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Havana, April 19.?Th? American
flag flies no longer in or about Havana.
It di_ appeared as the Fern's flagstaff
passed out of view around Morro^Cas
tle at 6 o'clock this evening. The
Emeline led the start, the Olivette
followed, next waa the Bache, and the
Fern brought up the rear, carrying
General Lee and his Consulate staff
and the American correspondent..
Far off in the horizon three Ameri?
can war ahipa awaited the American
refugee flotilla. General Lee expressed
rf gret at having to leave without first
seeing General Blanco. British Con?
sul General Gullon ia in charge of the
American Consulate.
At ha'f-past 5 the American vessels
began leaving port. Tbe Spanish tug
Sut>ie towed out the schooner James
H. Dudley, -which arrived here on
Thursday last from Pensacola with
lumber, but did not discharge her car?
The steamer Evelyn followed with
about fi ty "passengers, and after her
came the Olivette with 217 passengers,
among whom were Miss Clara Barton
and other representatives of the Red
Ci obs Socieiyjwho had b.enengaged.in
relief work in the island. She was
followed by the Bache, with 10 passen?
Last of all came the Fern, which left
at 6 o'clock, having on board Consul
General Lee, Consuls Springer and
Barker, Consular Clerks Fosca, S_>lz
eind Drain, Correspondents Johnstona,
Pepp?r, Redding, Akers, Franke, Dun?
ning, Nichols and Scovel, and M essrs.
G. Lawton Childe aud William Lawton
aud Dr. Brunner. The Fern ia com?
manded by Lieutenant Commander
Sawyer. Ensign Powelsonwas a'so on
El Correo asserts tbat sixteen elec?
tors from tbe suburb of Chavez, who
voted at the last electior, left to-day,
having been supplied with passports as
American citizens.
There was shipped to-day by the
steamer Orizaba ?424,000 in French
gold forJNew York.
Cons al General Lee.accorapanied by
British Consul Gollan, called on Gen?
eral Blanco to bid him good-by. The
Governor General was very busy aod
could not receive General Lee. The
American flag upon the Consulate build?
ing was taken down by Consular em?
Gtneral Lee boarded the Fern at
noon and lunched with Captain Cowies
to consult about the exodus. Not one
anti-American demonstration has been
made. The discipline was fine. There
haa been no evident increase in the
police force. A high wind blew in the
harbor and made embarkation in small
sailboats difficult. All of the steam
I lunches were taxed to their utmost I
General Lee ordered all Americin
ia hips to get out of the harbor ns quick?
ly es possible,
Nothng is beiDg done at Sagua.
The 400 American citizens there Con?
sul Cirker says, had neither a ship nor
money and that even if they had had a
steamer, there aro not five families that
have money enough to pay tho eleven
mile's railroad fard to seaport. Sagua
is the place where a massacre of Ameri
cans is feared if war breaks out.
The nows of the American Consals
leaving the;r posts spread rapidly
about th' eily and produced consid?
erable surprise. The matter was talked
ab--Ul generally; and the remark "well
let them go" was heard hore and there.
The -"paniards say the fact of the Con?
suls leaving has not produced the
effect which the friends of the insur?
gents are alleged to have expected
The destruction of the Maine will
prove^to have been an ?unfortunate
incident," indeed, for Spain.
If the Pope values his pre.tige in
the IT. S., he will not attempt to put
his finger into the Spanish mess.
W hen you wish 11 call a man the
meanest and dirtiest sort of a iar just
tell him he is like a Spanish diplomat
Perhaps the swelling of the Ohio
River was a sign of tho sympathy of
nature with Ihe indignation of the
Spain Eted not bother about any
further concessions- Uncle Sam has
made up his mind to take what he
If there was no such gambling as
stock speculation, it would not havo
taken so long to make the position of
the TL S. plain to Spain.
It id not strange that the Cubans
should refuse the three-quarter loaf
tardily and grudginglvjoffered by Spain
they eee the whole loaf light ahead of
Sagas'a raised a question of veracity
between himself and Mr. McKinley
when he said tbat the U. S. had never
atked Spain to recognize the indepen?
dence of Cuba.
