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<BttflUtt0 ftatc gotttttalL
A l N* MbTN Main Slr.pt, nirlimsnd, Va.
DAILY'—*! per year; six months, #3; three
months, *1.(MI; 1 month, 8(1 cents.
SEMI-WEEKLY—S2 W per year; six months,
♦ I 2fi ; three months, 7.1 cents.
WEEKLY'—tM./SO per year; six months, 711 cents
f'nhn at e.vtremehilow rates.
unvßtnauct* for speaking.
fuhlio mf.ktings in the fot'rth
DlSTßlCT—Prominent speakers having pledged
t haaAaelvea in fill the following appointments, we
t rnst the Local Oomraltteea of the Repnbli'-an
party in the dillerent counties, will at once pro
teeifto give notice of the meetings, and invite
the Democrats to discuss with our speakers the
questions of the day :
Harksdales, Halifax county—THURSDAY, Oct.
Uoui-'li Crock Church, Charlotte coiinty—Fßl-
Lnnenbu'rg O. X., Lunenburg county—SATUß-
Oascade,'Pittsylvania county—MONDAY, Oct.
Hall's Oross Roads, Pittsylvania county—TUES
DAY, Oct. 31.
Kiocvllle, Pittsylvania county—WEDNESDAY,
Nov. 1.
Meailsville, Halifax county—THURSDAY, Nov.
Pittsylvania O. 11., Pittsylvania county—Fßl-
Danvllle,' Pittsylvania county — SATURDAY,
Nov. 4.
CharlotteU.il., Charlotte county—MONDAY,
Nov. 11.
COL. EDWARD DANIELS-will address the
citizens of the First Senatorial District, as tol
At Occoquan—WEDNESDAY, Oct. 2S, at 1 and
Gentlemen of the Democratic party are invi
ted to join in lhe discussion of llie issues of the
fouling election.
DANIELS will uddre-s tlieil- feltow-eiti'/.eli" al
lie- fol low ill gplaees: At Alexandria—WEDNES
DAY, October SMh.
Waterforrt—THUßSDAY, Oct. Mtb, at 1 P. M.
l/>vcttsvillc—FßlDAY, Oct. 271h, at I P. M.
snk-kcrsville-SATURDAY, < Id.2Mb, at 1 P. M.
Middleburg—MONDAY", Oct. sntli, at 8 A. M.
AIdie—MONDAY. Oct. With, nt 1 P. M.
Silcotl's Springs—TUESDAY, Oct. 31, at 1 P. M.
HamiIton—WEDNESDAY, Nov. Ist, at 1 P. M.
Tlie Conservative candidates are Invited to a
joint discussion.
Gon.N. G. ORDWAY and Professor A.M.
GREEN, of Washington city, will speak at the
following places :
Williamsburg- WEDNESDAY', Oct. 2jth, at 8
Yorktowii—THUßSDAY, Oct. 28th. at 12 M.
Hampton—FßlDAY. Oct. 27ih, at 8 P. M.
NorfoIk—SATURDAY, del. iith, at B P. M.
lies. CHARLES H. PORTER, author of the
Homestead Provision of the i 'onsiitiitinn, aril
address the psopta on the. political issues of the
ilay, as follows:
Cumberland Court-House—WEDNESDAY, Oc
tober 2.'i.
liheim s Tavern—THURSDAY, October ,1
Hucklngham Courl -House—FH ID AY, tlclober 27
Appomattov Uourt-lIouse—SATURDAY, tlclo
ber 2S.
< 'lover Hill, Chesterfield county--MONDAY, Oc
tober 311.
Hanover Court-House—TUESDAY, October SI.
Heaver Dam Depot, Hanover county—WE'.JNES
DAY, November 1.
Henrico tV>«rt-lIoii«c—THURSDAY, Novenil.. r
Near IMai.cllesle:-, I'heslei-lielil county —SATUU-
DAY. November 4.
Richmond City, City Spring Park—MONDAY,
November tl.
Theie nieelings will commence atl2o'c!ock M.,
jirecisely, excepi the one near Manchoßter, whh h
will begin :n liio-i-iock A. M., aad the one at I 'iiy
Spring Park ill 1 o'clock P. M.
As a rule, any gentleman opposed to Hie prin
ciples of Ihe Republican party, will be allowed
lime to reply, say one hour—Mr. Porter resen ing
his right to close the discussion.
Hon. .TAMES II PLA.TT, Jr., will addle. - ihe
lieople of Soiitlisiilo Virginia as follows:
Princess Anne C. II.—WEDNESDAY", Del. 24th.
Norfolk County—THURSDAY, Oct. 21i1.1i.
Ivor, Southampton counly — FRIDAY, Oct. 27th.
Waverley, Sussex county—SATURDAY, Oct. 28.
Prince George C. 11.—MONDAY, Oct. Sulh.
Hicksford, Greensville counly —SATI.'RDAY,
Nov. 4lh.
Diuwiddie C. II.—MONDAY, Nov. tilli.
Petersburg—MoNDA V, Nov. (iili.
MR. PLATT will conform to the arrangemouU
made by the Republicans of the respective i-oun
ues in relation to these meetings, :us regards time
of assembling and any division of time it may lie
.deemed desirable to make wilh opponents.
