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PtrBUSHin i:* ki:s Wednt-sday
inch for first Insertion, and 50e. for each
aontfaiU-UKO tlu-real'ter.
It is not surprising that Blanco
should ha*.. issued an order banishing
nil foreign newspaper correspondents
from Caba; he doesn't wish the out?
side world to know how badly efff he is
The Jack Astor Battery is getting
almost as much advertising a. Teddy's
??rough riders.''
That Wall street regiment seems to
have been like a great many other
things started in that locality-a
He ought to be, and probably will
be Captain Hobson when he gets out
of that Spanish prison.
One of tho best things taught in our
navy is to hit what is shot at.
The war-revenue bill provides for
bonds,owing to a division of the Dem?
ocrats in the Senate, just es Mr. Mc?
Kinley wanted it to do.
If Congress doesn't look out some
very questionable legislation will be put
through under tbe "war measure"
We trust that no Democrat will vote
for thc adjournment of Congress until
tbe war has closed and the termB of
peace been approved by Congress. To
do to would bo to make a Berious
||Senator Wolcott is unduly sensitive
Over any reference to the failure of tho
Bimetallic Commission's visit to Europe
He couldn't help the inevitable and
nobody holds him responsible,unles?
it bc himself.
Late details of the fight last Satur?
day night and Sunday morning between
United States marines and Spanish
troops at Guantanamo, Cuba, show
that there was desperate" hand-to
hand fight for tours. Swords and
pistols were freely used. .Lieutenant
Nevelle arid Shaw, who were reported
missing, are safe.
Four Americans were killed,
-??_____*__.-? _____ ?.?
Washington, June 14.?Tho secre?
tary of war to-day laid before the cabi?
net the fact tbat the invading army to
Cuba will reach Santiago on Thursday;
the first expedition to the Phdipines is
elue at Manilla now; the second expedi?
tion is boarding at San Francisco and
will sail tomorrow. Tho troops for tho
Porto Dican campaign ore mobilizing.
The State Grand Lodge, No. G, In
elepcndont Order of Good Samaritans
and Daughters of Samaria, is holding
it* tv.ciity-bixth annual .session in the
First Baptist church, colored, of this
city. There uro 125 delegates in at?
The address of welcome was deliver?
ed by Kev. W. T. Johnson, B.D., pas?
tor of the Lexington church, which was
responded to by the Senior Past Chief,
Bot. J. H. Holmes, D. D.,of Richmond.
The Grand Chief, James M. Buckner,
of Alexandria, Ya., is presiding. The
chairman of the Committee on Creden?
tials is Alexander Epps, of Danville.
Reports from grand officers and com?
mittees show an increased interest in
jhe work along all lines.
The following gentlemen are attend?
ing commencement at W. & kV:
Judge Charles F. WaircD, Washing?
ton, D. C.; T. S, McPheeters, Esq.,
St. Louis, Mo.; Helm Bruce, Esq.,
Louisville, Ky.; Rev. Dr. Huntington,
Columbian University, Washington,
D. C.; Rev. Dr. G. B. Sirickler, Union
Theological Sen_inary,Hampden Sidney,
Ya.; Rev. "* A. C. Wightman, Ran?
dolph Macon College, Ashland, Ya.;
Rev. J. H. Gorrell. Wake Forest
College, K. C.; Rev. A. J. McKolway,
Charlotte, N. C., editor of the North
Carolina Presbyterian.
Strongfsteady nerves
Are needed for success
Everywhere. Nerves
Depend simply, solely,
Upon the blood.
Pure, rich, nourishing
Blood feeds the nerves
And makes them strong.
The great nerve tonic is
Hood's Sarsaparilla,
Because it makes
The blood rich and
Pure, giving it power
To feed the nerves.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Cures nervousness,
Dyspepsia-, rheumatism,
Catarrh, scrofula,
V; And all forms of
i _Impure blood.
The following is thc order of thc
closing exercises of t1 9 Virginia Military
Institute for ibo year 1897-1898.
BATUBDAY, JOTtl 18ril.
;(>(? p. m. Battalion inspection, pre?
ceded by Eeeort lo Color.-.
l?:(Mi p, m. Final Literary Celebration.
MONDAY, 10*1 2<'TH.
9.-00 a. m. Horning Parade.
0:15 " Guard Mounting.
11:00 " Salute to Board of Visitors.
