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TE bc ^Lexington (5a3Cttc
WKDNKSDAY, NOV. 15. li-ll
The Coming and Going of People
You Know
Mr. Isaac Weinberg is in the
northern markets thin week buying
holiday goods for his stores.
Mr. Joshesh EL Kttinger visited
his daughter. Mrs. Howard G. I?.cy
at Glen Wilton, the past week.
Mr. John M':D. Ross left Loxing
ton last Thursday for Texas where
he expects to make his home.
Rev. Murray D. Mitchell is off on
a hunting trip with some friends in
the mountains of Bath county fora
few days.
Miss Marie Parry of Atlanta, Ga.
was in I?jxington the past week
visiting her cousin, Miss Jen Parry
Hon. Henry St. George Tucker
and Mrs. Tucker have gone to Nor?
folk where they expect to spend the
Miss Irene Schoppert has accept?
ed a position as stenographer at
Dayton, \'a., and left a few days ago
to assume her duties there.
Miss Bertie Miley Beard and Miss
Mary Hoogher Campbell spent Sun?
day ia Lynchburg visiting friends
at Randolph-.Macon Woman's Col?
Mr. William A. Adair was
Lynchburg ever Sunday to visit hi?
sister. Miss Ajgnea Parr Adair, who
is a student at Raudolph-Macon Wo?
man s Col laira.
Colonel \V. T. Shields, as a mem?
ber of Governor Mann's staff, was
present .donday at tho unveiling in
Petersburg of a monument to the
soldiers of Maaaaehosetts who fell
in the battle of tue Crater.
Mr. Hug* M. Witt of Rk'hmond.
spent several days last week in I^ex
ington visiting his parents. Mr. and
Mrs. Robert li. Witt. He was ac
comoanied by his cousin. Miss
Brent Witt of Richmond.
Mrs. B. W. .Switzer accompanied
Dr. Switzer to his old home at Mt.
Crawford last week, where he went
to vote in Tuesday's akMiloo. Mrs.
Switzer has been detained at Mt.
Crawford on BCOOUBt of the illness
of Dr. Switz.tr_ mother. Mrs. S. C.
Mr. and Mrs. John Marion QaiaCB
berry have issued invitations to the
marriage of their daughter. Miss
Bessie Viola, to Mr.Gilbert Kugene
Pence of Woodstock, Vu., to laka
place Wednesday. November 89,
1911, at 4 p. m.. Trinity Methodist
church, Lexington.
The marriage of Miss Kitherir.e
Armitage, daughter of Mr. and Mrs
Arista Hoge of Staunton, to Mr.
James McClintic Davidson of Lex?
ington, is announced to take place
Wednesday morning, December ti,
1911, 9.30 o'clock, First Presby?
terian church. Staunton.
Mrs. John A, Womeldorf has is
sued invitations to the marriage of
her sister, Miss S. Edithe Lam, to
Mr. John Andrew Dickinson, the
ceremony to take place on Thursday
afternoon, the thirtieth of Novem?
ber at half after one o'clock, at her
residence near Lexington.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Grey Don?
nington of Parmville, Va., have is
issued invitations to the marriage
of their daughter. Miss Lucie
Knight, to Mayor E. Southard
Shields of Lexington. The marriage
will take place at Poplar Hill, the
home of the bride's parents, in
Farmville, Tuesday, November 28,
1911, at high noor.
"Graustark" Next Week
"Graustark," the dramatization
by Geo. D. Baker, of the popular
novel of fiction from the pen of
George Barr Mccutcheon, will be
the attraction at the Lyric Theatre
Wednesday night, Nov. 22nd.
The approbation with which this
romantic drama was received last
season by patrons of the theatre,
leads Manager Weinberg of the
Lyric to believe the demand for
seats will be as great as in other
cities, and in consequence will start
the sale for the engagement Friday,
the 17th.
The company, if anything, i*
stronger than last season, and the
same magnificent scenic production
will again be seen.
