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Vol. 94. No. 23
Lexington, Roekbridgo County, Virginia. Wednesday, June 8, 1898.
i 81.50 a Year
is TO SELL YOU HOOD GOODS. Why. Because ll pay.
v,... to buy (hal kind, and you'll eome back and want
nora "Just iiki>" them, lt is very plea?nt to lane
people come and ask ror an article "just like I K<>t -
before,'' and we hear timi sort of thlog very often.
IT is nfl.ii sal 1 shoot our SHOES. We cany a very large Mock of Sim."-, ami cnn i'1'^"
almost anybody. We don't mark them 18.00 whoa wa ara going to sell them to***00'
or ?1.50 when they ?!? to go at tl. 28. Tm: maiikki, PSICB IB TBS ski.lino i'khk. We have
leaned by eapeiienee that a very cheap (1) ahoe ia dear at any price: k> we cont try to
keep the iowst priced shoes; bat we Kimrantee to furnish yon the hart qnaltty jrtagiren
pike, that that waa of mousy will hoy. Let's Indulge tn some ?hoo talk. lake our
for Instance We buv them direct from tho makers, ami tney claim to put in Un m <">'.V
tho best of stock, .lust so surely as a man wean- a pail of these shoes be ll want i.nothei
pair "just Uke them " Have you tried them? They are mads In a variety Of Myles, ami
cost from 11.60 to 18.00.
AS for Misses and children's Shoes, we simply have what we believe to Le 1 ii v. vkky
? he-i. They an "Moloney's," and woeda cannot express too Ugh piaise. v*'' "-N''
tested them'm.i leno* Thev ara perfect in tit. style and Bnish, and wear as wall aa inej
look. Yom eau buy shoes for less money than thes-, but none tint will please you as wsii
at any price. Bring in tho babies and ths little misses, (Maloney don't make shoes roi
boys,) and got them well shod. We h?*ra Boys'Shoes, too, bat of soother mako, imw
are not afraid to recommend them also, They are built to wear, and look well too. moora
we have seen uo belier. fl.SW to 18.00, according to size.
Iii ? ol 1 / \ V 1 Our trade in theso has been better this
jadies Mux-sand Oxfords. yearthlin last, ,Mlt 0Wj?B t?? tim rad
that we carried over a big lot from last year, we are heavily stocked up, and are oftoniij.
some extra vain .-. Some of them are planted, and we are cutting the price down to cor?
respond. Oxfords, tan and black, 7.1c. to #180. Laos and Hutton Hoots at |1.M per pair,
are specially good.
Hamknvn l?mk__?_rti_r1______-i____D We have some or the daintiest, prettiest
tl Ul (Ml I JL; IjIIIUIOHIL I ITO. patterns wo have ever had, ranging in [ince
from to, to SOc. per yard.
VAL. LACES, nt 9c. to 18c., or 20c. to #1.80 per dozen yards. Tuckings, AU overs,
and nil imtiinn of White Goods.
FANS. A thousand fans ranging from Ile. to 50c.
KID GLOVES are selling well with us. Contemeri's are tho best: don't forget them.
Elbow-length W bite Kid Gloves at |1.80.
Wo AVA fWnrmillAfl t0 nmiutain tht' hlKh sUi.dard w.. havo sot in all our
?t V, cut/ muillIlIILU business, and will make good to you anything \ve
hcII that does licit como up to our recommendation.
-V. />'. fl' you hare au account of haig shunting, }>hase furor us al once with
a settlement of it.
Set of Harness
ll.iv you will lind the largest ami flossi assortment Of BUGGIES and CA H HI AG KS.
as well ns a full and complete Una of HARNESS cheaper than ever
ottered ob this market. Call and beconrlnocd. Don't forgot wa have
Wagons, Plows, Harrows, and Everything thc
_ Fanners Need in this Lino.
Remember I have not neglected my
-*3 Grocery Department.
Corner Main and Henry Streets. LEXINGTON, VA
Bint?"Ask for our "Treaties on Stock." Free.
In addition to our
complete line of
Hardwar E
.ve are currying all kinds of taming
Implements and Machinery.
