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The recorder, or, Lady's and gentleman's miscellany. [volume] (Richmond, Va.) 1801-1802, September 29, 1802, Image 4

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{on ? ' \\ ahullim c< ihi-.k 0 d h’mfclr \
as upon ttrong (xroim- . He anlWrmi, 1
>V!" . bn. I'cfs, tn.vt had kill) V.l IYI.J- I
ll ills
'[< Tt ioi\ tor rb«- greater part „v, ,.4W .
und that lv. knew lbitvich. bo- v the rx- ’
: Metier >'■ in . hear.:, is to make i!n, al *
x gation itn. i\ dible. I he words were ;
oolite; but b . was th it meunin r. Now, i
•;s Mi . Mj it on in s been acquainted ■
wul Tcff. rl .a lor at lead ?o yem )
mull have been acquaint-d with .tJ.i.j
niuiulto bubnefs, whh h, i:i t;*e covsrk |
of the preterit rupture, has in.,' into ]
hiftory. The name ot sali v wiii walk |
down to pofttritv alongii ir o* '* *; et- 1
feiihu’s own name, the nauv: < .* •; T" I
pi«a is as difliin ‘tty remembered as iliac >f i
Nero. Mi-liion nuut have ’.flown all I
.about Sally, anti, zvbcn hs njjtjied - |
ftng -Jr the jrjiJau as a -‘-Why .f-dv. j
- "a, !\e difi'creJ from the pieiid it him- i
s muen as me man that t
circulates a capper dollar, (hirers Iroin j
r!ie man thaCrbr? d i .
l! CZ>V T. .t r I 4 W E • • t V PH I. I'i ICA ».
T£R I'OR > i . il . Hci.
jotht. a i ■; i« r kovokabif
/;. <■ -najH/s /vr, .v-v of JttHe fur /W<;\v
cij/ !:r$>
Co.i.iuvir i fr -ri ottf faf;.
11 But,” fay the fecjv-headed Tons of
not lb calijy be wcaned from their Brb
mh habits, and Brttifi connections; rhe.
ties of la*i| : :
c ub. be br vend’ I v.ill toll you, my
ic.d, want t-. i-'uTv:.ic-ms think on tha.
itityeCt, which tlicy have already did uf
led,and the fuHLancc of which clii uflion
i e il! no ’ give you in their O ' n v. -jidr,,
roni ■
<c of the obi of laid month,' I
if The nigh dying diends oi monarchy
«who wiih.to fili us v ich gloom, be- j
^ iii£’ thenik he have .auie to be
'f now Orient that the French
cr did not lemnin in Rgynt rather, than
te co*ne ro lerdc on rhe* tanks of* d,r ,
whief according ro 'heir
fC predictions, will finally .onsped us VO
^ h'< -k our commercial connection
‘ v -ch Britain, We alfo, lament that
“ the friends of liberty have bee - forced
tiiG. t. Fgypr.becaufe as wdi withers
o oi rhe whole human race, we hoped
O they Would hjvc refeued the oeciule !
<c of Alnca, as well as thole of Alia,
if from the odious tyranny under which
they have labored foi '< many
« but wc lee no eaufe ro regret that the
troops who have evacuated Fg.-:n,
• •ihoulri now come ro receive t -\viid
‘r for their valor, on die fruitful banks of
« rhe Mitiiffippi. They ate nun and
•-< republicans, and we have no ob,ee
■ ion to th« ,i fharing jn tuc happinelh
** that our Weftern fellow-citizens en
<f joy. That they will make our navi
4 gation of* he MifTboppi depend on any
c‘ o;. our commercial regulations,
<f there is good reafon to doubt. Sup
■ poie other wife, iuppofe they ftoithi
' deli re us even to I hut our ports ay tinll
' Britain, who, except the fn ncr, of
Britain, the friends of a monarchy,
* end of i monarch too that iviv.i dyes
" v:: the teas, would for a riomcnr,
1 In fr tare to grant the revise ft VVhv
“ lhou’d we qua. ;el with Franc; merely
< for d e fake of preferving y market
^ ■ <i bra to manii:.ir tures £ f or tocnr
c: nv.ght
“ blit due
t: produced
time, the rnt of thofe manafcchires
r ,f itirrv • bicor lenience,
inconvenience would be
o? goof, as ic would
. (i .ou: n. e 01.1 ov. i dome i . ic /naf u
iactures, and iri the mean rime,
• a Ripply wonli! l. a.'Tordca ns by other
‘ countries, who would rbadly take up a
« branch^of trade that thc hanghrmeiii
£t and injuibce of Britmn ha-,
u a wav. ’
Thus you fee, my lord, tiu Amcri
' ■ rave r. iu< '.hejr mind u on the
i they are u halved not to mb
r'),f to any iacrificc tor our I.kr. am},
• t!e*d, titev appeal ro anticipate, with
'mall or light, the injur v that ur,2h;vj
1 xperience from t?v corn inertial
'hich the cfTi >n of
v r* f? i
•ail give rife f
-a pc..'.T for our ruin, ih.it they totally
ov dookrh danger and dilgrace which
moil tU\ !■oy be brought upon them
lelvv s.
