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[No. i 14.]
.--*_--- . s'irv!ir)j.rt ywvE *. isoa.
"TTVAKE' jlib tacthcd to infbrm the public, that
A he harjart rfCciVed by a Ltc arrival from
EL'TOp*. a large and g heal affortmant of GOLD
iud SILVER WATCHES. Among which^-e
elegaat repeating watches, lady's gold u. ,. :o
-ir: elegant ailurtinent of Tea’s, keys .c
He '-as likeWife a tetv good CLOCivo lorfeii.
Ail of which he offers to difpofe 01 on as >c lior'.a*
hi* term, for caih, as th*y c<»v*be pu.chafed in «.ny
parjt of the United States.
.* He rstums hisQ .ceie chan* • to t:s friends for
fhe lihcn! encouragement h- has met with hrtce 1
hat reiiJeitec in this cuy.
Clocks and watches repaired on -hr korreft ,
, IA :) t>, I $0 j . <JtW 'b \
^Jo 30^9, a tick' t tn the ftconci clafs of!
" the lottery ut V/ afhtngton City, was j
bought bv me in Baltimore, the toth d37 of j
Auguil, ' 1796: in the year i^oy, feme |
xjrn. in Jute was fent by one WiViam 1
S -tith to Philadelphia, fuppoOng the lottery j
to have been !rawn, to be exar. in d. 7 h.tve .
fi- cc teen (aid Smith in Charlefton, heorov-j
c.J ttvme ns I think; faid ticket was lrtl in a
yssseh that he wis Cuil away in. t advertifed |
the raid ti ket on the 3nth c»t June, 1797. in .
the Virginia Argu;, for biding any perfon j
from puFchafir.g it, if it fnoui'd be in being,)
as am foie owner of it.
Ri hntiud, May 2$, t3- 3.
to" rent.
A ND padibflion given the ^rft of next;
*■ monur the upper ^urt efthe houfe occupi- j
eci by «:he fabferiber^ ill which there arc fivej
Convenient toorrs, together with a good kiti h
■n and ftabte for three horfes. There is a vrJj
of water in the yard. j
A only to
'Jubmnnd, Aprilp "id* l SO> tf.
co-nartnerfhip of AdS.frr. ar 3 Fitlmr,!
was,on the 12 b of iafr month di flowed •
oy mutual content. All thofe having ci.-uti»j
igiinft tha* concern, will ayp! to Jann-sj
Either for iettlemcnt, and thofe indebted will j
maK : uvnntdii'c* payment as no. further indul* j
pence can be given. 1
N. B. James F.lher having purchafed the j
ft nek. of goods belonging to Adams 2nd Fiftl- !
c>-, intends carrying the bufmef* on for his own I
account. T he aUorar.enf of goods is equal to j
any in that line.
Richmond, AprV 6thy 1803. (tf.) j
rubfcriber he mhy informs the public, j
j_ tiuta; Jcr »:'i, after much trouble and ex- i
cent'** r.c '«*; near-y completed one of h:s Mills!
o . the fa-‘ct ki'ver Ca»r:’. which the*e are*
t -n or- of P-mr r:oT.m for ti>ar.t:f,icV.:rxn? t
WH ;, av.ti tvo pair of Cologne fio m. cow i
v -i; g-rrV COR.N.
Th*.‘ - • icoaveniencs whir, might artfe fTcfr j
,i. . , .i-.. bTrenee of rr-eafu’-ss may be avoided, ,
COK *' H-.V He r*c<. ;*'f d one' oy v.eight, n fifty ,
'pi’ij. ds r v ' ’ Hw^he’i. ar.u hip ply of MEAL ur-d 1
fyOiVlINY wdiaovay* be k<> ready to give x
evchange, at me rate of eighty-five pound? of)
Af a!, or ninety-two pc mJa of Hominy, for one ;
:d pounds c»Com.
After the iorj of weight by cleaning, and eva-i
‘•oration in grinding is dedusted, the toll on Meal
tiill b • only about one tenth, and or Hon ir.y or •
twentieth; it will, therefore, be much to the in i
tnrcfl of rhofe who keep horfes, to have nil then j
^ Corn ground.
As me fubferiber is now providing a Tar ai d
Screen for the purpofr of chanir^ ihcCorr. t-Te<
t rilly before it is g-'O-ind, s*n.i is the A cal wili
>>c made from the Weft Com oniy, and. rone out
fuch as is merchantable will be received; l>c hope?
that general fat'ssfaAion will be given.
