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Richmond, Printed Uy S.IMUBL M. PL EAS AKTS, f,,r the W»t of himself and the other j^presentatires of Samuel Pleasant,
Vo). XX- J...N •. 3143]
f"4 Hulls, per huh ni.
Booksellers, and Lovers of Li
ON Tnesdiy the 13th of December next
• will bs void, At Public Auction, at the office
of the
Irithe City of Richmond, all the Printing
Materials And stock in tradaof SAMUEL
PLEASAN rs dec*d. late printer of that'
Paper, including the EsiablMimcnt itself,
supported by numerous subscribers, and an
*■ establishment for print ng books and pamph*
let*——also a large Impression partly in
sheets, ami partly bound of a New Edition
of the 1st and 2d Volumes, nnd supplement
* to the 2d Volume of the Revised Code of
• fisw», and alsoof the 1st, 2d, 3d. 4th 8c 5tb
Volumes of the Statutes at Large, of the
Commonwealth of Virginia, together with
-rights of both these important
works, to each of which, the number of
Subscribers is considerable, ahd the conti
nued patronage of the Legislature may be
At the same time and place, (continning
the sale from day today until completed,)
will be sold a large collection of valuable
BOOKS in every department of Science,
particularly in La wand Medicine, and on
Religious subjects. The next day will be
sold at public auction, at the late dwelling
house of Sa-.nuel Pleasants on Shockoe Hill!
All his household Furuiture and perisha.
t>le property.
Six, Twelve andlS Month* credit will be
allowed, on all sums exceeding one hundred
dollars, the purchaser giving potes with
approved endorsers, negotiable at tne Bank
of Virginia.
All those who have claims against said
Estate, are desired to bring them forward
properly authenticated for settlement, and
those nho are indebted are requested to
come forward and pay their respective bal
ances as ir is wished to settle said Estate as
loon as possible.
Admx, ofS Pleasants, dec’d.
Richmond, Nov. 19th.
N. 11 There is also a large quantity of New
Type*! and Paper, just received, which will
be sold at the same time aud plare for cash,
D. W. P.
RAN AWAY from the Subscriber t’Re 4tli of
■|«st month a Negro Woman named Judy, with
a'child about 2 year- of ape. Judy is a likely
Black woman, about 27 years of ape, her child
a .bright Mulatto, .Said woman having a hus
band living with Mrs. Hilliard of New Kent
county, it is probable she is in that neighbour
hood. Any person that will apprehend the a
bove negro and child and deliver them to me
in Richmond, or secure her in jail that I may
get her again, shall receive the above r? waul
December 7. It
■yHE SUBSCRIBER, respectfully i„,
A forms the Public, that he intends re
moving from Hanover Courthouse, and o
petting a SCHOOL the ensuing year at his
own place in Caroline County, near Ox
ford. where be will teach the following
branches of learning : the English, Latin
and Greek Languages; Writing. Aritlune.
English Composition and fieography,
• The fees for tuition will be 30 dollars for
the term of ten m< ntbs.
The school will he opened on the 15th
January r.cxt, and discontinued on the
15th of December Allowing, deducting the
month of June for vacation. The subscri
ber has at a considerable expense furnish
ed himself with large and commodious hou.
sea for the accommodation of his school!
And also for Boarders ;bis price for Board
lodging and washing inclusive, will be eigh
ty dollars for the term. The fees for Board
and tuition will be required in advance ;
half at the time-the pnt.il er.fers the school,
and the remaining half *► the expiration of
the month of May. Gentlemen patronising
the school arc particularly invited to visit
ft, that they may ascertain whether the pu
pils make a satisfactory progress. The
subscribers .dace of .residence (which wdl
he hereafter known by the- name of LIT
T Lr. \ ALE is pleasa ntly situated and re
in ark ably retired. Tt i*, therefore, recom
mended to youth a8 a place where they can
acquire a c’assical education, exempt from
the lnis»!c and interruption, to which the
present times are especially subject.
November SO, 1814. (w3tp)
TWO three story brick Tenement* belong,
ing to the K^tate of Samuel Pleasants, d< ecus,
e»l, situated on a cross street ne:«r Jamea
llrown’a Vendue Office, end adjoining Jam *
Lownea' duelling. Kacii tenement contains 8
well finibUed room*, with many convenient cln
•els, and good accommodation* for servant*
-“■They are well situated for a private family or
a Rente* I hoarding home. Toss, salon may he
had or on*, of the tenements immcdiatdly and
«f the nth. r in a Few weeks Tor fur-her par
Oculars enquire of James Lvwnes or the Admi
'' flJSASANTB, Administratrix
ti"cemhrr It, 18)4,
Mc-.t r* Jumr$ I)enni*on and John /’rilctitU
Jiduiinhtratcra of Wm. Dcnuhon, d<c'd. ’
! t.VMRN —
You will take notice th t f shall on Tuesday
the twenty seventh hfUeecmbrr next nt the
'C fvern ot John liires in the town of Mirks'*,
fort! in Cr*« osvilV county *nd State of Virgi
nia proceed, tn take fit* depositions of Akxan.
