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[Vol. II.j
l No. 70
I’mjicd fc«r HENRY RACE, and JAMES T. CALLFNJ>Er% Rf«
' ..__ . Kj * —
™°*n, iind-piibtiftej every Wxdnbsdat Morning. SeWrriprion VW. MUrs ftr «*r'Kat
iyEDNh„sr>s} r, November s> isok
\>ff AN Y gcnt\;*mcfc redding in ftutes north
J *■ of t Lis have addrefled letters ro us, tojfend
them the Recorder; and requeued we would
tiamenny perfon inPhiladdphia,or New York,
where they could fcitvl rheir luhfcrinticn nro
ney. We take this opportunity of informing
the public, that iVlr. T.evis, paper-maker, at
Philadelphia, will receive any fuVcviption?
Cent lor the Recorder, and Mr Coleman, prin
ter of the N ew York Herald, at New York.
THK fubicrib'Ts' to “ The Recorder,” arc
delircd to recollect, that the payments for this
paper ftiould be regulai and prompt. We (hall
not, at any future period of our editorial
progrefs, be U Iling the public, in terms of de
ploration, tint our fuhferihevs are indebted to
us in four, (ix, or ten thoufand dollars- We
pay a ftrict attention ro our fubfeription lift ;
and a~ foon as we can convince ourfelvcs that
a fubferiher is difpofed to fall behind in ins
payments,* offhe goesy without delay. Do
you think that the editors of rhis. paper are
going to he fuch fimpjetorts as to have a par
cel of twelve, nr fifteen hundred ragged, beg
garly (ubfeription accounts, difperfed a!’ over
the Hate, * f tv. o, (our, eight, or twelve dollars a
head? Do you think, that \vc know fo little
of common bufinefr, and of common fenfr.
as lobe giving credit for two or three years
at a ft ret clor even two months, to republi
uu/.ciiN rn.ic rcmcmut r to > pay I
the poftage of their letters, wherein they fo- i
lieu us to put tlown their name-' ? Indeed, gen
tlemen, as tlvAnayorof C u entry laid m queen
Elizabeth f They have got the wrong f ig h\
the eni. You may depend upon it that no
perfou exifts upon the furface o’* this rommon- 1
wealth, who fhaTl ever he hv * dollars ir. |
debt to tha,Recorder, uniefsby the mod pe -
culiar and fata! combination of incidents.
Does any man of bufinefs fancy that we are
going to fend money before hand to Phila
«le) plu3^.to pay for paper, to wait three months
for its arriv al; to pav every hodv in the houff
in advance, for working it off, and then, to be
giving three years credit, with a iaw-fuit at
the end of it, to ionic worthy republican who
refides live hundred miles to the v/eftvvard
of the Blue-Ridge ? That is not the way, in
vhich w* defign to do hufiiiefs. VVc Brail
have no advertifemenrs afeertaining the fim
plicily o'f our having accounts clifpcrftd all
over tive Bate, to the amount of Ox, or eight,
o> twelve thoufand dollars. Whenever a fuh
feriber to 'l'he Recorder, knows himfdf to
he behind hand, he muff not differ with the I
po ft-mailer ol the county; he ntuft r.ot thing :
that he feels an apoplc ■. v of lurptrft, if tiro
paper does not come next uv.v; fur, be way reft !
affurccl, that we fliall pay tlic'ftricteft attention i
to.the itdtc <»f payments and of defalcation ; ;
and, as we arc obliged to pay for c cry thing
ut advance, our fuhfcribcr?, rrav reft allured, !
that n:bo-y jhaVt he in out debt, if nve can help it. '
** W c are fitisfied that this will very fcl-!
d >hi be the cafe. Wc have not more than ;
one fubferiber in forty, but what pays in '
advance, and allures us that he will continue '
to do fo,
HAS juft received by the Ottavia, from Lon- i
don, ;i very hatvjfom* aflortment, which he i
will fell low, for Cafti c*r Produce.
Richmond, Or/. 12tb IS'>2, (
RUN aw ly from the Subfcriber in tS.i* ti*v, >n j
May lafl, a Ncpro mru. n.imfd
A Wwk rcmpIe*:o«, about Ttvtntv*S •< or S- m j
^ ear* nl<>, F.tf fV.r* Srtm flight, }•,, „
incrly belonged to thr ftlafo of ffoorrn Tor r», j
h35 vorfc.vl tSt PJ« kf nirh’, trade. W-j» pur, j
• bif«<j at T*ui4»e Sale, iaft r»pi»p?.
