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Terribls Cast of Hydrophobia. Mr. Vale
of the town of Ovid, Seneca co. N. Y. died
on the 31st ult. of this awf.il disorder. Tho
particulars are as follow :—“ Nine or tei*
weeks previous tohisduulli, ho was bitten
on the hand by a mad dog. Medical aid was
immeuiaiely procured, and all known speci
fics put in requisition.
Eight or nine weeks after he Poind that
the mysterious and maddening agent was at
work within him—and ascertained that he
must die a mad man! His eyes protruded
out of the head, were very glassy in their
appearance, and their pupils very much en
The patient remained in this way till tho
mnrniug of his death, when he euddonl*
sprang from his bed and exclaimed to 15 or
20 by slanders—“Clear the mom ! Cloir
the room !’* They immediately withdrew
and he was confined in the room alone. Ho
raved and struggled, grated his teeth, froth
ed at the mouth, and yelled limit distressing
ly-. His distorted visage, staring < yos, nod
furious gestures, presented a spot acle that,
those who witnessed it, .-an novor forget_
1 he first attack ceasing, lie asknd his friends
bind him, and keep away from him!"
The wretched man was bound hand and foot
to the bed, whero with agonies aid groans
and shouts, he mot tho most terriblo of all
T he following note was lately found at the
door of one of the superintendents of the
Alms house in Now York, accompanied by
an infant child in a basket !
* *1 ho unfortunate mother of this poor in
fant is a foreigner. Having arrived in this
coiiutry with a large family, and since then
been left a widow, without inonoy or friends,
she is driven to the necessity of abandoning’
this little sufferer to public charity ui:t il she
can reclaim and support it. If tlie reader of
tlfswill have it conveyod to the public alms
house, with as much secrecy as possible, the
prayers of her that is ready to perish, shall
rest upon him.”
Wonderful Among the hig stone* of th
day is one of a skeleton leccntlv discovers
et the Kentucky Big Lick. It is said “ther
are ten or twelve set of tusks, from 4 to I
feet long ; the claws are four foot long an
three broad ; the tuakawere arranged in rii
pillar order as if by ihe ham!* of man; witli
*n the circlo tho bones were deposited,wliicl
when placed together showed the animal t
have been at leist23 test high, and liO lee
Jong ! Tho skull hone w-ighed 400 pound
1 hey were found by a Mr. Finnoy, about I
feet below the surface of the earth, who ha
refused $*>,000 for them
Hrnzil —Some uneasiness exisls in this
empirn. The Cortes ore said to hove refused
to make appropriations f»r tint Princess
Donna Maria’s expenses in Europe. There
is also the Regency, &.c. at Terceira to he
provided f.r, or that establishment, and rally
in? point, must be given up.
Heavy Dress The dress sabre wliich Lord
Londnndary wore at file Review in Hyde
Park is so heavy with gold nod jewels which
are attached to it, that his Lordship was obli
ged to take it oft’and give it to an orderly who
carried it u gteat pnrt of the dav. '
Sugar.— Meetings of sugar planters have
been held in various parts of Louisiana, to
take into consideration the “Circular of the
Secratary of the Tresiiry of the United Slates
requesting information on the suhjoct of the
culture of l he sugar canu‘ and tho uianuiac
luring of .sugar in the States ”
_ A letter from'Boenos Ayres, rccoivod in
Philadelphia, dated Sept. 2 states that “a
conspiracy against the existing Government
was discovered, and above sixty of tho insti
gators were urrested.”
A Now Orleans paper of2oth Oct.says_
“the Yellow Fever still rages to no alarming
degree, and the number of individuals, in the
different hospital.;, is two hundred and twen
Two sisters, daughters of a respectable me
chanic, one of whom was married, have given
bonds in iJtlOfleach, to t ike their trial a-, thr
Municipal Court for pilfering some ribbons
from a milliner’s shop, Boston.
The census of Charleston is 30, 230. show
ing an increase in the last ten years of5,5011.
* liin is exclusive of tho suborn*. whsro the
population is supposed to have diminished.
80(H) ship letters were received at the New
York Post OlBce, 1st insl. a greater number
than ever was known in one dav.
