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No. -111. Mala Street, 111. l.iiiond. Vs.
DAILY—*_ P"'"" .V"ar; six month", S3; three
months, *I.__; 1 month, 00 cents.
SEMI-WEEKLY— SUM p Pr year; six month.,
$1 2A: three months, 75 rents.
WEEKLY--.l._.iieryear; six months, 75 cents
Clubs at extremely low rattt.
■ . ...
€vt\xms __%tt? f 0 .mml
The Louisiana State fair will open on !
the 18th.
—The Home Journal ney* Whitelaw Reid
is worth 8-0,000 or . 40,000.
—President Grant on Saturday appointed
Mr. George H. Bokor, of Philadelphia,
Minister to Constantinople.
—Louisiana planters estimate that less
than half a crop of sugar, or about 130,000
hogsheads, will be raised this year.
-—Stephen Waterman of I .ovidence, a
cotton dealer, and a member of the City
Council and State Legislature, committed
suicide by shooting.
—A German paper states ex-Emperor
Napoleon's income to be $25,000 a year,
which will be increased to .80,000 by the
proceeds of property recently sold in Spain
by the Empress.
—Seventeen Democratic papers in Mis
souri have already concurred in the St.
Louis Rejriibllean's advice, that the true
policy for the Democracy is to make no
nomination for the Presidency in 1872.
—Gov. Cooke, of the District of Colum
bia, has called an extraordinary session of
the Legislature, to convene on the ninth day
of November, to receive the report of the
commission appointed to audit the claims
against Georgetown, Washington, &c.
—In his forthcoming annual report the
Postmaster-General will strongly recom- i
mend the adoption of a postal telegraph i
system. He has received petitions from >
leading merchants in the largo cities favor- i
ing the system, and several senators and |
representatives have also urged him to re- i
commend it, promising their support of the i
measure. i
—A suit between two rival gas compan- i
ies of Memphis—the < layoso Gas Company i
and the Memphis Gaslight Company— j
which has been pending in the lirst circuit i
.court of that city for more than four years,
was decided on Friday last, the jury lind- I
ing for the plaintiffs, and awarding $300,
--000 damages to the Gayoso company. The i
case will probably bo carried to the Su- i
preme Court. I
—The thorougbred horses of R. W. Cam- '
eron, forty-two in number, were sold at J
auction on Thursday at Clifton Stud Farm,
Staten Island. The animals bringing the
highest prices were Hampton Court, which
sold for $3,000; Warminster, $1,050; '
Botheration, §1,260; Glen Athol, $1,400; j
Invercauld, $1,500 ; Stolon Kisses, . 1,1)00;
Hi Inverary, .2,400. The total amount '
01 the sale was about .30,000. .
—Tho Muncie (lnd.) Times says that a |
gentleman of Lafayette recently received a '
check of ~150 from an unknown man in 1
Boston, who said, in explanation, that he |
had found and kept a pocket-book lost by j
the gentleman when they wore schoolmas- j
ters many years ago. The sum was origi- ]
nally only about $10, the additional amount j
being compounded interest. The sender t
preserved his "incog" throughout. i
—Public affairs in Chicago are at present
in an excited condition. It is alleged that *'
Holden, President of the City Council and
candidate for Mayor in opposition to Mr. s
Medill, has stolen $15,000 of the money .
which was so generously sent to Chicago j
for the relief of the sufferers. Holden was '
ireasurer of the first relief society which s
was formed, and in that capacity obtained j
possession of the money which he now re- '
fuses to give up. The accusation is that '
he is using the amount to aid in his election
as Mayor. If he is guilty the deserved
punishment is promised. ,
______ _ ]
How tiiey Live in Liberia. I
Mrs. Turner, wife of Hon. J. Milton |
'f (Jrner, American Minister resident in Li- '
beria, thus writes to a female friend at St. '
Louis: ]
"I see and learn so many things in this i
strangest of strange countries that, hurried (
as lam to reach the mail before it is closed, \
I scarcely know which to write first about.
But I must tell you that the President ami
Oabinctgave Mr. Turner a superb reception. .
Persons from many different parts were ■
present. A few evenings afterwards he MP* i
ranged for us a select gathering at his resi
dence, which was simply elegant. Tho .
Mayor of the city also gave us a reception ,
at his residence. This entertainment caused
tne, lor the time being, to forget that wo .
were in Africa. Every luxury of the trop- ,
ical climate was upon the table, and the '
company was very intellectual. .
"Just to think of generals und colonels
in uniform, Cabinet oflicers, city council
men, lawyers, doctors, other professional
characters, authors, editors, poets, and '
other distinguished literary people, together !
with a live President, and a bevy of ladies j
to correspond, and they, every one, color
ed ! There were also present the ministers ,
for England, Germany, Norway, aud Swe
den, Hayti and other countries. I declare ,
it was the nicest affair that 1 have ever
—— «__■
IFromthe New Orleans Republican] J
My Mother.—My mother was raised
in Virginia. There were three of us chil- (
dren, Sally, Manuel and Laura, the baby, i
two months old. Our owner, Mr. Royal, (
who was a kind master, died, and I saw ]
my mother and all the children sold for his (
debts, and tho family scattered. Even i
baby was torn from mother, and I saw its i
little hands stretched toward her, and heard i
its cries as they took it from her arms, and
she was denied the last request to nurse it.