d.-r MadiH, J .!m Pfther, William W William*
ami Edmund Mason, tnd perhaps other*, to hr
read in evidence in a suit depending in tt,.- High
Court of Cl.4nr.ei), wherein I am Plaintiff, pr.d
you tint said James Dennison and Join) Pritchett
as Administrator* of William jk orison dc
ceased, arc defendant*, when and where you
you ni»y attend if you please.
1 am tours, fcc.
Greensville, 20th Not. icl*. 2m
3 ?.//
WHEREAS it toot been represented to the
Executive by the Deputy Sheriff t»f (la.
nover county, that I.arkin Cottrell, who had
been remanded to the jail of the said coun:y to
undergo a further trial for maliciously shoot
ing Alexander Smith,bearing dispatches to the
fcxecutive from the theatre of invasion, has
broken and made his escape from the said jail.
I do therefore, with the advice of the Council
of State, hereby offer a reward of TIIKGK
HUNDRED DOLL ARS, to any person or per
’ sent, who shall apprehend and safely lodge
within any jail of this commonweefth, the said
LarkinCottrfell i and I do moreover require all
officers, civil and military, snd exhort the good
people of this commonwealth, to use their be9t
eqdtavors to arrest the said Larkin Cottrel, so
that he may l>e dealt with as the law directs.
. Given under my hand as Gev
vernor and under the Seal
of the Commonwealth at
Richmond, this 26th day of
(Seal.) November, one thousand
eight hundred end foqr*
teen, and of the Common
wealth the thirty ninth.
N. B. Larkin Cottrell is.about 5 fedt 8 inches
high; he has a full light eye, and rather a down
look { light hair, inclinable to curl very much t
he has a thin vissge, sallow complexion, very
talkative when in company, a great mechanical j
genius, and by profession a imll-'wright—horn
and raised in King William Qovnty, Virginia —
his family reside in Hanover, at the milt pur
chased by him of major Parke Street. 4w
Andrew Broach,
A private in Capt. McCulloch's Company, a
resident of King and Queen County, about 20
years of age, live tcet niqe inches high, full
face, red complexion and niir hair, by occupa
tion a farmer. It is mo;e than probable he will
turn his course homeward. 1 will give the le
gal reward to any person who will deliver him
to me or any other officer at thts .place.
mandant, 7th Regt. 4th Brigade,
Camp Carters, Nov, 22,1814
Laud lor Sale.
I will sell 500 acres of land—that part of
my tract tvliereon 1 now reside, lying1 on both
■ides of the country road leading from the
Buckingham ro.-d near major Henry Flood’s to
Uiuguida Vilie, about four miles from the for
mer and 7 miles from the latter place, 18 miles
west of lluckingham court house and 30 east
of Lynchburgh. This laud is well adapted to
the culture of corn, wheat and tobacco, well
watered and heavily timbered ; about 150 a
cres cleared, the most of which is fresh and
under excellent fencing, in an agreeable neigh,
horhood and delightfully situated, command
ing a beamiful and extensive view of the Am.
begat Blue Ilidge and Alleghany Mountains. ]
have no hesitation in saying that this is one o)
the most desirable seats in all the upper coun
try and is exceedingly healthy. The improve
ments on the land cannot be put there lor less
thitn g.5000, consisting of a wood dwelling
house 40 by 18 feet, 2 fire places and passage
below stairs ; the same above ; handsomely
painted inside and out-»kitchen, smoke house,
dairy, Ice. a well constructed store house 28 by
16 feet, a cellar the full sixe of the house and
a tire place in the same, and many other out
houses useful on all farms. Orte acre of land
well paled for a garden, and yard same size
also paled and an excellent well of water in die
yard ; anil within one mile of a good Grist k
r.Snw Mill^; Knowing those who may wish to
purchase such property will first view the
same, 1 deem any further description unneces..
sary. I shall remain in Richmond so long as
the LegLluUire continues in session, Any gen/
tlcman who may wish an interview with me on
this subject will find me at the Ragle Tavern.
The terms of Sale will then he made known.
Buckingham, Nov. 25lh, 1814.
N. B. A handsome young apple orchard,
consisting of 120 trees of excellent fruit, com
prising part of the above land.
BV Virtue of a deed of trust executed by
John Marshall, of Amelia County the 19th
dsy of September, one thousand eight hundred
and twelve, to myself and Featherston C.
