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Fifteen thousand poundt Seine m mmWBB&
Thread, my own importation, hat arrived (tnpe
rior to any other brand) and for sale low at
Importer ef_ Seine Thread, 1706 and 1707 j
Haul Selnea furnished at lactory _.ric*t. I
TWINE all numbers, SEINE LINES all sizet,
numbers—for sale cheaper than over at
1706 and 1707 Franklin street, j
Remember that is the place to buy the
cheapest and best Seine Thread.
I am closiuj. out my entire stock ol
VALISE'S. Great inducements offered to pur
chasers. Call early, or you will lose your
chance. G. S. LEATHERBURY,
Mil-6w Ul9 Main street.
warn. Mccormick,
On consignment, a large and desirable stock
I would respectfully call the attention of the
citistens of Richmond and public generally, to
this large and varied stock of the above named
goods, embracing as it does nearly overy article
to be found in a well-stocked house. The most
of these goods have been ipurchased since the
great financial Crisis, at greatly reduced prices,
which enables me to offer to the trade and con
sumers, at private sale, greater inducements
lhan can be found elsewhere In the city.
Consignments solicited. Outdoor sales
promptly attended to.
a. Mccormick,
oc 4 Auctioneer and Com. Merchant.
W. H. FtatiNl E. M.Cabhoio.
Richmond, Virginia.
Liberal advances made on consignments.
_l__r Special attention paid to the sale of To
baceo, Grain and Flour. au 21—tf
to look as good as new—by „ 1
ap >—tf 818 Broad Street.
._,. ~. - - - i — ~—.
First appearance of the original
Secure your scats at O F. Johnston's Music
Store, 918 Main street.
Admission, 35, IXO, 75c. and HI, according
to location. _, ??J?r* 1 ..
DECEMBER SStli. S6th AND 27th.
Return of the Famous Artistic
Brass Band and Burlesque Opera Troupe,
With more crowning, triumphant success I
Having just concluded a most brilliant season
of two weeks at the Varieties Theatre, New
Orleans, the palace of beauty and fashion of the
Crescent City, appearing before large, refined
and select audiences nightly, their receipt*
running each evening from »600 to *1,600.
Will appear as above, in nn entirely new, at
tractive and pleasing programme.
Admission at popular prices. Reserved seat*
for sale at the nsnal places.
OHAS. H. DUPREZ, Manager.
OHAS. H KEESHIN, General Agent. ' I
Reserved seats for sale at E. A. _Ambold t
music store.
JeM- 6t
In Dumas' great five act-comedy-drama of
with the same cast as played at Daly's Broad
way Theatre.
Reserved seats, *1.00 ; on sale at CF. John
ston'« mnelc store, 9ig Main street. de aa-ot
The traveling public Is cautioned against rel}
correct Information ln reference to rates by
the different routes to points West.
The statement that the rates from RICH
MOND TO CINCINNATI and other point*
West via Baltimore and Ohio railroad are lower
than by any other line, is "PERFECTLY
FALSE" ..,_,,,
The time is only thirty-one honrs and tei
minutes. The rate* to nearly all pointt an
LOWER than by any other line.
For correct informaUojj and ratet, apply «
any of th* principal ticket offloee ln the country
Baggage checked to destination.
General Passenger and Ticket Agent.
.Nolo from Caroline-Arrest of a Mur
Bowling Green, \
December 25,1873. /
7b the Etlitor of The State Journal:
Last July, at a township meeting at
Sparta, in this county, a tree light occurred,
io which one Stafford H. Garnett shot and
killed a man by the name of Chinnault.
One hundred dollar's reward was offered
for Qarnett's arrest by tho Governor,
which will be received by two colored men,
who succeeded in capturing the prisoner
this morning about twelve miles from this
place. Garnett has been in Philadelphia
aince ihe shooting until a day or two ago,
when he returned, as he says, for the pur
pose of surrendering himself. The ver
dict of public opinion is that it was a case
of justifiable homicide. The accused is
here in. jail, (f __i ,____..
Christmas is blooming as bright here as
it |can considering the scarcity of money
and the bad weather. The "bloods" gen
erally are on a bender, and whisky in
heavy demand, with quick sales and big
profits. Quill.
—R.L. Ragland, Conservative, has been
elected to the Virginia Senate from Halifax
county, over N. S. Eddy, Roppublican, to
fill a vacancy.
