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ti iii
Vol. 94. No. 11
Lexington, Rockbridge County, Virginity V?rcdnesday, JVJarch 16, 1898.
^ 81,50 a Year
Declaration of War.
Set of Harness
Usn yon will find the largest'and finest assortment of BUGGIES sod CARRIAGES,
us well as a full and complete line of HARNESS obespet than ever
ottered on this market. Call and be convinced. Don't forget wo have
Wagons, Plows, Harrows, and Everything the
Fanners Need in this Line.
Remember I have not neglected my
< Grocery Department.
Corner Main and Henry Streets.
feTAsk for onr "Treaties on Stock." Free.
-TO IJl'Y AU. Tin:
Smooth and Barbed Wire
Advance in Price on all Wire Goods
March 1st.
Protect Our Customers as Long as
and we cnn best do this by securing your orders as soon as possible so that wc can be pre
. pared to serve you by buying a larger stock before the rise conn.-.
How about a
Corn Sheller
that WS are selling at such low prices that you can't afford to be without one, oren if your
corn is not selling for as Much as it is worth.
New Saddle or a New Set of Harness
for the spring season J We have the largest and best assorted line coining in that wo have
ever seen carried in town. We can furnish you anything from single buggy har?
ness up to ti four-hofi*' wagon harness.
The Owen Hardware Company
(Opposite the nfw court house,;
? ?
A ?
;? - ;-^2n^;v
Best Location in the eity?adjoining New City Han
and Capitol Park.
Table unsurpassed by any in the South.
American or European plans.
Mcdowell & ford,
? - .
lut )iavo?oM direct to tho con
furner for;!.'. ve?ra at VhMo
ttli price*. Ravine Min tho
dcsler'i profit*. Ship any
wi.ero for examination.
KvcrytbiaR warranted.
u.-utjicaof Vehicle,
6j ? '???i of Harness.
TopBouWtM Wf70.
Burren, f"'Uto<li5. Curri*
;?<?*. P'hai I at, Trapi. Wuon*
ottos. IjwUf.RoM and Milk
Wagons. Si'dd for larpo. free
fatal ?-no of all oar ?l;lerf. ?had?, apr
ELKHART t.vKuiAWE axj> ?Aaaass.aaa co. sr. u. fkatt, sec'y, elkhabt. im>.
';t\\ .
n* so*
j :? ?}?6?aklct fro*, ii, Hlft'TN"
i r.n tn Arr th* M??l I?iii
jruutuiulrtAiU. Baa
.^.rorSwtek; .
A wonrterfvl Improvement in Friction Fords and
fjlf-llarli. Httckrn??tioni>iCi?rrlH(:c3 tlmpsaxfafit
asanyother li. the market. Friction Mutch Feed,
causiiiK all the feed gearing to Htai.il ctlll while back?
ing; great hu vina In power and wmr. (ultv.
lottie and prion free. Also Spring Harrow*.
Cultivator*, <orn I'la mer*, (Sheller*, etc.
litnlum thit i,(i)>fr. '
HENCH ot JJHOMUO ? D, Mfr*., York, Pa,
Union Tdaclofs' altos iii Am ncr
KEV. L. I). UASS. I). |i. . M\N.w.lK.
Pittsburg, Ta \ Torout >. (aaaduj Nev
Orleans, La.; New 7oik,.liL.Y,j
*Ya?hington, i). C : Sao Frau
ciuco, On!.; Gil CJI^O. 111.;
St. 1 PVjiM, Vo.. ttiul
Dajpar, (.'or.
There are t soiisands ol posii ions io bo
filledSvithin thc roxt, few months.
Ad Ires* all applicalioijB to
UxioyTEAcutLBa'AoExciEH, Bsitsborg, Pa
VonblM tho PIoMa.ro of m. Drli,.
t? i ?arr,!aK?.doUDl???hopieaaiiroof driv?
ing. Jiiteudliiff liuyer* of carrin*** or har
nw ema save dollar* hy wndlTiff for tho
Ju? frM eataloffiio of tl10 Elkhart Curring
<u?d Uuruoa* W*. Co., Elkhart, Iud. IMJfg
Spring *
Dre55 Goods
WHIPCORDS, Black and Nary Blue, II
POPLIN8. im h r5c. pot vaiii. We
recommend these tor service.
