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Vol. 94a No. 10
Lexington, Rockbridge County, Virginia. Wednesday, March 9, 1898.
1 $1,50 a Year
is one of the three im?
portant ingredients of
a complete fertilizer;
the others are phos?
phoric acid and nitro?
gen. Too little Potash is sure to result in a partial crop
An illustrated book which tells what Potash is, how it
should be used, and how much Petash a well-balanced
fertilizer should contain, is sent free to all applicants.
Send your address.
QERIIAN KALI WORKS, 9a Nosiau St., New York.
Declaration of War.
Set of Harness
llSro you will lind the largest aiid finest assortment of BUGGIES and CARRI AC KS,
as well as a full and complete line of IL?.RI\'ESS cheape-r than ever
oflered on this market. Call and be convinced. Don't forget wo havo
Wagons, Plows, Harrows, and Everything the
Farmers Need in this Line.
Remember 1 havo not neglected my
<4 Grocery Department, u*
Comer Main and Henry Streets. LEXINGTON, VA.
Bear Ask for our "Treaties on Stock." Free.
Smooth and Barbed Wire
Advance in Price on all Wire Goods
March 1st.
Protect Our Customers as Lona as
aud wc cull best do this by securing your orders as soon as possible so that wo can bc pre?
pared te> serve you bj* buying a larger stock before the rlao ceiincs.
How about a
Corn Sheller
that wc sis Belling ct such low prices that you can't aftord to be without one, even if your
e-orn is not selling for as much as it is worth.
New Saddle or a New Set of Harness
for the spring s-ason? Wc have thc largest and best asseirted lino coming in that wo have
over seen carried in town. Ve can furnish you anything from single buggy har?
ness up to a four-horse-wagon harness.
The Owen Hardware Compauv
(Opposite tho new court houso,)
5 m
Best Location in the city?adjoining New City Hall
anel Capitol Park.
Table unsurpasseel by any in the South.
American or European plans,
Mcdowell & ford,
:-.;. ;:
- - : ..r: ;::?:??.. ?S?{f*&:
tut have e.,ll direct tn thc
salt- prices, sen.np; le
?Jejaler'a ferolit... Si.ipany
whora for exam.nan >n
i ?? r.i! eic;; warra..ted.
1M si) lee of Vehicles,
69 attlee nf Hamers.
T..p-Jundee. *:t6 lo ?.70.
Ke.rre-v?.t-.'Uu? 1.'.".. Carrin
_^-e/>-\ Phaetons, 'I cape, Wafrcn
iittcs, Spriug-ltoad and Milk
Vs. Tl. Surrey D1rn.11 Prle?, IU.00. Wasaas. Send for larjr*. fra.
As ?.e ed ai lalla for f26.
W.JWUS. (wtid fur larj/e. fro. No.COO Hurray. Price with eartalne, lampe, tan.
Catalogue of call our styles, iliads, apron and tenden, (CO. Aa (nod as arila for |90.
ELKHART CAIilUAtlE AM) HA UM.ss jilt. CO. W. IJ. VUX a 1, Htc'y, KLKIiAUT, l*el>.
le* *-.*.??*.*??,?<
. . Mm
mm. - - *, ji
IS "a_ . ? / ' ?"
\ ? ?
;..BmOTllYOeiMNTElJ!?i; ;???''?'???:
?.pl*^^ffclatrrae. aj, ST>.l:i.|\i; ?.>.,', >
i*-cele, sre ts.Idr-al aVna-I
, .j natural raaaJU. Kau, .}
i. *'**., ttUmywmn, #??.,
st clever alvertising (.eh:nie is suc?
cessfully practiced by a Br. cbc; shoe
dealer. With everypair of sho sid
he gives a pu r of overshoes, on 'adi
Bole of which is a si mp of Iii--) bu i
ness' with the letters reversed ns in
hp-. At each step tit. treater takes
in th? snow th.t shoedealer's ?elv. r
t!sement is visibl-'. lt Ott, therefore.
be seen all over I ow n. ^^^^
Spring *
Dre55 Goods
WHIPCORDS, lilli.-lt sod N.ivv lilli.-, 14
POPLIN8. in.-li, 78s. pst yard. Ws
'.'(?(.liinii'iiil these foi service.
QLEASOiN f..r tklrts, .-.ll wool. In very
PLAIDS rich colorings. :j(i inches, Wc.
