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Vol. 94. No. 18 Lexington, Rockbridge County, Virginia, Wednesday, May 4, 1898. -(81.50 a Year
The arrival of spring
Marks an era iii Dry Goods shopping. Wo don't usually indulge much in
superlatives butsimple justice demands tbat ive pronounce our present stock by far
the largest, best assorted, and cheapest
we have ever shown. Perhaps its peer has not been seen in Lexington.
Values noted below need only to bo mentioned, to be appreciated instantly
by every careful buyer.
Fancy Weave Crepons, newest designs, 42
Inches, ?5c. to Sl.OOpor yard.
All-wool Albatross, in black an?i navy, 30
Inches, fine quality, only 85c. worth fully 50.
Two pieces of fancies in Bayadere Stripes,
36 inches wide, onlyTOc.
We are offering a 45-iuch Silk "Warp Hen?
rietta at $1.25.
Ws have an immense stock of shoes, that
?Vi will sell at prices that cannot fail to bo
In addition to a full line of Ladies', Mlssss'
and Children's, we havo somo values in
that you cannot afford to overlook. For
instance: Why pay more for a pair of genu?
ine Vlei Kid Shoes when we sell them for
Ladies' Oxfords, 50c, 75c , $1.00, 11.18,
11.90, #8.00, 12.50 snd 18.00.
American Organdy, bf, 10,18*, sad Weis.
Imported Organdy. Soo.
Moasseline de Sole, Wo
Silver Star Madras is the choicest fabric
on tho n arket this season for tho money. It
is 30 inches wide, costs 12k., and caines in a
large variety of colorings. loiAo soon
nothing to equal it.
Don't fall to seo our stock of Mattings.
?tWDos't forget Standard Patterns.
American Madras, Bo.
Novelty Cords, tye.
Wo havo a now lot of Smyrna and Moquette
Rugs in handsome patterns.
Table Covers in new designs, all sizes from
4 4 to 8-10; 25c. to 88.00.
Our stock of White Goods, Linens, Ln'-os,
Embroideries, Ribbons, Veilings, Tucklngs,
Chiffons, Ruohings and all small wares ls I
complete, and invites your attention.
Our Grocery Department is always busy ;
sure proof that stock and prices are right.
Can't wo serve you ?
Main Street.
Opp. Presbyterian Church.
'hone 59.
? Irwin mi Co.
Set of Harness
Hare you will find the largest and finest assortment of BUGGIES and CARRIAGES,
as well as a full and complete line of HARNESS cheaper than ever
ottered on this market. Call and be convinced. Don't forget we have
Wagons, Plows, Harrows, and Everything the
Farmers Need in this Line.
Remember I have not neglected my
*?? Grocery Department. I*
Corner Main and Henry Streets.
JfiTAsk for our "Treaties on Stock." Free.
In addition to our
complete line of
Hardwar E
we are carrying all kinds of farming
Implements and Machinery.
"We are agents for the following well-known machines:
Deering Harvester Co.'s {S""0'8
Thomas M'f'g. Co.'s {^Si^
American Harrow Co.'s {JStSwtSS.
In the way of Implements and Tools we
have the Keystone Corn Planter, Five Tooth
Cultivators, Single and Double Shovel Malta
Plows, &c.
Be sure and see us before you place an order. Wc can furnish you bottom
prices on anything in our line. Respectfully,
The Owen IJaidwaVe Company,
Tooth Har
(Opposite- the new court house,)
but liavo sold direct to the cou
SUUKT fer itt yean at etholo
aale price*, eanoir him th.
dealer e preetite. Ship any?
where for examination.
I'eerythinej warrantd.
11.4 styles of Vehicle*,
la*, atjlea of llarnesa.
crr.c.. | ??? t..|l-V Carria
_? (toa, Phaetons, Traps, Waj-.n
^^^^^^^^^^^^ _ SpriuK-Koad and Milk _
B?. TY. Surrey Hernm Price, f 16.00. War.m. Scndforlarja.fr*. No.rJOflSorrey. Pri?. with enrtalna, lampe, e??.
aa faad aa e*lla for SM Catcil ,-uo of all our styles, shade, apron ssl landere, ph Aicoo<lanelli foreJUO,
Best Location in the city?adjoining New City Hall
and Capitol Park.
Table unsurpassed by any in the South.
American or European plans.
Mcdowell & ford.
