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fcr- 7Z*u9ff*VTif Ai'w««$-v.% (fr-^jLvWbTff> *’ \»
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A./? • V k/ ,’ *-.'• » ‘«y.,;
~" " ■ -U--" '' ' ' ' ■ ' ■ -., ......___.
rOl.UME //.] RlUBMOA'l), VIRGINIA—W&ONKSDAY, AUGUST 14, 1816. " r‘vr ••’."*•* 41
~--„----. ... . , ,. - - L • A
On Wednesdays and Saturdays,
Dollars rcu akfch, r.tri» I* advance.
Subscriptions and Advertisements to (his
paper are received at the Book avd Job
J’rinfing Office of J. <$' /t Burke, S.
JC. corner of Alain ana ISih streets, and
near the Farmers’ Bank of Virginia.
IC7* Advertisements inserted at the usual
price, and promptly attended to.
gtr.Mr-tar -lt - =tt:. ■. re i: . va_r.-.r
Modiciiiiil ^Vater.
THE public are informed tlint 1 am the pro
prietor of the-Watku, of which mention has
been heretofore made in the “ Echol think it
p:cpcr to state to the public, that I have up
Wards of TOO regular Eubscrilrers for the season
The price to subscribers with their families, two
dollars; the price to individuals, one dollar;
admittance to non-wibacvibors for the evening
or morning 6 J -d cent*
T he pump id' water is situated within one
mile of Lynchburg, or. the stage road leading
from thence to Richmond—the rerul leading to
it either way is level and. agree blc.
i It is situated within -a lew prices of Jsraes’
Iliver, the banka of which nrc adorned by lofty
trees. To the westward lifer a beautiful range
of Hills, or Mountains, whose shade shuns it
front the rays of the evening sun, and from
whose bowels issuethis excellent water.
Travellers have stopped here, and are pleased
with the quality of the water: it is deemed
very availing in the cure of all disorders of the
skin, and for sore eyes, and it greatly assists ap
petite. It is strongly impregnated with SutpJair,
the general properties of which, ai-e known to
must of persons. 1 shall be happy to accommo
date all persons in the best possible way.
August 10. tl5thS
N. U. The Editors of Newspapers in Rich
mond. I’eier.iburg and Norfolk, will please in
sen inis advertisement in their papers, till the
middle of September, and forward their ac
counts to the office of the Echo for payment.
I.. S.
At a meeting of the board of Managers of
tbc American Bible Society, convened in the Ci
ty Hall New York, on the 15tb July 1816.
Ccn..1jruf/«ru> Clarkson, Vice-President, in the
Jiego’vcd, That this Board will proceed with
out delay to carry intu execution the great ob
ject contemplated by the convention which form,
rd the society, viz. “ to furnish great districts
of the American continent with well executed
Sterotype Plaes, for the cheap and extensive
diffusion of the scriptures, through regions
tvluch are now scantily supplied, at a discou
raging expense; and that in order to facilitate
the accomplishment of this important but ex
pensive object, the Board will not, at present,
aporopi iatc anv part of dieir funds to the pur
chase of Bibles for immediate distribution.
— hitvltrd. That the Bible Societies throughout
the Union, ns well as individuals, are respectful
ly and earnestly solicited to aid the Hoard in the
prosecution of this arduous uuderUkmg, by pe
cuniary contributions.
By order of the board,
Secretary far Domestic Corresponileuce.
(^Tlic several Editors of Newspapers ill the
finned States, friendly to the disstri.nation of
the Scriptures, are respectfully requested to
give the above two or three insertions in their
respective papers.
Adjutant id Inspector General's Office, }
August 1,1816. 5
Preparatory to form ng a list of army officers,
eoT.farmably to a resolution of Congress, passed
April 27, 18lG,the state and county in which each
commissioned officer was born, will forthwith
be i«por ed to this office.
By o- der,
, AcJj. id lnsb. Gen.
August 10.
Jtehveen one anil tiro miles from Richmond,
The proprietors Will sell at auction at 11 o’
clock on Tuesday neto, on the premise5, twenty
lots, rtf from 2 to 8 acres each, on tlie main stage
road by Mr. Fulton’s to ‘Williamsburg They
lay high aiul level, are healthy and pleasant.—
From some of them there is a fine view of the
Capitol, and a prospect of soon being in a good
Refreshments will be provided at the spring
belonging to the estate of the late John Wuluyn*
sou, on the north ».de of the road.
