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R. & BRUCE, President. T. S. BUSWELL, Treasurer.
WM. R. KENNEDY, Vice President E. S. SHIELDS, Secretary.
Rockbridge Realty Corporation
Thc following desirable Farms atid Town Property offered for sale. Lo
catedin Lexington and Rockbridge County, Va.
HISTORIC LEXINGTON: A easter ot education ami culture, seat of Washington and Loa
University and the Virginia Military Institute. The omi tvij >vs i li ? unique distinct iou of having
>,een endowed by George Washington and administered by Kobari E \ah>, the tuber, often oallad
tbe "West Boint of the South.'' is rich in the memories of "S'Ooawall" Jackson. Excellent Migs
Behool, four strong Banks, live white and taro colored Churches, t-v-o Railroads, a populatioa uf
4.(Kio, including nearly 1,000 young men at the two institutions. Ne url jr 1.200 feet above sci level,
healthful and invigorating climate, average summer temperature ;?_' degrees, low et>st of living, on
the National Highway from New York to Atlanta
ROCKBRIDGE COUNTY: Situated in a picturesque valley between ihe Allegheny and
Blue Ridge Mountains, being a portion of the ranted Shenandoah Val lea of Virginia, and about one
hundred and fifty miles from Wash ington Cit*, Good farming lands, stock raising, blue grass,
tine fr.lit, excellent springs. Thrifty people, flourishing tertoola, numerous churches, g,>od roads,
equable eli mate, attractive summer resorts, including Natural Bridge, Rock bridge Alum Springs.
Ciosl.cn Pass. Rockbridge Bathe and Wilson's Springs.
Barties living in otber States would do well to write for information.
All properties listed with us are widely advertised without cost to owner, whether we
make salo or not.
Read carefully the following lists:
No. 1 Residence 12.000
A nice new home on Houston street.
Lexington, Va. Hons* hat ti rooms
inn! let Ls 75x800 feet. If yon want k
nice tiuiico! ava Investment you had
bett'-r si--, tliis prep.-tty. Tho price i?
-..nie. Terras to ault purchaser.
No. 4 Will Sell at Once 15,000
An elegant, well-bo il I 8 room 1
in Lexington. Vu. (-tood residential
section, splemli l lawn :nul alee shade
tree* about two acre** of laud room
witb thia proper tv. Thia i- a splendidly
built house au.I one of tbe very nicest
bornes In town.
This property ls complete In every
way and bas all tbe m-oeaaary cut
bnildina*B. This property will not be
eu the market long for the price la
<*nlv j-i.i>* ie ainl do horry'for tbe money.
No. 5 Suburban Property 12,250
Fifteen seres of good land, only 800
yards Iron tbe corporate limits ol Lex?
ington, Va. L ime oak wees, beantlfcl I
shade. Splendid location .to build a
bone-. No buildings except ? good
stable. SOU assorted fmlt trees. Land
-adjoining; sold recently for $500 an
Mere. Thin is certainly n bargain. If
sold at once *?-.- n will boy the prop
No. ?? s for Price
Qood brisk building on Ma'n street,
Lexington, Vs., right lo tbe business
section. Nine rooms up rtalrs, two
store ro'iins ou first tl ior and both are
oocupied. Unod brie!*, building in tin
rem foi stor.v. Will rent lol 15 pei
? en'., i f pi Ice asked. < ?weer -
lng to sell tins pro-arty, ?->> ii inter
ested lonk up tins bar** nu at ?
No. 7 |1,000 Less than Cost to Build
Large brick residence on Mainstreet,
dos.-te the businees ? ?Uni, ou large
lot facing on two streets A ?_- ?< ul stable.
This isa splendidly hunt Imus. s*nd ls
cheap ?it the jul. e. Owner is a uou
esideut is why ibis pr perty is on tbe
narket, Ile- price i- univ I
Better look tliis up at euee.