Death of Mrs. Lucy Wilhelm
Mrs. Lucy Wilhelm died Sunday
?t then homo of her sister. Mrs. H.
P. Weeks or. Kerr's Creek, after an
extended illni"-s. Thu funeral was
conducted Monday by Rev. D. N.
Yarbro, with iutenneut ut New
Official Returns of the Election Last1
W. karawi?I give the official re
turus of the vote cast in Rockbridge
Tuesday of last week. Elsewhere
will be found tho table of the legis?
lative and county ticket.
William F. Johnston, R G. Pax?
ton, G. A. Jones and T. K. Cooper
as commissioners of election, met at
the Courthouse last Thursday and
canvassed the vote.
Following is the result of the dis?
trict vote, including commissioners
of the revenue, who were voted for
by all the county:
Commissioner of Revenue: T M.
Wi.de, 1319; Supervisor. J.fiLWatl
more, 374; Constable: J. P. Welsh,
354; il. A. Jones, 3: Justices of
Peace: R. P.. Ruff, 262; W. F. Pier
son, 235: J. F. Tolley, 225; J. P.
Ackerly, 174; J. W. Lindsay, 23,
Overseer of Poor: J. L. Hender?
son, 371.
Commissioner of Rwvenue: Will
O. Harris. 926; H. T. Lunsford. 366;
Supervisor: W. M. McNutt, 175; W.
T. Dod, 61; Constable; J. C. Thomp?
son, 96; J. B Irvan, 67. W. W. Clay
toi. 59; Justices of Peace Vf. Vf.Rex.
161: W. B. I/igwood, 157: Vf. B
Poindexter, 131; M. L. Reed. 94; M.
B. McNamara. 82; Overseer of Poor:
J. W. Wilson. 222.
Hl.KKAI.0 DI ST ll II"T!
Commissioner of Revenue: John
N. Hotinger, 1310; Supervisor: R.
L Savin,-, 196; c. A. Kyree, 117;
Constable: C. L. Knick. 138; S. W.
Foster. 84; Justices of Peace: T. J.
Deacon, 136; A. H. Wilson, 122; C.
P. Cummings. HIS; J. A. Ayres. 9B
C. 1 Nicely, 92: J. S. Armstrong,
90; Overseerof Poor: C. L. Reid, 138
('oiiiiiiissioner of Revenue: Daniel
Teaford, .i2.r>: John H. Ayres, 413;
Supervisor: Rice Hotinger, 116: J.
\. Conner. HS: Constahle: J. W.
Weeks, 106; L. A. Vest, B7; Justices
..f Deuce; H. A. Wiison, 110; H. H.
Taaford, 109; T. W. Wilhelm, 102;
kV. II. Blackwall, M; < >. M. Tolley.
69; Ovaraaar of Poor: V. T. Snider,
lui; Sea W. Agnor, 96.
Commissioner of Revenue: I). H.
Hast, 1.331; Supervise.r: H. L Pat?
terson. 136; Constable; H. S. Road- '
cap, 126; A. L. White. 119; .Icstices s
d Peace: E. t* Jones. 196; G. \. r
Brows, 126; n. L. Ward, 60; G. P. '
Carroll, 69; OvO?MBr of Poor: J. W.*i '
Cul tun. 160.
Commissioner of Revenue: H. Ar
ih. r ( Itt, 1,309; Supervisor: J. J. L
Kinner, 150; J. ti. Alexander, 11)6;
Constable: W. H. Decker, 261; Jus
ticat of Peace: J, A. Parker. 189;
W. T. Good maa, 186; W. W. Temple?
ton, 140; J. K. Kyle. 86; J.J. Richie,
Ul: Overseer of Poor: Vf. ML Sale.
New Postoflice Contract Awarded
Postmaster McClung Patton re?
ceived last Thursday from the
Treasury Department in Washing?
ton a letter informing him that the
contract for the new postoflice build?
ing in lexington has been awarded
to Coorge Leigh ? Brother ol
Louisa, Va., their bid being S44.