COVERT CLOTHS, in tbs .hoi.-.st
firing shades.
New weaves in BLACK (UKPONS.
A large variety of Plain Uti Paney niixe.l
;oo.ls at N to 50c. per yard.
The above embrace some of the choi.-est
tess fabrics, on the market, an.I the prices
rs make will cause you to doubt the cbsoge
ii tariff!
We offer ii limited quality of reedy '"
teat SKIRTS et #1.85 to #8.00 each. The
liter ls en excellent all wool serge, well
lade, and lined throughout with "n. ar-silk."
Hack and -Navy Hine.
GINGHAMS will be much w.un. There
te many kinds, that you may buy anywhere;
ut we control one for this market, that la
hs Glnghem of ths sosson, lt In SILVER
TAH MADRAS, and lg 86 Inches wide.
naianteed to wash. ll mil li linerand llghtei
lian ].ercale, sud is only 12} (en's per yerd,
acks and wrappers, at Kio. per yerd, are ex
.'Helli imitations of French funnels, and
ost less than half as much.
PUNJAB PERCALES are ths best to
?ashand wear that 121c will buy.
We have a beautiful line of Hmbroiderics
nd White Ooods.
f your careful attention. We ere no! price
utters, but we guarantee Hie price and quail
f of all our groceries.
Try our new brand of Canned Tomato. 8,
ice, ripe, -solid goods, with very little juice.
Langdon's Cakes and Crackers nie the
tnt, We get them often SOd always have
lem fresh.
:rwin"& co.
orth Thinking
! Market
: Is th.- Bee! Equipped Lstat.ii.sh-:
; m.-nt In the Valley of Virginia for;
; Handling and 'laking Care of Frosh :
: Meats.
That my Cold Storage enables me to keep
l kinds of Meats fresh daring the entire
That my Stock Boyer ls wide awake and
9Sps his eyes on all good .-tock In the conn
*. My patrons ar.- ac-sun-d of getting OUlj
ie Best.
That I am tho only Batcher In town gnp
ying the people with Fresh Pork all the
-ar around.
That my Slaughter House is modern, well
[nipped and Ci.kan.
Worth Seeing- my Hut. hers kill and drest
OCk. They are the in-atest, most expel
need and skillful to be hud.
Worth liming- my Cutters to cut your
eats. They have been raised in the bust
?ss and know it thoroughly.
Worth Your While?to have my Delivery
en beadle your meats. They are polite,
ireful, attentive and prompt Meats being
?livered are amply protected from dust,
ree .1.'livery within the town; and neills
ir.-fully packed for shipment.
Worth ioar Inspection?nw Sausage Ma
line. It hi the largest size Enterprise Cnt
r, capacity 1000 pounds per hour, and isrun
ir sn Otto Gasoline .Engine I make Poss
Oil Saisaiik twice daily. No beef goes
ito my sausage. It will pay those living In
:.? country t<> toing their sausage meal nore
id have it ground at fiO cents per hundred
ninds. I grind my own pepper for sausage.
io adulteration in the pepper- no strings
i the sausage.
Worth Buying*?tay Pi ni'- La un of myown
iake, on wile at Pu uk houser ?V Rhodes', W
I. Holey's, J. Mel). Adair's and Wm. II.
Worth Hating?Smoked Tongue for cold
inches. Pudding for everybody. I know
ow to make it.
Worth Knowing?that the season ha sr
veil forCouN Hkkf, Hen ko HicKraiid Pi.*i->
i) Hkkf. I will have it next week.
Worth Your Money-my Beef, Mutton and
ork (always on band), and Veal and I.ami.
-.believer Hean be had.) Only the RSST
lids its way to my counters.
Worth Your careful consideration that
Want Your Patronage
nd in return I offer you the BEST MK A S,
fatly slid cleanly butchered, skillfully and
?onoinieally cut, and promptly delivered In
>wn. When you como to my Market, you
lull bs sen-eel promptly aad courteously,
it! with the best the county affords.
.trial will convince you
?Ta, JR.
'Phone No 81
..- -,v.'
I.1 A1W Li ALb A WI
Clrarea-e ami I, act,I ec tie* hair.
Promo.** a latxu-u.nl p.e.-rth.