Whoever feenre* th>: i Ml N grp, and lr |^e« h*ro
• a Jail in this City, fbal) ha*, t He aho.e fe%v*ttl bv
applying! ' William Kuleh r.
Or/oher t$/b, |8 » tf
Ri.iu. tnd Sip’. 3Q/h. I '*.<) * ( H; ) j
OcV ' rr z >:b
l J0 Collars reward.
SCHOONER, TRY/U „r v j it
from k.ebn.oo* for VV*
t (h of 2 (tty. i,,: t.5 rf ^ ^rthhran, on the
r^.v^L vifs“r V" ?
a Kcd iVur.k cTMrV OT B<** W*l», tviU,
th£ nia<Tcr 0f <\t J" ' , ^cre ,ta chat
*grn. AddreL to ‘ P J paWer lG he*
„ -!°HN TAYLOR, Norfolk.
; , _ 03
Vv 1 U;fo:,i “ •■» Wghcft bMifer, -A Dunkirk
3 ' ot jJuirl^j^l9Cn C'UatVi °n Mwndi>' the
adj i .£™g.,#-4j 1° K’?B Q-ucen Court Hou,a
in ! Nils CV ka'n 8 •» Pond, contain
nine Acr .'rf JHrftU lT * * !ft,»
r>rr,r u- . , 1 L“0®* ruB«;nt'uUt front Mr
iw m* ? Sh,iand to'\iart..pnny wo. Tb*
t:> o ir'! • r'Vl • -C lold 0,1 3 crt ,i* «»f fix inoteli ,
'.?r ,r p,r‘Pn bGt,d with approved fee«ritv.
rnj!». # 1 1 \'‘ fJl*1 d^tC :f mn punt!UtIJv d\[
C.,,.1 V J»n*e timv and place, will }%
,# ,IC tJJficr tVwrtcen or
r4lr dri‘,,g °tr‘ ecn,*.ft,nK of Yien, Wo.no a,,<j
A’ niff ■»./ »«**„, 03 d is * *. ' 4/ )
V r r r; i x ; x ,
In tile ! fign Court of Chancery for the
moot! DilrriCt.
Henry D nks
Nathaniel Ander&o, Robert Pcdlard."
(iforgc W»niton and Thomas Stew
ON- the motion oi the p’ahtifr, the
fecond day of Ocloner in the year of on. lord one!
tfcoufrnd eight hundred and two. with ttte tdpfenV
nr the defendant Nathaniel .\nd6rfon, by co**fel,
<^>th refer the accounts between the plaintiff 3«v=
t.7»t defend aw. totwc atfm commiffinerE, to he b
imr, examined, fbted, fettled, aud to the court
reported w ith any immeri.fpcciuHy iUt*d thought
pertinent by himfelf, or requited bv ihe partes
to he fo Gated, and wdereth, with the conic ot qf
the parties, me crofe -o be finely heard at the next
term, if that officer, in the mean time, (hall ftiue
arui examine them, or, updn examination of the
papers, a final decree can be made u nborn the re
A copy, cette,
PeterTifriky, c. r.
Co-nni iflione r’s Office,
Richmond, Oftober 20, 180S.
f panics concerned, are dcfircti to take no
f:ce, that \ ha\e appointed Monday the twentieth
day of December neAt, fo - carrying into effect the
wubio decretal order, upon which day, theii a
tendance is required at rny office, with copies of
the court paper; and their accounts ready i».r ex
William Hay, m. c.
A A * l. .1 ION, by a porion v*{n> profeifcj to
2.x understand the builnefs of a
The advertiser is i native of th« Old Country.
He Has been brtd to this, biilic.-C , and any appli
cation on his accour.r, is hieS may he made at ibis
olficc will receive a fuiuible amner.
Richmond, Oct. xjth. I H ) :.
L)l; R.Jv 1A NT to a decree of the Fed era*
T\ *■ fH,rt ‘>f the Uni ted States, i .r the
of V trgiuia, in a <u t bet,ween thr
; ecu tors of Hanbury*s,pl:uptjffs, and the truf
fcc‘ gen. Nelton, ami others, defendants,
a tract of land in t.*ie oiintyot Prince Wil
ba.ix mi the waters of Hull Run, tontaming
n > acres, now i. the occupirion of Mr>
(»wynu; or fo much thereof as will be fofli
cient t<* uiife thr fum of £. 259 with int^refl
thereon from October j 797, and the colts &
cxpences of this fale, which will take place
at Gadfby's tavern, in the rown bf Afcxaxdria.
on Saturday, the ftxth of November next.
