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>>K XXH.Xo. 3127.]
-: — 1 ■—■ -__ •* PIT arm.
O. Terrell fcL. Atlcinson',
TVr'iPcc rruLi.Y inflinn tin* citizens of Rich J
% jf. inund, that they have resumed the exercise
of the-r profession.
As several of thrir slndeu*j and pupils hav«
left to * n u\ ftonaeiittcncr of-the late alarm,, a
vachncy r>'in:yns ih tlicir seminary foe new en
trance*. Should liar motions of the enttny rsn
drr a suspension of their professional iiUtics :ie
esanrt , their fees of tuition will he only forttic
itne rf tlir.lv attendance, in proportion tt» the
ern\s of the year. They embrace the present
ipprrt unity, to inform their friends anti students
‘n tlx* country, that they ro-y/most probably
aoctn return to the city, and remain hare in safe
Srnt. ?. -
;17' VVK OFFJ--R FOR $AM&,
50 11 ;les NTM;it Cnttn.is, fJooah ?c Bracth wait’s
nrnuifnctopy, principal!,* high numbers.
dO Iheces Twill’d iSnckin^
1 • I’.-if tiII i nuil 124 Bed Blankets
.StVKj'.K Best Ijondo.t Seine Twine
40 rto/.an Y.*en Ilo-.o
2 Trunks Worsted and Lamb’s Woo! ITuse
3 ditto I\r:ics^er Staffs
r An hW ! Lr.u-rt of the vary beet PLATED and
Ghres—Nun’s Thread—Cftmbs,'
Which will bn sold on reasonable terms for
Cash or Accent ur'-es in Town^
Valuable Land for Sale.
T) V virtue of a Der;l ct' Tn/st executed bv
On<UVr.k V-ughan and May hh wife,
the SrRl h of Ju’v 181-t. ta as, for certain pur
po-?s th er:-:n specified, wc will on Monday
the Slst of October next, proofed to pu.11 at j
Goochland Court house, to the highest bid- ]
cler for veftrty money, n t*act of land, snppos- !
*..1 to contain ^00 acres, lying on the waters j
of Little creek in Goochland county* and
hounded by tbc land of John L. Harris, Wit*
liam Cray r.nd others, being part of the land
cn which the said Vaughan resides.
William miller,-)
Goochland, 28th Sept. 18I k (9t.)
No Impressment.
“ Adjutant Ont?esal’s Orrice,
“ Camp Fairfield, Sept. 5, W\,
" A At Impressments of Curts, Waggons, or
other Carriii^s oml tlioir Tcaiui, employed in
bringing supplies to the army or to the City of
Richmond, are lot-hidden.
(Signed) "James Maurice, Ad. Ccn.
“ I ,'hcinl prises will he given for nil forage brought
to mar ket, and those who feci disposed to hire llieir
«nd teams, will meet with generous prices
for them, from
“James McSp.ldew, Cap!.
“ And P. F. JI, of the Army.
•** Contracts will he made at the Camp, ,for
furnishing the ar; .j with wood.’*
Virgioiii :
Jit a Court kddfoi} Albemarle Count y,
ifie jettcoriiJ day of August, tsii.
James Lewis, -^Cbiiudaihant
iii (|'ianccry. f
'John Nv:it<r):a> :.rd Hudson Martin, surviving j
•nil acting tru .Ci cs of i IVter .M.n-ks d* ecu*- \
tu\ ami .lain.:; Monro-.-) mul Pr&ncis U’Gf
hft, nn V Al.-rth* his wile, formi'tly Martha ’
Mairks, Uusj&n tfrpwn, and Sophia hit wife,
formerly Sophia M irks, I’.tcr Mkirks, .Vary
C. Marks, John C fluid, Knd IPiy.alvlh his
wife, John Nicholas ntid'Snrah his wife, IVm
pU: fiuwiliney, and Ann Ids Wife, llnstirgs i
Mavk 1 and-his wile, Delis, j
npMl.-i day cams the complainant aforesaid
X by his ccmns.il, and tlie Dcternlants Hus.;
sell Hroun and Sophia l/is wife, Jolm W. Hind
*nd Elizabeth his * »te, Jos-n Nrot^fys and t^a
rah his wiic, temple QariJiney and Anphis
wile, Hastings Marks and ■« ..■» his wife;
not having entered their appearance and riveq
secu.ity according to the act of Assembly and
the rules of this Court; and it appearing •<» the
•atisiiici ion of the Court, that they.are not in
habitants of tills Commonwealth: On the moti
on of the S'iitl complainant by his said counsel;
it is ordered by the Court Vi.at the raid dvlcii
diints do appeal h^re on the first Monday in
November next, and answer the hid of the com
plainant ; and that a copy ofliiu order be forth •
wjih nihcrted in some News ~p»per published
in the city of Uichinotul for tu , mouths Micces
a.vely, and posted at the front door of the Court
bouse «#i t..;s county for the s„nte time,
i a copy—tf.ste.
r September ?4. (2me.)
