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Vol.94. No. 22 Lexington, Rockbridge County, Virginia, Wednesday, June 1, 1898. ^ $1,50a Year
Price Competition
Ii wi v harp the ie di y.. wh anthem Iveraal
desire is, to make one dollar do the work of
two. Afalseeeoiuunywuj_f.ostHcoiisi(leratioii>
of price'only, and short-sighted merchants
OatSt the vain delusion thal all low-priced
goods are cheap. Ws do not chum the ques?
tionable distinction of selling the lowest
priced gooda Intown, but wotliinkth.'quality
of our goods in any line compares favorably
with anyotherat same price. And the steady
and continued growth of our business, during
the three years we have been here, testifies
to the appreciation of that fact by our pat
Our present business has been built up on
these principles, viz:
Good goods at fair prices.
All goods as represented, or your
money back if you want it.
All goods marked in plain figures,
and ono price to everybody.
Ws cannot claim the beal. largest or cheap?
est stock in town, because we don't know
what our neighbors have, but wc invite you
to give us the opportunity to show and price
our goods to you. and wo tliink they will
commend themselves to your best Judgment
The latest arrivals in our stock are
IHTK ski UTS. black and navy bim
A beautiful line of MISSES'and CHILD
REN'S SHOES and SLIPPERS, of the cele
bruted M.w.o.nky muk.'-* 1.00, $1.23, -.1.50.
MKX'S "Wear Resister" siloKS. norn
better, we think, nt 11.80, $2.00 lo 18.00.
BOY'S DON-SOLA 8HOE8, $1.80, $1.78
and *'i.00.
We have sold moro silks this season than
ever, and we think lt ls because they are
cheaper than we have ever had them.
Note these:
24-lnch China Silk, black and colors, 80s.
28-ineh China Silk, black only, 80c.-Ex?
cellent quality, both.
ID-inch two* toned Taffetas, 78o,
1!)-inch black Taffeta, GOc.
24 inch Satin Duchess, i?1.00.
24-inch black Arniure, $1,00.
Paney silks la _*reat varistor, and s choice
line of Brocades (black.) at 00, 78 and $1.00
Our Grocery Department is of increasing
interest. Sugar has advanced some, and
may go yet higher. Coffee ls higher in the
wholesale market; ours have not advanced.
Flour is also up, but we can still supplyTOOT
wants at reasonable prices. Canned Fruits
and Vegetables and Evaporated Fruits of all
Main Street,
Opp. Presbyterian Church.
?>ho_io 59.
* Irwin M Co.
Set of Harness
Here you will find the largest and finest assortment of lll'OGIES and CAKHIAGES,
as well as a full and complete K..e of HARNESS cheaper than ever
offered on this market. Call and bo convinced. Don't forget wo have
Wagons, Plows, Harrows, and Everything the
Farmers Need in this Line.
Remember I have not neglected my
-4 Grocery Department. ??
wTfTpTe rson.
Corner Main and Henry Streets.
167*Ask for our "Treaties on Stock." Free.
In addition to our
complete line of
H ardwarE
we are carrying all kinds of fanning
Implements ajul Machinery.*
We are agents for the following well-known machines:
Deering Harvester Co.'s {S'Sef "'"?
Thomas WV g. Co.'s {__&? *s2_?_,tU~ ^
A mprif>an IT fl rm w Tn 'g /tat^-m**!. spring Tooth _____)!
AllltlUjdll IL Ul I U>> \j[)t O 1 row and Cultivator combined.
In the way of Implements and Tools we
have the Keystone Corn Planter, Five Tooth
Cultivators, Single and Dof*ble Shovel Malta
Plomt&c. . .
Be sure and sectus before Jon place an order. AVe can furnish you bottom
prices on anything in our lins. * A Respectfully,
The Owen hardware taipan)1,
(Opposite the new court house,)
.ul har. sold direct to tha c n
? amcr fur _. vf.n at whol.
i_Ja price*. ..nine bim tha
.i.alar'? profit.. Ship any..
where for examination.
E.arythiag warrant...
