTEU— Fifty Kood, honest 'Colored Boyi
YY from Vi to lo years old. Permanent situa
tions. Apply at SCHAD'S HOTEL,
oc IU —31* Between Sixth and Seventh sts.
■HTANTKD— TOr-IIUUHY, or a Tour-sent
YY CARRIAGE, in exchange for a city lot.—
Applyto .luliN KELLY,
oc 1(1—lw Twentieth miv.■ i
PANY'S elegant side-wheel steamship WYA-
Nt IKE, (.'apt. Bour.nk, will sail on TUESDAY,
October 17, at 4 o'clock P. M.
Freight received uatil 3 o'clock P. M.
Through bills of lading sighed, and goods for
warded with dispatch to all points—north. s...iih,
east and west. Close connections made with I 'u
nard line for foreign ports.
Passenger accommodations unsurpassed.
steerage 6 00
Round Trip Tickets 20 00
I'm- freight or passage, apply to
oc 10—It No. 3 Governor street.
COMPANY'S elegant steamship (lEoudE B.
1 I'l'ON, Captain Koiieris, will leave her wharf
at Rocketts on TUESDAY, October 17, at 5 P. M.
Connecting with Menmers fur Hartford, Nor
wich, Stouington, Fall Hiver and Boston from
same pier.
Freight received up to the hour of sailing.
Close connections aud through bills of lading
given to all southern, eastern, and -western
places; also, U> Europe and Australia.
Fare, $0; n——— and slate-rooms, extra.
D. J. BUiIK, President,
1214 Main street.
Wasui Korea & Co., agents, Pier 12, North rivet
New York. . oc 14—3t
ATED STATES for ihe Eastern Districtof Vtr-
In the matter of A. (h Newton, bankrupt —
in bankruptcy.
To Whom it May Concern—The undersigned,
A. Meade Smith, of Norfolk city, Virginia,
hereby gives noticeof hisappointment as assignee
of the estate of A. (1. Newton, of Norfolk, In
ru.l district, who was, on the Ittth day of June,
1871, adjudged a bankrupt on his own petition
1., the District Court of said cUatriet,
Dated October 1, ln;i.
OC 17—MW3W A"H.'Hr'e
For the Senate.
For the House.
For the House, Trom Henrico.
On Tuesday and Wednesday the 23rd
atid 24th of this month, books of registra- |
tion will be opened at the dilferent voting j
daces throughout the State. We trust no
epublican will fail to register, and to see J
iat his neighbors do likewise.
We give the following boundaries and j
redacts of the dilferent Wards of Rich
nond as last laid off.
lI.AY VV.llttr.
Ist Precinct— All that portion ofthe ward situa- j
il west of Bolvidere, north of Main, west of
enrv, and sonthof Broad streets.
•id Precinct— That iwrtion of the ward north of |
road, west of Henry, and south of Leigh j
Ml Preaincl— That portion of the ward norlh of
lain, west of Adams, south of Leigh, and east |
'Henry streets.
Ist Precinct— All that portion of the ward cast
fßelvidere, south of Main, and west of Fifth i
•id Precinct—That portion of the ward north of
ate, east of Adams, south of Broad, and west
'Flftn streets.
:!(/ Precinct —That portion ofthe ward north of
road and Leigh, east of Adams and St. Peters,
sonthof Jackson, and west of Second streets.
ith Precinct— North of Broad, east of Second,
itith of Jackson, and west of Fifth streets.
Ist Precinct—All that portion of the ward north j
Broad, east of Fifth, sonth of the gully run
ng east of F'flll, and west of Eighth streets.
id Precinct— The portion of the ward north of
Iroad, east of Eighth, south of the gully running
tst to Twelfth, west of Twelfth streets.
3d Precinct—'['hut portion of tho ward north of j
am, east of Fifth, south of Broad, and west of
'welfth streets.
Mh Precinct —The portion of the ward east of
iflh, south of Main, and west of Twelfth |
Ist Precinct —All that i>ortion of the ward ea-st
f Twelfth, south of Clay, Marshall and Broad,
nd west oi Fifteenth streets.