—The Hillsville News says that the
small grain in Caldwell, is looking well.
The Euterprise..of Wytheville, endorses the
same with reference to its own county.
—The Abingdon Virginian lias been in
formed that Governor McMullin declines
the position of United States Senator, and
announces himself a candidate for Con
—The Winchester News states that the
court Of appeals has awarded a writ of
error in the case of Lycurgus Little, recent
ly tried and sentenced to the penitentiary
for the murder of his brother in Clarke
county. No time has been fixed for a new
—-We learn, says The Warren Sentinel,
that the contractors on Ihe Shenandoah
Valley railroad have been notified to hold
themselves in readiness to commence
operations in January. In accordance
with this understanding the contractors aro
retaining and feeding their stock. Those
who have the righ, to speak aro perfectly
confident that the Shenandoah Valley rail
road will be built, and that pretty soon.
Doe In Trouble.
It anybody has seen a black and tan
dog, answering to the name of "Judge,"
going down the street in company with a
bard-shell turtle that won't answer to any
thing, and certainly won't answer to tackle
as the dog can tell you if you can get him
to stop long enough, please halt the elop
ing pair, as they are the property of this
paper. We are fondly attached to the dog
on account of his vagabondish, Bohemain
He khows every dog in Peoria by name,
and is on speaking terms with nine-tenths
of the Grangei dogs that come under the
wagons, and he knows more of the inhab
itants of this city than the tax-collector
does. Tho turtle is a more recent acqui
sition. Tt was placed in the back yard
yesterday and the dog spent an hour and a
half try ing to entice it to come out of its shell
and be sociable. The old iron-clad main
tained his reserve, however, until the dog
crammed his nose against the forward
part and began to snuff. The pair seem
to come to some understanding at once,
for the dog made an impetuous remark
on a very high key, and they both star
ted immediately on a trip after Donald
son's balloon. When the dog jumped
over Fisher's barn, we thought he had
struck the eastern current and would go
right through, but we learn since that he
lauded and was seen sauntering along like
a whirlwind, tho turtle staying right
by him. We should be sorry to lose the
dog now, as ho has acquired another im
portant and valuable quality. He knows
more about turtle than any other dog in
the county, and it is mighty hard to find a
real good turtle dog.— Peona Review.
Hints to Congress.
The two weeks' adjournment of both
Houses, from December 19 to January o,
ia an offense against decency so gross as to
revive all the other shortcomings of our
public servants at Washington. It was
bad eneugh to waste nearly a month in
useless and vulgar recrimination ; but to
break off before one single thing was done
to relievo the people from the intolerable
distress under which they labor, is one of
those outrages that ought to be remem
bered, as ought all who had a hand in it.
—Philadelphia Press {Rep.)
We believe tho country would be
entirely safe if all the men who are now in
Washington were to die. We are sure it
would be a great deal safer if a great
many of them were to resign and go home.
There is need for a new deal—for sending
new men who have not been in public hie
so long as to become corrupted, and ate
probably honest.— Lafayette (md.)
Journal (Rep.) ~,
The people of this country will not
silently and tamely submit to any further
increase of taxation. Honesty, economy,
retrenchment and reform in every depart
ment of the government must be had, and
had at once.— lllinois State Journal' (Rep.)
Possibly these men are wise iv adjourn
ing. They ceitainly can do less harm dur
ing the next few weeks out of session than
they have done the past three weeks in
session. Indianapolis Sentinel (Ind.)
Two Innocent Men Hung.—Some
time ago a man by the name of Evans was
lynched in Kansas, and in a report of the
lynching one of the Kansas papers alleged
that before his death he made a confession,
in which he said he once committed a mur
i der in Kentucky for which two men were
i hung. It is believed that he referred to
tho execution of William P. King and
Abraham Owens, at Frankfort, Ky., in
June 1867. King was a leader of a
mux; of thieves who had stopped several
trains on the Louisville and Nashville rail
road and robbed the passengers. Owens
was a member of the gang. They were
convicted or murdering Harvey King, a
half-witted brother of William King from
fears of his exposing their robbery.
—A Georgia editor was biiten by a dofc,
"being evidently mistaken for a bone."
—Complete official returns make the
majority in Pennsylvania for tho new con
stitution 145,150.
—The young man who boasted ho could
marry any girl ho pleased, found that he
couldn't please any.
—A letter from England says Mr.