118 r'.t.-?? of V.hiclai,
.'?'. ??v:?a of llaraeu.
Top ling (nee. Ml to |70.
Snrreje, |S_ to|125. Carria
'_.._, I'-aef.m, Trapi, Wagon.
altai, Spring-Road an. Milk
Wagoni. MawamfM Ko. .06 Borrer. Mm, wh_._r.alne. taupe, na
Catalogue of all otu etjlee. ebel_. apron an a fendare, l_0. a. tool aa Milator \V).
Ba. Tl. tn-my Ht-o-n fri-e, |1* 00.
Ai i?e_ ai win for lu.
ELKHART CA__J__ue__ ami uabakss uro. co. w. o. i-hatt, __s.>, ku_uanr. !_____.
_[4 Best Location in the city?adjoining New City Hall U_
M and Capitol Park. ?''"
H Table unsurpassed by any in the BnrtL ?&
American or European plans.
I Mcdowell & ford,
iO-wnors **&!*/?& namers. &
F04_'-Dr!_0T--J!__.llkJ'th? P,-Mn* ?=">"?l?--27 YEARS of conu.iiwii. and mi
I ._?.'__I__ j_______L___?___!?I*nd.??c??Now occupYiiij. four b?4I_Unat?Sundi ____ri.?)_d
EhcliXM-ulXJS^^ {ot ?SS?" Rft- ta d-cldta|"Sa .
..?S?^_r_fU.^_____J?_E5?E_HT_,*..,h0*lld ?* ,he" to TUK Tartar, beccna. it p_*_Tll
r_xj '?qou'? I" axpa__dl_??e of a few dollin mm* at Int, built will pro. a tha ei.epeat latb. ac .
toeceMfOl mai aft.
ii tor f *. Oma
all iirnllu ina-i._t.o___ combinad. OaUJ-??a ?ad part! .ulai* _u__,l ed N application
__.?.*__?__?';__?: tLm^BmV** Pr**"d?"t- ??* *>??-?*: ? F. A. SADLER, u**mutr.
?BUSINESS COLLECT 6.8. IO A 12 H.CharCa St.. 8At_TIM0ftt,*_K.
$1.39 )
buys this (exact) "ea"*
tho Urgent size
ever made ; per fm
dozsn, {M.BO. V!**
Our new li---a]*|
page catalogue m?
containing Fur- fm
nlture, Drap?- VJ**
rles, Crockery. g\
Jlaby Carrlagss, "JV
Kefrlgerators, fm.
Stoves, Lamps, ^^
Pictures, Mir- m\
ror.i. Bedding, otc. ls yours for tho
asking. Special a
sued are also free
asking. Special supplements Just la* fm
ed ure also froo. Wrlto to-day. v"*
graphed colors ls also mailed free.
Write for it. If rou wish samples, fm
send 8c. stamp. Matting samples also V^
mailed for He. All Cnrpela ?t?nl gi
free thia month and fr*.|Kiit ^J
paid on 00 parcDases andover, (m
buys a mado-toyour-meas
uro All-Wool Cheviot Suit,
exprcssago propaid to your
station, write for free cata?
logue and samples. Address
(exactly as below), ??,. ,
Dept. 909. BALTIMORE, MD.
39 r
Make Home Look liitiunr amd
CiiutnriL by Taintinci
Evefytliinj^ tlint needs painting. If
roar house needs painting don't put it
if!*, eome and nee our paints and get
mr juices and guarantee. We giiaran
tee our Taint to give perfect satisfaction.
We carry a large line of Longman
I Martinez Taints, Turu White Lead,
Linseed Oil, Varnishes, Brushes, Hand
linish Carriage Uld Baggy Taints--in
four different colors?all colors of Do?
mestic Taints, in small cans, Wood
Stains, White Enamel and Radiant
G.old Tauit.
?VstfTWe are headquarters fur every?
thing in the Taint line, and we give
ti ft ?rmiitioii free.
Lexington, Vi
Drug Co.
Change of Place.