■1,1 Precinct— The portion of the ward east of
'ifteenth, south of Broad, and west of Twentieth
Precinct —East of Twentieth, south of Broad,
id west of Twenty-flfth streets.
ith Precinct—The portion of the ward north of
road, east of Fil'teenth, and west of Tweuty
urth streets.
Ist Precinct —All that portion of the ward east
f Tweniy-fifth and south of Main streets.
2.1 Precinct —That portion of the ward north
f Main aud Broad, east of Twenty-fifth and
wenty-fourth, and south of Clay.
3d Precinct —That portion of the ward north
f Clay, east of Twenty fourth.
Ist Precinri—All that portion of the ward
lorth of Lei.rrh and Jackson, aud west of St.
Vter's and St. James' streets.
2d Precinct— That portion of tho ward north j
f Jackson ami the galley, east of St. James'
ud west of Fifth and Shockoe creek opposite lite |
3d Precinct —The portion of the ward north of
Iroad, Marshall and Clay, east of Twelfth anil
tiockoe creek and west of Eighteenth street*.
Chicago Sufferers.— hint Meeting !
of Committees, —A meeting of the commit- |
tee appointed by the Chamber of Coin- j
merce, to take up collections for the Chicago
sulferers, together with the following gentle
en, appointed by the mayor, will be held
the rooms of the Chamber of Commerce
lis evening, at 5 o'clock:
Marshall —M. W. Ha/.lewood, J. ■). Eng- j
ish, James Hayes.
Jefferson —J. B. Pace, Sam'l McCubbin,
ames Golden.
Madison— Max. T. Clark, P. T. Moore, |
Clay —Archer Anderson, Edward Euker,
Albert Ordway.
Monroe —R. E. English, R. F. Walker,
enry Miller.
Jackson —John C. Page, Jr., R. M.
anly, Arnold Jinkins.
It is hoped every member will be pre-
Henrico Circuit Court.—The fol
owiug is a list of the drawn jurors for the
all term of the Circuit court of Henrico
ounty: R. E. French, Benjamin Walton,
.. Harrison, John W. Clarke, L. W.
S'ickham, R. Darker, M. S. Leidy f A. B.
'hock, \\ . S. Edmonds, M. Jennings, J.
i. Jordon, G. C. Carter, W. D. Dlake, R.
'. Brooke, J. Barr, L. D. Allen, C. Rog
ers, J. E. Ktiotts, W. Frank, J. Phillips,
J. Heckler, L. G. Gatewood, 11. A. Pat-
R_, G. Danes, Jr., R. B. Jones, B. F. j
inson, J. T. Clark.
sights of Pythias.—Grand Chan
r Wade, in pursuance of a communica
tion from the Supreme Chancellor of the
order, reciting the distress among the
brethren in Chicago, has issued an earnest
appeal to the subordinate lodges in Virginia,
and to the individual members thereof, to
come nobly forward to testify as to the
truth of their calling as " True Knights."
It is expected thata large amount of money
will bo contributed by the Virginia Knights
for the relief of their Chicago brethren.
Henrico Grand Jury for Novem
ber Court.—Thomas Johnson, L. P.
Aiken, J. 11. Acree, J. C. Redwood, S. A.
Thorpe, J. F. Bradley, C. Peitig, P. H.
Walih'op, G. A". Brown, J. G. Beattie, C.
Cottrcll, G. G. Carter, R. A. Henley, R.
A. Patterson, V. Heckler, Jr., J. M. Car
ter, J. F. Clarke, J. W. Whitlock, J. G.
Hardin, R. Y. Slater, R. F. Brooke, R. 11.
Henley, B. M. Leake.
Bahly Hurt.—On Friday last Mr.
Robert E. Rice fell from the top of Mr.
Simon Drinard's house, on the Westham
road, near tho corporation line, and was
severely injured, lie had one leg broken,
an arm fractured in two places, and was
badly contused about the head.
. -♦. _
Aid for Chicago.—The police of
Richmond have contributed one hundred
dollars for the relief of Chicago.
Rimmon Lodge, I. O. B. 8., a benevo
lent association of Israelites, has contribu
ted a like amount.
