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The recorder, or, Lady's and gentleman's miscellany. [volume] (Richmond, Va.) 1801-1802, July 05, 1802, Image 2

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a r'r* t abou;: cr.'&rs comparatively trifling? 4
i «u- SKVf .iJ'J.EN HUN )RE:> TU0USAND I
Ti’.-LL ak : for l>a: oary form another hamlfome |
a, . > the In]! ot republican j<t'j i Kps - \
•\:ii a.'rer all, we have bee . obliged to lend a
i‘ *et there, at the charge oi perhap five hun- "
•neu t iouCuid or a mfilm * erf dollars m«rtf
; cc ufe our WriV s*and. t- mutes wc-cimt fuf
vi,Co-T k:T7-?C p™tcs A(k
; , C,,r“5 • ’ iiy 'V lHOPic ffiut mu of
Tf ,U,L‘C' P' cientatives, whc> theWwcfc
•f the C FvE c £N FK J G Al S v,\i* to be defied?
v,iUen3 "f Vir?i" ' ! W' introat you to
au-d to. what follows. Ai ,„g wj!h y„ur
• 'tv ot congreU, there is printed a treaty1 with
. sU;.«r. This paper hy, that you ore to pay
‘he Uey a tr ibute of twelv e thow.md fequins,
.’ tv;'cu;y 1 'ur thou find uoiJars .per annum.
'u‘ .Av‘ph N-urfe, an officer in the fedca!
t:-calurj,tc'1 y i dv.u,dn the thort fpaceof
' • vr.: the BarTnirv power:, had c
‘x witched country fev nt eeahunured thou land
u ulars of net hai dr caflt, out of tire trcr.fu,'
‘ 1>e trs*tY' >t -howiflauds recorded, offers
• dire£l mfub to the common ierlf of A mcri
•a. \Vhy did not this, paper mention tb fix
huiidred and ro:tv t-vo thoufand dollars of
snvart money, with which we purchafed the
iutmrns penruflion pay this tribute? Wo
anfwffcan be given to tbis.qjucry; but
m:\ loob ftraight in the lowering vif;we cf
cernor Giles, while you all: it. And°i{ ii -
. s he knows, bur that ought nor to be
expected, he will f.tv th:s h the fa St, S. > /
Beiiics '■hefc fix l.*rub*cJ and forty me
thoufand dollars ther. has been at kaffir”
more paid within ihofc ‘bur. vc .r
'• the acts of c mgrefs have carefiiHV difi
-ed Wider a ft of general v ,..vm. i{ Was
■, \cu » ic-yi tokvepfacret tlio p.;vmentc‘
tightytk ufa :d dollars, inj a ! of.tWhtv^bur
0: > ;. u, tu;. rc.o >erly noticed,, the ixit
-'•luMe vi ’ix Profp £\ 'lot out* the jloi •
W v >ms the deli raft ion of filch i.nmenk
. .. ms o ue concealed s rom the people ? rDu!d
/..L. Giles, or Mr. Any body, accent of fech
non-explanations from « perfon whom th-v
c.'.d intruded with moiv v? Would O illatir
tl‘ be t-du by the o#:c cr ,.t a fra port,
a di r, i have coiled; ■ d feventeen tboufar.d doi -
bus for you. But I have fpent thirree
4f thou fa id ot them in a manner which 1 do
:i not choofe to •.ixplain.** # Would G album
iich . i . j (.
r;- citizens of Virgin a, as mu.h >upcrio« r
M. i' ifes, A'Jr. Madifon, a d all o:b-r me
cars of emigre#, finglv, or olie^ivelv, s
Gaii. tin is fuperior to th. moft imig; ifi-'mL
!c waiter ? * i.c odds in your favour i~ as
y* hun.-IiC: thoufahd to one. In the cafe of
Gr.Hatiu and the colleger, you- perceive at
once the propriety of difcuilion,4iid e:f
li the • it Gallatin^ >ci: gi-.ze with -cad- |
r‘r ■ '-'"on the giimrrvripg-of a taper. JJui, ]
,v <-*« " - he becomes your- or, n, you wil
j . , .*•'* \veaicly (hut you; eyes again# >our
'• r°' * • 1 lr-tier and cop vision, again#
vour c -vm rights your inter #, yom perfonal
nit;. ' -m Tout you eyes nyhin# the ri
hr-gfc:. ot^ ’em - <hatiori, again#proofs of
•h- vvulc of mi Ho.: - and of the la#'and or
r,.‘ir ‘ "o° s ;r i< (feral conOitution.