Mr. Matins, who bought mother and two |
children, but afterward permitted this |
cruel separation, will remember. If any I
one knows where my mother can be found, |
if living, he will confer a great kindness on
me by sending word to Sally,
Menger House, San Antonio, Texas. (
Republican papers in tlie South are re
quested to give the above a gratuitous in- i
sertion. ,
The Chicago Gold.—The Philadel
phia Ledger of Wednesday says: Tho work ,
of examining the coin received from the Sub- '
Treasury at Chicago was yesterday com- (,
pleted at the Mint in this city. There was t
about $350,000 in gold, silver and nickles. i
The money has been deposited in the stone ]
vaults of the Treasury at Chicago, some of |
it in bags, some in paper parcels, and some i
loose. After the lire tho ruins were over- ,
hauled, and the mass of that which was be- i
lieved to be coin was sent to Philadelphia. ;
When it reached hero it was apparently a
mass of mortar, rags aud dirt. At the
Mint, the good coin was at once extricated.
and about $250,000 of this was obtained
that needed no more than the application
of acid to make it presentable. The bal
anco consisted of masses of gold, silver and
nickel, amalgamated by heat, and requir
ing the process of coining to be gone over
again. This was completed yesterday, and
the return of the product made to the Sec
retary of the Treasury.
JO Hit W. VVOI.i /, Hewi and Cily Editor.
For the Sella...
i For tlir House.
For the House, from Henrico.
'■ A "Barefoot" Policeman Assumes
; Imperial Power, and is Moved to a
Position Better Suited to His Ca
i pacities.—Nothing is more necessary to
• the preservation of good order on exciting
i occasions like the prcsent,than the selection
i of wise, judicious and sensible men from
• the police force to keep order among the
I people. Nothing is more likely to create ■
■ a disturbance of a serious character, than
to confer power upon a simpleton or meen- i
diary, who, armed with a little brief author
' ity. imagines he holds the world in a sling, ■
ana has only to let slip one string, and this >
great ball will go trembling from its axis
i into destruction.
Of the simple, arrogant, and blustering, l
swaggering kind, is one policeman Leroy
Barefoot, who wears cap No. 5, and sleeps
in the same numbered cot. This individu- .
• al was, this morning, stationed at the vo- i
ting precinct on Bank street, between I
Ninth and Tenth, parsing which, we stop- I
ped a moment to see how the election mat
ters were going. <
Seeing four or five colored men around ]
the table of a Republican distributor of tick
ets, this shoeless-named gentleman order
ed them to leave. When asked by us why '
he did so, he answered, such were his or- i
ders from the Chief of Police. i
We then told the colored men if they 1
had time to loaf around the polls, they had <
time to go out and hunt up their friends.
This remark so enraged Mr. Barefoot that ]
he rudely threatened to drag us to the sta- 1
tion-house if we repeated that language
again. We repeated it then aud there, |
and Mr. Barefoot retired within doors. (
I lad he carried out his threat, it is possible (
a disturbance would have occurred. We (
promptly reported tie case to Chief Poe, i
who properly informed us he would move i
Mr. Barefoot to some position not requiring ]
any great capacity. <
These want-oi-sensc men are usually re- j
sponsible for the creation of disturbances, \
and we feel sure Chief Poe would not will
ingly risk the peace of society, intentionally, i
However humble the individual, his person- <
al liberty is sacred to him, and we certain- j
ly feel but little disposed to occupy a place
iv a station house, simply because an ig- |
norant policeman may wish us to do so. j
Royal Fire Insurance Company.
John H. Claiborne <fe Co., of this city, 1
have taken the Richmond agency of the '
Royal Fire Insurance company, of Liver- '
pool and London, and solicit the patronage '
of the public upon its unquestionable secu
rity, its prompt and liberal settlement of
all claims, and its heavy income. The !
Royal has fifty thousand dollars in United
State bonds deposited with the Treasurer
of Virginia. We call attention to the ad
vertisement in another column. :
Sold ijy their Own Friends.—All
three of the Democratic papers are gass- j
ing about a "bogus ticket," gotten up to j
beat Messrs. Wynne and Daniel.
If they don't know, they ought to know,
these tickets are gotten up by Democrats
to defeat these two gentlemen. (
Mr. Wynne and Mr. Daniel had as well i
know they arc sold out by their own i
friends, this, too, in spite of the fact that '
Wynne is the most sensible man on the
ticket. ,
Hustings Court.— ludge Guigon, ,
Presiding. —The grand jury met yesterday,
and returned indictments for felony against
Martin R. Alley, Sarah Turner, John Wil- ]
Hams, Robert Lomax, R. S. Brown, Ran- i
dall Gray, James H. Brown alias Henry j
Brown, and Topsey Brown. <
The grand jury adjourned until Tuesday, '
14th inst. .
