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August 18.
Contempt of Court..—A petition is now
preparing to the house of lords by the nu
merous individuals confined in the licet
prison, under committals for contempt,
praying relief. The hard case ot these in
dividuals is worthy of public notice—they
are excluded from the benefit of the insol
vent act, and many of them have been suf
fered to languish in a state of unmitigated
confinement from two years and upwards
to thirty years! ! ! Ought this to be enqui
red into rSurely the law that can inflict so
horrible an oppression on a British subject
‘is worthy of revision in thc^e enlightened
of legislation. The crime of con
tempt appears to consist in “ an inability
on the part of the individual against whom
* bill in chancery is filed, to comply with
the extensive forma of that court in answer
ing it.” Seethe case of l)r. Newham,
repoited about ten days ago, who was com
mitted under these circumstances of hard
ship. We thus see the nature of the crime
for which the petitioners alluded to have
been doomed to drag out so large a portion
of the few days allotted to man within the
walls of a prison, most of them, as appears
from the petition in question, without any
means of existence but the allowance of
three shillings and six pence per week al
lowed by law. Statesman.
. Court of Chancery,—The public will
learn with surprise, not unmixed with other
sensations, that amongst the numerous per
sons confined in the Fleet Prison for Con
tempt of Court, is an old gentleman, up-1
wards of 70, who has passed more than SO
J fears in that miserable abode, and avows
limself ignorant ot the crime laid to his j
The Abbe Vinson, and another priest, I
M. Fleury of Naples, are on trial in France
for their publications, calculated to alarm
the purchasers of the national domains par
ticula ly church property, whom it is not
intended to distu b in their possessions.
Gen. Amiel, being offered the alterna
tive of surrender to France, or imprisori
tt'zut for life in Hanover, has chosen the
An English letter says Gen. Merlin,
(brother to Merlin deThiouville,) has been
called into service, ami has requested tor
his staff the Aids of Marshal Ney.
The duke of Richelieu, it is said, is to
represent Louis 18, at the meeting of the
Sovereigns, &c. at Carsbad.
Madame Joseph Bonaparte has asked for
passports to go to Sweden.
(VBritish cotton goods are no longer ad
mitted to entry in the port of Biscay. Se
veral valuable seizures have been made.
No new Knights of Malta are to be made
The Order is to he suffered to expire.
The king of Naples has forbidden his
subjects apply ing to the Pope for indul
The French Government have required
of the Dutch to give up Mr. N. Simon :
but the Dutch authorities hesitate to take
any step- on the subject, although they had
held Mr. Simon in custody.
A criminal has been acquitted in Eng
land because the words by nights wei r u eu
instead of by night, in enumerating the
words of a letter in his indictment.
The Courier, (to deter from emigration)
says it is the practice of the American cap
tains who have cl'ims on the emigrants to
sell them to satisfy such claims.
The Courier cmnplime' ts Mr. Hughes
who went to Carthagena in the Macedo
nian, for pocuiing the release of the Bri
tish as well as Aiiieiicin prisoners.
The same p iper complains of the attacks
on Britain in the toasts drank in America
on the 4th of July, It says, England ne
ver utters a word of the reproach at the se
paration. (No battles on the Serpentine
river, nor Yankee comedy.)
1 lie price ot specie m Kngiana /\ug 23,
was 31 10» ; new d ublelonns 31 14s 6il ;
new' dollnrc 4s 10Jd.
CJ. R. Robertson, e«q. has been appoint*
ed the British consul at Philadelphia.
The duke of Kent has gone from Eng
land to Brussels to reside there three year*
The Japanese have discovered an incli
nation to tiai'e with the English ; and they
have permitted an academy tube e-taldish
ed, in which the English language is
taught, and hasmanv pupils.
Reports from India were that there was
a report that the Napaul war would be re
newed a second time.
Vjrkva, August 8
The. Emperor’ will leave this on tlip 20th
to pass mine days on his domains at II >'li
ach, Moravia. This journey will sufle-e
to refute the report which has been circu
lated for some months, ami which some fo
reign papers have iccently published, that
the thiee Monsrchs were to have an inter
view at Topi it Z.