6:00 p. m. Review before Board of
Visitors, followed by bat?
talion Drill.
8:45 ?? Gymnasium Exhibition.
9:00 a. m. Guard Mounting.
9:45 ?? Fourth Class Gymnasium
5:45 p. m. Artillery Drill.
7:00 " Battalion Parade.
1U:U0 " Final German.
9:00 a. m. Guard Mounting.
11:00 " Signal, Sabre, and Squad
G:00 p. m. Review before Alumni.
6:30 " Battalion Drill, (open or
10:00 " Alumni Banquet.
9:00 a. m. Guard Mounting.
11:00 " Graduating Exercises :?
Valedictory Address, 1 >y
Cadet R.G. Goolsby,Ya.
Delivery of Degrees and
Delivery of Jackson-Hope
Medals, by His Excel?
lency, J. Hoge Tyler,
Governor of Virginia.
Publishing Promotions and
Appointments in the Bat?
talion of Cadet.
10:00 p. m. Final Ball.
The order of exercises in the forego?
ing paragraph will be subject to such
changes as occasion may require.
Suffering humanity should be sup?
plied with every means possible for its
relief. It is with pleasure we publish
the following : --This is to certify that
I was a terrible snff.r-r from Yellow
Jaundi e for over six month?, and wai
treated by some ot the best physicians
in our city and all to no avail. Or.
Bell, our druggist, recommended Elec
iric Bitters; and after taking two bot?
tles, I was entirely cur- d. I now take
great pleasure in recommending them
to any person suffering from ibis ter?
rible malady. I am gratefully yout -,
M. A. Hegarty, Lexington, Ky."
sold by McCruni Drug Co.
~OUR flag'incfba.
Ihe invasion of Cuba by the Ameri
:an forces bogan Saturday. Six hun
Ired marines have pitched their tents
_bout ihe smoking ruins of tho outer
fortifications of Guantanamo, and the
Stars and Stripes, for the first time
float trom a Spanish flagstaff in Cuba.
To Captain Clark and the battleship
Oregon belongs the honor of accom?
plishing tho first successful landing of
tho war.
Forty marines from tho battleship
went ashore and occupied the left
ent unco ol me bay, until the troop?
ship Panther arrived, with COO ma?
rines. These under command of Lieu?
tenant-Colonel R. W. Huntington, ar?
rived at 3 o'clock, and witlin half an
Lour they hal burned tho buildings of
the Spanish camp, and Lad set fire to
the mlseiablo httlo village which
crouched oe the beach under the hill?
top of Guantanamo.
TLe whole opeiatiou of silencing the
guns andjlanding the forces was as ease?
ls placing a Sunday-school picnic. The
Marblehead, backed by the Vixen and
Dolphin, opened fire on tte (arth
works Friday. The shore to the right
of tho entrance was lined with guns
and rifle-pits, but the Spaniards
stampeded after firing a few rounds.
The main fort Hos witina the city
limits and is still to be reduced, but it
is not in a difficult position, and the
American officers say it can bo taken in
fifteen minutes, when desired.
No attempt was made to land until
the Oregon attained in early Friday.
Captain Clark immediately .ont
forty marines ashore, aud twenty from
the Marblehead followed. They found
.videnco of a very hasty departuro by
:he Spaniards. Watches, hammocks,
md ammuniton were scattered about
he earth works, and a Spanish flag
vas found in oi_e of tho rifle pits.
The lit le detachment of marines
leld tho place until the Panther ar
ived, wLen (hey were recal ed, and
,nd the work of disembarkation began,
rhe first boat load had scarcely landod
.hen the Tillage burst into flames
Jompany B, under Lieutenant Hail,
vas the first ashore, and without the
oss of a moment the colum started up
he steep, rockp hillside of tho earth
forks. For an hour tho bioad column
f marines filed up the narrow path,
ventually taking up a position at the
sp of the hill.
-? i et
? The victory reels with America's
Jr eat est Medicine.Hood's Sarsaparil'a,
'hen it enters the battle against immure
[Oazittk Com
Ken's Greek, Ya.; Juue 13.?Miss
Fud do Hull rn ir
day. wi,ore ihe ifl with lier fcistor, Mrs.
Charlie Pierson, who is extremely UL
m Miss Louie Laekii*, of Buena Vi ita,
spent! I i f with her grande
Mis. '?'?. J, Lackey,
Mr'.. Charles Lowtnan ii \ children,
of Milboro, is visiting hor mi ther,Mn
Lewis Hickninn.