Nu. B This is a Money-Maker
Two splendid l"ls willi ii well of
good Maier. Can be <1 ivi.'?-1 Into
pisa!ter lots. This is valuable property
and a money-maker, (all and a-k ns
about this property. The price is only f
Nu. '.' I.ess Than $36 an Aero
A s| lend id farm ol nb.mt 300 acres
l'[ milegsouth of Lexington, Va -right
OU Ile Natl.mal Hunwiy. Si.
brick residence containg li r.is,
barn aud usuxl outbuildings, l*aud is
natural hine grass su table for farming
and grax'iig. The | lace ;- [airly ?eli
fenced. Good spring and cb tern and
farm well watered bv s-iriugs. Most
i f the land i-- now in blue ??in-- aud
affords s*,'ei did pRxture. lt is not
often snell d -iritbh- pl. | ? ri. i- Oil the
market sud lins pl ice i- well wortl
l<H>king up at ome. 1 here in ly ht. ov.-i
80(1 Mi-- In tli- tract, lt ls a bar?
gain at Ihe 1<iw nii<-e ol $10.7J0. Due
half cash, balance to ?ult.
No. 10 Residence $1,850
A good, convenient home ou Jeffer?
son street, Lexington, Va.; la oloae to
business section. House bas 8 rooms,
nice yard, simile trees and some fruit.
If you went a Lome centrally located
bad Lest see hhout this. Piloe,
No. ll Buy This While Low
Thin is a farm of 185 aires and only
two miles from Lexington, Va. One
hundred acrea cleared, balance In lim?
ber This timber is Worth more thin:
$1,000. Good level farming land mid
*aacblnery can be used <.n everv foot of
lt. There ara no buildings on the
property. If you want a tract ol this
Bomber of acres and will gi vs tin- a
look yon will har. Thin is lim- I;,ml
aii J the price is right. (Inly $8,100.
Nu ll Business Property $2,500
Ucod two-story building on Main
street, lexington, Va., lot :*0i'*65 aud
faiiii ? .n lan streets, runnlrg from
Main lo Jeff-rsou street. Large eel n
and corner property. Suitable for fac?
tory oratora with rooms foi residence
above. HISS of the baUding ."ix'-il.
The property ts In good condition nod
in a spit iu-iii neighborhood, book ni
this, a.-* it will pay jon to nuy it uh. i,
you can do so for o.dy $3,500.
No. 13 Residence $2,250
A good 6-room residence on 'I'avloi
street, I exiugton. Va. Splendid lui
100xU"> lest. li..od still,le for three
horses, wi--.ii shed, wood botHM ami all
u sun I out hi.ild.i.j/.-. A number ol nice
fruit treen in bear-in*; also nive lot ol
wasring grape viues (-rood neighbor?
hood. Goes at ree ts acd good pave
merits. Ut* nv. nie I to business section.
This lu a nice, pleaasnt ho ? ??, -md you
ebould see it before buying Owner
will sell on teriuo ti .-mt the purchaser
Price, $2,250.
No. 14 50 Acres at ?*4."j per Acre
Mere ls a piece of property that will
make a maa little farm for pome oas
The tract contains l"> i>r ">0 acres of
good tarmlna html, all In ?crass, and if
purehasei desires it owner will sell s
res n?ore of cleared land, tim ter
land <>r both. Machinery san b-* used
on all thie laud. Ao orchard of three
acres baring well. No holdings ex?
cept s small hons*" of three rooms. In
fun MOdltton. Hood spline at the
hons.', m dsuothergood spring on the
place furnishing plenty ol water.
About IO -nilee from Lexingtoa, Va.,
good roada, close to sehoole, churches
and .-tor-:.. R. K. 1> Mall. Good neigh?
borhood. Book after tills at otu".
Price low al "? US per acre.
No. IS New Residence $1,600
I new 6-room house, with good
cellar. In a good section ol Lexington,'
yard, slvao* treas and good
1x195 feet. This ls a good prop
crty and clo.-.- to lot.-iness. Thia prop?
erty should nell righi away Ht $1,000.
