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(tfvenmfl £tate gaunutl
—The amount of coal shipped from Alex
andria during the week ending Saturda
last, was o,3.")0 tous.
—A letter addressed to A. D. Warwick,
Richmond, Va., is held for postage iv the
Lynchburg office.
—The ladies of Alexandria are lo hold a
festival on the 22d hist, for the benefit o '
tlie library of that city.
—A large number of people of Charlottes
ville are now swearing they voted the Dem
ocratic ticket. Where's the individual who
—The Rev. I. A. Peterson, paster of the
Cumberland-Street M. K. church, of Nor
lolk, for four years, preached his farewell
sermon yesterday.
—George Drown, the United Slates so
ilier, charged with killing a comrade at
Fort Monroe, was on Thursday found guilty
of manslaughter.
—Dr. Oscar Wiley, a worthy and est
mable citizen of Craig county, having pur
chased property in the town of Salem, will,
in future, make his residence in that town.
—The steamer Astoria, a regular pack
et in tho Roanoke river, was burned at her
wharf in Norfolk, on Friday morning, with
her cargo, consisting of cotton, staves and
—Tho Hope Fire Company of Norfolk
has received a cordial invitation from the j
K.xcelsior Hose Company of liowell, Mass.,
to visit that city as the guests of the Excel- j
—Norfolk is well supplied with second i
crop strawberries. A gentleman of this i
city returned from there yesterday, bring
ing with him several bushels of this delicious |
—The case of William 11. Lyons, of Nut
fossa, indicted for defrauding the govern- i
ment, was transferred to the United States .
Circuit Court by Judge Underwood, on
—The family of Mr. Victor Decker of
Alexandria, were somewhat surprised
Saturday morning, on coining down stairs,
to find a live opossum eoulcdup in a mar- I
kct basket.
—An Alexandria sportsman, while duck
ing in Huntiug creek a day or two ago, was i
knocked overboard and "had his skiff upset |
by the rebound of a heavily loaded gun he
had discharged at some game.
—Tho Democrats of Portsmouth en- j
gaged in a grand torch-light procession on
Saturday night, which wound up by some I
of them shooting and killing a colored po
liceman named John Wilson.
Salem, Roanoke county, has been select
ed as the place for holding the next meeting
of the Cirand Division of the Sons of Tent- j
perance. We know of no place where tern- '
perance men will be more welcome.
r —John Trout, of Craig county, recently \
had his barn consumed by fire, the work of '
an incendiary. With the barn there was j
also destroyed 200 bushels of oats, 200 of j
wheat, 15 tons of hay, gearing and family j
—The work of numbering the houses and j
labeling tho streets of Norfolk has been
completed. The report made to the council
states that 100;. houses were not numbered j
in consequence of the owners refusing lo '.
—Henry county, which gave C. Y. |
Thomas a majority, for the Legislature the l
last time, of more than four hundred, de- ;
lea ted the Republican candidate, on the 7th, !
by 73 majority. Ts there nothing in this j
instructive to us ?
—"Jim" Patterson, one of the old gray i
boi-es of Democracy, is reported as elect- 1
etl to the Senate from his ilistricl by twelve I
(rity. Age has lengthened his grind
it would not be fair to say his election ■
"by the skin of his teeth."
Mrs. Frances Cochran of Lynchburg, I
hooked by a cow, previously quite do
_n Thursday evening last. The lady's
iiug was litei ally torn from her body I
he horns of the infuriated animal, and
injuries are painful, though not
The Hope Fire Company of Norfolk,
ig requested it, the Commonwealth's
rney, on Saturday entered a nolle,
•c/iti in the cases pending against mem- |
. of the United Company for having en- |
gaged in a riot in that city some ago.
—To those who voted against us from an
honest conception of duty, we have noth
linj to say. W. honor such men, though o]e
posed to us: and we counsel Conservative* to
treat them as liouost men. chnrlottesvUU citron-
Will the Chronicle tell us if it is acquaint- I
ed with "those," or any of "those'i rela- |
tions ?
—Charlottesville is to be illuminated to
morrow night in honor of the great triumph j
of Conservatism on the 7th. If we remem
ber correctly it was illuminated about the i
time of secession, and it may be there are !
many sorrows there now, for rejoicings in j
those days. It is possible the future will i
result likewise. Wait 'till you seethe end. I
—The Charlottesville Cltrenicle says a
number of colored men beat Dob Fortune
for voting tho Democratic ticket,but that I Job
succeeded when the rest were driven away, j
in knocking down and pummeling one of |
the party. Dob served him right, for he [
had the right to vote as he pleased; and if
he was such a fool as to vote that way he
was too big a fool lo be thrashed.
—Mr. Thos. J. Craddock, a brakesman
on the Orange, Alexandria and Manassas
stock train north, was knocketl down by an ;
overhead bridge near Culpeper, and badly \
injured. He was taken home to Shad well ,
on tho 2 o'clock train, mounted a mule,
rode to Milton, with his three wounds on j
his face and head still bleeding aud un- I
dressed, and deposited his ballot for the |
Democratic party, before going home.
He took a heap of trouble for such a lit—
Lincoln, 111., says that on the 28th ult. j
Miss Mary Ann Swindell, aged about Is*
ars, while in the office of Ilension A
inn, lawyers, shot Henry 11. Howell, of
■airie creek. The shot was from behind. <
Ie ball enterod below the right shoulder
d came out at the left breast. It is feared
will prove fatal. Aftor being shot, Mr.