753. The contractors have accepted
the award. i
Provision is made that the coj
tract must be completed by iobru
ary 1. 1913, and a bond of 626.660 is
required by the government.
It is supposed that work on the
building will begin at an early date
since tbe time for completion is a
little less than fifteen months.
Death of Mrs. Frank Irvine
Mrs. Mary Lou Irvine, wife of
Mr. Frank Irvine, died at her home
on Whistle Creek Thursday morn?
ing last aged .r?2 year*. She had
been ill for some time. The funeral
was conducted Friday by Rev. Dr.
Alfred T. Graham of Lexington,
with interment at Mt. Moreland.
Mrs. Irvine was a member of the
Methodist church, and was widely
esteemed in the community.
She is survived her husband and
eight children. One son, Mr. Tobe
C. Irvine, lires in Lexington.
Cross Country Run
The annual cross country run at
Washington and Lee was pulled off
Friday afternoon over the five mile
course ov.*r the Natural Bridge
road from the top of F.lliott's Hill.
Carter (Jlass was the winner, his
time being 31 minutes and 5S sec?
onds. K, Stuart Mooro was second,
tiino 22 minutes. B. A. McCluer,
third. ;w:18; H. S. Coffey, fourth,
Unique Reception Held by T.iuav
Methodist Co-i^regatiou
A .imque reception iva-, beld by
the Methodisms of Lexington at
Trinity Metuodist church iast
Thursday night,given by tbe Hoard
of .Stewards uuii Indies' Aid Society
to aiembers of thc* congregation.
More thun two hundrvd and fifty
members and friends of the church
rtesponded to invitations and enjoy?
ed the hospitality of the occasion.
A short program of music and
spuech-making wai followed by
abundant refreshments.
The pastor, lie v. Murray D. Mit?
chell, presided over the informal
exercises and opened with a short
heart-to- hean talk to tiie assem?
blage. He was followed by Kev. L.
V. Ruckman, pastor of tbe Metho?
dist church at Collierstown. The
Lither speakers *nr? Col. li. T. Ker
lin of the Virginia Military Institute
faculty, William \L Kennedy, sup
urintendeDt of the* "Sunday school,
aud J.Carl Pock,a student of Wash?
ington and Lee aod one of the teach?
ers in tbe Sunday school. The sub
jsct discussed hore on various
phases of .church life, with special
reference to relation between pastor
and people, responsibilities of the
indi vidual member and the influence
exerted upon student life.
Music on the pipe organ was in?
terspersed and rendered by Miss
Bessio Quisenberry and Miss
Bookie Campbell.
Abundant refreshment*, served
consisted of ham sand wiches, coffee,
ice cream and cake, fruit, etc,
A plea-ant social hour was spent,
tu ibo editicatiou and enjoyment of
R. V. Patterson Given Six Years
The trial of H. V. Patterson for
the murder of S. H. Campbell June
JOth near Venn vi us was concluded
last Saturday. when the jury
brought in a verdict of conviction
ind fixed his punishment at six
.?ears tri the peniteotary. His COU a.
lel made a motion tn Mt aside the
-?ei diet because contrary to the law
ind evidence.The Court has not yet
?endured ? decision.
The first poll of the jury stood
lnanimously for conviction, the
lighest being for ten years in the
This was th*> second trial of this
?ase. Tue tirst took place* at the
september term of the Court and
?esulted in a hung jury, although
hey spent ranch time iu dali bera
The crhne, it will be recalled,
iccurred Dear Campbell's home not
ur from Vesuvius station on tue
Norfolk and Western railroad. Pat?
erson shot Campbell after an alter?
ation over th.* right of way across
he railroad. Man** wi musses were
lut on the Mund at both trials, ;ti.d
he trial wa* lone? drawn out.