B. 1 r« ded* ,fiion for btoieage and bfi- in’
onCorr, depofio.d to be exchanged for Mr a’
r.6 Hominy, will iv. made v moderate as f oflibie
y 7n*iiry i>
• A i DAPI<^ grey, fix yrah;
I ^ V old till* fprmg, iiiu: a aa-adt a mi in half
j >,gh. w. ! ttjiud the ii.tlLu-.c of the eniulnjr tea.
j fen at m;/ .a1 te. near Itocr. is to be let to Mar cs
j *x the moderate puce .( T welve dollar* ; t0 be
j »cherr; c the payment of ten within the fe*
! <cn- ‘ lw dollars sviif be expefted fo toon -.he
: m.ire i. covered. Corn wiii be taken at tht i*iar.
I Frjce lil o»lcha:-ge of the f-alon, with half a dol
lar to the Groom. ‘ ISAAC ALLEj>.
A»-ty »o, idr$.
, £‘jl bvQiuckiilver; Dsm br Sprlgbt- :
iy Ci:b ;s !tr. L old Cub; Sprightly Cub’s Dam
vas g’n-by True -v hig.or. a thorougn breu Mate;
Grand Dam of Mogul was a foil bred Msw, the
property of Mr. ivichards, eiq of Culpeppfcr,
rcm.rkcd for having produced a number of one
colts; alio the Dam of Mr. RichtraC celebrated
running Mare, by Shark. j
In Tiered, fey fa ti Ly
william Davidson,
Who Las inP received » large quantity o*
excellent IRISH POTATOES which he
will fell cheap for cafh.
Richmond\ Jprii z.ck iSo.C
f SHALL be obliged, very jfhortly.to leave rhli i
S. Sta^e for a fe\y months. Should any per fins |
having demands again;' ., «vifh to i.-*vc the:n S
previouily adjafted. I lhail be triad if d -y will>
rir gthem forward ir.imeriiatelv, for that pur-I
• i3 the patronage i K.ve received from ray j
l iends and the i’ub..e, line® n;y commencement j
in B fiirrsls, has full-, equalled any moft rtdttering 1
evoeflations, i beg leave, with due lenfibility and ,
rcipef’t, 13 efrer in return r y moft grateful ac
During my ubfcr.ce MrAv LllUbtH. Fite.-, hylfon
•vdi receive and pay money, and fettle all out
ward ir.tr. fa A ions and accounts on my behalf.
^ bailee is or iiook !>;nd>ng, in all its various
branches, will be carried on by Mr. Samuel Combs,
a -v;:l execius ail orders with’promptitude and
fidelit; .
i '.ere i new on hand, and will be conftantiy j
V- up c impietea of St.-tio
or a.i !: nds or Ilian.; aud Ke.led Book nice ir
- rc :tuie, L.-ga: and Private bultnefs.
Rich.'fi'.rt .V'y 2’^.' j aos, *<I» j
T"HE fuhfcTiber tikes this mode of return
ing bis thanks to his former patrons, and
informing the public in genera!,th.it he has by 1
defirc ©f his friends) re-commenced the
STON ES, and having fy, niflml him-llf with
a. fupply of the heft im.tcr mis, r.r.d hiving had '
fixteen years experience in the bufinefs in Bal
timore, Petersburg, and RichinoiKh hope? to
be able to give fatisfaction 0; his employers.
The ft ones he will war. ant to be as good
asanv in the U nited Suites,
Any orders left with Caps. WjlMamI
Pennock, Norfoii. : t’apt. William!
Chambers, Stauntonj Mr. William Hay, j
V. the Cour.tyj or Mr, Robert iVIoobe, 1
Pet-rfburg, fhal! be duly attended to, and
country produce received m piymeiit at the
ruftonAry prices
0 TWO APPRENTICES will be ta-:
ken to the above bifincfs, and fhort time re
Richmond) Jan. IOth i3o$. (tf.)
N. B. For fair, P b, iJS l ER ./ PAR IS) |
rn ft ore or ground, for th** improvement of.
Tnu, wkh direction*. for the ufc thereof.
! r f 'UK public arc hereby rc keclfuhy in-. . med, |
I X :.v; v.- . tbad rc v.inve :o furnidi Meal ar-d !
[Ifirrii-y lor rerr qv-rtcr ..t the ‘ime prices ? •'
' the Jail, viz,, for Me:! per bufttel -■»' -:»►I! )> «>d. I
! l/OiRin/ per bu t .. cf ; lbs. } »d. And they I
; arc requeilcd to tr-Vc noike, ib.it :hcit article' ;
* will Or<!y he d-h vend hereafter to cicketM which
I *ray be had cor counim. houfe.
i Mar k 3 \(i 1*03/
r'L.£MttN in ?'.iy part o' Virginia, who
Jf have iabf'criptiun napv/s ia rheir hi^dt, an*
ta.’.. diy requetfed to fe d r’~ »n iwm<. -tely by
pod to iKe publishers in Philadelphia. The work
is in grea* furwardnefs, and will, it is prelum*?'.1.
b<* ready :o deliver earl; ia the tall; before which
time it will ’.cthe intereft of thoi'i: who intend t;>
fj-tcrjbe to leave tbeii name- wi.K the publiihers
dioce the Profpefkus was firft llfoed. judge I ucltc
hi- mide a felefUoo of tnc mull appl;c ible of Mr.