After the appointment of judges and i
commissioners of election the court ad- j
journed until Wednesday. (
Runaway AcC-PEHt. — V-___?___** i
evening, a horse attached to Gill's bread
wagon, having been loft without a driver, j
dashed down Seventh street at a furious •
rate. As the runaway reached Cary, he ,
collided with the team of Cole's Express, ,
passing up Cary, which brought him to a
stand. Result, big crowd, damaged har
ness and a badly hurt mule. ;
Foreign Commerce. —Six foreign and ,
two American vessels were entered from |
foreign ports during the month of October, ,
bringing with them merchandise valued at -
$31,50!). ;
One foreign and lour American vessels i
were cleared for foreigu countries with |
exports valued at $184,450. ,
The duties on merchandise imported for )
■ October were heavier than for any month
during the past year.
Lady Injured.—About dusk yester- '
day afternoon, on Broad street, between i
' i Third and Fourth, an elderly lady attempt
' |ed to alight from one of the street cars re
- turning from Holloywood. The boy pre- :
maturely gave the signal to start, and the
> lady fell, her hand catching in the iron
• guard which passengers take hold of in get- .
I ting on or off. She was dragged some ten i
• or fifteen feet before the driver could make
■ another stop. The affair created conside
rable excitement lor a time. The lady, !
i whose name we did not learn, seemed to
> be considerably injured.
I To the Rescue! City.—
i The Democrats are bringing to the polls all
- the halt, lame, blind, sick and crippled.
I They arc united in an effort to defeat the
• party of freedom. Let every man go to
r work, and see that no one remains at
1 home. "Go for 'em," run, jump, and
■ crawl if necessary, and get every Republi
can to vote our..
LOCAL Mil is
—Weather splendid to-.laj . Hright sun,
balmy air.
—The regular full torn, of tlie Circuit
Court met in ManeheJitor on Monday.
—A iiiblc Society, auxiliary to tho A'ii
ginia Bible Society, was organized in .Man
chester last Sunday.
—Mrs. L. w. Bennett, who was so
dreadfully burned some time since, died in
Chester last Thursday.
—The brig "Romance," from Nevassa,
arrived ycstei-day with a cargo of guano,
consigned to the "Southern Fertilizing com
—Tobacco alley, between Main and
Franklin and Locust alley and Fifteenth
street ( is in a very filthy condition, and the
attention of the ward scavenger is called to
the fact.
—The members of Crystal Temple of
Honor and Temperance, proposing to get
up a library, ask that contributions uf
books be left with Mr. Win. 11. Pleasants,
at his office.
—Rev. J. R. Garlick baptized two per
sons at the Leigh street Baptist, church on
Wednesday night and one on Sunday
morning. Forty persons have been added
to this church by baptism during the last
four weeks.
—It is stated that a large majority of tho
judges failed to appear at the appointed
time during the late fair, and that substi
tutes had to be hastily appointed. Conse
quently complaints are mado of soiho of
the decisions.
—On Sunday morning a youth named
M.Moore, who lives on Church Hill, was
painfully injured while jumping over the
iron railing around a grave in St. John's
church-yard. One of the bars entered his
body just below the breast bone, inflicting
a painful wound,
—Yesterday morning, two little children
of Mrs. Anne M. Burrrows, of Caroline
county, who is stopping at Mrs. S. B.
Hicks', 4 10 First street, were badly scalded.
The accident was caused by an awkward
servant upsetting a stove. I'he children
were both under three years of age.
—Capt. C. 11. Epps, the police officer in
charge of the Fair Grounds, has in his pos
session half a dozen pocket-books found
there during the Fair. All of them seemed
to belong to persons living in the country.
The owners can have them by writing to or
calling upon Capt. Kpps and proving pro
Demo c racy Stripped of its
"Bloomer."—For some time the Democ
racy of Richmond has been gorgeously ar
rayed in "Bloomer" costume, which has
been so very attractive, from the knee
down, as to result in Republican defeats.
This costume, though cut and made by v
Republican tailor, was only of service to
Democracy, because it "lit" Republicanism
very badly. A short time ago it was sent
to North Carolina, and although telegraph
ed for and expected on the 5 o'clock train
this morning, we understand it failed to
come to time. As an evidence of its being
anticipated by Democracy, if our readers
will glance over the list of appointments of
Republican judges, they will perceive that
one "Beverly Bloomer" is set down as a
judge at Jim Fisher's precinct, Monroe
Wo do not know who is acting in this
very honorable gentleman's stead, but wo
do hope we have not swapped the devil for
a witch.
Our party has calculated on reducing, at
this precinct alone, the Democratic major
ity by at least 300 unless, indeed, there
is still an "Arnold" in the field.
As sure as the sun shines some of the
past villainy of Democracy will be discov
ered, and if it is, and Judge Bond does not
send some of the actors in a suit of stripes
to Albany, then, indeed, have we mistaken
the man.
Look sharp. Republicans, or rascality
will accomplish what a lack of votes will
fail to do.
Chancery Court of Richmond.—
Judge Fifzhugh, Monday, November I),
1871.—The following cases were disposed
Jacobs aud wife vs. The German liuild
ing Association No. 2. Decree dissolving
injunction and dismissing cause witli costs.
Neeson, Jackson, George L. Christian and
Meredith, counsel.
Shriver vs. Atlec and others. Decree
concerning report of commissioner, and
directing a sale of the property in tho bill
■and proceedings mentioned. Howard and
Wise, p. q.