"We are agents for the following well-known machines:
Deering- Harvester Co.'s {St..-10?9'
Thornie Iff ft f'n'a filar Baba, Hw Taddari
111UJ11.I S Mt g. I Ut 8 -(a_,iDi?c Hmm
American Harrow Co.'s {";. tSSS _
In the way of Implements and Tools we
?tr., r n s^-,, 'gyfrjT*; majg,
have the Keystone Corn Planter, Five Tooth
Cultivators, Single and DouMe Shovel Malta
Plows, &C.
Be sure and see nfl before you place an order. We can furnish you bottom
prices on anything in our line. Respectfully,
The Owen JJaidware Company,
( High-Wheel, Sining Tooth Har
(Opposite the new court house,j
YI H.-INIA. cnn
., .:.??.:??:::--: - r.^.:?::', -rY::..
Best Location in the city?adjoining New City Hall ll'
and Capitol Park. \\:
Table unsurpassed by any in the South.
American or European plans. *p
Mcdowell & ford? |
'wnerso'Mena^e s m
kal have sold direct lo Iii
?amer f.r __. j nari at -hole
?ale phcei, laving him the
.?aler', proflta. Ship au j
whore for examination
K-.rit!iiii_ warranted.
ll . .'.>!. . ? f VeflMei.
SJ atrial of lUrntV
T ?; ll .iv:. ??'...!of 70,
Surreal, fit! to tl2i. Carria?
ge-, Fillet .ni, Trapi, Wagon
ettea, Spring-Koad an. Milk
Ho.Tl.. Surra? Harnell. Price,|lt.oo. Warm, Send for larg?, frto Xe eoe Sunej. Frlee, with enrlalai lampe ?_?.
A, ?o_d a. am Tor ps Catalogue of ail our njki. ahade, apron and (ender.. Pk il__MM___M__rp_E
ELKHART **"**___.;_. _..>? ____.__.-._.?* ure. co. w. n, _ kati. ?___>, *_______u_x. ina
$1.39 |
litiysthisc'ex.ict) VIJP
K.'iM.'in Kocker, m\
the largest eize Wa
?-vcr miltie ; per fm
dozen, fll.no. VaT
Our new ii---fa]|
pairo catalogue Wt
containing Kur- fm
niture, Drape- V^
I irs. Crockery. {fla"*)
llaby Carriage*, Wt
I.'cfiir'-riit orri, fm
stoves, Lampe, >^
Pictures, Mir- -au
rora, Deriding, etc., ls yours for tho ^/
i Raking. Special suppiementa Jmt is- fm,
suet! are nlRo free. Write to-day. >^
?jraplied colors ls also malled freo. ^/
Write for it. If you wish sample*, fm
send 8c. stamp. Matting samples also V-Z*
mailed for He All <*nrpe>t? leeweel m\
free lilla i.Ill nml frrll;ltt ^J
imliloii HO purrlm-ici i.liel utrr. (m
buys a made-to-your-meas
uro All-Wocel Cheviot Suit,
?exprcssasro propaid to your
station. Writo for freo cata
logue and siimples. Addre98
(exactly as below),
Dept. 009. BALTIMORE, MD. <
Change of Place.
Ins removed his fresh meatmarkci to Uk
?omer of Weashington and Jefferson strecta
old stand of D. Welsh*Co. and linc- eon
?olidatnl the fresh meal business with the
;nicei". businees formerly carriedonbyD.
cVelsll'.V Co.
The Style Ol the new li;lil will Ice
Welsh, Deaver & Co,
Kuli stock of ml kinds of fresh meats. The
icst (nullity and gn atesl variety thal can be
We hud spring lambs killed on tho 24th of
latch. That was earlier limn Cur before
l this i: ark.!,
Wo make the bes! BAU8AGE In towi.
(liilteratitiii in acateoning, no strings In
Will have a line lol of eaiilc lii.-i of month
ought of *0. W. Efflnger. They are tho best
i tho county, linne excepted.
"Will have' Di.'sm d Chickens all Ihe year
rresh Fish and Oysters
ra iccei'.e .I ela:!-, ? xoepl Mondny.
