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•Arming gMt |c*utttal
"OITII->ll l"\ TO FOREKJN llllU'olt l-
This was the tenor of R. T, Daniel's
speech when he accepted the Conservative
nomination, ami alluded to tho triumph of
the Pennsylvania Central railroad over that
close corporation, the Fredeiicksburg rail
road, of which Mr. Daniel is counsel, to
the triumph of the same company over j
Moncure Robinson, Commodore McCrcady I
and tlieir allies, who for years have im- ]
posed heavy burdens on tlie people of i
Richmond, and tried to divert commerce
from their city to its great detriment. Our i
candidates are in favor of foreign corpora
tions bringing their wealth and enterprise
into Virginia, and developing her immense
mineral and agricultural resources, and
giving employment to the mechanic and la
boring man. Vie want money here and I
cheap freights. We want no Chinese poli
cy here, to build walls around old Virginia
and exclude foreigners with their money,
skill and energy. If Mr. Daniel is the ad
vocate of the Richmond, Fredericksburg
and Potomac railroad and Moncure Robin
son's A .qua Creek and I'ay Line steamers,
aud against the material interests of Rich
mond, the people here will not go withhimi
they are not in favor of any such exclusive,
selfish, old fogy policy.
Xo matter how humble the individual or j
how unpretending the position occupied,
the performance of a solemn duty brings
quiet and repose. It invites sleep—sweet
sleep that brings rest to the weary.
Every sensible man, free from prejudice,
knows it is his duty to vole against the
branch concern of Tweed, Hoffman, Swe
ncy, & Co. To vote for Democracy is to !
endorse tho "head office." To do so is to i
rob yourself, your children, and the State j
of her prosperity.
To vote the Republican ticket is to quiet j
your conscience, and elevate to power men \
who will guard your dearest rights, and
the interests of your State.
He advised by us then, i'or once. (Jet
up early, catch ihe Democratic worm, mash j
his ugly head, vote at least once, vote right,
ted your neighbor to do likewise, hunt up
the doubting, assist the lame to the polls,
ask the sick to take an extra do. _ of phy
sic, (be sure it is not Democratic, for that
would bo --inert-" - * and let you drive him
in a carriage to the polls ; in short, see that
no man who can vote stays away. Do your
whole duty to-morrow,,and you will
sleep as you have never slept before.
Eveuvuody in Richmond should vote
the Republican tickel. Men of property
ought, because the men on our ticket are
men of properly themselves, and what
would hurt them would bear equally upon
themselves. Men of no property ought, j
because our men are liberal and favor mea
sures of relief for the poor. The candidate.
of Democracy own but little, if any proper
ty, and may do you harm which would not
alfect them.
Several of them are Know Nothings, and
have been charged with cruel and vindic
tive speeches against foreign-born citizens.
Know Nothing once—Know Nothing al
ways ; and if you entrust power to them
and tho opportunity ever occurs they will
not hesitate to persecute foreigners.
Come up, then, native and foreigner,
white and black, and vote for the candi
dates of tho Republican party, who are
known to be gentlemen of h'gh character
aud standing and of liberal and enlarged
Let the poor man consider well before he
supports the ticket of aristocracy.
—The town of Hickory is said to be im- j
proving fast.
—Some of the North Carolinians who
went to Indiana two years ago are return
—Upwards of eighty Ku-Klux have been
arrested in Lincoln county by the United |
States officers.
—A colored man at Argyle hud his arm !
taken off'by being run over by a train on
the W. C. & R. R. R.
—The school fund of our Stale, which
had accumulated to $150,000, is now being '
drawn out for disbursement.
—The Charlotte Fair appears to have
met with great success. Numbers of visit
ors were present from other States.
—The ninth annual Fair, of the Cumber
land County Agricultural Society, will be
held at Fayetville, on the _'2d, 2'M and 24tU
—The news from Western North Caroli
na is cheering, (lood yield from crops, un
exampled mast, and more fat beef cattle,
and liner, than were ever known before.
Beef is only worth in market four and five
—William Parker, convicted at a lat e
term of (iuilford Superior Court wilh a
colored man named Alfred, who has been
respited by Governor Caldwell till Decem
ber, of the murder of an old colored man,
Tom Price, last Decombcr, was executed
at Greensboro on Friday last, lie denied
the killing to the last, and insisted that
Price was torn to dcalh by dogs.
__~ ,
Muf—aeliusett* Ruces.
Boston, November 4.—The races at Mys
tic Park to-day commenced with a hurdle
race —2 miles over _ hurdles for all ages—
purse, $700. It was won by Astronomer.
Vesuvius was tho favorite at the start, but
while jumping the fourth hurdle in the first j
mile struck it, throwing his rider, causing j
him serious injury. 'Ihe time of the race j
was 3:57; said to be tlie fastest hurdle race
on record by a quarter of a second.
The second race for a purse of $1100,
dash of one mile, for all ages, was won by
»race, for a purse of shoo, two
was won by Alroy. 'lime,
—To-morrow, the 7th, elections will
take place in nine States —Illinois, Mary
land, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Mississip
pi, New Jersey, New York, Virginia, and
general news.
—Colorado has 42'J miles of railroads, ''
all built since IMS.
—Trains on the Pacific Railway are now j
; getting snow-bound.
—At Eufaula, Georgia., fifty stalk*, bore j
1 2 8 pounds of cotton.
—The Republican majority in the recent i
lowa election was 41,2--.
—The value of farms in (>hio is estimated ;
!at over a billion of dollars.
—Edwin l*on*_it is playing Hamlet at ]
Wood's theatre in Cincinnati.
—At Louisville the " bed of the Ohio"
!is said just now to be a favorite promenade.