Senator Wolcott and Secretary Gage
can never be made to serve iu the same
mess, unless one of them can wipe out
some very positive opinions held con?
cerning the other.
Several members of Congress have
expressed their intention to resign in
order to do thou share of fight ing, the
Spaniaids, but Senator'-Billy" Mat-on
isn't one of them.
It is extremely doubtful whether
Spain ever expected to go as far as
ac ti'al fighting, as it is known thut a
number of the Spanish warships are
not in fighting condition.
By the way, did Spain ever lick in
any of the numerous wars she has en?
gaged in, since the conquest of tho
Mt ors? If so, the name of tbe licked
nation has escaped our memory.?*"
The time for talking is up; it is now
time to do a little fighting, monler to
diive the odious emblem of treachery,
otherwise known as the Spanish flag,
from the western hemisphere forever.
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Washington, April ll.?The long
looked for message of the President on
the Cuban situation was sent to Con?
gress to-day. Ho says:
"Thc policy of devastation and concentra?
tion. Inaugurated by the Captain General's
bando of October 21, I8W1. In thc province of
Piimr dd Kio was thence extended to em?
brace all of the Islands to whieh the power
if the Spanish arms was able to reach by oc?
cupation or by military operations. The
peasantry, including all dwelling In the open
agricultural interior, was driven Into the
gan ison towns or isolated places held by
the troops.
The raising and movement of provisions of
all kinds WIN Interrupted, Tho fields were
laid ?waste, dwellings unroofed and fired,mills
destroyed and, In short, everything that
could desolate tho land ano; render lt unfit
for human habitation or support wan oom
madded by one or the other of tho contend?
ing parties and executed by all tho powers at
their disposal.
"By tho time thc administration took office
a year ago, reconccntratlon?so called?had
boen made effective over tho better part of
tho four central and western provinces, S.mta,
Clara, Matanzas, Havana and Plnar del Rio,
"The agricultural population, to the esti?
mated number of 300,000 or more, was heeded
rlthlu the towns and their Immediate vicinage
deprived of the means of support, rendered
destitute of shelter, left poorly clad, nnd ex
posed to the most unsanitary conditions. As
the scarcity of food Increased with tho de?
vastation of the depopulated arcas of pro?
duction, destitution ami want became ml fi?
ery aud starvation. Month by month tho
death rate Increased in an alarming ratio
Hy March, 1H07, according to conservative
estimates from official Spanish sources, the
mortality among tho recoucentradocs, from
starvation and tho diseases thereto Incident,
exceeded 50 per centum of their total num?
"From the standpoint of experience 1 do
not think it would bo wiso or prudent for
this government to recognize at the present
time tho independenco of the so-called Cuban
republic. Such recognition is not necessary
in order to enable the United States to inter?
vene and pacify the island. To commit this
country now to the recognition of any par
ticular government In Cuba might subject us
to embariassing conditions of international
obligation toward the organization so rccog
nlted. In case of intervention our conduct
would b_-subject to tho approval or disap?
proval of such government; we would be re?
quired to submit to its direction and to
to lt the raero relation of a friendly
When lt shall appear hereafter that thfl! ls
within the Island a government capable of
performing the duties and discharging the
functions of a separate nation, and havlng.as
a matter of fact, proper forms anti attribute*,
of nationality, such governrnent^can bc
promptly and readily recognized, and the
relations and interests of the United States
with such nation adjusted. There remains
the alternative forms of Intervention to end
the.war, either as an impartial neutral by
imposing a rational compromise between the
contestants, or as the active ally of tho one
party or the other."
The President in alluding to the destruction
of the Maine says:
"Tho naval court of inquiry, which it ls
needless to say commands the unqualified
confidence of the government, was unani?
mous in Its conclusion that thc destruction of
tho Maine was caused by an exterior explosion
that of a submarine mine, lt did not ri...min?
to place tho responsibility. That remains to
be fixed, lu any event, tho destruction of
tho Maine, by whatever exterior cause, ls a
patent and Impressive proof of a state of
things in Cuba that is intolerable. That
condition is thus shown to be such that the
Spanish government cannot assure safety
and security to a vessel of tho American
navy in the harbor of Havana on a mission
of peace and rightfully there "
Ile refers to this act as corroborative ol
the picture ho has drawn of affairs in Cuba,
which shows thc inability of Spain to protect
a neutral vessel In tho harbor of Havana.