The strawberry f vistonh.hieh was
held at Lown au's Mill on thfl night of
the 4th,was quito a success financially,
the total sum cleated was $31. Tbere
wa. a L rge crowd considering that a
supper was held at Alouo tho same
Mrs. Arch Withfo.v and son, of Mil?
boro, were on the Creek last week, at?
tending the m. rriago of E. T. Cum?
Thc homo of Mrs. Uar ff ai. t Lackey
was the scene of a very quiet but
pretty wedding on Wednesday eve- J i
ning the 8th inst, at 4 o'clock, when
her daughter Miss Rona was united in
marriage to Mr. Eldred Theodore
Cummings. Ibo only attendants were
Miss Annie L. Penick and Mr. Robt.
Withrow. The brido was attired in a
becoming suit of light green cloth,
with hat to match. Tho ceremony was
performed by Rev, D. A. Penick. Only
the relatives and a few friends of tin
contracting parties were present. At
five o'clock, a reception was given at
the homo of tho groom, where all
pattook of a bountiful supper,
That night a serenade wflagiren the
couple hythe young men of the neigh?
borhood. We all congratulate the '
groom on his good fortune, and ail
the bride much happiness t
A not lier great discoveiy has been
made, and that too, by a lady in this
country. "Disease fastened its clutch?
es D] on her and for seven years she
withstood its severest tests, but her
vital organs were undermined and
dialb seemed iumiiner.. For three
mouths she coughed ii oessantly, and
could not sleep. She finally discovered
I way to recovery, by pm chasing of us
a bottle of Pr. King's New Discovery
for Consumption, aud was so much re?
lieved on taking first doue, tb.t siic
slept all night; and with two bottles,
has been absolutely cn d. Her name
is Mrs. Luther Lutz.' Thus writes W.
C. Hamnick A Co., of Shelby, N. C.
Trial bottles freo at McGruut Drug Co.
Regular size 50c and $1.00. Ev ry
jotile guaranteed.
'QAXBTTl Ciilicfpollilrllci'.
Rockbridge Baths, Ya., June 18,?
Favorable weather for ten days inst
enabled our farmer! to make good
headway in corn-working, which was
previously veiy much retarded by iains.
With corn to work, clover to cut and
wheat Larvest near at hand, tbere is no
time for the discussion of currcut events
Some, however, take occasion to have a
chit chat on tho church yard., Bundey
mornings, which is not a very good
preparation for taking in and feeding
upon the Gospe*.
Dr. McElwee has bocD, by the
session of his church,granted thc privi
e ge of omitting any or all of the regular
.en-ices, during the extreme illness of
his wife but filled his pulpit on yester
lay as usud, giving to an attentive
congregation a sermon full cf the very
MMMDCfl of the Gospel.
Mrs. McEiwce's friends were for a
time encouraged to think that there
;vas a decided change for the bet.er,
mt, recently, her condition is not
.bought lo bo so favorable. Any im?
provement in her case is haled with
jleasure by anxious friend--, and the
?(s* oration of her health woul 1 bea
-Ourco of universal rejoicing.
The Baths Hotel, with all ot its sur?
roundings is now in good trim and in
readiness for the entertainment of
liealth and pleasure Bookers. Tuosc in
|ue_t of either can find no better place.
H. A. Lackey, Mrs. Lackey, their
laughter Mn. Bud Kinnear ami child,
... W. WiIsod, Mrs. Wilson, the r
laughter Mrs. Will Kinnear an 1 two
.hilIron aro at Wilson's Springs enjoy
ng tho bedib-giving tulphur water,
nvigorating mountain uir and picture
?que scenery | f |that favori.o resort.
Our telephone? are up and in good
forking condition.
AGENTS WANTED to Introduce tin
gteel ilii-invi'-ry Anti-Kink, for ttAlght
'iiiiiK' kinky uinl curly hair. )\\x coniniis
ions. Beni 4c. tn flt imps tot InfoimaUoD,
Endorsed hythe United bUtest-M-tli reports,
fernel) __. Rleh, 11 Broadway, Kaw Vork.
lav 18. Itt,
Weakness of Men
QnlcUly, Thoroujlily, Forever Cared
1... ? nflw p?r.f>ft..1 tel-BtlO"
Dl.thod that cannot ft^
unl.ii the e.: I* b.yont
ti'inifin aid. Yon ff?! lin
pro.od th. fir. _ da/, foal i
lion .til _._r/ da/, eoon kW
/onrn.lf a ling amana man
in body, mind and heart
Ilralni aud Ioum end.il.