—There are 10,000,000 bushels of coal at j
Pittsburgh waiting for the Ohio river to J
—Minds of moderate calibre ordinarily
condemn everything which is beyond their
— Vicksbiug papers report the yellow
fever abating, but advise people to stay
away for a time.
—"Soothed with the left hand of a mule"
is the way they record tho sudden demise
of four Savannah men.
—A city man—not 11. (i. —who knows
ail about farming, says the best way lo '
raise strawberries is with a spoon.
—St. l_tuis has a direct trade with 10,000 |
miles of navigable rivers. Her capital iv- ]
i vested 111 river interests is (*5,000,000.
—Mrs. Moore, of Indiana, thrashed her
husband for getting drunk, and the Louis- ;
I ville Ledger calls her " the bride of lam-a- j
! Moor." '
At Annapolis, on Thursday, Frederick
IM. Kusy was sentenced to fifteen years im
prisonment for killing Policeman Joseph
Clarke in Baltimore.
—A private letter just received at this j
office frtm New Orleans reports the yellow
fever raging to a considerable extent In that ;
city at the date of the letter.
—We think there are at least six papers
published in the United States that have not
I yet remarked that " Chicago will rise,
Phoenix like, from her ashes."
—The Wilmington (N. C.) Star an
i nouncos the death, on Friday last, of Toom
|it Muggins, a well known business man
a&d member o. the Baptist church of that
—A Tennessee woman recently released
; her husband from the State prison by walk-
I ing 1-0 miles to Nashville, with a child in
j her arms, nnd asking the Governor to par
: don him.
—Col. Samuel T. Carrow, U. S. Mar
shal for the New Berne (N. C) district, is
favorably spoken of as a candidate for (lov
ernorship of Xorih Carolina at the next
Ou the Isl Untax, l.y the Rey. Dr. J. R. Jeter,
Mr. BANK WADE to Mrs. MARY HOOD; ull
of _[.__-_ county.
f*ii Wednesday, November Ist, by tho Rev. H.
Wall, I). 1)., Mr. JOSEPH A. WYATT to Miss
1 NANNIE F., daughter of Andrew .1,.111151.n1,
E«i|; both of this city.
tVichmond theatric.
i'rophif.tress _*__. \v. t powell.
Eugag.l.U'iit lor nix nights only of the crlrbraled
.'.t'usation actor
MONDAY' EVENING, Novum iifk ~ IS7I,
and erery evening until furlher notice, will V
presented tlie great 1 citation drama of
Juhxxy ____j»i.n lii twelve characters.
Adn-l—ton to matinee fio and 25c.
The l.epi.Mie'uis of JeflVrson Ward arc re
qnest-d to mt't'i at th(MrClub-room,on
-tittet, TO-NIG.UT at 8 o'clo-W, promptly. A
lull attendance is requested.
By order ol the Fuesidknt. no ti—lt
1 OFIUCUMONI).—The™ will be a in_*•ting
of the stockholders ol' this Company, at the
otlicp of th** Company, on YVKDNKSDAY, the
„.th day of JJecember, 1871, for tlie pttfpt_M of
ruiiMd'-i iiif*; propu-ird __..H*n_hni*ut.< to the Con*. Li
tulion and JJy-I_ aws.
A meeting of the t&Xf.cuUve Hoard will be held
i onTUI'l-SDAYKVKXlXa.Xoven.benilh.iU; l
o'clock, at Ihe OfttC-B of tbe Carolina __il'e ln
' .-iiranee I,'umpany, No. lou-i Main street.
|Uy order of tbe Pulsidkm':
| not!—lt Secretary.
NOTI-I-.— 4 l-fsapeal-e n.t.i Ohio [.ailroud
Company, CAsiiiEi.'i. Or.it>:, Bicuhoxd, \a.,
November yd, 1871 •
The annnal meeting of (he St(»eUhoklerH of the
('besiipei.ke ;t nd (ibio Itailroad Company will be
held in tbe cily of Kichmond, on TUUJISDAY,
I the Tib of December, 1»71.
The attention of the Stockholders is called to
; tbe lollowinj; extract from the bylaw*, of the
; ( ->mpany :
"All proxie. to I'i'prt-sentStiickholdei-s nt a pen
1 ot__l _______t.injr shall be in writing, and signed by
ibe person thus tr;ni*-ieiin_; the power; partner
f-bipH may sign in the name of p___F_n6l-_-__M, and
: tbe signature of either member of tbe firm shall
!be valid. No proxy shall be valid given more
| than sixty daps prior to the meeting of the com
i i»f*'.y
--" The books of transfer shall be closed fifteen
i days previous to any general meeting.''
no:.—til J. OAKHKTT, Cashier.
COMPANY'S elegabt steamship O-EOttOE H.
CJ'TON, Captain Pahkki;, will leave her wharf
at Kockett« on TUESDAY, November 7, at 4 P.
Connecting with steamers for Hartford, Nor
wich, Stonington, Fall Itiver and Boston from
' bame jiier.
rreif-lii veeeiveil np to the honr of sailing.
Close connection** and through bills of lading
given to all southern, eastern, and western
places; also, to Europe and Australia.
fare, $..; meals and state-rooms, extra.
I». J. 11CKK, President,
1214 Main street.
Wash in (mis ft 00., agents, Pier IJ, North river
New York. no 4 —3t
jpa.___- -oh-:: "~Hm>
DANY'S elcKimt siile-wheel eteanißliiii ISAAC
HELL, Oaiituin Hi.akk.a.n. will suil on TI'ES
DAY, Norumlier 7, at 11 o'clock A. M.
Freight receiveil unlil 10 A. M.
TltroUK- bilU of lulling signed, and got-— for
win_ie_ with d-patch to all points—north, south,
east and west. Close counectioiis made with Ou
nard line for forehrn ports.