Kinniards vs. Kinniards. Decree refer
ring the cause to a commissioner for en
quiry and report, .li.hn_.lon and Williams,
and Sands and Leake, counsel.
An Apology to the Republican
Party.—A friend of ours requested us
yesterday, to state there would be a Re
publican meeting last night at a place
called "Houck's Hall," on Broad street.
We regret to find this a mistake, as the
party is usually more select in choosing a
place to hold its meetings. Seriously, we
are at a loss to know which would bo most
damaged by meeting there, Houck's Hall
or the Republican party ; neither of them
being top respectable in Richmond.
A number of our friends express great,
indignation this morning at our mistake.
They declare no authority was given any
one to say the party would hold, a -au .ting
at such a place.
Well Done, Good and Faithful
Servants.—We have good reports from
a number of our Republican judges and
challengers, several of whom are acting
fearless of the threats and intimidations of
our enemies. Among the number, our
young and gallant friend Henry 11. Wells,
Jr., is a trump. He was the choice of the
party for the place of judge at the cele
brated Fisher precinct, where Democratic
majorities are made to suit circumstances ;
but then our noble judge " couldn't see
Henry has two good eyes, one on each
side of his nose, and if tricks are not vain
where he is to-day, Democracy may have
our best hat.
Are They True or False ?—A card
is in circulation, containing quotations from
the great Know-Nothing speeches of Ra
leigh T. Daniel, delivered in 1855. If these
charges are true, wo cannot imagine how
any foreigner or Catholic can vote for him.
If they are false, a great outrage has been
perpetrated against Mr. Daniel. They are
said to be based on the testimony of a
prominent Irish "Conservative" of Rich
Hark! to the Battle Cry of
FREEDOM.—Freedmen and freemen, your
liberties are at stake ; ignorant policemen
are trying to intimidate and frighten you
from the polls. Obey the laws, but never
give up a right. The struggle is between
political slavery and liberty. Who will
choose the latter, let him be not idle, but
To the Republican Voters ol' lticliinoml.
If there is a Republican in this city <n- .
titled to vote and has not done so yet, we
bog hint to go at once to the polls and oxer- i
cisc the duty ..nil (In- privilege of every free '
We have not failed to observe that our
opi.oiionts are actively working for their
ticket. They will have no laggards to-day. I
'I. (he polls, then, every Republican TO- '.
ter in the city. Let nothing keep you ;
away, if you are a legal voter. One vote !
may|decide the contest. There is time j
while the sun shines, but the earlier you I
get your vote in the better. You can then
have time to hunt up some one else who
has not voted.
Be firm but respectful in the exercise of I
| your rights. There is no occasion foi ex- j
eitement, but there is every occasion in tho .
world for firmness, decision ami zeal for !
the good cause.
How is That nut I.ilitkV— Rathe-
Steep .'—We saw a gentleman ordered from '
/-■telle's Restaurant last night, who was !
; charged with "talking politics," although :
j he was taking supper with one of tho eandi-
I dates.
Well! If politics isn't becoming disre
putable, we are mistaken, if men are to be
ordered from a public eating ami drinking
house for mentioning the subject.
This is one of the results of monopolies,
since it was but a short timo ago that no- i
lliteness was plentiful, now it is at a dis-!
Wont Johnson, or somebody else, open j
an eating-house where gentlemen will be I
allowed to discuss, in a quiet manner, pub- I
lie matters without the fear of insult ?
Perhaps it was known this gentlleman j
was a Republican, which accounts for the '
milk in the cocoanut,
Dead.—We regret to announce the j
death of I '01. B. ... Maddux, father of Hon.
Samuel F. Maddox, at the residence of the !
latter, in I 'liestor.
Col. Maddox was a most estimable gen- !
tleman, of remarkable attainments and in
formation. For nearly a quarter of a cen
tury ho was connected with ihe old United
States army, ami funis _- part, of its his
tory. We tender to our friend, his son,
now so sorely distressed, our heartfelt con
dolence. ('..!. Maddox died a pure and
earnost Christian. The funeral will take
place al. Chester to-raorrow morning.
i'Vionds of the family are respectfully in
vited to attend.
Police Court— Justice J. J. White
Presiding. —The following cases were dis
posed of this moi-ning:
James Ryan, charged with creating a
disturbance on the street. Fined $2.
Rosa King, charged witli feloniously
seizing, taking and secreting from Rachel
Jones, one Judith Jones, the child of the
said Rachel Jones, she having the lawful
custody and care of the said child. Dis
T. 11. Bramleit. charged with interfering
with Policeman O'Connor in the discharge
of his duties. Discharged.
Thomas Carroll, charged with unlawfully
and feloniously shooting Isabella Anglo.
Case continued till Saturday next.
Theodore Scott, charged with stealing
J. 4.5., the property of ]■]. Terry. Dis
charged ; no evidence whatever to* sustain
the charge.
Candidates. Attention !— We
have several times charged that by fraud
and other unfair means, the Republican
party of Riclnnond has been cheated out of
the results of the election. It is the in
tention of tho Democrats to do the same
thing again, this time, if necessary. The
law allows each party to have two of Iheir j
members to see the ballots counted. Let
tho Republican candidates at once select j
two men to go to each precinct and demand I
their admission, as provided by law. A '
failure to do this, puts it iv the power of
the Dcmocnats to swindle us as they have
done heretofore.