Paris, August 21,
His majesty is assiduously engaged in
the formation of a new ministry. Seven
ministers a portefruille. and five sannporle
fruille, are to lie immediately o g ii zed,the
former responsible and taking a vote in
council, the latter without lesponsibility
entit led to a voi»T consrtf/nfiir, but not de
liberative One of the princes, in absence
of the king, is to Fill the functions of pre
sident id ti e council, but the nttrihu*ion9
ofthe«e members id the r« yal fiinily are
assimilated, to those of the ministers mns
portffruelle. Among the latter the names
of the bishop of Uses and the vicomte de
Chattaubriabd are confidently cited.
From South America.
Official accounts have been received at
"Buenos Ayres, from the squadron of Adm,
Brown, crusing ill the Pacific Ocean. In
Feb. last, he captured the fort of Punta dr
Piedias, be foie a reir I’m-cement, which hail
been sent from Puna, the appearance ol
his fleet) could reach it. Brown then at
tacked, with the Trinidad brig (on board ol
which he had proccttlcd from one of hit
large shin*.) and a galliot, a battery of 4
gun*, which h;.tl been hastily thrown up in
advance of the one taken. After a lirins
of two hours ti e Admiral’s vessel unfortu
nately grounded,in consequence ofthe sud
den ebbing of the tide, and was compelled
to surrender. Brown’s force consisted ot
2 large 24 gun curve!ts, the brig taken, and
two small sclus. They had in co. several
captured vessels: among them, the brig
Cnnsequencia, of Cadiz, with more than
800.000 dels, and the Gobernadora, of do.
The number of prizes which the squadron
had taken, since its appearance in the Pa
cific, was said to be 50, several of which
we e armed, and manned with disa fleeted
Spaniards, obtained from the neighboring
port9. A new Governor for Guayaquil, &
another person of distinction, were prison
ers on board the fleet, and the inhabitants
ofG. were soliciting to exchange the for
mer for the Admiral. The fleet had been 1
at Calloa, Guayaquil, and the intermediate
ports; one of the corvetts had entcied the
former port and after filing upwards 100
shots, sunk the Fuente Hermosa, lying at
anchor, and greatly injured another vessel.
This occasioned so much confusion, tlia*
the people began to unload some ship*
which were ready to depart for Rurope.
with much money and other valuables. A
squadron of 5 vessels, undr com. Cansciro,
mounting 128 guns, with 1038 men, hail
sailed from Lim in quest ofthe enemy.—
The above information is contained in the
Lima Gazette of Feb. 28 At the last dates.
Brown's fleet had returned upon the cox-t
of Chili, and were blockading Valparaiso &
Coquimlto. There was a report that the
Lima squadron had been taken. All Chili
was in confusion ami alarm.
Later accounts from the Pacific Ocean
mention, that Admiral Brown had been ex
changed. His second in command, it ap
pears, sent a flag of truce to Guayaquil, of
fering to effhet an exchange by giving up
the new Gov. all the Spanish prisoners and
four of the prizes. The answer returned
was, that all the prizes must be given up ;
ami that 100,000 dols. would be given to
the captors, and the means furnished the
fleet to return to Buenos Ayres.—This
would not be complied with: and 4he fleet
having then fired on the town, the gov. a
greed to the exchange of the Ad. who took
command of his ships again.
The Editors of the Mercantile Advcr
tiser were yesterday favoured with a trans
lation of the following interesting intelli
gence from Mexico. The fact here stated
of the revolutionists having taken |nwse>si
on of Matagorda, i9 confirmed by the re
port of Captain Fowler, from New-O leans.
“ Ilia Excellency D n Jose M muel de
Herrera. Minister Plenipotentiary from the
Republican Government of Mexico, to the
United States, has communicated, under
date of 24th Aug ist last, front the port of
of Matagorda, to a respectable pers n at
Philadelphia, the following information.
The Itei'Ublicvn army of the province of
Vera C^uz, under the command of Gen.