We have from fl.OOO to 1" 0 U po
aeon of te ur e cw n caring, .lied wi il lia \ e a nice
t ofW.'Isle's Canvased flams on thc nuke!
n snort tiine.
?'?'' Don't fotgei iresell PureCounlry I*ard,
ir own make
Our new looms are the mont convenient
id best adapted in town for conducting the'
eat und grocery business. Wo have plenty
room .-i11<I (collie employees lo "frail on our
istoineis. Call and BOO BS.
Cor Washingtoo and Joffetnon Stn.
'PHONE NO. 88.
iENT Free
*> housekeepers
xtract of Beet
30013L -OOO Ve -
telling how to prepare many deheati
and delicious dishes.
dress. l.ici,i.-Co.. P.O. Box8718,NewYorl
?2 FAVOR ll
0 host roi
SWEET ????$. one 1 U OJ
each variety for on./ P ?.*
aaa eba ne.... ol Ta* F.i'.ceei. 0 or- ?
IntJtwllluR** copje of inna C.UIe.ue
HU [', I. kimUCOTT. lit ll>lt> tlaral 1*.. Pl.-.af y
'?""?"". i
loneap^:.. Kim ]
?Tkl-fTiriti-}'* Knciian t/./vntr .' '" .-anti.
J asl
? ? " ll/l . a." I,'. .....
^ ii^r^v,.,, .vi, ?...-.
^a _..v ,. . ?. ? ? -... ; .:* V>
Wi UfoX .- -
i, .' ?',,'''
fr ,:..:?? v:
-ru-' I ...... ..< . .
'?VJ to ..; i -? ?
.nt t
-fffiektW*. ?. ?? ed CJIOWia.
^J-T. Jrr.-a--. 7 . . ? -.1 ?:? Or.iy
1 'C. .. -. , ? -
I a , , ...; , ,-,
lean, Good and Cheap,
. "FECK OF DIRT" is soon cousin,id
those eating tomatoes from the avorage
nery. Ask your grocer for
ni wont the highest fanoygrade on the
ket. Our other brands are all nice, clean
J. lt. C. coMl'.wv.
Roaring Run, Botetomi Co., Vt
I inki> pleasure in sayiug to (hose wi.,,
it good, clean tomatoes, Unit I have never
i any canned mote cleanly tann ni tbe
orv nt Eaoarlns Hun. \:\.
.IA .MKS MUNDY, President
Fiisi National Hunk, Buchanan, Va
c 15, IH'.IH.
30000 Briols.
L9-3ii: I.o\ini*((iii, Vu,
W TAUTED. Boreral good fnmillo
f \X with a number ol gida to work
** in panning tudory. The men
get land to (ann, or can get work
Ronring Hun, Botetourt County, \'n"
23 ISM
win bf vinu
? f
. ai
wi tl
Hers, Science, Law, Medicine, Enpineerlnf-.
?aaalaa bi-aiaa ).*>iii s..pi.i,,t,?i.
rultlon In Ac'.'i.l.iiiiicil Sclitiiils ,'rce |g Vnniiiiiiiia.
r catalutiiu'H aUdre*.
P. 8 BARRINGER, Chairto.a,
UV I | \..K N hi MM Ht.
Oli, ye". And 1 forgot io d'you.
V<> i I do_? vim- old tome i- to ba mar?
ried in ' ny .'
?ls I, . V. li cbf
?You i ad a good many, 1 adi! j o it
Will.-ii" ?!'
?Let li e si . .Madeline i\ army.
Ob, yu tell me, i ter. I' .1 to - bred
lo -ne s. Tl at ratlroa ! has- 1J1.1 on mo
nil 0 j ii ces injtlfl last I lindie I n ilts.
' .WU, then, if you'ic too liivd to ex
cit jrojr mind?Edna llan.0111!'
?() 11 And she marries-V
'li b Brist 1, of all 11.en. Ol 1 enough
to be her Eathe**, isn't he?'