Motley looks much better than he did two
months ago, but is far from well.
—Colonel John W. Forney announces
that under no circumstances will he con
sent to bo a candidate for mayor of Phila
—The largest taxpayer in Sullivan, In
diana, being a colored man, has had to pe
tition for the privilege of sending his chil
dren to the public school.
—The chief of police of Memphis has
taken a census of the ''roughs" and finds
that, of one hundred and thirty-six all but
three survived the epidemic.
—The report of Bazaine's flight is un
founded. It is now stated that the ex
marshall has left Paris for Sainte Margue
rite, his place of imprisonment.
—"Youmust be a quarrelsome fellow,"
said a phrenologist to a man whoso bumps
he waa examining. "Say that again and
I'll knock you down," was the response.
—A philosopher says that "a true man
never frets about his place in tho world
but just slides into it by the gravitation of
his naturo, and swings there as easily as a
—Eighty-eight young ladies in Minnesota
have agreed not to marry any man who
uses tobacco. The same number of men
havo banded together and agreed not to
marry any female who uses false hair.
—New Orleans sent to Genoa, Italy,
two hundred barrels of whisky, manu
factured in Louisiana, but consoles herself
with the reflection that it is all coming
back soon in tho form of French brandy. ;
—The world is a looking-glass, and gives
back every man the reflection of his own
face. Frown at it, and it will io turn '
look sourly upon you. Laugh at it, and
wi.h it, and it is a jolly, kind companion. '
—What a wonderful oil upon the machi- ,
nery of human affairs tact is 1 To know j
just what to say, and when to say it, and ;
towhom to say it—to know when to be (
silent, and when deferentially to listen is a ,
great gift.
—Deserve friends, and you will havo
them. The world is teeming with kind- ,
hearted people, and you have only to carry i
a kind, sympathetic heart in your own, ,
bosom to call out goodness and friendliness ■
from others. j
—The baneful habit of opium eating is i
increasing in this country. From three to i
five years of indulgence wrecks the finest 1
Bonstitution, the eyes aro sunken, the 1
frame is emaciated, and death ends the
wasted life.
—A modern philosopher thinks it a j
mistake to suppose women have stronger i
tltachments than men. A man is often
ittached to an old hat, but he asks, "Who
sver heard of a woman being attached to' _
in old bonnet ?"
—Some years ago, a fat fellow asked f
Sir Francis Burdett, while in Parliament,
'or some position, saying: "Don't you re- t
member me? I used to be a page.''
'Well," responded Sir Francis, "you have .
srown into a volume."
—There are some persons who possess *
m inexpressible charm in their manners, a
something which attracts our love instan- c
taneously; without wealth, position or
talents, still a dignity hovers round them,
md ennobles every action. '
—"The evidence shows that he sot up
with her night after night, and they squoze v
lands and talked soft, and I think she <
.ught to have about $2 damages," was
be charge of a Kansas judge to a jury in a
t breach of promise case. . c
—Tho late Rev. Baron Stowe, of Bos- (
ton, said: "Sermons are like guns, long or'
short, new or old, bright or rusty, loaded n
ar empty. Some shoot too high, some too.
low. They teach, amuse or exasperate,' p
tccording as they are managed." : _
—Every parent is like afooking-glass for
bis children to dress themselves by. c
Therefore, parents should take care to, I
keep the glass bright and clear, and not r
lull and spotted—as their good example is
a rich inheritance for the rising genera- a
tion - -
Nullum RotbscblKl.
In Harper's Monthly for January, Mr. s
Junius Henri Browne contributes under
the fanciful title "The Knights of the t
Red Shield," a history of the Rothschild
family, with portraits of its principal <=
members. .Those of our readers who
may not be millionaires will feel a grim F
satisfaction in perusing the following, f
which may serve to make them more con
tented with their lot :
"The wretchedly rich Nathan Roths- c
child never went out alone after dark, £
never entered an uulighted room, had ser- c
vants within call of his bed-chamber, J
slept with loaded pistols under his pillow. ]
"A fellow-Frankforter, dining with him a
one evening, and observing the luxury of 1
his household, remarked : 'You must be 'J
happy, baron, with ihe power to gratify 1
every wish.' - ;
" 'Happy, indeed. was tho response. 1
'Do you think- it happiness to be haunted g
always by a dread of murder, to have
your appetite for breakfast sharpened by
a threat to stab you to the heart unless -
you enclose a thousand guineas to some
unknown villain?'
