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The recorder, or, Lady's and gentleman's miscellany. [volume] (Richmond, Va.) 1801-1802, August 11, 1802, Image 1

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[Vol. II.J Nf#,
• • ' [No .531
. . .. .?osl -
ry 7 " —» 2 -: IT-V'r^rr-- £r*z
. 1 - i RECORDER:
Printed by HENRY PACE, and JAMES T. CALLKNDf p“7~'-XT--j-*----9
----—--P* % 1RCIN» A’> and pnblilncd every Wl >nksday Morning. Subfcyiption Two Dollar' *er rrnn^
______tPEDNESDAr* AUGUST 1 l". 1*02." ’ . ' --'
Tgw&nyTVS'-Taty +*r - -■g ***w t;%
rROM <he Subfcriber, on the ?.d. ir.R. an
•* Apprentice, by th~ name of Henry Drake.
He is about iS vears ot age, and can do toler
able good Carpenter’s wc c. All Pcrfons arc
herebv for warned again!! carrying him out
g of the State, harbouring of him,dealing with
or employing him in any manner whatever.
Thole who dofo, mav relv on bein^ profecu
ted with the utmol! rigour of the Law.
Jiiijruft M th, ' <?02. (<!«u>)
'“pHE Commifiioners appointed under a
* Com minion of BankruDtcv awarded and
iiTued, and now in profecutior ag-urT Mood*,
and Price, of this City, late .Rvchti' r, will
attend at the Fifing Sun T avern, on the «.th
Day of September next, at the Hour ofi
Nine o’Clcv'd: in the Forenoon, at which time
and place the laid Bankrupts are hereby re-i
quired to furremRr themfelves tor their final |
examination. The Creditors who have rot
yet proved -.heir Debts, may the]', attend, for
the ptirpofe of proving the fame ; and thof-: j
Creditors who have proved their Debts,under ,
the laid Commi {Ron, will then attend ‘.o afienti
or diflrnt to the allowing of the Bankrupts
a Certificate of di fcharge.
Richmond, Augujl 7th, J £02.
1 For warn all perfons from tak:ng ar Af
fignment on a Bond, I gave JohnMag-e, in
November lalV, for Two Hundred Pounds,
as I have Discharged faid Bond, ard nave a
receipt for ihe faim
"Riclmr-nd, Augujl ~th I 8t> 2 ">/)
Came with me in the Sally, from Mary
land, \. bo was going to fee for bis mother
back from Richmond. Any one leavi r.g
information of him at the office of the u Ry
der’’ will oblige
Norfolk, July mb, I Sc2.
TrIE Property heretofore adver
tifed for Sale by the Sub'criber, beyond
the Baffin, confiding of fundrv Lots and
Tcncmcnivniavnow lx ’urchaf ■>] 'romThree
to hour ^ cars Credit, at any time v/ithin
Sixty Days from the Date hereof, on appli
cation to
Richmond Augyjt <olb, JJ?02.
IVsl.u 1KK ru I 1KR,
Book Binder & Stationer
Main Street Richmond.
t |aAKES the liberty of informing his
1 Friends, and the Public in general, that
he has commenced the above Lu fin el's, and
:•-licit? the patronage of thole who tr.av think
proper to employ him.
Merchants account Boole'' ruled to any
pattern, and Book-Binding of cvcrv deft no
tion executed with nr-urucy and difpatch.
A conftant fupplyofStatiova y
June 2//, I >>o
A light, active NEGRO EOT,
About 70 years of age ; has -a •• u accuftnm
d to wait to the houL, and take care of her
>' •; he can driven cat’•inee; ptire 150 Dol
I t:-. (n.fi). For further particulars, enquire of
the Printers.