I hey above traft of land was .porrhafed In
Peyton (Jwynn, depeafed under the laid de
cree, and the puichafc jnoneyrot being whojlv
paid, is again to be fold for the fatisfac^ion
thereof, in conformity to fiid decree, and terms
of original fait.
L av M*rlhal, v. *>.
"'t'hm,$>/' iti.'h ipf. {*^*0
T HURSDAY S«‘n’ght flnved ifnjm a Smith's !
Shv>f- *ear the Court U<jj!c of Richmond a ‘
■T W,.'*"!1 * «I‘Ori l^b fail, a I and |
pvn hie Irft ioo*jMcr. Fit is *Wut twelve hauc1? |
a>... at' half high, about fix vear» old. I will y',yr j
tlic above regard to 10y ?crlon w),0 w)jj j,ri»,*/ i,,m .
a> ci , Sciith as-J Vittsicr, next the Court H JUfe
Of oarc lytS. \JC3.
“ favinf *f mne, f,r'<
ti/u- is ever; mor< precious t> L money/’
toll bridge
TH* ubl»cisrcfj)ct5Uully infotmed^ iv non
I f ‘ ^‘PiCtc>y «»d permanently nniHied
£(“7“^ w"hrt «■«•»•* and fubltantial
Hnnd-Ru,!,; and w.ll, very (hor.lv, hc f.lp.
i u"d> * amps from one cud tu the other
10 that pafiemrers may pats it by rW» ov
.W,th U‘e Safety, and moll un
bounded confidence.
When the vaft tmgnkudeof this undcrut
nits unoi.rta
king h}r4 fingJe individual; the chimerica
jrntn \vhw>, jt was originally viewed hv iU>
whms* Cam;-n i<mi• .r i *L.. ! . r y_ . ,
\ ..vac- wca: nv i n
whole community; the i.mnenfc lum wind
»t has coft ; the great Lugth of time (a perio
l) 110 Icls than jj vears' vvlvieh it has tukei
to bring it to its psdeiu Ihite of perfection
*• ^an,tne importance of ittotbofc who
travel north or iouth, and particularly ro the
whole country fourhof James R.vcr, in br»;;£
*u£ thc‘r Produce to market, and coming to the
[cat of government,are cunfidered, a confident
hope and belief <$ entertained that it will meet
*' j . and alw^ receivuniverfcl patronage
and iupporticxdu^c of theft coofidcratioi,
lLO^ >M\ iriejt points out this to I>c
the cheapest, (and furciy it i, t).c mot\
agreeabee) mode of erofiing the river, for
thy very final] d;tref*?»ce in the expense ot
going by any othet conveyance, bears «o pro
pqtfjpn to the certainty, and expedition
; vhl<J* execHcpt and ufcfid bridge aHmds
i tf.uifm*aa, f •'rg;<t;at Sfpt. 4tb. JSOif.
i iiR bubfcyyhcr lias latciv re- |
I moved to thcHricic Huufe, appoint,- toCrouch’s :
j I avern, and near to Proffirr and Moncurc’s
Vendue Store. |
I He proposes to pra&ife the Law >n the I
High Court of Chanctiry.andDiftiia Coticts, |
j and in the County and City Court.. which
ate held in this city.
J khbnrand*AugnJl ] ^02. tf
AND K'd' s.Ul
PF-tCF. TWO L ; -\ ko i'll R f! F.-T'F. NTf
I MANY gentlemen, when fubfcribin.T to
this paper, h ive enquired *or complete ter n*
•the Recorder. Tb'-fc *rc not to he had
But this little pnbiicar.m will, in fqtnr mea
i hjce,ttjpply the want of *r. Befitfe* the
i fei-en letters to Jar,.-, the Ja* 0f which has
• mnir through cscry^ate, a/C every fe^ond
newspaper in t!v union, the collection eon
I M<ns many other artiefe*. Among theie ar..
Dtfercr £/ Jatca fiu-r- -Mr. Samuel Gobi
j mar., No. J.-~J)efence of Timothy Pici/rin«_
; J tittle more a bo fit republican erecnemy —with
, a variety of fnwrll pieces.
i : Subfi.ribsr, leaving hir prelent rm
mb*trr m die co.rfe ut rn* ,.c
I |»»nuc|f >vnh any wh , newd rranirc i?js
; tcrrirvs.
