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Published Every Wednesday Evening.
J. Scott Mookk Wm. lt. Kknnkdv.
M 0 O K E & K R M N E I) Y,
IjKxiNeiTeiN, Va., Heit. 30, 1908.
Subscription Rates in Advance :
One Year_*1.00 | Three Months.. .1
six Mouths.. .50 I Single Copy.OS
<S-*T Advertising rates fiirnishvcl on ap?
BnslaeM Loee.I Notteea Hie. a line foi
tirst insertion and tSo< a line for each sub
?equent Insertion.
Obituaries otoosiIIm* 10 lines, tributes
of respect, cards of thanks, etc., must be
poid for at tho rate of 5c. pei line.
Telephone Mo. 34.
It is saiel that nlthoughtheMnnn
liejuor bill has proved a beneficial
factor in many parts of Virginia
in reducing the number of saleione,
there exists Peverill delects in the
bill whereby the evasion of the
statute is made easy. The chief
ground for complaint on the pnrt
of the temperance people is the
clauae in the bill permitting the
granting of licenses to social clubs
having a membership of three or
more. These clubs are repotted
to be springing up all over the
State mid so serious is the situa?
tion that in all probability the
Legislature will be called on to
provide a remedy.
Dr. George IL Moore of Bieh
niotid, superintendent of the Vir?
ginia Anti-Saloon League, says
that lie is in receipt of letters from
various parts of the State showing
a widespread spirit of dissatisfac?
tion exists with reference to this
phase of the law. In some coun?
ties the fight for legislative candi?
dates lave been made with ref?
erence to the Mann bill,notably in
Albemarle where the liquor ele?
ment useel all their influence to
cause the defeat of Mr. XV, II.
lie>nz, who was an ardent supporter
of the Mann bill. Ile was nomi?
nated, however, by a good major?
The Anti-Saloon League of Vir?
ginia is doing a good work for the
cause of temperance. It works in?
dependently of political parties,
Arst, to secure legislation permit
ting local option : soeond, to apply
that legislation in small political
units, counties for the most part.
and third, io see that the laws are
enforced. At present more than
half the counties in Virginia ure
under local option control, while
parts of many of the remaining
counties are in like condition. So
that it can lie safely said two
thirds of thi State have local
The Richmond Times-Dispatch
says "that Canalla as well as the
United States is troubled by the
indifference of voters, and is try?
ing to devise a way to bring them
to the polls."
Voting is a privilege, and there?
fore compulsory voting is a con?
tradiction. To undertake to com?
pel a man to vote is very much
:ike compelling him to walk.
It is certain that something
ini^ht te be done fri the United
States to stimulate the indifferent
voter to action. The primary held
in Kockbridge last week showed
thal lhere were ma ny indifferent
voters, Often they are men who
complain bitterly of bael laws and n
poor government service, yet they ! i
do nothing to improve the situation, j I
II" nil n en upon whom the voting
privilege has heen conferred would
oxeteist that privilege, as the law
contemplate*, and bring out good
candidates and then elect them, we
?rould soon have t* marked improve?
ment in the publie service.
The old system of Intermediate
and final examinations have been : j
abandoned by the public schools |
??f Richmond, and from time top
time tbs scholars' progress will bel ;
test "d without notice, and in al
manner that will not arouse ap-|,
prehension or allow "cramming."
jet trill prove a sufficient stimulus
to exertion.
This plan has been used by jthe
Lexington public schools with
entire satisfaction to pu pi is, parents
and teachers. Hy this method
much of the dread and doubt, be?
sides nervous exhaustion, will be
eliminated from school life.
It has bten said on good au?
thority that the curriculum of the
modern public school has been I!
made *io dillieult that the health ot! ?
i J
many pupils has been impaired em
-account of til* jj tense application
required for -the preparation of
their dally tasks. Til* .abandon?
ment of regular examinations jyill
greatly ie**?en this strain.
Apart from the defeat of Judge '
Campbell as a candidate foi- the '
"Legislature, there was an entire ?
absence of vicious methods. In
all respects the election was fair!*
And orderly at all the precincts in ] J"
tbe county. I ti
S<> exacting are the demands of
modern business or professional
life, and so unhygienic are its con?
ditions, that perfect health for
those engaged in it is practically
impossible. I'liysieiai health is a
matter of great importance, but
mental health is even more impor?
tant. If the stress of modern life
tends to increase the number of
insane, it must be confessed that
we are pitying a dear price for
progress. Virginia bas four hos?
pitals for the insane. All of them
are full to overflowing, and many
applicants have to be turned away.
