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[Vol. I.]
■ [No. 44\]
' • . T/IE t RECORDER;
__^S^ADYs AND GENTLEMAN’S miscellany
fruited by HENRY PACE; and JAMES T. CALLENDFtt i>77 -4U- -_ ’
- --'NP* VlKOIKtAj »m:^.r)itW *,«ry W«mho*» Morning. SObfoript^on Tk,. O ,th7s~77^-.
___ nt.nNEy.OAr: ma r 5. T^I.-;
V %
THE Subscribers to this Paper, who have
not yet paid their Subscriptions, agreeably to
conditions of Sublcriping, are refpc&fully re
queued to forward the famy to this Offifce.
Numbers have not yet paid any money Since
their commencement of receiving from the
firft Number of this Paper, although the
terms are one half "V car tr. advance. Wc
can only fay, that thofe Gentlemen muft fee
the propriety of our discontinuing to forwmd
theiv Papers any longer, if the money is not
immediately remitted, which can be done by
the means of Bank Notes, by letter. The
httie Profit arifing from this Papcr,on account
of the quantity of original matter contain
ed in it, renders prompt payment neccuarV.
The Poft-Mafters, who have Subscriptions
Oh hand, arc refpe&fully requefted to forward
the fame, As above mentioned, or many Sub
feribers who have paid, will otherwife be in
4ang;*n'of having their papers discontinued.
'Jptil 3, 1802.
Ok T H U R S D *4 T next.
With Variations.
fully invite* the citizens of Richmond
(including thi Ladie*} and hs vicinity, to sucod
/^naiyfis of a LECTT^R E on
With EXPERIMENTS, 10 be delivered on
THURSDAY Evening, May bib, iSo£,
Aifr. a definition -f the creation of the
In feven diftinft periods, illuftrated with Tranfrarent
Figure*, srd particularly calculated to promote uleful
knowledge in the rifing- generation. Particular* u(
which will be cxpretTed in the hand bid**
Tickets only kr.lf r* dollar each; to be had at the
Feggle Tavern-, at the Flail j ami at Mr. Davidfcn’s,
near the bridge*
Door* to be apeccd at feven, and commence pre.
eifc.y at half after.
Near the OLD CITY TAVE-RN, Main.Sired,
MA aES ail forts of hum aralPiftob. in the nerttft
manner, w»d on the tnoft reafoaabie Term#,
idc return* thank, to hi* friends f»r their encou
ragement, and inform' them he continues to clean and
.repair old Cun# and idols.
_V. 3* T.vo Apprentice* wanted. A ftnall Pre
mium will ue expefted.
April ia4, i8.it.
A PERSON that is well acquainted with the
Branch of
Wishes to employ a great Part of his Time with
two or three Gentlemen, in or near the CITY of
lupertotending their Gardens.
For further Particulars enquire of the Painter.
RICHMOND, Jan. 21, 1802.
The Laws of Virginia,
A MONO other numerous and important Im
jtx. prnvements in the prOpoled Richmond Edi
tion of ‘' The Revifed Code of the Lanvs of Vtr
“ gimaf the following will be particularly at
tended to:—The A61 of Aliembly, for convoking
the Convention of this State, in Order to difeuis
the Qusftion of the Pederal Conftituuon;—the
I,aw, refpedVing the Acceptance and Ratification
of the Federal byPetn ;—the Laws concerning Ca
nuls, the Patonumoc, the fames River, and other
T11 is edition will alfo comprehend the Com
paft with the State Of Maryland, refpetting th«
River PatO'ivmai; and. that regarding the Bound
ary between Peunjyl<vania, and Kentucky, with
other Additions, too numerous for Ir:^er;;on in
this Place.
It has already been dated to the Public, that
this Work will cofl only SIX DOLLARS, ele
gantly l>oi*ni! and lettered, m ore lari?’ od'. o
Volume v *
grammar sc hod I,.
An Affiftant wanted,
j Who underftands the Dead Languages.
. „ hnquirt oj the Printer.
April 26, 1802. f f
Five Hundred Dollars,
For twelve Months,
j For which will be given very high mtcrefl, and «u
j disputable Security m the cuy of Richmond
i , Enquire of the printer,
j April 27,1802. t f
! Imported from London,
And landed this Day,
\ At Mr. BOWLER's, near the
Bridge, Richmond,
A N elegant allbrnuem of fancy jipanncd chair*
XA. or t (upenor kind* with fcitc-c* ;o m*tch a
fuptro painird Wdftead. fo.ne beautiful print*, mici'
aturc frames, &c. g enticinci.\s fufpenders.orgaliowfis
l.kewife Loudon made ladies an4 gentlemen', dref*
liiocs <0 evirv oelcr;p ion. a few pair of half boots of
the mrefeni lalhtoo, aod finilhed tiy rhe b<rft work rot 11
; -n Great Britain; 50 pair t f fpursin the New Market
; 3 fcw d07tn pair of real corduvan Enghfli bora
legs, very iow priced* hand feme (hawis and mufliru
for ladies mourning dr*(Tes, *ud gentlcnicR’t fcrr
ng; pJatn ftlk, o>Ud ditto, and oiled lawn umbuiias
panfuls, fcc.