Cowardly.—AVe arc reliably informed
that those who control party affairs in
Richmond, have interdicted any public dis
cussion with our candidates. This is sim
ply cowardice ; and if we aro left to
judge as to who does much towards man
aging the party, we would charge this cow
anliie upon one of the candidates. For
■h-BW on you, gentlemen, who are the
champions of a professed glorious cause,
that you are afraid to come out before the
public and tell the people what you are.
Our candidates are ready to meet yours at
any time and place you may designate, and
if you refuse to accept the invitation, you
but give evidence that you are ashamed of
this morning by Master Robert Crop
The terrapin was captured in the ('hick
ahominy swamp, near the Meadow Bridg
road. The inscription reads thus: "July
18G3—A. Byron, Com. 0, G2nd Ohio.
The letters are ruae, and some parts of th
inscriptions scarcely legible, especially th
letter of the company.
If the gallant Uhio soldier, who rclievei
somewhat of the tedium of camp life, b
tracing the inscription on this hard-she
denizen of the swamps, is still alive, ant
this should meet his eye, he may be pleaset
to know that his strange companion ha
" turned up" and '• a tale unfolds" of the
conflicts on the Chickahominy. This i
probably the first time his terrapinship hai
visited Richmond since the war closed, aiu
he shows no little astonishment at the cvi
dences of prosperity all around him.
Excise Us.—We have received a com
munication making inquiry as to the pay
received by the letter-carriers of this city
but as it came to us without signature, we
decline its publication. Will our friend
never learn that we publish nothing with
out knowing tho author ?
For Texas.—The schooner L. A. Yai
Brunt cleared this port yesterday for (Jal
veston, Texas, with a cargo of railroad ca
material from the Tredegar Works.
Better.—Mr. R. M. J. Payntcr, whose
illness has been noticed, was reported much
better yesterday evening.
. Police Cot'RT— Justice J. J. White
Presiding. —The following cases were dis
posed of this morning:
John M. Smidt, arrested on a charge o
perjury, was discharged.
Bettie Booker, charged with housebrcak
ing and stealing. Found guilty and sen
tenced to tO days confinement iv the city
Patrick Reud, charged with theft. Fount
guilty and sentenced to live days' conline-
John Morris, charged with theft. Guilty
—ten days in jail.
R. R. Carter, charged with violating the
revenue laws of the State, was discharged
Wash Holmes, charged with cursing
abusing and threatening to beat Flemini
Wilkerson. Discharged.
Ella Coleman, charged with assaulting
and beating Clara Banks. Dismissed oi
payment of costs.
Chas. Mason, charged with theft. Founi
guilty—ten days in jail.
Seekers of Human Suffrage.—
What a pleasure it is to dwell together ii
unity, and how surprising it is to fim
Democrats at last returning to reason, am
treating Republicans as if they were realh
men, and not animals of hideous shape. I
makes us feel as if we were at an old fash
ioned camp-meeting where everybody meet-,
on a level, and where only charity am
good-feeling exist. Now isn't it delight
ful V Of course it is.
This morning an omnibus, filled with a
number of prominent gentlemen, members
of tho Democratic party, stopped in Iron
of our offlce, or at Gerot's, we disremem
ber which, and politely invited us'to joii
ihem, and attend a Democratic barbecue tt
be given in Brookland township, Henrico
county. We regretted our inability to go
as a light breakfast made us a lit subject tt
attend such a gathering for so noble a pur
Among them we noticed several candi
dates for the Legislature from this city who
looked as if they would like to have a few
Henrico votes to help them along. The
party had accepted the New Departure, for
side by side with them sat Cooley and Hob
son, their Democratic negro associates, who
looked as happy as big sunflowers, and fel
capable of going through a Rati like a
streak of greased lightning.