"On one occasion, when the great hnan
cier had been to an evening party, and had
?otten into his carriage to go home, a
riend, wishing to make an appointment,
stepped out to speak to him Ihe
timorous banker mistook his familiar for
a highwayman, and thrust a pistol out ot
the carriage window, with his favorite cry
of 'Murder!' before he could be acquainted
with the situation." ~., j
To Unremitting Friends.—Unless
somo of our patrons remit to us promptly,
that we may lay in Christmas supplies,
we'll be under the disagreeable necessity of
swapping our (a horse-chest
nut) for chewing gum—and our digestion
isn't of the best. The only "stay-law"
we favor is something to stay our stom
ach. The "gobble-gobble" of a turkey in
our neighbor's back yard doesn't help
worth a cent.— Free Press.
To gain a name of worth, a man must
have an aim, a purpose for which he lives
—not merely a bubble upon the stream,
tossed to and fro by each succeeding wave;
not merely the play thine of fate, but a be
ing ot determination, who looks to some
harbor where he wills bis boat shall anchor,
and in willing conquers circumstances, and
is not their slave. I
ViaotaiA Oi'EtA-Hersi! — Professor Macallister.
the Great Magician.
Ricbmoiio" TntATßß—Dnpres k Benedict*
Philip Weber, liT7 Main street, all
kinds of Willow Ware and Toys.
W. C. Smith, Nos. 4X2 Broad or
909 Main street, Toys of every
J. K. Molloy, Main and 23d streets,
for Wines, Brandies and Liquors
of all kinds.
C. F. Johnston, Toy Books, Music
and Musloal Instruments and
fancy articles.
A. Antoni, Main street, Candies
Cakes, Fruits, and everything
nice In. Confectionery.
L i—U_l
« In mtmWmt »»_r—lts Observance.
Notwithstanding tbe cry of hard times,
we believe yesterday was as generally ob
served as any Christmas we have seen for
years. Business seemed to be completely
suspended, except in the confectionary line.
Our streets were thronged from early
morn till close of day with young and old,
fireing small cannons, guns, pistols, fire
crackers, tooting-horns, and many of them
being loaded with horns. The ladies were
out in goodly numbers in the morning,
many of them wending their way to
church. Services were held in all of the
Episcopal churches, which wero as usual
beautifully decorated with evergreens,
Scriptual mottoes of various kinds, were
also placed along the walls at 'appropriate
intervals. Some of the Methodist churches
were also open, as well as all the Catholic
churches. Towards night the ladies had
disappeared from our streets, and men and
boys had it all their own way.
Wo have heard of no fights
or rows of a serious character,
which we think argues well for tho dignity
of our citizens. Only one crowd came
under our notice as being worthy of the
station-house, and that was about eleven
o'clock last night. This rabble crowd
. met a party of young gentlemen near the
corner of Sixth and Broad streets, whom
they grossly insulted, which insult they
tried to overlook ; but on its continuance
it was resented with blows, and but for the
coolness of some on either side, a general
blacking of eyes and bruisina of faces
would have ensued. As it was, only a few
were injured in a noticeable manner. All
in all Christmas day, December 26, 1873,
was observed in this city as decently and
as orderly as any day of general enjoyment
is observed in any city of its size in tho
United States.
Police Court.—Justice White dis
posed of the following cases in this court
John Chapman, drunkenness, nned $2.
William James, stealing, jailed ninety
William Christian, being disorderly,
fined $2.50.
Isaac Hastings, bastardy, continued until
Timothy Hatley, beating his wife, fined
Albert Kiug, unlawful assault, dismissed
at the station-house.
Edward Clayton, assault, jailed thirty
A. L. Jacobs, K. Fisher, and Mrs. K.
Fisher, unlawful assault and stealing, con
tinued until Tuesday next. Bailed in the
cum of $300 each.
Isaac Jacobs, two cases of perjury and
unlawful assault, continued until Tuesday.
Bailed in the sum of 8900
John Johnson, creating a disturbance
and attempting to cut a policeman Monday,
continued until 27th, bailed in the sum of
Candis Robinson, stealing, continued
until the 27th.
IA. L.Jacob, abusive language. The same,
irjury, continued until Tuesday, bailed in
c sum of $600.