Richmond. July 2fk »f
by the rev e. clay,
sfiil ii OJJii',ohd at Pnnifbrey' i Stationer,
R icbiK'nd,
, Horfc Sheer Cz Ktimer.
from DUBLIN,
RYUnR?iS l?is tha.nks to sends and
^ • i*oiic for their encouragement, ftnee
he commenced Buftnefs: and hopes by his
affiduity, to have a Continuance of their fa
^is method of informing
- v. ’■‘•atne h.:s removed from Manchester
-O rue Cirv of Richmond, below the
Lour,-rJoufe and near Mr. John Taylor’s;
o oe c Gent.cmen may have their fcorfes
‘"r"- £«*«*. Cropped, See. in the
/■' -pproued manner. Low
V afil- Fvci7 Difeafe in Horfes treated
“ it i care and attention, which {hall be war
ranted under fpecial conrraft.
T . ^ At reduced Prices,
r - rj Stables,and wholefome Food
tor .dorfes, cheap near the Smith Shop.
#tebmerj June 2;tb i8c2.
j.ite Clerk of your Houfe, (who no
doubt would have merited a continuance
of or) being dead; »t becomes ncceilarv
en the enfuir.g Seffion to appoint fome other
p* iron to that poff. I therefore tender my
fervice, and pnunife a due and prompt dif
cg:i!Fc official mneriofts, as far as can be
creeled by the moll ur> remitted afiiduity 2nd
attention. 1 \
Riermaud, Augufi Mb, 1 HOi>. {■ ■ 1
Sports of the
T'' T be run for, the fir it rhurfday in Mo
\ tivu<y, at Lurry Court HouiV-fa
I urfe of jc Dc .'*/.?•* each, free for any Colt
then Tifing I hreeYears old, carrying a catch.
Milv Heats, half forfeit.
Any gentleman entering a Colt may be 2?
1 berry of changing the fame before the do
-!ng or tne SuaR.iption: which will be krp.
open until the ift. of November, 1SO2,
I tn bolts are already entered
Gentlemen at a diftance, and others who wifh
t<> become fubferibers, vvili be admitted, if
dm-Tud by letter
. Surry Court Houle.
July IS, 1S02.
' i N !,
Lately from London,
PROPOSES to opm in Richmond 2
tor the reception of Young Ladies. Her
education, file hatters herfelr, has been fuch
as to render her adequate to thr undertaking. !
'FhoiV young Ladies who mrtv be confided
to her tuition, will be inltrmfled in the Enjj
iifbi and French languages,Writing :nd 4rith
.Tivti , with every other ufeful ml.) pc "re ac
; complifliment.—Particular care will be pai-i 1
to their morals, and every rcouii .c attestic-n
will be given them.
I he rr V.t approved inr.'rrrs far Mafic, i
Dancing, .c. will be engaged.
Peifo* delirous of bein<r fitrflier informed i
or the a iverf .er are ret*.ieiicd n» aoply a roc
Rev Mr. Buchanan, Mr. William Hav, or !
MelfiMcMurdnandf fiv
Riehwond, July 2H/A. *
A Capita! Young Horfe, i
Cj.aU:tlet'd to make an elegant
j'fpplv at the ijfiee r.f the Reeerder.
Richmond. July lath, 1802.
I . GAJ.h/.TIN has born often < harmed as
! an cv iginn'. iniligafot of the Weftern vnfuv
reiSlion of 1794- Whether he was, or was
not. we do not, u this place, pretend to de
ride not having at hand materials for ground
! ing an opinion- The federal newspapers
'have cor.ftantly affirmed it as a fach ftut •
! thev h.;»vr been fj full of malice, of cahimnvJ
-no fi&ion, Ovt, witho- t explicit proof the |
chance always is t'VU their affirmations are
untrue. 1 he lame remark applies to the |
Aurora, the National Intelligencer, arid the
(Republic«ui Wbtch I'owa, which have be
come, very often, alinoil nothing but mere
hot-beds of hnpofture.
\ e Ihouid be glad, If the critic upon C.»n 1—
Iatui would br:ng proofs of his accufkt’on
Wc invite him to ■do fo. W z (hall be more
glad to ice a fati.-.factorv <kfence of the fecrc
fary. We know enougl about him already,
without wifhing to b'vir any thin?- difrdvan
tageous, of which tve are not certain th::t it
is true.