The w hole will be fold low, for caft, as iiie pfo.
pt (etors mu ft return 10 Zturope in a ihort time,
April »6, tfioi t £
"rflK Stlbr«*»bcr refpe^tfnlly informs his
! Ffiehds and +be public, that he has iuii
recetv-ed 2 quantity of
Plaifier of Paris,
of the very bell quality for manure, which
.ii. propofes felling on Reafonable terms, ei
ther ground or in the Stone.
Richmond April Iyh *802.
Stone Lime,
in Tierces,
Near the Market Houfe,
QN the fourth Wednesday tn the prefent
Month (April) the Subfc-tbei will
fell, at public auction, his LEASE cl Four
Years from September lafl, of the Crcr- Keys
Tavern* two Doors below the Court-Houje,
in the City of Richmond, and give immediate
There is attached to this tennemenr, a
good Stable, ami a veev large Lot of LAND,
newly-enclofed w;rh iPolis and Rails, a "ood
Garden,a commodious Yard, and Hen Koufc.
The whole fubje&ed to a Rent of 84 Dollars
per Annum, to be paid Monthly throughout
the whole Term of the Leafe, which is Seven
| Dollars per Month The Buildings arc all in
| good Order; anti all, except the Dwelji-ig
j Houle and Kitchen, put on the Place at the
' Expcnce of the Subfcriber, which cofl him
j up wards of One Hundred Pounds, Hr will
; treat with any Perfon privately in the Intr
! rim.
| There can be no better Stand in this City
for nearly one-third of each Month in the
Year, being two Cour'* holdcn at the Court
Houfc (which is in Twenty Y'arris of the
Place) in eyery Month, Eigjit of which are
Quarterly Courts, that hold Six Days each.
Should the Perfon who put-chafes w:fh to
purchafc a Quantity o' fu.table Furniture,
the Subfcribcr will lupply them as it frauds in
the Houfe.
| Richmond, April 7th, l3o2.
{Condcder’, from ©or Uft.]
She bur 5: into tears of tranfport, bluffed
the phyfician in the aioft emphatic and
im pa (Toned terms, and uttered a thou
f?.nd ev ravjgancies. Doctor Arnold
reized this opportunity to prefs her to
give hcrfelf a little repofe, to which (he
con^entt.., a chamber being firft pro
cured far her next to that of Mifs
i4eivilcr.. and (lie having charged the
nurfe to give her notice of any alteration
in the patient.
Mrs, Hammond enjoyed an urfn
terruptet deep of (evcral hours, when
towards che afternoon, Hie was alarmed
r} an u ui%ial buftle in the next room.
lift, ned for a few moments, and
-iien determined to go and fee wnat was
the oc.ancn o[ it. As fhe opened her
door fo that purpofc, fhe met che nurfe
wlio wa?^ coming to her. The counte
nance the meffenger told her what it
was fhe had to communicate, without
the aic of words. *>be hurried to the
j bed fide, and found Mifs Mclvile ex
] P:r}ng- The appearances that had at
hilt been fo encouraging were but of
ihort duration. The cairn of che mor
ning proved to be only a fort of light—
nie.g before death. In a few hours the
patient grew worse. • The bloom of her
counter:mce tided i (he drew her breath
with difficulty, ana her eyes became fix
ed. Doctor Arnold had come in at this
period, and had immediately perceived
that all wa:- over. She was for fome
rime m “onvulfions j but, thefe fubfidn g,
fhe addieffed thephyffeian with a com
pofed, though feeble vo:ce. She thank
ed hint for his attention; and expreffed
the molt lively fenfe of her obligations
to Mr. Falkland. She (incerely for
gave her coufin, and hoped he might
never be vificed by too acute a recpliec
tionofhis barbarity to her. She wo*;hi
have been contented fo live; ft' , perfons
had a fmcerer rdifh of iff, good things
of life; but fhe v- well pie a fed to d?e
rather than have become the wife of
Grimes. As Mrs. Hammond entered,
fhe turned her countenance towards her,
and with an affectionate expreflion re
peated her name. Thefewere her lalt
words; in lefsthan two hours from that
time fhe breathed her iafl in the arms of
! this faithful fritnd.
