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*f GLUME //.] - .
£DlTKi) BY
Jo tin mu rite & r* h sirarduy,
On Wednesdays apd Saturdays,
Poor Door* uu'tw tmk II eu Tatseh, at
Uo>uuts pim PArn ik adva*ca.
Subscriptions and Jdcer1;isenients to this
paper are received a t the Book and Job
Printing Office of yV. & Ik. Burke, 8.
K. cornel- of Main, and ISIh streets, apd
Tutor the Farmers’ .BavJc of Virginia.
HT* Advertisement# inserted at the usual
price, and promptly attended to.
Jit Peter Cottom’s Hook <£* Stationary Stores
(Richmond and Ltnchbuuo,)
T.r following JYEI f PUBLICATIONS,viz •
Historical sketche* of the late War between the
United State* an d Great Britain, blended witli
anecdotes illustr ative of the individual bravery
of Vlir American sailors, soldiers, and citizens ;
embellished wi tli portraits of the moat distin
guished naval and military officers, 8c arcom
psnied by viey *s of several sieges and" engage
ments. RyJiihn Lewis Thompson.— — Price
§ 1,75, boards.
JEwdl’s Medical Companion, third edition.
containing a concise and impartial history of
the Capture ofWashington, 8cc. 8cc. Price S 5.
The Cottagf' Firesiile, or Parish School
muster—a t.noral tale—by the Rev. II. Uuncan
S 1.
Tne danefj of death, aod other poems by
Walter F>eott,Ksq.—37 j Cts.
The Poet’s Pilgrimage to Waterloo—by
R Southey, Fsq.
Bailard Romances, and other Poems—by
Mi«s A. M. Porter-75.
A lie present ol a mistress to a young ser
vant, Consisting of friendly advice and real his
tories s by Mrs Taylor of On jar—75 et>.
Yalentiue Eve, a novel by Mrs. Qpie,—
2 vols. g 2.
OCT* ^Vhrs p iblication* of every kind received at
*»on a» published.
400 Reams Writing Paper, and
100 Letter Paper j
700 Webster’* Spelling Books, edi
tion) and a large assortment of cheap PAPER
HANGINGS, See. &.c.
He constantly keeps on hand a larg®
♦ and general assortment of
* Where country Merchants and others can now
be supplied on the most liberal terms.
^C7* Blank Books ruled and bound to
any pattern, at the shortest notice and in thebest
manner —Also, TRUNliS miuic.
Almanacks for 1817—in
preas, and will be published about the first of
September, hjs VIRGINIA ALMANAC for the
ycarofour Lord 1817, containing a variety of
useful and entertaining matter.
Persons wishing to engage for a quantity will
be supplied on moderate terms, as he contem
plates printing JO,000
August 14. tf.
Authorized by Act of Congress, for open
ing a Canal in the City of Washing
Commences drawing, in Baltimore, the present
month—September 30ih.
35.000 Dollars,"]
25.000 Dollars, V Highest Prize*.
10.000 Dollars. J
Besides one of 5,000—2,000—1,000, &c. Ike
Two and a half Blanks to a pnae, and the
price of Tickets will he continued at SIX DOL
LARS each, a few days longer.
All the large Prize* arc floating, and may come
out any time of thq^irnwing.
von sake nr
G & li. WAITE,
St PauKs Lane ^ Market-st
0C/*AH orders from their distast friends, enclo
sing the Cash, are punctually executed by re
turn of mail; ami the fate of the tickets for
warded when drawn.
6cpt 14, _ 6t.
Fall ooijsT
Per the ship Mary fc brigs Albion & Thos. Borch
direct from Liverpool.
Rose, Point <$' Ditffk, Blankets,
JVapt Cottons,
Sngathyn—fCilmarnoc Caps,
Plains, R’erseys Sf Flushings,
Coatings Sf Fearnoughts,
' Flnnnns—white and coloured,
Pork shire Cloths and Ctissimeres,
toadies ami Felice cloths,
Fivansdown and Toilenett Vestings,
Black and f'ancey colour'd Bombazetts,
vlnin and twilled Unttinetts.
