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Vol. 94 No. I
Lexington, Rockbridge County, Virginia. "Wednesday, January 5, 1398.
, 91.50 a Year
? BisfexaS
wama \ ? sara
Best Location in the city?adjoining New City Hall
and Capitol Park.
Table unsurpassed by any in tbe South.
American or European plans.
Mcdowell & ford,
"wners fl?d Manage rs
m^. ^:^-:eis^;:;i;^E
Pause a moment, please!
. Come and see that celebrated Capital "Wagon. It has no eepial in tho.
Janel. Price to suit the times, and we cover it all over with guarantees.
As to Puggien, Carriages and Harness wo defy all comers nnd goers
to.nieetourpriccs. Our trade ih rapidly convincing thc public of thin fact.
Hay, Corn, Oats, Meal, (Mal and Chops always kepi in our
Grocery Department, where you can lind a complete line tf Staple
Goods cheap for cash or trade. Give me a call anet I will prove what I
have saiel.
Corner Main and He-nrv Streets,
:. Casisrat* are ths Mm*! ..km i
ti?e. ,..'? h (h >1>;' -"- ?; ' ??*??? uaw aatataTiiittaa.1 Btu-.'
etfrea. AA *W>ViatU**a BSattt* .i>.. likaao. ??? - al. c^..ew?aal>efc. a?e .
.B80LU! ELY uUmSfSED ?tB" nt '?'?*
Stockmen mm twiners.
Your fodder crop is ?rt valuable
one, and you should bestow upon il
aslmuch care and attention as you do
your hay crop, and put it in the best
shape for your stock. Don't scatter
your wet and frozen fodder on the
cold and muddy ground, and have
your stock tramping your land to
death in wet weather, and eating
muddy fodder, then claim you are
taking good care of your stock, and
manuring your land*
<;A merciful man will bc merciful to bis stoek."
I Make your stock a Xmas gift of a
TOMADO Cutlet1 and Shredder
which will cut and split the stalk so that every
particle of the stalk will be eaten.
The TORNADO lias no equal as a straw,
shuck and hay cutter, and can easly be
turned into a root cutter.
In connection with these cutters we sell the
Combined, which will grind your corn and run
your cutter at the same time.
If you are at all sceptical as to what these
machines will do, we refer you to the following
up-ito-date farmers to whom we have sold ma?
chines, and ask them if it is not best to feed
your cattle in the dry :
T. J. JeiiiiiiiKs. Fancy Hill, Va.: .1. R. Hiown, lirouiiKliurj-, Va.-.I YV U.-k.- r,.ii,-y Hill
Vii.-. ItaD.ilto.i .V (?.. Mu.emuuUi, Vs.; W. E. Miller, Fancy Hill, vi.*! 1'atton.on,
MoiiiiiOiitli. \n.: K. M. Hun. I.omuwiiikI, Va,; 6, S. UH*, Natural Bridife Va.' I' I
HulTiiiaii. AJiihin, Va;C. W. Whitmore, tilenwootl, Va,; Wm VVaahlnfftom U-xlDston
Va., ?. U. I-ayman At.isl,-nial.,, Va; 'I'. S. Whit,-, L.-xi.^iim, V,..,(i A, rVeekH I'.lir"
ill-ill. fin.', A. rV. Ilarmaii. Uxlngton. Va.; U. W. lleGuffiii, Fairfield, Vs lt I. Owen
l.i-Niiii,'toii. Va.:.I. \V. Capp, Fairfield, Vs.; J-owi Sheridan, I^xlnfrton Va '.l \ Wilw>ti'
FaiifK'l.i. Va.; J. T. L. Proton, Loxing..,,, Va.; W. G. Mathews.' (.Wow Va.'
WsltCS S.-arsoii. Rsphloe, \ii.; \\. A. KiilT, lexington, Va.: Kobari Savill.- Oak I ak \-, ?
.1. W. Nicki.-, I..-.xiiiKt<iii, Va.; Phillip Pay, Glasgow, Va.; Be?i Brea Kaj-ic Riu-k Va o'
\V. Kinder, 1.,-xiii-ton, Va., S. T, Itii-v. lexington, Va., and Hon. W. li V 1.7,-t, Oak
Dal.-, Ta.