Brag's a Cood Don, But Hold
Fast's a Better One.—Let Democrats
brag as much as they choose, but it is the
duty of every Republican to go silently to
Work, and the greatest number of votes
is what should win. Let its try it this time,
as I'loomer is not here.
There's Danger Aukad.—Demo
crats with fifteen shillings are running
about offering to bet on ;"iOO majority for
their ticket. This seems to be tho general
majority determined upon. To prevent
this, or even any majority, let every Repub
lican vote.
Look out I'oit Rascality. Had
while men are taking advantage of colored
men by giving them "bogus" Republican i
tickets. If you can't read yourself, get i
some one who you can "swar by" to tell
you what is on the ticket before you deposit
!-OB____ Work At Man. _u.kti.i;.-
At 12 o'clock wo had cheering news from
Manchester. Well informed parties tell us
our ticket at that hour was about one hun
dred and fifty ahead. This need not pre
vent Republicans from working.
_____ —_—,
Look our for Deceivers.—The
Democrats are thronging the polls, and wo
are sorry to say they are inducing some
colored men to vote their ticket. Whether
this is done fairly or not, we do not know,
but it is tho duty of Republicans to see that
none of the colored men are deceived.
Li.<"H T R.:.--<!. M. Arnold, Esq. will
lecture iv tho Third-Street .Methodist church
to-morrow night, at 71 o'clock, under the
auspices Ol the Attacks Guard. Mr. Ar
nold is a gentleman of lino abilities, and
our colored friends should not fail to hear
him on this occasion.
TwEi-vk Hundred Ooeored Repub
lican Votes not Yht Pc_i-_n , .-*-There
are at this hour twklve m .ni>ri:i>
colored Republican voters, who have not
yet offered to east their ballots. For
shame! colored men, to your work and let
it not be said that you were the cause of
the defeat of the pui'ty of justice ami IVe,
To REl'l'iil.K'A.N.s.-Our men are not
doing their duty. The enemy is polling
his whole strength. Not one will be left
by the closing of the [mils who has not
voted. Awake Republicans! and to the
breach. Why stand vo here idle? while
your enemy is engaged in your destruction.
"Votethe Conservative Ticket,''
\V r e see a heap of carriages driven around
the city to-day bearing the abop inscrip
tion, and but few saying "vote tne Repub
lican ticket." What a pity! What a pity!!
The Democrats are voting all tlieir
force. Look out for Ri.pkatei.s.
Henrico County Court — Judge E.
C. Minor Presiding. —This court met yes
! terday and appointed Mr. John 11. McKen
j zio as judge ol election for district No. 1,
in N'arina township. The commissioners
and judges ef election for the county
, were announced at a previous term of the
I court.
Annie Ellis, alias Spindle, convicted at
the last term of a misdemeanor and sen
teuccd to imprisonment and a line of $50,
was released yesterday, it appearing to the
: court that she was unable to pay tbe tine
j imposed.
The grand jury will meet Wednesday.
Court adjourned until to-day.
To Colored Men.—All colored men
who have registered, are entitled to vote
. to-day. <io to your precinct and quietly
: exercise that right. Do not delays mo
; inent. T"se every exertion till the sun sets
!to get all the votes in.
*_ -II" Select Whiskey.
_3_-'n„ned Fruits and Vegetables iv the.Tnli
es l assortment, can be hul at T. H__m_k k.Co «,
;SH Main street. .
**J"U" Select Whiskey.
a*TA Habit is ■ Habit—Great social evils
and abuse.-., which Inlerfere wilh marriage, has
I niinetl tho prospects ami Imppinesß of thousands
jof the young. Sine menus of relief for the err
ing and unfortunate, diseased and debilitated,
! can be obtained by calling at Da. Wur.coTr's Pi,i» '
P_j__ Okhci, No. 207 Fifth street, between '
I Grace and Rroad.
Where nil advice is given free, none need fear
! <-|__»ure. All communications answered protni.t
--j' y -
! «_T« hlskey —T. Ualmer l_ __~ KU *•___- !
slreet, have still some of their choir. »" Whiskey ,
|on hand.
Stg "B" Select Whisker. 1
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j always in slock, at T. lUlmeb k Co.'s, Sl4 Main
I street.

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__r*'i_r»rs and Toburco.- If you want to buy i
Rood Cigars and Tobacco, you can do so at T
B_L_n-.n k Co.'s, 8H Main street. ,
IMJ .-roceries.—Families in want el'Oroce
ries are referred to tho advertisement of T. Bai
mkk & Co., _N Main street, in another column.
«[email protected]""B" Select Whiskey, ___~XI per gallon. i
. - -___.. , . 4
B_Tl.n!_lish lireakfhst Teas mixed ,fbr and
Imported by T. Halmeb 4 Co., 814 Main street. '.
g-T'-ll" Select Whiskey.
On ihe morning of the (Ith instant, of consump- '
lion, Miss BETTIE WALKER, only daughter of '
Mrs. Harriet Walker, iv the twenty-fourth year ]
of her age
In Petersburg, November Ist, Mrs. SARAH ¥~
wife of N. H. Wildman, in the forty-third 'year
of her ago.