.well walked a fow steps abotit the room
one dazed. He unbuttoned'his ve:;t and j
W blood oozing from the wound, aud i
_ked up the bullet from the floor and
mded it to a gentleman present and re
arked that he was killed, aud then sank
ion the floor. Miss Swindell had a suit
;ainst Howell for seduction, which had
st been compromised, and as Howell was
arting to get the agreement acknowledged \
f a party, the shot was fired without sav
g a word.
—A committee appointed two years ago
r tho 1/indon Dialectical Society to in
stigate the subject of spiritualism, have '
recently made their report, which is to the
Tect that there is something in the phe
nomena not te be explained by any natural
aws known to them.
— Our belles ought to cultivate the ne*s
yle of bow. There are three in vogue j
ow, equally unpleasant. The first is the
superbly indifferent," consisting of a
ght elevation of the eyebrows and a curl |
the upper lip. A second style is the
mildly melancholy," which gives the im- j
session that the young lady has just lost
icr dearest friend, or dropped ice cream on j
ie front breadth of her new silk ; the \
lird is the "consciously guilty," hurried '
trough as if the young lady were ashamed !
0 be seen bowing to you.
—"S. R.," of the New York Tribune— ;
n suppose Solon Robinson—writes to that ;
>aper from Jacksonville, Florida, that the
•ains and winds in that region have been
s destructive as the fires in the Northwest.
c thinks there will be much suffering; in :
lortions of Florida. He says the ne- .
jroes, notoriously improvident," and the
Into "pincy woods people," will he sure
suffer. Not so fast, *'S. R." The "ne
row" will not starve, no matter how flip- i
mntly you may refer to them, and the poor j
rhite folks you speak of have felt rains and !
iritis before. "S. R." is of opinion that I
orida is badly governed.
—Prentice Mulford, who is lecturing on
te "coming woman," at San Francisco,
tays : " The coming collectress of this ;
)ort will own the best yacht in the club, -
md as site sits in her office, in tho female I
arititne costume of the period, will com- ;
naud the respect antl attention of all around |
ler. She will be the object of political
abals and intrigues, and will fight tiro with ]
re. The coining woman will aim at posi- [
ion, and perhaps wealth, but will never be j
ontented as the simple, unnoticed martial
ipendage of man. She will be muscular,
id will take her part against the street- '
omer loafers who now molest and offend J
—A correspondent who witnessed the |
it ing and counting at the Treasury De- |
partment of the burnt money from the Chi- |
cago ruins, gives this word of warning : j
Anybody is liable to bo burned out ; any 1
lire-proof safe is subject to being brought j
under the test of extreme heat antl its cou
nts roasted, so that all persons having ■
notes, bonds, or postage stamps put away '
1 for safekeeping should take the precaution i
i to keep them spread out their full size, one j
j placed neatly over the other, and in case of j
lan accident or a calamity such as that at j
j Chicago very little will be lost in the pro- i
, cess of redemption. All notes whose value I
| can be made out are redeemed at full value. |
There is no discount on burned money, as
there is on mutilated money.
—M. Figuier, the distinguished French j
' writer, whose scientific books have won so i
! much praise in England and here, has writ- j
j ten a book protesting against the material- j
I istic theories which are so generally con- j
nected with scientific research, especially
ion the continent. He contends that all the |
j planets have the same habitable conditions l
!as the earth, ami, therefore, they are all |
j inhabited ; after death we are transformed ,
into superhuman beings, and we pass
throrjgh a scries of existence, each more j
| perfect than the preceding one, antl con- |
; stittiting a kind of heirarohy which at last
| qualifies us for communion with God. He I
says the sun is to be the final abode of all j
] the blessed, and the rays of the sun are I
i merely the emanations of disembodied j
j spirits which have already reached a state
Extiii-ui-liinc Tires.
The New York Tribune gives the follow- l
ing suggestive hints in regard to extinguish- ;
ing fires before they gain headway :
"A word more, before Chicago is forgot-
I ten, about modes of extinguishing fires.—
| Every one knows that tire is easiest put
I out in the beginning. Vet the tendency in
America, of late years, has been to concen
trate attention upon means of extinguishing
great fires when under headway. The
| steam-fire engine is a grand invention ; but
we want also a cheap $10 engine in every
house or every neighborhood, to attack fire
at the beginning, while it iscontrollablc. A
garden pump, delivering water through a
I hose, will, with three gallons of water,fput
cut a very large and formidable fire.
With the great lire engines there is also a
tlesire to throw the water high. Everybody
i ha.i seen many hogsheads of water thrown
completely over a burning building, so that
it fell upon the ground on the opposite side,
I anil many more pouting upon the roof of
the building merely to run ob as the rain
| does ; when one barrel full, delivered into a
i lower story through the window would
j have extinguished the fire. The great se
crets of a good and successful fireman are:
I play low, on the lowest part of a fire;
j throw the water in a spray, if possible;
and don't neglect to throw a pailful this in
stant, on the mere hope of being able to
| throw a barrel full live minutes hence.