1 -sscnger accommodutioiis mU-UpaaaaA
'', Fure .12 00
' I Steerage .00
; , Hound Trip Tickets 20 00
i For freight or D-Mace, apiily to
! l nod—ll No. 3 Governor si rent.
.-______..__ .^__
UNITEDSTATEB for the Eastern Districtof
In the matter ot Apolus Uoutwell, bankrupt \
I —iv bankriipicy.
i ITo Whom tt May Concern ;—Tho iindersiirned,
Emmet Crump, of Richmond i ity, Virginia,
hereby giii's noiic_ of liis apiioiiiiiiH'nt a>
] nssigiiHc of the estate of Apolus Houtwell, of
Caroline rouiitv, in —lid distrivl, who was, on
■ the 19th day of September, A. D., 1871, adjudged
. a bankrupt on his own petition by the District
i court of said district.
1 Haled Richmond, October 12, 1871.
i ocl3—FJw EMMET URUMF, Assignee.
I JOB- VV. tl oi. Iz, News and City Editor.
.=== t
For the Senate. C
\ tion. .1. R. POFHAM, WILLIAM TROY, c
For the House. j ..
l-'or the House, IV..in Henrico.
I "
As a good many changes have heen made ' r
in the places of voting of the various pre- I
cincts of the several wards in the city, we li
give below a statement, which we believe .
to be collect: tl
First Precinct —-Westhani House.
Second Precinct —Corner ilenry and j S
Broad. i t"
Third Precinct—\irook avenue and Mar- '
shall street.
r'irst Precinct— Second street, between ?
j Cary and Canal.
Second Precinct —Broad, between First
and Second. a
Third Precinct -Broad, above first.
Fourth Precinct —Third and Marshall. P
First Precinct —Seventh street, between t,j
Broad and Marshall. ~
Second Preeinit —Broad, between Ninth
and Tenth.
Third Prceinrl —Bank, between Ninth t,
and Tenth. r]
Fourth Precinct —Main, between Seventh L
and Eighth.
First Precinct —Franklin slreel, between
Twelfth and Thirteenth. S
Second Precinct—Old Market Hall.
'Third Precinct —Main street, between ,
Twenty-fourth and Twenty-fifth.
Fenoth Precinct —New street, rear of r
Trinity church, corner Twentieth aud
Broad. _
First Precinct —Main street, Rocketts, S
near llaskins. S
Second Preeinit —Corner Twenty-fifth V
and Broad streets. p
Third Precinct —Corner Twenty-fifth and II
< !lay .streets. L
First Precinct —Corner Brook avenue i,
and Baker street.
Second Precinct —Corner of Second and j
Duvall streets. r(
Third Precinct—Seventeenth street, q
above Venable. j
*— _ 0
Chancery Court of Richmond— ai
Judge Fitzhtigh — Saturday, November _. p
The following cases were disposed of:
Brown, _c, vs. Brown, executor.
Decree confirming report of commissioner a;
and directing a partial distribution of the cl
fund. Stiles it Christian, counsel. d:
Taylor vs. Cavada, „c. Decree confirm
ing report of commissioner and making
final decree in the cause. Steger, p. q. '1'
Williams, trustee, vs. Thotnpkins, &_,, tl
nnd Thompkins, _c., vs. McKarland, &c. .)
Decree confirming report of commissioners ('
of sale and directing disposition of the fund. T
Johnston & Williams, Cannon _ Courtney, ci
and K. Y. Cannon and Courtney, counsel, tl
Beveridge, i.e., vs. Waldrop, _c. Decree _\
confirming report of commissioner and di- p
recting sale of property in the proceedings h
mentioned. Robert lloward, counsel. o
Baker, executor, _c, vs. Council, __. — c.
I )ecree confirming report of commissioner «
of sale and making a partial distribution of d
the fund. Cannon .. Courtney and A. _
Austin Smith counsel. ri
Lichenstein vs. Shultz, Ac. Order di- Ii
recting the jury for Tuesday, November tl
14, 1871, to tr* issue directed by court. — b
Meredith and It. A. _. J. S. Wise, coun- b
Heriot vs. -quality Life insurance Com- >
pany. Decree dismissing cause on motion fi
of plaintilf. 11. A. „J. S. Wise, council, p
Atkins, i.e., vs. "White's executor, „_. _
Decree confirming report of commissioners el
of partition, and directing sale of one of the _l
parcels, which is incapable of division n
among parties to whom it has been assigned, si
Nash - Bouldin, counsel. a
Turner vs. Hall, „c. Decree and pro- v
feeding to set up a lost record, and direct
ing sale of certain property therein men
tioned. K. Y. Cannon and Gregory, coun- tl
set. 0
The Union Bank of Richmond vs. Dal
leck. Decree confirming report of commis
sioner in part, and directing sale of certain S
property in the proceedings mentioned. K. _i
Y. Cannon and Johnston _ Williams, p
counsel. ~,
We saw a man this morning who said ri
the Republicans were going to carry the „
State to-morrow. Who doubts it ? p
___> a
Petit _______ of the Hustings
Court.—J. Booten Hill, R. C. White, Ceo. a
A. Haynes, W. McCance, Jr., Alex. Me-
Rae, Win. R. McCaw, Richard \V. Maury, ~
John B. I'urcell, Charles M. Pleasants, E. {|
L_ Spence, Edwin A.Smith, Charles P.
Stokes, W. L. Slater, I. S. Tower, 11. B.