if --r/.-g - abfurth j es. '
\ ou a’ii ""t thus * •• ' s true that thefc arc
# range ri!!T;s. vv e ;.. ei titan;* iv\». d -.?
<c b- m before. But wear would you have
4 ur to dor 11 - ca<h is go, is forever. We
u cannot y r >e c nt back ao,;r.; f
* * :ch a* i: fivsib-.e pa.ri- t as Giles, if i.
“ deep-';: poli ioian as Mr. Madifoj; are jm.
i' Pf ■ *. -.TKfTs., vve are loir, v/e a;c
£‘ undone fore" er' ’’
-vow, let tii« Recorder heir ar.oth j
: h -,1 iff. Jju but yourfclves; th *
'.*te d c;i Js no more it was not jp b.. j
drivelling ftile that you repul fed the fiiccefiive j
g'-n : tons of Brittih commi/Goner., ‘-v/h-.-p !
•. one day, w.v,ied to buliy, and ifimYier
v bribe you. VV f. it Bmgoyne was to "e beat
a- Saratoga, when Cornwallis was to- be
t rufbed at York to wn, when the baleful weeds
0 iritifh Mpicmacy were to be g-up/ :d on
Jod -aft into the lire, at that ejr-mb ofcdiiirefs j
• >:crtion, the Virginian did -rot #ar.d with
1 - arms acrofs, and, in the whining language
•f r fcf.ool 1*. , afk what he was to do? 1#
i jflicd into b ittlc* ! f.c nice death, or victory.
Where v • gov ernorat that time f Did
*['•’ ■ *dy / him n the field ? Where was
• ;‘ <’!;:• mbn then 5 lie w‘a.-> old enough I
to ivo home arms.
ii" whtnth danger war. over, when the
e.'»!vi,rc ■ (• . form ha.l fyent itsfor'-*;, when
'M v-.riiKher huinhi charms, had
cti■ i iicel v the rnafter and tne ft.rv.uir,
Ll *■ ' rm no: ■ : i •’»* cottage, it was
TFaK you r h v-.i like Julius Ccefar, i
' • fc*/Oiit * oft.rer, Mark Anthony,
n r,..i «i of your vigtarcs in war was <
v 1 ■ .nieu \ry your negligetrcr in 5
•n :y fi. 1 bc«-n difeovern fi/c 1
t’e ( ' .•.mcncement of the v/*.-- J
‘ f -v-'Ui' >>;>. ft% eytent is cqu?l to that !
! i’i>e griadi* • late of this invalu
• e ,.,r. »•.- ‘.f have paid your public
-■f. Tors u! : alfo h.v prevented the I
•y -o' ••at>; which hare
. mar.v beds r . n k • •• •'; your wives
'‘.It'llj COS 1 t.hic u •/* fr.trjetif. ss
i *f i by vot.rdeputy IhcriiFs t >s »nc tenth
ititur ' :> J.. t v - hi"
laft letter broke.ofF fomewMt .biupt
>y. I he explanation (hall here be :-fumed,
at the paflage where it paufed.