On Monday morning, at 7 e'elock, LJLLIE
AM/ILIA, daughter of Charles T. and Amalia ,
H. Loehr, aged one year, eleven months, and ten ,
days. I
CaTITAI., .10,11011,00(1, Gold.
Deposited wilh Treasurer of Virginia, *_o,_o_
.in United States bonds.
Shareholders personally liable for the obliga
tions of the company.
Being appointed agents of the above staunch :
j old company, we solicit the patronage of the ,
j public upon its unquestionable security, prompt
! and liberal settlement of all claims, and heavy
j income.
Merchandise, buildings, and personal property
! insured on the ino.t liberal terms.
Losses paid as soon as adjusted without dis
no 7—lm Agents, No. 1108 Main street.
'I'll EDWARD LO.MA.Y, 1.1 Uillin Kill
X tlie children of Hyacinth Oo___a__s, L. P.
Sale, .fames Wm. Smith, guardian i'or George
W. and Robert L. Ellis, Sarah J. llobyns, Mary
I_. Andrews, James H. Latane, assignee of Wil
liam J. Haile, Robert P. Baylor, assignee of D.
Sale, Julia Coghill, and Wm. Davis : '
You will lake notice, that in pursuance of au '
older made by Ihe Register In Bankruptcy for
Ihe Eastern District of Virginia, in the mater of
Mary L. Andrews against A. G. O'Neale, bank- '
nipt, in the District Court of the Cnited Slates,
for the said District, I shall, on FRIDAY, the Ist i
day of December next, at the law office of
.\lc.-r.. Chandler & Morton, in the city of Rich
nioiiil, take aud report to the said court "an ac
count of the lions against the said bankrupt's ]
No. ember 4, 1871.
no 7 —Kit Special ('oininissitmer.
_L FLE for Ihe Benefit of the Widows and Or ,
phaus of the Southern States.
I ilisTßHi-Tlim No .'is. EvKsiNa. Nov. 6.
7:1 ," .'ill ...'l_3_f_l _S fin ,M 7S 1.1 1(1 34
LllS.miil'ilii.. Nn. ()_.. MUKMIKO, NOV 7
77 '.' 'is 47 tJ_"4~iT.I ~14 39 SO 42~
Witness my hand, at Richmond, Va., this 7th
day of November, 1871.
Managers. Commissioner.
chased from Captain XV. I. DABNEY, at the
Branch office. No. il Twelfth slreet, three doors
from Main.
I7IOR RENT—Two lni.i lI'.MI.I.IM. S.ffA
with modern conven/'iices—jne with car __»i_
large-house and stable attached, near the corner
of Leigh and Adams streets. A pply to
ot'3l-lmeod GRUBB k WILLIAMS.
TED STATES for the Eastern District of
lv the matter of F. A. Burress, bankrupt
—In bankruptcy.
At Richmond, on the 30th day of Sept., 1871.
Please to take notice hereby, that a petition has
been, to wit :ou the DUlhday of September, 1871.
tiled in said Hi. .rict Court by F. A. Burress, of -
Appomattox county, iv said district, who has
been heretofore duly declared bankrupt, upon
the petition of his creditors, under the act of
Congress entitled "An act to establish a more '
uniform system of bankruptcy throughout the i
lulled States," apjiroved March 2d, 1»(.7, for a ,
discharge and certiflcate thereof, from all his '
debts and other claims provable under said mi, I
ami that tbe 84thday of Oct'r, 1871, at 10 o'clock, |
A. M., before W. W. Forbes, one of the reg
isters vi said court iv bankruptcy, at his office in
Hi, lii.K.iid, in said district, is the time and place
___ig_U__ tor the hearing of Ihe same, when and
v,h.-;e you may aitend and show cause, if any
you have, why the prayer of the said petition '
should not be granted. , i
You are also hereby notified, that the second
and third meetings of the creditors of the said
bankrupt will Is'held at Ihe same lime and place
Register iv Bankruptcy
oc 12—Th_w lor 3d Con'l Dist. of Va.
. .— .
TED STATES for the Eastern Districl of .
In the matter of William Malone, bankrupt
Eastern District of Virginia, ts :
Notice is hereby given that a general meet
ing nf the creditors of the said William Malone,
bankrupt, will beheld at Richmond, within the '
office of W. W. Forbes, Est]., one of the registers
in bankruptcy, in said district, on Weduesday,
the 18th day of October, 1671, at 10 o'clock A. '
i M., for the purjioses named In the 27th section of
the bankruptcy acl of March 2d, 1867.
Dated at Lawreneeville, the 3d of October, '71
oc 6—F2w Assignee. i
; Fatal Accident at a Polittcal Meeting
Tho New York Kl. .-lions j
l.ni «■►_( _■'.._•« .ig-n ]\ew_
<M.-. ___•_•. &.*. Ao. fed
New York.
New York, Nov. 7— Xoon. —Several ar
rests of election oflicers have been made,
for doubtful practices ; otherwise the elec
tion is progressing quietly.
. .
Arrest or Counterfeiters.
St. Louis, Nov. 7.—A den of couritcr
fieiters, near Kansas city, has boon arrest
ed. Among the counterfeiters arrested,
was Josiah I). Myers, the leader of tho
gang. Myers, however, escaped while the
officers were examining the house. A
large quantity of material and machinery
was captured.