Hcvrr Pal), to Hch-.oio Gray
Hair to ll* Youiliiiil Color.
Curta eralp ..ie-?>.?? A heir tailing.
Itu, an * 11 cu at 1 Incline
... i
It is impossible for tito system
to withstand the demands mnelo
npou it just nt this .season, with
out tho assistance eif n geiod pori*
tVing and strengthening tonic.
The change! which Natur, decrees
shall tako place each spring aro
ao S-vere that a breakdown is
almost-_re to come. It is wiso
that all poaaible assistance be
given during this period, as upon
thia pnrifying process depends tho
health'for the entire summer.
Evi rybody just now shouhl lake a
thorough e'luirso eif Swift's Sp-cifio
? @ @ for
. ?_>_?-The
which thoroughly oleansea tho
blood of till the accumulated im?
purities, tones up aud Btrengthena
tho entire ays tem, and aida Nature
in renovating and renewing tho
body so a ? I i renderil healthy and
strung. Tho 3 who purify th- ir
l.i od with S. 8, S. at thia season
a. ? v,--ll fun iii- d againal I lia many
. of eli. ? .i ??? sn pro ral ul dur
ii. , i ho dreaded heati .1 lei tn, fe?
lt has been d imoti ?t rati 1 ihal tlio
system thai ii thoroughly purified
in tho spring is "roll prepared to
resist dist ast all i ummer.
No ol her n rn dy on tho market
is equal to Swift 'a ip cifie as a
spring medicine, bi eau ? it is the
only purely vegetable blood rem'
edy and ia guarani''"' absolutely
fn ? from potash, mercury anel all
other minerals. Ii eli anses, puri?
fies, builda up and s.rongt_-_f.
[nsisl mi S. S. 8., forthi rois uoth
ing half aa good.
Prompt Itteniioo
and the
Proper Berne*-?
Means Si-cc dy Cure
Coughs anti Colds
There ls no disease so much neglected ns a
.ugh, and if neg]?tod, t-orelsno disease
aore dangerous. Therefore ll should beat
e'll'lril tout 0B00,
g very highly rocom?end '.1 by all who havo J
ised lt sa so excellent remedy for Cough,
'olds, Hoare* ne --. Ul ne-liiiis, Cr. up .'uni
Yhooplngeough. li lano paten! medicine
mi a common aenae prescription. Wa dem I
lolm thai it will eura everything, bal d_
l.liiii Ililli il ivill .-ni-, tho ul.hm-<___?? j -SJ
bubo tlu.H.- wini aaoltonoe always n?k fur
i Bgaln and aaj lhal it eui i a.
1'iitt, .'./ '/nt* i 11' Bottle.
lexington, Va,
Drug Co.
BENT !-__ .?
jo housekeeper
Extract of Beef
DOOll _300_:7 ?
tolling how to prepare ninny delicate
ninl deliciousilisins.
iililn.-s. Liebig Co., P o. Box 2719, New York
5WEET PEAS, OfM I'tl el
each variety tor only P nf j
aol th. *_.<?? cl Tu. Mindi 0 ll I Ol
u-tin- Ra* topy .( 1*
ll. H. -fFIK-IT. li! Iii'h .
3f.ii cf Tu. Mindi V ll Iv I .
Os-_*-*.__ "tai il.
ItliSlml ta. aii>_fl.i. ".mn 1
fit ( ?
I, '?%
- /!? ii
ll/ I. H.mf_ fi.f l
J-l '?'.' I " I ? ?
lr V...L li'.U
? re'hl.?i.rjfn . ? '
C .MIi/riI?._!'. I'M \.l V.. I \
i ia ki: into Yul'li bUOK8.
Ali. n's Feint l-iHi', a powder r.n- the feet
i .nil- palahil, swollen, minu-iinf: (eel
i.il blatantly lakes thc -ting out of ooma aad
unions, lt'.' thogroato-l conifer! dlseorery
f tho age, Allen- Foot*__8e makea ti^ht
Itlng or new aboes feel easy. It la a oar
iln cure fur sweating,eal?oa and lu>t, tinsel,
thing feet Try it to day. Bold by all
ruggiala and shoe stores, liv mail for Mo.
kIiiiii|ih. Trial paekago FREE, Addi?a,
Ilea B. Oliasted, J." Roy, N. Y.
nv lass k. uxmal).