h ;s true, indeed, that thche fenti
o« • i -nterfaLed orriy by the demo
c b: p.' v, ti'e party of Jefrerfon; but i
oik- t, > iy lord, this party has now
./w.d. co a complete afcendancy. It .$
the part*, that rules, and that will rule :
for m.tnv years, to come. Your treaty
has not only transferred to France our
riches an.' our power, but our friends *4
fo, in eve y parr of the world, .and par
ticidarV in the .\inetican States. This
as ic fhould ; ..; contempt is the juft
reward of cowardice: they who have
deferred thei: friends mull expect to i
be deferred m remm. Whenever your '
hu dihip may v.'fh to know why Lng
land is now um.'cr?ali> detefted and <ici
piled, alk Portugal, rdk the king of Sar- :
tiiniuj am.1 if they thould remain iilent, j
conjure up the names of the murdered •
ro/ahfts at La \ <u he.
Thirdly, xs n mi itr.ry srrtJ Tcji
lion, I ouiliana end the Florida* prcicat
themieives to Us in a light f ib more
alarming, than either of the cm.1v r
two, under which we have r.h eacly confi ■
dered thi in.
With ivlpcbi to the untied 'St..ter oj
America, l; ranee will, for a k>;-»g time
at lead, mr.kt military and naval power
j fubfervienc to her commercial view.
! Me mew p edition operates a*> a conlhint, l
t.;rj’!L*'i 'dent n rn:cc ugainli: the union
I of ri;ok iLiter which, while fhe can ! *n
der tlieuiiifeiiii in the injuries winch (he
mediit iit s again# England, i will never
! be he- intereft u> divide. Indeed ,(he fees
in the L-nited States the mo# formida
ble rival i r Great Britain, in matters
o! commerce and havigsdon, and for
that reafon, as -well as for the purpofe
oi iiil’uring their aid in future wars ag lind j
us, fee iii take fpectai car*- not to hur- t
ry, into any mcaiure againil them, that *
may have die appearanee of hoftiiity, j
that may injure L eir imereil, or wound g
their pride.
but, towards Canada, (he will look,
with very different eyes. Thoi'c who
Chew any thing or the Northern bo.uh
dares of T. .mi ft ana, nmft perceive, that
the ecu'on of that country to France,
enables her, at. any hour the may choofe,
| to enter" into our lafl: remaining pro
i vinocs in that par? of the world; where,
i am Sorry to fay it,avail majority or the
natives won id receive her with infinite
joy. Dr. Becke and Sir Frederick Eden i
will comfort your lordthip by infilling |
that Canada is not worthpreP rving. A
gair.ll Inch y •tici n.s there -s no argu
ment to be oppolej; and if colon; :s be
re.'-y i t ,• ;1» rM i! the lair trade of Cana- '
and t market Nr oi«r manufactures
which tha* country affords, be alfoa burr j
den, we i:..ve the fatisfaClion to know, !
tnat they are a burden from which we
>hill, probably, very toon be relieved*
Sir Alexander Mackenzie has clearly
ihewn ,that the principal leai of the fur j
t ub: is ar the feurces of thofe rivers j
which fall; ;lo the MiffifTippi, and that i
Mole who have the command of that ri- |
v’er, and arr difpoiul to employ it for the *
proiccui ton tkii trade, may cafily j
niojiop di !•;. There wants no new j
ctt:imi(hmcn:s, n y lord, to transfer this
trade to Fran c. The Indians-, who hunt
for the furs, and the Canadians vho col
lect them, arc already on; the fpot, and
arc much more attached, to France than
to England, When, therefore., the whole
country, and the Mifiiflippi which flow, *
through that c mu: y to the G dph of
Mexico, are in the hands of the power
for whom they already entertain a par
tiality, it would he felly, in the extreme,
to (rope that they would feek for a mar
ket on the hanks of the Sc. I aurencc. [
Should they, however, coarra y to all J
reafon, be difpofed to do this, France
will have the p:>wer of preventing them,
by feizingon Canada itfelf, winch I think
his been dearly pointed out in the
Wegilter p. ?.6;, ; and J can a fibre your !
lordfbip rh-H the correct neG of that
flaterrv.nt there give**, has been fully
See-, fully ..onfirmed by the opinion of
ievi ra1 gentlemen, w ‘> h whom l have
finer converted on the fubjedf, and
who- to a d^'-fj ioterdl in tlv affairs of
Canada, un> a thorough knowledge of
?tc trade, or ir.° Icerri-11 fltufomn, and
and its means of defence. The expeef
iion of ^ a gentleman who fluids high
in ruilitarv command in Canada, and
who has pafled great part of iiis life in
the countries of which I am 1 peaking,
was. that<r the French, once in poiTef
fioii of Louifi'ina, might: walk into Ca
nada, whenever they plealed.”