Ins rciiKiv.'d his fi'f.sii iiie.it maree, to tin'
omer of Washington and .Jefferson streets
old stand of D. Welsh A Cd. j and baa i-??ii
olidatfd thc trish ineal bodlieM with the
iroccry inisiiicss formerly carried on by l>.
Velsh & Co.
TIM ?*lvle (if th" lleW fll'lll Will lie]
Welsh, Deaver & Co.
Full stock ol all kinds of fresh meats. Thc
ecsl quality and greatest .aricty tbat ian Ot
We had spring landis killed on the LMth of
lin. h. That was earlier than ever ottott
ti this market
We make the beat BA PHAGE in town no
dultcration In seasoning, no strings In
AVill have a fine lot of cattle Bril of month
ought of O. W. ..flinger. They are the beat
ll tlHWOl.T.tV, nolie cxcejiteel.
Will have' Dressed Chickens all the jeni
rresh Fish and Oysters
re icec'ived daily except .Monday.
We have from 8,000 to 10,000 pounds of
lacon of our own curing, and will lune s. nice
nt ofWelsh'H Canvased Hums on thc market
i a snort time.
GsTDoa't forgot wt-sell Pur* Country Lard,
ur own make.
Our new rooms an* the most convenient
Dd beat adapted in town for conducting the
i*at and grocery business. We have plenty
f room nnd polite employees to wait on our
ustomers. Call and see us.
Cor Washington and .lefTerson Btv.
?PHONE NO. 88.
o housekeepers?
.iebig CONNY'S
ixtract of Beet
tollinf how to prepare many delicate
and delicious dishes,
ddros. LleUgCo., P.O. Boxf718, New York
ror Salo
ch(.)-3n. Lexington, Va
' "W TANTED.?Several good familia
K/ \s with a number of >{lrls to work
in nanning factory. Tho mon
n get land to farm, or can mt work
Roaring Ran, Botetourt County, Taj
>b 23 1868]
?i V.I'.iTt L. ALS AM
BBs'-* >"?'"?'*-**?-* -'"' '????'?''?** *?? >
HPy*?^.'-;)'r^?,aM a liei.ti.aal |rowtV
rOTtd i:%:t ** i
.*?..- --iaaaS:
Kt.. .??': IrAi. -PILLS
IL ' .??..".-.
V*V* ,, ' ? ' ' *iM
Jv .... 1 ... .".. ,
*-t ,|), .:, ('lat,.
? -UlUli". I '_"
To do what eeems right may invo've
i extru si niggle Hoinet'm's.JJ'iit one
ay be sure that in tho long roxx it
ill bring the most happine--,-.
Of tliis i-.ln.nil m wric-* anya: There
h one UQgn'tr thing about the island
i'i which it differs from every other of
ita -ire in the irorM. There uro no in
1 genoas qtudrapt-tl' and very few wild
birds, the larbert being the] arro'. The
i ;l;iii 1 malus np, however, foi it-t lack of
native (iiKulriipeus by tho a .lonishiug
abundance and sizo of its nits. Theso
animals were unknown iu Porto I.ico
until imported by Ihe Sp* iards, Imt
now they aro the pest of e.ci ,- hon.e
ho'il, the bane of evety p'ailer, for
while they will devour indiscriminately
anything eatable, they have a penchant
for sugar and sugar cane, and .nany an
unlucky p'a'.ter has gun ont to 1 is
field- in the morn ng t_> d senor that
hi_ ent re crop ha- boca ri ned Ly a
?warm of ra s, fie roden s g awing off
the [sta ks at the bott >m in order lo
s ick the juice--, for th- Span sh rat has
a sw. et tooth, and knowe a good thing
win n he nstes if.
Whether on pleasure bent or business,
lake on rvery I rip r bottle >f Syrup of
Figs, as it acts mo t pliusiinUy and
_ifoo.ua] y on the kidney-', liver and
Dowels, preventing fevers, headaches
ind other forms of sickness For sale in
">() cent botilcs by all lead ng druggists.
Manufactured by the Cilifornia Fig
-.-.rup Co. only.
Five kittens of a cat owned by Mrs.