County Committees lire requested to give the
most extended notice possible before the day of
T> ICHMOND fifcATlt 1..
Engagement for six nights only of
opjioiledby an entire new dramatic eonijKiny
expressly engaged in New York,
for this occasion.
TUESDAY" EVENING, October 24th, 1871,
■Hill be presented the new and powerful drama,
written for Miss Ada Harland, entitled
Mi*3 Ada Harland in six characters.
A lady's Gold Watch given away nt each jier
formnnce, besides Silver Watches, Family Bi
•bles, Ice Pitchers, &c.
ml 3 o'clock, at which everybody will receive a
,BtB"I)oovs open at 7 o'clock ; to commence at*B
■ oc " :< '~'"
T Asf - ciTA.>trK IIIK A FORi'IJISK ft'Oß *S.
XjThe Real Estate Disiribution of Memphis
draws October 31st , 1871.
■vfow' MAM FACTUItI>tJ
Heautifnl sets of Walnut Parlor, Chamber and
Dining-ltoom FURNITURE. I also keep on hand
an assortment of the cheapest
'Chairs, Tables, Heiisteaiis,
HritKACH, Washstaniis,
Looki.nh-Gi.assks, Mattrassks,
*)oi.sTEßfl and Pillows,
Lounoes, Sofas, Cuius,
Cradles, TRrstu.i-: RciiHTßAns.
All lower than cut la, bought tUcwherc.
■Goods carefully packed for shipping.
Wareriioms—Governor and Franklin streets,
■op 10—lm ■
We have now on hand a large and snpehor
made by the most experienced workmen, of sea
soned materials.
We iuvite all in need of first-class
•to ex&nu*e our stock before buying. We can no I
.be undersell! in the State.
jieß—3m Governor street, Richmond. Vn.
Parties having full grown, healthy PIOKONS j
to dispose 01, in large or email quantities, will
ftnd a cash purchaser, by applying to Opt. W
I. DAIiNEY, No. 3Go\*miurstrtMd, Richmond,
Va. - ot' :ii
■ ahtThance holCiXoK r iC>V:>oK to.
®he HMtirj State lattntal
/ «* L_
*f Mttittfl £tuto journal
the signature of "Viator." It is remarka
ble, however, chiefly for the gross anil cow
ardly attack which it makes upon one of
the purest anil most high-toned Christian
gentlemen of the land.
When George the Third, in his letter to
Ixird North, referred U> the immense injury
these "weekly scribblers" were inflicting,
and recommended that they should be pun
ished properly by the House of Lords,
these same scribblers had not arrived at
that condition of malignity and hardihood
that now characterizes some of them ; for
they preserved then some decent respect
for honest character and well-earned repu
Rerc is no man of the present day, in
gia, more distinguished for high cliar
and the honorable instincts which bc
lo the true gentleman, nor any more
modest, retiring citizen of that State than
ley-Cieneral Akerman; and not
mling that fact, it is upon him that
pant young "Viator" seizes to out
isult and publicly villify. General
an was one of the first gentlemen
I of his disabilities by Congress.
; the United States District Attorney
irgia, faithfully discharging his du
ll on one occasion visited the place
he court was to beheld, for the pur
discharging his professional duties
s informed by every hotel that was
own that he would not be allowed
inment at any one of them, for the
that he was a Republican and a
nan, faithfully discharging his duty.
1 be remembered that on the
r after, when the court assembled, [
ing an affidavit of the facts, lie
the court, that the important causes
h he was engaged be postponed, be
iii-.il of the inability ot the counsel to ob
laccommodationsI accommodations there. The motion
panted, the business of the court was
n up. and we think that was the last
ion upon which such an outrage was
pted upon the person of that gentle
and the dignity and bare manhood of
jportment on that occasion was one of
rcumstances which first brought that
jman prominently before the adminis
n. "Viator" is evidently a bold young
Her ; his daring is infinitely beyond his
■tion, or his hardihood outruns his in
ought to have remembered that
about the time of the adjournment of
Congress last spring, a distinguished band [
of Democratic leaders, known as the " Dem- |
ocratic National Committee," holdly assert- j
ed that there were no Ku-Klux anywhere,
and stoutly swore to it; but the trials, con
victions, and more than all, open confessions
and pleas of guilty, as well as that notable
letter of the great apostles of the Demoera-
X North Carolina, and replied to by
Bond, have proved the utter falsity
of the statement made by the committee.
Does "Viator" expect to win a victory
where they met a defeat? AYe tell him
once for all that there are Jvu-Klux in
Georgia ; that the town of Lincolnton, to
which he refers, is one of the most notori
ous of all the localities of that State, for the
number and malignity of that band of mid
night robbers and assassins ; and more, we
can produce, if necessary, men who are not
the friends of that order, but who have
been met by bands of Ku-Klux on the road,
and been compelled to accompany them on
marauding expeditions.