In Behalf of Homeless Children
Rev. E. F. Kable of Abingdon,
ra., financial secretary of the Child
en's Hoqm Society of Virginia,with
ejadquarters in Richmond, occu?
red the pulpitof Trinity Methodist
hurch Sunday night and presented
he cause he represents. He was
ccompanied to lexington by Dr.
v*. S. Neighbors, president of Sol
ins College at Bristol, Tenn., who
(reached in the* morning. Dr.Neigh
tors was formerly pastor of Greene
ilemorial Methodist church in Koa
toke, and is one of the strong
ireachers of Methodism. Dr.
neighbors occupied the pulpit of
ho Baptist church Sunday night.
>r. Kable'* ancestors were resi
leuts of lexington.
In Winter's Grasp
Sunday last opened pleasantly, as
lad been some days before, but
thout noon a heavy rainstorm arose,
md in the afternoon the weather
wearne very disagreeable. Monday
???as extremely cold and blustery;
n fact the coldest spell of the sea
ion. The thermometer fell to about
S degrees. The freeze did much
Reports from all sections of the
country brought incidents of suffer
ng and loss.
World Series Baseball Games
The management of tha "Savoy'
lave arranged loshow the public the
he"World's Setie-a Baseball Game''
in Monday night.Novumher 20,1911.
'onie early and till the house. Pries
if admission M cents. (Jame called
it 7.45 sharp. Good music and com
ortable seats. Other pictures will
ie* shown in connection with the en
The trial of Howard Zollman
noicted for burning William Zo.I
nan's dwelling August 3rd, is in
irogress in the Circuit Court.
A Shower M Jackson Men; tl
The Mary CuB?a Lee Chapter of
i the Uuitcd Daughters of the Con- j
federaoy will mem at the J ac k son.
; Memorial Hospital, Lexington, Va., ;
Jon Monday before Thanksgiving
(Nov. 27, 1911) to receive auy linen
I sh.iwor that- the friends of tbe Hoa
I pi tal iniy pour on them. A gentle
ahuwar of sheets flor threequ-rier
beds), towels*, napkins, table cloths,
pillow cases, bureau ajd table cov?
ers, etc., etc., will be refreshing?
but a freshet would be preferred.
The ladies ol Lexington and R.ck
bridge are cordially invited to come
with the shower, and contribute
liberally to the downpour.
"While the, linen shower is falling.
We'll be happy a* can ba,
Fully will put the kettle on
And we'll all have tea."
Romeinber the heavier the show?
er, tbe brighter the suu?aiso re
_cambar that the greatest of the
< niistian virtues is charity. "1 wa?
a stringer ano yo took me in; sick,
and ye vished me."
Lexington Colored Graded School
Honor Roll
For eight weeks ending Nov. ll.
Grade I.?*Bloo Washington.
'Elsie Hailee, 'Uloola P. Howie*,
Ji'ora Stewart, ^Walton Gilliat-,
V leorge Morgan.
Grade il.?'Thomas Myers."M.u
tia Morrison, IDorothv Williams,
1 Thomas Gilmore, IA da Ross.
Grade III.? 'Hattie Davis. '.Sam
uel Gooch, t Fannie Pettigrew,
. Margaret Flemings. .Nellie Mur
Grade IV.?*IJrown Borgus.
? .?neva Triggs. *! nuise
lil.irrv Walker. .Alvie Row lat
(.rade V. ? tOdell Washington
.Preston Jones, t Maggie Hen lab
tirade VI. ? 'Harry Wright. i.Jes
sie Bell Morrison. t LeRoy Gilmore,
111 irry Wi ll iauiv I James A. Harris,
tliobert Clark. J.Mary Kenney.
Grade VII.?*Lcvi Gilmore.
Grade VIII.?'John W. Joues.
'Audrew \\"ashington.
W. N. P. Harris. Principal.
1 sainn Stand.
W. & L. Meets First Defeat
Washinfrton and Lee University
football warriors played the strung
aggregation of the A. it M. of North
Ca roi I aa al Raleigh Saturday and
w.-re defeated 13 to '?'?, Miller's place
kick saving Varsity from a abu tout,
"The determined way in which
Washington and Lee fought a losing
lame" is given in Richmond pi?
ners aa thc special feature of the
The ladios of Trinity Method Ut
Church will hold an all day festival
the first Thursday in December,
Lunch will bo served; also oysters,
chicken salad, cream and cake. A
fancy table trill offer many useful
The street committee has placed
on the streets at convenient places
trash cans to receive waste paper
and other trash frequently blowing
around the streets, to the annoyance
of the public and the unsightliness
of the town. A good improvement.