Tile Brighton. ('Eng.) Gazette mentions a
now and intense light lately invented for
light houses. The effect is produced by
dropping a small bit of chalk lime at the con.
junction of two flumes obtained from differ,
out gases, and impelled towards each other
I ho brilliancy is so prodigious that it casts
shadows at the distance of ten miles and
Calvin B. Johnson has been sentenced at
Bangor, Me to 2y.i#fs in the Slate Prison,
f.ir maliciously slabbing and killing a valua
ble horse.
rernuyivanta Lanai-The Union and
Pennsylvania Canals, it is stat.-d in the
Philadelphia Inquirer, are now in fine naviga
ble order, from Clark’s Ferry to the city, n
distance we believe, of a hou til 5 miles, and
the trade for the Iasi fifteen days has beon
very brisk.
Mr. Hart the fire eater, is in Charleston.
8.C. His suppers are recotnincnped for dys
Great Excitement.—Ono of the letter wri
ters from New York, informs his southern
correspondent, that among other alarming
symptoms of a rise in manufactured goods,
there is "considerable excitement in 'hard
wme. Spirits of thn rocky heart! here is
"excitement” worth talking about. The sen.
sibility of gridirons and potash kettles! an
excitement that nro long will melt Irving
pans, and touch the iron norvo'of a Dutch
Oven itself
It is calculated that tbo Clay, party of tho
North American Hotel, N. Yolk, spent about
$10,000 on tho recent election in that city.
Poor fellows, they stand like so many Jeremy
Diddlers, with pockets to let !
Mr. Shiul, the frisli dramatist and orator
lately married a lady of fortune in Dublin
I he mode in which this circumstance was
*n”"un®f^ 'be Dublin papers is curious.
‘ I lie fnendsof Mr. Shiel, and they are to
tie found in almost every part of the globe,
will be rejoiced to hoar that ho has lately re
ceive,-: an accession t„ his fortune of 4001)
pounds per annum !”
Geo* caphieal.—- A school boy in North Ad
ams, Mj», who was stud ving goography, wa
asked by his teacher whether in going froi
m Baltic sea to Portugal.he would pass an
xtraitrs. • VV»,V) y<s> *jr><> ,|lc r0()j<j „lt
dent, I should go as straight as I could.”
A Smalt Dinner party — The English ben
ns, and perhaps every othor nation, in th
vatlnegs o) their di nners. The most cxtei
7, ?'n.n" 0Vt,r h'«ven m England, was tin
of Lord Romney to Kent Volunteers, whe
the late king re vie won them at bis \uu
ship a scat, nenr Maidstone —The lentrth r
h" . Si boardS of Which lh°y wore madf
cost JLI
A hungry Scotchmen took up a raw egr,
cracked the shell, and was raising it to bi
lk0 u-Wttkn his ear was suddenly saluted by
the shrill pipe of an unborn chicken. "You
spoke too fats," cried Sawney, and down
went the pullet, feathers And ill.
•Yew Jersey.—The operation of the school
tund is said to havo realized tho hopes of th
l*.*1?*® "mount at this time i
r ' wh,ch profitably invested
rho Governor has visited the past rear, the
literary institutions of the state, and speaks
favourbly of their situation and prospect*
1 ho annual appropriation? f,„ tho education
ot *lie indigent deaf and dumb, of $2,100, was
last year set apart as a specific fund for this
benevolent pin j>o9v.
Maine State House — The pillars ofthe
colondde ot this new edifice at Augusta, eight
in nun.her, elegantly wrought of granite,
have been raised. They are ft. in Ten rth,
exclusive of the base and capitals, ID 1 g ft.
in circumference at the bottom and!) at the
top, and weigh 10 tons each. The outside
of tho building will bo finished before win
Rail Roads in JVeiv Jersey — \ I,ill to
incorporate the Now Jersey Atlantic Rail
Road Company, ha? been reported by a
Committee of the state legislature—also, a
supplement to tho Delaware and Raritan
canal aet. authorizing a Kail R„ad on itseiu
tank trienUi.