Superfine Cloths and Cassimeres,
. JHerino flhawls,
Hardware and Cutlery,
Jin Assortment of Foiling pieces of su
perior manufacture,
) Crates and ( hina ware well selected.
Offered lor sale by
September 11—tf.
The owner may get it by applying to
Kowbattot8ept 31^-w2w.
^»_ >
840,000, 8*20,000, 810,000, & 4 of 85,000
and §2,000 and g 1,000 are the prizes in
’ the
Grand State Lottery
of Tcnhsylvania now drawing in Philadelphia—
35 days of draw.ng over, (price of Ticketts 14
Dollars.)-■ - The >*
Grand National Lottery,
(Second Class) has corhrrenced drawing:—Sc the
Medieal College Lottery
will shortly commence to draw in the city of
Baltimore.—Tickets in the above Lotteries can
be had at the subscribers office on reasonable
terms The
- Masonic Hall Lottery
has completed its drawings, in which lottery
there was sold at the subscribers office, two pri
zes each of 5,000 dollars, one of 1,000, and in
proportion smaller pr zes.
At the same place all kinds of flank Notes of
other states, DRAFTS on the different commer
cial cities can be bought and sold for a small
commission at the Richmond Lottery and Ex
change office of
Oct 9tk—tf.
Of the Second Class of the
Grand National Lottery,
Will positively take place in the City of* BaU
more on MONDAY the 30th of Sept. 181.fi.
G. *5 It. WAITJB,
Will guarantee the punclufl payment of all pri
*<?*> KotiH t nt either of *heir office*. 5n * 7
; 11 ice oi i icxets opty six dollars, and the
! Prizes arc numerous and great, and Capitals all
floating; :.nd those gentlemen at a distance, Who
order tickets from their office;, shall faithfully
have the money remitted per mail, if any of the
capitals should be drawn out of the wheel at the
time their orders are received : thereby giving
distant adventurers as good a chance as thus*
living on the spot.
Jt H WAIVE also intend printing at their
own expense, a list of all the Tickets drawn dai
ly, both blanks and prizes, and sending them to
every place of importance—and any gentleman
or company or gen.lemen nurchai.n’g 2d tickett
shaft have the list forwarded by mail,
T/ic following is an abstract of ihe scheme.
I prize of 55.000.dollars,
1 prize of 25,000 dollars,
1 prize of 10,000 dollars, -
1 prize of 5,000 dollars,
1 prize of 2,000 dollars,
4 prizes of 1,000 dollars,
50 prizes of 600 dollars.
The pr>ses subject, as usual, to 15 per cent,
deduction Should the capital prices continue
in the wheel afsw days, the price of tickets must
consequently advance from the present low price
of six dollars,
(• & U WAITE, will faithfully execute ail
orders per return of mail, and warrant the tickets
The f>ur Capital Prizes in the first class of the
above Lottery, were sold by G. & R. Waite.
Orders for tickets in any of the Lotteries
drawing in the U. States promptly attended to.
Sept 25— 6t
The subscriber having returned to his Former
residence in Manchester, which lie now calls
Formerly called “Solomon Gordon’s or Leath's
old Tavern,” will immediately open a Tavern
under the above name, and solicits the atlemion
of bis friends and the public.
He will use every possible endeavour to give
satisfaction in the line of his profession
Misprices fin.*, what they usually were, vix ;
For a dinner ... so cents.
For supper, ••• 37 1-2
For breakfast . - . 37 1-2
For lodging, 17
Horse per feed . • 25
-- for a day 75
flit bar shall always be well supplied with the
best liqtfbrs, and be will very shortly krep a
Constant supply of Herr, Porter, Ale, &c fcc.
Manchester, Aug 31.—tf.
Public Journal of the U. Htatv/i.
The subscriber having relinquished Ins intern
jion of printing the Public journal, rc.s~>ecitiiHy
inform* gentlemen who hove subscribed thereto,
that the amount of their several payments in ad
vance, vs iU be returned to them through the chan
nels by v hch they were received. Those who,
have subscribed in person In North Carolina, wili
please to call on the editor for their advances.