V. Muhlenbiug, of netti Hancock, Md.,
Neve drowned. The od cat mourned
.while for her departed r.nd then went
o thc Moods and brought home soven
,-oung rabbits wi Ml sh- has adopted
md which are thriwng.
A powdtt tn lu1 slutki'ii into tho shoes. At
his Mmon your feet f'-'l swollen, nervous
mil hot, and gel Hied MIT. If you havt?
marting (eel ot tlghl Mme... try Allen's Foot
CeeOb It cools Um feet and makes walking
e\ay. ('uri's swollen ami s-.rating feet, Mis?
ers iiml 1'iilloiis spot-. Relteree corns and
.unions nf all pata anil gives rest and corn
oil Try it to-day. Sold ly all drngglsts
iinl shoe stoles for Mr. Trial packaKe
TOBE. Address, Allen S. Olmsted, Le
toy, N. Y.
A constitutional amendment bas been
tdop.ed by Congress changing tho date
if commencement of the presidential
songrOfliona] terms of office from
darch 4 to May 4. The resolution will
jesuliiniited to thc Legislatures of tho
everal State- for ratification.
sutps-i rn ha ;i 11 ira
?___ Mothers!
THE discom?
forts and
dancers of
child-birth can
be almost en?
tirely avoided.
relieves ex?
pectant moth?
ers. It gives
puts them in
condition to do their work
perfectly. That makes preg?
nancy fess painful, shortens
labor and hastens recovery after
child-birth, lt helps a woman
bear strong Lealtby children.
has also brought happiness to
thousands of homes barren for
years. A few doses often brings
joy to loving hearts that long
for a darling baby. No woman
6hould neglect to try it for tills
trouble. It cures nine cases out
of ton. All druggists sell Wine
of Cardui. Ji.oo per bottle.
For sdvlce In cases requlrlnr speettl
directions, address, rlvlnj symptoms.
Ike " Ladle*' Advisory Dapartmant,
The Chattanooga MeJicln. Co.. CtutU
noosa, Tenn.
of j.fT-rton, Gi., MfM
"Whan I first look Wins of Cardui
we hid barn mirrlnd thru* yesrs, bul
could not have any children, nins
months liter I had . line girl biby."
Jlean, Good and Cheap,
A "PICK OP DIRT" is noon consumed
timm, eating tometoei from the average
unary. Ask your groom tor
,oii want UM h-gheef fancy grade on ths
irki't. Our other brands are all nice, clew
Homing Hun, HoUtourt Co., V#.
"I take pleasure in saying to those wko
,nt good, elem, tomatoes, that I havo never
?ii any fanned moro cleanly than at tb*
?tory at Hotting Hun, Ya.
?IAMKS HURDY, President^
First National Hank, buchanan, \T
h lg, ISM.
inion Teachers' Agencies of America
Itsl.urg, l?a ; Toronto, Canad..; New
Orleans, La.; N?^v York, N. Y,;
lushington, 1)^ ; San Fran*
e seo, Cal. j Chicago. 111.;
St, Louis, o.. and
Denver, Col,
i/ei ?? are tliousaiuls of positions to be
lilied witlliD tl'ti i_ext_ few months.
Ad li ess all abdications to
july U ly
to which thc Expectant Mother is
exposed and thc foreboding and
dread with which she looks for?
ward to thc hour of woman's
severest trial is appreciated by but
few. All effort should bc made
to smooth these rugged places
ia life's pathway for her, ere she
presses to her bosom her babe.
allays Nervousness, and so assists
Nature that the change goes for?
ward in an easy manner, without
such violent protest in the way of
Nausea, Headache, Etc. Gloomy
forebodings yield to cheerful and
hopeful anticipations?she passes
through the ordeal quickly and
without pain?is left strong and
vigorous and enabled to joyously
perform thc high and holy duties
now devolved upon her. Safety
to life of both is assured by the
use of ?? Mother'a Friend, and
thc time of recovery shortened.
"I know one lad**, the mother of three
children, who suffered greatly in the
birth of each, who obtained a bottle of
'Mother's Friend' of me before her
fourth confinement, and was relieved
quickly and easily. All agree that their
labor was aborter and lesa painful.11
John 0. Polhill, Macon, Qa.