GnriiKan’s Notes, wh;ch will ;>e ptin d under
taetr proper reference*.
Ike printers nf ail iht Virginia pipers twill pi raft
/? ; */• rt . /. r akovt eue month, and fttui th*ir ar !
tevxfi to Asr. i. Pltojanti. \:chntond,a ■
•/<? df. Snail.
\i*y i j, . 803. inti. ’3. ;
* V* 11 £ btbfc• ibe r jt:tun;e fincere tha: •' ts h*«
X frier !; aud the pub’ic gener Uiy, fur ihe j
fir- i eltencouragement u receiveu in his line ;
ox bonnifs 6<<*:c hii coaituencement in Richmond, i
He b.*» lately received a iaige fupply of excellent
Burr-btones at his tnamtCaflcry, and does nut hcfi
tttftlQ fix/, that he will le.l! Hurt tail!-Stores a*
Cheap Is they were eve? fold in the United 3t .Js:
he wtil vrartaot tnetn to be of the bed quality, • . d
give Ample lecurity (If required) for their pc: lor*
mance. Country produce will be taken in pay
ment, or a Jhort credit given ; he has tunoR over1
Ilied Mili-Stoncs ready for delivery; ai(o PLAi- .
TSR of PARIS ground and in the Rone.
Richmond, "fun. 25tb, 1803. (if.) {
Subfcribcrs have j.:ft ivceivel % large
X affor Intent of 7-8ths. and 4.41ns. lii.s
Linens, which they offer for laic on vts. y low
terms. Alfa a few Bale* of beft Twili’d
Rizhiitraiif May i 9th. 5 363. I n/u. ’Q.
book. Binder and stat.oner,
Oppofitt tdejpri.lducbt end Gar;;‘nrr*it Id at: fir *st.
Ricbmor, V,
iRATEFLTL fur the encou ' pemert H* h.:s;
Vi received, fine-- co r-ner,c' ^ ; :ne' . t:«ir
thii method of return iig u, :r.k», and to 'oUc.it a !
continum *e thereof. ;
fie hr.* juft received •* I -G icoply of S'ationeJ-y, j
confining of Super- Royal, Rev a! M:<;' Jtn, D-.mv, |
Folio, and Quarto PoR, FooFfcap, rtnd Foil ’
ting Papers.
Blue, Blotting, Cart-jdge. and larjg P ov n j
Wrapping Papers, Bed and B'ack U-.k Powi cr, i
Liquid ditto ; Pcwte* a-'d Glafs l”k Stands; 6and j
and Sand B-xcs; I'. unc.-.-, and Pounce 3o.\es;
Red and Black .Scaling Was; R d, Buck nd j
variety of Wafers; Gold Leaf; Shuts, and Si;;te J
Pencils; Red and ^cad ditto; Ivory Fol
oc;eRed Pape, Quilt-; Indian Rubber; Bcn
re: Pafteboa.d, &c.
Merchants Accoirtpr Books ruled to aw pa*
*e»n. Book-Rinding ir. all its various branch'-*;
fcnectitrd with neatnds, accuracy, and diipatch.
Not on hand, a large ai.annicin of i* ank. »
B u ok.<
M,iy is, !
IN the American war, a French and!
Sjiani.h fleet, cont 'ining, about fix-j
ty five fail of eE: line, rbcued the'
grand Englifh fleet of thiry-eight fail, N :
remained m- ’ era of the Bridfh channel
till the rotighncfa of the ivca.th'
forced them to retire. In July, r-r-sj
the French fleer, i:;r;rr D’Oi yi]fl, rs',
engaged admiral Y :-ypcl. Thor (Length i
was much about tepni, fh. < iurr.fv :
letter from K *pp-announcing his vie
tory, routed uni*erial derifi< n, SanH
v/icn, then firft le d of the admuaky J
declared, in thchoule of ,>• '-rs, his con- j
viition that Keppei had brch bentm.