Vittoria laii siege, on the 18th Ju v fa»i t
the cities of Cordova and Or Ionian, whicl
were the-, on the eve of surrendering
The Commander in Chief of tin* Renubli
can troops of the province of Puebla Teiau,
was endeavouring by forced marches to oc
cupy the ports of Guazacualco*, which was
without means of defence. Gen. Basia
inante had been victorious over the Royal
ists as often as he had met them, wad was
pursuing them with all haste. Gen. Arre
dondo, commander in Chief of the interi
or provinces, for the Royalists, had fallen
hack with the new forces under his orders,
on Monterrey, the capital of the new king
dom of Leon, in consequence of the R**pul»
beans having occupied the port of Matagor
da. where they had fortified themselves, &
where they were daily augmenting their
strenght .Subsequent to the possession nt
that port lias been the evacuation of S\
Antonia de B ixar, capital of the province
of Texes, which was garrisoned ' v the re
giment of Estreinadura. one ol the most
famous corps of the Royal party.
“ The Republican army of the North is
for the prescrit uu-'er the cnmimnd of Col
Pci re, «lu ring the absence of Gen. Toledo
who is now in the Unifeil states on husi
nesg of moment and whose presence with
the army ig impatiently desired.
“ Tlte representatives who arct»*com
po>e the next Congress are named hy the
people, and l>v the present time will have
opened their session. It afforded great pl»*a
sure to see the joy ami enthusiasm which
pervaded the Mexicans on the dav*nfe!ec
ti n. A person who was witness to this in
teresting scene says, that the province of
Valadnlid, there were various likenesses id
Washington and Franklin, which the peo
ple carried in their processions, accompa
nied with music and songs, allegorical of
the nrmsion.
*• Between Washington and Franklin,
some carried the resemblance of the Gen.
C'ura Balgo, the first who had the glory and
and courage to raise the standard of liber
ty, who was afterwards made prisoner, and
shot bv the cruel Spaniards at the age of
Never has the Mexican cause presented
so favorable an aspect. The next Con
gress, formed of men of influence, will re
move all those difficulties which, until the
present moment, have paralized that rapid
progress which was looked for in a revolu
tion created by the unanimous fit express
will of the people.
“ The immense resources which our
beautiful countrv contains, will hencefor
ward be adminirerrd by a government,
which, inheriting the public confidence,
will give a new impulse and will cause it
self »o be felt f / the physical and moral
qualities of the republic.
4< The nelt campaign will be an ol ject of
lively interest to all men who a e reall*
lovers of the sacred lights of humanity ; it
will complete the emancipation of that fin*
country from the Oppressive fiend of des
potism. The inhabitants of Mexico will
•lereafler be enabled fo enj'*T and jwfici
,iate cquilly tht* precious £tfts with which
nature lias favoured them”
I lie proprietor oi th.s paper, desirous of mi
ring from his present occupat k>ii and re-uinii p
his profession, oilers for sale 1 lie es.ahlitdinien
•f the Vikuinia Ahous t he list of subsen*
iers is respectable, and its advertising cusmir
iss been considerable for a country paper. Theie
is attached to the esiabli-lww nt, a Job OJfi<e, the
materials of which are very little wont, and par
of them are entirely new. The terms will b<
accommodat in#.
Letters, potl paid,addressed to John Buikc,
will be attended to.
Editors of Newspapers with whom we ex
change, wdl confer a liivor, by giving the above
ui insertion once or twice.
Argus Office, Sept. 21, 1816.
The following gentlemen are pro|>ostd to the
Republicans of Virginia, as Electors of Presi
lent and Vice-President of the U. Stales :—and
if elected stand pledged to vote f >r
James Mo.smok; as President, and
Daniel D. Tompkins, as Vice-President.
1 (leorge Newton, of Norfolk. Uorougli
2 Charles il. Graves Surry.
3 John Pegram,
4 Mark Alexander,
5 John Purnal,
6 Hi anch T. Archer,
7 Joseph C Cabell,
8 Charles Yancey,
9 George Penn,
10 William G Poindexter,
11 Spencer Roane
1 i *■ threshley Reynolds,
13 Robert Taylor
14 Isaac Fostsr
15 ltrazure W Prior,
16 William Jones,
17 Win Lee Ball,
15 John T Brooke,
19 Hugh Holmes,
20 John D.xnn,
21 Archibald Rutherford,
2*2 Archibald Stuart,
2 5 Andrew It ssi-il,
14 Charles Taylor,
25 John Webster
Prince Edward.