I N B. T» prfrr*rt
'dll bc.tccrpo o. if.»r«i,or
lU&vwr, OS. jQ.h iw «
l. G i t. F \.
bu- lt*or . • ,
»brtf» m’11• iv «.. .
ci? rn£
WHEN Meriwether Jones firit co.\ji
mtncci aft unprovoked, ^ foWy/ii
political anti perianal attach, upoq the’
suitors oi this paper, it \yas exuccir-d
?l\aiwc ihouM be able to walk aloncr
fide or mm, and to knock down . 7;vr'y
nd ft hood, ns fait as it appeare d.
Experience has proved the iftlkicir of
f*1” expectation. Befibe., w *
nad many ocher topicks to handle an *
many other ulfctfea to chtilith^
known rh.it people would not give them
‘=lvrs t*ubfc of<ubfc--bftgkr t).r
;tecOr,f..r, merely to ice the ?>: p illu m <,'f
, or fhc reprobation of 7>jh
umics Ii W often tbun' Sccc&cv
to neglect nis yelping, an i proceed
ftraight fo; ward to the defection of
more important culprits. Befidcs this
Jones p’ ^ts twice a week ; and we but
0'*c.f’ He is liafp.ticded by a tribe of
a‘Tit tun authors, while the orfar^l mat
ferol this paper and cfpeculiy for the
laft four months* has come, almoft ex*
clufivcly, horn a fingie pen. Hence
between the fuperior exterif of his root;/
and the fuperior number of hi* aid font *
nc has fun on fo liift, that we have not
been aide to overtake even one'half of
his fictions.
• ana which has been
repeated by Jones in a rhouiand ih m,-s
isrhat rhe Recorder has been bought by
the federal party. Of tilts ,)oc$
oi cvnarn.ce .n$ been, pro-iiiccd.’ "fa
cyr.ry number of cne Recorder, fucb
freedoms are taken with the jcr*i
iyi as jyra»durft ntrf, fi>r his ifk, rake
with the republicans. This fact is meai
to every body. Our currant'tie jtic h
trial- both parties requite * <£rc$t'#4 ^
witching , ti*a» chore is not a prod»rylo>»s
dtifcfctkt betweentiie moral characters
(A the one and die other; that ibis prin
ciple ought to be deeply imprcf&d Upon
die peoples mnds chat implicit coni
fiwciu.e.anJ .t defect of proper int urination,
disperfed among chr citizens at'lame
have been rhe caufc of very numerous
misfurtnnes. In a wn r d, tfijs porn*r af
^nti what man of jjpafe
tempt 10 tontracfec: pj thl; ;!# country
can never expect to hove a proper go
vernment, uniei? all it. measures are
watched by the vigdunce of fulpicior!,
and corrected . by cool’ and inteibovnf
mitigation. When you will) tQgt.;on
h .r/ebiiCK, you (Jo not lVn.it your eyJvmd
tlr '.ftwithout \yhtp or bruise, gy* vdieu
;1 body of men above fufpiei on take hokl
of the public purfe, it is an hundred
times more likely that they will priicr
your nnn, y than that the Iu)rlc 1 wdl
break your neck* We never Ipar of
rhe over leer of a form, whom lus in
ployer con»kl,c rs as abovi ^atjt^ieaion.
When you want to make your km J.
fcholar, pi a man of huimefo, yoydo not
tell him tp act juft. as he vkufts. Bui
what better isit? indeed It is a grcjtc
deal wonl, to,tell f body of'ft: rcsmeB>
tuac you have implicit confident ;n th'
pu ity of their v nines, or die ipfecdtfr
of their tak its. If you addreiBrd dud,,
nonfrnfe i ♦ you, lbn at fehooi, or tl,r
drrk at your dtfk, he cerMinfv would nor
be much die better for it. cither your
aitqrney, nor even your wife,can ai&iic
be tnilted with inch a f-r,» t. Thc\:.
petite of vanity is inutiedlc. To cram
a perfonVs rar.' nth k-is commonly, the
molt certain way t«> mnk»“ hun
his biWiiK IV, t > rhmk hirnfelf if
and to treat ois i . ,vrer wiUi cputem’.i
I o overdnje him with d.ityxry jjjft
J>ke throwing out tii* .UiUaft ,wy p,
i under lull ii.il. You vn " the jr.-rii*,.
fwhor.nm pralfe, and, the vrf/i r| d
• } '.r r*• n- i\ vri, r !l’ -■ f

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