Coi tr ll had I ee-i away live years
in Hie \YeM, and had just ma ie u 'ong
journey iii ord 1 t'- sp-i d t>o . r three
week- at linnie with his ii oil er and
sister. He had come lie', it seemed
to l.iir.mrch more than live yi ars older
lian h. was wh'n he 1 ft. There was
iipii him now the stead-, in- pre_sur?
of lai ge responsib liti s, for Lo was
very near to being the l.e d of a large
btuinetts entnrpiiso. All that ho saw
?even thc faces of his rn thcr and
.istt r?reminded him i f w hat ho had
bein when his ives last fell upon thoso
icclos and th.so face-, and he found
limself, ns ho stretche 1 nt full length
ni (lie lounge, wondoiiug how he
?ould ever havo been so frivoloup, and
oj 011 sly careh si of con ecpiences in
'venthinf/ns he had 1 cen in thedays
hut DO! seemed to Lim to belong to a
ho dim distance ff history.
'Sowoinii cat forget rometimes.you r
ic,' his sister was condining her talk. tt
Lob's iii' ughls were v a'.idering back j.
_) tho past. PieS'iil'y ho exclaimed
' men ha. suddei ly, 'Hy jingo! Claro,
believe I had .-onie liing. Let mo
:?'.-. When il) \on suv Edi.a is lo be
ifirried..' Ma.'. ?
?M .Idle of May, I beliere.'
?" ct
'And this the un .lill- ? of Apiil. BJ ,
nee! J wondai abet'-er I ought to ,
ike it to he-, or 1 end .!'.-'
'That's your Beeond 'bj Jiogo' in one
mut". .Si ni ? ut? Wedding pres- rp
'l\ . I
?Eh.' _is, ul ci r.c 1 must send a .
edding pitaent. I I no v Bristol quite
il1. He's iu ol 'er man limn I am, q
n't ber W(
Thai ( vt liing Ci Iva (J i tr. 1 unpack- 1
I 1 big 'tatbir trunk in Ihe privacy
bia own room, IE took out a tin
ix thal lot ked ai if it Lad boon de- ??
_;nt il originally to In ld cash. He
iii rl.i d that bi x and took out jack- ?
e alter package of carefully tied up , ?
pen reo iptm cam elied notes, *
-.noranda of maur kinda Under all
l.e was a li attn r-ia-ed dagueirotype
I is motl er East of all, under tho ,
ie, was snine tissue j aper, and neatly .
dod 111 the Uaai e paper, were a pair
tory nunh fn'c i lid kIoto*.
Ccrtre'l took ? ni tbe tissue paper Hjll
eka e. leplaced 'he dagueirotype,
9 various I um les of memoranda, afy
Helled no'is, r CO pta, and other th,
tinea, di.cuni'nts, locked the tia fa
x, and at down lo think, eV(
He'aid ihe fade I gloves on the foi
le \.riling tulle before him loc
iw ii]) atdiair, resting his elbows on wit
1 table, and sup., i ted his head on wii
two 1 au's. Aa tbe faint odor of as
B dis int. ri cd gloves came to h's <
drils, a siul. h ? f of nmusement.ha'f \y
tcndcri.e-.s p'aved over his face. wi.
But tho que t on is, how the douce by
I to do it?" I e siid aloud to him- ft<r_i
[ after some minutes of this brood- BOr
I he smile on his face glow moro and <
intender. Presently he sighed,nnd <x*e
n he spoke again to himself. the
mt has ha. nothing to do with now, (]0i
man. That was long ago. Yes, cou
1 can't ko< p these I lungs now. You've .
it to do.' mir
_ ina Bars ni crt linly had beena IHiH
le dinoonfl rtod when tho neel <;
u to her that her bwe theart of five ]y.
?s before hid suddenly mado Ilia _]
iearat.ee ia tho lown just at tho tho
e when her eng.ijemenl tc. Bristol *]
I been made publ c. She wos nd this
div conacioofl of any fo ling for tim
vin Ci rlre 1 that (ould have been Jrrc
-tined aa disloytd'y lo hr liancp, * hi
she knew only to 1 Wei. how reek- lom
ly tongues will wig in a small town, ]>
?ie each man's? r iron au's busi- wftH
? is tbe buaincaa of all and, con- iii,r
liing rosny things, Coit ell'ssud- iug
1 Pl 1 ounce just then, after cou- iiTs
ons nb_.enco of J3?e jcars might tine
f pianaibly be mado to boar a Brit
lificanee that would disturb tho 1
Ah cunt nt of her engagement, in^
re had betn rum.ys that Mis. and ,ueu
s CortrgH would, some time or mj,g
>r, go West to make their home pera
t Calvin, but no ono had expected casi
Every expectant mother hal
a trying ordeal to face. If she does not
what may happen.