Kt*rr ehitaelo lo harri
mamari l.f_r_mo?_d. b'.rf.
tatt*, -lil. .netty, vkaa
failing or lott, ar* reatorad br thia traatm.st All
Taak portion, nt th. bod/ .nWg-d and _tran?_h
MOQ. Writ* for Oar book, with ? jpi___?t!on_ aad
a**Mm*\ float Malod, fro*. Ontr 1,000 r.f.r.noa.
neareearaa-arv . ? . .-.-?>
,,!?."M*" ' -
". Va., -Thikj 13.?Ab Mr.
Stark BeTaiord and danghtei
M route hon- ?
? * 11 loy tb r hoi
np..a SJ
thrown out if tho I
Bovere in jurii
ftt this wi il ' ung wi cl i.irl
hope to bo out soon,
Mr. E, N. Chiles epenl Boveral days
last week visiting re'ativo*- at Pedlar
Ville, Amherst county.
Mr. Wm. Skedmore, wife and sen,
of Buchanan, spent Sunday with Mr.
and Mrs. \V. H. Clnles. Mr, Painter of
same place accompanied them.
Miss Lily Pucker, of Rocky Poiot, is
visiting her aunt, Mrs. Burk, ot our
Mr. Jako Barger is visiting relatives
it Gala, Va.
Mr. Jesse Spicer and wifo,of Buchan?
an, and sister, Miss Lulu Spicer, of.
Roanoke, Va., spent Sunday with their
uncle, T>. H. Swartz.
'?Jakj;y. '
The BostS live in. the worldSd p
Dat*1, BtnitoH, SoriF, U cc , fort.
Rheum, Fever Sores, Tette.-, O' aodal
Sands, Chilblains, Corns, and all "Skin
Kiuptions, and positively cures Piles
-r no pay rei ired lt is guaranteed
Ogive perfect satofaetioo or money
?cfunclcd. Prico 25 cc its per box
Pot .sale by HeGrun Drag Ca
Ihe sixth annual oouueil of thoPro
eatent Episcopal eburch, of tho dio
;cso of Southern Virginie, adjourned
?iaturday night a'ttr an interesting
bree days' ses-ion in Staunton, Bishop
Randolph presiding.
Thc following de'e^utes from Kock
iridgo were appointed on standing
'oinniitteis for next year: State of the
Jhurch, Ber. J. G. Seotl, Buena Vista;
.lictiieii-, Rev. B. J. MoBryde, Ltx
ngton; Clerical Support, Hon. Wm. A
.mle ison, Lezingtoo.
The Bishop's report showed Hie
hinch to be in a good condition. Col
ectionJ* for the yiurainouiited to $l-r>7,
1-50, that of the Sunday school io |3,
??"50. Number ol communicants, '.',
?TO, and increase of 888, Total prop?
erty valuation 1981,279, Danville was
chosen us lhe next placo ol meeting.
Or. ce Memorial church of I his place
vas "represented in the council by Ber.
L J. MePryde and Hon. gilliam A.
Cascarets Candy Catha*rtle, tho mool won
i-iful medical discovery of the a.*''. pleas
ni and refreshing to thetaete,acl gently and
? nsilivt'ly mi Itldnoyo, liver ami bowels
loans!ng the entire system, dispel colds
ure headache, fever, habitual constlpatios
niblllousnefxi. Pleasobuy snd trys box
if C. C. C. io-day; IV, M, 60 conto, Bold
id gasrsntood tu oura bf all <i raggists.
Thc work recently done at the street*
Tossing!! on Main street is I gieat in.
irovenient to lhe appearance of tho
own ai well lo the comfort and safety
>f vehicle's. Tho streets have been
larefolly plasm ad np anti put in uico
ondition for commencement, so as to
iresent an attractive appearance to the
nany ushers nhvrns attracted here on
his occasion.
One moro improvement is sadly
lecded, ar.d that is a good sidewalk in
rorit of Ihe cemetery, and it should
-xtend alclig Hie entire front. If a
?rick walk cannot bc put down at prcs
nt Ihen let a gravel one bo made.