GLEASON foi' skirts, al! wool, in very
PLAIDS licit colorings, 86 inch**, Ma
COVERT (I.oTlls, in Ute choicest
Spring .similes.
Ne* weare* in BLACK CREPON8.
A large variety of Plain and Paney mixed
good* mi 36 to We. per jrard,
Tho above embra thc cholcesl
dress fabries on tho market, and the prices
we make will causo you I ?doubt the change
in tarill'!
Wc offer a limited quantity of ready to?
wen SKIRTS at 11.85 to S6.00 each The
latter ia an excellent all wool erge, well
made, and lined throughout with "n< ? :
Black and -Navy Klin'.
BINGHAMS will be mach irom. There
are many kind*, Hint you may buy anywhere;
inn we control one forthi* market, that la
mu: Ginghamof the season, li ls SILVER
STAR MADRAS, and is ::<'> Inches wide,
guaranteed io wash, i- much Oner and lighter
than percale, and is only [$J coots per yard.
gm-ks ami wrappers, at nie. per yard, aro o:
oeBent Imitations of French flannels, and
cost lew than half as imieii.
PUNJAB PERCALE8 are the best to
wash alni wear that I9}c. will buy.
AVe have a beautiful line nf Embr
and White Ooo**.
of your careful attention, We are
cuii.Ts, lint wo guarantee the j.: |<
ly ol' ail om groceries.
Try our new l.rand of Canned To
nice,'ripe, solid ^<'<?Is. with very Iii;
Langdon'* Cakes mid Crackers are Ute
beat We get them often and ulways hare
then fresh.
orth Thinking
: ls the Beat Equipped Establish :
: meiit bathe Valley of Virginia for:
: Handling and Taking Care of Pi
; Moats
Thai my Cold Storage enables me to !.<?< p
all kinds of Meats fresh during the entire
That, my stock Buyer ls wideawake sp i
keep* his eyes on all good stock In tho coun?
ty. Hy patrons aro assured of getl
the Bxst,
That lam the only Butcher In town sup
plying the people with Fresh Pork all the
year around.
That my Slaughter House is modern, well
equipped mid ( i u n.
Worth Seeing myButchen kill and dress
stock. They are tic neatest, most exper
lenced and skillful to be had.
Worth Having my Cutters to cul your
meats. They have boon raised in the busl
ness and know it thoroughly.
Worth Your While to have my I '?
.Men handle your meats. The] are polite,
careful, attentive and prompt. Meats being
delivered are amply protected from du t.
Free delivery Within tue town; and
carefully packed for shipment.
Worth Your Inspection my Sausage Mi
chine. It ls the largest size Enterprise Cul
ter, capacity Iimiii pounds per hour, and ls ron
by an Otto Gasoline Engine, [make I'm.:
Pom Sai'saoi: twie.. daily, No lu <
Into my sausage. It will pay thone
the country to bring their saut age moat bore
and have ft ground at 60 cents per hundred
pounds. I grind my own pepper forsausflge.
No adulteration in the pepper no strings
in the sausage,
Worth Buying- my Prna Lara of my own
make, on .-ale nt FunkhouserA Rhodes', W.
II. Tedey's, .1. Mel). Adair's an I Wm. II.
Worth Ealing Smoked Tongue for cold
hm dies. Pudding for everybody. I know
how lo make it.
Worth Knowing that the season has ar?
rived (or Corm BtiF.SpicRo Beef and I'm. -
KI) BCXF. I Will have it next week.
Worth Your Money my Beef, Mutton and
Pork (always on hand I, and Veal and Lamb
(whenever lt can be had.) Only the Bi i
linds- its way to my counters.
Worth yow careful eon literation that
I Want Your Patronage
and in rel urn I offer you the BEST MI'. A S.
neatly and cleanly butchered, skillfully and
economically cut, and promptly d< li
town. When you oome to my Market, you
Khali be served, premptlj and co
and v>ith the beat the county afford...