Elizaheth City
Gloue ster
Wasl'l g*on
K 1 C H M O N i)
(COUBECTED ffllmij
From ft i
Bacon, t : : .• .•
Hramlu, French, 4/A proof,
•lo 'Apple, s .* .• .• .*
tlo. /‘each, ; : / ; : :
Corn Meal r : .• .• •• .* ••
Cheese ; : : ; ; ; i
Candle*, mould, : : :
Coffee, prime tureen, t •• :
do inferior, .* .• .• .♦ ;
Corn. ; .• . ; : ; •
Cop per tit, : t ,
Ci"tirt. Spanish, p. m.
Flour, tit per fine, (new t
Gin, Holland, Iw/.proo/Ydull)
Hemp. American, .• .• .• :
Herrings, f cutJ :
Iron, Swedish, •• t ••
do ,?meruun, : .* .• ••
Indig o
Mo 'asset,
Plait,ter of Paris, (lump)
•lo. do- (ground) •• •• t
P or r pci ill.
litre Veto (scarce) .• ; ,
Hum, Jamaica,
Rum Antigua, : •
Rum, jYeto-Knghind, .* .•
Salt, Liverpool Sticks, t
do. do loose „• ; :
Sugars, brown, : : :
do loaf
do lump
Shot, patent, (dull) .• .* .*
■Moulded, (none)
Soap, brown, .• : :
Teas, Imperial, : t
Young Ilyton, : : ; :
'tobacco, : : :
n ine, Madeira,
I Fine, .Malaga, (dull) -•
do Sherry,
do Lisbon,
Whiskey, common, (plenty)
do rectified.
Wheat .• : t .•
i5 Cts. to s Ct*
1 50
6 25
8 75
1 40
5 3 4
2 75
8 50
1 25
11 00
1 25
16 00
4 50
1 50
1 00
1 50
6 50
3 25
1 2S
1 50
1 00
9' 00
17 00
1 00
3 50
16 00
10 1-2
2 50
1 30
18 00
5 0(J
1 01
1 75
2 25
C RATES 100 « 125
•mOLLE.hfS, 90 a 100
n n o v u o o ns, so a 100
I it ice of Stocks.
Virginia Hunk gl024
\'fo Stock 9-» ii 100 do.
Farmer*' Hank 98 a loO do.
Marine insurance Stock, 5 to g 5 1-2/or.'
paid in.
Course of Kxciiange.
[ Corrected by J H. Knrtheetlt, Rxchange Itroleei ]
Specie 4 a 5 pel ct. adv fplentv)
Treasury .Vote* 4 1 1-2 per. ct advance.
Kxchantft on London 6 a 7 per ct. above pur.
on /tosion 7 to b
on JV-oe Vork 2 to 2 1-2
o/i Philadelphia 3$ a 4 per ct. dit.
Ha’titnore Amet 7 1-2 « b 2 f/o.
/litteirt Columbia jYotr*% 9 „ J0i»</
/*\ pursuance of a decree of the Count 1/
(■ourt of Louisa, pronounced on the l4//t
rfrM/ of June 1816, in f//p «//t7 in Chance
ry therein depending, between the hep
re sent atiees tf 1/avid Hash, plaintiffs
and the administrator < f John lloswell
deed, and others, defendants.
\V l L L II E S () Ii D.
At Louisia Court-House on the llih day of
November next, being court dav,
situate, lying, and being in the county of lx>tiha
on Chamberlain* Creek, containing by estimation
Two liundred and thirty two acres, being the
same tract of land which was conveyed by l'avi<!
Wash to Thomas Johnson (M) executor of John
lloswell, decM. The subscribers acting as com
initmionera will not guarantee the title of said
land, agamst any persons but themselves and
hose claiming under them
Oct. 12—4w.
A pet ition will be present e«l by sundry inhabi
ants of Henrico and Goochland Counties, toth*
leneral Assembly at it a next session, praying the
>a«sage of a law, incorporating a company au
norized »o rrnder Tuckahot creek nav sable.