The Now Orleans Ben states that the brig
Vineyard, (of Kennehunk.) which recently
Hrnvrd at Ih^t place from It'irdoaux, b*»ra t1ie
In colored flag, pierced with f.ur balls. It
’* one of these that served to tally the Patri. '
ols of Bordeaux in the events of July last. I
It was carried by tho htolherofa respectahlo 1
merchant of New Orleans, to whom the V. is i
Ire Land.—It is somewhat whimsical, that
the names of places in this ‘land of ire,’ as
Divies calls it, should he so appropriate to a
pugnacious people. Rillgoblin. Killkcnnev.
Ivillmaethoinas, Inisltilling, Kill.nuny, Kill
more, and a thousand other? of like import,
are the n.itnos ..f towns. Kiiockineledown’
Knnukmalloch, Km.cUmore, is the establish,
cn nomtncltturn for hills. Every hill, is in.
deed, a knock', and every Church a kill.
Maine.—The Representatives in the 22J
Congress, from Maine, are—York District,
Rufus Mclniiru ; Cumberland, J ihn AmJer’
son ; Hancock and Washington, Leonard
Jarvis j Konne boo, George Evans: Oxford,
Cornelias Hollonri; Somerset and Penobscot!
James tiiites. I
Mr. Clay—The Washington Telegraph,
of Monday last, stitea that Mr. Clay will m
all probability Is elected to the Senate ofthe
(J. Status from Kentucky.
i ..e (joinnnu for newspapers since llic rov*
iiluliitn in Franca has .rreatly increased.
Pors 'ns who used to consider Uio introduc
tion of nno or two columns of foreign nd«va
a9 so much dead matter, now pour nvureveiy
item and dotnil c*f the transactions abroad,
with as much avidity as the merchant exam
ines the changes in the markets.
W« observe in itte Halifax Recorder
of October ‘id, a person advertises, as
just revived frr>n» Liverpool, “ (GO pie*
cos ol Sitinett, assorted colors, which
wdi iie found igual to the Jl ntricau.”
This is a novel sty le of puffing off Eug
lish manufactured grinds.
It has ho -n promise I in the French
Chamber of Deput'es to loan the cred
it of the State, to lire amount of sixty
milirons, for the benefit of commerce.
A committee reported against the mnas
ure, and it was not decided on. Mr.
M in git in attacked Ministers with great
In G .rman N. Y. the names of M i
sons**who have not renounced and «I«>
n-niticed the In^-tititiors.** have been ex
cluded from the jury box!
1 At year y.—The London Literary
Gazette states, thrt Sir \V »her Sumt is
engaged noon a romance, the nameof
which is to Ire Robert of I*.iris. That
Cant. Flail has on the anvil Fragments
of Voyages and Travels in va< ions parts
'.f the World—- Ptiat the E liuhnrgh
Encyclopedia is at length completed,
and the edit c inn! proprietor haveg'-n*
to loggerheads about the preface.
rii -Drke ot Wellington, on being
tfrhl by a Iriend that the Belgians had
Ireat the Dutch, hastily replied—‘‘If
the the Belgianscannot b*at the Dutch ,
who the d—I can they beat?”
I have just heard, says Cohhett,in
his last Register, “of the defeat oft tie
Dutch by theBi lgians. I hope in God
it is true and that not one. soldier who
fired on the Belgians, will return a
It appea rs the Duke of We llington
is about to make another concession to
the people of England, in attempting,
to work a parliamentary reboot — dis
pensing with s t.ne of the rotten bor
oughs, and giving representatives to the
large new towns.
A lariy wlm keeps u b >.iriling house
in New York’brought a suit against a
person for slandering her character,
an., recovered a verdict of eight hun
dred dollars
“ Westward winds its tray.” ' There are
between sixty nml neventy la.nilics, n**w in
Boston, who contemplate removing soon to ;
“ the rich regions of tho west." Many othurs '
liuvo lately gone.