Si i»_i- the fubfertber came to Richmond,
Mr. Jetterion fpoke of him to Scoifinan, j
wh^fejumeisknown,'and whofefac- isflunii- 1
iar to every individual ofehc city j;t:ro. To |
this friend Mr. JelVerton laid that *ue; j
cf no concern in what paper hi mrl r/.-fh I
C.': pilrtiirr.'ipbfi* Ihe tihu,:\s rece/nifeti them j
' - the fir/,' jiKtencc. / •* that tinii. tbe.«/ • {
reaching orcfulent h.-ci feen a part M the//; . ' 1
volume pjf Tbt.'Prifptfi!, Thu facets, as they j
were printed oft*, had been fent him. Ti. I
the gentleman jufl referred to, the prcli- j
dent expreflbd h’V curiofity to ‘be the remain- j
Q ir of the book. Upon one paflage^hc made j
this remark: u 1 think i ib. John Aikur.s
twirling off his wig, and Jfnmpmr on it.”
I h:$ hint was adopted in the lecond Volume
°f t •yeProfp.u’J. The acc nicy of the'anr'cdcte
ref Is upon the obferVation ot Air. feftbrfon
Another evidence nuv he mentioned as for
the prendent' opinion of the fubferiber. Mr
! homa:s Leiper of Philadelphia is brother to
the lavs I' ,-. I-.eipe. of Richmond, v hbfe woitli
is fi diflin<T:iy ren . niherod, and whole death '
ib-been fo fircenky lamented. Mr. Leip.r j
is r.s ink r: r.il.nt in his cirC'imftances and '
h'S ieu intents, as anv man well can be. ir.
Ipi ing, 1708, Mrv Jefterfon told -his rcntie
r t’lirhat the fitbfcriiei Was* the beft writer of
m-wspapc’' paragraphs that he had-ever feen
e her u* America,or inKurope. "1 'his cy;n
p mr*-:t ; very much over.. . ,rged. Pcrhap..
ir j fori might be foi;...-what .nprejicd
b 'it- t i i in<; upon the ikroe floe of tlfc
. queftion which the fub»crtbcr had embraced.
1 ct after making a large arid rii'afouabte de- I
• >"ccior. -or the vivacity of converfation, and 1
for the prejudices of a political pertizan,
•-•n ugh will If ill remain to form a refpe&fal 1
attefi tion. But the evidence o.t his opinion
doer not ; eft upon fuch failies of difcourfe, i
' %Vl!;ch have juft now Men quoted,
j A Tort time after I came to Richmond, !
. -er? was primed in a mommy magazine a
{ 1 > a tract from the fitft and -it that time
j tinpuoH'hed volume of the Pulped. Upon
| Ai . j •fterfon’*. rece'ving the fpeci men facets,
j h returned not merely a letter of thanks, hi.
j co my great furprife, he fa id that he na1 tl
| e6ed ' ! r. George Jefr'e-fon of Richmond u>
i';-v •’ '-X'Py 'hilars. When the flrfr part of ]
t. fc, o:»d vdume was put to profs. Mi. lefter- !
iu.. lent, unioircrted, and unexpected, a fee on d
! r,cm/r|artc? fo t^e ^"arnc amouur Thefe hun
01 “ o'>l zt:s attefl, beyond a thoufand letters
of compliment, l-ow rcrioi.Jty the prefidcut
w as utisfied with the comem: of the- book,
a-d m atixioufiy he felt hbnfdf inter elted '
fixecefp.. With this explanation the
r,ad.r u left to judge, whether Mr. Jetf'er
ion would have (lippoiH m v ailiThnce likely
co injure .‘he Ex,. incr i
1 here has already been quoted from Jones
a ;>af ■ ge, wherein he mentions, as a rivuy
publications again# Mr. Adams. A great
part of hefc publications appeared-, for thefir#
time, in the Examiner. Tones was very <#ad
:>-t »hem» A hey have brought into his
p- io t iome thouf.rids of dollars, which
ile have been kept but. of it.
E uy if there had been guilt in tiiecaie, it was
J; inch’s d. tv to have fupprefisd rtvdin in their
■Mi h> and by his iorhearing to do fo, his
cdua -r--oe. If there was guilt in the con
tents or rj,c Profpect, then every republican ■
1,1 ,y 41 “ ,,J*1 ciirnirial; ctncl Mr. IcfFcrfoa
> •, b, h r the worn of them, 'i he abfurdity *
'/ i'0"" 'j "c;t!fatioR me as to this book
1 p-lcl; evident, and too grofs, to admin of
dJntni'ion. Although incapable, of Thame.