In this respect tbs condition of
Virginia is not worse than tha; of
other States nf the Union, or of
the countries of tbe Old World.
The great body of Democrats of
Virginia arc determined that the
practices which obtained under
the old Underwmd Constitution
shall not be oontinuedt that the
negro has been eliminated from the
p ilities of thc State. The primary
plan for nominating candidates,
that bas been put in force by the
Democratic party of the State, has
cone t i stay. The men who car
rind tn a successful conclusion the
movement for a new Constitution
do not intend tn lose the fruits of
their victory by yielding to the
attempted leadership of those who
were satisfied with nhl conditions,
and are now trying to perpetuate
those conditions.
In some nf the Northern cities
hnuse-keepers are facing a serious
domestic problem. Instead of
conks hiring by the month or
week as formerly, they nre now
demanding to be paid at the rate
nf io cents an hour. The old
fashioned method of having domes
ties live in the home, thus becom?
ing members nf tho household is
fast passiug away and the non?
resident worker has taken ber
With nver OOO men attending
the lectures at thc University nf
Virginia within a week after the
beginning nf class wnrk, a record
never I,clure equaled, it is certain
that the present sessimi will be thc
banner one in the history ol' that
institution, in the matter of at?
tendance. It is expected that more
than 7(10 students will matricu?
Tbe ministers of Roanoke have
decided tn join with the Anti
Baloon League nf that city in an
effort to secure a local option
electin? in December, Several
years ago Roanoke voted dry, but
the eleetion was set Msidjeonatech
Wreck on Southern Road near
The fast mail train from New
York for New Orleans on the
Southern Railway was wrecked
just outside of the yard limit" of
Dunville Sunday afternoon, The
train, which was mule up of mail
and express cars, i.-ft the track
ju-4 as tba engine was entering a
Ililli trestle tiiiit spans a creek
Holt!, nf the city- The trestle is
nu a steep grade and curve. It is
s ipposed, definite infnrn ation be?
ing unavailable on nooount nf the
death i f the conductor ami engi
neec. iliat lhe train was running
ul a hi^b ?.(,'," nf speed, and that
the Hangs nu a wi\&p) nf the loco?
motive broke when ll e c-?jrye was
itruck. Th'1 engine, followed by
[luci' mail and nne express cars, '
ran some distenoe nu the trestle
plunging across (hs aroasties, and*!
hen fell 78 feet tn tho irater be- I
Of the Di men nu the train, ail
-ni ploy es nf tin- United states rall
?oad mail service, excepting the
'iigi.'iecr, Bremen and (-(inductor,
tine wets killed and seven hurt. (
I. A. Broadey, the engineer, who '
(tuck lo his post, wa. thrown come
listance from tbe engine, and his
Dangled body was found lying in
oo bcd of the creek, lt is said
hat ?!; engineer was running a
nail Main I... thc first time. The
nj ii red men were ju'.nveyed tn the
Home fnr the Sick in i#n.:v Ile,
.a lure they have received every '
This train le the ta-lest (.11 the
ond and was entering the city
it a speed of about ld miks an
dour. There were many cm -wit
lesses tn the tragedy. The tracks
it this point are lined with houses
? ii cit iier side, and a number nf
(romeo and children were sitting
ni tho porches when thc wreck
;ccurred. They Stats that their
ittention was attracted to the
.rain by the high rate of speed.
Two uiMlill children, thc anug of
[iiifus Jone**, wert phiying und.er
uatli the trestle at tlje time of
he wreck. The heavy trftifl
plunged to its destruction within j
i few feet nf them. They were
joth thrown down and somewhat ?
irtfiftod, but not seriously in- ,
The railway officials at Danville
ire unable to gufionnt for the
iceident, except that th/i train
nay have been running too feat.
vhen it struck the curve. Thia *
Wye, which embraces the trestle c
it wlUat AOint the wreck occurred,
s in the form /,/ the letter "S" *
md bas always been considered a
longerons locality.