Brighton Cattle. Shoto. The milch j
cows were very tine. One of them,!
he Ion sing to John Bullard of Framing- ^
ham, 7 or 8 years old, gave 32.quarts j
of milk a flay, iu the best season.j
I he show of horses was meagre. The j
working oxen gave great satislac
tion. One pair drew two tons of stone
•ip the hill, and harked them tip the
hill, shewing thr.t oxen, well broken,
can back as much weight as they can
Judge P. P. B»rhnur, accompanied
by Robert Stanard, E^q. District Attor
ney, and (Jen. John Pegram, Marshal
of Eastern Virginia, arrived iu Norfolk,
on the:? 1st nit pieparatory to opening
essio t of the District C. of ihell.S.nexi
The New Orleans Advertiser r.f the
20th tilt, makes an unfavorable re, o t
*»f the health of that city for the week
ending on that day. Sickness etd
continued its ravages, and the cases
ol fever were more numerous than the}
had been. Tho number of deaths is J
not slated. I fere were 222 persrMm
sick in the hospital.
A new species of corn has been intro
duced into Irelaid from China.— It is
a sort of skinlesi grain, without husk
and possessing tjtuch farinaceous mat
Inventions —The list of French pat
,,,(8 granted the Iasi year, includes the
allowing valuable inventions, viz:
J" Or h nt«»v t*:« I * I ».• pulpit, horse-hair stuffs,
<1 new sort of bread, notuho aim attacks,
a metilic staircase, a hiker's kneading
I tr ugh, and liquid *.<-*ap.
| I lie S>ili<di(iiy, X. C. Journal states
I that a gold vein was recently ripened
, <*n the laud of Mr. Patterson, inCtbar
rus county, and Irom eight to ten hush
els of the ore were ohtained about 4 »l)
penny \v»ights of fluxed gold, 341 of
which were the product of the first
washing. The ore was not ground,
and was washed in the old mode, in
Pcrjt.ry.— Judge Bay,ol South Car
olina, lias decided at Chambers, on an
application for the discharge of .me
Nicholas, accused ofperjmy, that the
smites of that statu do not declare false
swearing at elections t» he perjury, and
that such false sweating is not at com
mon law an indictable offence, it is not
lal'ing within any definitions of the
crime of perjury. He therefore dis
charged the accus'd, who was brought
before him by hahsrus corpus.
In Pottersville, Pa. upon a wager, a
man packed up .103 stones, placed 3
le< t apart, and deposited them, one at a
time, in a tin basket at tin place of
starting, making a separate trip from
the basket to each stone and hack a
g »in, in 43 minutes : he hadwigered
to do it in one hour : dut mce about 0
O.i Tuesday night upwards of severi
ty vagrants, of all ages siz“s and com
plexions, were taken up in the neigli
Ixiuthood ul the Five Points New York,
by the vigilant aldermanSlrotig, of that
city. Among the number were several
A C lillicothe piper acknowledges
die present nl' a Pear from a garden
tie ir to the town, which weighs |!is.
and measures21 inches longitudinally,
and 17 in circumference.
The Ilarmburgh Chronicle says,
“ tliere in now a thorough navigation
between Philadelphia and Northum
berland, at the junction of the north
and west branches of the Susquehanna,
a mi also lo Lewistown on the Juniata.
Business Oil the canal is very brisk.
Our town exprr ioncps I lie advantages
of this commerce to a very consid
erable extent ”
bail Ro,<( lo the Romaic?_The
pr .piictors of land through which the
Ra.l Hoad may probably pass, have,
with a lew exceptions, gratuitously
released their right to tiie land neces
sary lor tie track of the Road, all the
way iron) Petersburg to the Ho n >ke.
The Engineers are now oinpl .yed in j
luca'iuj tiie Hoad from the Rowanty
11 the Nohow ay River. We arc grati
fied i .learn that the subscription li-t is
advancing; and dial our country fne >ds
are beginning to lake a warm interest
in the undertaking.— .
A v**4iirii*, 50 le i in length, 1 nded i
with 1038 painted chairs, from Bolton
for Newburyp nt lately passed through
t nuco/d.
One •>( the most iidlueutial popular
Societies iu Paris is cnih-d, “Help
yuurseli, and Heaven will belt* you,”
in allusu i.n loihe old fable olH rcules
and the wagoner.
Juba, iho servant o( Mr. Randolph,
Ambassador to Russia,arrived from b>t.
Petersburg, in the ship Faina, having
in charge thirteen packages containing
the efle ts ol his master.
The Now York C .urior scolds die
people ol Boston h r not celebrating toe
French revolution: It says they aie “us
cold as their bwn cod-fish.