We would !>?? glad to liavc you all sams sad ssamlas these maehiui
>r write for jirin-H to
rote von leia-,
The Owen flatware Company
(OpposUeS the new court liou.se, j
Doc. 15, '97
Lexington. Virginia.
worth of
Fine Clothing,
Gents' Furnishing Gooche,
Boots, Shoes,
Huts, Caps, Shirts, &c,
Ladies' Capon, Cloaks,
Skirts and Wrappers,
to be sold regardless of cost.
Finding that hiv health is poor, and
not being able to give my business strict
attention, I Inn.?determined to Miciiiiee
my stock and give the customers the
benefit of it.
50cts on the Dollar
is the great redaction. Cornea, once
the si .oner thc better, as my health in at
Proprietor of the London-Globe Cloth?
ing House. Opposite Court-House.
Next door to First National Bank.
orth Thinking
That My
; Is tho Rest Equipped Establish':
tm.nt in the Valley of Virginia for!
; Handling anil Taking Care of Fresh !
; Meats. !
That my Cold Btorags eoabisa ma to keep
all kinds of Meats fresh liming the entire
That my Stock Bayer ia wide awake sad
keepa Us eyes on all good stock in ths coan
?7> Mypstroas ure aasared of getting oulj
tim Mksi.
That [ am the only Butcher In town rap*
plying the people with Fresh Port all the
yea.' around.
That my Slaughter [louse ie modem, well
-quipped and Ci kan.
Worth S.-cing my Butchers kill and dr '
itock. They are the neatest, mosl cxper
enceii and skillful to be Iud.
Worth Having my Cutters to cul your
neats. They hine Leen raised in tho busl
less and know i! thoroughly.
Worth Four While?to haTc my Delivery
.len handle your meals. They nra polite,
?aiefiil, attentive and prompt Meats being
lelivered are amply protected from -
-"ree delivery within th.' town; and meats
larefully packed for shipment.
Worth four Inspection my Sausage Ma'
liine. it is the largest si/- Enterprise Cut?
er, espaeity iona pounds per hour, and i run
ry an Otto Gasoline Engine, [make Praa
'OBX BaUSAOI twice daily. Nu le, < f gOCa
nto my asassgs. It will pay those living In
he country to bring their aauaage nu at here
,im1 havo it ground al Moantu per hundred
toonda. I grind my own pepper for sausage.
fa adulteration in the pepper?-BO strings
n the sausage.
Worth Buying my Pl BS Li un of my own
iiulii*, on sale at Punk houser tk Rhodea', W.
I. lloh-y's, J. Mel). Adair's ami Wm. ll.
Worth Bating Bmoked Tonguo for cold
undies. Pudding for trrerybody. 1 1 now
iow to make it.
Worth Knowing that Ihn OOSBOH ha/i ?r
iv.-d for Cobs Bsxr, Bncxn Bair and Paxes.
ii Bbxp. I will hav.- it n.-xt week.
Worth Your Money my Beef, Mutton and
"ort (..Iwayson hand), and Veal nnd Lamb
whenever lt can bo had.) Only tbe Bxar
iuds its way to my counters.
Worth Your careful consideration thal
Want Your Patronage
nd in return I offer you the BEST MEA B,
cally and cleanly butchered, skillfully nnd
conomlcally cut, and promptly delivered in
own. When you come to my Market, you
hall h.- served prompt lr and courteously,
ml with the best the county affords.
\ trial will convince you
*? ' ra ..' - ia
'Plmne No. 81
o housekeeper^
Extract of Beef
Cook Bool?
tolling how to prepare many delicate
.mci delicious dishes.
tddress, Liebig Co., P.O. Box 2?1h,Now York
Aim if you aron ld bene*.! and trim \<>u snll
I hm .m.ni sriTSin.d UTEROATM Ac., (reati
in-1 .'Ucl tniiitc look libo nett-. Kvi-rylhiiei; iii
i '..lc ami -iHih I.-illili). Dji'l ami I ri'Sm-u
l-ii'iii'li etliocl?J'ii?f i - ?' - i ' v* - 111 i i i
lt}le* ties our anent, lt. I<. Vortlii-i-'' lu
taler lol |cli.-if.