_,_ i
Change ot climate may check but !;
fon't euro ConsuaBptlon Victor Lung 1
lyrup absolutely cures, when Consump
lon Is In Ara stages. Strikes at root Of a
tsease. i
Virginia Fruit for St. Lou in Kx
Mr. George E. Murrell, state
Commissioner for the World's Fair
at St. Louis, has issued the follow
ing circular letter which is of in?
terest to fruit growers:
Ab previously brought to your
notice, upon the nctive co-opera?
tion of the fruit growers ol" the
State must elepend the ouecess or
failure, to a large extent, ol' our
fruit exhibit at the World's Fair,
so I hope each individual grower
will do all that he can to make
this exhibit a success. It will be
necessary to obtain at least fifty
barrels of apples from each of the
leading apple counties of the State
to enable a continuous exhibit to
be made in a creditable manner
during the entire perioel of thc
exposition, and if each grower
will contribute a barrel or so of
apples, each one will get equal in?
dividual advertisement and tlie
burden will not bear heavily upon
Apples should becaref illly picked
with the stem left od, must be free
from defacement by worms, black
ends, smut, scab, cloud or other
skin diseases, should be of normal
shape and well colored. Great care
should be exercised in handling to
prevent bruising, and to this end
apples, pears, etc., should be
picked direct from the tree and
each individual apple wrapped in
paper, for which purpose news?
paper or ordinary wrapping paper
will answer. Pnok in boxes or
barrels whichever may be most
convenient, but in any case usc
plenty of packing and wrapping
material, as a lees quantity well
careel for is more desireel than a
large quantity in bud condition.
Size must be secondary to the per?
fect condition of the fruit, as it
matters not how large if tile
specimen has black end, is scabby
or bruised, it cannot be exhibi?
Pears, quinces, and nuts, both
wild and cul ti vat ed, n real-n desi red.
Ship to George E. Murrell,
superintendent, care of Tlie Mer?
chant-" (old Storage Company,
Richmond, Va., by express,
A Struggle For I"; flic ic ii cv
Atlanta Conttitution
The reports of college openings
in-all parts of the country agree
that never before has been known
so many freshmen matriculations.
Students are applying in numbers ?
that amaze the faculties and Strain
the equipments of institutions not
located in cities where student
accommodations are abundant.
One eloes not have to go far to
find the reason for tbis phenomenal
pressure upon our higher educa?
tional institutions. It is not alone
an evidence that the general pros?
perity has enabled more parents to
feel justified in sending their hoys
and girls to colleges. It is rather
an evidence that both parents and
students have come to realize that
the successful men and women in
life are those who are most efficient !
in brain and operative power. '
Every new invention and every
amplification of utilitarian arts
call* for educated minds and hands
to exploit them. Tne business
world is always looking for these
qualifications and those who have
them find it not hard to get on In
this world.
It is a great advance in th
intelligent character of our civili?
zation that higher education ha.*
thilo litsiii) vindicated and the col- '
lege bred mi l? is nearly alway
found outfooting all competitors
In the useful circles of endeavor
that lie above mere muscular \
rn-a-ai-L-titi;il Nominee
? i
Senator-Morgan of Alabama,who ,
has spent the id miner ii' Virginia. ,
visiting places, is quoted ns saying
i' is guess-work who will be tie ;
next year's presidential nominee. ,
In r..*ply to questions put to him by
u'* -naper men, he said : i
tr. f i I
"Fresideajt J-toosevelt must pass i
through the ordeal of another Con
^ress with the big fellows and the ?*
ittle fellows jumping on him. Ile ?
s not popular with the masses ol r
me people like* ('lay or Cleveland
vere. By that I mean few pei ,
urns would take it as a personal
lefeat if he were nominated and
teaten. Asa Democrat] hope to
iee him nominated by the Rcpubli
lenftor "Morgan declined to dis-1 j
?uss bis pei ,4'ojeCt, tlie Isthmian ',
"In recent months," he said, I
lave steadfastly ref used to give my ,
"dewson that subject to the news
?api-i's. One thing is certain " he ,
idilcu, and his eyes glistened, ,
'?this country wjl* );ave tl at cana1
f tie- President can ba ni.;.i|e by I j
')? ingress to do bis duty ; or il' Hie
nilpie mil) in ike Congress do it
luty in forcing thu President to do .
ijsduty,*' ,
The rriimiry Plan I
?I,,!/,,,,I flitlletin, SePt. ititi
The primary plan has been used v
11 Bedford county since 180"). \\ ?
vas demanded by the people, ami '
t, has proved most satisfactory. (
Nie re has never been a single in- ""*
itance tty aft weean recall where the ?
x*8^1t of a priinary was not cheer
jijjy aceniLesced in.anel all faction* ?
fathered to support the liomin.