Oc« 12—t n it.
Of the Second ('loss of the
Grand National Lottery,
Will pcsitivelv take place in tie City of Balt
more on MONDAY the 30th of Sept.
Will guarantee the punctual payment of all pri
ces bought at either of their offices, in
Ilnltimnre, | JWtr-York <!J*
Philadelphia, j Jithany.
Price of Pickets only SIX DOLLARS, and tlu
Prizes are numerous and great, and Capitals ai
floating; and those gentlemen at a distance,who
order tickets front their ofFices, shall fattlilulb
ImVe the money remitted per mail, if any of the
rapitals .should be drawn out of the wheel at the
time heir orders are received: thereby givtt.g
distant adventurers as good a chance as those
l ving on the ^po*.
ti. tcK WAITB also intend printing at their
own expense, u list of all the Tickets drawn dn
ly, both Clanks and prizes, and sending them to
every place of importance—and any gentleman
or company of gentlemen purchasing 20 tickei-s
shall have the list forwarded by mail,
The folio-mint* it an abstract of the scheme.
I prize of 35,000 dollars,
1 prize of 25,000 dollars,
1 prize of 10,000 dollars,
1 prize of 5.000 dollars,
1 prize of 2,000 dollars,
4 prizes of 1,000 dollars,
50 prizes of 600 dollars.
i ue prizes sunjcct, su> usual, to 15 percent,
deduction Should the capital prizes continue
in the wheel a few days, the price of tickets must
con^equtn ly advance from the present low price
of six did ars,
G Si It YY V1TE, will faithfully, execute all
orders per return ol mail, and warrant the ticket!
The lour Capital Prizes in the first class of tin.
above Loiter), were sold by G. &. It Waite.
Orders for tickets in any of the Lotteries
drawing in In* U States promptly attended to.
Sept. 25 —6t.
VlUtilN lA :
At Uuies holden in the Clerk’* OJfiee of the Hu
ferior Court of Chancery for the Uidun n.
District, ike 2\th day of June, 1816.
ArcutbaldCampbell, James llrownjr. William
Moncure, surv.vmg partner of Prosser and Mon
cure, llenrv llovey, Warren \slil5v, Joseph
Dannsdatt, John Foster, Si Jo u Satchel!, late
partners, acting and L ading under the firm cm
Darmsdait, Fos er aad SacticII, Ltenjamin James
Harris, RoLert Marlatul, gi partners,
acting uniier tl»e firm ol Uobert Mai.land &co.
Charles <v hillock, and John Tompkins and Ad m
Murray partners, acting and trading under the
firm of l oin, kilts and Murray, Pitffa.
Edward W Trent, James Fisher, and Hector
K n -e.lv, Dofit.
I he D fendant,Hector lie n- di, not having en
tered his appearance and given security accor
ding to the Act of Assembly and me Itules nt
this court, and it appearing by satisfactory evi
dence that he is not an inhabitant of this coun
try : It it ordered, that the Defendant do appeal
hereon the first day of the next term and an
swer the bdl of the Plaintiff; and that a copy o'
this order be forthwith inserted in some newspa
per published in the City of Richmond, for two
months successively and posted at the front dooi
of the Capitol, in the said City.
A Copy—Teste,
Wm. IV. Hening, c. c.