*“ ,s 4"*v> lui.-eptib'f of rage; and theanguifh
cl •: r.ncnt Teems for a time, to have do- I
pnvea him of his ft-nfes. If i was in ;hc {
v ,ong, rhci Chiu,; n«~,d Griffin were in the (
1 ani; and the fathers of the feuition a<# !
v."c; the Javiours of theii country, fhis is 1
the leputlioan grour.d w hi eh Jones has taken. 1
i no v (hall proceed to examine fbifis other I
detached oeautics in the f xamiticr ot juris *
2d. Mr. Jones fays that the tri.d for fedi- |
t;,,n was a u humiliating and in' urn-. •> f rr> ** J
* he rights offociety are not. to lx* hum11 i I
I>y ai' \e:cion ' i juitic..'; nor is :he pnnifr
m< iv. of >» criminal v.n a;t of inhumanity.
•*' it. joncs has ftated as a crinjr the cvr
f'jrt '.v!:ic*h i dlfchargod on Mr. Adams. Of
rou.-fc, ho approves of an admiuiftratioa
which in his opinion it was criminal to c
y • t here zgain, he grumbles at the
tr: h ’ fir - (edition.. Jones humldf cfc.ped \
trial only b naufe Ch.dc and Griffin did not t
thin* his s-oi'itics v xrt.'i the odium and r' i
pent oi an action. They knew that wh.u |
di/efted of an uxiliary, Jones was, yd.? he •
now is-nothing. They knew that h- J
cot;id write a few decenr, or pc ;h>ps a few j
feur ; ileus fentohees* But they knew that
Ms habits of life were inconfiltent with ;he
ftrulturc oflerious and impre. ve compoli
ti >.t- For theft rcafons, they palled o cr
' lr. Jones ar.i his Examiner. The t riots
and he beak of defpoJfffi worn fattened .isd
gorged upon tbe writer of the Ffojpe&.
T he federal judges f;u'~icd that a jail v.v*
capable . f c.afsninir hi * '.r.
" ' ' • *
Since the above fetter was crv.vn tip,
there hv appeared an Examiner of ba.iurd.iy,
July 3d. This paper contain* two columns
wid m half of untruth) or o1" nofcfenfe. Jones
begins v/’th the Armcrv. Hcmx- follows-?,
ftan rnent, which is believed rc» be cdfrctSt* ox
the expence of building it
erpor.de.< /j? ereSiiug the inani>fa£i-trj of .at nr
t:l R.:.h:nondy June 241b, ;8C2.
Dolls. Ct-’
' Salary of the Superintendanc 3,650, oc
•A plan of the building 200
A coal houfe and tuel 29?. 94
Ad vertrhng-pro petals 5, 1-4
Purchase of the land, 2,66"'
Building a bridge, - v,o
Surveying thejand, 8
Lxpcnfcs of luperinrcndar.t to the.
north, to infpedt the: Works there,
and to engage, workmen, t , ?14: 94
Valuingatrdrhcniuring the Work. 257
A bell for the Armory 17-2, 46
Undertaker of the wheels 9,9<b 93
Oii, I ar and TaHow for ditto j 74 jq
Rent or a iliop for undertaking of
the Wheels, 305, .54
Stone and workntanfhip, 51 cjo, 3
Bricks, L unc, and wo.-kmahfliip, 32,520* 62
Digging and removing mrih^ . /y 5,022, 5.7
Tuiibor ofall kirnltr'ahd’ work
mem (hip, ^1,-418, 92
Taper: re a at tides, nails, glalsj
putiv, Locks &c. 14 to, 00
Steel, «o(i, and v.orkmnnfhip, c -'4, t'
I HireCftldxnlr.TS and diaying 4 L> r5
, materias " v
j • 97 ^ b*
[ . Thetc mufr be at leaf* fen thou fund
I 1 .'bars lue tor work bt different kuu1 ; and
j 85 the accounts have hot been rendered, it i<
. npuiHUe to fay precifely what they come
! to. •
A ftcr getting though this a'rniorv bufi’.iefs,
< ••*.* Examiner proceed* with a {'cries of in
recti yes. Til y are perhaps too grofs to be
t~.v.i (planted into this paper. Among other
v tlo afleuious, Mr. Jones charges me with
caving' peck 'ted rhe fubferiptiun of four
1 dollars of Mr. Joseph Wingfield, for the
•/' i xnminer. ” I ar.j entirely unacquainurd
vv.ihany thing Concerning the exigence of
inch a per&rr. If,by t! » word pocketed, Me
riwether means that I have received, upon
his .recount, any mo:.ay of which I have not
told him, his flatter cn; s utterly unfounded.