August 9th.
“ Without enlivening suns, and gen.ul show,
And shelter from the blast, in vain we hope
The tender plant should rear its blooming
AllOL’T to establish a Museum in the City of
Richmond, are anxious to colicct(ifpossible)
cvrry curiosity of naturennd art, which UieSfcale
of Virginia can furnish. The liberali'y aiul pub.
lie spirit which characterise the inhabitants of
the ancient dominion, justify the hope that the
proprietors of the intended establishment will
receive from the patronage of her citizens much
assistance on the present occasion—Such gentle
men, therefore, as have curiosities in their pos
943,jut are rcspecttully solicited to communicate
with the Subscribers, stating the description of
objects, and whether they are willing to make a
donation ora loan of them for the benefit of the
Museum —A prompt attention to this request
(at it is the wish of the proprietors to make a
collection as immediately as possible) will great
jv enhance the favour their generosity would Ci/ti*
The public are assured, any article loaned to
this institution will be preserved with great care
and restored to the proprietor on demand.
q- j- The Editors of the Norfolk Herald, Peters'
burg Republican aiul Intelligencer, Winchester
Constellation, and Staunton Observer, are re
quested to give the above an insertion, once a
week for two months,and fnnv*-d their accounts
to the Subscribers.
» June 15—w2m.
The Masonic Hall Lottery*
WJM. recommence drawing in tl»e Cityr of
Baltimore, on the 18tli inst. The first
drawn number on that day will be entitled to a
prize of $510,ObO.
Besides Itet above prize there still remains in
tlie wheel,.
One prize of S40.000
Two : t glO.OOO
And several of $51 (. *) and $5500.
.I’rosr.f pr;ce of Tu.l;els £15.
• • A few tirkets, warranted undrawn, 31st
dajs drawing over, may bt had on application at
the Subscriber’s office, where
— ALSO,—
Ihcfts on JVfeir- York Philadelphia,
can be bad on reasonable terms, and where
Ham; Notes of other States can be exchanged
for a small commission.
(£j* Orders for Tickets (post paid) will be
promptly atteuded to, by
1. n. kurShekdt.
Jit the TJcensetl Lottery 0$ue, Jfui/i Street,
llir/nnoml, .Tilly 10 ■ *•
Notice is hereby ffivcu iliat
v O
»he subscriber has received lists of the Direct
Tax of the United States for 1815, remaining
due upon property in the following Counties in
the stale of Virginia, not owned, occupied or
superintended by some person residing within
the Collection District in which it is situate, and
that he is authorised to receive the aid Taxc»
with an addition of ten percent, thereon, provi
ded such payment is made within one year after
the day on which the collector of the district
where such property lies had notified that the
said taxes had become due on the b*ine.
For vtluU County. Dtl* g not^aiion
J that lux hud become due.
I/ee, ~\
Ion die 15th January, 181G
Graysen and
Scott, J
Mecktittburgh, T
and [°n ** lst 0fFebnuU7*1816
Not away J
2£Z*t *r‘‘ m* f **- >«*«•
King H'illiam, “I
King and Queeu |
Ss«, r-0'10“ *‘*>* f*™"* *816
Gloucester and
MuthesBf. J
/'nmdon. l 0,1 ^ 27,h February, ISIS
Chnrlcs City, "1
Henrico, (^ . , . . _
Goochland and f0'1 Uie lat of APnl io16
Hanover. J
Collector’s OJfice the 1st day o f July 1 RIG.
W N. D. 1 AY LOU, Collector.
Designated by the secretary
of theTrensury
July 1—w8jv.
Notice is hereby given, that
'he Subscriber has received lists of the Direct
Tax of the United S’t»es for 1815, remaining due
upon property in the following Comities in the
Stale of V rginit, not owned, occupied or super
intended by some person residing within the
Collection District in which it is situate, airt! that
he is authorised to receive the said Taxes with
an addition of ten per cent, thereon, provided
such payment is made within one year alter the
day on which the collector of the district wl ere
such property l.es had notified that the said tax
es had become due on the same.