Since thu .stonewall has been eomple
od at the cemetery and the squares
nsidc put in nice couditiou, lhe rough
dirt walk crtside is not at all in kecp
If vdu want to quit t<>1 >.*n?<?<> Doing enslly
ml forerer, tn- made well, strong, ntMnotic,
ill of new Ufo awl tiger, take No-lo "Bec,
te wonder-worker tbat makes weak mw
trong, Many gala lon poonda Id ten day*
trot 100,000 onred. Bay So To-Bac bon
our own drnggtat-who mllgoarantee ? ran
tookie! nml sample malled freo. Ad. Star
ng Remedy Co . Chleaego or New York.
Last Thursday was obsorved in
llaunton ns Confederate Memorial
)ay. A long procession, made up of
colice, Stonewall Jackson Camp, Con
e lei ate Veterans, citizens in tho Bail?
lie and in carriages, escorted liv the
itoncWt.il Brigade Panel, with the
Jnited States flag and the Confederate
attlefln.g alongside, wended ttl way to
'h-mrose. Cemetery, where 2,OOO Con
3tloi*.ites aro buried. Plowers in
rofu -ion elecked tho graves, aud hun
reds of miniature Confederate flags
rated over tho mounds. Tho hand- 1
Dine monument of a private at pando
nt WSS banked with fragrant flowers,
ton. R. tf. Park?, of Luray, was tho .
"?ator of tho day, and ho made au elo
ucnt and patriotic speech.
dinon TeacbGrT Aecucics ol America
J.l'.v I., li. DA8S, D, H., MANAGER.
ittsbivg.Pa ; Toronto, Cn nails; New
Orleans, La.; Now York, N, Y,;
?*Yftshi.-gton, D. C.; San Fran?
cisco, Cal.; Cnicago. 111.*,
St, Louis, o.. and
Denver. Col.
hove aro thousands of positions to be
filled within the next few months.
Address nil applications to
nionTeachebs* Agencies, Saltsburg,Pa
july lily
?~-k>*-'C*-u.*._ **iMt1?<'ie.atl<"arii i
10f K)'_ Poxuivai
? ""*_ I , .
PERRY DAVIS .'?_ B *"<. ^
Thc school for teachers held at
Washington and Leo for a month,
closed last Wednesday. A number of
teachers, mostly from Lexington and
the immediate vicinity, took advantage
of this most liberal ofl'er on the part of
the professors of tho University. Class?
es were taught in English, Latin,
Greek, mathematic-, and history, and
were intended as a review of these
subjects and to give opportunities for
a comparison of methods with a view
of aiding in thc eflieiency of tho work
of our public school teacher:-.
Agents Wanted.
In Every County to Supply
the Great Popular Demand fur
America's War
For Hw.!
Compiled .11 <l Written bj
nf Kansas.
Tin- moetbrilllantlywrittfln, most ptDfusfllj
and artistically illustrated, and must Intense
ly popular book on the subject of thfl war
with Spain. IS
SOO Supnrb Illustrations Fi i Photographa
taken specially for this greet sri -? uta
uv making WW to H00 a week aelliug
rentable boU-nsfl forllTe canvasser*. Applj
rm- description, terms and terrltoryst once to
'st. Louis, .Mn., 01 New .forkCity,
Clean, Good and Cheap,
A "PECK OP DUST" leeooi.Beamed
?v t hif~f eating tomatoes bom the averags
?nnnory. Ask your grocer for
(youwsnl the hlgheel fancy grade on ihe
market. <>ut othorbrands sro all nice, clean
.1. lt. C. COMPANY,
Roaring Run, Botetottrt Co.. Vf.
"1 tiikf pleasure In saying to tims'' watt
warn good, clean tomatoes, that I havenevei
seen any canned more cleanly than at tlio
factorv at Roaring Kum Va
JAMES MUNDY, President
l's 1?t National Hank. Buchanan, Va 1
Feb IS, 1898.