n the old convention system there
ias bei n such difc?ntisfaei'oi| thal t
ndependentshave been emcoui aged
ocomeotit. In a convention,how- I
?ver representative it may oe, '*
1 few leaders will control, while in
i primary the vote In one section
au offtj.c/"- another, and a true ,
majority rule.. $ach man has the ??
ame vote in a primary 'aa another, ti
md if he doesn't exercise hi.- j*
irivilege lt is his own fault. The 'j
>eople do not like the viva voce n
y-(mil. but even then the vote in e1
Saturday's primary was nearly as C
arge as usual. Take this feature '
iway, and no more satisfactory ^
aethod could b* devised. I
Gasellt Ci rresPtndeaee.
Sept. BO. The Republicans ol lluf
falo district met Saturday the 26th
in.vent ion for the purpose of nomi?
nal lug a full tick t for district oin'-ers
and tooled delegates to tb" Con nty
(lou von I iou. Tin- t leket is ns follows:
l'oniini.-.sioiicr of the Revenue, Lee
Potter; Supervisor, Geo. A. Ayres:
Justice- oiilie Peaoe, Charles Deaeon,
.Iiinies Armstrong, Charles Nioely;
Countable, Amos Morris; Ovsrsserol
tlc I'" 'i.' harle-. Bald. The meeting
\\a- full (o the swallow nnd not at
all spiritless.
The Baptist Sunday school at New
Hope church and that of Unexpected
school louse on last Saturday united
and held a picnic at the former place.
'I'lc day was well suited to tin.
casinn and a large crowd of young?
sters, ns well as a great immy of the
older ones, assembled to partake of
the stacks of good things winch was
lioiii tinily served toidi. After the
usual merriment, at 4 o'clock they
win off happy to their respective
Miss Bessie Sheets of Roman,
Augusta county, is visiting her aunt,
Mrs. Curr Knick, nt Collierstown.
Miss Sallie Swisher of Sewell, W.
Va., has been for the past week
visiting friends on Sugar Creek, near
Munni, ti.
Mis- Minnie Keller, who has been
lnr" for several months with her
sister, Mrs. P. ll. Cowherd, has re?
turned to her linnie in Augusta
Several cases of fever have been re?
ported in this section Whooping
collah ll still prevallng, and apple
jack is emiline; to the front.
(i rent scotts, what a time Sal and
me are going to have, when it comes,
when it comes. X-Rays.
Ol.More'a Milln
Gar rii,- ConetPondeaee.
Sept, 88 Mrs. .J. Vi. Fisher, who
has been visiting her daughter, Mrs.
C. A, Seal, returned to ber boin- at
Long (ilade, Friday.
Capt. Chiles and daughter, Miss
Hope, returned last weet from visit?
ing relatives near Pedlar Mills.
Mr. Iv I). Ogdan h" "Dieient clerk
Of Mr. Iv If. Chiles, bas resigned and
left for Clifton Forge, Va., first of
the Week lo accept ii posit i on with
the C.-fe 0. Ry. Co., at that point.
Ile is succeeded hy Mr. (Ipii. Wllskey
;>f Buchanan Va. We ure glad to
have Mr. Waskey with us.
Mis. II. A. Ogden left Monday to
join her husband at Clifton Forge
Mrs. C, M. Burks ls visiting ber
sister, Mrs. J. T. Rocker at Alpine
Mr. Vi. C. Kable has moved into
:he house recently occupied by Mi?
ll. A. Ogdan. Wc arc glad to srel
?onie Mr. mid Mrs. Kable to our
Mr. Frank Wilson, assistant miller
'or Capt. Chiles, attended Wallace's
irene ut. Lynchburg
Tin- Ininii Sunday School picnic
,sas held at fillmore's Mills Saturday,
md every body present had nu enjoy*
ible tinie. Plentyto eat. lots of sandy
or the scholars. There was g shoe
-ace and bobbing cake race, by the
miall children,whieh was enioyed by
ill pri sent. Jim Bwivoxb.
Terrible plagues, tims" Itching, pester
ini diseases ol the >k\u. Pal sn end in
ms ry. Doan's Ointment cures, ai
;ny illUL.' stole.