Members of Congress, awl gentlemen who sub j
scr,bed through them, will havejlteir payments '
refunded at thecommencement of the appr. -aching
session, or earlier if opportunity offers of seeing
•hem. And the few distant subscribers, who
forwarded their payments by mail, will find said
payments re timed to them by that cohveyance.
The editor tenders Ins sincere thanks, to all of
them i and begs leave to express his regret that
imperious circumstances prevent him from avail
ing hirhScif of their esteemed patronage.
Minerva Office, Raleigh, Sept. 27.
(Ej'Edilois of newspapers will oblige by giv
iug the foregoing one insertion.
Mayo Frayser,
C7^ doara be law t/ie Karmen' Sank */ Virginia.}
Respectfully inform their friends and the pnb. I
lie that they have received from Lee'a Patent &*
Family Medicine Sure, No. 4$ Maiden Lane,
Sftm-York, a Freak Sapply of the following’ gen
uine medicines.
For the prevention and cure of Bilious and
Malignant Fevers, is ^recommended
THIS medicine has been at* -<ied witfi a de*
gree of succese highly gra* the ‘nventor’i*;
feelings, in several parts of uie West Indies
and me southvrosmd middle stages, particularly
inNewTi>rlt, Philadelphia, Rdtimore, Peters
burg, Richmond,‘Norfolk, Edenton, .Wilmington,
Charleston,* and Savannah. The testimony of a
number of persona in each of the above place,
can be adduced, who have reason to believes
that a timely uae of this salutary remedy has,
under providence, preserved their lives, when
in the most alarming circumstances.
Facts of this conclusive nature speak mofle in
favor of a medicine than columns of pompous
eulogy, founded on mere assertion.
It is not, indeed, presumptuously proposed as
an infalibile cure, but the inventor has every
possible reason that can result from ex
tensive expei ience, for believing that a dose of
rhese pills, taken once in eve. y two weeks, du
ping the prevalence of our UiMious fevers, will
trove an infallible preventative; and further,
that in the earlier stages of those diseases, their
use will very generally succeed in restoring
health, and frequently in csucs esteemed despe
rate, and beyond Uie power of common reme
The operation of these pills is perfectly mild.,
so as to he used by persons in every situation, and
of every age
* iiv) aic r*(.cjicnuy atiapxtu to carry oil 5u
perflu^ua bile, and prevent its morbid secretions;
to restore and amend tlie appetite; to produce a
tree perspiration, and thereby prevent colds
which are often of fatal consequences. A dose
never fails to remove a cold, if taken on its first
appearance. They are celebrated for removing
habitual costiveneGs, sickness at the stomach,
and severe head ache, and ought to be taken
by all persons on a change of climate.
They have been found remarkably efficacious
in piTventipg and curing disorder? attendant on
long voyages, and should be procured and care
fully preserved for use by every seaman
Which have cured an immensenymber of per
sons of both sex.es, of every age, and in ever}
situation, of various dangerous complaints ari
sing from worms, and from obstructions or foul
ness in the stomach or bowels.
This medians bears no analogy whatever to
others of similar titles so commonly complained
of, as operating with violence; on the contrary,
a particular excellence of this remedy is its
being suited to every age and constitution. It
contains nothing hut what is perfectly innocent,
and is so mild m its operation that it cannot in.
Cure the most delicate pregnant lady, or the ten
uerest infant of a week old, should no worms ex*
tat in the body; but will, without pain or grip,
ing, cleanse the stomach and bowels, of wMtev
er is foul or offensive, and thereby prevent the
production of worms and many fatal disorders.
The lozenges are part icularly efficacious in car
rying tiff all gross humors and eruptions, feverish
and bilious complaints, and are the safest and
mildest purgative tliat can be used on any occa
A dose of this medicine given occasionally du
ing the warm season, will effectually prevent
“ the vomiting and purging of children”—a
dreadful disorder, which annually destroys thou
sands of die infant part of our citizens. It i
1 ike wise the mildest and most certain remedy
known, and has restored to health and strength
a great number when in an advanced stage of
this fatal complaint. Particular and plain in
struct ions arc given for every part of the neces
sary Uc*tm‘nt in such cases.