m laRecorder, it was noticed that five
pounds had been advanced by me to one of
Mr. Jones's journeymen. The fum proves
to have been lex pounds fix fkillin . , { do nor
fuppolc that f . • ; journeyman can be fo -b.
cloned, as t*> deny hi> own handwrifij . , in
which I have he* receipts for the money. 1
know but little about him ; and,.of that lit* c,
1 vvifh that J. had. known lefs. He came to rne
when I was in iaiJ, in fomtthing very like
a 'rate of ftarvatinn, I put kirn into bread;
and, as nfuai, in fuch • ales, ingratitude and
impertinence have been the rewar d.
J-ones, in Ins printed acconipt, charges me
with fifteen half (beets of the fecond Volume
the Pro{pef*’. Jn ;his piece’ of jit] .* f?
he itnpues thr* t he printed four, others i lie
latte., four were _pii.itcd by 1 vlr* Pace. I
h.» ;• hi:-) receipts foi the price of printin’,
cvioic of thi_ ici my next letter. In the mean
time, Jone:. mutt fur el * be approaching to the
• -n £ vis tether, when, be ' ntfj It lives fuch
“ ktfgcr fuiti, In the face of fucH ftu
pe.nduous emoluments, y ho would r.v.c be
ambitious to ferveand fo fuffer >n caufe
of the Republican party ?
■ ' ''4b].T jib, JSoA .
.. ADV£- k TIS E MB NT.
IT ji nc eifn y to ob!ervc\ thjt this is the
fad Number m “ Th; Recorder/' which
eomr!' *w oi - "v cat's Pul Ucatioti, an i *.A«
the tirfu Volume. Mary Subfmibers, v/h
commenced with the first Number, h.tve yet
or.ly paid bne half Year, which was the ad
vance rnonay required upon the fetti-g nn 0f
thi> I ?.{•?:. AgroeaWy to the conditional heir
i"-pers fhouti hw*e been flopped at the con

, * •
< luiioi of -he advance money; but that h$
not ■ ;t-f tlie cufb. AVV, therefore, hardly
need to focw the ]>ropricv of out oik n
tinuu'g to tend P ipers- to took who do nod
pay their arrears, and advance morev
i iie :wiva; ce is now two .Jollify, and n ■
for 5 > numbers of* this Paper. V/ben ti e
puhiic compter tin; degr-e of Jabont aitcu
d;nit on.a >vrli Conducted periodical work ;
n hmi ti.ey icflcct that the expence of Paper
'of journeymen, of tlyt wear and teir of n>V’
tejialn, and a thoufanj etceteras, h a
burden on two inch-. idpa**, who are Jubou: ]iHr
for the benefit of the Public; but is nothing
.li.vmej ainoi.? thofo individuals, who receive
that benefit, 'here s not mu perfon but win
eafify excufe an advntifcn < hr. Which is t • ir.
i »rn\ the in, ''.‘it, u they would wifhto fee this
paper, there is no other way ot.urpporting the
h>ei“t t\penccs attending it, than by the Sub
fcr*b. . s paying pundP.trdly,
\'-c me; tvto inform our reader;-, by this
- advertifcmcni, s hat no Inbev; or ex octree
'ball be fpr.r -i to render the Recedej cvc rv
'V'Y inlc retting ami inftrudfive. And we
ufo mean to inform the:r>, 'hat no Pavers v. iii
i-e forwarded but to tnofe Subfcrilxers v.bo
kee p up their regular payments.