Got. Bullock's Veracity Impeached, __*■
Atlantic, Ga., Nov. 7.—Both branches
of the Legislature hare passed a resolution
denunciatory of Gov. Hullock, and impeach
ing his veracity.
The Western and Atlantic railroad car
ries delegates to the Agricultural Congress,
at Selma, for half rates.
Ve_»el Condemned.
Halifax, N. _>'~ November 7.—The Ad
miralty Court has condemned the schooner
"Nickerson," and her cargo has been
seized, for procuring bait in the North

Fatal Accident nt a Politicul Meeting.
Moutijome y, Ala., Nov. 7.—At a Radi
cal meeting, held here last night, an anvil
was used lor a cannon, which exploded,
killing two persons, hurting two mortally,
and badly injuring a number ot others.
The Weather.
Belfast, Me., November 7.—The cold is
unprecedented for the season. Skating is
being indulged in on the ponds.
Salt iAike City, November li.—lt has
been snowing hero all day.
Boston, Nov. 7.—The "selling" race
was won by "Mary Ixiuisc ;" "Lord Hy.
Ron" being second, and "Cardinal" third.
Time 2:42}.
I'he club purse —mile heats—was won
by Tubman in two straight heats. Time
Foreign Items.
Vienna, Nov. 7.—Yon Huest has re
signed on account of ill health. The oppo
sition press intimates that he had an inti
mation from Emperor Francis Joseph that
his resignation would be acceptable.
Paris, Nov. 7.—Baron Gauldrie, recent
ly the French minister to Peru, has been
transferred to Washington.
London, Nov. 7.—-The Court of the
Queen's Bench has resumed the hearing of
the Tichborne case. Australia was ran
sacked during the vocation for documents
bearing on the case.
Telegraphic Summary.
There were twenty-six deaths from
small-pox in Brooklyn, New York, last
General E. M. Gregory, United States
marshal, at Philadelphia, is dead.
The (iood Year Dental Vulcanite com
pany has obtained a verdict against several
dentists of Cincinnati for infringement.
Two hundred emigrants from Liverpool
have arrived at St. Louis, .Mo.
A dispatch from New Orleans announces
the sinking of the Wade Hampton, opposite
Donaldsville. No lives were lost, and her
cargo of cotton will be saved in a damaged
Yellow Fever Rumors Contradicted.
Scwantuilt, Nov. o.—Reports being still
industriously circulated ol the existence of
yellow fever in Savannah, the agent of the
Associated Press has made a special inqui
ry of the leading physicians of the city, the
city authorities, ami at the hospitals, and
among the people, and is authorized and
feels it his duty to slate that there is no
foundation for such reports. The city is not
only entirely free from yellow fever, or any
other infectious disease, but is remarkably
healthy. The reports alluded lo have been
circulated repeatedly and persistently, in
the face of positive denials, and the public
may bo assured of their uttor falsity.
Railroad .Matters.
Montgomery, November (i. —Judge Bus
teed, sitting iv the Court of Bankruptcy,
has granted au order declaring the Alabama
and Chattanooga Railroad company bank
rupt, and appointed Colonel Gindrat (here
tofore appointed by the State authorities
custodian ad interim) the receiver, lie has
appointed November the '27th, the day ftr
the election of assignee. The State now
runs tho road '200 miles, and, it is said, v ill
have the whole road in a day or two.
F'roin YVn«hiii„tou.
Washington, November (i.—The Supreme
Court ; on the 17th instant, will hear the
argument, on a mandamus, to compel tlie
Secretary of the Treasury to pay Kentucky's
war claim.
The postmaster general will recommend
that "straw bidding" for mail contracts be
made a misdemeanor.
The New York Tribune announces the
resignation of Secretary of State Fish.
Raid on a Newspaper Ollice, ic.
New York, Nov. II. —The office of the
Hoboken Ledger (Democratic paper) was
entered early this morning and the type
"pied" and the office generally thrown into
A writ is out for the arrest of Thomas
Fields, the candidate against Seymour for
the Assembly, to recover Lull a million
_L, -. -
dveninn JtMiiti.
Official Pap. r far the ..overnm. n(.
ONE DOLLAR per square of eight lines, solid
SPECIAL RATES made at counter, -: by
! contract, with regular pniron.-.
Marine News.
Fortress Monroe, Nov. C—ln the Roads,
bark Darning for Portland; brig GaoTga
Wheelright for Halifax, X. S. ; schooner
Athlete for Digby, If. S. ; and a large fleet
I of coasters.
Passed out, brigs Mohawk and Stella
I/odge, from Richmond, for Wilmington,
The Election in l lii. n.-„.
Chicago, November B.—Deep interest is
in-inlested in the result of the election to
morrow. The Board of Trade holds no
session, and the Mayor has issued a procla
mation recommending the closing of all
places of business.
Effect nl the Disaster lo the - haling Fleet.
Boston, Mass., .November (I.—The news
of the disaster to the whaling fleet in the
North Pacific, has caused an advance in
whale oil in this market from sixty cents to
one dollar per gallon.
From Berlin.