Atrial will convince you
?X. JR.
?Phone No 81
200.000 331-iois.
t*>\J\J)\J\J\J x-or Salo
mehO-.'Ini Lexington, Vu.
?WTANTEI), Salesman lo handle our I.uh
Heating Oil* on com m lfe|on ip L ring
lon and vicinity. Liberal terms. The Euc
lid Oil Company, Cleveland, Chlo.
WANTED, Bevan] good EarnlHe*
with a Dumber of girls to work
in canning factory. Tho men
can get land to farm, or can gei work.
Roaring Run, Botetourt County, Va
Fob. 23, 18!W.
: ,. .? - .LSAM
? i!io hilt.
; .ni K.>?lll.
Wertr Fm Ju to l.V?lor?< fJnur
jTIalr to Ila Voiithlul Color.
Cunt N?lp (ii???c i * htir lalniA
??T'l -*')\v is tho tinto
. / ona
lion ld i i
?#?>.:] f;[U'i:i;; tonic to
,. : ;?' \ . stron ;i lu .1 t h. o
\i. s lysteiii anti pre
pai'i for tho extra.
limo. ]?:very spring
i ho i, ii in is thoroughly orer
- ?thors u n general house
ttg on within. Tho
thai have ,;- en accumu?
lating for j; year must be got?
ten rid of, and the system reno?
vated and prepared for tho siege
of Bummer. Unless Nature isa*
d in thia task, the .strain on
the system is too st vcr,., and a
breakdown is the result. Borne
p iople neglect to supply this as
. ; n result they uro
ly an encl va* ing, de
j,. : fi ding, their energies ro
ind they aro
pettily th" b< si tonio on
Ith li" ;
. s. ;.
?irv, or
ral ingredi -
. lt
-I of
?.' to
elf: ? . .
Propel ly
?eaBf Speedy Cure
bs and Colds
There I negli cted as a
? i- no diaease
1 hen foi it Bhould be at
() ec.
h very hi ! dwi by all who have
it ri mi 'ly fer Ciinglis
,.|ii , lloaj [bronchitis, Cn np ami
> ? ugh. li is no | atenl medlduo
.ni a i .'ie ?> pilpti< i. Wedon t
?l,lim Lhal ii will i io" evi rything, '"it dc
?laim thai it will "'ire ile- above diseases; '?j
? ? who ase ll i ace always ask for
t again
- / . /' Jiotth
Drug' Co,
New Seeds I Implements,
Bvei f tumut and Kardciipr
. Larger and mora
complete ttl.ni < .ii. Send
Bans and address. Mailed
205 to 213 N. Para Stroct,
Ballimore. Md.
BENT irrae
to housekeepers
Extract of B
Ooo t o d\s?
, ? paie many delicate
lellclona dishes.
Address, LieblfCo., P.O. ilex 2718,New York
3 favorite ano I
SWEET PEAS, ono pkt. of I
?ni h variety for pilly 1} -*? J
?od lb? Hd/lrci g| Tujj Prlinii Q lllOl i
J jf^ ?>l Hit ?.;i'c. ..| |.J3 pntM. y IMO, ;
I Inrluiling frM ropy IIW (MlkflM ali't Mural Oailurt I
I IIU(. H. WrMIWIT. 119 llrib lltMtSo.. pIbomkIH. Rino' T
-Jl CktehmMer'* Cn;-'
mc, ai??yi i ..,:??. laciest
ri fi-'lilk /'iu-i'.?
I.'-".-." '. I I ? n'UlJV
j\ '??,.?.>???. 'iiaJ wi iLlncrli i .. Trie V
il *.<iVtVoihrr. / | m? V
I L" Of."?'"""''"""" ? orm.il...
Ix ?j -i- inv/.
?V_PL. Mi i. . .