O'spvxi&rts?'"' J\A.Ek,n&,s*~&jria.
No 083 mtWWS Trimmed Whit* Rn
limel. dlie<Ist?ail, mnilo in M, .?, 4I?nd
38 Inch wldthn-lonKth 75 Inches, lt has
one-Inch plUnrs. two Inc'i tiru. _ vnseg
and caps. This lied reta int at from 6 to
0 dollars.
Buy of tho moller rind d'o Ihe mid?
dleman's profit". Our Cult I..mies aro
malled for the usklum Complete lines
of Furniture, I)rnp"rlen, Crockery.
Pictures, Mirrors, Morea, Rp.rl_r.ra
tors, Baby Oarriin.es, lamp', lleddh p,
etc., ore c .ntaliif d in these t?MikH. Our
Lithofiraplii'd Carpet Cataligi.c shnw
ln_r nil nooda in liuinl|>altite<l colors ls
?JaofrM; If Carpet Bumples ure -.unfed
mail di He. In stump". limp a poota! at
once tn tim money aaron nnd remem?
ber thnt tte pny freight thia
montis osi purchase* of . rtr|H'l?.
I.nee I iirliiin .. Iii'ilirs nnd
Itti__a ninonntliig to SO and over.
Julius Nines 4 Son
r_i?s> ac?TfO? this uri ii. _
Cliano'e of Place.
Has removed his fresh meat market to tho
corner of Wnsnlngton and Jefferson streets
(old stand of 1>. Welsh A Co.) and has con?
solidated the fresh meat business with the
grocery business formerly carried on by I).
Welsh k Co.
The stylo of tho now firm will be
Welsh, Deaver & Co.
Full stock of all kinds of fresh monta. The
best quality and greatest varloty that can be
Wo had spring lambs killed on tho 24th of
March. That was oarllor than ever before
in this narket.
We make t!ie best SAUSAGE in town?no
adulteration in seasoning, no strings in
Will have a fine lot nf cattle first of month
bought of (.. W. Eflliiger. They are the best
in tlie county, none excepted.
AV ill have Dressed Chickens all tho year
Fresh Fish and Oysters
are received daily except Monday.
Wo havo from 8,000 to b?,000 pound* of
Bacon ol our own curing, and will have a nico
lot ofWelsh's Canvased Hams on tho jnnrkot
In a snort time.
C-iTI.oii't forget wc sell Puro Country Lard,
our own make.
Our new rooms aro tho most convenient
and best adapted In town for conducting the
meat and grocery business. We havo piont j
of room and polite employees to walt on our
customers. Call and see us.
Cor Washington and Jefferson Sts.
to housekeepers
Extract of Beet
coon Boob
telling how to preparo many delicate
and delicious dishes.
Address, Liebig Co., P.O. Box 2718, New York
SWEET PEAS, one Pkt. of
aga jam each variety for only P nie
^^?ff"^ tat lb* M.rtu si Tm .*??_? D I lb i 1
in.it, dint Wm *ipj of nm c_uinf _? ul n__4i ruin.?, I
am a a. uma-oTT. ns sm. s_?_t u . ?!__...?__. ?___. T
rn, ,, m. ..?.?. ..??*.. . m. . . . i
A powder to be shaken Into the shoes. At
this soason your feet feel swollen, nervous
and hot, and get tired easv. If you havo
smarting feet or tight shoos, try Allen's Foot
Ease. It cools the feet nnd makes walking
easy Cures swollen and sweating feet, blis?
ters and callous spota. Relieves tonis and
bunions of all pain and gtres rest and com?
fort. Try lt to-day. Sold by all dniK_ciHtn
and shoe stores for 25c. Trial package
FREE. Address, Allen B. Olmsted, Le
Roy, N. Y.
Ckl_iK__,t-V*<l ___.2ll_.il BIm__.uI T.rl_B_L
a** kr *A Lani ;?_?.???..
I ??_-.__,_ *r rj.'l.?_." I. Utter. ,? _?_....
MmI I?S?--' T.?i.?m_*i. av../-...
? \ i ...i . DA LS AM
'?---?g'?.'If... i f_i..l ____?_?_? the tait.
.'..Ml'...;...,|_ I, _u_..,i?nt growth.
?/Never Fails to Jlostoro Or?jr
1 Hair lo it* Youthful Color.
-<?. ft l.flf tsllilij.