Taliaferro, 11. Seldon Taylor, 11. Harrison ji
Watkins, T. C. Woody, John P. Word,
Charles W. Allen, John Asher, 11. C. Bo
schen, Wm. 11. Cardo/.0, Maurice Cleggett. c
R. A. Dtmloo, 11. T. Evans, J. 11. Ilutche- p
son, John I. '.Kohler, Charles Hatcher, p
James A. Inloes. (
'fhese jurors are summoned to attend a
court on Wednesday. b
Branch Office to Illuminate.— _
The branch concern of Tweed, Sweeney p
„ Co., are to have a grand torch-light ti
procession to-night, and will send up a c
number of sky-rockets, besides "busting a I
few cabbage-heads." ¥
This concern (we mean the head-centre)
has recently met with a mishap, and al
though it was found impossible, in the .
last Legislature to discover the big thieves a
of the branch office, the people of the C
Stale will condemn, by tlieir votes to-mor- i)
row, all their aids and abettors, by dis- t
carding Boss Tweed's tools, and replacing $
them with honest and capable men. a
"Go up like a sky-rocket and come
down like a stick"—we pray you.
—— **» —- (.
Good Templars.—The Grand Lodge j
of Good Templars of Virginia will hold its | t
| fourth annual session in Alexandria, coin- j
| men-tog on Wednesday, November 15th. I 1
A full representation from each subordin- | I
ate lodge in the State is expected, besides I
many visitors. I
Republican Meeting in Jackson J
Ward.—Republicans of Jackson ward c
will meet to-night at Jasper's church, j
promptly at 8 o'clock. (
'I'he State Convention of Disci
_____ —At the meeting on Saturday, El- ;
tiers R. Y. llenly, J. A. Dearborn, L. A. I
Cutler, W. 11. Clcmmitt and CharUs Me
. Cruder were elected to constitute a Slate
board. F.lder <i. \V. Abel! was elected :
corresponding secretary. The same olli
cers constituting the present Ministers' So- '
ciety were reelected.
Resolutions were passed thanking the !
First, Second and Third Baptist churches of I ■
Richmond, and the Baptist church of Man
chester, for tendering the use of their j '
houses of worship ; thanking the Disciples I (
and citizens of Richmond for entertaining .
the brethren and other visitors, and the I '
different railroad companies for their kind
ness in allowing delegates to tlie Conven- I
tion free return pusses over Iheir several j !
railroads. | 1
Co.. John B. Cary, Klders J. A. Dear- ,
bom, M. Garnett, C. Dullard, and A B. j
Walthall, were appointed as delegates to ; '
the American Missionary Society to be i
held in tho city of Cincinnati, Ohio. '
Elder L. A. Cutler was appointed a dele- i '
gate to the North Carolina State OoGpen. j !
tion to be held in the city of Kingston iv
October, 1872. 1
On motion, it was resolved that the time '
and place of the next meeting of the ■'
State Convention be decided by the State
Board. 1
The committee*appointed to draft a suit- '
able set of resolutions on the hie and death '
of Elders Shelburne, Gosh, and Parish, re
ported appropriate resolutions, which were -
adopted. '
After a short night session, the Conven- (
tiou adjourned to meet at such time and !
place as the State Board shall select.
, _. •
REPUBLICAN voters having business to j
take them out of the city, should make ar
rangements to vote before leaving. One <
ballot may decide our fate. '
District School Trustees.—The
following district school trustees have been
appointed in addition to those already pub
lished : 1
Albemarle County. — All the one-year
trustees have been re-appointed. '
Botetourt (Amsterdam district).— Wm. '
E. Eaker vice Benjamin Muoiuard; term
expired. In the other districts the one- '
year trustees are re-appointed. '
Floyd (Little Rh_r district/.- -Joseph I). I
Sowers, re-appointed. Owen Wade, Henry '
Showalters, Benjamin P. Elliott, _____
Winmier and Win. T. Lester have been up- '
pointed in place nf one-year trustees in j
Bark's Fork, Indian Valley, Jacksonville,
Locust Grove and Alum Ridge districts' re- '
King William County. —The one-year '
trustees have been re-appointed. j <
Lunenburg County. —ln Pleasant Grove
District, Dr. William Pawnor, has been '
re-appointed. In Rohoboth, Columbian
Grove, Loch Leven, Brown's Store, and
Lewiston districts, P. J. Wallace, J. W. '
Overby, Samuel A. Place, Samuel Hill,
and li. W. Bragg have been appointed in
place of the one-year trusties. I
Ik the working man would have schools i
and colleges erected for the education of his j .
children, vote for the Republican candi
Alleged Contempt of Court.— (
The case of ex-Governor 11. If. Wells vs. j
the Commonwealth, was commenced by i f
Judge Green, on Saturday, before the f
Ooort of Appeals, and was resumed to-day. ,
This is likely to be regarded as one of tlie (
celebrated causes. It will be remembered
that Judge Winglield imprisoned Thorp 11. ,
Nance, for alleged contempt of court, for |
proceeding in bankruptcy aud compelling t
Ins creditors to settle their claims and pri- '
ority in that court, rather than in the State ,
court. Nance was not only imprisoned, but j
was ordered to stand committed until hs j
discontinued his case in the Tinted States j ,
Court. He was, however, subsequently |,
released, and by the decision of Judge .
Rives, of the United .States district Court of |
the Western district, the whole proceeding
before Judge YVinglield's court was held to ,
be null and void. \
In addition to the proceeding against .
Nance, Judge Winglield fined Gov. Wells ]
for contempt of court in advising Nance to ]
proceed in the United States Court, but in- ]
stead of going to the Federal Court he has ,
chosen to appeal to the Supreme Court of ]
Appeals ol the State, with a view of deter- |
niining]in that tribunal whether such a mon- \
strous outrage upon tlie rights of client and ,
counsel, can wilh impunity, be perpetrated ,
under State law and in Stale tribunals.