Child-birth is full
of uncertalntiee if
Nature is not given proper auistance.
Mother's Friend
is the beat help you can use at this time.
It is a liniment, and when regularly ap.
plied several months before baby cornea,
it makes tho advent easy and nearly pain,
lees. It relieves and prevent* " morning
lickness." relaxes the overstrained mus?
cles, relieves the distended feeling, short?
ens labor, makes recovery rapid and cer?
tain without any dangerous after-effects.
Mother's Friend is good for only one
purpose, viz.: to relieve motherhood of
danger and pain.
One dollar per bottle ?l ?li -"ruf ?"????. oe
?ant by expreae on racelpt of price.
run Booti, conUlnlnc valuable informa?
tion for women, will ba Mat to any aniireea
upon application to
_ Atlaata. Qa.
U ? m ' a?i i ?
o ki:" him back in his former home.
Pidna nat before the fire two days
fter Calvin Cornell's trrival, and was
ueditatingjover these things,when Cort
oil himself entered. She was looking
3r a vi-jit not from bim but from Bob
Iristol. Nevertheless she found little
r no difficulty in meeting him with
anventional care.
At first, that is. Her old friend?or
ireethoart?lost but little time in com*
ig to the particular business of his
ill, and it certainly startlod ber when
o said, 'I am very glad I found you
?Glad?' she said. Oh, yes. "It is
ce to bc able to have a little chat,
oil me about your life out there.'
'1 cnn tell you about that at tome
ber time,' said Cottrell. 'Just at
THent I have to dischargo a duty.
b, yep. It wouldn't be right. I
juldn't Uko it, if I wero in Bristol's
?Like what? said the girl.
'This'?And he took a tiHsuo pack
0 from Lia pocket.
Edna opened the package, wonder
;. "When eIio Baw the old gloves,
ng there, with the marks of wear
niauy ytarb ago upon then), but also
uked witb the fo'ds of many other
later? years of careful keeping, a
tole procession of memories passed
foro ber mind. She was silent for
ne moments,
'What ought I to do?witb them?'
1 asked. 'I don't know. Tell me.'
Not the hast doubt ol it, tbe whole
air was excessively silly. It was
"iroughly in keeping with tbe rest
it now tin * young woman, on tbe
3 of marriage into which no one had
ced her?should be looking withe
ck of pitiful appeal in ber eyes, and
tb tears at a man who bad flirted
:b ber five years befoie. Still, silly
it was, it was so.
. 'ortre ll, on bis part, looked extreme
uncomfortable. Ho may liavj been
thing that be bad sent .bo old gloves
mail, or by messenger; but then
tin. ho may not have been altogether
ry to see that appealing look and
?so swimming eyes.
I?I don't know,' he stammered.
rli-ipH I ought not to bavo brought
rn- But I don't soe why not. I
1't seo bow 1 coull havo kept them,
lld I?'
You might havo burned thom
-htu't you?' Edna said, with a rather
chievoiH smilo.
?io I might,' Cortrell answered quick
'I givo you my word, Miss Burmun
L beg you to believe me?I never
ught of tliat.^.