But we hope that when the editor and
chief of the Dispatch has had his attention
called to the vile aud slanderous attack up
on General Akerman, he will have the
manliness to disavow the article, and tell
the oeonle that that paper will not know
!ish such vile and abusive stud'as
J in the article following:
in Lincoln county was that of the
ted States Attorney General (Akei
i fellow had lived and made money
m before the war, and during the war
.ii the Confederate army. When the
instruction begun, this miserable
ijured himself by taking the "iron
, ami at once became lhe ring
he swarm of vermin who afflicted
fattened by rubbing lhe treasury,
themselves in office by .slandering
and pandering to the vilest pas
:ie negroes. The people did not
set Mr. Akerman for this vile change
t no jiersonal violence was otlsrei
ttded to be ollercd. One day, ho',\
ving up to the little town of Lincoln
yd of youths gathered around an
linire his equipage—one saying h
c a spoke of his buggy wheel; an
he would lake the spatler-board
ie bridle, or trace, or oilier purls i
, and so on, dividing out between Ihei
and harness, and taking out Ihei
if to make the paiiition the
Akerman grew pale with leal
i, a lew moments later, Hi
unacted by a light fcm another part o
id left him alone, he jumped into h
made rapid tracks, reporting that th
ere after bim. About an hour alii
nty-live men (diguised, and mountw
>rses,) were seen riding at break-nec
s track. They did not overtake him
ill has never been seen in those par.
h was doubtless just what the peopl
id has from that day been, at a sal
illustriously manufacturing to ordt
ories in reference to that section.
:rs' New Monthly- Maga
r November comes, as usual,
with instructive and pleasant
The present number completes
3, aud a glance at the index of
will satisfy any who do not sub
and read thus sterling periodical,
should no longer deny themselves
ust of reason as is spread for them
choice morsels by Alice Cary,
"I'orte Crayon," Maury and a
alented contemporaries,
ovember number opens with an
'Edward l-Yerc, and Sympathetic
Vance"—by M. D. Conway; the
mis worth more than the price of
"Johnny Appleseed, a Pioneer Hero,"
gives us the singular history of a religious |
enthusiast who labored in Ohio and Indiana |
when those Stales were all but an unbroken
I Rambles in the West Indies," by Mrs. |
S. Conant, is a striking description of I
jical scenery and the customs of the
tut "good wine needs no bush," and t
arper's New .Monthly" needs no praise,
liiisiasllc Meeting in PiUsylvnniu-.- , »i>cei h
T Hon. t'luis. 11. I'orler and Others---I'lir
'arfy I'niled.
"c- Editor of (lie State Journal:
Lo immense and enthusiastic mass meet
, the largest that has assembled for
long time, convened last night at the
Masonic Hall at this place, 'llie meeting
was presided over by Capt. J. W. McKin
>•;. with •!. Frank Lewis as secretary. The
object of the meeitng was to listen to lion,
('has. 11. Porter, of Richmond, and othi-
This gentleman had been sent by th
State Central Committee to adjust the difl'ei
ences that have unfortunately occurred in
our ranks. Mr. Porter arrived by the 1
o'clock morning train from Richmond, am
after carefully examining the case, consult
tag both factions, and making diligent in
quiries, he pronounced that the Jirst legu
ticket should ho supported, and we ar
happy to be aide to state that the majoi
ily, if not all, of the friends of the secom
ticket acquiesced, and submitted to th
Hon. gentleman's decision ; and we fur
ther inform our Republican brothers o'
the State that we, the Republicans i
Danville and Pittsylvania county, are no\
prepared to go hand-in-hand, with one am
and with one purpose. \Vc mean to wip
out tho Democracy. Our prospects ar
brightening every day, and we mean t
!go in and win. We mean to show wher
we stand on the 7th of November next.
.Mr. Porter's address lasted nearly tw
hours; he went for the Democracy heavy
The benefits of the Homestead Act wore
thoroughly explained, as wore also th
wrongs of the Funding Bill. After payin
his respects to the Democracy, Mr. Porte
addressed himself to the large number id'
Republicans present, lie urged united ac
tion and harmony. He reasoned with
them, and explained how important it was
tliat we should have a Republican Legisla
ture —that would electa judiciary for the
coming six years. His remarks were re
ceived with much applause. There were
over six hundred Republicans present, and
decision in regard to the late dissatisfaction,
there was one tremendous shout of "ayi:,
two white Democrats voting against it. M
Porter ended his speech by telling thei
how much joy they had given him. lie
could now return to the people of Ricl
mond, and to the committee that had mi
him, with the glowing and cheering new
that all was well in Pittsylvania county—
thatjthe Republicans had closed ranks am
had taken the field, and meant to fight
I out on that line if it took all winter.
At the conclusion of his speech, thix
tunes three cheers and a tiger were give
for the Republicans of Danville and Pit
As Mr. Porter resumed his seat, cal s
were made for I/Jwis Lindsey, of your cit; .
Mr. Lindsey being present, responded, am
gave us a red-hot speech. He showed up
I clearly tho actions of the Democracy,
headed by the great carpet-bagger Walker.
I He urged harmony and active cooperation.
His speech was frequently interrupted by
bursts of applause.