Tho President concludes his message as
In view of these facts of these consid?
erations, I ask the Congress toanthorlze and
empower the President to take'measures to
secure a full and final termination of hos?
tilities between tho government of Spain and
and the people of Cuba, and to secure in tho
Island tho establishment of a stable govern?
ment capable, of maintaining order and ob?
serving ItaJnternntlonal obligations,Insuring
poaco and tranquility and the security of Its
citizens as well os our own, and to use. the
militarjAnd naval forces of tho United States
as may be necessary for those purposos.
And in the Interest of humanity and to aid
in preserving the lives of the starving
people of the Island I recommend that tho
distribution of food and supplies be continued,
and that an appropriation bo mado out of
the public treasury to supplement the charity
'di our citizens.
Tho issue is now with Congress. It ls a
solemn responsibility. I have exhausted
BVcry effort to relieve tho Intolerable con?
dition of affairs which ls at our doors. Pre?
pared to execute every obligation Imposed
upon mo by tho Constitution and tho law, I
await your action, i
A Flag of Warning,
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The Spanish Go ernme-nt Saturday
decided to offer an avmstice to the in?
surgents with the view of settling the
Cuban ejuestion. Oineral Blanco has
been ordered lo mate the necessary
ovcitnres to tho insurgents. This ac?
tion on the part of the Sagasta Cabinet
was (alien under pressure hy tbe con?
cent of Powers, which guaranteed that
tho present dynasty should not be over?
thrown if the- i ecple of Spain started
au uprising on account of ibo conces?
sion. But if this armistice dcos not
include the withdrawal of tbe Spanish
troups from the Ulanel of Cuba, to- j
gether with tho promise that Spain!
will permit the people of Cuba to de?
cide on their own government, it will
not be recognized by the United States,
anel President McKinley's plans for a
naval demonstration against Havana
this week will not be chnngod. Ad?
vice Irom Madrid sny that lhe forms of
thc armistice elem.nd tho vithdrawa)
of our fleet at Key Wost and the w th
drawal of our support of the insurgents.
This proposed armistice must be
agreed to by Gen. Gomez to be effec?
tive, even should the United Slates
keep hands (ff, but Delegate Quesada
announces that the insurgents will,
under no cicrum!>tanc<.B, accept an ar?
mistice, ai.d a letter from General
Gomez in dors s .his position, lhe
President is firm for Cuban indepen?
dence. The fact of Spain's action
greatly ?SompI.Otl'l mat!er-*, which ore
uow more serious.
(Gazette C'orrespondenco.)
Rock bridge Baths, Va., April ll.?
Held on Mr. Barclay just, a fe% days
until h >me more of us can got our ar?
rangements made to accompany jon to
Cub i. Don't show so much fight, bat
give old Uncle Billy tirao to work the
trouble to au honorable peac- or a
justifiable Ugh*. We know tint you
are plucky, but dou't get into too much
of a hurry about the I liing. Most likely
before this is in print, the cris's will
have been reached?Cuba t) be free
aud independent and no tight. So
such braves as^yourself jmust make up
their mini's to live in peace "with all
tho world and the lest of mankind,"
a termination much t > be d sro! from
any stand point ftom which the matter
rmi ' viewed.
The Methodist congregation at this
place . re anxiously awaiting the arrival
of their minister, Rev. McNce-r appoin?
ted by the recent conference to take
charge of their church. It is to be
hop: d that Lo wi 1 prove to be what
ihey need and that Irs labors will be
crownid wita abundant success,
About twenty-tiro of our juveniles
congregated at Mrs. James Webb'd on
last Siturday ufternoon, each one tik?
ing a present as a maik of esteem in
consequence of valuable soi vices ren?
dered them at a very early period of
their existence. This act cf kindness
on the part of lhe youth, and children
is very much appreciated by Mrs. Webb
md besides this the youngsters had a
jolly good time.