When Boeill >j Dine cam liuint- f < rn
tlie \v.,r witln.ut bis strong right Brm
Ruth I r< vor's frien s wondered if shs
.toni 1 marry bim.
"Of cour e she wi 1," said I! o friend
who knew hr beal. 'Why shouldn't
?bel He's the minc Rodney Dare now
that Le .vus nh n she proud'cd to mar?
ry bim, isn't be?"
"Yes, but there's a difference,' was
tbe reply. 'Then be ha 1 another arm
to fight thc battle of life with. Now
well, I suppose it won't make any dif?
ference witb Ruth. She always waa
"Thank God for such peculiarity.'
said ber fr'end. "She wouldu't be the
woman I have always believed ber to
be if she refuses t} marry bini Leeiuse
he Las lost an arm. She will take its
place to him I know i.utb Trevor too
well to believe that tho idea his ever
>ecuried lo ber that this loss heed
make the slightest difference in thi ir
Ard ber Mend wa, right. When
one day, l.oduey Dare saiel to Ruth : I
have come to tell you that, ol curse, I
ilo not exp*" ct to bolel j ott tj j our
promise to me, under e xi-ling circum?
stances,if you care to witLdraw it,'' he
rose up before bim witb something
akin io ungi r in ber face and looking
?i.m squarely in the eyes.
"i.ave I ever given you any reason
to think I eared to wittdiaw it V" she
"No,'' was tbe rep1}*. 'But when you
?gars it I was a man Now 1 am but
jia-t of one.-'
"Ill take that part e>f tbe man that's
loll," she said. H's tho pait that the
liotlney Dino I love lives iu. Never
speak of thia to me aeaiu," she added.
And he never elid.
But be would not talk of marrying
until be had ob aiucd employment ol
sonio sort, and for this be began to fit
himself, lt was a'most like beginning
[if a over in learning to mako one arm
do tho work of two, but be La I a bi ave
heart anel a strong will, and love stood
ready to be'p bim in tbe times when
lie felt ineliuod to become discouraged.
One day Butb said to bim :
"I'm going away for a mon'b or two,
['vt Lad a letter from Aunt Martha,
ivbo lives in tho prettiest littly country
.illage )*du ever saw, an.l sbo wants mc
io visit her, L sLall enjoy a breath cf
iiure air so much! Only, I wish you
WOXU Koing witb mc, Rodney, I shall
[bink of you back herc in lhe city anel
feel half aihamed of myself for haviug
melia gooel lime that you c innot
"I shall shrre it in think'ng how
much f-oo,) i' is doing yon,'' ho said.
Ono docs not always have t> take part
in tho ploasura ot others to be beuilit
;d by them. There's a sort of relic*
influence you know."
'That sounds quito metaphys:cal,
laughed lilith, 'but I think I under
itand what you mean, and 1 promise
lo enjoy mys*.If to lhe utmost in order
tint you mar -tVel this -reflex inllueuce'
Lo the fullest exlcnt."
Before Ruth had been at Aunt Mar?
tha's two days she found out that sh
Iki.1 been invited there for a purpose.
"Yoi r cjiisiu Hugh is coming next
week," saiel Aunt Martha. T wiinteel
rou to meet him. I know you'll like
lum?at least I hope you wil, and the
iclter you like him tho bett.r suite.bj
I'd be,"
Iluth looked at her eptcstioningly.
'?You wonder what sort of a plan I
i:.vo in my biad, I sjjepose," saul her
.nut. 'I'm not going to say anything
coors about it now, but Hugh knows,-'
"I infer that it is a sort of m itrimo
ctial plan," said Ruth. 'If it rs, put it
vs.ele at once ! I may like my cousin
? erv much?I hope I shall?but I could
rot marry him."
"Wlix?" asked Aunt Martha.
'Because I am to mai ry Rodney Dare,',
iinswe red Ruth.
"And who is Rodney Dare?' oried
Vuict ya>tba."
Thi n Ruth told ber about her lover.
"A maa with ono ar.n!" cried Aunt
darti a,'nnd a pjor man, too! You're
'oohtfa Ruth!'
"Perhaps so." siid Ruth, epiietly.but
villi a brave steadfastness in ber voice.
But, foolish (| not, I love him. I bsTS
r. ii.i-id to mairy him. an 1 I thall
ep my word."