I That live minutes' start may put the tire
] beyond the control even of a steam firc-en
it id with e-trrme gratification that the man- i
ager announces an engagement With those uni- I
versally and popular favorites, the Queeu Star
of the South and eminent comedian,
(Mm. Charles Howard)
luug aud favorably known as the most successful I
: of American star*, having achieved in Great
1 Britain and the United states a success seldom
accorded to any artists. They will be supported
JMtune under the direction of
i 1 who, during Ihe evening, will Introduce his graud
MONDAY NIGHT, Novbmbsb 12th,
, I the opening play will be the beautiful dramatic
I I roinauee of
I \ wilh appropriate scenery, costumes, and ap
Liii.SAi, Pai.'un vi' Aimiii-io.w : Isffs*" Circle
1 j and Parnueiie, only j:i cents
lieserved seats to be had at West A Johnston's
■ . n.store-7 j rents, noil—2t
| \l'AVlin ll> a, Virginia -rnlleiliun. v.itti
\Y a small fniuilv. who resides near Boston,
1 I Maesachuseils, a COLORED WOMAN, without
■ encumbrance, to cook, wash, and do house-work.
°V2H Main street,
I nol: or 1,14 Clay stive.
KM. HOITZ, Rewa and City Editor.
->o_-_r, MATTERS.
The Ben Scott Casf— Card of 0e».
P. Wise, Esq. —lico. I). Wise, Cotuuiou- ,
Ill's Attorney, of tliis city, author of
■tide which appeared in the Dispatch \
is morning, headed " An Infamous ,
■gainst a colored Conservative, Ac,"
teh it is charged we did " not give it
■rs Pat Woods' evidence) correctly as ;
have been expected," having been
I on by its in relation to the matter ]
ihes ns the following for publication,
id not pretend to give the evidence in i
, nor did we intend to do even Ben
any injustice by simply publishing the
ance of the evidence; nor did wo con- j
ate discussing the guilt or innocence j
itt. It is not a question for our decis-.
nd if there be any " infamy" in the j
.dings, Mr. Wise's card exhonerates |
in any participation in it.
I. Veils, City Editor tjfthe State Journal.
statement in the .To.k-al of Saturday is.
t in ils representation—that Detective Pat
- ditl say, that Ben Scott remarked upon
arrested, *_ know that! am arrested for
ig a eounlerfeit upon young Irving.'' But
plain, not that the Jiu'rnal'h version is in
t as far as It goes, but that the after testf
is not given, which, in my opinion, plainly |
that Detective Woods has made a mistake
Irving, the sexton of tho church, fol-
Mr. Woods, and said that Woods
.ought Scott to hinl at St. Paul's church,
Scolt asked him (Irving) to explain -
-n..t money transactions there had been be- i
tvveen them,'' Irving testified that Scott was
Ir the Impression that he (Scott) had been J
ted ou a charge made by him (Irving),
h plainly shows that Woods was under a
ike. Scott had not been arrested on a
je made by him, but by tinolher of the
i name. Scott could not have been under
wrong impression, if he hud told Detective
is all about it; and Detective Woods would
iave taken him to the wrong man, if Scott
given him tlie right explanation.
L'tive Woods' mistake is easily accounted
he could not at. the time of the arrest recol
: he name of the party, at whose Instance
l was arrested, and ho indicated it by the de
tlon of "the man at the church, corner Ninth
"Irace streets;" when Soott said, "Oh! 1
know, you mean Irving ; if I have given
»ny counterfeit money, I am sorry for it."
o hot believe, Mr. Wolt'/, that yon would
ugly misrepresent this case, and I am satis
luit your published statement of the cvi
i- was not bused on a personal knowledge of |
you were not present during the taking of I
:Is' testinionv. Yours, respectfully,
Geo. D. Wise.
iiancery Court of Richmond.—
7. Eitzhugh, Saturday, November 11,
following cases were disposed of:
idah and wife aad others vs. Judah &c.
roe referring cause to a commissioner I
nquiry and report. Howard and Wise,
tkins, &.C., vs. White's executor, &c.
ree directing the share of the real estate
ulm E. White, deceased, assigned by a
ler decree to Eliza Moody, wife of It.
doody, Jr, for her sole and sepcrate
according to a deed iiled in the cause,
ldin and Nash, counsel,
.liner's executors vs. I.cc and others,
ree continuing reports of commissioner
making a partial distribution of the
I. Steger, p. q.
ardgrove, Arc, vs. llardgrove and oth-
Decree referring cause to a commis
pt for enquiry and report. Pleasants,
iiderson's executor vs. Anderson and
rs. Decree confirming report of com
moner and making final distribution of
"und. Wiun, p. i\.
awson, i.e., vs. Thompson, sheriff, 4c.
roe dissolving injunction and dismissing |
cause, with costs. H. A. and J. S. Wise,
<!uy anil tiilliam, counsel.
An Eloquent Divine.—We had tho
pleasure of hearing* Rev. Mr. Ilenkel last
night, at Odd-Fellows Hall, corner of
Franklin and Mayo streets, preach on the
Reformation, by Luther. Rev. Mr. Henkal
being a Lutheran, il was quite natural that
he should take a favorable view of the Re
formation, and of the Lutheran church in
general. That there is room for an Eng
lish Lutheran church in this city, none will
dispute who knot's anything about such
matters. There are two (ierman Lutheran
churches in the city,and it is but fair to pre
sume that the majority of the children of
those churches will grow up in the English
language, and many of them seek church
privileges in our English churches. Let
there then be an English Lutheran church
to receive them.
It is somewhat strange that an enterprise i
so laudible, and the eii'orls of so worthy a ;
pastor for the last seven months, should !
have been so entirely ignored by the press j
of this city, whilst so itattoring in their no- j
ticcs of oilier denominations. Yet we hope I
to see an English Lutheran church in Rich- ,
mond before many years.