A sermon full of Gospel truth was
^reached by Dr. Quarks in thc Piesby
er.an church on Sabbath last very
ouch lo the edification of an app eoia
ive congregation. Our people are al
mys glad to seo the D.\ among us.
Mr. J. D. Aneloison who recently re
urned fr.mi Texas was with us yester
lay and met witb a h'arty haudshak
rom many of h's friends here.
Mr. D. Hale Wilson who went to
'ensacola, Florida, in January last on
ceount of ill hoalfh is verj much im
roved. Hew.ito?: of very extensive
rai preparations on the torts near that
lace and tays that everybody there
lints to fi^ht.
Our wheat, in somo places, shows
:.e effect of the recent freizts, but we
ope that it is not permanently iu
ired. Our young clover seems lo
ave escaped beyond expect al ion.
Mr. Frank Temj loton of Wayms
oro, purchased, recently, from Mrs.
,izzio Adams, a tract of wood land on
Lich lhere is valuab o lumber wbich he
xpects to turn to good account.
I hope tbatjvhen wo lu ar from you
ext you wiri bo in a mi re peaceful
atc of mind
Tho bt-Ht Sal *e In tho world for Cuts/*,
mist's, Sores, dicers, Salt Hhoum, Fevol
.ros, Tetter, Chapped Hands, Chilblalnrls
rna, and all Skin Eruptions, and positives, j
reg Piles,ornoptv required, lt ls guar-j t
teed to give perfeot ntUtfaetlon or money lb
undod. Price 25 ce nts per boa: For sala I
AteUruui Drug Co ?
(Oazkvtk Correspondence.)
Glasgow, Va., April ll, '1)8.?A bill
to strengthen tin ormy mid mi ir ss
Be it enacted by tbe Senate and
House of IUprosentatives of the United
States of America iu Congress assem?
bled, That no Representative ia Con?
gi ess shall bo allowed the floor for the
purposo of making a speech that is
calculated 11 fire the minds of the
people or in anyway promote a feeling
c_ war between the United States and
Spain, ti 1 said congressmen has him?
self enlisted as a private in the 0. if.
Be it furthir enacted, That all
newspapers are hereby forbidden to
publish any inflamatory articles or any?
thing calculated to stir the people dur?
ing tbe pendency of the Spanish ques?
Should any paper violate this act
Ibo editor and who!e staff of correspon?
dents shall be conscripted aud sent to
the Dry Tortugas to serve in the rank*
c f the anny for ninety days. This
act shall go into eftect on its passage.
Now, Mr. Edilor, if you can got tbe
above bill or ono covering the points
aimed at in it you ?will j ender a gr. at
service to your country. If you can
stop tho political jingoes that are now
raving in and out of Congrers, dema?
gogues that would b6 willing to plunge
tho country into a dreadful war for the
sake of being elected to the next Con?
gress, and Ihe "Yellow Journal" that
publishes all sorts of scnsationtl arti?
cles just to sell tho paper, you . would
enable the Administration to view the
situation calmly and thereby come to a
more correct concludion as to how to
act. Ytu would merit the plaudits of
a greatful people.
I ven.uro the assertion that none of
these nieiwthat are I owling for war,
without giving or know h. ^ y cause,
would go themselves in tbe iu__.:h.
Some of thom might go if Ihey could
get sone bomb-proof place.
lu all seriousness let us stop this
senseless, silly prattle about, war but
wait till tie authoiities th^t are in a
positicn to know the causes and
time for war to announce it which you
may be sure they will do, an 1 then
show our patriotism and va'or by going
to the front winn called for,
Bain for the last two i r thr. e days
has stopped our farmers from sowing
oa's, aud it is still raining.
Tho Methodist Easter ce'ebratkn
yesterday was a grand success. The
recitations and music both showed
very efficient training.
Rev. Mr. Anthony, a Baptist minis?
ter of Bu* na Vista, he'd tervices here
every day and night last week and ex?
pects to continue through this week.