Tiie Wheeling Compiler, on the
authority ol recent experience by some
ol the six pkeepersol dial place, recom
mends the use of hog’s lard, in lamps,
as a substitute fur sperm oil. Tim
light afforded is said to Le equal, and
is much cheaper, than that ot the oil.
The discovery is not a new one.
Appointments by the. President.
Fie Jerick List, ol i'emisy Iv.itna, to I
he Consul of die United Stales, for do
port of Hamburgh, in place of J..l,n
t uthhert, removed.
Nathaniel Niles, of Vermont, (now
in Paris) to be Secretary ol Legation
to France, vice Cnarlea Carrol. Harper,
Act Do% I—The schooner Sane ho, j
Chase, of Yariponrh, returning from a
fishing voyage at Caj e S.ib.r, on the
25lh .Inly last, hove too for soundings
near George's Bank about dusk, and
discovered a largo I)og swimming to
wards fiem; the bite of a rope was
thrown over to which be swam and
was taken on board nearly exhausted.
I’ he vessel at the tnno was a hoot GO
miles from the bind ; two other vesseis
were in sight, the nearest about ft miles
and the other ten or twelve distant._
fie bag the appearance of being of the
bnllbrrei, and proves to be good at
hunting or for guard.
Mr. Spear, wagoner, of Norwich, Vt.
recently started from Boston with his.
team of six horses, and a load of mer
chandize weighing 5 tons 0 cwt. His
wagon also weighed 1 ton 2 owt.
Benj. West, of Danville, Vt and
Nathl. I hamberlin, of Derby, were kil
led in Danville, by the bursting of art
old swivel which they attempted to fire
m honor of Guv. Ciaft’s election.
J. R. & E. S. Watson,
WILL receive in a few days,
three tons of Iron (from Mil.
I rr s forgp.) A lso a fine assortment of
.casttrigs from Blackford, Arthur &, CuV
Nov 10-at
| Dunt.jt the rositie<ir(> „f the Duke of
Orlems ns «.i «x.kS in .hi, country, h,
r: f-TV1 in the
(S(;UeofNev Ymk, where hew., hos
pituhly entertumed at .he house of Ur
* »rii, .dr Join, Gregg a re>pectahh
f ''' who had tor son..
i n reo.in C imudaigu*, lelt then
d.t spring, on a vistt to his native land
by the way o| F.ance, aim was furi.isl,.
7. w'Jh a »f introdnctmu ..
Air. W,s IO ,he Duke. Onthearr,.
valof .Vlr. G. Ml Paris, the Duke had
become a Km*. The letter was how.
ever sent up to the Palace, when it was
no *o net read than an officer of rank
was despatched for \|*. Giegg who
was very kindly received, and on h.s
departure warmly invited to make h.s
home at the Palace on his return fiom
The amount of toll paid M the roller,
lor at Albany, on merchandize cleared
«« h.s ,dh.-e for the Erie and Champlain
<;anals, during the mm.th of October, is
lorty-i wo Ilto I stud eight hundred and
nl'y-six doll trs.
Eighteen convicts were lately relens
•rom jail in Rhode Island, eight of
whom were hams’.el from the State,
n*t being citizens Three of them
were confined on complaints of iheir
wives, for abuse, who now petitioned to
i have, them released.
•A man named [ferny Cheenev, in
Hudson, N. \ . while intoxicated, stood
before a looking glass and with a razor,
cut his throat so badly that lie is not ex
pected to recover.
At the close o| the American revolu
tion, when Washington took leave of
Lafayette, his parting words were_
‘ Yon have served an apprenticeship to
Libert y in America, now go toFrance&
set up for yourself.”
A recent traveller in America, allu
ding to the strength and thickness „|
the skull of negroess nays that “they
have heeu often seen s nd their cra
niums through a pretty strong wooden
door with the velocity of a cannon
Randolph's parting with tuba is re
presented as being very affectionate._
Jinili shed tears. * Juba is tny friend,
though my slave,” said Randolph to
capt. Turner. John, Juba’s biother,
le.iiains with Mr. R.
It is reported that Mrs. R »yal lately
shot three editors in Kentucky, and
pummelled one shockingly m Ohio.