By going to Odd-Fellows Hall, corner of
Franklin and Mayo streets, next Sunday ■
night, at 7J o'clock, you will hear a ser
mon on the doctrines- of the Lutheran j
church, and on the Sunday evening follow- '
ing, at the same place, on the Mission of j
tho Lutheran church in this country. Go
and hear him. _
Charitable Donations.—The
" Southern Association for the benefit of
the widows and orphans of the Southern j
States." Hon. Henry A. Wise, President, \
has just donated the sum of three thousand
dollars to the following asyl.ms, viz: St. I
Joseph's orphan asylum, of Richmond,
$500; Female Humane orphan asylum, of
Richmond, £500; Male orphan asylum, of
Richmond, $500 j $500 to each of the two {
asylums at Frcderisburg, $1,000 ; and to
the Alexandria orphan asylum, $500, which ;
amounts, addeti to the sum ot ten thousand
six hundred dollars previously appropriated, I
make the sum total of thirteen thousand six .
hundred dollars, donated by the Associa- j
tion, to the various charitable institutions
throughout the State, for the support and
education of the orphan children placed in '
their charge.
Another Manukacturinu Compa- |
ny Chartered.—The charter of incor
poration of the Norfolk Manufacturing com- j
puny was on Saturday filed in the office of!
the Secretary of the Commonwealth, as the i
law directs. It is empowered to manufac- i
ture cars, car wheels, locomotives, 4c, j
manufacture and repair articles made of j
iron and wood, build and repair steamboats,
barges and other vessels, tow vessels, 4c, j
and transport freight and passengers over
the waters of Virginia. Its maximum cap
ital stock is $1 000,000, and minimum,
$250,000. The chief office of the corapa
ny 1« at Norfolk, and tho officer*: Presi
dent, M. Courtright, of Erie, Pa. ; vice ■
president, \V. L. Lance, Lucerne, in the '
same State: treasurer, Benjamin F. Ti- j
bault, of Norfolk ; secretary, De Haven '
Jones, Norfolk ; general agent, Marshall i
('oNVlt'TS.—The followingjconvicts were
received at the penitentiary Saturday:'
William Robinson, colored, of Hanover—
arson, three years.
William Stewart, colored, of Danvillesr- I
Brand larceny, three yeai*_.
i.ot'Ai. inotijs.
; c
—The City Council meets this afternoon. I t
—The Hustings court met Saturday, but' n
trnnsactctl no business. j t
—A street lamp at the corner of Eighth ' i
ami ('lay streets, was burning all day Satur- i I
—Twenty-four millions of the State debt j f
has been funded under tho act of the last i r
legislature. ri
—Governor Walker has appointed Win. ■ ji
E. Osborn commissioner for Virginia in the ! Ij
State of New York. ! n
—The Court of Appeals was engaged a
Saturday on the civil docket. Ten cases -
were called and continued. ] v
—White and red wheat; white, straw- n
colored, yellow, and mixed com, oafs, rye, s
flax seetl, meal, and clover seed, were the ii
offering at the Com and Flour Exchange j n
this morning. ' li
Policeman in Portsmouth.—lf our I -
readers will compare the article in our | r
"Latest News" column, in relation to the
killing of policeman John Wilson, of Ports- f
mouth, wilh the following article taken ]
from the Norfolk Virginian of Sunday L
morning, they will find in the Virginian's s
account that Wilson was shot twice, once j c
through the head and once in the left breast. I c
Yesterday, while leaving Norfolk, we heard I .
a gentleman say, "it was to be regrctteii it [
was not Shepherd instead of Wilson that j „
was killed.'' Will the Dap Book tell us | y
who is Shepherd V .
We have no doubt the matter will be .
thoroughly investigated, but we doubt that [
any satisfactory solution will be arrived at. (
ADm i "in in ■ Affair—A L'oi.iKEii Police-a
bbot.—One of the most deplorable occurrences J
that has happened in this community since the I
war, took place on the corner of Hl*.- ami .Middle c
streets last night, about lo o'clock. Durinjr the 1
excitement consequent upon the breaking up of '
the public speaking nt the Ocean House, a light
occurred among a few young men, and in the t
discharge of Are arms that followed, some s
drunken miscreant shot down John Wilson, one '
of the best, and most intelligent und efficient of t
the colored policemen to the force in £
this city. The occurrence is a most lamentable £
one, and Is deplored on every hand by the white ! *
people, ami not alone by those who knew the de- \ $
ceased, but everybody. j -
The shots that killed Wilson, were evidently i ,
from a large bore pistol, and look etlect in the ■ f
centre of the forehead and through the left C
breast. After he fell lie W.1.-taki ii up and etir- (
ried to the mayor*, oflii-e. and expired in alumt
twenty minutes. Dis. .lanes' i i rariish and U. J
H. Parker were called in, liul mvived too late to *.
render any assistance. t
At ten o'clock la.-t. night the body had not been
taken charge ol by the coroner. ' J
Police Covrt—Justice J. J. White «
pratitling. —The following cases were dis- (
posed oi' to-day: I
Morris Werner, charged with cursing
and abusing Julius Harris. Discharged. |
A. Harris charged wilh cursing and | '
abusing Morris Werner. Discharged. I (
Adam J. M. Granger, chargod with tin- j t
lawfully retaiuing five dollars. Case contin- i
ued till 14th. 1
Charles Johnson, charged with gettin - t
drunk and trespassing upon the premises of i
Edith Russell. Fined S'i.iiO. 1
Alice Nelson, charged with threatening j t
the life of Charles Johnson. Discharged. ;
John Edwards and Wm. Henry Wilson,
charged with stealing coal. Found guilty 1
and sent to jail for lo days. <
Frank Golden, charged with defrauding t
Frank Spraggins out of $28. Discharged, t
Marilla Hill, charged with exposing her t:
person in the public streets. Continued till C
to-morrow. I
Joseph Equi, charged with assaulting and ' I
kicking Marilla Hill. Continued till to- ; I
morrow. i
Charles While, sharged with entering a
store and robbing a till. Discharged.