For what Ctntnfy. Dntf °f 0,'frc*r*'notification
* that tar hud become due.
UorkinHnm. > . ,
Shanandoah. 5 on'1 le ^7'-U Jrcb. 1810.
Madison, fit Con lltli of March 1810.
Cul|>epcr j
King George,
Westmoreland, |
Richmond, >-On 12th March 1816.
Northumberland fit |
Lancaster. J
Isle of Wight, ^
Nunsetnoud, (,
Norfolk to y °n *eS0lh March 1816
Princess Anne, 5
Spo'tsyl vania,
ImuiMB, & (. On the 20th March 1816.
Caroline. ^
Powhatan, >
ChcsterfiehJ, <> ,
l)mwiddie, it o On the 25th March 1816.
Prince George. ^
Prince Edward
Buckingham, ( . ,
Cumberland & ^On the 29 th Mar eh 1816.
Amelia. J ^
Collector's OJice, a July 1816.
Wm. L). TAYLOR, Collector.
Dciignated by the secretary >
, , of the Treasury. S
July 31. w. 8 w.
J. H Ih’lH.jtKK,
Hook tf yob Printers,
HAVE removed their Office to the house lately
occupied as the Office of the Lady Compi
ler, one door below Ihd S. E.corner of Mam and
IJtli. Street*.
Those Subscribers te the Argus who have thei
papers delivered from the Olhcecan always ob
ait* them l>y applying as above.
Subscriptions mnl Advertisements for the Vir
giuia Argus will also he received there.
War DuAmr.iT, 5
July 10, 1816. 5
That separate proposal* will be received at the
Office of the secretary tor the Department of
War, until the 31st day of October next, inclu
sive, for the supply of all rations that may be
required for the use of the Ur.itco Stales, from
the 1st day of June, 1817, inclusive, to the lsi
day of June 1818, within the States, Territories
and Districts following, viz :
1st At Detroit, Michdimackinac, Fort Wayne.
Cfiicago, and their immediate vicinities, and at
any place or places where troops are or may be
slat Anted, marched or recruited, wjth in the ter
ritory of Michigan, the vicinity of tlrt Upper
Lukes and the M&tc of Ohio, and on or adjacent
to die waters of 1 ike Michigan.
2d, At any place or places where troops are
or n»ay be stationed, mufcbr.d or recruited with
in the states of Ktnuicicy and Tennessee.
3d, At any place or places where troops are or
may be stationed, marched or recruited within
the Illinois, Indiana and Missouri 'I erritories.
4th, At any place oi places where troops are
or may,be stationed, rnurchrd or recruited with
in the Mississippi Territory, the slate of laiuis
iana and their vicinities north of the Gulpli of
5th, At any place nr pi **<*3 where troops are
cr r«ay be Stationed, marched or recruited witli>
in tlic District of Maine and the state of New
6iu, At any place or places where troops are
or may be stationed, marched or recruited with,
in the state of Massachusetts.
7th, At any place or places where troops are
or may be stationed, matched or recruited within
the states of Connecticut and iiliode Island.
8th, At any place or places where troops are
or may be stationed, marched or recruited with
in the state Of New York, north of the High
lands and within the state of Vermont.
-Ill, At any place or place, where troops are
or may he stationed, marched or recruited with
m the state oi New-York, south of the Highlands,
including '.Vest Point and v/ithm the state of
New Jersey.
10.h, At any place or places where troops are
rr may be stationed, marched or recruitied within
the state of Pennsylvania.
11th, At any place or places where troops are
or may be stationed, marched or recruited with
in the states of Delaware, Maryland and the Dis
trict of Columbia.
12th, At any place or places where troops are
or may be stationed, marched or recruited with
in the state of Virginia.
ljth, At ar.y place or places where troops arc
or may be stationed, marched or recruited with
in the state of North Carolina.
- **».*«•/ tcv. w. jjuiucb wucrciroops lire
or .nay be stationed, marched or recruited with
in the stale of South Carolina.
lilh, At any place or places where troops are
or may be stationed, marched or recruited with
in the state of Georgia, including that part oh
the Creek’s land lying within the territorial li
mits oh said state.