?'?I Lr ai ' - fl'
Allen's Font Eaeo, a powder foi the feet.
t owes painful, swollen, Smarting feet
"?I Itu laniiy lakes tba sting out of oort* sad
lt's tin- -realest comfort discovery
ftfcoagp, Allen*Fool aa**makes tight
t'niK or new shoe* feel easy, li is a eat
iWi cure for sweat lag, callous and bot, tired
?biii? feet. Try ii to day. Bold by ali
ruggists and flhoo atoree, liv mail for aa*
stamps. Trial package FREE. Addre
I'en s. Olmsted, Le Hov, N V
Years ago in tho Cuban capital lived
s beautiful Creole gin, Miralda Estalsz.
She wai an orphan, her father and
mother laving died in sally childi '
In a little cigar sho2> she soivcd uh
shopkeeper for her uncle, a maker of
fine cigar-. Her beauty and charm of
manner attracted great attention, par
ticulaily from young men of the town,
who mada tue Estaltz cigar shop a fav?
orite loafing place.
Despite tho attentions and flattery
paid her by admiring gallants, Miralda
was coldly indifferent to tho homage
bestowed; indifferent she was, chiefly
because of a natural refinement and
modesty which added greatly to her
beauty of face and form.
Yet fair Miralda's heart throbbed
with the tender passion, for hhe had a
lover as Lving and true and brave as
any Launeeh t of old.
I T< r lover, young Pedro, was a sold
kr. Tlnir betrothal had been a loog
one ai u it was very near thi ir marriage
day. Miralda held her betrothal with
a sacred regard, and to him alone shs
gave her heart's affection. It was greatly
to lier credit that while she was always
affable and kind, she was noted fer her
womanly reserve.
Among the many young patrons of
the Estates shop was a pay and rich
yoong count, thc gayest cavalier in all
Harans. He had conceived a violent
passion for Mil alda, and in many ways
gave it expression, always meeting a
One day finding her alone hs declar?
ed liis lovo and pleaded tiiat she would
go with him to his splendid mansion at
Cerito in the suburbs, where she should
bo surrounded with luxury, and all that
heart could desiro should be ht rs. But
the tpiick intuition of tho girl interpret?
ed hil meaning] and with scorn she re?
sented tho insult to ber womanhood.
"Never look upon my face, Count Al
mont," cried SJirilda with indignation
ringing in her tones and flashing from
her eyep/'I have honor if not wealth,and
you dare not insult mo further. Leave
my presence!" And with th's com?
mand f he turned fiom him full of scorn
and grief, as only a true woman can
manifest when her honor is trampled.
But the love of Almont would not be
subdued by this dismissal cr scorn, nor
his purpose thwarted Have this sweet
croitiiro for his own ho must at any
cost, With the desperation of a man
deeply in love and evil in design, he
laid B plan by which nunns he partially
carried out his scheme.
On tho dsy following Miranda was
st arl lc .1 to see the approach of a li!o of
soldiers, which halted at the little cigar
shop, while the lieutenant entered and
ordered the young girl to go with him.
"WLcro and by whose orders?" de?
manded thc frightened gill.
"The governor-general V he cmtly
rt plied, to which answer the disrxaye 1
and mystelicd Miralda made no reply,
deeming it as order she dare Dot di?
obey. Though trembling and defiant,
she walked from the little cigar shop as
a prisoner of the officer in command of
tho soldiers, for she km w the orders of
thc goreroc r-general must not be dis?
obeyed, however innocent she might
be ol any wrong.
Th.'governor general, Don Miguel
lacon, held the reins cf Spanish gov?
ernment on tho island of Cuba and
held them wo'I. His policy was ono of
violence, and ho ruled with an iron
hand. Yet to his honor it wns slid
even by those who disliked him that
ho hal but ino interpretation of thc
law for thc rich and poor, and justice
was meted to the wealthiest grandee
ai to tlc humblest peasant. Jus'ice
wa; nut often tempered with mercy itt
his judicial capacity, but that he had
.?i ki cn seutso ol right and strong sym?
pathies was to bo si own in tho mis
tortoni s t f this young girl,
All unkowing of hor doom Miralda
was hurried through tho town and
then conveyed as a prisoner under
guards toXount Almonte's cost'o at
Cori lo.