Trade Wind.—\ Air. Lewis Win
der has been raising tho wind at the
South, by selling a cargo of potatoes
which he did not own. H« had made
his escape, and Mr. HorseweJl, the
sufferer, was in full speed after linn.
There are upwards ol two hundred
newspapers punted in Pennsylvania,
one hundred in Ohio, and not forty in
Virginia. Nine newspapers are pub
Imbed in Mississippi, all of them week
ly. Theie is no olhpr periodical pub
lication in the Sia'e.
The Paris correspondent of thcL» n
don ller«ld says, “ Englishmen have
no idea of the diffusion of property in
Fiance. I have no hesitate n in saying
that the number of poor inPatis, taking
int* consideration the different e hi the
amount of population, is, at least, two
thirds b-ss than hi London. Uj o.i
inquiry I found llmievt ry decent indus
trious individual was a person of pro
perty: they possess their 2000 or 5000
francs: thepoitir, the bedmaker, the
chambermaid, the barmaid, the waiter^
at my hotel, have a Intle independence
in the funds, or in landed funded pro
I'lie drought was so great in Tennes
son l ist suie.ncr, that tnous-iitda of for
est trees died, paruculaily where stra
ta ol limestone were near the surface
ol the ground.
AS 1 RONOwY. Th« Lee*.ure this
Iv e.uug will tin unusually lutercstin•» ;
from tfiH high lUcntritiins elicited
iruMi the talented e<iit<>r uf tlie Frednr
mksburg Aieu.i,artd many oilier ecieti
ulic gentlemen, in regard t-» the man
m r ivitli which Mr. Whetdoi illustrates
the fiu'.dime subject ot astr.iiuuny, as
well as I'roni what we have l)P»ir«l from
Ins auditors in this place, we shrill ex
po, t to see a crowded I Ouse to night
The last Lecture this Eoenins;.
Mr. wheeler returns ms
thanks lor tl.e attendance given
Ins Lectures—and' by solicitation lor
ilie accomodation ol those who haie
not attended his course; he will give
a review ol all t.ie diagrams used in
the first lour Lectures. This evening
W'l| also be presented views of uelni
l»us matter and cluster, of stars, sec n
IUrmrgh llerscrod’s 40 fuel Ttleacope,
with powers over 6000. — These are
the only views of the kind iu tire
Tickets, 50 cents.—To be had at
Brown arid Fitch’s Hotel, and at the
Store of Mr. Price.
Nov 19
P0,,nds <>f Wool, wanted immedi
Oy ntely, -for which the highest .price
id Cash will be given. Apply to
Kice, Chc(5se and 'l ea.
HIJJST received two casks large size
•F Cheese, and 300 lbs. of Now Kice ol
a very superior quality. Also, a chest ot
tresli imperial 1 ea ; a few hairs green Cof
fee; 150 pounds Bn!tor; Mustard in load
boxes of excellent quality. Also, on hand
a small lot of good Bacon, all at the lowest
prices m exchange for the well known arti
cle called cash. JOdF.PlI BISHOP
Nov 19
h rfensiv* Executor’s Salt
Of SLAVES and other Per
sonal Estate.
[S/iJIPE offer for sale at Public
Auctiont at the Plantation off the
• 'r Daniel Grinnan, dcccnserL tailed
^klESQU ISEEy in the County off
C'dpeper, on the (i(A day of Dcccm
ier next, the sale to i ontinue from day
to day until the whole shall be sold,
all the Personal Property which be
longs to the Estate off^ the deceased, on
that Plantation, consisting in part of
between Fifty an,( Sixty Slaves, be
tween ‘20 ami !{() Horses, several
lli oofl Mares off thr First bloody about
one hundred Dead of Horned Cattle,
a large Stock of Sheep and Hogs,
about 7(H) Parrels oj Corn, a large
quantity of Hay, Fodder, t$v., Plan
tat ion Utensils, Carpenters’ and
P/acksmiths’ Tools, Household and
Kitchen Furniture. a Copper • Still,
one off Chandler s best Survey or’s
Compasses, wtih Chain and Plotting
Instruments, with many other articles
too tedcous to enumerate.