Picnic m Moore's Behool House
September 29. A delightful Sunday
school pic nie was h eld bereSaturday
usi liv the children aud parents of
hose who iifh-n I the Sunday Behool
lien-. The Sn inlay School has
ecu ii. successful operation for more
han ten years, Mr, Henry M. Smith
i the presenteffleii nt superintendent,
md with the aiil of his efficient lieu
11 auls, made Saturday memorable
ii the annal** of Sunday School plo
dis at Mils place. There were pres
?nt from 73 in 100 people.
Rev. .1. ll. Mght ba- bean holding
i itinjlji service here this week iii the
ichoo'h "Usn.
Miss Laura Pul tx ol neai Sooth
{iver, ls visiting iii the neighbor
Mr. Emmett Glenn, who had bis
inn broken ? few weeks n-^.i^ hus e;(,t
"ii along well, and bis ann bas been
,-moved from the boards.
Miss Ida Harris ol Kerr's Creek, is
Istting ber sister, Mrs. S. k. Riley.
Tin- Sunday School al H t iii j I 'hajj
I dos 'd Sunday last for the winter,
ll. II.
Seldom neills a physician. Who?
'In- family timi reads lae Frederick
I ls manac and always has Vlctoi Reme?
lt - on limul.
Lower Kerr's t'ri-cka
.fl tl Hr ( 001 I i -I im I. if
*-'. pf, 98, Miss lila Kuri ss of
luton Forge, is tin- guest ot Mrs,
lohn Kin.:.
Mi- McMn: ter ol Buffalo, is visit
nu' Mr. .Marion Lindsay who, we are
orr) io learn, i.- very ill.
Mis.- Kdna .Mediidin ami Messrs,
. vis T al id,Ony Bogieman,Hepn
(irkpatlibk and Harry Selby arc
?le|i,|iiie; the High School in LeX.ng
Mr. Clarence (thcn.scl'ai ii hu this
reek for Richmond whare ba will
toutlnuehu, studies in the University
lollege of Medicine, nnd Miss Kindee
Ibensehaln for New York City, to
tildy iii tin- American Academy of
Irainatic Arts,
Mr. and Mrs. .fohn Adair of Abing
on, Illinois, are visiting Mr. Fayette
'dis.; j).,! Lindsay lins entered the
'oiitiicrn s.eijiiiiary .it Buena Vista.
Mfss i-tuelah Montgomery of \*kx
DgtOU, il vi.-itin*,' Mi>. Ku ff Alldiin
nd Mrs. Thoma*Sale, li. v. h.
A Hay's Wild Hide f<?r Life
With family around expecting him (o
it-,ninl n soo riding tot lifo Ifl mllsa,togst
lr. King's New Discover) foi CoiiBiiniji
on, Couj/lisand Colds. W. II. Hriwn of
M viii", Ind,, endured death's Sjonies
om 8.(4J|n)ft, .v'd this wonderful incdl
ino gave insptnt rcljef and soon cured
lin. Ile wrltoe: "1 now Blu&p S0Uft*Jy
rory night.'' bike marvelous cums of
oDsumptlon, Pneumonia, Hionchitis,
ought*, Cold? aud Grip provo itHinatch
tis merit for all Throat and Lung
?oiibles. Guaranteed bottles 50c. aud
100. Trial bottles tree.
Bept. 98.- Mi- annie Davidson and
Mr. Thomas Laws ?no hnve been tba
guests of Mrs. S. W. Arnold, returned
to Hamilton, Va., last Saturday.
Miss Nina Mcclelland of Staunton,
is .-penning some weeks at hi r home
Mr. I), ll, Hillston of Washington
and Lee University, praaehed Sun
day ot High Bridge edi urah. He will
bold services at tbis place tie
second and fourth Sunday in each
Mr. .linnea Mcclelland left. Tuesda]
for the Virginia Pdyteehnlo Insti?
tute where he will attend ichool this
The farmers in this section ure
quite busy sowing wheat.
CnovK.u Blossom.
".now f,'oo<l digestion waits on appel Ite
nnd health on both."
If it doesn't, try Bordook Blood Hit?
Toad Kihi
riatette Coi respondence
s..pt. 28-Mr. Prank Rofl has told
bis farm near Oak Dale to Harry
Saville, for $4,701). Mr. Hi-If will
move to Lynchburg, November 1st,
to take charge of a farm for Presby?
terian Orphanage. His wife will act
us matron.
Mi-? QraoeCummiiiga bas returned
fruin Weat Virginia, where aha -pint
the rammer.
Miss Daisy Kirkpatrick ha*opened
u private ichool at Barger, <>n Toa?l
Fine prospect for a good crop of
'possums thin fall, as the persimmon
i raes are loaded.