No. l?i <*ood IItime $1,800
Sice near 5-ruoiu boos* snd loton
Sycamore etreet, Lexington, Vs Ntee
. vari! and ana-le. This i> an at
tractive little home and will not ba on
the market lons;, because the prloe
naked is only $1,200. Property is now
No. 17 Residence $1,000
Here is a 1 i.i residence which las
u.i Investment Thie bone* ls In
good repair; ba-a aloe lot, yard aod
.. property is rented
all ti i< time anti i.- certainly wort1! la
ve>ti|{ating, bk the i wi ei will aell it for
No 18 Small House $!H?U
How would you like to buy tula prop
A new bouse wittt 4 rooms on
Pullet Avenue, Lexington, Ve. Nice
*e now reuted. This ls a
?.?ood boiue niul before you rent or bay
\un thoul<J see it. The prloe ls right at
on iv J
No 21 Edmondson Ave. L>t $750
A splendid loton Edmondson Av
uno, Lexiugton, Vn., 75x173 feet. The
very place to build s homo. There i- a
uice rvaidence on each aide of tins lot
tuakiiiu ii .t pleasant place to live' A
good concrete walk right np lo the
property. I *ow pr iee al $750.00. Look
at ll* la lot.
No? Edinoi dsoo Ave. Lot $700
Anolhei nice building lot on Ed?
mondson Av?*oue, Lexington, V*. Thin
lol la 70s SOO feet, this gives lots of room
an 1 makes it ic-ir iOle property. The
adjoin lux lot has a ni.evidence oe
cu pied by the owner. This is a |>iens
aul | lace t" live. Tbe owim r wanta
.?;? ii (xi for t'n> iot.
No 23 Edmondson Ave. Lot 8600
Two more uiee lota on Kdmondson
Avenue, Ilsington, Vs., suitable roi
huiIdiug purposes. Nioe location. Lots
70x 175 feet each. Vou bad hatter take
a look at these for you eau buy them
for *?'iuii ii piece.
No 24 Residence I/nt -nJ.mi
Mere ls a valuable property ami well
worth the money. Look at tbe size of
tho lot, 75x335 feet. Thia gives plenty
of spaea foi a residence and all out?
buildings without crowding. $860.00
is tbe prloe and it la ivw. This lot is in
a good seetion ?.f town, corser Hain and
Walline streets, Lexington, Vs
No 25 Two Lota each$750
Two ?pteadtd lots foe building, saeh
70x150 feet, located on Jordan street,
Lexington, Vs Thees lots are adjoin?
ing, are tn ? iptendid part of town, well
built ii|i section, mid someone will boy
iii. ii .-..on an seeoaai >l th- price and
general surroundings Look thia sp
Price la - 0.00 -*eeh.
No'jr. Business LotonR lt. Switch
A variant lot with M.B.awlteh already
built. An Ideal location fora coal or
wooli yunl.aiid the han<lliij.r ?f lumber,
grain, tits, berk, fwtlltsers und mav
ubinery. Tins is by far tbs cheapest
piece of property of its kimi lu Lexiiur
ton, Va,
No 27 Last Vacant Business L>ts
P< ii lots on Neuve ,.treet rrontisg
?in ami 25 fe t each adjoining Davidson
IflW. llie.se lots, are <>tr*-io<l at one
lutlf what adjacent property la uold at
Ail urinations point to this as the
moat valuable vaeaal prorerty in Lex?
ington loilty.
No us Water Bower Roller Mill
t/V'y"iV!,ru'-i"tf '-K^d water power
noller Mill wm, residence, and ? uer**,,
of tanti in u wpieudui sseUoa of couutry
had better look at thia. The property
li ti miles from Lexington, \'i? , on *
good road an I iu one of file b"st kind
of farming i Set lons. Tins is au 18 bar?
ri I mill unil ibe machinery is new. I
i Boar and feed mill. The balldlng *
in good repair. Good briek boase ot
il rooms, 2 seres In orchard, nil kind*.
of fruit, good spring and wed, slso
stream of waler on the plaos. Flue bul
min land. High sebool 800 janis from
ll. nise and chuieh.-s close Xo mill
within 80 mil.s ol thia one going north
west, which i- ii farming section. Ideal
location tor a general store in ...
tion with the milliug business, as prop
el t v ison ii lunch traveled road and
tin- location is unuaually good. When
von know ii <? prise of this you wi
suv it i- well worth Um money. Poi
session given ?t once. Ransons for se!
in;;, owner is leaving this aeetloa forth.