Ju -it 3 at/>, i 3 A;
*-ovCmMnd—iim »• —
vjorfieti-iie sg ■, the Recorder took nr
tier ol the repeated manufacture
rui'.n wfmr,Yiionsy thatdtitingujilfed a;id
dignified Willed* N »rfolk Hcrai i;
Kt majrnow%, like Sir. John Falftaff:
i am ml only a bar but />t»
of ties in at keys.' - *
-Some .time sfgo. we took notice that
Dr. Webber ought to apply toCongrofs
my an enffufive patent for t- mami
facture^o{fXTrafJs of takers. n the
k :ti; ol V\ jjktN fabrications; L: .1 >cc r
Pic down aaJ acUlreffed tvv errant.- <■£
lexers from North Carol: i to f re
body m Nc »v.- xork. .ih< y contain u,
tremenduous ddciiption of plots and
i conipiracits. 1 ney do not Contain
I cne Jingle. of truth. They have betii
lepmdilU'd by Chectham, the letter
a? ea.cng. up editor or the Republican
Watch tower. They have alfo been
r- printed by Duane; by che New York
D.iiiy Auv-'itilci*> and, no doubt, by
twenty other editors, whole papers wc
; havenot yet had an opportunity of In
fpedhng. Thus, arc the fouthern Stares
Overwhelmed in a torrent of defamation
in confcque.ncc of rhe impudent- fie
rier- of the Norfolk .flora 14. We dor.t
like ftainp duties; but i* ii were pofllblc*
ro impose a lVamp duty upon entrails cl
letters from a gentleman of reipedbv
bility, in fuch :: places to a gentleman
ot toe very •firft refpezt ability in feme
orh- r place, the crop of crafh would
be very confidcrajWv ciiminifned. We
: <1° n<;t- delpair or teeing Dr. Web
I u:r * admirable extras rtvprinted in the
j V./*Y*^.*'* siewspaper^* It is even very
I like]'-’ that they may get a birch in the
j Newborn Gazette of North Carolina ;
| for, ul point offhipidity of fclection, and
i ohrontery of fabrication, we are almoft
\ prepared t° bet fix cents, upon the abil
’ hties of this: Gazette againft the Anri
j Democrat, Rird’s Federalist, V./iP t3
f 1 Iera!< i . or u*.y other ihcet oi trumpery
j upon the c\ nr blent.
j iriLMlNGrON June 26th.
| 7 he following /ample.of Britijb Juftice, is
cxtr.iclest'ji'Cin the Narrative :f fthn
j MG lot:fir., * an American fiansir.,
Ic'iy returned from on hoard a Br.tifb
| Men of lMr; J
I, J flunk it was in Ibecember, 179^, i
j was rtturru, jf'rr.rr. a voyage in the Schr
rsaacy, of Pnlladelpkia, Cap:. y/a,.rt
j be longingto Sftphen Girard, and on out’
1 «wft, m about -10 fathom water, was
j. brought too by a Bricifh 74 guR rhi ^
j •v.iir.h i afterwards found to be the Re
foli.tvari, Cart. Pcnroi-. One of the
lieutenants, a Mr. Ske-ne, a Scotchman,
came on board, and fancied me for a
countryman of his jI produced my pro
1 •v'u'b ef,K‘ V"-1'1 y''‘‘i,nP. b'«fingers
I ‘ h 9'KSjie true to pieces.
I .?j>5 ,r-ll'd board die ft,ip, (Caor
I r'1?™'- ?“ b"~Td r ’&) this
few ftbrj-ne ,wore before die Capt. of
the Hup that ,ie knew rr.e we!l, and he
had went to fchonl with me in Scotia- 1
(a place which God knows 1 never fnvS
I pry (cited againft his charge and de*
C *1?^ an American, to no pur
P°;c' My. certificate had been torn
betore my lace, and flotwithftanding t!»*
w: ' *

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