Imagine tho dis raced girl's cons?
ternation v hen bho was met Inside her
pi ison, which was a luxurious apart?
ment, by Count Almont, who wel?
comed her with demonstrations of
affection. Even though iu tho evil
mans power she was courageous onough
to repulse him, as she had his first
declaration of love, and with a spit it .ho
dehant that tho count th night it tlc
Iii ttor to tamo his prey before pressing
his lovo upon so unwi ling a captive.
Vd, as if unable to roust hor beauty
ho exclaimed :
"Ah, my darling, you are raino for
altars j mi o to 1 vc and care h.
Shall 1 stand by and sae fi I lofter of
yours. Pedro tu'.o what is mine ? 1
cannot live without you, my darling?1
And thc count caught the resisting,
Btraggl.ng girl in his uta*, all the
persuasion of a strong natue gio ? mg
in his sinister but handsome faco.
Dashing from Lim, marida defied
bim to come nesr ber. Wrought up
to tho hieglits of indignation, her eyes
flashing and her form in a quiver of
excitement, she dared him t) to ich
"1 shall take my life, and what good
will be your victory thou?"
Turning tho count left ha- without
a word. Ho would have h's pretty
captive closely wdched to prevent
biich a disaster, and th In *vould let
lnr b.at Lor pretty wings a ainst the
bars till they were weary of c niine*
inuit. Absence from the other lover,
thc luxuries cf her surroundings,
thoughtful attentions might work
wondrous change*. Most women
were susceptible to theta things, why
not she? And then propinquity Lad a
winning influence. Her nearness to
him and a silent aflction might win
moro for him than bis enforced lo\e
The count wanted her love, nor could
hs bear the thought that sho hated
him. He must win that love.
Tho girl's lover, Pedro, had, in his
dismay upon finding that hi* Miralda
had mysteriously disappeared, believed
htr faithless, and with this thought
surging through his brain ho was over?
whelmed with grief and distracted to
desperation. He began a diligent
search, and by a quiet piece of detective
work he discovered she had been car?
ried by military escort to Count Al
mont's castle. Knowing the man's
character and suspecting his design
the ? oor fellow was almtst crazed.
Disguising himself as a friar of the
Olds? of San Folipo hs snccoodtfl in
gaining admission to the cattle in the
al lenee of the count and in securing an
interview with his inamorata.
She told him aT of ihe count's de?
monstrations, his assurances and cruel
"But I sLa'l save you, my darling,"
declared the half elisti acted lover, as he
strained her to his heart and kissed a
hurried farewell.
He must getheroutof this monster's
clutches?but ':ow? The count was
rich and pow erf- 1, while he, Pedro, was
a poor soldier \uth no influence to aid
him. He Lad heard Tacon, the gover?
nor-genera', loved justice; he would ap?
pia! to him, and he determined to go
to him at.oncev
He gained an audience and put the
matter before him in a straightforward
way, giving thc details of Miralda! ab?
duction with vigorous earnestness.
When he hal finished Ihe govercor
gener.il asked:
'Ts Miralda your sister.'"
'?She is my b -trothed," proudly re?
plied Pedro.
Tacon looked at bin s<archingly,aud
then, turning, picked u(- a erne fix and
cc mummied him to sw. ar .o the truth
of what ho had said, while his keen
penetrating tye seemed to look into the
inncMii st soul of tho min be'ore him.
Pedro Knelt and kissing the cross
made oath.
Tacoa took have of him for a few
moments and bade him wait.
Two Lours later thc count and Miral?
da were brought boforo Tacon. With
his usual fcteruness Tacon demauded :
"Count Almout, you adopted the
uniform of the gtiardu to work your own
pi ivato purposes upon this young girl*
lid you not ?"
"Excellencia, I did," tho count re?
"Dec'are, sir, upon your honor wheth?
er she whom you lmve had as a prisoner
is unhaimed."
"Kxeelleuciu, rht is as pure as when
she entered boueath my roof," was the
replyf with a sneering accent which
conveyed on imputation of hor former
Tvn'ng froni the group to au at
teni ut ho recpie^ted the preteuco of
a pi lest from tho church near by. In
a few rn lidos tho piiest entered.