At the conclusion of Mr. L.'s speech,
the Democracy called frantically for Poss
While. Mr. White arose, and, amid
laughter and cries of "Sit down, Poss, we
can't vote for you," announced himself an
independent candidate. He will probably
get one vote (himself.) This act of Poss
we consider the best joke that has been
perpetrated on the Democracy yet. Poss
himself says: "It's the d—dost joke that
has been played yet for some time," and
Mr. White was followed by Dr. Stovall,
who spoke a few minutes. Alter this the
On the stand we noticed tho reporter of
I the Whig —the fellow whose face is so
"childlike and bland ;" there was also pre
sent the editor of tlrat puerilo sheet, the
Danville Times, and some new-fledged re
porters, who looked wise and took notes
rapidly. The meeting has warmed us up
to renewed action ; and we managed to en-
I joy ourselves.
As we write we are informed that the
[ gentlemen constituting the "second" ticket
have withdrawn, 'thus ends the great
"split" that the Democrats have been so
jubilant over. Wo are now going to win.
Congratulate us. Yours, Jui'ITER.
The Keeuldicuii Cause in Fairfax.
Fairfax C. 11., Oct. 22d, 1871.
■ 7. II,: /■; litor nf ihe Stale Journal :
Tho canvass in this county is progressing
' quietly, but with most encouraging signs of
success for the Republican cause.
Judge Gray, for the House of Delegates,
is universally popular, and even the most
extreme of his opponents admit that if lit
is elected, Fairfax will be well and ably re-
The nomination of Messrs. Daniels and
Willoughby for the Senate is received with
enthusiasm by Republicans in every corner
Colonel Daniels is making a vigorous
canvass, and his telling speeches are awak
ening new thoughts among hundreds of the
hitherto misled and duped people. A doubt
begins to take hold of some of the Demo
cratic leaders, and a loss of confidence in
their boasted 1,000 registered majority in
the district, and not without reason, when
it is remembered that that 1,000 majority
was not cast for Democracy or Conserva
tism, but was obtained under the guise of
"True Republican," with such names as
that of the Hon. Lewis McKenzie on the
They may well have cause for fear also,
when they dare not utter a word upon State
l policy, but are dumb as oysters as to any
measures for the relief of the people, and
j have nothing to say, except abuse of Re
publicans. The people of this section have
j had enough of that and aretired ol'it. Such
speeches used to be vociferously applauded,
but are now heard in silence.
Republicans are perfectly united and har
monious, and will give a good account of
themselves on the 7th of November.
i yssoLimoN of partnership.—Ths |
1 /parluershij) heretofore e\i ling between L.
11. t'UANM.KB, Ali--KI:D MiiHTh.V 11111 11. HAYES
Suißl.ns, is ills.ol\ed by niiilual consent Iromand
after this date. The pre-ent business will be
closed up by the joint labors of the i hree mem
-1., rs ot the firm. The old firm of CHANDLER
it MORTON will roulinilobii-inessashereloluir,
and 1. li,lYlvS SHIELDS ou his owu account.—
The offices of all in Marshall.Hall, corner Teuth
and Hank si rents,
T ABIT «'ha;m;is run A KlllltMl tun ajA.
I-'or the Scnnte.
For the House.
Fur the House, from Henrico.
Action in Rrffnril tn the Iteitlovnl of lhe Ul-ORt
Street (Instructions.
A special meeting of the City Counci
was held yesterday afternoon, to conside
the subject of the removal of the railroa<
obstructions from Hroad street.
Mr. Chostcrman, from the special coin
mittee, submitted the following supplomen
tary report :
At a meeltiiK of the committee on lhe remova
of the Richmond, Fredorickslnire: and Potonei
railroad from Hroad street, held October 20th
1871, the following resolution was adopted:
Renolred, That the matter of the removal o
the Richmond, Fredericksburg and I'otoma
railroad from Rrond street, lie referred to th
l 'on-.niitleeon Finance, with Instructions to carry
out the recommendation of this committee, ii
the most practicalile manner that mv.v yiresen
itself to them, alter a full consideration ol til
It will be remembered that this specia
committee, at the last meeting of the Conn
cil, presented a report recommending the
acceptance of the proposition of the presi
dent of said railroad company for the sal
of its depot property, at its assessed value
and also to give to the railroad company
the privilege of closing up and using tha
portion of Eighth street south of the canal
and in lieu thereof to open a new stree
through theirproperty adjacent.
Mr. Isaacs opposed the adoption of th
supplementary .report. He offered as a
substitute a resolution in elf'ect to comini
the whole subject to the Committee oi
Finance, with instruction! to open negotia
lions with the railroad company again.
On the adoption of the substitute, th
ayes and noes were called, resulting,a
follows :
Ayes —Messrs. Anderson, Scott das. A.
Hooper, Palmer, English, Stokes, Wagnei
Isaacs, Davis, Iliggins, Scott W. 11., Levy
Mossieux, Allen, Roper, Freeman, Manly
Hoc* —Messrs. Cheslerman, Strauss
Wynne, Hargamin, Sloan, Lipscomb, Metz
gcr and llraselman—B.
Mr. Wynne said that he regarded the ac
tion just taken as the decision of the Conn
cil that the railroad should not be move
from the street.
Mr. English did not so consider it. He ex
pressed himself in favor of the removal of
the railroad obstructions, but not on the
Mr. Manly made a like statement.
On motion of Mr. the Council
then adjourned.