'ho manifest sincerity with which
i wan said and the ingenuous blush
t accompanied tho explenation woro
si&tible. Edna Bnrsom burst into
?Maty laugh, which Cortroll was not
? in taking up.
lat at that moment the street door
opened, and then tbe door of the
arv, where these two stood laugh
ovor an old pair of gloves, and the
ant girl, in her directed and dis
tivo manner, pronounoed, 'Air.
it 1,'
hero was nothing really embarrass
?*i the situation ; the emberrasBr
it wai only apparent. The event
ht have been different if all the
ons concerned ha j looked at the
i as it should have been looked at.
while the girl, with characteristic
u. u.. ^JlttitifcilfcMllWtW
far Infcnta and Ckildraa.
flt KM Yn lan ANrap l?|ftl
cin'or, saw only ibo reality, Cornell
was for some reason, impressed cVefly
by the app arauc . Br sto', perbaps
naturally, refle te I only C rrrell's
H n' once ir ..Iced to ho tabl and,
1 fling tho glo.es, sod, wit'i eyebrows
raise ', 'A prosen f W n't you let me
into your joke'i*' *
'How are you, Br s ol?' Co. troll >aid,
bolling out hs Laod. 'I h pe you
haven't fo got., nm.'
The wont of it was tbat Edm was
still laughing. And there were tie
gloves. Bristol appeared to think tbat
the situation doa.an.hd a d splay of
quiet dignity.
'I remember you perfectly, Hr. Cor
trel1,' he said, bowing slightly. "May
I auk a,.ain what amuses you so much?'
Edn . became Heriots in a moment,
snd as she bec uno serious he became
?It isn't very much of a joke, Mr.
Bristol,' si e said. 'If you insist on
having it, however, Mr. Cortrell has
just found an o'd pair of gloves of
mine . ias brought them to me, be?
cause it uidn't occur to him to put
them in the fire. Isn't it funny?'
'I hardly think so,'Bristol answered.
'Perhaps I might appreciate tbe joke
better if I knew where Mr. Cortrell
found these gloves.'
As Cortrell opened Lia mouth to
make sonic answer to bim, Edna, put?
ting up her hand, said : 'This _b my
business. I'm afraid you will not have
in opportunity of fu'ly appreciating
;he joke, Mr.Bristol, until you manage
:o get yourself into a better humor for
bat sort of thing.'
She very carefully folded up the
?loves and h?id them behind the clock
rn the mantelpiece, while Cortrell star
d at her and Bristol stood biting his
ether lip.
Then there was an awkward pause for
oms moments, until Cortrell said
omothing about going.
'Why, I've hardly had ten words with
ou yet, Mr. Cortrell,' Edna eaid, with
wicked g'ance at the other man.
Please don't go yet. Perhaps?per?
up- I may find something of interest
) show you, if you'll wait a little long
'Then perhaps I had better call at
>me other time,' Bristol said.
It was a very awkward situation in
m .1. Bristol co.ild not stay after this
st observation of his, and Cortrell
mid not run away after Edoa's prosa
g invitation.
Half an hour later Cortrell said.
?What do you mean by saying that
>u might find something interesting
show me?'
'Did I?' said Edna. 'Do ytu bold
e to it ? It occurred to me suddenly.
sit here.'
She ran out of the room and after a
tie while came back holding some
ing behind her,
'Do you recognize thi. ?' And she
ddenly produced an old faded red
lvet smoking cap. It was a Mephisto
th bides pulled down and an absurd
ash at one sile.
'By Jingo?' Cori roll exclaimed.
?Yes,' .aid Edna. 'You had to go
me bareheaded.'
'It was tbat night, wasn't i', after we
d all been to the mill?'
'1-omember the water rats?'
?And you would pull off jour glovea
d try to reach pond lillie*.'
Edna nodded. 'And you would not
re them back to me.'
'Jack stole my cap, didn't he?'
'Yes and I made him give it to inc?
keep in pledge for my gloves.'
'When did you find that old cap,
m Bar-Kin.'
'About a week ago,' Edna said, look
\ a little confused. 'I didn't know
u wero coming home then.'
Of course you were going to send it
Of course I was.'
By the way, didn't it occur to you to
Mien both buist out laughing once
ie tot tbe story tbat Bristol and
rtrell bad hi?di wcrds after that,
1 I hat mutual friends with dihoulty
ivonted thcmVn ni fighting a duel
re never was anything in it. Bristol
i a sensible man at bottom, even
ugh irascible at times. He made
ie sort of apology to Edna Barsom
bis exhibition of temper,
.ut the Bristol-Barsom wedding
i postponed in a quiet way. It
ore .mo off, Tbe C. rtrell-Barsom
hiing came off instead, though not
il a year after the incident of tbe
[ihisto cap.