VAl.I.KV dye works
f .S!< Welara !'..c.l '? >'la:nor..! n.onJ.
Orlclnnl ami Or.lyOfni.lnr.
Bare, alaaj. r Hui lc. uo.ee eek
ear***.*** tar Ckkkiuri /.v. ? /? ?
muli llrau.l i.. Hod tai 0 .(-I ncc tallie ,
'?ojca, araled nidi Mm rli.ic.n. TaLo
;nnolh?r. ltrfu't dmqtrwi, ni' .Mu- ?
leeman.. imff.iie'"H. al liruKrut-, or r ut ?lr.
In ictamj. hr rartiniilara, |.'>iliu</&i*li ?
-Itrllcffor r.n<lli-*,*
MulL lo.HOc.
\1J* f3 -Itrllcrfor f.nille-?."inl.((rr. I., niuri
?\ If MulL K..IKK- ?!? .'rai"
.- .Tt-^.r^l'-hi-ale-rt'tcaaeaeae '-.. * ,.il .on |>|nre
bslj bj ail Lseal liruj^ata, l!l| til.V.. T\
cd Kiiiwlh.
>? **r.J !?" '? ?' Iiill. t" Jiftt.ei-o Orny
. Hair to ita Y&wil.r*) Color.
J . ^_ .Curei ?c-a!p d'lut hair I oil ene/.
TT ive is'cntl.'in.-ii ..r ladies to travel for rn
nonsible, e-.tai.ii.shcd house In Virginia,
Monthly ?fO.'i.OO and BatpaSaSSS. Positioa
steady. Itcferonce. Kiii-Iumc HelfiidilresHl.-d
itampsd envelope. Tho DouilnionC'oini.aiiy,
Dept lt. Chicago.
Wt with lo cault?n al] users of Simmona
Liver Regulal ir on a subject of tbea 6?arp*_t
import*?ce to their health?
perlm,i3 their lives. Tba iola proprietors
and laakeoI of Sitnmoni Liver Regnlator
taara that enatomara ar-- ol ten deeai Tad by
baying end taking some medicine of a
similar sppaaraaca or taste, believing it to
ba Simmons Livar Remulator'. We warn
rea that unlosi tha word Regulator is od
ibo paafcaga or bottle, that it is not Simmons
Livar Rag-lator, Ko one elsa B__s, ot
?var has mnda .Simmons Liver Regulator, 01
anything oallad Simmons Liver Regulator,
but J. II. Zeilin ct Co., and r.>,medicine made
by anyone elsa is tha same S>^V? alone can
put it up, and wa cannot t, *csponsibl*, if
?thar medicines rapreaented as the rame do
Bot hain you as you are lcd to expect they
wi!; 91?ar thia fact well in mind, if you have
been in tho habit of using a medicine which
you inpposeel to ba Sin-jnons Liver Regula?
tor, Imcau? tho namo was somewhat liku
it, and the pickaga did not have tho word
Rtgalstor ot. it, you have been imposed
upon and hara not bea taking Simmons
Liver Regulator at ali. The Rrigalstor has
been favorably known for many years, and
all who ina it know how necessary it is for
Fev-' and Acne, Bilious Fever, Constipa?
tion, Headache, Dyspepsia, and all disorders
arising fr un a Diseased Liver. '?#
We ask you to look for yourselves, and
Bee that Simmons Liver Regulator, which
yo-1 ?an lasdilj distinguish by the Red Z ,
sn wiay*psT| and by our name, is the only
l*ae?i.'w**,s ?Hod Simmons Liver lUgulatof, ?
*8) J. K. I___S A co.
0. " WT
simmons Liter Mmxu .tor.