A ration consists of one pound and one quar
ter of beef, or three quarters of a pound ol'salted
pork, canteen ounces of bread or Hour, one gill
"f ' uni, whiskey or brandy, and at the rate of two
quarts cfaait, four quarts of vmcg'ar, |bur pounds
offtbap, and one pound and one half ofcandtes to
every hundred ratiuns. The prices of the several
component parts of the ration shall he specified,
but the United States reserve the right of making
such alterations in the pr.ee of the component
pans of the ration aforesaid, as shall niuke the
price ot each part thereof bear a just proportion
to the proposed price of the vdioie ration. The
rations are to be furnished in such quantities,
that there shall, at all times dur ng the term of
the proposed contract, he uurticient for the con
sumption of die troops for six months in ad
vauce, of good "and wholesome provisions, if the
same.-.ha lbe required It is also to be permit
ted to all and every of the commandants of forti
fied places or posts, to call for, at seasons, when
the same can be transported, aiul at any time, in
case of urgency, such supplies of like provisions
in advance, as in the discretion of the comman
der shall be deemed proper.
It is understood ihat the contractor is to he at
the expense and risk of issuing die supplies to
the troops, and that all losses sustained by the
depredations of the enemy, or by means of the
troops of the United States, shall he paid by the
United Slates at the price of the ar icle captured
or destroyed us aforesaid, on the deposition of
two or more persons of creditable cm- racter, and
the certificate of a commissioned officer, stating
the circumstance of the loss, and die amount of
the articles for which compensation shall be
The privilege is reserved to the United States
of requiring diat none of the supplies, which
may he fnrnis' ed under any of the proposed con
tiacta, shall be issued, until the supplies which
have hern, or may he furnished under the cen
tract now in force, have been consumed.
Secretary of YVar
July 13—wtlstO.
Not*.—The Editors of New pap era who arc
authorized to publish the laws of the U. States,
are requested to insert the foregoing advertise
ment once a week until the 1st ot October next
War Department.
The act of Congress of the 26th of April
1316, having provided that where any Mi
ni ary Land Warrants shall he lost or
destroyed, upon the proof thereof to the sa
tisfaction of the .Secretary ok YY ak, A Pa
tent shall ksue in the same manner as it
the Warrant was produced ; ami when the
same proof shall be produced, that any sol
dier of the Regular Army lias lust his” Dis
ohamoi; und Certificate of faithful service,
the Secretary of War shall cause papers
to be furnished such Soldier as will enti
tle him to his Land Warrant and Patent.
To enable all persons cotnpi eliemled by the
provisions of the said act, to avail them
selves of the relief intended to be granted,
the Secretary for the Department of War
has directed, that in the case Of Military
Land Warrants, which have been lost or
destroyed, the party fchall, upon oath in
writing, state the time, place & manner of
such loss ordcstruction.the date & number
of the Warrant, and the company & regi
ment to which the Soldier belonged at the
time of his discharge ? and also the state,
county and township In which he resides.
1 be oath must be made before an officer
duly qualified to admister it, and the offici
al character anJ signature of »uch officer
must be certified by,the Clerk ut the Court
t)f the Mayor of live City, or by such otitei
ollicer as is required by the Knva and u
5>ages ol the state where it is made. Eve
ry application will be advertised une month
in the papers ol thestate where the applicant
resides, before any decision will be made
in the case by the Secretary id the Depart
ment. Evidence in cot roboration ot that ol
the party, will be required, where it is not
satisfactorily shewn to be out ol his power
to produce it.
In the case of lost DISCHARGES, the
deposition, in addition to to the time, place
aud manner ul the loss or destruction ol
the DiSCHABGF, must set forth ihe
time and place of enlistment, the company
and regiment tn which the Soldier belonged
at the time of his discharge-the date
of the disc huge, and rank and name oj
the officer who signed it: it must also state
whether the dischaige contained the cer
tificate td faithful service, required by the
law, or the words “ HONORABLY DIS
CHARGED,” cr words of that import.
The deposition of a disinterested wquoas,
as to the service wild discharge of the appli
cant, is requieed in corroboration ol his
own testimony. Where this is not pro
duced, the reason of its non-production
must be satisfactorily stated. The teati
intmy must be authenticated in the man
ner prescribed in the case of lost Warrants.