SI.OOPERBOTT'.Ratall Dmr 8 to ra..
or .ont by express on r.o.ipt Of price.
BOOKS Containing Invalnabl. Information nf
CD CC Interest to all women, will ba sent to
rntfc hit address apo. application, bj
No one who saw the tawdry finery
of his tinsel trappings and the cheap
appointments of tho famous Signor
Sklvutoi i:i as single handed and alone
be piepared tho paraphernalia for bis
tight-rope performance which had
brought him his glory would bavo over
imagined that there was time or space
in his busy lifo for romance. The
signor was a peripatetic perambulator
of the rope, and his fit ld of perform?
ance ^lay in count ly towns, where it
was his wont to stretch his narrow
pathway across a street from roof to
roof of houses whose owners were wil?
ling to extend tbat privilege to him in
sxchaoge for tickets to "Tho Great and
Only Megatberion Concert," which fol?
lowed the outdoor exhibition. Yet ho
bad a romance, and there was in it
those elements which ono greater than
Signor Sulvatoria might ^easily have
?.rystalized into a melc-draina that
would have stirred the applause of a
.hcusaud galleries.
"The greatest ac I ever done," he
tatd, with a natural and easy disregard
>f accent and syntax, "I done in an
}hio town ahout ten yoars ago. I was
1 ng my turi, thero for a week, and
t ,vas the county fair season, and I
ras following their trail like a s'euth,
or thpy brought people to town and
lelped my business, never nono too
food. Tho third night ot my per
ormancp, which was a half-hour ex
libition in mid-air before tho concert
ad begun, I had gone up on the roof
o get things ready, and while I was
ottering around enuggin' up the rope
nd seeing that there wasn't any loose
ogs to bo dropping, I heard a screech
p through the scuttle hole leading to
be roof, and the next second out
opped a woman like one of theso here
imping jacks. It gave mo a hard pull
n my nervop, but I flew over to soe
*hat the matter was. It was my land
idy?and here I want to Bay that
hen I stow for any tiing in a town I
0 to a boarding-house where I can
et a rate that Jwon't break me. Got
2 do it in this line. Can't give it all
1 railroads and hotels*
"In this ca60 I not only stopped at
bil boarding-house, but the landlady
st me stretch my rope from her roof
a the root of tho house across the way,
? it wns tho main street of tho town,
, wa-; convenient a'l the way round
)r mc The only drawback was that
ie lady had a half-crazy hu-baud that
ever had done anything for bor when
o bad his senses, aud now she had to
upport him And take his abuse of her
very timo ho got a jealous fit, which
?a-* every time sho bad a new boarder
lat was -myth ng for looks and style."
Signor Salvatoria stopped a moment
t this remark, stroked his littlo chin
biskcrs and smiled rolrojpectively.
"Sho had only been polite to me be
uitso I had bein polite to her, os any
ent should be when there is a grotty
oman around, and the landlady
as tho prettiest little woman, about
i big ns a piece of soap, I had met.
"As a was saying, when I got to ber
ie had slung tho cover to the scuttle
:>.e over it aud was sitting on it with
jr jaw set and trying to stick her
ies into the roof to help hold it do. .1.
i a mighty few words she told me h,r
lsband was on the chase after ber
ith a hatchot to ! ll her,and ho would
) up from below in a minute. She
ain't as lad scored as I was, for I
idn't have much experience in that
nd ot huAmm Mri didn't know whit
to do. I didn't Lave anything to de?
fend myself or h* r with, t ither, and
Ihe morel began t_lhnk how many
things that thero were that was more
dangerous than walking j. tight-rope
50 feet above tho earth, and me as ia
nocent n__ a babe. The little womau
told me to bring a barrel half Jul of
saud there was os or iu ono c.r.ier of
the roof, and we'd set it over the cover
of the scuttle to hold i. down. I d ne
it as fast as I could, and when we ha.l
tho barrel thero and about fixed, the
crazy husband came -dashing up with
his hatchet, As luck would have it,
the sand fell in on him aud knocked
him off the ladder below, and the tar
rel got stuck iu tho hoU, ao tho little
womau and me had a minut j to think,
and she done the thinking.