.No. 1 mill nt Hie Eagle mri Phoenix
wint, it Columbus, On., in' now run
:iiii{{ day anil night] with a full force
doil department-), 'lin airaagemci?
ivill continue f r wTeral ?oaths.
After Janoary 1 wag -, fur inkers at
Cree le, Col*, will be (3 n day instead
if (2 60 Tic increase wai mads
* o! tin t nily by th ? mine owners,
A Tor lao il (Oreg n) motoraian who
oat a log in li'' service ol Ir's coin
has bee aw 'Tele J by at inti Hu c i! jury
i woo len e a damages.
The ; o ion of thu French ChnmbeJ
nf Depn ie in passing a bill increasing
the duties oa luisa d bog products
is rejrarded ss retaliation against ihe
On'teel Stales.
Tho e'ottnii in 11s of Fall Rirer.Haas.,
decided upon a redaction of 111-9
per con:. ii wages of operative*.
Fwtnty-eighi thousand persoaa are
Mi aPa-tlaa, a woman barber from
Ref York City, is thefxictim of a
i?ike in her Cleveland barber shop,
ter two aoijcn ass'stanta liavirig
[uarrelled w th her and qnit work.
[i hs officials of the Glasgow (Scot
and) Joii sra 0 ion bars pos'eel
lotieea in all the shops* of that ci y
erbidding merni i-r- of t'.e onion to
tai j* doora which line i e a made in
he United S ates,
I h McMullon Wi v it Wire Com
iv v. hicago, ne-.-, tb it tbs plant,
rh-h"baa outgrown ita preeeni ipmr
ere, will be locate.1 at Bvan-.toi*, III,
.?ul Beretal buildii ga i 1 be srecti d.
Tin failure i f two ' auks ia Pl Ha?
lo pl m. ono a national bauk with de
losita nmounting to nearly two milli in
lollars, bas increased the' feeling of
lUbinessdeptes*ion there, and drtad
s sxpresac l o otherc following its ex
,n pie in ethel- titics "f thc East. _?
iresidei t ia the leading gold b Uer in
Tlirc-lui';.*' COidaga mil's, which
tare leonid e rinco tLe National Cor
lage Company falad, s's yeats ago,
lave been l?>u...-ht by Xena (Ohio)
ipitalistr* iiml others, hnd all ?> 1 ba
t rteel. The plants cos! over $509,
00, iv <1 employ rn my 'nen.
England is jealous became almo*i
if y par cent, of the aboai in-ported
i,to her eolonieear*i from Ameries,aad
apitalii? nie starting a plant nt (.lala
iel, Bcotlsnd, tint will turn out 20,
KIO pairs weekly All right An.er.ea
nil sell them the leather for tho.<o
'J be coal ni n. ra'strike in thc Streak
DL) district came to an end when A
j. Swe, t, Gene al .Manager of the
hicag ?, Wilmington anel Yermilli in
loal Company, agreed to pay the price
lemaad dbi ibo men, sixty -four centa
, to. .pei gross weight minijg. This
ii 1 ].nt. _ OOO me i a. work
em, it nerds help. The help it need-,
^ te> digest your food, a- el, until it
-els A, yo i won't have any pesce.
Itomac i trie.bl.' i e y i.i IroHsilif*,
?erv obstinate, vary dsngetous. Many
I the most dangerous diaaaiai l e^in
rith simple indigestion. Tho reasca
, f;il Indigestion (not-digeatioo, not
ii irishmen!) weakens thc system anti
1 >wa disease germs to attack it. The
ntidtte h Shaker Diges-ve Cordial,
treagthening, nourishing, ema ive. It
areeindigt) tiou and renews alrsngta
ml health, [i ihie^ this by strength
ning tbe atomich, by helping it to
ligesl y mr food. If nonrishes you.
(baker Digestive C relial is mads of
eire herbs, plants and wine, is per
eetly I arnilea and a ll certain y cure
II genuine atom ch ro bio. Sold by
Iruggi is, ] rice lo edits to 11.00 per
In Paris, as well as in toms o'.her
ia ts of ihe; world, there aro men of
nsliioti who atm IO eb) everything as
lie English elo it. A foppish French
iinii. who knew n > Eng?*b, butn.vor
he'rai rallad bin?elf a ><gantl_iaa,'1
cont so far in bia Anglomania as to
frito "Ksep" if er tim namoi- of nen to
rhom be wrote lelt r-', on tho back of
mit envelope. Hy and by a friend
?ked bim what it meant.