Harrison, Garnett and John 11. Wilder,
eating a disturbance in the house of
oward Brooks, countinued until to-mor-
W. E. Bowler and 11. M. Wade, keeping
disorderly house, discharged.
Wm. Robinson, drunkenness, sent to
ation-house for six hours.
Martha Jane Bell, drunkenness, sent to
ation-house for twelve houts.
Norman Johnson, stealing, jailed for I
lirty days, i
John Russer, unlawful detention, dis-
Daniel Scruggins, drunkenness and ex
osing his person in the First niarket
ouse, jailed for six months.
Roanoke College.—The anniversary
elebration of the Demosthenean Literary
ociety of Roanote College, will take place
n Monday, January 19, 1874. President,
James Willis, Virginia; orator, H. P.
Bailey, Virginia; debaters, H. E. Batfey
and C. A. Marks, Virginia; committee,
W. J. Smith, Maryland ; 0. C. Johnson,
Texas; O. P. Moore, Tennessee; S. E.
Hatcher, Virginia; T. 11. Jarrett, West
Virginia; A. J. Black, Louisiana ; E. S.
Murphy, Tennessee; Hughes Dillard, Vir
ginia ; R. H. Liverton, New Jersey. *_
Virginia Opera-House.—Go to the
Virginia Opera-house to-night and see
Professor Macallister in his wonderful feats
of illusion. The pandora mystery and the
enchanted pavilion are the most striking
features of the entertainmont, though as
a whole, it is decidedly enjoyable. Macal
lister is one of the best illusionists that has
visited our city. Remember his family
matinee at 2 o'clock to-morrow afternoon.
Sent On.—Charles Frayser, Lafayette
Evans and John Hill, charged with felo
niously cutting and wounding Walker Hill,
on the 24th instant, with a razor, were ex
amined before Justice White to-day, who
sent them on to the grand jury. Frayser
was bailed for his appearance in the sum of
$1,000. Evans and Hill were committed
to jail.
Arrests in thirty-Six Hours.—
During the past thirty-six hours, ending
this a. m., there were about one hundred and
forty persons arrested and conveyed to thi;
station-houses. The cause of arrest iv
the majority of cases was drunkenness.
They were let out this morning.
The Fire Brigade.—The fine body
of men composing thiß organization, after a
short parade through our stseots, with their
the City Hall', where they were inspected j
by his honor the mayor and the council
I flt- l_»r\nrtnipnt
The Minstrels.—A large audience
greeted the celebrated Duprez & Bene
dict's minstrels at the Theatre last night,
and all were doubtless well pleased with
these burnt cork celebrities. The most
enjoyable feature to us was the singing,
which was decidedly tho best we have
heard from a minstrel troupe for many a
day. If you want to see fun don't fail to
see them. They givo another performance
to-night, and close to-morrow night.
Temperance.—This subject, we pre
sume, will earnestly engage the attention
of a number of our citizens after yester
day's debauchery. Our colored friends who
may not be thoroughly initiated into the
mysteries of intemperance, and those who
are, will have an opportunity of hearing
the beauties of temperance thoroughly elu
cidated by Anthony Binga, at tbe Man
chester Colored , Baptist church, on Sun
ry next, at 7J p. m.

Laid up for Repairs.—Doubtless
there are a larger number of old men,
young men, and (a lamentable fact) boys
laid up to-day for repairs than there has
been at this season for a number of years.
Dr. Rosser—This distinguished preach
er and revivalist, who resides near the
suburbs of our city, is in Louisville, Ken
tucky, on a visit.
Liquids are not relished as much to-day
as we have seen them.
Samples op Christmas may still be
seen upon our streets.
Santa Claus, Kriss Kringle, St.
Nicholas, etc., has disappeared.
We could glean nothing worth record
ing from the Capital or custom-house to
The interior of the postoffiee was
handsomely decorated with evergreens yes
Business is not as brisk to-day as it
was a few days ago. Christmas day, 1873,
has disappeared.
A man who had his new hat exchanged
for an old one in a barber's shop yesterday
says that unless it is returned he will for
ward to the wife of tho person who took
it the letter found concealed in the lining of
the old one.
"Pretty bad under foot to-day,"
said one citizen to another, as they met
in the street. "Yes, but it's fine overhead."
"Beyond the clouds," responded the other.
"True enough," said the first, "but then
very.few are going that way."