Children generally take this medicine with
eagerness ; having a pleasing appearance, and an
agreeable taste.
A safe and effectual remedy for rheumatisms
Jffout, palsy, aprains and bruise*, white swellings,
cld strains, and relaxations, numbness and weak
'rS.sisj of the neck, pains of the aide, head-ache,
swelled faces, frozen limbs, and every similar
complaint. It prevents chilblains or chopped
hands, and the ill effects of getting' wet or damp
in the feet. .
So celebrated among the fashionable through,
out Europe, is an invaluable cosmetic, peirf'ectiy
innocent ami safe, fiet from corrosive and repel
lant m.nerals, (the bad* of other lotions) and of
unparallclfd flnraey in removing blemishes of
the face and skin, freckles, pimples, inftammatn
I ry redi*ets, scurfs, tetters, ringworms, sunburns.
: prickly host, fcr.. The Persian l./)Uon operates
! mildly, without impeding the natural, insens,ble
perspiration, which is easent.al lo health, yet
its effect* are aperdy and permanent, rendering
the skin delicately san
ittg the complexion.
This excellent preparation comforts Sc strength
cy.be gum-i, preserve* the enamel from decay,
ami clean-rs and whitens the teeth, by absorbing
all the acrimonious alime and foulness, which,
suffered to accumulate, never fails to injure and
finally to ruin them.
Tt j» recommended as an invaluable medicine
for toe sjicedy relief and permanent cure of the
various complaints resulting from dissipated
pleasures, juvenile indiscretions, residence in
! climates unfavorable to the constitution, the im
| moderate use of tea, frequent intoxication, or
any other destructive mtemffcrance, the ntttkil
; fill or excessive use of mercury, the diseases
peculiar to females at a certain period of life, bad
lying* in, See. ..
Celebrated for the cure of colds, obstinate
coughs, asthmas,-ind approaching consumptions,
and * oerUin rtnaedy fur the whooping cough. |
A sovereign remedy for all diseases of all**
eyes, whether Uie effect of natural weakness or
of accident.
The only remedy yet discovered which gives
mmediate and lasting* relief in the most severe
Warranted an infallible remedy at one. appli
cation, may be used with perfect safety on in
fants a week old, not containing a panicle of
mercury or any dangerous ingredient whatever,
and not accompanied w}th that tormenting smart
which atrr-nds the application of othe"rtevn‘,/!ies
Fortbccareof agues, remittent, and intermit
«- tent fevers,
Tlte Public will please to observe that tji© a*
bove celebrated Medicines arc received froni Ins
Aiedicine Store, Jfew-York, and are sold by par
ticular appqinment in Kichnvmd by MAYO
FU.VYSKR,—Where may be bud. Pamphlets
gratis, containing certificates of cures perform
ed by the above medicines which fully justifies
every .irticle of the advertisement.
August 7—ecwtf
("Two doors brlo-n the Farmer's ltanko fVirgnia J
The following works, chi-Jly of
Carey’s Quarto Bibles, from g4 to IS
Common Prayer Books } In Calf and Mo.
Watt’s Psalms and Hymns 5 rocco, full gilt
Alison’s Sermons 2d volume, g 1—boards
The terms of communion, with a }
particular view to the case of C75 ctsbboards
Baptists & Faedr Baptists, j
Horsev’s Sermons ^ o 5u cl8 ~^^oar^9
. 2—bound.
The Marraw of the Church, 1
Symroes memoirs. 37$ cts.—bound
Kwel s Medical Companion, 5
Eustace’s Classical Tour, 3 7 75 cts.—bound
throngh Italy, 2 vola. 5 6 50 cts.—boards
Memoirs of the Marchio
ness de La Roche Jac
3 « hound.
2 50 eta. boards.