Smith, for certain purposes therein mentioned—
I shall on the 17th day .of December next, as
surviving Trustee,proceed to sell at Perkinson*
vilie in said county to the highest bidder for
ready money, a
Tract of Land,
Supposed to contain one hundred acres ; lying
on the waters ofSnuth Buckskin in the county
of Amelia, and bounded by the lands of Patrick
Jones, the estate of said John Marshall, James
Stott, Mrs. Hurvie and myself, it being part ol
the Land on which the said John Marshall re
Surviving Trustee.
Amelia, Nov. 12, 1814.
Clock and Watch Maher,
end of late by H. JORDAN, neat door
to th#. Virginia B«nk,& five door*
above the Cross Street leading
to Mayo’s Bridge, respect I uU
ly inform* the old Custom,
ers of the Shop, and the
Public in general that
he intends carrying
on the
-'•* all its various branches, with accuracy and
dispatch. All orders in his line tviJI be thank
(oily received and punctually attended to.—
All CLOCKS and WATCHES that have been
repaired in the shop that does not perform, will
be altered gratis.
Richmond, Nt,v. 12. It.
Richmond Manmactopy,
A re. sold by
October 29. srU".
,1,, t>), (>)<
Report of thfe Armorj Committee.
Mr, Rutherford, from the-Armory Committee, pro tented • report, which <u read at follow. •
Iho committee appointed on the part Of the Bourn of Delegate,, jointly with the oommiUee on the norr of ih.
Senate, to ent|uire into the manner ih which the operation of the Monnfnetorv of Aram for the neooJSr” i th°
month., have been eo...lool*d, inve.tlK.to the conduct of the offinrV. Sn^o t ho mSit’. of K. T“
53S«* ~ > •——- !sm srea sa ssrxasiJa siwsis
Your committee conceive it most propepp in the first niece, to exhibit m. u u * - . ,
The Manufactory (jf Armt in account with the Commonwealth of Virginia
Deo, 1.
Nov. I,
... ■'* ' *
Fo amounts of materials and component
parts of arras on hand, g 3,5693 54
Cost of materials purchased vi^in
11 months, up to this date, 8450 50
Cost of workmanship within eleven
months, to this date, 98181 18
Contingent expenses, 695 15
Cost or repairs and improvements, 1816 14
Balance of apprentices account, 253 95
DlBeers salaries and rent of water
from the canal, . 42S8 67
S5 79331 8
Oct. 91. By amount of materials and component
parts of arms on band, - $32006 19
* 30,000 flints issued for the use of
the army, at $ 7 60 aso
287 screw drivers for do. at ,12 ots. 3* 44
364 ball screws for do. at 40 ots. 145 60
64 melting ladles for do. at 30 cts, 19 20
Materials used for repairing 10,000
stand of arms including muskets,
rifles and pistols, at 40 cts. 4000 00
760 Cavalry swords, at $5, \ 9800 00
761 Scabbards fordo, at$2, 1502 00
152 Artilery swords, at $4 <50, 679 50
at $8, 4824 00
« 73 S at $17, 124100
2804 Muskets with bayonets, $ io 63, 29799 is
$ 72351 S
The Fountlery and Soring Mill in account with the Commonwealth of Tirsima.
Deo. 1. To 63 ton pig iron on hand this date, at
~8 *8» , , - - 8 3024, 00
1 wo ton broken cannon, 40 oo
* do. scrap irom at S 25, 100 00
12 do. scull ana scrap. at S 10, 120 00
2 do. assorted grape shot, at 7 cts. 3IS 60
B~7(»t lbs. castings on hand, at 6 cts. 1366 8
23 t. 14 c. round shot of sizes, at
S 90 per inn, 213750
Oct, SI.
6O0 bushels coal.
Ain’t due from iodiTiduals for east
Ain’t due from the U. S. for shot for
the navy,
Ain’t due from do. for castings for
.t.~ r_. .. . . . 0
the fort at Crany Island,
Ain’t due from do. for shot for
army at Norfolk,
Ain’t ofexpenditures within eleven
months to this date,
Proportion of thecostof water from
the canal, and officers* salaries
for eleven mouths,
Profits within eleven months,
3859 33
1717 00
4645 65
14520 40
S5 38564 99
Nov. 1.
11372 lb*, casting* on hand, at 6 cts.
lO ton of soul) iron, at gio
4 do. scrap do. 25
200 bushel* coal, ♦ 18 ct*.
8650 lb*, grape shot, 7 ct*.