.Buckingham County,
July Court, 181 J.
Ellis Putney Plaintiff
or. j
William T. Hansford and y CHAJiCBUY.
S to phots finer, ant, adinr'j, I
of Jane haoslord, drces!»*d, I
..Ik im.J
CYN the motion of the PiamtifT, and it appear.
^ *nU lo tha satisfaction of the Court that the
tlafenuaa., V/m. T. Hansford, is no« an inhabi
tant ol til is Stair.— It it ordered. That unless
the **id Win. T. Hansford shall appear here
«*i or before October Court next, and answer
the l*latiHiffa* bill, the Court will then proceed
to take the une for confessed as to him, and de
cree the matter thereof accordingly ; and that a
i copy of this O.dur he forthwith inserted in
some public newspaper oi;he City of Kicbmond,
for two months succes.ivaly, and another copy
be |»o*t<!d up at tin* front door of the Cour - !
^touse of tl. s County.
«. COPT—TtlTB,
It. BLDHIDCW, Jr. I), c j
V #w
August 6.
A ^ Advertiacment for the sale of Sundry
• ro|»erty, conveyed by me some years
®S°* to Pittuian and Woodson, having up*
peared in this paper ; I cannot permit this
I flagrant breach of friendship and politeness
| on the part of Mr. William Woodson, to ap
j *" public print, without counteracting
i those impressions which his advertisement
may make upon the public mind, That this
I resort to obtain a poultry balance due to
him, has procecdqd from the not) payment
or h refusal to p.%—So far from that. Pro
perty to the amount of six thousand dollars,
was conveyed to Pittman and Woodson, in
which a thousand or eleven hundred dollars
due to those Gentlemen were included_
1his conveyance was unasked for by either
of them.— The origin of the deed is known
the Gentlemen, and particularly to Mr.
V\ oedson, it Was foreign from the purposes he
has used it. The friendship reposed in him,
has been converted to lucrative purposes,
nnil an exposition of my feelipgs and proper
ty has been the result of Uhj confidence pla
ced in Mr. Woodson, as my friend—A very
considerable sum has beca paid, the poultry
balance of 4 or S $00, has never been asked
fm*—T lie first indication of his want of this
balance, was Jiis advertisement, of at least
81000 worth of property, at a time. "Mr.
. 11 os* was from home, making an arrange
ment with his father for the payment of tins
debt,'and others.
It is with reluctance, I have noticed this
advertisement, but I do rf t despond, that
the public should think that unwillingness
to do Mr. Woodson an act of justice, has gi- !
ven me to this unjustifiable resor' of his. ° I
October 12. eptlflO i
ATEACHKU, with a small family, who Ml !
come veil recommended as a teacher o |
the Latin and English Languages. (>eo)jr*phy, \
History, Etc. he. wishes to find Employment For 1
the ensuingyear, in some ad jscent voui'iiLet
ter’s directed to John T. Watkins, IVrkinson- I
ville, Amelia, will fee promptly, as well as uiank
hilly, attended to.
4w Amelin, Sept. 1, 13"4.
Is now In operation.
A waouotiToiaaN work win &i#o
b . executed at the Pttrriace. Orders lelt !
at the Furnace,ob with Jonx Parku.l of tikis
place, op Fnljet & Lea ii; Petersburg, will ee
thankfully received and promptly attended to.
i’A UKU11,L, S A n il ATON, & Co.
late spavisd news.
Boston-, Oct; J
The gentlemen who arrived at the
Eastward in a prize schooner, from
| Cadiz,.arrived in town last evening.
One of them favored me with the loan
of n file of Cadiz and Madrid papers,
the former to Cm 2r(h July, the |«rJ
ter to the 2vld, containing the decree,
for the re-establishment of the ingnh
sitiop, which was received at Cadiz
the ^’th July, the day before thegen
t'cpieo left, and was announced bv the
ringing of be Us, firing of cannon, pro
cessions, of the clergy, &o. and other
demonstrations of joy.