Ik you admire partisan legislation, and
the election of a corrupt partisan judiciary, .
fail to vote tho Republican ticket.
Important to Citizens of Broad I
Street. —The candidates of the Republi
can party in this city earnestly favor the
passage of an act by the next Legislature, )
compelling the Richmond and Fredericks
burg and Potomac Railroad to remove its
depot and track from Broad street. They '
will use their endeavors to secure the votes '
of every Republican in both houses for such '
a measure. '
Its longer continuance on Broad street is 1
a crying shame and wrong. '
If no sense of justice exists in this mono- '
poly, lot the next Legislature teach it to
Ik you would continue Guigon as your
judge, fail to vote the Republican ticket. I
The Underwriter.—We have re- I
ceived the October number of this valuable 1
publication, which,has been delayed for the I
purpose of giving full particulars of the I
Chicago fire. The contents of the number 1
are of au extremely interesting and valua
ble nature, especially to businessmen. The ]
Underwriter is published simultaneously in i
St. Louis, Chicago, Cincinnati, Phihulel- i
phia, San Francisco, Richmond, and Boa- i
ton, and is devoted to the insurance, linn.ii- I
cial and railroad interests of the country.— i
Upon these questions it gives monthly most I
valuable and reliable information.
Internal Revenue Collections.— |
Collector Burgess reports that the total
amount of United States Internal Revenue .
tax collected in this district during the
it-with of October was *2_2,091.77. Of .
this amount .225,890.54 was on tobacco,
17-3.5. mi spirits, and ..1 10.SS __ beer and
Grand Jury of the llisitnos
Court. —The following are the grand
jurors summoned for the term of tbe Hus
tings Court which commences to-day :
John T. Rogers, James M. Rowe, John
Lauer, John W. Beveridge, <!. F. Watson,
David N. Jones, Charles M. Wallace, 11.
L. Kent, N. 0. Lipscomb, Oscar Cranz, 11.
K. Ellyson, J. G. Wayt, David Walker,
Jr., E.D. 1-teho, K. A. J. Cloptoa, Hiram
M. Smith, Samuel McCubbin, A. G. Bab
cock, Orange Bennett, James L. Taliaferro,
Abner W. Richardson, A. R. Woodson,
C. B. Lipscomb, John J. Cannon.
Local _01-8.
—Wyman is exciting the Petersburgers
this week, opening to-night.
—The weather to-day has been as bright
and beautiful as a maiden's blush.
—The amount of the State debt funded
to Saturday afternoon was .2:1,-00,000.
—The criminal calendar in the Police
('ourt this morning was unusually short lor
— A few days ago Ihe residence of Dr. j
0. A. Crenshaw was robbed of .200 worth '
of silver plate.
—The restaurant of John T. Johnson
was sold out this morning at 10 o'clock by
('. S. Marshal I'arker.
—Over four thousand bushels of wheat
were among the offerings at the Corn and
Flour Exchange this morning. i
—Mr. Thomas Potts, of the firm of A.
Y. Stokes it Co., of this city, will leave in
a few days on a business tour in Europe.
— Mayor Keily has proclaimed that all
the drinking places in the city shall be
closed from sunset this evening until sun
set to-morrow evening. .
—Three thousand dollars worth of
bonds of ihe Richmond and Petersburg
Railroad, bearing S percent interest, were :
sold in this city on Friday at 99].
—Jack Miller,colored,convicted of house- ;
breaking in the county of Bedford, and sen
tenced to one year's imprisonment, was
received at the penitentiary on Saturday.
—A correspondent of the Scientific
American has discovered "how.to see under
water." We imagine the discovery will be i
of no practical utility, unless it enables the
submerged to see how to get out. i
-•»- !
Ik foreigners would elevate Know-Noth
ings to power, let them vote for Tom
\\ vnne, who was the Know-Nothing candi
date for Mayor, and Raliegh I. Daniel, who
said he would never permit a foreigner to i
rote. i
Police Court— Justice J. J. White ,
Presiding. —The following cases were dis- .
posed of this morning:
Miles Crowdis, charged with unlawfully ,
detaining 85 cents in currency, the proper- ,
ty of Bettie Collins. Dismissed.
Melvina Banks, charged with trespassing -
upon the premises of David Tellen, and :
removing therefrom clothing to the value of
two dollars. Dismissed, as a matter for
civil action.
P. 11. Morgan, charged with trespassing '
upon the premises of Thomas York, and
also with threatening the life of York.— '
Hound over on his own recognizance in the
sunt of $50 for three months.
Alex. Anderson and John Ross, charged
with being disorderly on tbe streets. Dis
Andrew Tinsley, charged with being
drunk and disorderly on the streets. Fined
Minnie Epos, charged with being drunk
and disorderly on the streets. Fined .2.
Tun Democrats are constantly blowing
about "carpet-baggers" owning no pro
perty in the State. Does any one of their \
candidates, who has lived here all his life, ;
own .500 worth of property in Virginia '.'
__ __—,
The Republicans of Chesterfield have
already had erected for them, by Demo- :
cracy, a monument as enduring as the ex- •,
isteuce of that party. The horrid thing
stands with its bloody arms stretching |
forth ready to grasp the hands of it victims, .
while its extended claws seem switching
to fetter the feet of the poor and helpless.