'flt lining:..,,
Makb Home Look Bhioht and
Ouurvi by Painting
Every thing that needs painting. If
your Louse needs painting don't put it
off, come and seo our paints, and got
our prices and guaranty. We guaran?
tee our Paint to giveperfeetsatisfaction.
We carry a largo lino of Longman
& Martinez Paints, Pure White Lead,
Linseed.Oil, Varnishes, Brushes, Hand
finish Carriage and Buggy Paints -in
four different colors?all colors of Do?
mestic Paints, in small cans, Wood
Stains, White Enamel and Radiant
Gold Paint.
lerWe are headquarters for every?
thing in the Paint line, and we give
information froo.
_.e__ington, Va
Drug Co,
I.li'hinonil Di-ipHtoh.
"Wc noto with interest that Presiilem
Win. L. Wilson, of Wmhington anc
Lee University, bas begun a series ol
lectures to the law c lasso, of ihat in
stitution on '-Tho His'ory of Repre?
sentative Government."
"It would be wrong, of course, foi
the president of an institution of 1 arn?
ing to leach the students current poli
lies, as that term ia popularly applied,
but thero is woful need in this country
for instructions in the cardinal princi?
ples of republican povornmont, and
there are few mon in this countiy bet?
ter able to give mch inst uct.ons than
Air. Wilson.
"Tho educated citiz.n, tho citizon
who thoroughly un lerstands the true
principles of "overnment, is, all thin?s
else b< ing equal, the best eitzen. The
mist ike _ which tbe people generally
mnke, being led by demagoguas, aro
not eirorsof the heart, but of the head,
md proceed from a lack of information.
Ln order that a man may vote intelli?
gently upon questions of currency and
arifl and tho like, it is necyssary that
io shall have been so wei! grounded in
bo science of gi verninent aud political
iconomy as that he may understand
vhat bearing this or that policy will
lave upon the general interests of the
"Ours is a government of thepeople,
nd one man's vote counts es much as
nother. Every American citizen is a
overign, and in order io Lave the best
-oveinnicnt we must Lave an educated
itizenship, educated not s'mply to tho
outino cf school, but in the science of
o. eminent. Mr. Wilson is doings
plendidwork, and wc would that thero
.ere such instructions in every school
i the land."
When bilious or costlvo oat a Casearet
vndy cathartic, cure guaranteed, 10c, 25*
Washington Post.
It has been said that our civil war
?as worth all the rooney it cjsf, 6ince
, give us a national currency. We
Un.ll live to see the dny when the
mericau people will bless tho present
'ar, in that it has i flaced sectional
nos and given us a homogeneous na
on. In tho patrict c ferment which
vi nts have eot in motion, geographical
ivisi ns and i-ubdivisions will die-ap
aar, their boundaries will bo blurred
nd their significance forgotten.
Poi hops one of the most encouraging
idicntioiis in Ibis regard will be tho
_alization of a rumor which has already
rased unbounded tn i. faction through
ut tho country?the rumor (hat the
epresi ntutives oi the two great soldiers
f tho Onion and Con ederato causes,
spi ctivoly, will shi rt ly be given om
lies^oiis as mnjoi-^enernls of volunteers
nd placed in command of important
rmies. Colonel Fred D. Grant, is the
Idest son of Uhs.esS. Grant, the
:adcr of tbo Union armies in tho civil
ar. General Fitzhugh Lee is tho
ephew < f Rober- E. Lee, whj occu?
red a corn sponding position in the
unfederacy. Eaeh is them-tscnt hoad
f hi's family. Each has received a
ilitary education and performed mili
try Sot vice.
Both are pttriols, both devoted to
io re-established Union,both eager to
tm the c >un*.ry in the existing emer
ei cy. It would be the crowning act
f a long s rios of tactful and happy
.b evemonis on JJr. McKinley's part
ho woro now to signalize the restora
on of fraternity throughout the land
yr sending to the front in seme con
>icuous way these two representatives
! the military chieftains of the Union
sd Confederacy of thirty-five years
jo. The spectaf lo of Grant and Lee,
o longer antag nistp, but fighting side
y side for tho country and the flag
hich now thej ccpially reverence and
ive, would be worth more than all the
ed h of Eldorado in the .-yes of pa:ri?
We do not pr. tend to know what the
residents plu.snrein thiftconncc ion.