TM mmt la tfca M--S.H mraf matiem earn*"
a****** *. actaval teeta amma rt aaaa aaa
lair** ferUwr Uta My elW OtOOA,
aarat. aaeaM "twam ?***?
Topic, June 12: Christan Courage ;
Examples from Books or Life?Mark
10: 32-34; Acts 21: 10-H.
Some one has well expressed the
difference between mere physical
bravery and true courage by saying,
"Bravery lies in the blood, courage in
tho mind." There are certain people
who instinctively are indifferent to
hardship and ignorant of fear, but this
quality is likely to predominate io rash,
unthinking natures. A good illustration
of the difference between tho traits is
afforded by the story of two soldiers
going into battle. One, noticing the
pallor of bis companion, said jeeringly,
"You are af raid." "Yes,'' returned tbe
other quietly, "and if you were half as
afraid you'd run." Lacking natural
fearlessness, be had the courage to de?
fy tbe danger he thoroughly realized.
There are people who endure pain
like heroes, but who wince before a
icornful smile" Some men could face
t cannon without flinching, but are
tffiaid to speak the simple words,"I do
aot think it is right."
Christian courage is not a matter of
emterament. Peter acted naturally
.Then he ran a-vay from danger and
vith oaths denied any knowledge of
lia Master. But not many days later,
ie faced the throngs which filled Jeru
alom, to tell them that with wicked
ands they had crucified the Sou of
?od, and tbe thing which caused his
carers the most wonder snd porplex
y was bis marvelous boldness.
Chiietian courage is not foolhardy,
ut it never holds back when duty
oints forward. It has a chance to
xpress itueltjn the little things of
fe as well as in the greatest. It in
pires to a brave endurance of all kinds
f bodily discomfort, aad this it is
hieh makes many a sick-room sonia a
ateway into heaven itself. iTCemanda
nt we shall bravely meet calamity. It
ccessitates a complete disregard for
1 scorn and censure which is under?
,rved. It means th it when danger
treatens, we shall still be undismayed.
Down through the ages eome the
nging words, '"Be strong and of good
>urage; be not afraid, neither be thou
smayed' for the Lord thy Ood is witb
iee.*'?Young People's Weekly.
It is said the worst case of smallpoi
u Le effectually cunfl in three days
mply by cream of tartar. This is the
ire and nerer failing remedy: One
ince of cream of tartar dissolved in a
ut ot boiling water, lo be drank when
lld, at short intervals, lt can bo taken
any time, and is a preventative as
ell as a curative. It is known to have
ired ia a hundred thousand cases
ithout a failure. It never leaves a
ark, never causes blindness, and al
ays prevents tedious lingttinf.?Ei?
lan ge.
s due aet emly to ide ecttinaUty omi
iBipliailj ot the awrtliifa, Vet eleo
o tte ave ead *U1 wita wk ia a it is
saaoaaMtareat nj i-tftataft njiosssae
nowa fte the C*uvo*uru WU **uvr
o. only, and we wok te mwtom\ poo
*U tha impcrtooM el p-ur-te-Wit* th*
nie ead orifieel round j. ls the
?nuin* lyrup ot R-ft h ?tteaufutotd
j ino Cavuvoasu fie aracr^Co.
nly, e kaowl?l**? ol ttvat feet will
??Ut eoe ia avavaaiaf the w<u*U*J-m
altatiotM B-enatuSersA by other pe
iee. The kif k etaadlaf el Ike C?*u
oaaia ria Bruvr Co. willi the mUi
tl profss-etoo, *?*A tbe -Mlteieetioo
hid* toe geodoe f/rap el life kee
iv-m to e-oiUab-M ot toailUmU, mtitto
is naoM of Iks Os? peep e goorom%y'.
f tee oeesWeoee ol ita s*a**a%e*ly. It ls
t io edvaaoe ol ?U otkac Wa-^-m,
i it mu oo tke kldaejs, liver sod
mels without irritetief or wseAteo*
C than, aad it does met' tripe uar
itissote. '---f--'-|iiis.iiil)lil
r?et*?, pUaie ramamxoox tke notm Ot

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