"Holy father," said Tacon, "you will
bind tho hr'ids of this Count Almout
and Miralda Estel*! together hi wed?
"Excolencia!" crud the count in
consternation, while tho g;"l and her
lovor exclaimed protebt io dismayed
"Not a word, Senor," sternly cjm
manded Tacon.
"But my nobility, Excellencia," the
count tragically explained.
"Your nob)."ty is forfeited, B?r,"
calmly rotmmd Taccn,
Tho Ihreo people forming Huch a
dramatic tableau know it was useloss
to combat the power before them, and
CJ^V.t^ 4 Ol ii.**..
The Royal ia tha hiqhe.t qr*d* Inking powter
known. Actual taataabow it faaaoaa
tbird farthar than say otW bras*.
AbsQlutSly Pure
so (hoy stood as if bereft of hope and
waited Ibo final word which was to
end human existence. The count wai
the picture of dogged submission,
which brooded no good when revtngo
was in his power. Poor Pedro stood
like a statue, with a half crazed and
desperate expression on his white,
haggard face, looking upon the bowed
head of tho weeping Miralda as if all
that was dear in life was being snatch?
ed from him.
As if bereft of her senses the
wretc bed Miralda stood through tho
marriage ceremony. When it was over
lacon summoned a captain of the
guard, to whom he gave a hastily
written order, He then directed
Miralda and Pedro to remain, while tho
count was comanded to go to his
The miserable couile waited in
silence; the governor-general went on
with the routine of business quietly.
A guard entered, and he, looking up,
asked: "Is my order execute 1 '.'"
"Yes, Excellencia. Nine bullets
passed thr:ugh the count's body as he
rode round Ihe corner cf thc street
you mentioned."
Thcou calmly turned to the priest
and said: "You will see that the
legal announcement ia made of the
marriage just performed here, as well
as the legal announcement of the death
of Count Almont, with the addition
that hij widow becomes sole heiress to j
bis property and his name."
Then with a queer little smile he
brought himself face about to the be?
wildered conple before Lim, and with
his band upraised, quietly said :
My blessings go with you!"
When bilious or costive, oat a Ca.?.ca.Mt
candy cathartic, euro guarantee, 10c, 2.V
as ?? a*
Pittsburg school children are to help
the movement to erect a monument to
the sailors of the Maine who are buried
in Havana. Cents are to be contrib?
uted by every pupil, and in this way
sufficient funds are to be collected for
the erection cf a shaft in the Havana
e.inet.ery where the dead lie.
The central board of education in j
that city has takeo up the subject and ]
will confer with the educational boards
of oilier cities. It is proposed to have
every child in the public schools ot the
country contribute one cent for this- j
Tue money is to be turned over to a j
commission to be appointed by tho J
Secretary ef tho Navy. The commis- j
sion will have power to have tho m.nu I
ment elected.
- m ? ? ?
It isn't tho cost, it aWI even (ho
beauty of a gift that mus' be firs, con- I
jidered; it is the need of tho lecipient.
God wheels the planet* along their *.
? .ui'mm wiih ono bsnd, and ?utti tho
ither He "numbers the hans of our
Both the method and results wheo
Syrup of Figa ia taken; it is pleasant
and refreshing to the taste, and tots
gently yet promptly on the Kidneys,
Liver and Bowels, cleanses the sys?
tem effectually, dispels colds, head
aches and fevers and cures habitual 1
constipation. Syrup of Fig* ia th*
only remedy of its kind erer pro- I
duced, pleasing to the taste and ac
ceptable to the stomach, prompt in i
it* action and truly beneficial in its
effects, prepared only from tho most
healthy and agreeable substance*, its
many excellent qualities commend it
to all and have made it the moot
popular remedy known
Syrup of Figs is for sale in 50
cent bottles by all leading drag.
gist*. Any reliable druggist who
may not have it on hand will pro?
cure it promptly for any one who
wishes to try it Do not accept any
UH AIA?0a*Mi OM.
atmHU.tr. ons mk

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