It is conffident/y believed, that in
proportion to the quantity off Property
that will be offered for sale, a larger
proportion off very valuable Property
was never offered at Public sale in
I irginin. The Slaves are generally
likely, many off them very much so;
and amongst them is a very valuable
Blacksmith, young and healthy. A
mongst the Horses there is a Stud, be
lieved to be off the Best Blood in the
State The Stork of Cattle, Sheep
and kings, are off the most improved
breeds—many of them now ft for mar
ket, and well worth the attention of
Butchers. / he Furniture of superior
quality, Farmer* and others, de
sirous, off procuring Valuable Stock,
will do well to attend the side, as an
opportunity off procuring such wilt sel- j
doni occur.
The firms of sale as fallows: "The
Slaves trill be soil for Cash, the resi
dac of the property upon a credit of
1*2 months for all sums above Forty
Dollars, under that, Cash, the pur
chaser giving Bandy with approved sc
rurity, to bear interest from the date ;
but as it is important to the interest
etj the Estate, that I should be able to
command the funds at a specified time,
I fall agree to relinquish the interest
to those who shall pay their Bonds
irhrn due. j\o Property to be removed
until the terms of the Sale shedl be. com•
plael with Persons desirous of view
in.if any part of the Property, before
the day erf sale, can do so by applying
tei Mr. Joseph P. J'lippo, the Manager
on the Purm.
A Continuation of the Evecutor's
On Monday Pie I Mh day of Dc
ce/nb. r next will be. offered at public
sal.;, in It he manner, at the late resi
dence oj Dan. el Gr.nnan tie- ease l, in
the tenon of Pre iericksburg. All the
Personal Estate of said Grin nan, in
sad Town-consisting ef Several
House-Servants, Gardener, Cook, Ost
ler aid Sempslre.s, «$• c .• all the
lloushnl l and Kitchen Furniture Car
riage an / Dorses, a light Wagon,
R d,ng Horse, a considerable Stock of
Books, with a i art tty of other articles
too tedious to cnuiiicra e. The terms
of Sale, as stated in the previous ad
uj the last will an / Testament of
Dan el Gr.nnan, dec ease d.
Oct. 2*2-12 trli
Gunsmithing and Carpenter-'
r 5 ^ IIE undersigned respectfully in
JL fur /ns his friinls and the public
in gt enrol, that he has commenced the
above, business in the shop formerly oc
cupied by Mr. llobcrt H. Miller.—
Haring employed a first rate work
inan m the Gunsmithing, he hopes,
by unremitting attention to business,
and faithful and prompt execution of
woik to merit a share of the public
CJ1& J J/VCrS, of all descriptions,
neatlo executed.
also inform them that he carries on
the Carpentering business at the same
place: white he solicits the favors of
his friends and the public, who may
rdy upon his punctual execution of
all work with which he may be fa
vored, and on his reasonable charges
for the same.
Non 19 ‘.u
MR. RICHARDS respectfully
informs the Ladies and Gen
tlemen of Charlottesville, and its vi
cinity, that he intends opening a
where he will teach all the fashi nn
blc Dances, such as Quat'rills, Co
tillions, Waltzes, Sfr..
For Terms apply tn Mr. Pulling,
or a* the Central Hotel, where a
Subscription paptr trill be. found.
DAY and NIGHT School will
be opened.
Noo 19 3/
AI.I. persons are hereby for warned agninst
unlawfully hunting and ranging on the
grounds of Laac White, Lacy Minor, and
IcarbyR Gihner. ISAAC WHITE
Nov 12 3t
CsASH for 4,000 heart Pine Shingles,
J square at troth ends. Inquire at thi*
0«ce Nor &
RESPEC 1 FULLY informs his
friends and the public in gin*rat
t/xit he has removed from the Court
House Square, to the building former
l'f occupied by Dr. T. T. Hailey, as n
Dwelling house, one door west of J/r.
Raphael?s stare, where he intends car
rying on the lloot and Shoe Making
Business as heretofore ; and would be
grateful for a continuance of that
patronage which he has long enjoyed
front a liberal cotnmunity ; pledging
himself at the same time, that his work,
in every instance, shall be neat, dura
ble and free from ripping during the
wearing of it.