SENT .Free
to housekeepers
Extract of Beet
Cook Boo ___*
telling how to prepare mauy delicate
and delicious dlahee
Address, Liebig Co., P.O. Bolt 8718, NewYort
Official WAR Book
by Congressman James Rankin ronna. mi
about Warwith Spain, the Navy, alldi'fi'iii es,
IJnttlo ships, e(e. Portraits and biographic,
ot Dewey and all pioinlnont ofllccra. Nearly
?loo page*. Massive volume. Marvelously
cheap. iVst av-botflhlp. Only authentic,
official book. Experience not neosasaty. Any
body san sell it. Ladies as mnne?fiil aa
gentlemen. We nv,- the largest sobscriptlon
book firm In America! Write us, Fifty per?
sons are employed in our correspondence de?
partment alone, to serve you. Our i>ook la
jual out. <;''t agency now and bs lirst in thfl
Held. Large Owe. war Map In colors (iee
with each book or outfit, Other valuable
premiums. Tremendous seller. Biggesl
money makin- ever known. Most liberal
jenna guaranteed Agents ""?fiK'ng |7.00 to
au,00 lid-day. Twenty days credit given.
Freight paid. Full book Hunt prepaid to
agents, 11.48, Splendid sample outfit and
full instructions tree to* nine S-oent stamps to
pav postage. MenUon this paper.
MONROE BOOK CO., Dep't M, Chicago,
111. juin'S-4t
Vim. Vigor and Vitality
Caton's Vitalizer
mresgeoflral ot tp^etal debility, wakefulness,
KMcmatorrhoBa, emissions, Impotency, pnro
~u. etc. Comota funotioimi diaorden cana
id by errorfl or ezosflflfla, quickly rflfltoring
...' Eaanhpod In old or young, giving rigor
md strength where termer weakneflsprevali
?d. Convenient package, simple. ef_.vti_.-i
ind legitimate. Cnn is quick and thorough
Don't be deceived by imitations: insist on
Seton's Vitaiizi'i-s. Bent scaled if your drug.
,'lst docs not have it. PriOflfl per package,
dx for $0, with written gnatantefl of som
iletfl "'ii". Information, .'efieiices. etc.. frc"
md coulldeiitial. Send us statement of ilise
md 2", eta. for a week's trial treatment. Ons
uilv sent to each person.
Boston. Mass.
Tho will of tho lato Colonel James H.
Skinner was probated in Staunton Sat
lnhy. His estate, valued at abont
140,000, ofter his sister's death, goes
j tho University of Virginia, tho intor
39t of which is to bo used in establish?
ing ichdlawhipfl valued at $250 per
tnuum, in educating young men for
,ho Episcopal minis! iy.
tit? touches the Spot
1.-lladovuiu Plaiter
a .mm.. M'iia\C.+ar?Z~-? I'-'iIwaS
COSREOTgp *vi:i:k'.v nv
DI le '
ITam Ij 3.- ca .
A*':i SB-n." . . i . .
\Viiiii,k*ai.i; I'l'.it I cm I;.ol COI,
Clour Extw
e , il, . ,-vt.OO
Wheal ..... pt
''..ii. (H.l . 40 tn 45
'??al . I
Butter- - 0
Uggs - ' . l?
Bena per potmd - ? ? B-Zto o
Tntkoya - ? ? ?' O.tolg
Spring Chickens pw pound - " 5 >fl
Elaina - - * lo to ri
?Shoulders .... 6
Sides J - - : - 7
Lani ? 6 t'v
Veal Calves - . . 8?toE4
Wool.10 to IH
Orchard Grass ticed - - -tl )0 to* .10
Clover Seed .... 8.00 to 3. W
Tlmofhy Heed - - I.Wtol.W
******* Baltixobb Mai.kets, Jink 14.*
Bee! Steers " - 1*4.00 to ?4..,50
?Hogs ?" - - 4.00 to 425
Hlioep - - '6.Z0 to 4 00
Wheat .-,. 1*10
Corn - ? ? Ma 40
Lambs Spring - ? - ? 5 to 04
I will sell privately, tho following real
estate In tho Town of Lexington, Virginie,
belonging to the ostato of Mrs. Susan G.
Gold, dooessed, tn-wit:
1. A House and Lot fronting 75 foot OB
Washington street and extending back 105
toot to sn adler, adjoining tin; lots of Mrs. J.
Randolph Tucker, the Pnblle Vint Behool
Building and others. The- building.-, M this
lot consist of a well construe.-t.-d (ramo
dwelling house, and kitchen, with P tooms, B
?table, ami other out-buildings, all In good
*.-. A House and Lot fronting 74 (est OS
Jackson avenue and extending back IN foot
to au alley and adjoining Um lots of Mrs.