Mr. Anthony is a \ery zealous worker
and is preaching a senes of fine ser?
mons, anJ we hope much gcod may
result frcm them. Jay.
It ls certainly gratifying to the public to
know of ono concern in the land who are not
afraid to be generous to the needy and suf?
fering. The proprietors of Dr. King's New
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tl. Every boltlo guaranteed, or price refun?
'Oazkttk Correspondence.'
Kerr's Creek, Va., April ll, 1898.
Mrs. W. W. Dunlap hag returned
from a visit to Roanoke.
Miss Nannie Dunlap, who has been
attending school in Loxington, i eturned
home on last Thurudiy ou account of
her health.
Mr. and Mis. Waitmiu Hall lost their
infant child on Thursday, the 7tb. The
funeral sorvicoa \.erooonduoted on Fii
dny by Rev. D, A. Ponick.
MraJJEnima Whitmore and daughter.
Miss Jessie, of Lexington, spent Easte
with Mrs. G. P. Kerr.
Mr. Alexander Dixon hus recovoied
from his long sickness, and a'tbough
yet very weak, ho was able t) ba laken
to tho home cf his bioth'r, Harvie
Dixon, Esq., last week.
TherehaVi. beon many ohi^ngea iu the
burg of Kerr' i Creek lately. The house
recently occupied by Dr. Morrison i*
accupied by Mrs. Rebekih Hull and
dan gil tor. Dr. Morrison is now living
in tho house recently vacatod by Mr.
3. H. Moore and family.
I nm glad to report that the services
conducted at Now Monmouth tbe post
week were well attended both day und
uight. Previous to tho meeting, cards
sf invitation were sent to all comrauni
_ant uud n.u-communicant members,
rhe communicants of the church num?
bered 196 before tho meeting, and ?n
Sunday there were ton additions by pro
'essiou, and five by certificates from
jthor churches. Rov. Mr. Will in, of
Sew Providence, who assisted Mr. J
Ponick, preached five excellent
crmon., which were powerful and im
irepsive to all that had the pleasure of
earing io able and consecrated a man.
"?ttm. j,
If you have couched and
coughed until the lining mem?
brane of your throat and Ump**
is inflamed,
Scott's Emulsion
of Cod-liver Oil will soothe*
strengthen and probably cure* <e
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% sues. The glycerine soothes $
and heals them* The hypo- *
phosphites of lime and soda 2
impart tone and vigor* Don't ?
neglect these coughs* One $
bottle of the Emulsion may do |
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can do later on. Be sure you *
get SCOTT'S Emulsion. %
a? *
9 Alt druggiiti; yx. ind $1.00. ' '
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(Uazbtte Correspondence.)
Raphine, Va., April ll, '98.?Did
you ever experience such weather?
After Mai ch being one of the most
delightful montht ever experienced in
this sectior, April is ushered in with
a co.d snap which continues almost
without abatement With the excep?
tion of Sunday, every day so far this
month has been cold and rjugh enough
to do ere J it to Februaty. The mer?
cury via-, down to 2G degrees on April
1st with plenty of ice. On the morn
ing of the Gth it was at IG degrees and
for the first nine dayB the mercur, was
never higher than 22 degrees or fr ez
ing at G a. m. All the pe-.che . pear-,
cherries and a large per cent of the
pp'es appear ty be killed. What
damage, if aoy, the whiat hassuj.a:ned
cannot be told as yet, but it is not
looking as well a< it did two weeks
ago. Many farmers are fe rf 1 ihat
their spring sowing of clover and th' r
grass seel lt ruined, 'the cold
weather has checked tho growth ol
the grass crop, and it does ne t ook
now tbat we could get our stock out
on pasture noir so soon as we con em
plated t? n days ago. Wc have had
mere snow in April than any ethel
month of the winter.
La->t Friday -eight tho Raphint
Sappho Club held their last meeting
for the season at the residence af Mrs.