In the remarks on the W7eftern expedition,
which wc arc at prcl nt reprinting in th-' Re
corder, the guilt or innocence of Gallatin is
: a part of the work left untouched. But one
thing c very clear, that Hamilton might and
• JUould have checked this matter in the outlet.
A e feci ; f Jenin eonvi&ion that he was very
gunf oi the infuri ciTtion. And upon his prin
''ri'-s? was a fortunate event; for it
. tended moft eflent..dly to confirm the power
af his party.
After the freedom which the executive
newspapers are taking with Burr for his at
tempting to fupprefs a very poor book, the
'caders of the republican* c.m hardly find fault
vVith any liberties which may be taken with
them. We do not mean ;d defend Burr.
Hy mull be heard, before he can either be ac
quitted, or condemned. But vvhiie our ex
ecutive printers {hew fo much alaciity in at
tacking others.,, they mufi permit us to take
*r- equal treeqevn, although a more-decent one
with their employers, prouapters,and paymui
. We once more doc .mbit1, y and candidly in-•'
•ire fomc of our readers,-who may have better
information upon this fuoje£t than curielve-s,.
r-° write what they know, and what they can :
feertain, upon this head. We-have never |
*a-*J*Py upon the matter but ftrongI
. v flions, and denials. Yv e hope that this :
1 cue piece will produce or. i. I ultra 'on of the j
fharethat Gallatin had,_ ither right, or wrong,
or perhaps both, :n the railing, or quelling j
of the riots. When the editors of this paper |
I write upon their own bottom, they neither I
expert nor wifh for quarter. Upon every !
point of attack, they are prepare ! and piompt •
to defend rhemfeives. But the cafe becomes
entirely differe nt, when a queftion is ftarted '
by a third perfon, with the mc-its oc which !
j we nre unacquainted. If Hamilton could have j
j get legal evidence againft Gallatin, the latter 1
; 'vould have been one of his firft and moft t
I favorite vi&ims. Such evidence could j
not be found; but that h not a demonftra
ri.u of the innocence of Albert. .. He is a i
.cold, able, artful man, with much cunning, j
and without courage. Some yeais ago, there }
was printed about him, in this ftate, a noted !
rhodomontadc, which was not worth it' ,„on, j
in the hiftory of Tom Thumb.]
(from a federal correspondent ) I
fT .-by no means allonifhing ro fee vh -1
demoralizers mate a noif;: concerning the
miiappHcation oi public money, as thev or
plc'i-i to call it. By this I mean to lVthe
borrowing from funds which are fuperabun
■’-•.nt, a much as may be necefiary to aid thofc
wbic., arc: deficient. They remember that
puiident Wnfliingion did fo; v.' .»nhc .celled
the infurredlion, which Gallatin and others
are believed to have excited in the ’Vcftern
part , of Pennlviva11/a. This inflection
.mfi more than a million of doiiars. Perhaps
if this had not been done, we misfit have'feen
t!>is political meffiah Ion- b. fore,"this day, in a
Situation by fat more confucuous than what
• " has 'itt'iii»cd, either bv his noife in cone refs
- by hi, being pJu cd at toe head ot the trea
p j"ir>^ni:e,fon have forgotten that
;r. (railitin ww. the fccrctary of that
felt-organized .’ocictv,which blew the trumnet
™il ^h:,rtl.on. It v as he who
_nr " ■■ i ■' -Mtm-tm i i ia
United States, than an hundred thoufand fuch
men can ever atone for. It h > left a blot
which . ccs, perhaps centuries, will li0L cf
V-'as it for this, that Mr. JefiVrfon made
! Mr Oallatm fecretary of the u • ? It >
for this, that his partizns haw vomit, d forth
•3r.d mofi induftriouliy circulated the mod
matchkis calumnies againft their politico i.
iv ds : Yes ? ir mulh be fo. Pickering anJ
jVoddeit have, bv the talents and nuegritv
; f ji'ej 'Tneafuies, fecurcdthe public eharadcr
uul elrabhfhed the renown of* this country, to
|a pitch which overtops and deftxoys the piof
pc£ts of an iniiirrediiom:y harA eft. Thofe
;who have been difappointed will be mod abu
fivc. But it is ftrange that the piehdentof the
! ^rnt> fltculd reward the file leader of
trie party,with n; office in the government,
1 a*1, C1T ,r‘ :n ‘‘~uch power ahu influence.