Where the precise dates or numbers can
not be stated, they may be stated to the
best ol the recollection of the witnesses,
whose creffyility the Magistrate, who
takes the evidence, must certify in the usu
al form.
^ 50™ The publishers of the Laws of the
United Stales will insert the above oncca
week lor three weeks.
u»gust 3.
Ojjicc of Claims for property lost, captured or des
troyed, whilst in the military se> vice of the Uni
ted States, during the late wn~.
. WA.<nxNQToy, June 24, 1316.
Explanatory supplemental rule.
In all the oases comprised in the notice from
this office ot the 3d instant, the fillnwing sup
plemental regulation unfit Le observed by every
claimant, viz :
Whenever the evidence, on oath, of any officei
of the late army of the United States, shall be
taken, or the certificate of any officer, in service
at the time of giving it, shall be obtaiued, such
certificate must expressly state, whether any
certificate or other voucher, in relation to the
claim in question, lias been given, within the
knowledge of such officer. The claimant must
alsodec lure, on oath, that lie has never recaiv
ed irom any person any such certificate or vouch
er, or, if received, must stale the cause of its
non-production in every case the name of the
officer furnishing such certificate *>r voucher, 7o
getlR-r with iu d.ue us near as can be ascertain
ed, will also be required.
Commissioner of Claims, &c.
The printers in the United States or territo
ries thereof, who are employed to print the laws
ot the United Stales, are requested tb publish
this iiot.ce for eight weeks successively once a
week, and send their bills to this office for pay
' I'UfOSE soldiers belonging to the late ^rmy
*- of the United States entitled to pensions, art
informed, that it is only necessary to foreward
their discharges and certificate# of disability to
'lie War Department, stating in what particulai
-lUte, territory* or district they res ah-, and wish
to receive their allowances, when certificates of
pension will be issued Ly the secretary of War,
St forwarded to them free of all charge whatever;
and, also, that the services of an agent are not at
.11 required in procuring for them their pensions,
awarded by the govc-mnent to their gallantry
and their wounds.
liar Departm nl, June 18.
The Editors publishing the laws of the U 3.
are required to give this advertisement finu
weeks insertion, and send their accounts for par
ratal to nhe Department of War. *
tsr -
v * FRF. committed to Chesterfield Jail, the
27th of February last, (18t6) two Xaono Msn
as runaways, to wit—Wallace and Jack:—The>
say they came from Haiti more, and were taken u
by a Mr. Hunter and a Mr. Clay, near that place
and they made their escape from them. The/ sat
hey are free—they have no free paper* with tiicni
Wallace is a very black fvllow, about 25 y cars old,
* fret 8 or 9 inchct high i his eloatlwng is nap!
cotton. .1 «clc is about 22 years old, 5 feet 6 or 7
indies high; his clnathing is tuplcotton—he is a
very bright mulatto fellow.
If any persons own such Negroes, they may ge*
them by applying to the Jailor of the f.hnvt
County, proving Itis property, paying chcrgf s, fcc
otherwise tliey will be dealt with according P
May 11. lawlSw*
To Chesterfield Jail, the 7th of April last,
Jls a Jtunowrti/, who call* himself
.r o ii n
And says he belongs to a Mr. PF.AItS.
He does not know the nameofthe county in
which his master lives JOHN is a bright fellow
about 24 years old, 5 feet, 5 or 6 indie* high—
his doth.ng is white Plaines. The owner will
come forward, prove his property, pay charges,
and take him away, otherwise he will be deal'
with as the law d rects.
Jim* 17 —
From 12 to 16 year $ of age anti of good tufv.. do at
mho read and terile tolerably veil, W h, uit.eu at
Apprentice* to the Printing Business.
Enquire at the Offer of the Virginia
i o regulate the duties un imports and
fie it enacted ay the Senate and house of
representatives vftne United*State* »j\{.
viericu ir Osttgprs?Assembled, That from
and After the'Mftrlictti day of June, one
thousand eight hundred ami sixteen, the
duties heretofore laid by law, on good*
wares ami merchandise, imported into the
United States, shall cease and determine,
anti there ahull be levied, aud collected,
aud paid, the several duties hereinafter
mentioned, that is to suy :
first. A duty of seven and a haif per
centum ad valorem, on ail dying drugs and
materials fur composing dyes, not subject
io other rates ot duty; gum arabic, gum
senegai, salt je.re; jewelry, gold', silver,
ami other \VUtclirs, and parts ul watches,
§ dd aud silver lacc, embroidery and epau
lettes ; precious stones and pearls of ail
kinus, set or nut set; htistol stones or
past,* woik, and all articles composed
wholly or chiefly ofgdd, silver, near! and
precious sroue* ; and laces, lace veils, lacc
shawls, or siuuics, ot thread or silk.