Enthusiastic Democratic DEM
AUSPICES of Jack Wrkn & Co.—
Cannon Rooming and Tar Barrels But n
inij—A Succeesful Hucccss. —We had no
idea Jack Wren & Co. were going to jump
so readily at our suggestion to burn tar bar
rels, shoot cannon, Ac., Arc, at political
meetings, else we would have been silent
upon the subject. However, 'tis done, and
to be candid, 'twas well done. No matter
who did it, or wdiose money paid the ex
pense, the Democratic demonstration last
night, at tho Old Market, was a successful
success, and we have no doubt made a vote
or too. We will not admit its perfection,
fjr that would put it beyond Mar reach to
excel, for excel wk must from now on,
until the Democrats give up.
These enthusiastic, showy, and attractive
meetings exercised great influence over the
people when the question of secession was
agitated. They are dangerous to all adver
saries, and we tell the people of Richmond,
who are interested in the success of tho Re
publican ticket, that if they would be wi.-e
they must roll up their sleeves and, go in.
We tell the candidates themselves, far more
able than those of our enemies, that if they
w»nt to be elected they must come down
with their stamps; they must be up and do
ing ; they must hire and pay men to leg for
them while they arc tussling with their bo
dies aud talking with their tongues.
Are there no men iv Richmond to be
hired, with money—the same as those were
last night ? They must demand the use of
Old Market Hall, (it belongs to no political
party,) and make it ring with crushing and
telling truths. In fact we must WORK,
and task every individual of the party.
A number of people were induced last
night to attend the meeting, because of the
great elibrts made by a few members of the
Democratic party ; and let our friends think
as they may, we like tho man who puts his
soul into the work he undertakes, whether
his party be right or wrong. If he is a
Ku-Klux, let him be a big Ku-Klux. This
is to win; to be idle, is to lose; and w••
tell you we can't afford to be beaten by
such a party and such men.
We did not hear the speeches delivered
last night, but have no doubt they were ]
-atisfactory to Democrats, and failed to do
When shall we have the next meeting
with a tallow-dip?
The corn-pile is divided, the captains se
lected, and while Democracy is shucking
and shouting, we stand astonished at our
Horrihle Accident— Death <f a \
Colored Woman. —A colored woman named
Betsy Harris, who was employed as cook
in the kitchen of Mrs. Ruth Ten-ill, mil
Gary street, between Seventh and Eighth,
was, on Friday evening last, burned in the
most horrible manner, from the effects of
which she died on Sunday, after suffering
the most excruciating agony for forty-eight
We learn that the woman was parching
ofl'ee over the stove, and that while per
brming this duty her clothing took lire.
i rapidly did they burn, that but a few
loments elapsed before they were entirely
consumed, and the poor woman most let*
ibly burned in many portions of her body.
Irs. Terrill's hands were badly burned
vhile attempting to smother the llamas,
laving been attracted to the spot by the
cries of the colored woman.
A physician was immediately summoned,
but despite the remedies applied, the victim
of this unfortunate accident died on Sunday,
having endured great suffering for two days
District School Trustees.—The
following district school trustees have been
B pointed by the Hoard of Education:
Kirge 1). Pleasants for Varina townsh p,
vice William M. Warriner, and for Brook
land district, Henrico county, I it. Martin
S. Taylor, the term of office of the preced-
I itig trustees expiring on the 89th hist.
cil last evening, published in our paper, the
question of the Hroad street improvements
has been referred to the finance connnillee
'of the Council, wilh instructions to open
negotiations with the railroad company
| again. .
Wo wish we could feel confident that the
CiitiiH'il is imbued with a sincere desire to
; remove the railroad obstructions from
! Hroad street, and initiate such improve
ments in that locality as are demanded by
every consideration of right and justice to
1 the tax-payers. Hut we must confess that
we do not.
The aetiou last evening plainly indicates
a lack of interest in the subject, ami a
woful failure on the part of (•oiineihuen to
.-i|i|>reciafe the urgency and importance of
j the question ; and will undoubtedly greatly
discourage the citizens who are more im
mediately concerned in the contemplated
improvements. " Hope deferred maketh
the heart sick," and tf these Hroad street
property-holders do not soon become thor
oughly disgusted with the reckless trilling
wilii their interests, and determine to look
elsewhere for the consideration to which
they are entitled, we shall consider them
the most patient and confiding morlals that
ever lived.
The Council is beginning early to give ev
idence of its reckless disregard of the in
terests of its constituents, who will, sooner
or later, be convinced that if they would ]
see Richmond prosper, as she should do, it
will be. necessary to elect men of more en
larged and liberal views. Hut all good cit- j
i/.ens can find soiee consolation in tho re
flection that the time lor a "new deal" is
coining apace, when we hope to see a Coun
cil, composed of men alive to the interests
of the city, elected by our citizens.
A Few Plain Remarks.—From the
umber of complaints that reach us from
early every precinct in the city, we arc
itislied the same villainies are practiced
Inch have marked the course of the Dem
cratic party iv this city in the past. The |
lost annoying questions are asked of col
red men, while imaginary Democrats are
emitted to register without let or hin
iiince. Obstacles of every sort are put iv
ie way of colored men, and every effort
lade to prevent them qualifying themselves
s voters.