"V hy, the I'ngli-h do it." tho other
il swerod.
"Yo-, but wh .1 loos 'esej' moan?"
'-Whir, yon aaa, tba Bagnall ate e>f a
'cry cold leap ramontandndmireco'd
hings, and "esq,1 which moaus -stpii
cati, is a groat compliment!"
Goethe said ho mani-d to
reapectal IKty.
Wioh riv, io his old a^'<, marj ed
his servaru ^ir! lo spite his roi:.! on*.
Thc joining of right hnni.H in an?
cient timor had tho .solemnity and the
validity of an oath.
Giv ii;,r a rink' i* supposed to indi, ate
the eternity of tho union, saeiag thal
a circle is ondlcss.
Under tho ltonmn Empire marriage
aral simply a civil contract; hence wo
read of mea "putting away" their
Arning the Jews tho mia was for a
maiden to marry on ihe foi rth aLd
widow cn the fifth d-iy of tho week?
n.'t earlier.
In Jewish man .ages thc WOtvan is
set on tho n^ht, but throaghoat
Christendom her place in the cere?
mony ii<) on the left.
In a Roman mari iago tho bride was
purchased hy the bridegroom's pay?
ment of three pieces of copper rr on ey
to her parenls.
Tho custom of puit.ng a voil up .11
the maid before the betrothal waa done
to concetfl her bhtthsa at thc first touch
ot the miin's hand and at the closing
Kiss.ng tho bride tho moment thc
marriage cororaony ended, though not
now p-escriKd by tho rubric if tho
Western chinches, formerly was an
mperat.ve act cu the part of the bride?
Ihe carly marriage ceremony'among
the Anglo-Saxons con.sisttd merely of
liand-fasteuing, or taking eaco other by
tho hun.I, aud pledging each other
love and affection i 1 tho pretence ol
friends and relatives.
When bilious or costive, eats Caaoaret
jui.l;. catliartic. curegusrsuteef., 10c, ?-'?"ic.
Ills', oilY OfTlEOPATBA'S NEE?
Tho two obelisks known as Oleo*
patra's Nt" dies were sit ap at the
011Monce of the Tempo of the Sun, in
Heliopolis, Egypt, by TholhoniOH UL,
about lN.'il 13. C. \Ve I.ave no means
af knowing wham they ?.vero built, or
by whom, except fr. m the insetiptions
on them, which lndic-dei the above
time. The material cf which they were
cul is granite, brought from Sycno,
mar the first cataract of the IS*ile.
Two cinturios after their erection
Ramcres II. had tho stones nearly
c veted with carvings sotting out his
own greatness and achievements.
Twenty-three years before Christ,
Augustus Casar moved the obelisks
from Heliopolis to Alexandria and set
[hem np in lhe CfMSriam, a palaos
which bow stands, a mers mass of
ruins, mar the station of tho railroad
lo Cairo. In 181!) one cf thc.-c obe-,
inks was presented by tho Egyptian
poteroiaent lo England, but as no
me knew how to movo them, it was
lot taken to London until 1H7N. Sub
cquonlly tho other obelisk was pre*
lents 1 tc tile I'nited States.
Just try a lOo box of Casoaiets, the iinost J
Iver .'Hoi bowel regulator erst known.
Many persona will possibly be ittr
tritrd to hear that "tho Prisoner of
tiitieiHi" i-e till, like bis predecessor,
be ('oiiiniandnr-iii-Chitf of an actual
univ. rJho Pa, al army is, of cour c,
?oiisidorably red ut cd in number*., and
a no longer in a capacity, as it was
indar Julius II, of spn aline; terror
brough Italy. Thc standing forces 1 f
ho Vatican eons-diet of livo distinct
-egimenta?or, to speak more nuctlr,
ho corps?the Noble Guard, the
?iwiss Guard, tho Gutird of the Palace,
he Papal frenuarmarie, and the Papal
Wr man?for the last are also mill?
ar ly organized.