The Congress of Vienna
by the Abbe de Pradt
1 he Olive * Branch by
Matthew Carey,
I 2 75
Hamilton’s Inquiry
The Colonial policy of
Great Britain,
The £)artmoor Journal
History of the late war
by 'Thompson
Researches in America
The cottage fire side
Paris Chit Chat 2 vols.
2 25 bound
1 75 boards
1 35 bound
1 boards
2 bound, plates
Sc maps
1 75 boards do.
2 bound
1 75 boards
Paris wviaited in‘1815—-by Scott g 1
The present of a mistress 75 bound
to her servant J 621 boards*
Who fares best i 37j
Trial of Richard Smith, g 1 25. t
Tales of Fan- y bv Mias. Burney g 1
Valentine’s Eve by Mrs Opie, 2 vols g 2
Gulzara, Princes of Persia S i 25 bournl
1 rniaru*
The Invisible Monitor, by Mrs Sheppard g 1. *
Morntonby Margaret Cullen S £ 75 bound
J ° 3 • boards
Moma from the French oTJos. Bonaparte. 50 cts.
Lara, a tale 50 cents.
Story of Rimini by Lc gh Hunt 50 cents
Ballad Romam ei oc by ) g 1, 75 cts bound.
Mifi A, M Porter S 87i boards.
Poet’s Pilgrimage to Waterloo 75
Lord Byron’s Farewell to England 50 cts.v
The Dance of Death, by Walter Scott, 37$ cts.
Poetical Chronology, by It. Valpy 62$ cts.
They have also Iter rived,
(EjT Country Merchants can now have any of
their ordcra executed on the most reasonable
In all its varieties elegantly executed.
Ofalmost every description, kept constantly on
September 7. 3t •
fichiue qj .ludiih,
Right dogrx below the Hell Tavern.
Are opening, in addition to their present eaten
dive assortment of
A freah supply of every description of WOOL
ENS, comprising
_,_ C of tom,
Hose HujjU Blankets, <J*c. tj'c.
Tliey feel no hesitation in declaring as r£an7
of the above goods have been deliberately pur
chased at the veil known sacrifices at auctions,
that NO STOKE is this city, upon a general a
verage, can undersell thsm.
It is therefore hoped that the liberal encou
ragement which they have already received frofn
their country friends will ensure them a contin
uance of their custom, when the subscribers will
prove to them that they unquestionaLiy sail as
cheap as others.
Sept. 27—8t.,
A petition will he presented to the next Gene
ral Assembly of Virginia, praying fora Town to
be erected and established at Springfield in Cum
berland County on the plantation of George Car
son, and to remove the seat of justice thereunto,
as the central part ef the population of Mid
1 a » u wst ast—wiw.
Notice is hereby given, thut
dieSubicribcr has received list* of the Direct
Tax of the United States for 1815, remaining du.
upon property ,n the following Counties in the
State of v rginrs, not owned, ocrupied or super*
intended by seme person residing within the
Collection District it. which it is situate, and that
he is authorised to receive the said Texes with
an addition or ten per cent, therson, provided
suet, payment is raatle within one vear after th«
davon which the collector of the district where
tuch pmperi)i liis had notified that the said tax
*•« had become due on the same.
r vihnt County, &ate °f Collector*! notification
Mar tax had become dro.
On S:h day of March 1816.
Be feley, &
Nelson, I _ „ , _ -
Albemarle * f 0n 20Ul **7 * March, 181*.
Fluvanna. , J
Tazewell, I • .
wle9' . r0™ 22J day cf May, 1818.
Monroe & j .
Botetourt. J
Greenville, ~i
Sussex i »
Southampton j day of May. 1816.
Et Surry. J ' * \ .
Charlotte, 1 _ ' , ,
Pittsyhania f0n 10Ul <*»y of May, 1816
& Halifax. J
Collectort Oj/fce, S-f>t. 3d 1316. *
n ■ . , W.K »-TAYLOR, Collector.
Designated by the secretary
of the. treutug/.
September 4—w^w.-. .