West. Von can -.'et a bargain he.e i
v..ii will ;u-t ut oi .e. Asl, for ptl, e
quick. Well, we wil give yon the price
right now. lt is ooh $5,000aad terms
to sllit.
No29 The "Old Irvine House"
Valuable Hotel or boarding house
property in tbe (Jouit Hoi se sc Bare.
This ia well known property fr.mi _?
Ito ft. on Washington street, li i
feie.i si u bsvrgain price. .\-k u- a
ibis property.
No lin r*ots in "Lexington Heights
Two desirable building lota in "Lex ?
Ington Heights." These lois areSOxl-.M . *
feel eat h and ara ar.joluing. Una i- a <
cornel lot an 1 both front or the main
stieet. Beautiful view, nice place to
build. A- v Io' price.
No HI Farm of 14ti Aires
Here ia anice farm and a place well
Worth I in' money. Faun ol I *. a res
with m..mr -ju acres in timber, only one
hiill mile from main rea I ad ah it lu
mi lee from Lexington, Va Uoodtjrooni
house, beru, stable aud necessary out
buildings. Blacksmith shop au i ten?
ant house, Good spring and goo I fruit.
wood land ami crops well. Fine neigh?
borhood, i lose Io chin. he-. School*,
stol.-and n.i-t ollie.-. Possession given
al once. Au estate must be sett ed is
why mis 'ann is on rh" market, lt will
pay \ i ii to look at tin- faun before you
buy. v* rite or ask ns lor price. Von
wil lind price reasonable Lei us baa*
at once
No 32 Fine Farm $10,00
Here la a Bus farm timi well worth
your attention. The farm e.,ni ons :104
a,, ie-, li.--, w.l I. and a large portion ot ll
is in yrass. Seven room house, good
tarn, and Stable fol S hol.-e-. Plenty
of fruit. Two huodied thou-aud fe<-t
ol good timber. Thi- desirable finn ls
imh om- milo frr iu tlie City of buena
Vista, Va., a tbrlvibg little city >f3200
p..(.illation, with kooiI Behool-., niorea
and factories Tba Southern S-'attl mary,
a successful Behool !< r young ladies i"
located al buena Vet- This farm
w th all its advantages i- well worth
your attention, undi- a bargain al $10,
oOu. Let as show this farm.
No33 West lexington Cottage
Any one wantina ii ni ?!? little home
will certainly ba interested in Ibis prop
arty. A nine new liam.-, l non. cottage
in West bexinj-ton, Va. Si/.. <,r |.,t SO
x 145 fest. Fruit of all kind.-. Oniy IU
minutes walk from town. Tin- is a
splendid opportunity to buy a good
home. The price ls reasonable ami will
bo given on application.
No3*1 Residence Property $2,250
Nice re-l.lenee property close to bus
ine-.-,on bycamorestreet,Lexington,Va '
(Jood frame house with porch sud shade
trees. House baa fi room-ami kitchen,
stable, wagon shed aad necessary ont j
buildings. Splendid lot 65xUf*i feet,
(iooci garden. This property reata well. :
Call to see us and wo w i if show this!
1 lion.e. The price is $8r8-'*0 on suitable
No3J5 Residence Ix>t with Fruit
Wood ti room borne with cellar on
Jonliiii St. Lexington, Va. Tins prop?
erty ls ni a good rvsid-mtisl section and
is rented all tbo tin e. The place la in
very good icpair. Till-- is ?;.? ,| prop
city and iu a part of I.e. met.rn which
la bel og rapid! j bsUI up Ai; elegaut
lot 00x225 fe*-1. Plant*, o' fruit. Nice
yard ami porch.
No 36
Main Street Home
Nice home in good repair on Main
street Lexington, Va. Honan baa il
rooniM, Furnace, lt lc ty ti lc lights. Kath,
?food cellar. Karden, yard, nice pori hes
Splendid place for residence and Leard
ats. Thia property has lately teen put
in thorough repair. Call and ask about j
this linnie.