What becomes of all the twaddle ant
nonsense of prohibiting colored men from
riding in cars and steamboats, if this part
I it gentlemen could thus ride side
l these colored men? It loses
' looked cheerful and fresh as
hay; but, like the song, "Going
-"and "Couiing from the fu
lange will probably occur on
the party a happy time in al
a respectable number of Hem
rs in the Township they visit to
.».—, .
ie of Dr. O. A. Strecker.—
5s court yesterday reduced the
bail required of Dr. Strecke
X) to $1,(100, and continued th
ie November term of the court
icier of the principal witness ii
ennie Lewis,) her intimacy wit
c, who, for the purpose of ex
ey from Dr. S., made himself
r, and his and her sudden flight
y, together wilh the reduction
point to the case as one of per
■kcr's standing in the common
1 he has lived for more than
ra,-— age and associations, ant
jr of the witnesses all give th
larges preferred against him.
no idea the case will come to
hat further proceedings agains
iply matters of form and in th
of duty of officers of tho Com
and sufficient reasons great in
as been felt and expressed fo
tl actor iti this and other case
•mailing," which occurred here
id it is well that he deserted th
he so outraged by debasing hi
in order to make money.
'Em Rioht.—Two individual
fixed up a "job" for two retai
ml of this city, and after com
imagined themselves the posses
dsome moities as informers.
- human calculations! lnste—t
five gallons into each of tl
hits, the dealers left out ju
:lcar themselves of the penalty
ralers in possession of thirt
\ the jobbers of two demijohi
hiskey, at a little over three do
lon. But for the little that wa
c dealers would have becom
te, imprisonment, and conlisca
no patience with men who hay
>ie honorable to engage their a
1 to distress our people by sue
lo conduct. These ''jobs" re
lic revenue system of the gov
rd the office!* whose duty it
them. We donounce the hal
:ruel and injurious to our party,
re again apprised of such con
lall not hesitate to expose thos
the part of spies and informers
r Jail.—Justice White sent fot
jail this morning for stealing.
(Bvtttittfl Jtat* f <M*ttal
Official Paper for tbe Cerement.
rates of advertising.
ONE DOLLAR per square ef eight line*, solid
SPECIAL RATES made at counter, er by
contract, with regular patrons.
Loral Notes.
—The weather is fine.
—The James river is riley.
—Hustings court adjourned till (ith prox.
—Preparations are making for our roate
—The East Broad street paving has been
—Our merchants are receiving fall and
winter goods.
—The semi-annual police inspection took
lace yesterday.
—Ihe lamp-lighters arc slow in reaching
pper Main street.
—The Democrats hold a barbecue at
orth Run church to-day.
—The Whig says ants prefer "A" su
gar, and roaches crushed loaf.
—Last night ft rained and drizzled, aud
the Democratic meeting fizzled.
—Republicans, do not fail to attend the
meeting to-night in front of the City Hall.
—The comer-stone of a new court-house
for Prince George will be laid on the 20th.
—W. H. Ragsdale, a colored member of
the last Legislature from Charlotte is dead.
—The Old Dominion Magazine for Octo
ber, with its usual variety of entertaining
reading matter, is on our table.
—A Norwegian bark, laden with iron
for the Tredegar works, was at City Point
this morning, en route to this city.
—Three daughters atid a son are to be
mairied soon, in New York, at tho same
time, same place, and by the same.
—A small colored boy, who sells the
Journal on the streets, is a depositor in
the Freedmen's Savings bank. There
should be more of them.
— Good News, published simultaneously
in Baltimore, Richmond, and Philadelphia,
under the auspices of the Young Men's
Christian Association, has been received at
The Theatre Last Night— Miss
Lii.LIE K-DRIDGE.—The audience greet
ing Miss Eldridge at the Theatre last flight,
was the best one we have seen since the
first night of Mrs. Chanfrati's appearance
as "Christie Johntsonc." We were not dis
appointed lost night to find Miss Eldridge
all we had been taught to expect. Her
manners atid appearance are such as to win
favor with the public, while her amiability
at once gives her an abiding place in the
hearts of those who behold her.
To be just, we must say she lacks ex
pression ; and if the redundancy of Mrs.
Noyes was divided with that of Miss Eld
ridge, it would be serviceable to both.
Iho play of "Alma" did not have au ap
preciative audience, for its first reception,
nor was it such an one as Richmond can
provide for a play of its character.
Miss E. will become a favorite wherever
she goes, and if our readers would enjoy a
treat we advise them to attend the theatre
during the engagement of this charming
young actress.