He who is embraced try it, need stand
waiting but lor a moment to hear the \
bloody lash as it whines through the air,
and cuts through the flesh of its victim, f
This is the cruel, barbarous and savage .
whipping post of Democracy. It is no
fancy picture, but a living reality. There
it stands a disgrace to the present enlight
ened age, and yet it is the child of Vir
ginia chivalry. The scoundrel Tweed,
MBi-h his stolen plunder, helped to pay for
(-C erection of these infernal machines in
Virginia. There they will stand as long
as Democracy reigns in Virginia. If there
is a dissatisfied Republican in Chesterfield
who doubts the propriety of casting his bal
lot in favor of the Republican candidates,
let him remember this instrument of torture,
let him behold in it the liendishness of De
mocracy, and then say, if he can, stand
back. Not for this alone, but because the
ticket is a good one, is reason sufficient for
it to receive the support of every Republi
can, lie who can lay aside his personal
preferences and march straight up to duty
is as great a hero as the victor of many bat
I_ct every man in Chesterfield, Richmond
and elsewhere do his duty to-morrow, as it
is but another struggle between slavery and
Tk you would have the whipping post
judges, longer to reign over you, fail to cast
your vote for the Republican ticket.
. ____ ,—, —,
Virginia Nursery and Wims COM
PANY.—As will be seen by a change in the
advertisement in our paper, John M. Al
lan Esq., has been appointed sole general
agent of the Virginia Nursery and Wine com
pany, office in the Columbian Block, cor
ner of Thirteenth and Cary streets, this
An Enraoed Father Seeks his
Fallen Daughter— FaiKne to Find
Her, He Becomes Desperate aud Attempts
to Commit Murder. — This morning about
11 o'clock, Thomas Carroll, an Irishman of
this city, entered the bar-room kept by
Isabella Rix, No. 2223 Main street, and
demanded to see his daughter, Rosa, who ,
for some time had been an occupant of the
On being informed she had left the place,
Mr. Carroll became so enraged that he
drew a pistol and fired through a door lead
ing into a room occupied by several fe
males, fortunately, inflicting no damage.
One of them, Isabella Rix, lied into the
street, followed by Carroll, who fired upon
her, shooting her through the right arm.
But for her Inking refuge in an adjoining
grocery she would, doubtless, have been
killed by the desperate father. After
wounding this woman, he fired several
shots at parties occupying windows in the
house, lie was arrested by citizens, and
delivered by them into the hands of the au
thorities, and will, doubtless, be tried to- |
morrow. _
"The Columbian Club of the!
United Order op Americans."—
This is an active association of Native'
Americans and Protestants, organized by
James 11. Fisher, Esq., to manage and con- j
trol the eloction in this city. None but
Native Americans and Protestants are ad- j
mitted and put on guard. It is the germ
of are-oiganization of Know Nothingism.
Thomas H. Wynne, who was the Know
Nothing candidate lor Mayor here some
years ago, and R. T. Daniel, a most active
Know Nothing in years gone by, we are in
formed, are the moving spirits in this new
secret Order.
The Stars and Stripes.—We are
glad to see tho Conservatives at their
mass meetings making such a profuse dis- ,
[ play of the Old Flag. Their hand wagons
and the horses' heads, we have observed,
are decorated with the glorious Stars and I
Stripes, and their speaker's stands are '
wrapped with the national banner. It is a j
sign that they are discarding their old |
secession sentiments, and nn evidence that
they wish to be loyal citizens. We con
gratulate James R. Fisher, President of the
Columbian Club of the (Irdcr of United i
Americans, on this change of sentiment to
wards the Did Flag—long may it wave ;it
is good for sore eyes to see it carried about
by ex-Confederates.
The Illustrated News.—The Eee
ning News has become an illustrated paper,
and contains in its Saturday edition, a pic
ture of" mixed free-schools"—that is, it is
a representation of what its editor supposes
will be some of these days.
Wade still has a weakness I'or illustrated i
papers, caused by his long connection with j
one during the war. The lir.st attempt of
the Neics is a great improvement on the il- I
lustrations published during the war, but '
nothing so truthful. Harper and Frank !
Leslie must look out now that such a com- i
petitor has entered the field.
I'he Item' first illustration is by Thos. '
Xast, and reflects credit upon the artist.
Sale of Hi riis at A potion.—E. 11.
Valentine _ Son, auctioneers, I 111. Main
street, will sell at auction, to-morrow aud
VVedncsday. a large and varied collection
o" imported birds, consisting of canaries,
goldfinches, black birds, nightingales,
larks, _c, ..c, to which the attention of J
the public is invited. t
Spit Comi_.omj.sed.—A suit against ,
the city of Petersburg, involving some
twenty-seven thousand dollars, commenced
about eighteen years ago, to recover dam- '
apes for freight destroyed by fire in tho old '
City Point depot, was compromised last
Friday, by the city payii a ,7,000, and re
ceiving a receipt m full for the damages
claimed. The suit was to have _____ up :
before the United States Circuit court last '
week, in this city, but the compromise has
rendered a hearing of the case unnecessary.
The assertion that Democrats "alone !
can give colored men employment." is a
Democratic lie, inanufactitreil to frighten
colored men to yote against their own in- i
terests. it is usually understood when i
labor is employed, it is a speculation, the
employer generally paying a little less than
tlie labor is really worth. Such statements
are unbecoming men of sense,and are bound i
to fail in scaring anybody.
THE experiment of Virginians governing
Virginia, has been tried, and so far has
proved a failure. Her Democratic sons in
volved her in ruinous war with the Coy- '
ernment, and the blood of her noblest and ;
bravest boys has been drunk by her thirsty
soil. If Virginians should govern Virginia,
in God's name tell us what you are doing
with Gilbert Walker in the Executive man- i
sion ! We have had a taste of Democratic i
rule, whether native or foreign, which has '
resulted in nothing better than impoverish- '
ing tlie State and rendering nine-tenths of '
her people bankrupt. If you want any '
more of this same song, sing it yourself; '
but Republicans will whistle no Democratic
time. <
______ J
Slightly Hurt.—A slight row oc
curred on Oregon Hill, last night, between
"our Pat" Woods and a number of Demo
crats. "Cur Pat" received a few sfeht j
bruises, insufficient, however, to prevent ]
him engaging actively in the election on to- ,
..Ikktinu To-Xioht.—Republicans of
Clay ward will meet at Hauck's hall to
night at 8 o'clock. Col. Pophaui and B.