J. T. Hill and others. Tho buildings on this
lot consist of a valuable frame dwelling
house pud kitchen, willi 7 rooms, nnd other
out buildings, in good repair. J loth of those
properties sro eligibly located, and would
make desirable homes.
Apply to tho uiiiliTsiL.il. d, st Le
Va., for price and teano.
.1. P. MOORE, Bxo'r
of Mn. Basan fi. <''eiid, dee'd.
apr 18_
Sale of Realty
Collierstown, Va.
By virtue of B decree of the (ir. i it I oint
of Kockbridge County, Va., entend March
-ith. 1898, in tho chancery canoe of C. P. all
stock ra Wm. A. Bradda' Com'r. et al., the
undersigned, who was bj-said di rue appoint?
ed spOOtal I'oiniiiissitini-r for the purpose,
will offer for sale to the highest Udder st
Public auction, in front of tho ooart hoses, ol
[?extngton, Va., st 19 M. on
Saturday, june suth, taos,
tho tract of M lol loo sens of land lying in
Hoekbridgo County, on Um headwaters of
Colliers Creek, adjoiniug tho lands ol .lani's
Goodbar, B. 0. Knick, Wellington Irvinoand
others, of which W. A- BrsddS is WtSOd and
TEIIMH:?Cash In hand sufilclent to pay
th. i costs of suit and sale, ami the balance in
one snd two yean; osoorod by tho bonds of
the purchaser, with leonrityapproved by tk<
pommissioner, **-** i 11 a Interest from date of ale,
with the right to anticipate tho payments
thereof at anv time.
uiaya.'>4t Special rommleahniT
in the Clerk's Office of the Circuit Court of
th.. County of Rockbridge
C. P. Ailatock.Plaintiff,)
Wm. A. Biadds* Committee Ac., Defendants!
I. K. IL Witt. Clerk of tho said Cont, do
certify that the bond required by the decree
rendered iu saiel ? -anse on tho lilli day of Man h.
1898, hus been duly given by G. l>. Letcher,
Special Ciiiiiciii.-*i(ciicr
Given umler mv hand as Clerk of tho said
Court, this Slot day of Kay, 1898.
R. ll. WITT, Clerk.
hunt A. Dam*,
Wm. W. DAVIS1 Heirs.
Tho .above canee having been referred to
the undersigned Commissioner In Chancery,
by dooroo entered therein on the 14th day rn
March 1898, wlt> directions; To take' sn
?account ot the fee Simple and annual value
of tho land of which Wm. W. Davis
died seised, with any liens thereon and state
then, iu tho order of their priority ami any
debts remaining unpaid, which matters he
will ascertain and report with say oilier
deemed pertinent by himself, or required by
any parties In interest.
All parties Interested aro hereby notified
that I have appointed
SATURDAY, JUNE 25tb, 1898
at my cilice in the Town of Lexington as tho
limo aud place for taking said seoonnts.
Comni'r in Ch'v.
ma M lt M.IS
STU AY HOKMv A brown mare, about
. 9 or 10 years old. weighing about !HX)
or 1000 pounds, with a knot on top of back,
came to my stable mi Saturday, May 28th.
The owner can get tho mnrejvy i-rovlng same
and payiflx costa of feeding ana advertising.
laue's 8t Lexington, Va
cala, and 11 ade.Mai a e obtained and all 1 .it -J
.nt busiucss conducted lor Moot n*TC Ftc*, i
Oupi Office is oraoaiTC U.S.PaTCNTOrFicii
and wu rm secure patent in less tune Hun llioscf
remote from Washingtoi*.
Send model, drawing or photo., with deacrip
tion. We advise, if patcnuble or not, (ree of4
cheriro. Our fee not due tell patont I. secured, J
,S P?mpmlct" How I" Obtain Patents," willi]
{coat tTf eeme in the L'.H. and foreign countries j
(sent (ree. Addreaa,
I Oap *>..' T OFflCt. WASHINGTON, O. C.
Orton's T?,nsy
i triotl, true, and safe relief for woman. Al
fays reliable. Amid imitations. QetCal
n's, ami save regrets. At druggists, ot *Moi
ealed, $1. Our booklet 4 oonte.
Boston, a\nm\
* from ?
eithout injury to the moat delicate fabric or oolar
and vrtthout Hie use ot water.