About the fa-; H*;.-, Jamt, kUcpher
Hr., eft). she vt-jr! tnnil'ii't- of
| Oijia •, .vrr.c a piece etui icd a short
I !'■! ; <->xi¥ >f oppositi ) rJ » which ht\ in
j private companies* aferit-td ro Edward
;.*j»>bor. Referring ro the iiht'ninati ms
! V* f'« iv i'5 affair, Mr
Maepheri on fpcafcs to d R t'SeA : '< X
“ victcry9 which lav concealed ■!. • re~j$n
Mi.Kt.'S, arid which was i n - :j; * iver
ed by accident, comH not be worm
tac cxprnce *»t .uany candles."
in the ciofe of the fun> War, Bail’; ■
Subre.n Was : ndied to thr Bail Indies
wita a i:\cnch iqd.-droh. hi the c. i .;'c
y few m m:h , he find Hr Eti.vard
■ It ghes fought ,'ourdcfpt, af.*: an a ’hoo iv
b-rties* Ea^h o' ;h:rn had, iri general*,
aoout ten Hap*; or the line lef> or m rc \
and, from the n-< ;nt ,,f Ln, gh'
g i.h • , iefs deer char Sof
ucm was sot beaten. The Frc. cfi
even o>;..ic c{ hit v;Ro,~Rs. |4 rt s
'.o ii.v • e ocen by r ir tne y rr ff !i; officer tt
has yet ar <!ea i.i tnc navy of FV>>nce < k
cannot be ihpppof: J Lj;a ;hcr hE ;j>i -a
or men were better than rn v.b r ot • r
French admirals. The g|0.y i5f hi*
Superior fortune centre., n •i h * T]u
anions demonltrate or v,h : cH. it the
French Pi u intis 'apable, wtie:: •<; jp-niy
cornman..! The he,- dirarv *jre j.
dcncy ofm* Engii h fl-g iuni,heJ
fore thc genius, prr?l*yc;4acc% a :d :
trepidityofn firgle man. *
Again, on June t!h \y % }){\
Howe, with ewen v-hv. Rii Tcheh.ie
engaged a French' He : o 'twenty, b < '
i he equipment and difci HHc of the
f 'vf!1- . , as iiiidotioce iiy rr.u^a bT^ri' **
ra th^c of the Bdd.b; y<. the besur
lay ; uc the co nbut hUrd .R, ;R.
r\ t-*. i ^ *'' *
tune JtMencn onn of war amk, and
were taken, Hu: tsie E g!i n -net w: »
' formidable refutmer. ,r rwel\, j
| French veacls were crir.nl-d, or cm
iy dilimited ; hue a> i/mc* on ft- ftX- .
Acre funk or uiken, jr f.ij.v* from i -■!
cujapcofrhe others, the the victor ,
ahh, mult have ben crippled. Out <!.
about twenty-eight EngiiVn ad.ntfah ,:•
cipcains, ( .e wa, killed, a fee md nu.
tally Vern led, and trircc Others f,-*
' ch ° tlr.-m, h leg. This was warm
wo- k liriglinJ fJi-ght: > be Cacti >u . f
protracting .» naval v.*r j ( r the repub
*‘c* vvhcn b*k-« *ugeJ from her coo.i
nmcc: corveit, m iy loon bcC »nie as
ir.c uYa nie by -ca, ?.$ int: •/ re t jy >y
End. Lycurgu, forbade hft jUccd.ck
m omens to fighr too often with au oic
enemy. Age Pilaus forgot his wfc rule.
lie beat the 13«it ians i uo heme.-, an i
con'-u-i o-a * and, but tor the jcaioufy )i
hh own allies, the Su^rcinof fucftcs
would have burnt Spared. Cnaries me
twelfth, and the Kuifian Peter, error.I a
modern initaruc oi the fame m .re, and
of which the French dig bids f, < ro
turniili a *Yefri example.
I he n.;vr.i crime o ene** of En^lanJ
!Kis L'-ce t aijrmed for io ;;un ' hundreds
os times, *t claimed a copious an
ivver, ic jj, lat.i : ar our commerce
will iri! triumphant into port ur
dc pi ot-ion of the B *iiiu dig. a\m i
that dag is unable to kcurt even its
own commerce. In the fame war, it was
computed char Luke Ryan took fe verity
Bricifh fhips, an * mod of them in the
hhidfb rhaflre!, or r vr it. Paul J ones
wr ,m ha ■ .. rcitd'h oi burning
.he Hupping in the purr oh White h vver*.
Hedcbbc ateiy landed on he coalt of
Gallov/ay, laded .e round to the on -
1 pof*"c fide O': f. *e uj, nd, <iik the ihil't
mg of ike 'viri<. *7.2;. . e c !y apparent
jeaufe cltn kinderea i> •. ;rom»ttm;::.in<
j the port of ( -h.h.
* Or 1
I . . *■" *(Ci vry of
I toe tv*» t ■'attl :■* - • ■ f,n<: ir ■■■.
! ,7>•••:/:/rk.

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