Second. A duly of tilievn per ceutuin
ad valorem dm g |.d leal, and on all arti
cles not free, a«,J not subject to any etier
r te i.t uty.
Third. A duty of twenty per Centura
ad valorem on hempen doth or sail doth,
(except HuS'ian and German linen-., Hus
sia and iioiland duck) stockings ot wool or
cotton,, printing types,all articles inauulac
tured from I>ra5s, copper, iron, steel, pew
ter, lead or tin, or of which these metals,
or either ol them, is the material ot
diiel value, brass wire, cutlery, pins,
needles, buttons, button moulds, and buc
kles ot all kinds, gilt, plated and japanned
wares ol ail kind., cannon, muskeis, ilio
arms and s:de arms ; Prussian blue, china
ware, earthen ware, stone wait;, porcelain
and glass manufactures, other than wiu
dow glass and biitck glass quail bottles.
Fourth. A duty of twenty-live per
centum ad valorem, on woollen manufac
uu-es of all descriptions, or or which wool
is the material o, cli . f value ; cxcepi £r
blanke'p, voolen ru_,sand worsted or still*
goods, sliall be levied, collected and >,aid
li om and after the thirtieth day of Juno
nex , Until the thirtieth day of June one
thousand eight hundred and nineteen ami
alto^ that day twenty per centum mi the
said articles ; and on cotton manufactures
ot all descriptions, or of which Cotton is the
material of chief value.ami mi cotton twUt
yam or thread, ai follows, viz: lor three
years next ensuing the thirtieth ri.jy of
June next, a duiy of twenty-!! o ncr
o,i ... . i i-r *
7 , 9 «•••« (iiiu mr rx
pinion olthre- years Aforesaid, a dull of
twenty per centum ad valorem i Provided t
That all cotton cloths, or cloths of winch
cotton the mate ial uf chief value, (ex
cepting nankeens imported directly Irma
China) the original cost of which'at iha
place whence imported, wi'li the addition
of twenty per centum, ii imported IV m
the Cape of G m II ,.e. or from places be
yond it, and of ten per cent, if iinpor.ed
from any other place, shall be less i uo
twenty-fiv c ms per square yard, with
such addition, be rak.n and deemed ii>
have cost twenty five cents per Mjuaro
yar , and sh I! be charged with du y ac*
coidingly: Prodded also, that all un
bleacher and unrolmircd cotton twist, v;,r»i
or thread, the original cost of which i mil
be less than vxly te- »» per pound, shall be
deemed and taken t have cost sixty cents
per pmi d,and shall becliargd with duty
accordingly : niid all bleached or coloured
yarn, the on-i i.»| cost of which ahull have
been less thaw severity five cents per pound,
sha l be taken and deemed to h ve cost se
venty-live . cots per pound, nnd shill be
charged with duty accordingly: u/nd pro*
vided further, that cotton piece goods, im
ported in ships or vessels of tin* L iiitcd
States, which shall have sailed from the
United States before the pa sage of t U
act, and shall arrive ther in between t"U
thii tielii day oj june, one thousrinc eight
hundred ads xfeen. a d the first day of
I June, one thousand eight hundred and -e«
venteen the original cost of whicii cotton
piece goods. Rt the place whence imported,
shall have been le-»s than tweoty.five cents
per square yard, shall be admitted to en
try, sabject only to a duty of thirl y-fhres
and a third per centum on the cost of tho
said cotton piece goods in India, and on
the usual addition of twenty per centum on
that cost.
Fifth. A duty of thitty per centum r»d
valorem,on umbrellas, parasolsof whatever
materials made- and sticks or frame* for
umbrellas or parasols: bonnets and , np-.
for women. fans, feathers, ornaments for
hem! drosses, artificial flowers milinery of

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