He would also, on this occasion, in
form his customers, that he has lately
purchased Nagle’s Patent for mak
ing Hater Proof Hoots and Shoes,
for the county of Albemarle, This
will enable him to furnish an article, o f
very superior usefulness, which many
certificates in his possession, from some
citizens of the first respectability in the
country, will fifty establish.
Nov. a tf
71 HE Subscriber having received
his supply ot* Fall and Winter
Goods offjrs them at unusually low
prices. Among which are the follow,
ing : Cloths, Saltinets, Blankets and
Flannels, very low, Men’s Calf Skin
Shoes, Ladies Prunella Shoes, Slippers
and Boots of superior quality. A good
assortment of Cotton Yarn. A few
sets ol fine Tea China. Loaf and
Brown Sugar. Fresh Gunpowder
Tea. A prime lot of Java Coffee, and
a very considerable supply of Hard
ware, a specification of which would
he here unnecessary. He deems it
almost useless to observe, that his pur
chases, which are pretty extensive in
Diy Goods, Groceries and Hardware,
weie principally made for Cash, and
consequently is enabled to sell at the
most reduced prices offered in market.
Nov. 12. 3t
[ N.^ B. He also offers for sale. Sad
dle Trees, Hog Skins, Webbing, and
other articles in the Saddler's line, at
! the Richmond prices. A. L.
WILL be offered for sale, on a
credit of one, two, and three
I years, on Thursday the 25th of JYo
I vember, (present month) if fair, ij
■ n°t, the next fair day thereafter,
' (Sunday excepted) the Tan Yard,
formerly the property of William An
derson., containing forty two Vats,
Bark and Beam house. ALSO, a
comfortable Brick Dwelling >1 louse
of four Booms, excellent Garden, Ice
House, fyc. This property is situated
on James River, Buckingham county,
adjoining the Fallsburg Mills, and is
considered one of the most eligible situ
ations in this part of the country for
carrying on the Tanning Business.
Bonds, icith approved security, will be
required, and a Deed of Trust on the
property to secure the payment. Pos
session given immediately. '
Buckingham, JYov. 5. St
(T7* THIS DAY!r£$
Executor’# Sale.
r F1IIE personal Estate of John
8 Kelli/, deceased, ii'ill be Sold at
his Plantation, opposite the Univer
sity of Virginia, -on FRIDAY tL±
Nineteenth instant, if fair, if not,
the next fair day, all his Slock of
Cattle, Sheep, Hogs, Plantation U
lemils of evei'y description. The
Terms made known on the day of
Sale. All persons haling claims
agaiust the said Estate are requested
to bring them in properly authentica
ted, on or before the day of Sale, as
provision may be made for payment.—
Jllso, those indebted to the said Estate
are requested to come forward and ad
just the same without delay.
O. NORRIS, Ex'r. of
J. Kelly, deceastd.
November 5. * 21
Salmon, Mackerel, &c.
PICKLED Salmon, in kegsr Shad, Mack
erel. and Herring. Also. 25 packs Li.
verpool filled Snlt, Wefct India and N.O. Su
gara. Loaf do. Tea. Coffee, and Chocolate,
prime Weit India Molassesand NewOrlour.s
Hum, Whiskey by the bbl. French and Ap.
pie Hrnndv, Cordial and Malaga Wine,Tel.
low and Spcrmaciln Cnndles, Turpentine
and Shaving Soap, Fur & Wool Hats,Shoes,
Seal and l pper Leather, with a variety of
other useful articles, for sale low, by .
Nov 12
Cotton Yarns.
AA lbs Cotton Yarn, principally of
the Virginia Union Factory, for
sale at the lowest prices by JOS. IUSllOP
Atlantic Souvenir and Token
for 1831, Goodrich's History
of the U. States. 35th edition
Peter Parley's Geography for
^children, Whelpley’s Corn
■ Woodhridge's Geogi »
phy and Atlas, with a variety of ether new
publications. Also -White Bonnet. Bard
Bot and Binder s Boards. Just receved and
forwls by F. WATTt*.
ASF.COND handed Carryall, with « top
. to it and harness complete. Tradv
taken in payment. Inquire.at thisofF.ro

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