Cleans Kid Cloves.
told by Druggists and Grocers*
Mads by f - <
JW?rYU. citaitcAt w, nuiHsit, u
Sk ?__.__. Wt .. -rnrng.^
iii Y
t ugh Inter? Ff so, wc
.;?? I your Clinch.
? .le< * ". yow
Ott, -iR''-*
du fee \vj?y
liut perhaps y . cough nas
come back ag .ii. you are get?
ting a little thin pale.
Then, why D conrwu.. the
same helpful remedy right
through the summer? lt will do
you as much good as when the
weather is cold.
Its persistent use will certainly
give you a better appetite and a
stronger digestion.
It will cure your
weak rhroM and heal
you ir*v_d lungs.
It wilt every case |
of consui..ption, when
a cure is possible.
Don't be persuaded
to take something they say is just
as good.
All Druu.Ki-t';, joe, and ft.
SCOll & Bow.Nr.ChemiaU, N.Y.
Who it acquainted with the geography of the
Vnited States ol America, will see by exami?
nation of tl.ia map. that tbe
Seaboard Air Line
lu the great connecting link between the _?>__
and the Southwest.
"tsTwc T-._i'v Ves'.ihuled and Kxpre&a Train*
?uiu'i Quick, Attractive and Can enle/ll
Scheduteti bet-reeu
_v__aw Yonit,
Pitumni ::.-.__:!::. nwt F:ir:_tC7T__,
ulnae. :;**;____., w:___..r_::V,
CEiltOT-l, absi.?___;, izivsa.
A.TX. _3_W___._.? ,
THB B_I_A.I_W lil.-. 1 :
itu! ? Phi ic'[>..'. Brauchea traverse the Famous
of '. i-giiii.-., the Carolinaa and Ceorgia.
Kor Tickets. Mnpa. Folders or descriptive mat.
.cr, etc , apply to any Agent of the Seaboard A.r
I_it>_, or ad Irc-.a
T. J. ANDERSON. tart Pair* AjT.,
tut-trm. __ Gso'l tit G*_ 1!__._ lngt *!>
( rim.on.
Will male a masnificent
- .utilul -tudefor
the piasta, or .harming
.>unt Mcomer.,
perfectly hardy. One
I'Unt win product thou
-Jii-S of flowers.
|S<|& Only 40 Cents, Deliferea
Free t'pon A piill.nl lon
'...VICK'S ?Eft** GUIDE...
mr. nrsv Miss c.lT.il.ocrti .
, and tin- ladies' G.trtUtior ami Atlvlaer
The only one contaitiiii__ full Description* MS Dlr*>
bom for |.l_intin_s mil . .line; in ra__p._h.l_Sia.IM'
Sense,!, cla_M(l..l Md
Ile Wlio Kuna Mt.) lOr.d. M..r.. l.u?.ra'l?M
-ir... dolor*, plata* mt Sweet Tam. Nastur.
Hum-, Tb ba raia Begonia*, Ool_wa I<ar Mir, cactus
Dsliliss, Daybreak .\,irr.. I'., unlfsllj naliiiwail uni.
l_SI___ftpaf_*eo__i|.I__t_y Ailed villi bono. i:iu_uailoua
Vick'a Seeds Never Oisapj->-.,it.
. Rochester, N. Y, ^-vsa
rur.i:! ..../-. the p**tagr.)m, rnF.zt
^ Yick's Illustrated Monthly Klazina, \
The Tamoos OarJcni-.g Authority.
Itaverll_,l!emlnenf Inform Hi..n alout Flowers Vee.
eUhl.._i,,l Fruits. kiuI hon I., grow aad car* fer HMM
Msc ssa fully. A tn,,,, I. rna) l_t Ui__i.t..ne.l at*
Slight ei|?n?' an.l Hie (iu - mads mirach.* In.
?tea.l of Lars nii.l f.i'.i ,,,... ?..,.. ,,,.. of vick's
Illuiitrsie,! .Monthly May_.il ne la I ifty l*salt per ysar
but if y.iu will return Hu. i oin on ? ith six two.'
sent -iniiiii. tl.us tl ne will ie malled to yo*
?gui*tly lorna moulin m ti ul, Wine alouette .
VICK PUBLISHING CO., Rochester, I, T,!
No* 353
/^-?N 7,*^5^ ,6 HOOK
^-^jd j 'v_..;,.,_...
Perfect fitting. Sure to
ive satisfaction.
Price only $1_0GL j

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