Contagious B'ood Poison has been ap.
rcTOpriatelj called the curse of mankiud.
t is the one disease that physiciaus can?
not cure; their mercurial aud potash
remedies only bottle up thc poison in
the system, to surely break forth in a
more virulent form, resulting in a total
wreck of thc system.
Mr. Frank li. Martin, a prominent
jeweler at 926 l'eusylvania Ave., Wash?
I was for a long
time under treat
meut of two of
thc best physi?
cians of this city,
for a severe case
of blood poison,
but my condition
grew worse all
the while, not?
withstanding the
f/fifi, fact that they
Wi * charged mc three
j ?.**. ' hundred dollars.
// My mouth was
filled anth eating sores; my tongue was
llinost eaten away, so that for three
months I was unable to taste any solid
food. My hair wau coming out rapidly,
and I was in a horrible fix. Iliad tried
various treatments, and was nearly dis?
couraged, when a friend recommended
S.S.S. After T had taken four bottles, I
began to get better, and when I had
finished eighteen bottles, I was cured
sound aud well, my skin was without a
blemish, aud I have had 110 return of
the disease. S.S.S.saved mc from a life
of misery." S.S.S. {guaranteed purely
vegetable) will cure any case of blood
poison. Hooks on th cd is ease
and its treat?
ment, mailed
free by Swift
Specific Co.,
Atlanta, Ga.
-_1, 1,-1.1 j '..ll.!'
Tho yellows have never entered the mat
erich orchards ee*Vtlie Harrison Nurserles.at
5crlin, Md. reach profit depends on stock
'hey niall a book on poach culture free-]
no 1 itu.
I waitt every roan and woman In ths TJntted
Otatct interested in tbe Opium and Whisky
habits to havo ono ot my books on thew dla
aa.... Address H. M. Woolley, Atlanta, lieu,
bo* wa, e*d one wal Ita saat yoi tnt.
ks on tuc dis casi
Tho I'uil n^ton Hawkeye gets off
the following good tiing on "The
Brak men at Church.
Un tho road once more, with Leb?
anon fading away in the elista-ice, the
! fat passenger drumming ielly on the
l-l dow pune, tue cross passenger
lound as'eep, nnd the tal1, thin pass _
ger reading the Lexington Gazette.
To mo c >mes the blakeman and seat?
ing himself on tho arm of the seat,
?I went to church yesterday.'
'Yes?' I -aid, with that interested
inflectbn that asks for more, 'Aud
what church did you attend?'
: Which do you guess?' he asked.
?Some union misiou church I hizatd
'No,' he said, -I don't like to run on
thoeo branch roads very much. I di'-n't
often go to church, and when I do. I
want to mn edi tho main Hmo, where
your run is regular and you don't have
to wait ou connections, I don't liko to
wait on a bench. Good enough, but
I don't like it.'
'Episcopal,' I guessed.
'Limited express,' he said, 'all pa'aoe
ears, and two dollars extra for n sett,
and only stops at tho big stations.
Nico lino but too expensive fora brake?
man. All trainmen in uniform, con?
ductor's punch and lantern silver pla?
t-el, and no train boys allowee!. Then
tho passengers are slowed to talk back
to the conductor, and it makes them
too free and ensr. No, I couldn't stand
tLe palace cars. Rich road, though.
Don't of:on heir of a receivor being
uppointed for that line. Some mighty
mee people trarel on it, loo.'
-Universafiatf I guessed.
'Broad gauge,' said the brakeman
'does too much complimentary business
Everybody tia vols on a pa*s. Conduc?
tor doan'r got a fare onco in fifty miles
Stops at all Hag stations, and won't run
into anything but a u ion depot. No
tmoking caron tho train. Tiain orders
a-e ra'tier vague through.atiel the train?
men don't got along well with the
pasaangera, No, I don't g> to the
Universali' s though I know some
iwful good men who tun on tl at read.'