'?Are you afraid?' says she."
'- 'dome,' says I, nodding toward the
scuttle hole.,'
" 'I mean of me?' mys she smiling."
" "Not much,' Bays I."
*? 'Are you strong?' s.ys she."
" 'That's part of my act,' says I."
"Bat not against a crazy man with a
hatchet," says I, wondering what she
would do next and about how long it
would be till the crazy man was on
deck with his tomahawk gleaming tu
the air.
'"Then,'says she, "grab hold of me
right quick and carrv me across Ihe
rope over lo Mrs. Peck's house so's my
husband won't get at me with that ax.
"She had more not ve in a minute
than 1 had in a week, but when she
said that, my professional pride come
to me, and without any more talk I
reached for my balancing pole, and
Hooping down so -ho could get on my
back, which she didn't 1 Le vo y much.
[ made a quick run f r the end of the
rope just as the o.azy lu .and came
jut of the scutt e through the barrel
ind tumbled down on the roof half
(mothered with saud. I told her to
iold tight and do the prayin' for both
)f us, and 1 thought I could get her
-hrough ?afe. I don't know how I
-Vfr got on the rope with her on my
jack, for that wasn't the woy my pro
ossion done business, but I got there,
ind as I shot out with the woman
tlicging to me the people in tbo streets
_elow set up such a yell as I never
leard before, and I come near losing
ny balance, for 1 knew, as they didn't,
vhy this feature tbat wasn't on the
(ills waa being showed.
"The crowd yelled about twice, and
hen all of a sudden got so still I could
ear the little woman's heart beat,
loy way, I thought I could, but may le
t was my own. I knew when they
?ere dono that the crowd had seen the
ian on tho roof with the hatchet, and
ecognized him, for all the people ia
he town knew tho kind of fellow he
rae. At the same time tho crowd got
till something came to me telling me
o nerve myself, for the crazy man
rould cut the rope and drop me and
ly load in the street, to be crushed
ito a shapeless mass, and I carno near
itting go and dropping before I was
ropped. I couldn't Bea what waa go
lg on behind me, and all the little
-oman knew she was whispering to
te to go ahead, because we were safe
' I only kept my path. I didn't know
hother she thought about the man
ith the hatchet or not. Likely she
id. It wasn't her to mention it,
lough, under them circumstances.
"While I was flunking about him
itting the rope I wis getting along it
>ward the safe end aa fast as I
mid, the little woman hanging on till
ie nearly choked me, but it didn't
ort, and I was standing it beautiful.
I'i funny how a man will find pleasure
i life where there's so much in sight
tat ain't, and I nearly forgot the man
ith the hatchet thinking ab ut the
.Ile woman's arms holding tnt i my
.ck as the ono hope of her life. But
was only for a second ; then I felt ?
ir on tho rope and I choked and
aced myself, for I was sure the crazy
an was beginning to cut, and I knew
at three or four licks would be
tough. I waited for tho second jar,
it it didn't come, and iu i's place
.mo a spring to the rope, as if a
light had been takon off of it, follow
i by a swishing sound and a dull Hud
i the sidewalk 50 feet below us. At
ie tho same time tho ero . d aent up a
omi as if every pei son in it waa hurt,
lidn'i know for sure what had hap
ned, but I guessed that the crazy
in, like most any crazy person or a
id dog, only had room iu his mind
r one thing at a time, and when that
ia there there wasn't space <or any
ore. He wanted to kill _ns wife and
e only way he know how to do it wa?
lli tho hatch.). by cutt'Ug her to
ecce. It did n t stri e him th .t he
uld kdl her by cutting tho ropo and
ta. i'?t
Um Royal ls tb. hiqa..t fraw. k.ki.S OtmOwr
koowa. At mal L.t. adMea- lt ??** ?****>
talc ct fsrtlMt- th., .ar *tW .-sse*,
Awtajuttiy Pura
aoraa *??ca NIHI c*.. aa* voa*.