Is here copied frorr the Philanthrope, a fmall
voluK.e publijked at London^ in i }%J.
Mahomet Effendi, dey of Algiers,
| about the middle of the prefent century,
I was reckoned the moll: able and like wife
the moft equitable of tliofe princes who
I have for many years governed the At
; gerines. His promotion to fovercingn
power was involuntary; for he, no doubt,
dreaded the fate of his predecefiors, of
whom noRfs than 2^ perifhed by violent
deaths. He was compelled, rteverthe
lel's, by the janifarics, to accept of a
diguiry, which, notwithftanding his
jufiice and fagacity, proved as fatal to
lurr.felfas to former princes; for he alfo,
a Ihorc time after his advancement, fell
I by aifafT,nation. The following infiance
of his juftice, in which, however,' his
procedure was fomewhat fammary, was
! alfo, and cerrainlv with as much rcafon,
accounted an infiance of his fagacity.—
Slaves among the Algerines nr_* permit
ted either bv (hop-keeping or orherwifi,
and on paying their mailers a certain
fum, to earn a little money for them
(ielves. This they may employ, and
ivery frequently do employ, in purcha
jlin3 freedom. A ilave named
Aimoullah, kept an oil-fhop; and found
his gains encreafe Jo very fail, ne loon
acumulated feventy 2 rquins, amounting
to about thirty pounds fteriing. Other
j fifty zequins would have procured him
j his freedom. Fearing however, .as he
was reckoned wealthy, that he might be
• robbed, nn i have no redrets, hc^ravc
piii money in trufi to a moor, who lived
'irx his neighbourhood j and in w hole
■ friendfhip, as well as integrity, he had
I the utrnoft cofidence. His profits idem
tUircrwarcis uccame lo confiderablc, that
!he found himfclF in polfcflion of the fifty
| zequins he fo earncftly wifhed for. He
'thus anticipated, with fteret capture, his
! delivery from bondage ano return ro his
j native land. Repairing therefore to hA
jmoorifti friend, he laid to him, “‘ow
i much beholden am !, wothy 11 «... r;>
your goodnefhi in having tak- n , >*_..
jmy little earnings! Now i .
have gained wherewithal t • • . . -
liberty, to make the befl bur. ;
with my mailer, and return no m v ;
and kindred. X will therefore relieve
i you of the charge you fo kindly l . r
j took.” Hadgi beheld him, or pre :
to behold him, with a look of aftonith
mejU'; he affecTed to believe him mad;
and denied hiA having ar.y.knowledge
whatever of the traufia&ion he alluded
to. Almoullah, neverihelefr, infilled
| peremptorily on having i A money re
ilored in pi. ho that, after much
altercation, the moor apprehend; . ..Ac
he could not ocherwife- lecurc :he°po;‘
feflion of what he had lb unjuftly retained
ran to the palace of Mahomet,' whom he
round ad mini lie ing juft ice, and raifmg
.us voice, intreatetf thatne would punifh a *
Have for afpcrling his « untainted cliarac
ter. Bur Almoullah, confeious of ifis
icy, had undauntedly followed hi
and obtaining leave of the dev, kc ct>iJ
his llory with circuirdlsuAd ' rtrmnefs*
and then proftrated hiinfelf on the carpet
at the loot of the throne. Maho-met
having heard hi A beckoned to a Chic- ‘
oux, or miniftcr of juftice: *c Go, ” fJU\
he, <f to the houfe of Hadgi, fearch it
narrowly, and bring hither all the money
you find in it.” The Chiaoux bowed,
obeyed, and foon after returned. The
dey having then ordered a new earthen
por with clean water poured into if,
and a charcoal fire to, be placed before
him, he put the pot on the fire, and when
the water boiled, he threw in the mo
ney. Soon after, having taken it or.r,
and letting the water ftand till it cooled*
j he found on the furface a thick greaiy
| -um* I his convincing him that the
! money belonged to the oilman, he in
ftandy reflorcd it to him: and at the
fame time gave a fign to the chiaoux,
who, dragging away the felf-condernned
and convicted moor, fixed his head,
without lots of time, on the wall of the
Their blood, did as ’twere, fill t)i£
wrinkles of the Tea's vifage, which, tt
feemed, the fea would not wadi away,
that it might witnefs it is not always his
fault when we rondeinn his cruelty.
Sidney's Arcadia.
When the earth begins to put on new
apparel agrdr.ft the approach of her 1<>
vcr and that the sn;i, running a rnofl
even courlc, becomes an indifferent ar
biter between day and night.
Sidney's Arcadia

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