,To spe-nk simply for those thoughtful
ici. who lovo t; eic iountry and pray
ir its stien^tb nnd glory, and wo tey
int to havo a Grant and a Lee made
io syinb ls of nalio_.nl bro berhood
ould be to us at this time of common
oril aud anxiety a . ign in tho heavens
tove our land.
Baan tha _joTh* Kind .oil Haw Alwin 8_tff_4
^^Thi Kind You Han Alwin I
100,000 -Brio^
eh9-3u_ Lexington, Va
' TT YANTED.-Sevwral good hatti
V/ \/ with a lumlwr of girls to work
In canning factory. Tko man
n K?t land to farm, or wan get workj
Roaring Ran, BoUtourt Cuan ty, Va
hj 28] 18&1
Baby Mine!
Every mother
feels an inde?
scribable dread
of thc pain and
danger attend?
ant upon the
most critical pe?
riod of her life.
Becoming a
mother should bc
a source of joy
to all, but the
suffering and
danger of thc ordeal make
its anticipation one of misery.
is the remedy which relieves
women of thc great pain and suf?
fering incident to maternity; this
hour which is dreaded as woman's
severest trial is not only made
painless, but all the danger is re?
moved by its use. Those who usc
this remedy are no longer de?
spondent or gloomy; nervousness
nausea and other distressing con?
ditions are avoided, thc system is
made ready for thc coming event,
and the serious accidents so com?
mon to the critical hour are
obviated by the usc of Mother's
Friend. It is a biasing to woman.
S1.00 PBa B OT TLB at all Dmr Stores,
or ?ent by txprnae on receipt of price.
BOOKS Canta|slaiC Inralaable Information of
race lottrcMt to sit women, will he seat
rHtfc ts any sddltss. ripon application by
Ties BSlDFirtB IKOaTUTOB CO.. i Has ts. 6s.
m '? ^smtesss . ' . ?*3?
"Hello, Jim! Where have Jyou been
lately?" shouted a broker the other
evening to a portly,finely-dre6sed man
in the coridor of the Fifth Avenue
Holel. The gentleman stopped, shook
hands with his friend, and replied:
'?I've beet, home to eeo my old father
for the first time in sixteen years, and
I tell you, old man, I wouldn't have
missed that visit for ray whole for?
"Kind of good to seo your boyhood
homo eh!"
"You bet Sit down. I was just
thinking about the old folks, and I
feel talkative. If you have a few mom?
ents to spare, sit down, light a cigar,
and listen to the story of a rich man
who had almost forgotten his father
and motler."
Thoy sat down, and the man told
his story: "How I came to visit my old
home happened in a curious way. Six
weeks ago I went down to Firo Island
fishing. I had a lunch put np for rae,
and you can imagino my astonishment
when I opened up the hamper to find
a package of crackers wrapped up in a
piece of the patent inside country
<*colly published at my home in Wis?
consin. I read every word of ^adver?
tisements and all. There was George
Kellogg, who was a bchoolmito of
mine, advertising hams and salt pork,
another boy was a postmaster. By
Qeorge! it mado mo homesick, and I
determined then and there to go home,
and go home I did,
"In the first place I must tell you how
I came to Now York. I had a tiff
with my faiher and left home. I fin?
ally turned up in Now York, with only
a dollar in my pocket. I got a job run?
ning a freight elevator in the very
house in which I am now a partner. My
haste to get rich drove the thought if
my parents from me, and whon I did
think of ihem the hard words that my
father last spoke to me rankled in
my bosom. Well, I wtnt home. I
tell you,John,the train seemed to creep
I was actually worse than s schoolboy
going home on a vacation. At last we
neared the town. Familiar sights met
my eyos.and upon my word they fulled
with tears. There was Bill Lyman's
red batn, just tho same; but, grest
Scotti what wore all ths other houses?
Wo rode nearly a mile before we cams
to the station, passing many houses of
which only an occasional one was fami?
liar. The town had grown to ten times
itu size when I knew it. Ths train
stoppod, and I jumped off. Not a lace
in Bight that I ki.ew, and I started
down tho platform to go home. lu the
office door stood the station agent. I
walked np and twd: 'Howdy, Mr.
"He starod at me and rephcde'You've
got tbe best of me, sir.'
"I told him who I was and what I
bad bet n doing in New York, and he
did not make any bonos in talking to *?
me. Said he: "It's about time you
came home. You in New YorK rich,
and your fa her scratbhing gravel lo
get a bare living.'