'Presbyterian?' I asked.
'Narrow guage, eh?' said the b-rtke,
man, 'pretty track, stin'ght ai a mle
tunnel right throughaniou.itain rather
than go around it. spiiit level grade;
pas-ei gers havo to show their tickets
beforo thejr*get?c_*the train. Mighty
strict road, but the cars aro a little nar?
row; have to sit ono in a ^eat and no
room in tho isle to dance. Then thero
is no stop overs tickets allowed; got to
go straight through to tho sta* ion y. u
are ticketed for or you can't get on at
all. "When the car's full, to extra
coaches; cars are built at the shops to
hold just so many, anel noboely else
allowed on, But you don't often hear
of an accident on that road. It's run
r.ght up to thc rules.'
?Maybe you joined tbo Frco Think?
ers?' I slid.
-Scrub road,' said the blakeman
'dirt roadbed and BO ballast, no tims
card no train elispatcher. All trains
mu wild, an! avery euginoer make-*
his ona time, just ss ho pleases. Bmokt
if yen want to; k.nd of a go as you
please road. Too many sida tracks,
and eve ry switch wide open nil the,
time, with the switchmen sound asleep
and larget lamp dead emt Get on as
ytouiplesee anet iff when you want to.
Don't have to sh jw your ticket, and
the conduct r isn't espected to elo any?
thing but to amuse the passengers.
No, sir I was offeree! a peas, but Ielou't
like tho Imo, I don't like to travel on
a read that has ro terminus.
Do you know, sir I asked a division
supt rintendent whore tba road mn to,
anel he paid _e hoped to die il he
knew' 1 asked him if tho general
Bupeiintenelent could tell me, mid ho
said ho 'didn't believe they had a gene?
ral supotintonelent, and if they had,
he didn't know anything more about
the road than tho pass ongera ' 1 asked
him whom he roportod to, and he said,
'Nobody. I asked the conductor who
ho got his orders from and ho said ho
didn't take orders from any living man
or dead ghost.' And when I asked
the engineer who ho git his orders
from he said, 'ho'el like to soe anybody
givo him oider.-i; he'd run that tran to
suit himself, e r he'd run her in tho
ditch.' Now you soe sir, I,m a rail
r. ad man, sud I don't caro to run on a
road that has no time, or makes no
Connections, runs now hore, anil has no
superintendent Ii may be all right
but I've railroaded too long to under?
stand it.'
'Maybe you went to tho Congrega?
tional church?"
Topular road,' said tho brakeman,
?au old road, too; one of the very old
o-t in this c -.un try. Good road bo 1 and
cotnfoitable cars. Well inaungetl road
too, ellrect irs don't intorfer with di?
vision superintends?? and train or?
ders. Road's mighty popular, but its
pretty independent, too. Yes, didn't
ono of the diviaion superintendents
down East discontinue one of the old?
est atations on this line two or thero
years ago? But it's a mighty pleasant
road to havel on. Always has such a
splendid class of passengers.'
'Did you try tho Methodist? I aaid.
'Now you'ro shouting,' ho said with
some enthusiasm. -Nice load, eh?
fast time and plenty of passengers.
Engineers carry a power of steam, and
don't you forget it; steam gauge shows
a hundred nnei enough all tho time.
Lively road,-*vhen tha conductor shouts
?all aboard,' you can hoar him to the
noxt station. Every train light shines
like a hcadl ght. Sop over chocks
are given on all through t ckotb; pas
sen gera can drop off the tish as often
Royal makes tho food pure,
wholesome and delicious.
Absolutely Pura
Bovai saturn powwq co., Nrsrotat.
as he likes, do the station two or three
times and hop on the n<xt tr .in as it
como! thundering i.long. Goo 1 who'c
souled companionable conductors ;
ain't a road in the oountry whero t^e
passenger pays full traffic rates for his
ticket. Wesleyan air brakes on all
trains, too, pretty safe road but I
didn't ride over it yestoiday.