List of unmailable letters remaining in
the Richmond .Postoffiee to-day : Ameri
can Photograph company, 24 Vessy
street, New York City, N. V.; William
Felthams, Richmond, Va.; Mr. William
Harris, 119 High street.
People always fancy that we can
not become wise without becoming old;
but, in truth, as years accumulate, it is
hard to keep ourselves as wise as we wero.
Man becomes, in the different stages of his
life, indeed, a different being, but he can
not say that he will surely be better as he
grows onward, and in certain matters he is
as likely to be right in his twentieth as in
his sixtieth year.
Editors or the Dispatch :
While in Paris in 1869 I was introduced to the
German Princess D by the American Minis
ter. Her entertainments were the most stylish
and in the best taste of any given ln the French
capital that memorably gay winter. Imagine
my surprise, however, at meeting her in Rich
mond ten days ago, when she inlormed me she
was making an American tour incog. She liked
Richmond, she declared, better than any city |
tstiL- had visited ot its size lit this country, and
was enthusiastic in her praise or the equestrian
monument in the Capitol Square, which shore- j
garded as superior to that of Frederick the
Great at Berlin. She was specially charmed
with the view from Gamble's and Libby's hills,
and pronounced the steeple of St. Paul's church
the most graceful she had ever seen.
Stopping suddenly, she added : "By-the-way,
your Main street is really beautiful, bntlmust
confess I like Antoni's establishment better than
any on It. It is not as large as Gautier's ln
Paris, or Feranti's in lovely Florence, but is
arranged as beautifully as a parterre of flower*
of varied tints. Such luscious fruit*, delicate
and artistic Paris confections, and gorgeons
fancy articles, are surerf enough to open the
purse of a miser. Then, the dear blonde dolls,
iv endle.s variety and fairy beauty, almost
make me wish I were a little girl again."
Such a distinguished tribute from one allied to
royalty to so enterprising a citizen as Mr. Astoul'
I think, Messrs. Editors, ought to be published
in your valuable journal. Hence this communi
cation. _________ *"' "'■
Ho! for Christmas and New
YtAB.—I have some fine Old Rye •Whisky of
different brands, which I will sell In suitable
quantities from a barrel down to a gill. Also,
Southampton Apple Brandy, New England and
Jamaica Rum, Fine Fish Gin, made after the
old Dutch style. Port and Sherry Wine. Also,
Irish and Scotch Whiskies. I would also add,
that I have some Old French Brandy, and many
other liquors too numerous to mention.
Johh K. Mallot, wholesale and retail liquor
dealer, corner Main and Twenty-Third streets.
Great Excitement with the
Litti.* Gibus abd Boys.—"l tay, George, where
are you going?" "Where am I going? lam
going down to 204 Seventeenth street, between
Grace and Broad streets, where they are giving
toys away." "What, George, giving toys away V
"Well, they are selling them so cheap I call it
giving them away." "Who keeps that store at
204 Seventeenth street 1" " A friend to the
X i*i
Christmas Toys, wholesale and retail,
Philip Webbb, 1510 Main street, ha* the largest
stock of Toys in the city. Call early and get
your Christmas supplies. Also, manufacturer
of Willow Ware, Willow Baskete, Oane Chairs,
and Setteea,
TOYS! TOYS ! ! TOYS !! !
I Broad Street.
9 Main Street. j
Ricbmoiid, December 24,1873.
arsigned hereby gives notice that I
BTAR LINE," and that any tickets sold by him
on or after this date will not be recognized by
the above Steamship Line.
Agent White Star Line, |
Uey Wast Items.
Key West, December 25.—The torpedo
boat Pinta left Key West last night for
Havana, on a trip of observation.
The Kansas, Commander Reed, has ar
rived here, four days from Santiago de
Cuba. ■- ti.
The Canandaigua arrived at Santiago on
Friday, 19th December, two days before
the Kansas left. All are well on the Kan
sas and Canandaigua.
The steamer San Antonio from Galveston
to New York, reports remarkably rough
weather on the Gulf.
Lieutenant Winn, commanding the
Pawnee, denies that there is any danger
ous fever on that ship. The mortality is
small considering the large number of re
cruits on board from New Orleans.
There is no yellow fever in this vicinity.
A gale from tho northward has prevailed
at Key West, during which the Dispatch
and Mayflower dragged their anchors, but
after drifting around the harbor were
finally secured.