We are not going to make any appeal for
ustico and ask the fair minded men of
democracy to correct the evils, but we are
;oing to warn them that there is an end to
ie patience of all men, that such outrages
mst ultimately bring better fruit to the
ps of the sowers of the seed, and the
ooner they cease such conduct, the better
will be for all parties. It is to be pre
umed that the honorable men of the party
1 this city, are in ignorance of the means
dopted by the infamous and contemptible
irty workers of the party ; for we know
uch men do not endorse, and would noten
ourage, the longer continuance of wrong,
uch acts will return to plague the inven
tors, and our word for it, a longer continu
ance of them will result in the final over
lrow of corruption, and when once again
is in the power of Republicans, its ap
icals for mercy will receive such contempt
s its past and present conduct justly do
Police Court— Justice J. J. WkA
'residing. —The following cases were dis
losed of to-day:
Maggie Dunovant, charged with using
abusive and threatening language to Mar
garet Kelly. Discharge ■!.
Margaret Kelly, charged with assaulting,
abusing and threatening Maggie Dunovant.
11. ,1. Johnson, charged with driving
igainst and injuring the mule and wagon of
'at Callahan. Discharged.
Hampton Creer, charged with being a
lunatic and creating a great disturbance in
the streets. Commission de ItinuHco in
fwsrendo ordered.
James Sweeney, charged with being
druuk and disorderly on the streets, and
with violently resisting the police. Fined
Emraett Chalklcy, charged with arnault
ng and striking Harris Schwurtzchild.
R. P. Atkers, charged wilh abusing and
lireatening the life of Louis Livingstone.
discharged, no prosecutor.
Richard .Jackson, charged with assault
ng and beating his wife, Kate Jackson.
John Scott, charged with assaulting and
beating 1 lenry Clay. Fined tf'2 oil.
Jack Williams, charged with feloniously
cutting Thomas Coleman, with intent to
till. Sent on to the Hustings court.
Thomas Coleman, charged with assault
ng and beating Jack Williams. Dis
Hurley Fergusson, charged with being
drunk and disorderly, driving fast in the
streets and resisting the police. Fined B'2.
Margaret Kelly, charged with abusing
mil threatening to kill Mary Valentine.
Mary Valentine, charged with assaulting
and threatening to beat Margaret Kelly.
LOOKOUT. —To-night we are to have a
grand Republican rally in front of the
City Hall, Hroad street, and are satisfied
there will be no lack of material to make it
imposing and interesting. A number of
speakers have been engaged for the occa
sion, and from their well known reputation
we mar expect something good. Come one
and all, and let us show the enemy we are
in good trim for an earnest light. Wo es
pecially invile Democrats lo be present that
they may see we can approximate, if not
excel, the grand Democratic demonstration
of last night.
A Saii ACCIDENT, —Wo learn that on
Saturday evening last, Mr. Philip Tabb,
Kwns and cultivates a farm on the
tun road, about two and a half miles
he city, met with an accident, by
one of his eyes was entirely de
ired. The ball was split in twain by
-stalk, while Mr. T. was cutting the
corn. Worse still, the accident has caused
the loss of sight in the other eye. This is
truly a lamentable occurrence, and the un
fortunate gentleman has our sincere sym
Chicago Relief Fend.—Mayor Koi
ley has received from Rev. J. R. (larlick
$11.(ill, which was the amount of the col
lection taken up at Leigh-Street Baptist
church for the relief of the Chicago suffer
ers. The contribution of the police
amounted to 8121, instead of 810.'), as here
tofore reported.
Co.NVICT. —J no. Coleman, colored, from
Lancaster, was received at the penitentiary
yesterday. His crime is rape, and the term
of his imprisonment fifteen years.
Mkktim; To-night.—The Monroe!
Ward Republican club will meet in the I
I far advanced, and are of a more elaborate
and perfect character than for any preced
ing year. We are safe in saying that the
exhibition will embrace a much larger
range of articles also, than on any previous
occasion, and will, no doubt, be a ■aeOtM
in every respect. The accommodations both j
for people and stock, as well as for articles I
in all the departments of inventive skill and j
handiwork, have been made with a view I
to the increased and growing interest of j
our people in these matters, and we
predict that the meeting hero next week
will favorably compare in all essential
particulars with similar meetings in other
The department devoted to cattle pro
mises to be very full, indeed. Already the
original number of stalls prepared have
l« in taken, and a large additional number
are now iv course of construction. This
department will include some of the finest
stock, both of Virginia and Maryland, and
is attracting much attention among stock
raisers, who will be largely represented at
A large number of horses have also been
entered. The entries embrace the finest
thoroughbred horses, brood mares, Arc, of
which our State can boast, and we have no
doubt the exhibition will give a new hope- i
tvs to importers and breeders.
Poultry has forsometime been a growing
interest in our State, and from the fact that
every coop on the grounds has for several I
days been engaged, we may confidently ex- |
pect tho finest display ever witnessed in |
the State. There will be no lack of accom
modations, however, and no one need have
any such fears. The management are on
the end rice, and will be prepared for all.