The subscriber tenders*his services to tl*
tizens of Richmond as an experienced Taik>r.
who will execute 'faithfully any th.ng in that
hne of business with despatch —He at present
resides hear to Mr. Gathwr.ght’s and Mr. Slade's
store, where be will be thankful for the smallest
favor in his line of business. *
,,IIiB Ann ^Hlamson, understands the
different branches in tlie millinary line, and will
be thankful ior any favor conferred on her in th»
above line **
Septemberll. JA%‘ES Wlt"AMSW.
LJt.Yjy FT) R &ale.
THE Pub^rlW offer* for tale his LAND cft
the Mattopnuy River containing 1343 A Prr,
two ye three hundred of which cofL.sts of SZ
dow a considerable part ofwhich is well drained.
This land contains a numerous quantity of level
there being' scarcely 10 acres ofhillsonthe tract!
Unlesait be sold before the first day of Novem
berL*3v *tw‘*l* on *bat day be offered t a aht-hmh
est b.dder on the prenii.es. The terms of £l«
will be made known on application t.v tli* suSscrv*
b,r- . JOHN TAILOR an
Caroline, Sep. 2lst.—tds. ‘ ’
9IR—As you are not an inhaL. ant of this state
nor have any known agent to me therein, the”
fore Ido hereby not,fy y°u, that ! shall on the
the 9th 10th 11th, 12th, 13th Sc 14th days of
December next, between the hours of 1C unlock
A M. and tour o'clock P. M on each of those
drys.at the house of Iteaiel Lamb, sen'r. in Kert
county, state of Mary-and. proceed to take the
depositions of the said Darnel Lamb, ,enV
Itr, S Turn"* Jo«Ph Turner ando
thers, to be read as evidence in a suit now de
pending and ufidetemiinecl in the superior court
of Chancery for the RlChmond District, in ,ilo
state of Virgin a, wherein I am Plaintiff & you
are defendant, w hen and where you may at end if
you please. . 3 **
Dinwiddle co. Va.—Oct. 9—4 W
Of the Commonwalth nf Virginia,
IN hereas it has become necessary that the Ge
neral Assembly be called together before the
time to when tliey stand adjourned: I hava
therefore thought fit. tvith the advice of the
Council of State, to issue this my prooLmation*
hereby appointing Monday the eleventh dav of
November next, fbr tlie meeting of tl* j.ajd Gen
eral Assembly ; at which time their attendance
mon^UirUd *l CaI>it°l in the Cit>' of R*'ch»
Given tinder my hand, and the sea! of tfio
commonwealth at Richmond aforesa' I
tb,# 30t.h day ,J» September, in the year
[SKALjot our Lord one thousand c’ght hun
dred and sixteen, and of the Common*
waalth die forty first.
_ w. c nich6lab.
If ural Slmfle*.
Tlie subscriber respectfully inform*her friendf
and thepublk; generally*tint she has taken that
well known stand, formerly occupied by Mr
Hull, called the •• Rural 8ha>l abrittbre*
mile* from the Market Hon* in the Ci*v of
Richmond, and on the road It.,ding to tht New
Bridges, where she intends keeping t pubiia
house under the management ot Mrs Catharine
Dabney and Mr. l^nK- Talley. She flatter*
htfratil ({iom the long ciprrs»r.ce of the mana
gers) to share a portion of the patronage oi a
generous public.
Sept. 18—3t.
Wdh a tiew to his practice of the 'a~, will *t.
tend the tftreral Courts folden m the counties oT
Goochland and Khivanr.a. yi* family residence
is at Westwood, near the brook tumpik- gate,
ir* the vicinity of Richmond. His office tn town
Uthe apartment. lately occupied as such, by Pev
ten Randolph. oft Sth irect, between H and
I street*oil Uie lot now in the occupancy of j**„
Currie, Esq. For information as to ht* essidutty,
*c. the subscriber would respectfully refer those
unacquainted with him, and by whom ,t may b*
d#em<* asaful, w Robert Gordm, Esq
, nr. as * ""

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