;Vr »•- erion is a philofopher. Jo is Mr.
1 mo were Briflbtjf.o.ulorQet, Roland
an i a tnoufand ethers, who contributed t make
a revciutton in France. Briffot, Condorcet,
an, funk before thvie ... u iary lemons,who
r, J orb ?*n:t excit'd n deVfintion 2nd
bloc*., r.y Marat, Rohefpierve, 2nd ti c ielf ot
that hateful crew. This ought to be a Icffon
We have only co hope that it may not be an
e\.<mpie. There was a dav, when the fame
of Robefpicrrc flood unrivalled in France.
Jbeic is 2 time, when the fame of Gallatin
a,m< - as • cai It America. We pretend
not to. jmpute to Mr. Gallatin the he n t or
.read of Robcfpierre, bur we afk our fellow
Citizens to act with caution, to. remember
that feme may be ere&ed upon a faife bails;
mat Robefp-.crrc’s popularity was procured
by fullehood, and his power by atiftuc of mur
ner. Gallatin's fame has been procured by
tin abide of others, by a ciifreeard of trurh.
decency, and common feme. He o now
in ti,c zenith of his power. As to the con
lequeiiee, no man can form an opinion.
it womd not be difficult to write a voTmc
n the fubje& of this Ihort ebay. 3ur ~r
leii to its reade •» to fill up w hat may be dc
hcienr. Som times it is better to reflect than.
Jo write, or to read. This may be luch a cafe.
1 1, dangerous for a private man to quarrel
wxm one who has the t. eafurvat his command
anu an hundred thouihnd infuriated fools it
nxs heels.
Thcf -, who can brin? themfelves into pow
er by the deft ruction of the fair lame of virtu
ous men, rnuft have hearts as black as Tar
lp"es T'?11 JOUiS mul* a3 hard as Hint
t -ey nvaft be fit for plot , and coulpirccics.
from the Wilmington Mirror
■’ ,1,'Cierned principal oaths*
.-I-• Lnuwv ,8oi, 80,161,10; 6c
-nr*.,learned principal oi. the
rllof Lmwn- ’Soi, 77.881,890 ic
' ‘ “Jury depur ktrieni.
°^cr7Ocr. 12- }8oi,
Joseph nourse, lujr.cr.
I bus It appears from the r* Simony of r
federal le^uiature, that Jir.ce Mr. JeHerfon
came mto omc -, the nnic-nai debt lus b :cn
J,wV-^:J|2,i59'317 *,lhrSand 3i cents.
!lliU lu' iK *'lfo iclieved us from ail ,->d:
j oue, opprclft » inter ul taxation.
ivialt not thefc fa<SH diffufe a yciicra! r
over the country ? - * •>
A federal feerctary of the tr?-3fUIy,in a !c
- , to the committee cf ways and mo:,, da
teuvM o, January, JSoo,'flutes tb .
P”"aPA! of the deb. of -be tTr.ii _J Stafes
had increas'd fincc the eftabliihrm nt oi the
“ Pr;.ent government 'he him f 1 • :6.? n
u dollars and 50 ' em;.”
i h.s, it v • i be re,,- rnber-.-J, was alter
twelve years of peace.
In lefs than one yea: , piefuknt JuffeefimV
VMfo ..:ul frugal me Jim. s have deer^feo ic
nearly three .trillion*.
Tncfr tbirgs, fellow citizens, rrc worthy
/our attentive and Tenons con Iteration_’
ther ai i
1’ *J' I lj O R N i •«, CT
1 ! ' cc I...s ■ -n;i tranfpUricd : -
1 bm.irf tior.il Intel!,-enter that ^

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