Peter Caproni. C. Woppi, George •
Prionchi, Caproni Benneitan, Samuel An- f
derson and Hetty Johnson, charged with i
assaulting and striking Mahala Johnson. <
Discharged. f
Edward Riley, J. H. Randolph, Wtu. D
Quarles, charged with being inmates of a '
disorderly house. Discharged.
Annie Robinson, charged with being
drunk and disorderly. Fined |2. On aI -
charge of assault, discharged. I <
Chas. Booker, charged with being drunk i '
and fast riding. Find .1. I
I-mini J. Ross, chained with feloniously ; '
stealing $I__. Continued till to-morrow '
for witnesses. ;
Thomas Payne, charged with feloniously
aiding Emma J. Ross m stealing $13").--
Continued till to-morrow for witnesses.
Win. Page, charged with being drunk (
and resisting the police. Fined, #2.50. ■
Klsey Holmes, charged with stealing j '
sundry articles of clothing. Discharged ; M
no evidence to convict. 1
John Crump, charged with entering the j
house of James R. Howies and stealing
blankets and clothing. Case continued till j i
to-morrow. i '■
Charles Brown and Peter Johnston, , i
charged with stealing sugar. Drown dis- i
charged ; Johnson found guilty and sent to I
jail for thirty days. i
Martha IJiatlley, charged with being
drunk aud using profane language on the
streets. F.ned $1.
Albert Trabue, charged with assaulting
aud beating Judith Ross. Discharged.
Phillis Johnson and F_len Harper, :
charged with being disorderly and lighting
in the streets. Johnson lined 5...V), Bar- j
per i">.
W. Thomas James, charged with allow- ;
ing gaming to be carried ou in his house on j
• Sunday, and also with carrying concealed
■ weapons. Continued till to-morrow.
John H. Dixon, charged with assaulting I
and beating Annie Robinson. Discharged, j
Thornton Jones and Susan Jones, I
charged with assaulting and beating Ellen I
Harper. Fined !j'_.„o each.
Judith Ross, charged with assaulting
. and striking Albert Trabue. Bound over
for three months in the sum of $."il).
Heavy Fobqbbt.— An Altered Chech]
1 for Three Thousand Six Hundred Dollars
I'aid by a ltichmond Hank. —I In the 13th
of September, Messrs. Warwick &. Barks
dale, of this city, gave a check for t36.fi
on the First National Bank of this city,
i- which was altered to $3,000, and the date
\ to September 29th. On the 3d of October
it was presented to the bank named and
paid. The forgery was not discovered un
!• til Friday last, when Messrs. Warwick & •
Barksdale had occasion to examine their !
1 bank account. We need hardly add that
j means have been taken to ascertain the for- j
. g er -
i Contractors, Attkntion! — Capt.
' R. D. Minor, engineer of the James river i
' improvement, advertises elsewhere, mvi- !
! ting proposals to remove about ."i(),000 or
1 more cubic feet of material from James :
" river. Persons desiring such work are re-1
I quested to notice the advertisement.
Accident. —Saturday afternoon a col- i
ored man, named Robert Epps, employed !
s on the propeller "David J. Burr," in
course of construction at Rockets, hail his (
- right foot dreadfully mangled by being :
caught between two ievolving cog wheels.
- He was conveyed to the Medical College
Rosi? and Harry Watkins.—Our
citizens have reason to congratulate them
selves upon the certainty of having such
amusements offered them during the win
ter as thoir tastes demand. Rose anil Har-
IV Watkins will open to-night at A'irginia
To give eclat to tlie performances of these I
favorites, great improvements have been j
mads), and no expense spared by the pro
prietor to nuke it a pleasant and most cozy
place of amusement. New scenery has
been addetl, anil every attention given to
make it respectable and comfortable for the
The romantic drama of " Kathleen Ma-
YOurnccn, or under the Spell," is the play
nniijunce.l for to-night, it is one which
shows the piciliar talents of these charm
ing artists, and is replete with beautiful
music,songs antl ballads. Prof. Kcnnie,with '
his wonderful tumbleronicon performance
will be an additional novelty of the evening.
The prices of admission are liberal, and a
full and fashionable house may be antici- i
It is unnecessary for us to say anything
of the merits of these artists, They hate
been here before, and have made such a rep- j
utalion for themselves and have become
such favorites with the puplic, as to need no
endorsement from us. The manager of this
company proposes, if he is encouraged
properly, to continue during the winter
these entertainments, and to provide us
with lirst-cla.-'_ artists during the season.—
We have already seen the complete failure :
of the attempt to force upon the Richmond i
people, third-rate amusements; they won't !
have them, and will be satisfied with no
thing less than what pleases larger commu
trjtieg. The liberality already manifested j
by the Watkins management will make its
etl'orts a success.
A Beat as is a Beat.—A young ge»
tleman, of Richmond, entered our office on
Saturday, and after assuring us he had
dreamed the night before that Nos. S, 4 and
5 would draw a prize of $50 from the j
Southern Association, and thatif we would |
give him a quarter of a dollar, he would di- j
vide profits. We furnished the quarter, i
he bought a chance with the numbers
dreamed of on it, antl drew and collected
the prise of ISO. Our half has been in
vested in new clothes, and not even the
25 cents returned. The young geutle
man may be seen well clad, aud with his
youthful moustache handsomely dyed, de- j
lights in having ''beat" us out of a quarter,
and the Orphan Association out of $50,—
Call again, young man, we always loan on
second call.