No 37 House and 4 Acres $950
Good ti room frame hrfttrtT. ats bsa OBJ
OOtbtlildingS, 4 acre-. ,,f land, plenty of
fruit, ti mi les from Lexington, ."> mlle.-, '
from buena Vista-, - uiI1*-h4 from stor ?
and depot. It. !?'. 1). mail. IVisou-.
? he know titi*' propel ty say it ls well
worth the money. Owner ls moving to '
another county awl wants to aUaOSSS el
it. Brice f'.loO. TIM hOauM alone i.
worlb the money.
\ No $8 Splendid Karin '321 Acres
Any pswesa saaSaeg a splendid farm
had hettee reed this carefully. Bach t>
! ftirin is not often on the market. This
ene ba*- 321 acres, 6J miles from I extra
toti mid Itiieiui Vista. Va., one laMl
Balla National Highway, aa acre-' ii
(nutter, lt F 1> mail, machinery aa**, be
BSSd on miv of thie fniui, 'loo I sp'itu:
noil water i ii every Held, .'.acres la good
fruit. Fine for liny anti grain. Kigl.i
room brick house with good eel ku
Mood haws 'ititi stalile.all oiitbi'ihlin.'s,
lenaut bonne. Faun in good st-tte ot
.ttltiv .1 ion. We con-idereti ttiis farm
very reasonable at the puce which i
oiily $1X,500.
No '39 House and 1 Acres
A nice home not more thai: :i miles
from Lexington, \'a. lt ls not often that
-.neb a plaeess titi-* ls )<>r i-aie. a t
: oom finite hoiisc lu tt.it lvpall.73 fi nit
.s variety of frsit,gsr*les,?/ard.poa>*
,-iies timi outbuildings. This traeteoa
?.lins IO saree, ju>t the right slasfot a
nice little home. All the Inn | is good.
.'lose to tha Natiotinl Highway. We
nil not have this lou;;. The owner lives
n town li the reason for selling.
Brice $2,800.
Nu 4 Valuable Rcsidonce
Valuable li room residence close lo
ihe Best (lillee in Lexington, Vs Large
lot about 00x950 feet, eornee prep
rt >-. stable foi 4 horses, buggy swed,
-lui). One gardes easily rented tor good
iv e-t uteiii on the money Good rea
-om foi disposing of this property,
i'ali to see ns hi tl j>et the price, which
la reasonable.
No ll Farm of 343 Acres
Wehaves good faun of $48 acres foi
-ale -Knitted in OfSUge < omi ty. Vs,
-even miles from Orange Court ii oms
.rte mil ? from railroad, Pive room bon-.'
oul allon!boildlngs, good soil,150ed ? ?.
it eui ti vat lon, IM acree giassns and
i ii 11'er. in order to set t le an estate thia
property will be told at a barguin. Ash
ibool tins.
No 42 Splendid Farm of Mt'. \
A splendid fane of ?;,;'1 acres n Bock
bridge ('ounty. Va., between lend t
mi lee from Lexington, IO1'acres in tim
lier, 800 acres nice 'farming land. Tbe
place ls well watered. Two One young
>rchai*da,beartiag,nlce pear trcee^grap ai
:n fit there is plenty of fruit, This
land la Hue for wheat nt <l di kinds of
_-iii:n. Very goo<i road, and good neel
v,i. There la a liege quantity of ?*r.tv
i tue -i"ii'' on the pince win en ha
11 need e.* floe quality sa ssa he
lr und auy where foi nottimerelsl lime.
If too large, the farm can be easily di?
vided Into two fenns. Unod frame snd
lo ick Inuse of SI rooms, tenant house.
unbuilding*, largs bauk barn and good
-tallie. lt ls liol Often that BUCh di su?
lfite property 1? on tin. market, Price
?Mo. OOO.