"I tell you, John it knocked me all
in a heap. I thought my father bsd
enough to live upon comfortably. Then
a notion si ruck me. Before going
home I telegraphed to Ohiccgo to one
of my correspondents there to send me
11,000 by first mtil. Then I went in?
to Mr. Collins' back office' got my
trunk io theie, and put on an old hand
sjo-jown suit that I used for fishing
and hunting. My plug hat that I re*
[ laced by a soft i n>, took my valise in
my bund and wont heme. Bomsho ?
? li-placo didn't h ok right, lbs cur
rant bushes l ad boen dug up from Hie
front yar J, and tl.o finco m s j.o Ca
All tl e locust tries had bein cut down
ni.d young maple trees Mer.- plan te ).
Tho homo looked imaller Fomehow,
too. But I went up to the front door
and rang the bell. Mother caine to lhe
door and said: "We don't wish to buy
unythiug to-day sir.'
"It didn't take mo a minute io sur?
vey her from head to fo ;t. Nerti)
dressed, John, but a patch and a darn
here and there, her hair streaked with
gray,her faco thin drawn and wrinkled
Yet over those glasses shone thos" good
honest, benevolent eyes?. I stood star?
ing at her, and Hen she began to stare
at me. 1 saw the blood rush to her
face, and with a sob, she threw herself
upon me, &nd hysterically crying:* It's
Jimmy, it's Jimmy.
'?Then I cried too, John. I just
broke down and ciicd like a baby. She
got mo into the house, hugging and
kissing me, and then she went to
tho back door and shouted 'George!'
"Father called from tho kitchen,
"What do you want, Caroline? '
"1 hen he came in. He knew mein
a moment. Ho stuck out his hand and
grasped mino, and said sternly: 'Will,
young man, do you propose to behave
yourself now!'
"He tried to put en a brave front,
but he broke down. Thero wo three
eat like whipped school children, a 1
whimpering. Atlast supper time came
and mother went out to prepare it, I
went into tho kitchin with her,
" 'Wher6 do yon live Jimmy?'' she
?'In New York,' I replied.
" '"What aro you work'ng at now,
" 'I'm working in a dry goods store.'
" 'Then I don't suppose you livo
very high, for I hear tell of them city
clerks, don't get enough money to
keep body and soul togtther. So, I'll
just tell you, Jimmy, we've got noth?
ing but roast spareribs for supper. We
ain't got any money, Jimmy. We're
poorer nor Job's turkey."
"I told her I would bo delighted
with spareribs, and to tell the truth,
loira, I haven't eaton a meal in New
fork that tauted as good n.-: those crist
?oast spareribs did. I spe it the even
,ug playing checkers with father, whiic
nother sat by telling me a;l about their
ni?fortunei from old white muley get?
ting drowned in tho pond to father
tigniug a note for a friend and having
;o mortgage tho placo to pay it.
"Tho mortgage was due inside cf a
veek, and not a cent to meet it with?
ust $800. She supp, sod tboy would
)Q turned out of houso and honif, but
n my mind I supposed they wouldn't,
it last nine o'clock came and father
laid : 'Jim go out to tho barn and
iee if Kit is all right. Bring in an
irmful of old shingles that are just in
lido the door aud fill up the water pail,
rhen we'll go to bed and git up early
n tho morning and go fishing.
"I didn't tay a word, but went to *]
ho barn, bedded down the boise, t
iruke up .sn armful of shingles, pump- t
>d up a pail of eater, fi leal the wood
jox, and then we all went to beJ. (
"Father called me at 4:30 in lin 1
morning, and while he was getting a
cup of coffee I skipped ovir to ihe
lepot across lota and got my best bras*.
?od. Father took nothing but a trol
ing line and a spoon book. He rowed
?he boat with tho trolling lino in his
mouth, whilo I htood in thc stern with
. silvor shiner rigged on. Now, John,
[ never saw a man catch fish as he did.
L'o make a long story short, ho caught
our bass and five pickerel, aud I never
jot a bile.