I [For Norfolk and Portsmouth.— j
The steamer "Palisade," in command of |
Captain Nelson, will resume her regular ]
trips to-morrow for Norfolk and Ports- j
mouth, and will leave this port regularly I
hereafter on Tuesdays, Thursdays antl Sat- >
urdays, thus, with tlie Eliza Hancox, leav- j
ing on Mondays, Wednesday antl Fridays, !
forming a daily line, with fine accoaimodo
tions for passengers and freight.
Thk Fkai'liontiik First National
Dank.—We called on Mr. Clover, the
cashier of the above bank, in reference to
tIU fraud recently committed by changing j
a check from thirty-six to thirty-six bun
dred dollars, to ascertain if any further dis- j
covory had been made in reference to the
matter. We find no light has been thrown
upon the subject, and that there are few j
probabilities that the swindler will be j
-■■ - — s> —
Henrico Court.—ln this court on !
Saturday Charlotte (bay, Rachael Banks
and Frances Tyler, indicted for misde
meanor, plead guilty, and were fined one
cent and sentenced to the county jail for
twenty-four hours.
The grand jury will meet to finish up its
business on Wednesday.
Sent to the Penitentiary for
Eight Yeaks.—-The case of Randolph
< iray, charged with stealing a horse from
Col. 11. P. Tomlin, of King William, was
heard in the Hustings court this morning,
when the jury found a verdict of guilty, and
Cray was sentenced to confinemon for eight
years in the penitentiary.
List of Unjiailahi.e Letters Re
maining in the Richmond Post
office, Novemrer lliTii, 1571.—
J. T. Vaughtin, New Zealand; R. Q.
Smith, Richmond, Va.; Nettie Gram, Je
tersville P. ()., Amelia Co.; Mrs. J. H
Kyle, Boston, Mass.
_U-3T Blue Ribbons and Swiin.npK.~-A tn at.sci'
'■ passing along Main utreftt, will notice a Scving
; Machine, in front of a. -mall stor*», tied with &
blue i-ibbon—-MUjiposecl to be the nlgn of said
machine having toceiveil a premium at our Late
lair; ami h« would be surprised to notice, npen
close inr-ppciion, that U is the eamo machine from
which a bub 1-i.tnox was ptr.Ltci.T torn during
the fair, having been tied on without, the (sanc
tion of tlie committee—no award having been
made for sewing-machines. A Spectatob.
*.ff »B" Select WhUker.
fcvJ-'.'u.iniM.! Fruit* aud VeyeluMon iv ihe toil
i estuttHortme.it, can be had at T. Halm en k (.V.' ~
lIU Main street.
)£"*'»*' Seine. AYh.skey.
fctTVYhUkev-T. llalmer fc Co.. 8U Main
j utreot, have siill some of their choice $3 Wliibkey
.ou hand,.
a3T»B" Schct Whisker.
jJ-j-Tf am y (>r<icerieiu Imported nnd Domestic,
always in stock, at T. HU.hru 4 Co.'-, 614 Mam
JUST-'B" Select Whiskey.
tg~i i«ars run! Tobacco.—lf yon want to buy
! good Cigars and Tobacco, you cud do so at T
I.ai.m.k k Co.'h, SU Main stivet.
*y »H" Select Whisker.
SS-STOroceriet,.—Families in want of (•.rot.e
ries are referred to the advertisement of T. Bal
[ mer & Co., 814 Main street, in another column.
eS"-*B" Select Whisker. $2. 50 per gallon.
Jt-fj CnsUsh Breakfast Ten* mixed .for and
' imponed by T. Halmkh. k Co., fiU Main street.
In l--.uchlnirtf, Novemlier sth, by the K«*v. Mr.
| Hooper, W¥Nl>H AM B. ROBKRTSON, of Rich
mond, io FLOKKNCK R., daughter of Walter
I Hendereon, K*-*.i., of Campbell county, Va.
i TT"TT — TT_f_™^■
i I.oo'_ out fur the "TIP-TOP.''
! Tho most complele stool; of PUOYIrjIONS 111
; hecltj-. K. F. JABIEB,
No. nisi Main street,
se I "fl*. K_iir down* absv. First Market.
FROM W*.-Hl*l<;TO«f.
Washin(,ton, Nov. 11.—.Itulge Carter
gave judgment against female voters, be
cause the act organizing the District of Co
lnintiia confers the right upon male citizens,
but the judge has no doubt but that the
fourteenth and fifteenth amendments con
l'i the right upon women.
The President approves of tbe sentence
of Captain Hodges, cashiered for embezzle*
The President issued, to-day, a procla
mation formally suspending tlte writ of
habeas corpus (a Marion county, South Car
The Supreme ('ourt of tho District of Co
lumbia has dissolved the injunction re
straining the Board of Public Works, un
der the law of the territorial legislature,
from assessing .1,000.000 upon property
for improvements. The court stood three
to two.
The balance in the Treasury at the close
of business yesterday, was: Coin, $05,
--243,400, currency, (?(i,0_2,725, certificates,
*18,71f»,409. Tlie total amount of the re
demptions of base coinage at the Philadel
phia mint under the act of March I!, 1871,
is 9378,79M8 in value. The number of
coins of different kinds being ,_1,0:t7,488,
consisting of copper and nickel one, two,
three and five cent pieces.
l'ltO-l SEW YORK.