It is reported by both the Kansas and
Pinta that Ralph Keeler, special corres
pondent of the .New York Tribune, left
Santiago de Cuba on a steamer for
Batasano about ten days ago. At
Manzanillo he was missing, though his bag
gage was still on board. Not having been
heard from on the 21st, it is feared
some serious accident has befallen him.
All was quiet at Santiago de Cuba when
the Kansas left.
Til© Holiday*.
Washington, December 26.—But lit
tle business is being transacted at the de- ]
partments, and all political affairs are in
There Was a very short cabinet meeting
It is snowing steadily here this morning.
Washington, December 26.—-Lejal
tenders outstanding at the close of business
in the Treasury Wednesday were $376,
The receipts from internal revenue sources
were $247,239.81.
One hundred thousand dollar bonds of
1858 were exchanged for new fivo per cent,
Bloody Affray—Three Persona Killed
nnd Ono Wounded.
Lancaster, December 26.—A bloody
fracas took place at Groveton last even
ing, growing out of an attempt by Michael
O'Leary and a Frenchman named Black
well, both intoxicated, to enter a house cf
questionable repute, owned by a French
man named Gonye. The result of the
fight was the death of Gonye and his son, !
a young man, who was killed by O'Leary
with a club . the mortal wounding of
Blackwell with an axe by the elder Gonye,
and a bad wound on O'Learys's head from
a club used by the female inmates of the
hou se.
Fratricide—Summary punishment or
the Murderer.
Dayton, December 2G.—At a shooting
match yesterday at Riga, a village near,
here, two brothers, John and Henry Stowe,
quarrelled about loading a rifle and John
called Henry a liar, wheji Henry drew a
revolver and shot John, killing him ra- I
stantly. * . I
The spectators being much excited, I
caught and hung Henry to the limb of a I
tree, and when he was taken down life j
was extinct. Too much whisky caused the
New Yoyk, December 2G.—Stocks
quiet. Money 6a7. Gold opened at
109J; now 109$. Exchange, long 81;
short, 9i. Governments dull. States dull
and nominal.
New York, December 26.—Arrived,
Italia, San Jacinto, Holsatia, Cuba. Ar
rived out, lowa* Elysia, Caspian, Balti
more, Sidonia.
n i—i •
Threatened Outbreak at Santlaso.
New York, December 20.—A Key
West dispatch says an outbreak w*s
threatened at Santiago de Cuba on tne
18th instant, when the American consul
displayed his flag ou hi* hatel. The citi
zens insisted that the botel "*?, n «» , the
consulate. Tho flag was hnally taken
down. -._....
A I_ue or HMr Htoefclnaa-A
eiwlatt""* Bus*.
The Washington Star gives the follow
ing Georgetown incident: "About hall
past? o'clock Tuesday et ening, as the sec
retary and treasurer of U le board of trus
tees of public schools of Georgetown was
toasting his shins before, a comfortable fire |
contract with regular patrons.
door bell. The servant promptly .re
sponded, but soon returned and reported
that there was no body there, but
that there was a string across the
door on which was suspended any number
of ladks' empty stockings. The astonished
secretary and treasurer looked at the ser
vant to discover whether or not she had
lost her senses, aud rinding no trace of a
mind demented, betook himself to the door,
where, sure enough, he found the feminine
hosiery as described. The string on which
the stockings wero suspended was taken
into the house, when it was found that at
tached to each stocking was the name of a
teacher of the public schools in George
"The official scratched his head, and
finally came to the conclusion that the
significance of the whole matter lay in the
fact that, as the teachers had not received
their pay for three months they had not
the wherewithal to fill their stockings for
Christmas. Finally, he obtained a hint
from some source that the perpetrators of
the joke were congregated in an adjoining
house, upon which he sent a cordial invi
tation for the teachers to make their ap
pearance. This they did, and were enter
tained by the secretary and treasurer in
excellent style. He explained to them his
inability, 'owing to circumstances over
which he had no control,' to satisfy their
claims, and hoped that ere long they
would receive the compensation which
they have richly merited by faithful ser
The Ohio State Journal has no very
I exalted opinion ot the ex-Vice President
of the late un.ainented Confederacy, judg
ing from the following paragraph:
It is singular what faith and devotion
still exist in tho .Southern mind for
Alexander H. Stephens. He is the
grandfather smallweed of the American
Congress, and has been for half a centu
ry. In his halest and best days tho
breath of his own voice was enough to
knock him down physically. His style
is that of a superannuated Cicero, with
no toga knocking against his shrunk
shanks, but dressed in gambogian nan
keen vest and modern clawhammer coat,
and talking the indescribable half-breed
which is called English in the Southern
states. "The most remarkable man,
sab.," says our enthusiastic friend Colo
nel Culpeppaph, from Culpeppah Court
house—"One of tho inastah minds—a
brow that is mo' than mo'tal—fresh
from natu's mould. He is a truo-born
child of this frco hemisphere, sah! Ver
dant as the mountains of our country:
bright and flowing as our minerals licks;
unspiled by withering conventionalities an
air our broad and boundless perairers !