?**At noon wo went ashore and father
vent home, whilo I went lo tho post
flics. I got a lotter from Chicago
vith a check for a thousand dollars in
t. With som? trouble I got it cashell,
jotting paid in $5 and $10 bill**, mak
ng quite a'roll. I then got a rcast
oint of beef aud a lot of delicacies
,nd had' them sent b$Mm After tbat
! visited my old school friends for two
lours and went home. The joint was
a the oven. Mother had put on her
nly silk dress and father had donnid
tis Sunday-go-tc-meotiug clothes.nonc
oo good, either. Tbis is where I
ilayed a joke on the old folka*. Mother
? as in the kitchen watahing tho roast,
father was out in the bare, aud I had
clear coa.it. I dumped tho sugar
ut of the old blue bowl, put tho thous
,nd dollars in it and placed the cover
n again. At last suppor was ready,
father asked a blessing over it, and he
tCtaally trembled when he i-tuck bis
nifo into the roast.
?? 'We havn't had a piece of meat liko
Tba Ruy rt I ia the highett gi ade baking powder
luHmn. Actual tent. then, it gonion-;
tblrd f ur the, than any other br tod.
Absolutely Pure
ROVA, MUM fl_.__ ? efl., f"t? I
this iii live years, Jim,' lie said, and
mother put in willi. ' At d WO haven't
had any coffee in ii year, only when wo
went rutting.'
"Then she poured out tie OoffiM mid
lilted Ihe cover of the sa^.ar bowl, ask?
ing u she did so, 'how many spoonfulr,
Jimmy !"
"Ihen she struck something that
wasn't sugar. She picked up the bowl
and peeped into it; ' Aha, Master
Jimmy, playing jour cid tricks on
your mammy, eh. Wc'l boys will Le
"Then sho gaspeel for bi oath. She
saw it was money She looked at me,
and then at father, and then with
trembling fingers drew the great roll
rf bils out.
?'Ha! ballia! I can see father now
bs he std d there on tiptoe, with his
knife in ene luad. fork iu tbe other,
ind his eyes fairly bulging ont I I his
bead. Dut it wai. too much for mother.
She raised her eyes to heaven aud .aid
.lowly : ' Put youi' tm-t in the Lord,
for he will provide.'
"Then she faint-el awnv. Well-i ho,
there is not much moie to tell. Wu
threw water in her face and brought
her to, and then we demolished that
Jinner, motherall tho tine say ii g.
My boy Jimmy! My boy Jimmy!'
??I stayed home a rn nth. I fixed up
Ihe place, pa;d off all the debts, ba 1 I
Hood time and came backagain to New
fork I am going to s. nd |60 homo
Iteiy week. I tell you, John, it's
nighty nice to have a home."
Join was looking steadily Ai
lead of bis cane. When he spoke he
ook Jim by the hand and said : 'Jim,
Kl fiui.d. what voa have le ld inc hon
.ffcctetl me greatly. I Lave n't beard
ron homo up in Maine for ten year...
_ am going home to-moirow.''
Vhether on pleasure bent or business,
uko on every trip ;. bottle of Syrup ot
Ugly as it acts moat pleasantly and
ffectually on the kidneys, liver and
towels, preventing fevers, hcedafhei.
nd other forms of sit ki,ess. For sale in
IO cont bottles by all leading draggiete,
Junufactui-d by the California Fig
lyrup Co. only.
m ? ? __?! ?
'taunton Record.
Some Staunton gentlemen were rc
:ently diaecueing the old Fitz Lee and
Ci in Martin contest, tehan one of bena
or Martin's I neilds rem*, k il thai Sena
or Martiu harbored no animosity and
vivs nsiag his be/.t emUavors to have
jen. Lee appointed a major general or
osonio other high position in the Fed
?ral army for tho invasion of Cuba.
"Yes."was the retort of Lee'e admirer
'Tom Martin's patriotiam is _o great
that he is willing lo shed every e!ro,
>f blood in Fitz Lee's body."
Both the method and results whan
Syrup of Figs is taken; it is pleasaat
and refreshing to the taste, and sets
Mil y jet promptly on tho Kidneys,
Liver and Eowils, cleanses the syn
tem ?.Tactually, dispels colds, head?
ache* and fevers and enrea habitual
constipation. Syrup of Figs is the
only remedy of its kind ever pro?
duced, pleasing to the taste and ac?
ceptable to the stomach, prompt in
its action and truly beneficial ia ita
affects, prepared only from the moat
healthy anet agreeable substances, itu
many excellent qualities commend it
to all ami have made it tb* moat
popular remedy known.
Syrup of Figs is for sale in f0
cent bottles by all lending drag
giata. Any reliable druggist who
may not have it on hand will pro
oure it promptly for any one who
wishes to try it Do not accept any
Ltmt;__>. *'. oem rone am

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