Oct- 12.—w8w
50 Dollars Lie ward.
Ran away from the Muddy Creek Mills on or
about the 4>h of last month, a mulatto man, by
the name of
between 20 and 24 years of age, of ordinary sta
tore, and remarkably likely. His dress consist
ed of a variety of clothes among them it is re
callecteda sUitof blue broad cl ith, made in the
present fashion He wore away a white flannel
round about coat, such as are used as a horse
man’s undress, or summer uniform, edged with
■.carlet—Virginia cloth overalls, mixed blue and
white—shoes and cotton socks, and a new beaver
hat. A knapsack painted blue with black strap
md buckles, in which he had several change* ol
clothes, all of good quality. Nelson when spo
ken to is polite in his manners, is a good o»tlei
and barber—has a tolerable know lege of the
blacksmith trade, he is also a good cooper, t<
which business for the last two jears he has been
engaged.- He writes a good hand and wdl In
doubt forge himself a free pass or one in m>
ante. He is acquainted in various parta of tin
United States, and will endeivor to make his
\ay to the northward. Masteis of vessels arc
cautioned aga nit taking away the said man Nel
I'o identify him more completely it will he
discovered that the lower part of one of his ears
has been cut off—it is believed lobe the right.—
A reward of 50..dollars wdl be given if taken
out of this state, and secured in jail so that I
get him again—If taken within the stale one halt
the sum with all legal charges —Informatioi
being given to me or to Mr. Will am (inndran «
at the Muddy Creek Mills, near Cartersville
from whom he nude his elopement. Nelson i>
capable of deceiving unsuspecting persons—i |
will therefore require the utmost vigilance to <le
tect him.
N n. The city guard are requested to nuke
search for the said Negro man, and apprehend
•md lodge him in jail, the above rewaid of 25
dollars will be paid by me or Mv Wm. Dotklran
upon thedehvery of the boy.
Mount Ida, Sep* 14. 18i6 —tf
Mayo Fiayser,
(Two doort bek-wlhe Farmer** Hank of Virginia )
Respectfully inform their friends and the pub
lie that they have received from I«.t s Hu.etit i
Family .Medicine Store, No. 46 Muden Lane
JYe* York, a Freeh Supply of the following gen
nine medicines.
Fur the prevention amt cure of Bilious and
Mali tenant Fevers. is recommended
THIS medicine baa bceu attended witb a dc
* -ree of sucres* highly prat, fill *n tiic'rr
•el mg*, in several par** of the tl'eM Inti ef
md Ibe M’Uibtrii>ml m.ddir 'tn'es, [*'’nicula»ly
.11 N’cv V-'ik, Pli-lid'Iphgi, Psltimore, f’curs*
burg, R'cin.Kind. Norfolk, fMntton, Wilniin^i^ni
Charleston, and SaV; niiuh. 'lie te-* monv of a
uimlier of persons in csc.'i c*f tlic above y, »ce,
an be adduced, viho have reason to bri eves
lut a ti . cb live of this salutary remedy f
uidiT proi deocr, pieservtd tl.e r J;te«, v.fsn
>n She rnusi alarming c.rcun.^ta.'ices.
Facts of On* conclusive natme aper.fc. more In
[ ivor < f a iT.rdicine thin columns oipOmpcu*
enlopy, founded on {nereftspertior..
It ' nut, .j.dttd, presumptuously pr, priced as
an infaliblle cure, but the inventor h*is every
possible reason that cen result from cx
endve expei*ence, for believing that « do*e of
rhese pills, taken once in eve y two weeks, du
ping the prevalence oF our billitus fevers, wdl
trove an infallible preventative; and further,
•hat in ihe earlier stages of those diseases, their
use will very generally succeed in restoring
health, and frequently in cases esteemed despe
rate, and beyond the power of Common reme
The operation of tl.e«e pills is perfectly mild,
*■’ as to be used by persons m ever)’ situation, and
of every age
They a: e excellently adapted to carry oif su
perfluous bile, and prevent its morbid secretions;
to restore uud amend the appetite; to produce a
froc perspiration, and thereby prevent cokls
which are often of fatal consequences A do30
never f-.ils to remove a cold, if taken on its first
appearance. They are celebrated for removing
habitual coslivcr.cs*, sickne-a ai ii,e stomach,
and severe hea l affht. and ought »o be taken
by all peraons on a change of c Mate.
They have been found remarkably efficacious
m preventing and curing disorders attendance!!
long voyages, and should be procured and care
fuliy preserved for u«-e by every seaman
Which have cured an immense number of per
sons of both sexes, of every age, and in every
situation, of various dangerous complaints ari
* ng from Worms, and from obstructions or foul
ness in the stomach or bowels.