F. Anderson, Ks.|., will address the people
with reference to the propriety of remov- i
ing the Fredericksburg railroad track from
Broad street. Let Conservatives as well as
Republicans, favorable to the removal, at
l'i:i'Ai.si_ it is certain that we have votes '
sufficient to elect our candidates that is no !
reason why Republicans should stay away '
from the polls. We must have a majority
sufficiently to prevent tho Democrats from '
stealing up to it, for steal they will, and
steal's their name. i
__. , _ i
Court of Appeals— lmportant Ac- I
Hon.— The Court of Appeals to-day grunt- !
ed a writ of error in the case of George '
Cahoon vs. the Conimonweath. AH the -
judges were present accept Judge .Joynes
The motion for a new trial will lie argued
in a lew days.
If you would not have the en lire pro- '
coeds of the land scrip applied to one or
the other of the two aristocratic institutions '
of the State, the Virginia Military Institute ,
or the University of Virginia, vote the Re
publican ticket.
Fixe Tobaooo.—We return thanks to
___, H. Smith, Jr., & Co., fora "plug" of as '
line chewing tobacco as ever a mortal ad- ,
dieted to the weed put into his mouth. It
is Virginia raised and Richmond manufac- •
lured, and we can recommend it as possess
ing a most elegant ',twang." ]
_ i
The Republicans of Monroe ward will <
meet to-night at Third-street Methodist
church, at 7i o'clock. A full and prompt .
attendance is requested. ,
Excluded.—We received yesterday,
several communications in reference to Re
publican meetings, which are excluded on I
ticcount of pressure of election matters.
Jefferson Ward.—The Jefferson ;
Ward Republican Club will meet to-night
at 7 o'clock.
Collections in the Second Dis
trict.—The total collections in the Pc- ,
tersburg internal revenue district for the
month of October were 5_4,973.80.
, __>_- ,
Full swindlers, pick-pockets, thieves
and rum sellers, this week will not be as ]
fair an one as last, but lor political busi
JL FLE for the Benefit of the Widows and Or
plums of the Southern States.
DisTHiiiuTliiN No 6_U. Evening, Nuv. 4.
58 W 72 C'_ US 4:1 :« _-_7 18 24 68
DisTniß. rio.i No. «'_7. Muimim, Nov 6 '
38 i 26 ii til «a ia 2a i:Ti7 ,i 2
Witness my hand, at Richmond, Va., this nth
day of November, IS7I.
Managers. Coiiiiui—iouer.
chased from Capiain W. I. DAIINEY, nl the
Branch ollice. No. _ Twelfth stmet, line doors
from Main
1- -- - — -- -.. . .
Dal-T Statis .Turk.vAi. Orn.i , /
Rii-mo.-i, Nuv. ~ 1871. <,
Wi' i|inii.. n-.-t-class paper nt s to 10 pc'i
I cut. per annum. Riciiniiiiiil r-ii y bond* arc held
at ."c.-ut. . Virginia, Sluic stoclisdull. 1..
Lan act!.« ___s_*.*_r t_»t -bu_ r_Un__l ____*__■
New Yiikk, November c, 1471.
Stock* anil _._-_i_y, .Stat.
bond* .lull new S. U« Strong .S.I "s :.i. sew :,.■
Money Arm al B®7. Gold rti_a_ at lit, 1...
cliuily,!' li,lie S, . .short _;_.
Ill" liiiimiil Orniii ..Inrkct.
COM .IXI. I'lul'R E.V. 'IIA.-iIK, (
Ricn-0..D, Nov. li, ISfl. .
II,! rio.js.
WaßAr—While, 2.1 T t bushels. Red, ppo do.
Cub..—White. e_'4 bushels. Mixed,.4 nn-iieW
Oats—U. bushel-.
Rye—nn bushels.
Mkai IH4 bushel:..
Sol- •
Wheat- White, 1.16 bushel iiu .1.70 for prime
mill vei v irood; .1.(!.". l.ir v. ti good; .i.im for fail;
$1.96, .!_., nnd _l.au fur various yrmle-. of t om
moii. Red -.lObiuhelt vi .1.72.4 (orchoice: .1.711
for prime; .1 0. for very good: #1.18, .1.1.i, mihl
♦ I.—l for various grades of i .minion.
Cuss—White, .711 bushels :it _6e. for fair inf-.
67c. fur good new; 09.. for Very (rood new; 71).' for
prime new; 76c. for \ve:ivil baton iCil: 7:lc -or very
good old. Mixed—264 bushels :u ___. for (food
new; 67-. for very good n. .-.■: 7,' c. for very go.nl
O.tn—.'._.i liii.li.'ls nt '.He.//.inc. f.ir prime ppriti-ri
ii-c. for very good .pring; "sc. for wiui.-i.
Rve—l2 bushels (tt s:lc. for very good.
S-t-U—-104 bushels counlrv liulc-.l at ,;, ; ",'_ for
gooil nnd very good.
X, .ihibilrd.
Wheat—White, 20 bushels. Red, 08 bu-ln •!-.
O-tl -:IU2 bil-he!.-'.
Domestic Markets— [at T_i.i:uß..rir.]
Nkw Yi.iik, November 6* lSil_
Flour dull and heavy. Wheat quiet wi horn
decided clinnge. Corn iiumiiiiilly umhiingi-
Rorkln moderate n .pu's! at .i:i._ii<</'. l:i.L'.">. 1.ar.l
quiet Cotton quiet und sternly -Uplands, 18 ■ .