Tue paper* contain nothing else ve
ry striking, exent. that the ihqofci
tionand Bull Feasts are the order of
: the day as in good old times ; and Te
Deum for the re-rstxblishment of his
holiness the Pope Pics the ltth, and
fulsome adultery addresses from the
Clergy and Nobi Ity to the King, for
his lciqd attention to the ecclesiastical
and Aristocratic tl interests.
The gentlemen inform me, that
some time before they left, Mr. Kecno
went to Algiers as agent from the A
tnerican Consul appointed to Tunis,
hut who' was ut Cadiz to endeavour to i
eff*ct the release of the Americans
held in slavery th<»re. and was author
ised to give 8*000 each to ransom
them. To this proposition the
I >ey would not consent, but observed
l he could not let them go,as he wished !
[ to udd to the number of i.is A mericun >
j captives. |
While M. Keene was there, a sailor .
(said to ho uu American) deserted'
from ft British frigate and arrived at
Algiers, and embraced their religion.
This mao was claimed by the British
Consul ; hut the Dey would not deli-1
ver him up, on account of his having
embraced their religion. Mr. Keene1
then prevailed on the British Consul I
to use his influence to effect the re
lease of one or more of the Americans
| In lien of the deserter-—this was ac
complished, the Dey agreeing to give
I up two •( them by paying $ 3000 each,
fc’fnah was finally accepted, and they
hud arrived at Cadiz.
. While ^tr. Keene was fhere, a Bri*
«s,i frigate was at Algiers, and put
on shore four impressed Americans
wliolmd refus 'd to do duty any longer,
and he very >>rtunatcly heard of it,
procured them a boat, and sent them
across to Gibraltar before it was
known in tho city.
f be papers, they state, contained
much matter relative to the Princess
Charlotte, but nothing .new.
From a Gibraltar ftajier»
G ju kal z’au, June 13.
I “ Lord Bentiek is to leave Genoa for
Sicily on the 13th instant—the army
to follow. x
" The pnhlio property, captured at
G aoa, is estimated at 300,0001. Na
val and Military Commissioners are
appointed to see justice done to cap- J
tors, and to ensure an immediate pay- i
menf. r *
renunancl IV. by the Grace of God.
fvuig <>f the Town Sicilies and Jeru
salem. infant of Spain*
Deeply affected hy the insidious re
p>>* t countenanced by our enemies,
that wo have resided, or are inclined
tp resign, our ri°:»ts to the Kingdom
o. Naples, we deem it our ddty to
! «?**•».<0 known, tothe powers jn alliance
" to all nations, and particular'
v to.the inhabitants ofth* same King
dom of Naples, our most beloved chil
dren, the falsehood of su3h reports, by
•’eelstring, that wo have not iV9igued
and are lirtulv determined not to re
sign, our above mentioned lawful and
unshaken rights of the Kingdom of
Naples ; and that it is our freed and
unalterable resolution not. to admit a
ny proposition for any indemnity, nor
to H-aeept any compensation whatever
for the Kingdom of Naples, which we
inlaid to preserve for us, & to transmit
to our successor, as it was transmitted
ton? by our ir.-sf. illustrious Fath
e!’» A hcroiprc, whatever measure may
have been, or n:?.y he ad apted by us,
and, in parrieuir.r, that of having ern
p'oyvd our troops in concert yith the
forces of cur august and ancient Al
lies, has been, and is, directed to the
exclusive end of co-operating with
them, to the triumph of the just cause,
and to concur with the loyal and mag
nanimous intentions by them manifest
ed, for the overthrow of Usurpers, &
the restoration of justice and legiti
Palermo, April 24, 1814.
Boston, Oct. 8.
A gjniJpiman who arrived last e
vealog at i 1 o’clock, in the eastern
stago, and with whom we have had an
opportunity of conversing a few mi
nutes, left London Aug. 6, and Hali
fax Sept. 7.
He informs that the British com
missioners departed for Ghent Ang. 3
—that when ho left England Lord Hill
had not sailed, hut there was still
talk of his coining to America—that
the general feeling in Engiand was
very hostile to this country, but that
the Prince Regent’s speech prorogue
ing Parliament August 6, wore ra
ther a pacific aspect; that while in
Halifax, which was but a short time,
he had noknowledge of any expedition
preparing from that place.
He brought London papers to Aug.
d, part of which he put into the mail
for New York. We were favored
with a hasty perusal of several papers
of a late date, which contain some
articles of considerable interest, hut
not of sufficient importance to require
us to stop the press. The Princess of
\\ ales was about departing for the
continent. The Empress Maria Lou
isa is not going to Elba, as had been
asserted. There were considerable
disturbances in Switzerland.