To-night the beautiful play of "Alma"
will be performed for the last time. Tho
performance will conclude with the lasigha
e farce entitled "Stage Struck."
Appointment of Assistant Super
ntendents of registration and
•'.lection.—Hon. J. Ambler Smith, tho
eneral Superintendent of Registration
id Election, has made the following ap
lointments, aud begs tliat these gentlemen
ill commence work promptly, and report
him on Saturday,or sooner, any matter of
oment to the party:
City at Large —Oeorge L. Smith, J. M.
umphreys, Rush Burgess, Charles T.
anter, L. N. Peterson, Umdon Boyd.
Monroe Ward —Dr. Wm. 11. Read.
Madison Ward —Alfred Morton.
Jefferson Ward —Robert Carruthers.
Jackson Ward — Easton Kitch.
Marshall Ward — Wm. 11. Carter.
Clay Ward —Geoige E. Baily.
The Coming Concert.—The Sab
ath-School scholars of the Presbyterian
lurches, intending to take part in the
oncert for the benefit of the Manchester
lurch, are requested to meet in the lecture
10m Of the Ist Presbyterian, church to
ght,punctually at 8 o'clock, to practice in
nging under the direction of Mr. E. If.
'hamberlayne, Jr. Let all the schools be
argcly represented.
An Oyster Supper.—The Ladies'
id Society of Grace-Street Baptist church,
ill give an oyster supper, on Thursday
Kht next, in the basement of that church,
c proceeds ofthe supper will he devoted
o repairing and enlarging the church, and
ye hope they will be liberally patronized
;y the public.
Attention, Assistant Superin-
ENDENTS of Election.—The lollowing
esolution was unanimously adopted at the
ast meeting of the City Central Committee :
/.'..nlt'ed, Tbat this Committee will hold every
.•publican, who fails to carry out the requests
f the ffcuporinteiKli.nt of registration and elec
on, to m'rve as challengers, judges, etc., at the
>xt election, as recreant to their duty as Ur -
Unmailable Letters Remaining
* the Postoffice, October 17— V.
. Perry, Jessie Moore, W. Wigans, An
rew Lester, Mrs. Fanny Hiltzhimer, Mrs.
allie Maynard.
—ff"One ol' those handsome slore-rouj— s In
t. Alban's hall, corner of Main and Third streets,
ins just been opened by our young friend, G. G.
THirMPso.v, who has a complete stock of Ghock
ies, Wisus, Ltaroas, &c, to which tho atten
on of the public i*-. invited.
>&£? "Subscribe to Edwards' Circulating Llbra
-, now containing nearly FIVE THOUSAND
OLI'MES of choice anil interesting reachng
alter on all subject*. Terms moderate, only
wenty-live cents per month and a deposit of
no dollar. Everybody ought to I c able to read
t these rates.
On Wednesday, October 11, at the residence of
the bride's parents, Irondale, Preston county,
Best Virginia, by the Rev. David W. Rovers,
r. J. WILEY PACE, formerlyofllanville, Va .
to Miss N. B. HAUDMAN, daughter of George
Hardman, Esq.
On the 10th instant, by Rev J. R. Garlick.Mr.
JAMES 11. OODDIN to Miss MARY E., (laugh
ter of Captain 11. W. Tyler, of this cily.
October 17th at 6 o'clock A.M., of consump
tion, JANET HODGE, only daughter of James
and Margaret Hodge, aged 111 .wars.
Her funeral will take plate Ir, in Dr. Read's
church TO-MORROW tWEDNESDAY) at :t
j o'clock P. M. Friends and acquaintances are ie
In New Kent, on the 21st of September, Mrs.
B. W. BROOME, aged 39 years.
In this city, JAMES SIMPSON, aged 55 years,
[ a native of the county Tyrone, Ireland.
October 1(1, WM. RUDOLPH MAYO, Infant
son of Charles A and Louisa S. Mayo, aged s
months and 18 days.
In this city, on the lft— l instant, Mrs. MARY
T. HARRIS, aged ".9 years.
I'liHMl.l: I LOT OF LAND ii.lr.riiirirs
J? Baltimore Steanilioat shed. Kufgy or car-
Twentieth strtet.

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