M. J. Hariis. There was a large at?
tendance and the young folks appeared
to enjoy themselves to their lullest
capacity. Your town was pretty wtll
represented, several of Loxing on's
fa-nst be'ng present. Among the
number was Missus Nellie aud Gertrude
Irvine, Janie Cameron, Nellie L a and
Minnie Giles.
Rev. A, H. Hamilton held services
at R.phine chapel every night la.t
week. He was assisted by Rev Mi.
Carson of Immanuel church. Then
was a largo attendance each night and
whilst there was but one addition lo
the church, much good is expected to
result from the able and earnest presen?
tation of Gospel truth by Mr. Carson.
_ ???
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(Qa.zbtt! Correspondence.)
Gilmores Mill, Va., April ll.?All
the talk is "what we are going to d<
for Spain." But we wjuld Ike to know
"what is Spain going lo do for us,"
Mr. Wm. Hayalett and ilaughter, of
Clifton Forge, are visiting Mr, Hays
lett's sister, Mrs. James Mitchell, near j
Natural Bridge,
We are glad to note the improved
condition ol our friend and citizen,Mr
lake Barger who was paralyzed sev?
eral months ago in his legs and arms.
Indications are now that ho will regain I
the use of them.
Mr. Henry Cgdea and Miss Mamie|
Sucker spent Sunday with L?r. and j
?vlrs. Burke at Greeulee.
Mr. J. A. McNairaudwi'e of Garth's I
?JV, are visiting their boo, Mr. W. B.
klcNair at Greenlee, Va.
Mrs. W. H. Chiles w s at Natural
.lidgo Wednesday.
Mr. J. B. Thompson made a quick
rip to Alphine Sunday. '
We are sony ti note the illuesa of
Irs. John Kidd of our village.
Aliases Mary Swartz and Hope
!lnles spent Sunday with Miss Lottie
Ira ford of near heio.
Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Howard spent
unday with Mr .and Mrs. Geo. Gillett, I j
arents of Mrs Howa-d. I.
Miss Lillie Bucker of Alpine, paid I c
or aunt, Mrs. Burke of our city 11
tort visit Sunday. I ?
Obi my, oh! me, j t
This war has caused coffee to rise, j y
And sugar's Hound to 'get there, too; I ft
-jhen what will l do for pies? J g
*4o*?M? ||
Grew B_.fi-li ^e-lkdo,B J' '
N Good. Ty
Mri. Adam Staah, Meqn.n,.
a r cent Utter to Dr. Hi
'?1 write this*1)*!
t<r because of my
.sympathy for the
Bullering people.
For six year. I
s u ff e red wi.th
chronic cat ar rb.
Whenever I
caught a cold I
would have a se?
vere spell of i-ick
ness. I used different catarrh medi?
cines and the doctors did all they could,
but the relief was only temporary. In
December, 1897, my condition became
very bad. I could not speak aloud; I
bad a teirible cough, profuse expecto
ra'ion and frequently spit blood; night
sweats t nd extreme emaciat on. I was
sure I must die of consumption, Tbe
catarrh seemed to have spread all over
my body; my head, throat nose, blad
ber and womb. At this time I received
a book concerning Pe-ru-ra. I imniedi
a'ely wrote to Dr. Hartman, who pre?
scribed Pe-ru-na and Man-a-lin. I fol?
lowed his directions strictly. I began
ti improvo with the first bottle, and
during the time that I took tbe medi?
cines I gained twenty pounds I feel
os well now as anyone could possibly
feel. I am _ure I would hive b?en
tlead lonp- apo had it not been for Dr.
Hartman's advice and medicine."
Every woman should have a copy of
Dr. Hartman's latest book entitled
'Health and Beauly." Sent free by
The P_-ru-na Drug Manufacturing
Company, Columbus, Ohio.
Lexington, Virginia.
I will sell privately, the following r?*al
estate In th? Town of Lexington, Virginia,
belonging to the estate o' Mrs. Susan G.
Gold, deceased, to-wit:
1. A House and Lot fronting 75 feet on
Washington street and extending back 165
feet to an alloy, adjoining the lots of Mrs. J.