There will be several coll- entered
from this section at the colt show
neal Ifonday. Ravs.
Millionairess' Pesor Stomach
Tbe worn* mt stomach of the over?led
millloaaire ls often pande l In tbe public
prim- aa a horrible example of the erile
attendant on the poeeesaioo ot great
wealth. Bal mlUlonalres arc nol the
only ones who are slQleted with had
stomachs. The proportion ls far greater
among tbe toilers. Dyspepsia .'.ikI Indh
gestlon are rampant among these people,
and they Buffet far worse tortures than
the millionaire unless ihey avail them?
selves of a standard mediclna like Green's
Angnsl Plower,which bas been a favorite
household remedy for all stomach
troubles for over thirtj Bve years. August
Flower rouses tbe torpid liver, thus
creatlng appetite and Insuring perfect di?
gestion. It tones and vitalises tbe satire
system and makes life worth living, no
nutter what yonr station. Trial bottlesi
20c; lenulursi/.e, 7.V.
ir rr is
Life Insurance.
Accident Insurance,
Health Insurance,
Surety Bonds or Real Estate,
thal you want, I can serve you you. Poi
further Infoinintion address
OTICE nf First Meeting of Crediton
in the District Court or the United
[Mates for lbaWeisternt){stflctof Va.
li, in., matter of M'TIII'i: A. TY KKK.
Bankrupt, No. l-li! in Bankruptcy
rothe creditors of LUTHRRATYKEE
of Clifton Forge, In the County of
Alleghany and District aforesaid, a
Notice ls Ilen-hy Wren, thal on tbe
Wrd day of Beptejnber,A.D.tW8,the said
Lather A. Tyree wms duly adjudicated
lliiikrupt : mill that tin" lir-t meeting of
iii- credltore will be held at the offlce of
loliii IV.Bear, Seq.,in Clifton Forge, Va.,
in the 12th day of October, A. D. 1908, al
lOo'clouk in the forem on, at which lime
:li.. -airi creditors may attend, prove their
?him-, appoint ;i trustee, examine the
[lui i rupt, and transact such other busl*
n's-, ns miy properly come before said
H E. H. NKI.-<?N.
Iteferee in bankruptcy.
Bepl It8, 1*808.
I. \lli it; i' OLLECriON ol'
Trimmed Hats
New and Stylish in
i?-' \..\v Qoods t.Ived orery week,
Inr prioM are the lowest, our quality
behest. Givens a***aHbefore baylag,
W, S. Knisclcy &Co
Fall and
Winter Goods.
Stoves, Dishes, Novelties.
?? Se An Jetsons
N bison Smut.
The Weary Way
Daily Beconing Less Weariaome
to Many in Lexington
With i back Unit acbss all day,
With the rest disturbed at night,
Annoying urinary disorders
"Tis a weary way. Indeed,
Dose's Kidney Pills drive weariness
An' Indorsed by Lexington citizens.
Mrs, B, A. Kramer, residing ta Wash?
ington st , says;
*'I hardly knew what lt was to have a
lengthy attach of aching or pain in my
back until tbs (all of 1909 whan my kid?
neys commenced to be troublesome, I
hare since learned what the suffering is
that one has to endure who has un al?
most constant aching in th" bach and
sharp pains after any overexertion, and
when tin- kidney secretions go wrong
and are LUMguiat mid d'strssslog holli
day and nigh! il- adds to Iii" ti'.i'ible. I
read of Doan's Kidney Plfls and being
particularly Impressed with them I seal
to lb il liol red's drug store and got a
box. I took them as -directed and -omi
noticed the difference in my condition.
The backache disappeared and the illili
cully with ihe-.'ei'i'tiiiiis wa- corrected.
1 bare been troubled as well with rheu?
matism bul Doan's Klndey Pills greatly
relic.eil this coiuplslnt."
Por sale by all dealers. Price SO oents
Milburn Co . Buffalo, N. V.. sole
sgents foi tlc- I' s.
Remember the name Doan's -.'ucl
take no substitute.