Berlin, Nov. fi.— The workmen of this
city are earnest in their preparations for a
union of all workingmen's associations for
cooperation on all questions affecting the
Common Interest Congress, mid for the
consolidation of Trades' Unions.
The Federal Council has approved the
draft for the coinage bill, which is to be
submitted to Parliament.
Telegraphic ..ummary.
A petition has been filed in the Federal
courts in Philadelphia, to place the Man
hattan Insurance Company, of New York,
in bankruptcy. This is done to test
whether foreign companies doing business
in 1 .nnsylvi'.nia, are amenable to the bank
rupt courts.
The Stewart Paper Mills, of Brookville,
Indiana, has been destroyed by fire. Loss
""^>~* > _B!_Mng_____H-BS
President Omul on th.- K,i-Klu\.
In recent conversations with those who
understand the nature and extent of the
Ku-Klux organizations, the President has
expressed his determination to use all the
powers given him under the laws to root
out and destroy it entirely. He declared
that its acts strike at the foundation of all
society and disorder, aud that the crimes
that have been daily committed by its
members for many months past entitle
them to neither mercy nor consideration.
He is sworn to enforce the laws, and will
do his utmost to put an end to the organ
ized system of murder, whipping aud terror
which prevailed in tho States recently in
The President declares that he was loth
to believe in tho formidable character of the
conspiracy ; that he reluctantly recom
mended repressive legislation, and did not
do so before he was fully convinced of the
nature of tlieir movements ; but that ho is
now fully determined to use every means
under the constitution and laws to defeat
them. The Department of Justice has a
complete secret system at its command,
and the President has, of course, been ful
ly informed of al! its operations which are
especially directed toward the Ku-Klux
movements. If the public could be in
formed of the character of this information,
it would be greatly startled.
The sub-committees, now in session in
Georgia and A labama, are reported, by ad
vice., just received here, to be making tho
rough work, and obtaining a great deal of
valuable testimony. The condition of
Georgia is shown to be much worse than it
was six months since, so liir as the mani
festation of organized hatred to the govern
ment is concerned. Jt is also reported
that tho testimony recently taken,
and other knowledge in possession of
the government, point in support of a sus
picion long entertained that Gen. Da. Bose,
a member of Congress, and the son-in-law
of Robert Toombs, is chief of tho "Invisi
ble Empire" fur the State of Georgia. It
is in tho district ho represents that a ma
jority of those who have fled from South
Carolina have found refuge. The charge
against Dv Bose will probably be made the
subject of investigation by the House when
Congress assemble!.
Was It Fire '.'
Much has boon said of the intense heat ( f
the tires which destroyed Peshtigo, _____..•
kaune, Williamsonville, kc, but all that
has been said cannot give the stranger even
a faint conception of the reality. The heat
has been compared to that engendered by a
flame concentrated on an object by a blow
pipe, but oven that would not account for
some of the phenomena. For instance, we
have in our possession a copper eeut,
taken from the pocket of a dead
man iv the Peshtigo Sugar Bush
which will illustrate our point. ."This cent
has been partially fused but still'retains its
round form and the inscription upon it is
legible. Others in tbe same pocket were par
tially melted off, and yet the clothing and
body of the man were not even singed. We
do not know any way to account for this,
unless, as is asserted by some, the tornado
and fire were accompanied by electrica 1 phe
The house, barn and fences of Mr. Hill,
of the upper Sugar Bush, were burned, and
Mr. Hill and his family all lost. By the
side of the family was a narrow alley, just
wide enough to drive through. In this' al
ley stood a wagon, and while the barn and
fence were entirely destroyed, the wagon
box was not even singed.
Alf Phillips's house, in the upper Sugar
Bush, was destroyed, but the family es
caped. They state that two opposite cur
rents of air apparently struck the house,
which was sixteen by twenty-four feet, and
carried it bodily into the air they think 1(10
feet. In the air it burst into flames, and iv
a few minutes was entirely destroyed. The
house was nut on (ire when it lelt the
We do not believe that any other ex
planation of the great calamity can be made,
than that it was caused by fire, wind and
electricity.— Green Bay Ad-cocate.
TED STATES for the Eastern District of Vir
In the matter of John B. Cooper vs. Sampson
Jones, bankrupt—iv baiikruptcv.
At Richmond, on Ihe 12th day of October
Please to take notice hereby, thata petition has
been, to wit: on the r_th day of October, 1871,
tiled in said District Court by S. Jones, Jr., of
kiclniio.nl city, Va., in said district, who has
been heretofore duly declared bankrupt under the
act of Congress entitled "An act to establish a
more uniform system of bankruptcy throughout
the United states," approved March ad, 1867, for
a discharge aud certilicate thereof, from all his
debts mid other claims provable under said act
and that the M__ day of October, 1871, at id
o'clock A. M., before .V. W. Forbes, one of the
registers of said court in bankruptcy, at his of
fice in Richmond, in said district, is the time
and place asolfiioa fur Ihe hearing of the same ;
when and where yon may attend and show caused
if any you have, why ihe prayer of the said pe
tition should not be grunted.
You are also hereby notified, that the second
and third meetings of the creditors of said bank
rupt will be held at the same time and place
in Bankruptcy for the
ool_—Th2w 3d Cong'l Dlst. of \*«.

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