_V<3_ Voik, Xov. 11. —The Russian fleet
with the Grand Puko Alexis, is off the
The bank statement shows that loans
have increased nearly two and three-quar
ter millions; specie increased one million ;
deposits increased over six and three-quar
ter millions, and legal tenders increased
two millions.
Charles O'Conor says Tweed is making
preparations to fly from justice and take
refuge in a foreign land.
The committee appointed to investigate
the alleged election frauds in ISrooklyn,
have made startling discoveries of frauds.
Tbe testimony will not be made public
until action is taken against the guilty par
ties. A policeman is said to have thrown
away a whole handful of tickets lo defeat
the Republican candidates.
All inspectors of election in pne district
of the Fourteenth ward of Brooklyn con
fesses to frauds, and now asserts that Mor
! ton, Republican, was elected to theAssem
; bly, instead of Wainwright, Democrat.
The Repnblicans adopied a resolution to
I appoint a committee to collect evidence antl
secure the punishment of ballot-box stuff*
j ers and repeaters, pledging the moral, pc-
I cuniary, aud, if necessary, the physical aid
jof the citizens to the committee in bringing
! offenders to justice. A. A. Low, S. B.
Chittenden, 11. B. Clatlin, S. B. Dutcher,
Gen. Jouraan antl other eminent citizens
comprise the committee.
—Brigham Young's whereabouts is still a
—Tho cholera is increasing in Constanti
—It is said tho Pope will leave Rome
and go to France.
—The small-pox is on the increase in
—Xo fever deaths have occurred in
Charleston in the past two days.
—Prince Pierre Bonaparte, the assassin
of Victor Noir, was married on Satnrdav.
— W. W. Corcoran, the banker, will
spend the winter in the South of France, for
bis health.
—The Chinese consul is investigat'iig tho
recent massacre of bis countrymen at Los
—Advices rcaflim the appointment of
; -lilies Ferry as French Ambassador to
— Forty thousand sheep perished by a
recent sand storm in Los Angelos county,
t '.ilifornia.
—George Botts, the murderer of Hol
stead in Newark, has been sentenced to be
hung December 21.
! —The grand jury at Baltimore has in-
I dieted eighteen whiskey men. Their trials
will take place next month.
—The steamship "City of Paris" run
down a canal boat in New York harbor
Saturday, loaded with SB.-000 worth ol
—Argument iv the Supreme Court of
California for a new trial for Mrs. Fair is
concluded, and the tlecision is to be made
this week.
—The case of Mrs. Fair was before the
Supreme Court of California on Saturday,
and argued, ou a motion for a new trial, on
technical grounds.
—A new charter for New York city is
already drafted for submisosin to the Legis
lature, which will prot ide a more just gov
ernment for the people.
—The World's London special says the
Queen's condition has wonderfully im
proved, and that all proposals for a partial
regency have been abandoned.
—Tlie Portland (Oregon), Dallas and Salt
\ Luke railroad company have adopted a pe
litition to Congress asking the usual grant
of laud. Their road will be 1,700 miles
| long.
| —William M. Evarts says that bills are
| to be prepared by the committee of seventy
; for abolishing all the offices now held by
Tammany or corrupt men in Xew York and
lirooklyn. from and including the judiciary
down lo the police.
—Returns from Mississippi indicate the
following as the political complexion of the
new Legislature : House : Republicans,
Mil; Democrats,").'!; doubtful, 2. Senate:
Republicans, 24 ; Democrats, 12.
—Tho Philadelphia and Trenton railroad
has been leased to the Pennsylvania Central
road. This gives the Pennsylvania Central
198 miles of road in Xew Jersey, OS miles
of canal, several ferries, and the Delaware
Riot in P.rt.muutli,
Norfolk, Nov. 12. —Two negroes were
slightly wounded and a negro policeman
killed last night, near the Ocean House in
Portsmouth, by a crowd of drunken men
from Norfolk. The wounded negroes were
tmietly passing down High street at the
tune they were shot. The negro policeman
interferred to stop the tiring when he was
shot through the head by some one in tlie
' crowd, and died almost instantly. Several
persons implicated in the shooting havo
been arrested, and will be brought before
the Mayor to-morrow for examination.
—Mr. lienton Wiley, of Craig county, is
: snid to have a yearling colt sixteen hands
i high, full grown, works in a wagon and
serves as a riding horse. What's his
stock '!
, —How about that lire opened on llie In
dependents at the Fincastle barbecue V It
was considerably quenched on tbe 7th, we
Tjtoil NEW WRI. «£_t_Bs__i
COMPANYs eleirant steamship (IKOKfJK B.
UPTON, Captain Hoiie-ts. will leave her whart
stKockettsim TCSEDAY, November H, tit 4 P
Csannectlng with sii-am^i> for
wich, StoninK'ton, Pall River and Boston fi'imi
same pier.
Kreh;hl l-cefved up to the hour of sailing.
Close connections and through bill, of ladiun
Riven to all sontheni, eastern, and western
places; also, to Europe and Australia.
Fare. A 5; meals and state-rooms, extra.
1). J. BURR, President,
1214 Main street.
WASttiMiTu* * Co., agents, Pier IS, North river
New York. no 13—2t
■jr*Oß NEW YORK. «sj_____s_
I'ANY'S elfipinl 'sili'-wlieel steamship ISAAC
BELL, Ca.pt.. Ui.akkma.v, will sail on TI'ESDAY,
November 14, at 3 o'clock P. M.