Randolph Tucker, the Public Free School
Building and others. The buildings on this
lot consist of a well constructed frame
dwelling hi.u-i', and kitchen, with 9 rooms, a
stable, and other out-buildings, al) in good
2. A House and Lot fronting 74 feet on
Jackson avenue and ?xtending back 130 feet
to an alley and adjoining the lots of Mrs.
J. T. Hill and others. The buildings on this
lot consist of a valuable frame dwelling
house sud kitchen, with 7 rooms, and other
out-buildings, in good repair. Both of thee?
properties ara eligibly located, and would
make desirable homes.
Apply to the undersigned, at Lexington,
Va., for price and terms.
J. P. MOORE, Exo'r
of Mrs. Susan G. Gold, deed,
apr Ul 4i
Purtuant to a decree entered by the Circuit
Court of Rockbridge County on the 19th day
of March, 1898, in the Chancery Cause in said
Court depending, wherein Ella Lee Williams
ls plaintiff, and Archer William's P?'\ li-t < _
arc defendants, the undersigned will on
SAT URDAY the 23d DAY of APRIL, 18M,
at 12o'clo<__ M., in front of the Court House
In tbo Town of Lexington, offer for sale, at
public auction to the highest bidder, that
valuable tract of laud with the improvements
thereon of which Archer Williams died
siexid, containing seventy-live acres, more
or less, lying on Big Calf Pasture River,
near Goeheu. This .'and ls productive and
will make a very comfortable home for any ?
one desiring a small farm.
Tkkm. op *_. ik: Cash in hand sufficient to
pay costs of suit and salo, and the balam o
upon a credit of six twelve and eighteen
mont hs, with interest from date of sale, the
purchaser to execute lils bonds for the
deferred payments with good personal
security, and title retained as ultimate
security; but the purchaser may have the
right to anticipate tbe deterred payments.
Commissioner of Sale.
LR. R. Witt, Clerk of the Circuit Court
of Rockbridge County do hereby certify that
Bennett N. Bell, the Commissioner neoned In
the above mentioned decree has executed the
bond required of him tor receiving the funds
arising from the abovojsale.
Oj Teste:
II. R. Witt
By virtue of a deed of trust executed by
0. ft. Drummond and wife to the undersigned
to secure to D. S. Greever or his aligns, the
payment of S80.0U with interest thereon from
December 22nd, 1897; which deed U of record
lu Rockbridge County Court Clerk's office,
tn Deed Book 83, page 357. I will sell at
public auction, to the highest bidder, cn the
promisee, on
SATURDAY the 16th DAY of APRIL 1898.
at 12 o'clock, M., a lot or parcel of land on
Main street lu the Town of Lexington, YU
ninia, adjoining the lota of George Wood?
ford, Adaline Abrams and an alley leading
from Main street to Randolph otreet; which
I lot embraces two lots formerly owned by
' Wm. Drummond aud fronts 100 feet, more
or less, 011 the eaot side of Main Street, on
whifh lg located a frame ami log dwelling.
TERMS:?Cash aa to 60 much of the pur
chase money as may be necessary to pay the
costs of sale and the debt secured by the de^d
of trust; and as to tho residue upon such
terms as the said G, R, Drummond may re?
WM. McKEEVER, Tnutee
Don't bolt your food, it irritates
your stomach Choose digestible food
11 il chew it. Indigestion is a dan?
gerous sickne. s, Proper care prevents
if. Shaker Ingestive Cordial cures it.
That is the long and short of indiges?
tion. Now, tte question is: Havo
you got indigestion? Yes, if you have
pain or discomfort after ea.ing, head
?che, dizziness, nausea.off_nsive breath
heartburn, langour, weakness, fevfrj
jaundice, flatulence, loss of atppetite,
rritability, constipation, etc. Ye^you
lave indigestian. To cure it, take
Shaker Digo.tive Cord;al. The medi
?iiial herbs and plants of which Shaker
Digestive Cordial is composed, help to
ligest the food in your stomach; help
0 strengthen your stomach. When
our stomach is strong, care will keep
t so. Shaker Digestive Cordial ia for
ale by druggists, ptice 10 cenU td
1.00 per bottle.

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