?Perhaps jou triel tho Baptist,' I
gue-sed once more
'Ah, ah,' said the breakman, 'she's a
daisy, ain't she? Uiver road, beautiful
curves; sweeps around ever-, thing to
keep close to the r.ver, but it's all steel
rail anal rock ballast, single tiack all
the way and not a side track from tho
round-house to the teiminus. It takes
a heap of waler to run it, though;
double tanks at every sta*ion, and
there isn't an engine in the shops that
can pull a pound or run a milo with
l?ss than two gauges, But it runs
through a lovely country ; the- o river
roads always do; river on one side and
hills on tho other, and it's a steady
climb up the grade all tho Wiy till tho
run ends where the fountain bead of
the liver begins. Yes, sir, I'd take tho
river road every time for a lovely tr.p,
sure connections and good time, and
no prairie dust blowing in at the win?
dows. And yesterday when tho con?
ductor carno around for tha tickets
with a little basket punch. I didn't
ask him to pa<-g me by, I poid my f-ere
like a little man; twenty-five cent* for
an hour's run and a little concert by
tho passengers assembled. I tell you,
Pilgrim, yoi take the river road and
when you want'
But ju t hero tbe loud whistle from
the engine announced a stat on and
the breakman hun iud to the door
?Zionvdle: Tbis train make's no stops
between hero aad Indiinapolie!"
Delegate Barley, of this city, has in?
troduced a bill in the Legislature to
preserve Jamestown, and appropriating
$10,000 to tba! object. That Indi
should pass. The Skate has little mon?
ey to spendj to bo sure, but for such an
object as that referred to she could well
ail'ord to spare a little, without obj. c
tton from any of her citizens. The
water of tho Jami s has already washed
away a large portion of tbe historic ia
land, and unless some means bo found
by which that washing can be speedily
stopped, the who}e of it may soon be
gone. In 1607 the landing in America
wai mada there, and from it spread all
tho feeling at d sentinie-nt that, until
after tho war between the States,
characterized the people cf Virginia,
and, indeed, it may be said, of most of
thos*3 of tho entiro South. Ibo people
of Virginia havo chauged. but tbe sits
of the landing of their English fore?
fathers and of their Colonial capital
should bo preserved, and certainly the
??-niall amount required for doing so
now is not beyond tho State's limited
ability,?Alexandria Gazette.
In Denmark a curious law provails
regarding tho legal treatment of diunk
ards. It provides that the iuot r.ate
shall be taken to his home at tbe ex?
pense of the publican who sold him tho
hist glass. Strange as it may seem,
this 1 iw has been unequalled iu Mip
prec-siugiDobrioty. Occasionally, how?
ever, the traveler in Donimrk ia as?
tounded by the tight of some bibulous
citicen going home in a swagger ccacb,
with powdered footmen, whdo his at?
titude suggests tbat he at least moro
than dined.
I Cascaret atlmulato liver, kidneys and bow
ola. Nu var ats k wi. weakan or grlpo. ? 1 Oe.
Tho French Minister of Foieign Af?
fairs, it ia said, asked the King of Siam
why hs did not leave his foreign minis?
ter at horns to take charge cf toing:*.
??Because he ia my brother," returned
Chulalonokom, -with a grim smile; "I
should probably have found him on my
throne when I got back to Siam " '?But
you have your other brother with you."
"Yes, but his nature ia sven lesa I* e*
nevolent. Hs would not only havo
seized my throne, but cut off my head
as quickly as 1 returned." ?'You aU
seem on excellent terms together," ex?
claimed tbe sst -lushed Frenchman,
"Exactly," said the King, "and, as I
like to be on good terms with them, I
always take them song."
It is a big thing to aay but neverthe?
less true, that a greet multitude of
people have crowned Simmona Liter
Regulator ths "Kingof Liver Medicin?
es." There ia nothing like ii for Ma?
laria, Rheumatism, Chilla and Fever,
Constipation, Biliousness, Sick Head?
ache, Indigestion and all troublei aris'
ing from a aluggish liver. Simmons
Liver Regulator is ths prevention aud
cure for these a Intents.

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