I'reiKht n'ci'iveil until 2 P. M.
Throuj.il bills of ladlutr signed, and .foods for
warded with dispatch to all points—north, sotrth,
■ east and west. Close connections made with tju
tiard line for foreijrn ports.
Passentrer accommodations unsurpassed.
Fore 112 eu
Steerage s 04
Round Trip Tickets 20 co
Fer freight or passage, apply to
no 13—2t No. 3 Oovernor street.
(IFFICR Of l_:»1ill.\Kl.It i
Richmokd, Va., Novemher 11, IS7I. ;
be received at this office until 12 M. \< >
V EMBER SOTH tor DRKIXHXO lhe . liti-mel
way from below Richmond bar to niid uerui**.
Warwick bar, James rirer, in n depth of 1"\. feet
at mean Viigh tide.
It U tvttflt&ted that the "work will require tlua
removal of fifty thousand (30,000) or more cubit-*
yards of material, nil of which ia easily dre-lyed
The contractors will be required to deposit th*
dredged material behind crib-work that will be
built and furnUhed by tlie city of Richmond.
The work must be begun between tbe Ist mm.
80th of January next, and completed «n or before*
tho Ist of-July, 1572. Rids must he per cubic
yard. Any further information desired may be
obtained by application al this office,
R. l>. MINOR.
Knglneej. James River Improvement.
no IS-— eodtd
Third Stout, Ujuox lU»_t Ruii.di.vu, [
Katbtti., Near ( 'harmsh Strkht, j
Raltimorr, Mi)., Nov. s, 1871. J
this office for the. REM (TV AT, OF ABOUT
wo cubic yari>s ok rock in the Ro
anoke RIVER, immediately below "VVeldon.
North Carolina. The depth of excavation will
not excited EIGHT FEET at ordinary low water.
The location in sheltered.
! Of. TSIDE, accompanied by a copy of the adver
tisement und .specifications, addressed to the un
dersigned, will be received at thi* office until
NOON OF HEOEMRER Cm. 11*71, and will be
opened ten minuteM thereafter, in presence ot
such bidders as choose to attend.
The right lv reserved to reject any bid.
Forma of proposal**, npeclficat.oiie, fee, to be
had at this office, where the mapn, ie., Ac, uiay
be seen. WM. P. CRAItmiLE,
no 9—bt Major of Engineer*.
IS il' BAY fHS IA'H.-I' i.M) HCWf Mcf>riß-N
i in the world, having the original LOCK-STITCH
i and a creator rt&f* of work, doing both very tluw
and very coarse work perfectly with lille* ir-.tii.jf
lo the operator. Has attachment* for
In fact, until .you hare ae«ii tho HOWE, you
havo bo idea what a rc-nlly mud--m Sewinj;-
Miuhine will do.
J. F M-KENNEY, A_-_vm,
HO 10—tf Ml IM.iir. street.
L. 1). Sim:'.- Ei-ht„hnth
To b- Dhaw.v ICaxsAT, jAxn_Y Ist, istf".
One Spun ot Matched Horse", vriih Family
Carriage and Silve.-Mountid Harness,
Worth |I,AUO.
Five Horses and Bu_t£ieH, wiih Silver-Mounliit
Harness, wurili +.01) each.
Fite Fiiie-ioned Roe-wood Piano.-, worth
(not) each.
23 Family Sev. ii'..--M;H'liiiies, woi'th ftsiKi each.
2,3C0 Gold nml Silver Lever Hnntiti.r Watches
(in all) worlh from *>_0 lo *:ino each.
■ Ladle.' Gold Lt online and Gints' Gold Yen
Chains, Solid nml Double-Plated silver Table
and Teaspoons, Plioiog/rapli .Alliums,
Jewelry, kc, ke., kc, kc.
Nr mints oi G ik i - _t,IXIO I Tickets limited lo lou.liUi
Agents wanted to sell tickets, io whom libersl
premiums will he paid.
Single Tickets, ti j Sir Tickets, $10; Twelve Tick
cls, ♦'._; Twenty-five, HO.
Circulars containing; a lull list of prizes, a de
scription of ihe manner of drawing, sud other
i Information in reference to ihe Distribution, will
he .eat io any one ordering (hem. All letteis
must he addressed to
L. I>. SINE, Ho--6,
Or. n JL Cincinnati, O,
101 W. Fifth street. no IS—wtDia
I Lats styles ju.-t received ; also, Mi- : noun it.-.
, lor November. Pruiiipnl agency at lhe office of
' the HOWE SEWING-MACHINE, i 23 Main
<lreet J. F. McKENNEY.
no lU—tf
A Guide In the absence of Medical Assists*.*-.
Published with the approval of the
I best Medical Authority.
The following are some of Us subjects:
. Bit-*. Bleeding,
Broken Hones,
1 Bruises, Bums,
I Choking, Cholera,
> Cold, Contusions,
Dislocations, Drowuing,
Dysentery, Fevers, rVontures.
'Hanging, Nursing, Potsoniug,
. Scalds, Small-pox, sprains, SuQocauoii,
Sunstroke, etc., etc., etc.
[ This volume, written by eminent Physicians, hss
been prepared for tho Press by the editors of
l_mo., 2(15 pages, with 2:1 Illustrations. Bound
. |1..(; Stitched, tl.
. Sold by sll booksellers, ami sent by mail, |>oel
psid, on receipt of price, by
no 11—tt Publisher, Boston

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