"You've g< t ibo obstinacy of tho
.'icvors in you," said Aunt Martha
-italy. 'But this stubbornness of
ours may mako a gn at difference with
our future \ rospect?, as well an my
Ians. I have censidtiablo prop riy
hat must ^o to the children of my two
rotheiv. You represent ono of them,
lugh tho other. I wanted you to mar
LUHtS WrUHt All tlSt lAllii.
| lluat CeiiKh Syrup. Taste* eicc.1. Uso
In time. H.,ld bj- druKKlat*._
ry each other aad asap the pioperty
to_e-tiio". ll yo. i j. ari .s in your de
tsrminat'oa to marry this Rodney Dare,
Bogil mty get it al.'
"Lei. i.iui h .vg it," ia el llulh. 'All
thcjaaSfiUii i . th ? void WOO??'. Ll
il i t.ce mr in Hie least in this matter '
?'You're * Trerot all tlnou.h," said
Annt Ifartha, yet admiting Ilia spirit
of har ni re io spite of har elf. -We I,
since y. u've mada up your niinel we'll
let tha matter drop ; but if you ate not
nie-nti nul in my will you needu't be
_ haicn't askeel lo bc rememberedjn
it,' slid Ruth 'I tlon't want you to think
for a moment, Auut Martha, that I caro
for your money. I assure you I have
never {.hen it a though'."
"Perilape :.ot," re>pouded Aunt
Martha, 'bul m ney comes handy Hom .
times anel e no wants to think twice Le
fore throwing away [such a chance as
"I would not chango my mind, if I
were lo think a thousand time*,' said
Bath. 'I ara just oki-fas Lion ed oaough
to believe that there are other things
more ue.cess.iry to one's happiness than
"Very well, you'll do as you choose
about it, of course," said Aunt Martha,
f rightly, -but I think my opinion worth
coiuidering, notwithstanding,"
Cou in Hugh cau.e, Ruth liked him,
but-he wasn't Rodney Dare! Millions
of in ney wouldn't have tempte_ her
ti many bim it she hud no lovel.
'I suppose you haven't changed your
mind about matters au 1 things?" said
Aunt Martha ono day, tho week before
Ruth went home.
"Not in the least," replied Ruth.
"You're a fo;li h girl," saii Aunt
"Maybe, but I think not," responded
When s-he got home she tobi Rodney
till about Aunt Martha's plans.
"Do you thiak I was foolish?" sho
asked, smiling int. his face.
"I think you're a nolle, true-hearted
little woman," he answered, and kissed
her. "I hope you'll never regret giving
up your share cf your aunt's fortune for
a man with but one arm to protect you
with. I feel un wort hy of such a sac?
rifice "'
'?There was no sacrifice about it,"
s.ii'l Ruth. "I don't care for thc for?
tune, and I elo care for you.''
Six months, later a telegram came
saying that Aunt Martha was dead.
Would Ruth come to the funeral?
Ruth went, and after tho funeral
she and Cousin Hugh sat down in the
old fashioned parlor together, with
Aunt Martha's old lawyer and one or
two of her intimate friends, to listen to
the reading of her will,
In it she bceiueathed to Hugh Trevor
"the property now in her possession, to
which the had just title and claim,
"with the exception of tho old family
Bible. That went to Ruth.
I havo brought my legacy home ,\ith
mo," she told her mother on her re?
turn, as she deposited a package,
wrapped in I hick brown paper. On
the wrapper was written: "Ruth
Trevor, to bo given her, unopened,
nft.r my death,'' iu Aunt Martha's
prim penmanship.
"You don't mean to say that you
wera left nothing but that?" cried Mrs.
"It's a^ much a* I expected," au
sweied Ruth.
Tint evening ttobney Daro came in.
Soddenly Ruth bethought her of
Both tho method and results when
Syrup of Figs is taken; it ia pleasant
and refreshing to the taate, and acts
gently yet promptly on the Kidneys,
Liver anel Bowels, cleanses the sys*
tem effectually, dispels colds, head*
aches and fevers and cures habitual
constipation. Syrup of Figs is ths
only remedy of its kind ever pro?
duced, pleasing to the taste and ac?
ceptable to tho stomach, prompt in
ita action anel truly beneficial in ita
effects, ju-pared only from the most
healthy and agrecablo substances, its
many excellent qualities commend it
to all and have made it thc moat
popular remedy known.