Commissioners' Sale
Real Estate*
Thc undersigned, S|.lal Commission?
er, acting under a decree of the Circuit
( '<>mit. of Roohbil Ige, entered in the
chancery eau-" of c. IV i I). II. r . ?
for. ftc., against Jacob Rosen's Heirs,
on the 5th day of September, 1-908, will
offer for -ah) at public outcry 'it th" fronl
door of thc Court House of the County
of Rockbridge, in Lexington, Virginia,
Saturday, October 17th, 1908,
at \2 o'clock, m.. that vain ibis traci of
I uni of which Jacob Rosen died seized,
containing 187*1 acres mote orless.sltuate
in Walker's Creek district, between
Brownsburg,in theCouuty of Rockbridge,
and Newport in the County of Augusta,
on tin- terms following i
One-fourth of tlie purchase money to
be paid In cash cn the day of Bale, aud
th" balance thereof on a ci.dil of om-,
tun.'ti.d three yens, tlc pur-ha-ei lo
give homls therefor in equal smouuts,
bearing Interest from -the day of
sale, ihe title to bc retained i
curil v for such payments
Special i 'omniissiouci.
Sept, V; Iw
In ih" Clerk'sOfBi e of th" < lirenil Court
of ih" ('ounty of Rockbridge:
c. II. and I). II. Rosen, Plainttfta
Jacob Rosen'*; Heirs, Defendants.
I. K. li. Witt, Clerk of rtald Court, do
certify thal th ? bond required of the s(?..
dall Commissioner hythe decree ten lered
in said cause on the 3th day if Meptem
ber. 1003, has hen duly given.
Given under my Stand ns t Kerk of the
-aid Court this 15 th day ef September,
ll. H. WITT, Clerk.
i - i \i:i tSHKO '773.
The Dally American
rarma hy Mall, Postage Prepaid.
Daily one Month. *
" " 'md Sunday,Ono Month.lu
?? Three Months,.
'* and Sunday, Three Months,. 1.15
" Six Month-. 1.60
*? and Sunday, Six Months,... 2.29
' One Y. ar.'. 8.00
" with -unday Edition 1 Year, 1.80
??unday I'dili m. 1 Yen. 1.50
The Tv. ice-a-VVeek American.
riic Cheapeel and licst l-'mnilv News
paper Published,
Six Months. ,*>0 ('"nts.
The Twlce-a- Week American ls pub
i.-h" i in twa Issues, Tuesday and Friday
uornings, with the news of the week In
?o upai-i -hap.. li nlno contains Interest -
ng special c irrcspondence, entertaining
?oniances, good pol; y, local matter of
.-??ii- rsi interest and fresh miscellany
luitablc for thc borne circle. A carefully
dit'd Agricultural Department and full
md reliable Financial and Market Ke?
nnis arc special features.
(HAS. c. FULTON mo.
i''i*u\ AoM -, Manager and Publisher,
Baltimore, Md.
Suburban Property for Sale
I have for sale mar tbe corporate
Ins ot Lexington tho following prop
?rt h - ?
One House (frame containing eight
-i oma in "rood order, with twelve
en - ol land at ladled.
Oik- House ('frame, containing eight
ooiui iii g >o I order, with two ames
one linn-" flame containing six
'ooma, with thirteen seres attached.
All these properties will make dc
ii rabi t* homes ami are convenient to
own. Apply to
A. T. BARCLAY, Agent,
Vuir. l'J-tf for own.)rs.
Botetoart Farm for Sale.
4. " Rosemont" flinn, containing 16H
tores, 3} miles east of Ptnoastie, ^ room
iriok dweBing, all necessary outbuild
Ogs In good repair, a splendid sssort
ncnt of fruitn,clo"ant water lu a few feet
>f the door. Land lies wall machinery
? ii bs nm over .i ail. Convenient to
lunches of all d.-noniiuatii ns.post offlce,
dil-and-tores. I'rii.e, .-j 1,001)--ono.half
JAMBS G. dixon
Kcal ''.state Agent
an 4 HlO'l I.i:\inyton. Va.
?Iofse Show at Richmond
Por the Richmond Horse Show Asso
lotion al Richmond, October l'lth to
rth,the Chesapeake K Ohio will sell
"kel- from all stations within the State
r Virginia to Richmond and return
etohcr 18th to 17th inclu-lve with Anal
mil of October 19th, at rate <?f one fare
,r ths round trip phis fifty cents for ad
Vi -it Richmond on this later
it |ng ocuiialoi).
For Sale,
liiatlon IRON
A. i
Sept. 23 Brownsburg, Va.
?ood combination IRON BAFE,
I announce myself a cnndiilate for h
?. utllce of COMMISSIONER of
EVEN UK for South Blear Matfis
rinl District nnd respectfully ask
ie support of my friends through
iit the county.