Rough he maybe, sah. So air our bans.
Wild he may be, sah. So air our buffa
loes. But he is a child of Natur, and a
child of freedom, sah, and hii boastful
answer to the Despot and tho Tyraud is,
that his bright home is in the sunny
Sotidi, sah, by " This, or some
thing like it, every Southern born gen
tleman believes in his honest gushing
soul to be true, and his touching faith in
the quavering old gentleman who blinks
in tbe Washington of to-day like an owl
scared out of his ruins, is enough fo dis
arm criticism, if it does not always insure
DERN-BUILT HOUSE. Gas nnd water in _______
the house, with good stable accommodations
situated on Adams, between Leigh and Clay
et se a iß-tf PP ' yt ° ORUBBS * WILLIAMS.
llKl'.lli T VRKJIF JIT*
FOX NEW YORK. ___f_fe
PANY'S elegant side-wheel steamship ISA All
BELL, Capt. Biakbsian, will sail SUNDAY,
December 28, at 10 a. m.
Freight recei>'ed until 8 o'clock Saturday night.
On and after November 1, ships will leave
Norfolk at 4 o'clock p. m. during the winter.
Through bills of lading signed, and goods foi
wardedwith dispatch toall points—North.Sonth
east and West. Close connections made with Ou
nard line for foreign ports.
PasßCiigcr accommodations oiisurpa-ssed.
Steerage « °°
Bound Trip Tickets *> "0
For freight or passage, apply to
GEO. W. ALLEN k 00.,
de26—2t Company's Wharf. Rocketts.
Widows and Orphans of the Southern
Oistbibdtioh No. 710. EvtHiKa, Dec. 24
70 63 49 5 05 13 G 8 00 14 G4 25
liiflTßinnnon No. 711. Moatita. Dec. 28.
29 8 58 50 51 60 65 6 5 3 75 28
Witness my hand, at Richmond, Va., this 26th
day of December, 1873.
Managers. Commissioner
chased from Captain W. I. DABNEY, at the
Brand office, No. 9 Twelfth street, three doors
from Main. —-_______________=__=____=____=
Ist day of December, a. d„ 1873, a warrant In
bankruptcy was Issued out of the District
Oourt of the United States for the Eastern
District of Virginia, against the estate of
Edward Leadbetter, of Hanover county, and
State of Virginia, who has been adjudged a
bankrupt on his own petition: That the pay
ment of any debts, and the delivery of any pro
perty belonging to said bankrupt, to him or for
his nse, and the transfer of any property by him,
are forbidden by law : That a meeting of the
creditor* of said bankrupt, to prove their debt*,
and choose one or more assignees of his estate,
will be held at a conrt of bankruptcy, to bo
holden at Richmond, Va., before W. W. Forbes,
esq., register, on the 19* day of January,
a. d. 1874. at 10 o'clock a. m.
dele—T»g U. S. Marshal.
nuns IS TO GIVE NOTICE—That on the
J. Ist day of December, a. d. 1873, a warrant
in bankruptcy was issued out of the DUtrict
Oourt of the United States against tho estate of
R. W. H. Parsons, of Sussex county, and
State of Virginia, who has been adjudged a
bankrupt on his own petition-.-That the pay.
ment of any debts, and the delivery of any
property belonging to said bankrupt, to him or
tor his use, and the transfer of any property by
him are forbidden by lawt-That a meeting of
the creditors of said bankrupt, to prove their
debta, and choose one or more assignees of
his estate, will be held at a Conrt of
Bankruptcy, to be holden at Richmond,
Virginia, before W. W. Forbes, esq., register,
on the 19th day of January, a. d., 1874, at 10
o'clock a. m. DAVID B. PARKEB.
de 16-TSw v - s - —«——•

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