\\ c are gratified to know that the wo
men of Virginia are taking a great interest
iv the approaching exhibition; that the de
partment especially devoted to their handi
work is rapidly filling up, and that the cle
gnuce and variety ot articles entering war
rants the expectation that it will far out
rival any similar exhibition on the grounds.
In agricultural machinery and farm im
plements, as well as every description of
labor-saving machinery, there will probably
be a most gratifying improvement, no less
in quantity than in the general interest
which so important a subject has awakened
among the people of our State. Many en- I
tries are already recorded, and the interest
shows no sign of abatement.
The swine and sheep departments are
filling up to an extent scarcely anticipated
at first, but we arc assured that ample ac
commodations will be prepared.
The olficers of the society request us to
state that the ofHce on the grounds will be
open on Friday and Saturday next for the
reception of articles aud stock entered for
The "Journal" Ku-Ki.ux— His An
cestry—A Jxmg Way From Home. —The
Evening Neies and [inquirer both charge
the Journal ollice with being the abode
of a band of Ku-Klux, and go so far as to
designate tho Grand Cyclops. We have
taken particular pains to inquire into the
truth of the charge and find it correct in
some particulars. The Grand Cyclops tells
us. he is the son of a wealthy and re
spectable Democrat of North Carolina, and
has inherited his disposition to be cruel to
"niggers" from his father, and that on his
arrival in Richmond, he was directed to go
to either the IShquirer of News office, where
Ihe would find plenty of friends. He had
gone to them both, but found their papers
so little in demand, and so little about
them worth Ku-Kluxing, he thought he
would try alarger establishment. Hence he
came to our oflice, and could not long resist
the idea of going for a juvenile fifteenth
He says he would go back to tiie New*
oflice, but they told him the one old gentle
nun they have employed could sell all their
papers that was w anted, consequently they
could Hud no job for him. When we told
him to go to the Rm/nira; he astonished us
by informing us that they gave away all
their papers, and didn't sell any, aud of
course had no use for him. We have re-
I ferred him to the Disjiatch, where, we im
agine, he wili lie more at homo than with
These North Carolina Ku-Klux are tern
hie fellows, ami if this youthful one only
knew Judge liond was here, we imagine he
would surrender, plead guilty, and ask for
judicial clemency, as many of his friends in
North Carolina have recently done.
A Hid for Foreign Votes. —Mr.
William Lovenstcin, the German candidate
on the Democratic ticket, is willing that all
foreigners who desire to become naturalized
citizens of America may report lo him, at
his office, just above ours.
How disinterested you are, Hilly! Would
you let one of them leave you withou'.
promising to vote for you? Ofc, no! we
reckon not; and wouldn't you, Hilly, pay
a little of the expense attending the procure
ment of said papers? We reckon you
would, Hilly. How kind you-are, thus loj
assist foreigners to make Americans of
themselves, Hilly! Did you ever oiler s.i I
much for so little before? We guess not.
jlt is distressing to see how suddenly can- |
didates for ollice grow kind. Hut we de
sist, Hilly ; all the foreigners not now na
| turalized'will be unable to save your bacon.
I Peg pardon, we forgot you didn't like it.
It is Possiule. —At the grand Demo*
cratic rally last night, our friends, exhibited
a cotlin, at the head of which was inscribed,
"We killed them in 18tj'J," and at the foot, |
"We will bury them in 1571." The colßn
and inscription, doubtless, emanated from
the mind of some one who remembered the
breaking of the Jefferson ward ballot-box, 1
the killing of Policeman Kennedy, and the
shooting of another policeman who wanted
to testify as to Democratic villainy.
It is possible, we may be buried in '71,
but we have the evidence of the past that
there is such a thing as resurrection, and
that 1872 is the time allotted to us for that
resurrection. Pennsylvania, Ohio and
other States have made the promise, and
we have faith in their word. i
Chance of Firm.—Colonel I. H.
Shields, the brilliant and talented young
lawyer, for some time associated with the
linn of Chandler, Morton & Shields, hav
ing ceased his connection with the firm, lias
commenced the practice of his profession
alone. We respectfully recommend Colo
nel Shields to our friends who may desire
the services of one of the legal profession.
A Heal Curiosity.—We havo in our
possession the greatest curiosity of a pota
to that ever giew, which we cannot describe;
promise to show them something thai will
| astonish them, and convince them Hast man
seldom grew more like himself than did
$wttMfl £tot* iouv'ttal
Official Paper for the Government.
ONE HOLLAR per square of elfrlit lines, solid
SPECIAL RATES made nl ncr, ef In
nitract, with regular patnin-.
Cniteii States Circuit Coi iit.—
udge Bond opened this court to-da\ al
The cases of the United States vs. John
agan, Winston Rogers, and Charles I.
(iuillon, known as the election case-, Were
continued until the 21st of November next,
when it is expected they will be tried.
Judgments were rendered in favor of the
United States vs. the Petersburg railroad
company in two cases, for (300 and 91,000
■spectively, and against John 'I. Dunbar
el ah for «24 80.
The cases against certain parties in this
city, charged with selling lottery tickets as
ngents of the Southern Association, were
B;ued on a motion for a new trial. The
ncipal question at issue was, whether
lat Association is a lottery or mil? The
,'ourt reserved his decision.