From the cold regions of the North,
my lord, from die haunts of the martin
and rh< beaver, let us now curn ro Hie
mines ot the South. In ceding 1 oui
Inna to France, Spain has not tlipulaced
.tor baUTf^ariej. The domini a that
France formerly claimed (and ihe never
recedes),extended or the board towards
Hie ibuth, as far as the Rio Bravo, which
your iordlhip may ice mark d on the
map. The mouth of this river, which
affords good anchorage for vd!Hs oi
•aimoft any fue, places the all powerful
republic at no more than 6o miles from
•Sr Andre, 123 miles from Panuco and
3:o miles from the city of Mexico itfeif,
co all which places rhere is a road from
M10 Bravo, modi eafier to pals than
the {pace bervv ec. Philadelphia ami
Pittsburgh, which coll die American
ckda a march oi owly one and twenty
Suppofmg, therefore, Spain ho • n
; depond ac of France, and ibpp .fin;: a
! Vera C»m c \]v.' -io of reffdkig ih : attacks
I of d:e uttor, Mexico is Completely cx
poied tohcrgfaipby t; c ceffion, at v, h?eh
yourlot dfhipand your colleague ha w lar
o ! to connive. Wha:the confeaticnc'-s of
tnis cxp; ;fure may ho to England,it h, irn
pof/ihle precifciy to lay, i <jt, thole who
can cor?ternpiatp it v ithout anxiety an i
‘■head, mud have arrived at that happy
f ate of infernliOjIity, whit i enables men
T) ldniic' while the ruins of their country
are tumbling around on :h< ir heads.
Bnc great as are the injuries, which
u’.u:!; inevitably crifj to us from the
co r:'.'.land which this cefiion Will give to
France over the (Juiced States, Can ad \ \
and Mexico, thole to be apprehended I
vyieh refpecc to our naval/'</icer,and par- |
ticularjy our nuvigatim ih the l* \-ji-India !
Jeas-> are of a nature and magnitude ftiil
more a la riming. Whether the Fiorklas
U;C fwixaUy ceded oi. nor alcag ku
Louiffana, it is certain they m uff; be under
the command of France. She wants
not thole provinces but as a naval pofition
?n which.point of view they are extreme
ly important in thcmlclvcs,and fingular
ly formidable to us. Ac the fame time
that they abound in fhip-rimber of eve
ry fort, from die keel to the top-gallant
yard i they afford harbours for flicker
ing the fleets Oi out enemy, while tin
-Mriliilippi pours down abundance of
provision* for her men. The re are two
itations, in particular, in thefe colonics
from which, if we $iouki ever fee mo
ther war, we mult expect: ;:!k naoft fj.i
ous annoyance. The fir ft, and m.? •- r \
pacious is the Bay of Kfpiritu can
to, m v/oA.ch me Breach have ai
• eady projected a naval cfiaMUhrocnc,
end tor an account of w; a oh i refer your
brdfhip to the lpcepli of gpye.rj.nor
Johnitone, on the peace of 187 ■?,
Thich peace put an end to what
i greatly 'eat will prove to have
been outjirji panic wer.'* The fixation j
nfthis excriicnt harbour, your lorJhip {
Governor j > infton ; dwelt par
ticularly, on the value of > aft blorida,
which w./s cede 1 to Spain, and ftatcd,
diat when lie was appointed governor of
it, two eon tudinners were obliged to he
made out, in confcquence of geogra
phical blunder in the firft. r lr laid ;*)1
writ*'"s knew not the value of that pro
vince cither in. point o- filiation, or of
commercial produce ; there was ;> bay
in if,called thebav of Pv-miritu Santo ihr j
vas one of the orff hr, 'hours mthc work!