This medicine bears no analogy whatever to
others of similar titles so commonly complained
of, as operating with violence; on the contrary,
a particular excellence of this remedy is its
being suited to every age and constitution It
contains no'iung but what is perfectly innocent,
and is so mild in its operation ttiat it'cannot n,
hire the most delicate pregnant lady, or the tcn
ilerest infant of a week old, should no worms ex
ist in the body; bu* will, without pain or gr.p
ing, cleanse the stomach and bowels, of whatev
er is foul 01 otu-nsive, and thereby prevent ihe
production of worms and many fatal disorders,
die lozenges are particularly efficacious m car
rying off all gross r.uniors and eruptions, feverish
and bilious c mpla.nts, ibid are 1 lie safest atid
mildest purgative that can be used 011 any occa
A dose of th‘.3 medicine given occasionally du
ng the warm season, will effectually prevent
“ ihe Tom;ling and purging of children”—a
dreadful dsoitier, which annually destroys thou
sands of he infant part of our citizens. It is
.1 kewise the mildest and most certain remedy
known,and has restored to lieahh and strength
jgreat number when irt an advanced stage of
tins fatal c: mplamt Particular and piam in
structions are given for every pail of the ncce3»
sary treattmiu in siicli c.>scs.
Children generally take this m.-i erne with
eagerness ; i avitig a pleasing appearance, and mi
agreeable taste.
A safe and effectual remedy for rheumatisms
pout, palsy, sprains and bruises, white swellingsj
old strains, aiul relaxa'.ions^aimbne .s and weak
uests oF the neck, pains oiy/e aide, headache,
swelled laces, frozen limbs, and every similar
n implamt. 1. prevents chilblains or cliopped
hands, and the ill effects of getting wet or uatnp
in the feet.
So celebrated among the f ashionable through
out Europe is «n invaluable cosmetic, perfectly
innocent and safe, f. ee from corrosive and repel
lam m nerals, ft lie basis ot other lot.ons) and of
unparalleled efficacy in removing blemishes of
lie lace and skin, heckle®, pimples, intlummato
.y redness, scurfs, tetters, ringworms, sunburns,
prickly lie ,1, &c. The Persian Lotion operates
mildly, wit iout impeding the natural, im-ons.ble
perspiration, which is essential to health, yet
.'s edi cts are speedy and permanfent, rendering
die skin delicately sun
mg the complexion.
This excellent prepi* at ion comforts S: strength
ens the gums, preserves tire enamel from decay,
and clcan.es and whitens die te<tii, In absorbing
all the acrimonious slime i d foulnes., winch,
suffered 10 accumulate, never tails to injure and
lintiUy to ruin them.
It is recommended as an invaluable mcdic'na
for the speedy relief and permanent cure of lie
various complaints resulting from dissipated
pleasures, juvenile indiscretions, residence mt
climates unfavorab’e to the constitution, the im
moderate use of tea, frequent, intoxication, *«r
anv other destructive intemperance, the tin k |.
Ful or excessive use of mercury, the disc *es
peculiar to females at a ceriam period of life, b:wl
lying; ill, &c.
Celebrated for the cure of colds, obstinate
coughs, asthmas, and appioaching consumptions;
ind n certain r med for il p \v ..oping c<»n . h,
A sovereign remedy f- r all diseases of the
eves, whether the effect of na ural weakness or
of act.dcnt.
The orly remedy yet d senvered which give*
nmtd.ate and lasting relief in the most severe
I .stances.
Warranted an infallible retnrdy at one appli-.
cation. m.»y he u*cd with perfect safety on in
fanta a week old, not contain.»g a particle of
mere'.ry or any dAngerotia ingredient whatever,
and not accompanied with that tormenting smart
winch attends the application of other remedies.
; For the cure of ague s, remit lent, and iri’erm t*
tent levers,
ii\hn’9 Tin;'' ind gknltxh Grrmai*
The Public w .1 tease to observe that the a
Dove celebrated Medicines arc received rum h a
-tedie ne Store, New.York, and are sold by par
^ular Mp.jioniinelit in R c ifn nut by M \ \ n Sc
■’RAYsKR,—Where may be had, Pampl le t
ratis, containing certificates of cuics pci to. n.
I by the above medicines which tuliy junto.*«
very article of the advcrUsameot.
August 7.—eowtf.

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