The case of the United States vs. Jesse
. Simkins, late Collector of Customs al
orfolk, on a motion for anew trial, was
icing argued when our report fclost d. The
irincipal plea set up is that the money fur
'hich judgment was rendered was paid on
rder of (len. linger, Confederate emii
ander at Norfolk in LSilf, into the Ti. ■
ry of the State of Virginia, and that there
ore the defendant is not liable, and thai
ie government has remedy against the
John A. Gin's was admitted to prat-lice
this court.
The Election Cases Postponed.
udge Hond, this morning, in the United
tates Circuit Court, decided to postpone
ntil the 21st of November the trial of
iveral cases against parties charged with -
ie violation of election laws. He did nol
link it was right to try such cases during
ie excitement of a campaign, and believed
ie ends of justice could be more easily ac
iiuplished when men's minds were free ,
roni all excitement. Of course we must
übmit to the decision, but we four their
lostpofieinent will result in outrages against
cpublicans during the approaching elec
In.ii.nitio.v GRAJfTEt).— In the case
f Poe, trustee, vs. tho city of Richmond,
•hich was an application tor an injunction
straining the city from the enforce!t:
K'dinancc providing for the widening
klin street, Judge Fiishuah, of I i
ry court, this morning deliverul an
aborate opinion sustaining llie application
id granting the injunction. A large
nount of valuable improved properly i
footed by the suit, and as the case above
ii-ntioned is probably regitr led as a test
Ufa, we suppose the question is thus set
ed against the right of the city to con
SOLD Out.—lt is reported to us, by :•.
epublican, that a certain Republican
aallengcr, at one of the precincts in Jeff .
on ward, has, for a moneyed cdnsidora
iod, sold the interests of his party til the
enemy. We are disposed to believe the
barge correct, and would urge upon the
larty the necessity of sulii'ting tlu W HI,ST
lEN for such positions, and only such as
re above such dirty work.
More Convicts.—Three more tfeflvHcts
rrived at the penitentiary this morning, as
bllows : . Henry Odineal, colored, fi'-i.i
'ittsylvania county, 18 years, for, murder
ii the second degree. James M. Austin,
vhite, and W. 11. Pinckney, colored, fr. in
he city of Alexandria, the former three
-ears for bigamy, and the latter live years
or grand larceny.
a» ——-
New Store in MANCHESTER.—Our
friends in .Manchester are referred to the
advertisement of Mr. P. S. Traphagen,
who has recently opened a new grocery
store, wilh an entire new stock, lie is re
commended to us as an eiitci-prisiug mer
chant, who deals liberally and never gives
short weight. Make one purchase and you
will be satisfied to try him again.
Moke Strength.—Hon. L.H. Chand
ler having arrived in the city from Wa-h
--ington, has consented to address the meet
ing to-night, at City Hall. Mr. C. is one
of the ablest and most popular speakers of
the party, from whom we may expect an
able address to-night. (Jo hear him.
Faiiis.— The Danville a:id the Peters
burg fairs open to-day, the former cmtiitu
ing three days and the latter four days.
in en f i on, v c imTuVi v. ay s ;
There will be 11
ot Hiclunonu*, iv from of tie l
this (titE.suav) i;ve.yi\u, 2ltii in- ..
Tin* following named gvntlwpwa mv expat '- il
: to address tin l meeiinj: :
Coi.. Juiis It. IVpham, Oaf.. J. M. I4jhu>ii
Jl'llilK AI.t'RRD MiilllMN, I.ANI'.IN Jsoy n, I ■>. |
H.iraci! JL. Jvß.vr, fc>q., J0%9 I.ankix, X* |
Mai. Samiei. 1,. ABABLB, l>r. ( V S. Mi;.' i~,
llknuy Miller, Ks<i., ,T\o Esq.,
ifMiioi Tavi-or, Eiv Wm. Trot,
and Nvaral oilii'ir.
Citi/.-ns, irrespective of p irU, uivin\i
at Wnd.
Hy order of City < V.ii.ra.(Jomi..iMi >•
WM. T. HAII.EY, Chm'n.
GEO. E HAILEY, Sucy. oc W—ll

AjThe Keal Estate Distribution oi WeO-phis
draws Oclolw 3Nt. I*7l.
L 9 (Late or* Chanjji.i.r, KtntM A Sinn i. .
\ Marttmlt U'dl, OtVMP Truth «,,,, h., t . ', si,
irti"H| va.
l'nu-Ur.'"- In .In' I 'mled Sl.ih-si OrjuHi*,
Particular attviii ion given to .-!.■- :■ , \ne uit
der the United SUUefl Rtfventia ]/iws, ami Bank
Attorney* Outride of lhe pjty can have their
Jiankrupt cases hftra attended t;> j■l'lmiptiy, and
carefully looked after, l>y correspoudiui* v. ii ii in■-,
thereby a&Ttaff them to* expense ol vl H
riIAKEN Ul\ on my place, a uattll dint
X colored C.)\Y\ The owner will come,
j forward, prove property, and take her away.
P. llui i I.-
OC 24—It* On Urn jrn 'i

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