Syrup of Figs is for sale in 60
cent bottles by all leading drug?
gist-. Any reliable druggist who
may not have it on hand will pro?
cure it promptly for any one who
wisht- to try it Do not accept any
isjiiYiLu. gr. mw tom, a.*.
Royal oakes tb* lo? pur*,
wholesoma __d 4*Ucla*?.
Absoiutcly Pura
novae. ?*_*? aowsca co., ?_ wo-*
the package, which had not been
"I must show you my legacy," she
Slid, bringing the package. "Cut the
strings, Rodney, please."
He did so and Ruth took the old
svorn Bible fi om ita wrappings. Aa
sho did so, some papers slipped from
between its -.ages and fell to the flor.
She stooped and gathered them up.
Ono was a somewhat bulky document.
The other was an envelope on which
her name was written.
"Here's a letter from Aunt Martha,"
_e said and opened it.
As Bhe read it a tender light carno
into her face. Then a look of surprise
and bewilderment.
"I?I don't understand," she said,
lookiog from Rodney to her mother.
"She tays something about deeds,
What does she mean by that, I won?
Rodney took the large document
from Ruth's lap and unfolded it and
glanced over the hall-written, half prin?
ted page.
"It means that you're a wealthy
little woman in spite of yourself, Ruth.
Your A'int Martha had naif her prop?
erty deeded to you before she died.
That which she spoke of in ber will
I was the other bal- of it, whieJa had not
been deeded away, and you, of course,
supposed that repiesented all. She
leaves you her old heme and other
propel ty in its v'cinity, to the vania
of a good many thousands of dollar-,
I should say."
?'It can't be!" cried Ruth excitedly.
"And yet it must te so. Read bar
letter, Rodney?read it aloud, a_d
maybe it'll seem clearer to me.'
Rodney read:
My Dear >'iei e Univ. I do not think I
have very long to live, therefore, I shall so
arrange m.tters now tbat thero need be little
trouble in disposing of what I leave I.-hindi
whe _ I am dead. 'When you told me you
could not fall in with my plan about a mar?
riage) with Hugh I wa.' indignant. If I had
died then, you would havo got litue from me
lt I could havo had my way about it. Hut
by and by I bogan to think it over, and I
came to believe tbat you were right and I
waa wrong. I calculated from the bead, you
from tho heart, and tho heart is to be trusted
most in such matters, I think. I admire
you for your honesty to your womanhood and
your loyalty to your one-armed lover. You
did just right, my dear niece?just right !?
and to provo to you that I bear you no Ill
will for not tailing in with an old woman'a
foolish plans, I shall have half my property
deeded to you at once, so that, at any time
after my death, which I havo reason to be*
lieve may happen at any time and suddenly,
all there will bo for you to do will be for you
to take possession. God bless you de-ar
Huth, _nel mako you very happy with the man
you havo choson. Ile ought*, to bo proud
of so Iuyiil h.-urti-il a wifo aa you will mako
him. Sometimes think kindly of the woman
who never got much happiness out of liff, arni
may this legacy bring you moro enjoyment
than it has over brought me.
"Dear Aunt Martha!' sa:d Ruth,
softly, witn tears rolling swiftly down
her cheeks. "I wish the could know
how much I thank her for her legacy?
and her letter, Do you know, Rodnoy,
I'm Bot sure but I value that most?"
For at bwor, he bent and kissed her.
"Your love and loyalty are wtrth a
thousand legacies," he sad. And
Ruth throw her arms around bis neck
and cried: "I'm so glad for your sake,
lloduoyl"?New York Ledger.
- !_**. _ - -__? ??
When bilious or costive, eat a Casearet
candy cathartic, cure guaranteed, lOo, 25o.
Tho Grand Jury of Augusta county
has brought ia an indictment for mur?
der agiinst Robert E. Frenger, who
kill, d Edward Merritt, near Green rille.
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Til fis- /f
A parly cf Lynchbuigers, just re?
turned from a visit to Havana, say that
;hey we re brought repeateelly iu con
act with General Lee, and that in re
*ly to a question as to whether he did
tot apprehend danger from remaining
a the capital of Cuts, jocularly re?
named that he was t-afet there than he
vould be in New York city, ai in the
atter placo he might be run over br a
rolley car

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