MY, lecreruy rowp.eiid, looking a
iirde iurprjfrd at this, the governor laid,
“ I fee die right hon. ieeretary of ftat^
“ is ignorant where the bay lies”) 1:
lies in the gulph of Mexico, on the
north-v.'eft fide of the prov ince, is called
i err.pa Bey, or JEdpiritu Santo, and is
one oi th Wnt. ft harbors, in the world,
infinitely be tter and morr healthy dun
the Hav inna. There, the {hips art eaten 1
by the worms, and the men are liabl- to !
winch ficknefii; in ci1(. ^y f)r ] n,;riru j
Santo, neither of thofc me mverdet,.-'
ere experienced.M
will It ;.rn fro m the map. Y*>u wjl! fee th il
in is no: 2 jo miles nor 4 $ Ml from
the Ciulph of Honda, which is the pai
fage, and the only, patfage, bv which a
convoy can come home from Jamaica
ft flip old moreover bz obfervi.d, tbit,
in eonfequcnt'o of the courft* ofthe g
ft ream, our ihips are obliged to bear up
in tne Gulph of Mexico,to within about
130 miles of Kspi.iru Santo ; fo that it
is next to impoflihie that a fleet, cou
liiding of 3c or 40 Ihips ihottid cfcape
the obf< rvation of the crui7.ers from that
harbour Should om* oi.tr trade, how
ever have the good fortune to enter the
Gulph of Florida 11:10b ferved from Es
piritu '•’.into, Or from tire Havannah,
(which lisoifthc op oolite fide of the
; entrance (how is ir to ( hide oblerv itions
I from t!ie inlet of Hillsborough, the. other
; pointer which the French have planned
■ a naval eftablifhment. The Gulph, in
1 this part, is not mote than an hundred
| miles wide, altogether, and che chut:,
will inform vour lordship, that even a
fingle veffel of any Considerable fizc,
c T.not, in a clear <3, pais imooferved
from the heights in the vicinity of Hills
borough. Thus, in cafe of ar.o'tier war,
d th * French a t with that figa vry and
v.g ,u,-, which have charaderi/ed all
their plans and operations, our wuiave
ntear ion with the Weft India ifiands will
be e .iplecely cut off. In fu-ft, thi;
"icv. ill,.: ibution of powef in the we Fern
hemiipneve has tot illy changed the na
hi'uic of our connection therewith.
vVirik-rheidench have the command
or che Amazons on one bT , i of the
M liTiflippi on the ocher; wind' they nof
iefs the ports of St DOmhup end Fio
; t ide, we may calk of Weil-Ind: tenito
! ry and trade, b Jt we can enjoy them
i only a-s vafjius of France.
| Having now,nr, lord, pointed out th6
1 miichiefs and dangers to be : reno.d
cd from he ceiTion ot i.oi.i. :ma, it is
hardly necefiary to obferve Tic the
cellion irloll 5c to be aicribed to th; peace,
! bt:r it is ot foine moment to prove that.
: its confir:nation coiild nor. hve taken
| place without a departure fro she f-v
j limitary article^ and that, therefore,tjiofc
1 pofopp who. enprQyed pt" .rhafe articles
ate 'vy no rule or confiftency, bound rt>
approve of the /.definitive licar.y,
\ his ceffiori was not pubjickly kup .vn;
it was nor officially knov/fi to youj ajjd
yoiii very worthy felloe labourer in the
w.>. a or or c, at the time of lignin..;
the preliminary artkie*. jSir.ce that
d.tv>a day which will ihtod tor ever blafc
e ' in rh : annals of England, this cefiion,
a ; ’ ar at lead) a ; relates to Eouj liana has
beer, publickly and officially announced
to rh- work:. Ry. the .promulgation of
at treaty (See Fegilderp. yd., cqi Chided
between b ance and Spain, on the aift
or iViarcli i ho}, which treaty was r.e /er
. ubii hed tiii January i No;, (more than
months alter the conclr-ion tf
our peciimin^j-.y .licit ; with France,)
we now know, that Spain has ceded
to op}- cneiqy the entire pofTeftiou and
lov : reign ty of Louipana.
Now tinlefsyou:* lordlhip ihould in
nib that by agreeing to ike Preliminary
Articles, this country religrid all pro*
cenfiofi to interfere in, or. to enquire into
the condtud or views of.the other nations
or the1 world,unlefs you flioukl infill, chat
h*7 ilrjLt ad, ;he forfeited all her national
right1-, not excepting even the right
of fcli; prelervatioii, you mult allow,
that the conditions or rhe Preliminary
amdrs wer:, by tfieconrra ling parties,
viewed in count ction with the kwutu ex
tent or dominion, respectively poiltded
hv rhofe parties; and as a very great
and dangerous addition is now m?de.
to c: jat extent, it follows that a definitive
treaty, made v/ith the knowledge of
that addition, and withe:: any ftipula
tion againft ;r., rs, in tha refped, a de
parture from the conditions of the pre
liminary uerv.
Here, my lord, I dole this letter
with a promile to lofc no time in tak
ing ap the. rar* lining points of difeut*
lam, my lord*
VoUr lordihip’.s moil humble,
\n ! mod obedient fervant,
V.tli MJl, April u> ito?.

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