No 43 A Rare Bergala $2$, ooo
A Hoe farm of -'"l acres 8 miles from
I.ex Wigton, Va., on ?good road. Is
icies ot excel len! timber, balance in One
-tate of cultivation, m> trouble to use
a aehloerv on all t be land, well fend 'l
ind nell watered. The average crop on
this farm is 1200 bushels wheat,75 tons
my, 11h>i> bushels com. N > better qual?
ity of land auy where. Such e fara
is not often for rale. Plenty of good
fruit, splendid 0 room brick residence
ind all other bu I ld iu tra. '.lie owner i
jot hunting a buyer foe tins Hue farm
hut win *-??!! it it a buyer wishes it. The
price ia 800,000 Sad worth the money.
No44 Residence on flood Street
A 7 room residence lu a good location
in Lexington, Vs, on Jeff creon street.
This lionie is iii good lepair inside and
mt lins a nice yard and One garden.
in a ?,'oail neighborhood nnd is a deslr
ill.le pises to live. Ask to.-, 8 this
proper'v. Posesslon usn b<* given al
once. Brice only 84500.
No4."> Desirable Business Property
There is DO BOIS desirable store room
in Lexington than this one, which me
offer for Kile. This l.uildini; is rit mitt ti
on Nelson street ia ii very lint* husines
section o' the town. The store room i
26x88 f-**'t Inside with a room of the name
else abOve. and a good Dellar. Thi.
properly is rented now and there is nu
trouble to keep it rented nil the lime.
Situated directly between Main street
and tia* site purchased for the new Bo.-l
otVeo building. Stores are very scarce,
ami iu -{Teat demand In Lexington. Bee
us at PsaCC and we will name price.
No 47 Farm Near Lex ington
Mero is a idee faint of slightly over
100 acres |e-s than 4 miles front Lexing?
ton, Vu. lt spic tin! aim for grain and
Kines, and a ?*?.o.l quality of land. Plen?
ty of cleared land tn work and siiflicient
timber for tbe fans. Frame house of
c. rooms ami outbuildings. Pi ult aad
water. This is | splendid tilth* farm
innl cuii be bought ai areavsonable ptioo.
Lei us i-how yon tins property.
No 48 Kdmondson Ave. Ixts
Two nice building lots on Bdmoad
tra Avenue, Lexington, Va. These are
v.-ry ihsirnl.le lots. Size 75x198 feet
Building lots me getting scarce! here
every tia v and yul had better look at
these. They a'ljnin earth other. Will sell
ont; or both, <iood Ideation, good uei-jh
borbood, good pavement. (Jail tor price.
No 4!( County Frame House
Five loom frame li".iso on a public
real al.out 10 ST Ilea from LexiiiKlon,
V i Pratt trees, ^tilden, two attics of
land, ino'.' or less. Country eton 100
yards from Um property. Ai.vone want
i' ?* lo met ohs Odis d can eil lt, i rent or
buy tins store room. One of the best
.stiui'ls for n aoaati y store In Roehbridge
Countv. ReeaOB for selling, owner i-,
goipg tc it.ove. This is a bargain at
No50 lexington Residence #2,750
Nice home in Leiin^'on, Va.,6 rooms,
good location, linn garden, nice yard,
Splendid lot 50x200 feet, Close to new
Post Ofllce site. A pleasant place to
live. Low at the price, #2750. For sale
booauao owner lives at a distance.
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?-.:?. a liai tl, smooi li sin I
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The Jib Depart mer t
The Gazette
AH kinds of
Letter Headi
Bill Heads
Statements, Envelopes
Sale Bills, Dadgers
Cards, etc., etc.
**7o 51 lexington Heights Lot
Min** -rsa.ilasea lot l^-itsa-toa.Hsla-bt*.
? in lu- tli\i.l.'.| info two lot.s. Si/.-. Olx
178 fact, l'rif.i 5llo.
**Jo 52 Desirable Residence F*ot
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il-". HI . .-rollin..,- IO si/..-.
A Reliable Remedy
Ely's Cream Balm
?h?yf?v; J
-'.*-*-> j
is quick I*, absorbed.
Gives Reliel at Once.
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tim (lis.-iisi-d in.-m.
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tha HttUHl-H of Tat - ;,- I ; , ,.
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tee. additional lists pages I aod4.) Ornun Balm toTnaah nt ,,,-i*,,. ra 7r, abu
j Ely Brothers, 6t> AVarrau Si rot t, New lurk.
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