Sept. 8. THOS. SHEWEY.
WE Aili*.NOW l;i:< I.IVI.Y; ol'lt
Fall and Winter Stock
Hats, Hoots, Shoos, ko., Ac
Our Spring and Summer
Goods on hand will be
Take Orders for Suits.
Fit (iil.n.tnteeil.
Price* Bight.
Thanking von ;ill for past pa*V
ronage ire still solicit your trade.
Mr. Stewart Hutcheson ia still with
ns, and rill be glad to iee kay of ale
The G & D.
Clothing Company,
-it** ('..uri House.
;/. % fl 3 YA 1\OTU*l Al li
MIMI wtiBIfflta
Winter Goods
My Winier Stock is now in and ready for yonr inspec?
tion. If wanting anything at all yon cannot afford to miss
seeing nu stork. Will timi in it m.inv things that other near?
by stoics do not nave, and that roo trill be unlikely to gel in
onroonnty nnleas you come to see me. A .-ti-mg feature of rn}
establishment is tts exclusiveness. New things, nice things,
end not exorbitantly priced. I might write fora week and
till ups whole paper, and I could not give a correct idea of our
It consists of pretty Zibolenee, Broadcloths, Mohairs,
and many other kinds of nice material. I have so many Black
Drem Goods I hardly know what to du with th. in. [have
Priestlys account of Black doods, and they are the must relia?
ble Goods in every way that are sold in this country. I never
bave a complaint from them. 1 have nice Peau de Sois Black
silk ai 76, .fl.no. and 36 inches wide at $1.25. -Inst th. thing
for Fall Wraps. Also hav it in Cream al 11.00. Bave Black
and ('nam India Silk, very soft and flue, 36 inches wide, at
90c. .lust the thing for VYouts. Taffeta silks frm,, 76c to
$1.25 per yard. The latter is 36 inches wide, and fully guar?
anteed. Nice Ulick Silk Velvet at $1.00 per yard.
There never wa*-, and I doubt it there ever will be, ? pret?
tier line of Ready.Hade Skirts than 1 am showing this year.
They an* simply beautiful, pretty material, and cut in the moat
graceful lines, lt takes nigh grade tailors to do such work
as this. They have a sot and a finish ah nit them that is dis?
tinctive, and yet they are within onay buying reach of our peo?
ple. The neckwear of th.* season has a charm about it that is
fascinating, [want yon tosee the new Venise Tie. The Veil
hit's for thc season ure pivttv, and every lady will have to have
Want you to see the new Vonise Band-- for Dress Trim?
mings! Last season you saw many "grape" effects. 'Ho?
season you will see "wheat'' effects, and other pretty designs.
I consider the strongest and liest furnished department in
my store is my Linen Department?that ie Table Damasks,
Napkins, Lunch Cloths, Towels, Crashes,&c. I have an old
friend in New York who has spent a lifetime handling nothing
but Linens. Ile just simply knows all ali.mt them, quality,
pattern, and value. They are all fromforeigU loOlttS, and they
are all right in every respect. They are right here in m.*.
store to show for themselves, backed np bj the fullest and
broadest guarantee 1 can give.
Another great part ol' my store is the Lace Cm tain >t"rk
Ought to see this stock if wanting curtains. Not only a great
range of prices, from tin- insignificant sum of 7."? cents np.
hut a great range of patterns, both in Nottingham and Mol'met.
Not only a pratt] stock of Curtains and Curtain materials but
a pretty stock of Draperies. Ladies, decorate your homes and
make them attractive to your husbands and y?nsons. The*,
like it. It is a precious memory to them when the] leave it.
They kick sometimes ahout the tidies on the chairhacks. and
the many sofa pillows, hut they don't mean it. lt is not money
thrown away to have a tastefully draped and furnished home.
lt is elevating and refining, and develops the better part of man
J. McD. Adair*
Progressive Cash Store
We are daily receiving NEW WINTER QOODS, and our stock
?viii lie more complete than ever before. Notwithstanding the great
nlv.iiiei in Cotton and Woolen Goods, we have them at tho same low
/liens. Wo are carrying a full line of Dry Good*-.. Shoes, Notions,
Hats, Caps, eti*.. and last but not least, a full lim* of Melt's and Mo\*-:
iVo will save you money in this line. Como ami see us before buying
roar Winter Clothing.
Soliciting your patronage, we are yours to serve,
C. A. LACY ?5t SON.

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