I’he London Sun of Aug. 7 pretends
to give the terms which will be requir- j
ed of this country, viz. to give up the
British co \st fishery, and the whole of
Lakes Erie and Ontario : to have no
military posts on the northern fron- I
tier, and to guarantee to the Indians I
the whole country north of the O
hio, .
| lifts tow, Octcber 4.
[A J-undna Price Current of August 2, 4
1 part of which we shall copy tomorrow n
contains the following note.
"The Gazette of Saturday last aunounce#
the appointment of three British Com mis*
sioners to meet the American deputation on
the Continent, for the purpose of amicable
negotiations ; n circumstance calculated in
itself to depress the prices of American ar
ticles, were it not that the most vigorous pros
sccution of the war is at the same time a
vowedly determined on by this government,
and that peace is by none expected to be 60
immediate a consequence of the discussions,
jlpvto’deprive the holders of American pros
(fitcls of the advantage which small stocks
and Inadequate supplies impart to their in
We are informed by a gentleman from
Wiscasset, that an entire sergeant's guard,
which had deserted from Castine, had ar-,
rived at that place and enlisted in orr ar
Montreal, Sc/it. 23.
In onr last numbCv we iusnrted all the in
formation we had then been able to collect,
relative to our late truly unfortunate expe
dition on this frontier, and we have not sinca
I been turnished with any mo:e satisfactory
intelligence nn the subject : we have, howe
! ver, been favored with the Northern Senti
nel (published at Burlington) of the 16th
; instant, from which we have extracted some
of the enernv’s details of that ill fated event,
ogether with General Macomb's order on
the occasion. Much exaggeration will no
doibtbe disc <verei in h^ 5tat:ro-.nu of this
heroic commander, but the main object of
our regret and mortification temains to be
reflected upon, with no common degree of
astonishment, the extent of our Ios., howe*
ver precipitate me retreat may have been,
we cannot conceive to have been equal to *
that blazoned by the enemy, either in men,
stores or provisions ; but it has unfortunate*
ly been much too great in every respect. No,
thing could have been more fortunate for
President Madison, than this disastrous e*
vent—the news will have been received most
probably in timefor his Message to Congress
at Ulodget’s Hotel, on the 16th inst. and al
though assembled insight of the ruins of the
Capital, our late visit to Washington will al
most be forgotten in the splendid triumph
of tlje American arms on Lake Champlain,
naturally eager to catch at every means that
can tend to prop the views of the adininistra*
tion, the national pride will be raised, and
the vanity of the people will be swelled moro
by the bombast & circu j.staoce. than by th^
extent of advantage they have gained in the
Arrived here on Friday last from Burling#
ton, Lieut. Drew of H* Majesty’s late brig
Linnet, and on Tuesday last Captain Pring,
late comuifindtr of the same vessel ; we un
derstand that both these gaiiant officers are
on their parule for a limited period,
PoKTrfWtrUTH, Oct. 1.
The « Washington” 7i, of which *
Captain Hull has heen superintending
the building, was launched 10 day at
half past twelve o'clock, and I am hap*
py to say without the least accident or
impediment. She made the most mag
nificent launch that can be Tjonceived,
and m without exception the most el
egantly modeled ship I ever saw. I
write you this amidst the thunder of
cannon, in compliment to this highly
pleasing event.
The Newburjport Herald, of th*
30Hi ult. gives the following article,
whioh is presumed to be the latest in
formation we have from the Eastern
“ We last evening conversed with a
gentleman direct from Castine, who
informs, that tire fleet left there last
Thursday for Halifax. The lady of
the naval secretary, Mr. Martar, went
in the fleet, with several ottier ladies,
besides other things which were seat,
that wontd not luave been, nad they
been bound on an expedition. Our in*
formant was conversant with Mr. Map*
tar, who assured him tueir destination
was Halifax. The 98th regiment on
ly embarked in the fleet;—about 1200
were left to garrison Castine, and Ihey
were rendering the place as strong as
Nxw-York, October5.
From the Burlington Sentinel, September 30.
Sir George Preeost, with his army whion
was at Plattsburgh, has gone into the upper
province, except a small guard, which u
left at Champlain or Odletowo,
By a gentleman direct from Montreal, we'
nave intelligence, by a late arrival at Que»
btc» of an arm is tic s having been agreed up*

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