251 5 c. s qs. 6 JU. round shot of
sizes, at B 90,
Shot for use of tlft commQDwealth,
Ain’t due from the U. S. for castings
for the' fort at Cranj Island,
Ain’t due from do. fur shot furnish'
ed for the army at Norfolk,
Ain’t due from do. for shot for the
Cash recived for caetings within 11
Am'tdue fr. individuals for casting?,
Ain’t due from theU. S. for shot fur
nished Major Wheaton,
Ain’t due from the U. S.for shot fur
nished Maj. Hyland Randolph,
55 682 82
100 oo
*100 00
36 00
60$ SO
2277 00
3892 48
3486 60
46*5 65
71* 5$
1*326 3*
7023 3
556 71
118 83
2 3856* 09
1 rom lue roreS<«ng statement, the foilwing general statement appear.
To cash received out of the general appropria
tioo ol' g 65,000, for the year of l si4, g 42000 00
To cash received for castings, &cf prior to the
1st of November, 1814, . U866 13
A”!! ®atei?a*8 11 month., g 8i50 .50
■Llitto, ol workmanship, do. do. 28181 13
Contingent expenses, do. do. <393 15
Kepairs«c improvement, do. do. 1818 14
Officers salaries and water from the canal, 4258 or
Balance of apprentices* account, 25S 95
Am*t of expenses within i l months on e.oo’t
r™f. Z? Z"a DnTg Mil1- *«*o *0
1 roportion of ihe cost of water from the ca
nal, and officers* salaries, *oS9 66
g> 59,217 60
55 56,866 i 3
officer,*unexceptionable; 'T S“f 0"od"",ed1 'he ««»*■'• <*">•
In provne the arms in the n»nui n y co* rtctly applied* and a fair systematic* account kept thereof,
bunted.—Your committee would .uf-pe.t the Imp'S'‘ll,y I™ #f K°"d ,'La,il}’' none Ua,i',«
about one hundred piece,, ordilTerent caliber, i r'P!'' ,y. , .. . K J orunaoce not in icrviee; there arc «t pre,er.t
a price of ninety dollar, each, and (hoi,Id d„\ I,' l ', '‘rs’10 »">“t equal proportion,, which would average
mittee are informed the, could be made at Ymtn .? al .L^ W“n‘ed ,he ,"’,ioe "f lhc >ou!'
finished. J Ul6 Amory» Bt any time, sooner than carriages to mount them could bo
the Itate,'which TliT, 1*'ifT Ti'V* ",B Arm"^ to
eould lie obtained for a much to, ,um than the h^i, nb-ccj wooW fi.r ‘ t!“ J f "anl. I'a“v* ,*“»*•
small expense a furnace could he erected on wli r ■■ it i «i » *' . * , 0,,r com®ittce are intormnl that lor a
county, which would be equal to the sum.lv ofth!Vn ^ Fu'?afe 1#<?nd ,? t,,e commonwealth, in Rockingham
sir.,| V. ,nur committee Z flr „«l 2 ? f H F,?Un,1cry f *n? at a *""« like the present it is the more to be dc
that establishment. 01 *omR t,rae pa9t ,l ha* bccn to obtain a supply of pig-iron for
£ r* ?r0",ah,e * «?> — «" »• -I*""*"* carried
ry. If in the orient emh, rru'««< ,i«i' , r ,»appropriation of money, than heretofore made, w ould tie nceesia
dent to enlarge the anDronrintinn* f \ • P ,n*ir<’es ol the commonwealth it should be thought unwise or impru
projxioty of leasin'* tb it estalilUt ° <Hr inS ***« operations of the Armory, your eominiltee would suggest the
q^n'aVJitev^'^r:: ,upp,y °f—- •*«- *•
of ‘l ^m^lffi^T^tSeu^ndV** Armo,7- * nnmb,T m»"' ,ha" «!»»< «> <!■' wen-,
•idvan,age.-YoureommiUeeVo u M irul *,',ioh "** *»
the days of the Revolution ; tliev are unfit * .. 1 ^re ,n be Armory, about 1500 old muskets, kept sinor
inlho •mnufaotory of new arms. service; the component parts of which might, however, be ofvaltie
ror'atVrmefi^eenXr’crwcalr^wt/*'"^^ R?ri^ Ml" »»• »nth«ri.c,l to be lea.cd h, the F.aeeutire
from the Armory i the waiic water r..','... '• ®!>* 'he intention ol the l.egi«tafiire to leave the wade »a*cr
•“KK«‘ «'» propriety of .moling the aitfio ai Jo m«tThe’etw^of ».VH,|Mi!,'r,l,“rl,«c* "**> »«“ <*«••*
'lour cninroiUeee would observe t!,rtf the par|J ”1 . Vr l0Imcft. * 16 of the Legislature.
end before they could report the operations of il.e Vrm ^rgisiature, and the probability (hat llieir session wm’ I
their report for eleven JTwhi.1.1. «,penally .ahmitttd. ' 8 re,l’0,, ‘"B‘ U,e "nlj ra*ll<' '•*
O. motion of Mr. Uuth.rfnrJ, ordered, that .be .aid^^nbo L upon theuhle.

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