Turpeiiline quiet at .;.'.'■; '.1..v. Rostu arm al
14.1i-Va...;.'. for .strained. I'ieighls quiet.
__J""- biskey. -T. IJlllmer ,V Co., ->ll Mala
SLrect, have still some of Ilu ir (rhoiee ..1 Whiskey
ou hand.
"_J""U" -elect YVlii-key.
__r"'aiicy Orticerles, Imiiortcd und Domestic.
always in stock, nl T. B.u..>in« &i,.._, Ml .Vluiu
-_"•'!_" S. 1. cl Whiskey.
*v_f-'i„ars and Tobacco. —If yon want to buy
good Cigars and Tobacco, yea ran duioal T
IS.uni.it it Baft, 814 Main street.
__r--roeerics. —.ninilit's in want d. (Iro.-c
--ries are inferred to the :ulvertisemeut of T. B.ii.
mer k Co., SI4 Main street, in alio!her column.
*_?- 'II" Sel«ct Whiskey. __2 ~o prrgullvii.
*t_r"—S__llkli Breakfast Teas mixed fur an.l
imiiorled by T. Rai.HEB k Co., 814 Main slis'e.
__T"B"' Select Whiskey.
S_T"B" Select Whiskey.
■ _»
"_T<'iiiined Krnils and Vegetables in ll.e I'nll
fst assortment, can be ba.i at T. 1. u.meii _ I.V ' «.
814 Main street.
__r-M" Select Whiskey.
_5*A Halm is a Habit.-Great social eiils
and abuses, which interfere with marriage, 'has
ruined the prospects and happiness of thousands
of the young. Sure mean- Of relief for. the en
ing and unfortunate, diseased and debilitaled,
can be obtained by callingat 1)«. Wui.cott's Paiic
1 _i.\T Oiiicß, IS'o. 207 Fiflh street, between
Qhface and Rroud.
Where all advice is given free, none need fear
exjiosure. All conimiiiiicalions answered prompt.
I oiler for sale, l,y payments of weekly hiatal]
meals, the,largest, best and cheapest' stockj of
PICTITRKS south of Washington.
Ttaliau, Fren.h. .'rinnii, and Ailieri.Tin
a specialty.
Haling made ai'rang.'iiicnts with leading ini
portin-: and publishing houses ol' New York an!
Philadelphia, I oH'er them as low iv, can be bought
in America. I will furnish any Chromo that is
in the American market or imported. Framing
in all description-of moulding on tbe shortest
notice, cheaper than any house in the cilv.
L,ooking-Glasses all sizes, styles ainl'.lescrip
tions. Mouldings in length sold cheap, or manu
factured by the foot. .Photograph and Rusllc
Frames, Mats, Pas-epatots, Fancy Naijs and
Cord, __, Large Family llible _, (iheniost recog
nized edi_o__.J iiiagnillcenily bomul iv nioroco
and gold, wilh treble trill clasps. Family Album
with Certilicate and Record al l.lelieii, si/.e II by
1:1. Clocks from the must enlineni lnaiiul'.icli.r
eis ill Ihe United States. Carpels. John ( rosslv
k Son's F.nglisli iirusscls, extra supeilina ai.d
line, 4c, and other descriptions. Also, Watches
and Clock* repaired by a skillful workman an.l
Being the first to introduce the system of pin
ing lor goods by weekly installments, and the
large patronage I have received for the In-1 li\.
years in this city, is a desideratum fur the future,
I am constantly adding other goo-fc lo the above
enumerated. WILLIAM DAFFKON.
se ire- diiin I4:is Main street.
■ ■-.ii.-ii-iiii--'.!'U-_-_!_;'2 STKF.KT,
WALSH _ Kl:i)IIY Plt,.l'Kli:r,,us.
Now Oljeii to Ihe public the liliesl qiiulily ol
•"■«_"__^ MR_MW_.
etc.. elc. ever e\|nl,iied ill our city.
A good stock of MIRRORS, OVAL FRAMES.
PHOTO! iRATHS, etc., always on hand mm be
ctieajiesl ami best iv ihe markei.
_______._L!:'':il?' sciiii.iii hooks »■ i. statioxebv
at luwist rales.
flivc us a call before buy me elsewhere. Wed.i
all kinds of I'KAMINH.
set—3m WALSH i REDDY.
4i.00 n
TED STATES for the Baa-era Districl of vr
In the matter of Maria Gibson, bankrupt—in
bankruptcy. -
At Richmond, on the 11 th day of Octohac,
Please to lake notice hereby, thai a iietiiion
has been, to wit: on the 11th day of October, 15.7),
filed In laid District Court by Maria Gibson, oi
Culpeper county, In said district, who ha* been
heretofore duly declared bankrupt under Iho Oct
of Congress en til led "All act lo establish a uni
form system ol bankruptcy throughout the Vm
tcd suites,' approved March 2d, i>o7, for a. dk
rharge and certificate thereof from mi her debts
and other claims provable under said net, and
that the 24th day of October, IS7L at lv o'clock A.
M., before W. W. Fori..-, one of the registers ol
said courl ill bankruptcy, at lii- ollice in Rich
mond, in sai.l ilislHct, is the lime and place as
signed for ibe healing of the same, when and
where you may attend and show . :iii>i, it any
you have, why the prayer of tlie said petition
should nol lie granted
You are al>u hereby notified, that the second
and third meelings ~f f_e creditor, of the said
bankrnpl will be held at the same lime and plai c
Register In Bankruptcy,
oc 12—Th2vv for Ihe 3d C'ong'l Dist. of V*.

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