le'.ting her drop to the ground. Xhavt
was too much for him- He knew an
ea*ier way, and, aa sho was out thero
on tho rope not 40 feet from bim, he
would go out there and kill her. Crazy
people have such a crazy way o( doing
things don't they? He did, and when
ho tc ok his second step ont on the
rope he went over and down to his
death. That's what bad made tha
rope spring back. I gueBS the Jittlo
tv oman must have felt tbat something
awful had happened, though she never
said a word, becauso when I at hut
stepped safe on to the roof and tha
crowd yelled a hundred times loader
than they did before they knew what
they were ye'ling about, the little
women let go her hold around ray neck
and dropped at my feet in a dead faint;
aud 1 didn't blame ber, either ; it waa
time for somebody to faint, and if sha
hadn't done it I would,sn rr pop. Her
doing it gave me someth ng else to
think about, and I got her downstairs
as quick as I could, where lhe woman
took charge of her and soon brought
her out all right.
"I guess the v's all tho-e is t> it"
?smiled tbe signor, picking up bis bal?
ancing pole and pointing to a date
lino and some initials on it. "This is
the one that steadied u, over, and the
little women had them put on there
when she became the blushing bride
of Signor Sal via loria," and tbe si0nor
bowed with a sweep tl at would have
entranced en audience of million*.
The smallest book in the world is
five-eights of' an inch long, seven-six?
teenths of an inch wide and three*
eights of an inch thick. It contains
205 pages of tbe finest type imagina?
ble, so small that the point of a pin
would cover a single letter; in fact, a
magnifying glass is required to reid
tho volume. This little work is in the
possession of Charles Scribner's Sons,
who keep it in an envelope. Tbe book
does not cover a dime, and you could
;ut three leaves for it out of a 2-cent
postage stamp.
- . m. a m.
Cascarets stimulate liver, kidneys and
bowels. Never slckefl, weaken or gripe
The mountain people of North Caro?
ma and Wost Virginia are said ti put
tait ia their shoes in order to keep oft
.ho witches. Bancroft relates tbat one
)t the aboriginal tribes of North Amer
ca refrains from eating salt, ia the bel?
ief that it turned tbe bair white.
Colorado Springs boasts of being tbe
quietest town in the country. No
?burch bells are rung there, and no
-Thistles are blown. A local paper ad?
mits tbat dogs bark at night in Colora
lo Springs, as they do everywhere else.
Lint it adds tbat "when they run about
?hey make no noiso with their feet in
die sandy soil"
n Hun ff mmpm
ia Aoo mot ooly to aka orlsriaallt/ tad
--itnplJ.lt j ot tha ?ttar-.blaattoa, but also
to th* otto and still with which lt la
.*aaB.*V?t?r.4 ty aciutifla pw?i
known to tba CetaUIOMU 1*10 Sruvr
Co. only. Md wa Wish to tnapraw-. upon
all tha Im-at-eTtoaoa of ourohoMlog th*
tm* aad orifiaal ramad/. Aa tha
gan ilia* ?tffwf ot |%i la naatteftaatorad
by tha CauaowiA Wot Bingo Co.
only, a knowl-*4*-*? ot tbat Ski will
aaaiat ob* ta araMta** toa ?aroriU-aaa
imitation* mnnmnmowmM t>r ?*?**?**?*?*<- pn
Um. Tha kif h motoMmsj ot tha Cau
roMia l^ia Sracr Co. with tha osadi*
?al profsaaloa. asad tha ??*?!?#? ntl in
which tha female, tj-raprflafa ha*
rivas to nlllioaa of favatlUaa, makMs.
tha nant ot* tba Oosnpacy a f-aatuaty
or tha asaallaaaa of ita ranady. It la
{.-ur ia advaaca ot all othar Uiativaa.
aa it acta oa tha hidae/a, Hrar aad
bowela without IrrttaUaf or waahaa
ieref than, aad it d-oaa Mt tjipo nor
uauaaaU. In orel.r tofft ito b-nsaflaial
i-ffe-eto, plaaaa ronanbar tha narnu ot
Ilia <?omr*-u*7 ?

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