A license was issued for the mar?
riage of Mr. Charles William Paint?
er of Rosalia, Wash., and Miss Nora
Lee Johnson, daughter of Mr, S. L.
Johnson, yesterday.
Patrons of the Gazette who desire
to pay their subscription in wood
will please bring the same in tin
near future.
Don't Sell Old Furniture
On the contrary make it new. Hut
be careful to do it so that it went
get old and shabby again.
Therefore use our make of Var?
nishes Al way a pure goods; are
made to Inst. A pint of our furni?
ture varnish will make a lot of oin
furniture as good ai BOW, aud it
will co**, only about 25 cents.
See that our n.-.me is on any \ _r
nis'u or Vero lah Stain or Paint you
buy. lt's an assurance of best
itongni.in ? Martinez, Paint Ma
Sold by: The McCrom Frog Com
L. A M. Pare P.iint for houses
Actual cost. Sl.titl per gallon.
Lexington Produce Market.
Lex.n*?U>ii, Va., Nut. I.'i, 1911
Krnur? Katta. 9S..Mk*jfh.a
New Wham. 85
Meal. 73
New corn, per bi ri el. IK)
l'uti?r. . 20
Ktagt..". M
Chicken... Kl
11 wi in. 9
l.ar.l.:... 10
Hani^.Bi-sinae tn ?ir.i. ie-ftM
We Back Up Our Advertisement
Statements With The Goods
Come and See
Ladies' Tailor Made Suits, -110, -?r> *2 >, *r*i5
losdaosi' Lona ' oats, 96, $10, $30, 933
Ladies' Kid Gie yes. *i to ?1 .".0
Every pair glove's fitted in tho store. If lin y
brenk or t ar we give another pair
? Ladies' \V-,t,| Mitts. Io to 25c.
Lexiiee' Cashmere Oloree, -?""?c. lo 91.00
l.isilie.-,' (iu.ii .int* .-tl I te..-, tte. tO90c.
We sell ttnii | airs Ladies' or < hiltlreu's hose
for $l.oolt\woni alternatelj tie* ma ken have
them daru..I ur give new pairs if they do not
l?st fe ur month*-.
Warner i'.n.s. lin .t Proof ' oi*g*at>s, nany styles $1 to $.1
-should ai j corset ever rn-.t are give another
pair ii- exehauge.
Pretty Neckwear, --"ic 50c. 76c.
Kmbroidered Flannel for Skirt* HI; Kmbroidery, 91
Table Damask, beautiful patterns.'J ic 6t!c. 75a 91 -fl..r>0
Napt-ins, -fl to 95
Linen and Bath love els, lOc. to 1*1.36
Knit Undenki ts, 35c- 50c. *?1
(Juting (.towns, ."it'c Toe 91
Muslin L'mler*r*ar. vary attractive work. 60o to 93
Blankets, in -Vhite, in prettj Plaida ami Solid colors,
*! to 110
Bed Comforts some of them wool tilled, -?i to 94
Umbrellas, 91 to S3
Ladies' Muffs snd Sc-rta, ti 50 to 935
Laos* urtains. -t-l to-"*">
Bed Croea Shot**. 93, 94, 94 50
1 hen* is lei liefer or nicer Sb off on the mark?
et than the lied ' ross, once tried you will al
w;i\> have* them.
No matter what you want in FLOOR COVERING
always-conic tu see us Have a l>i^ stock of Kugs, Carpets,
Linoleums, Oil e lottie and Mattings.
Our Grocery Department
c.>i.t.tins the vere best things to be found on the market
Electric Current
Now thal the longer eveuings are coming on and yon
lune mort* need for good lights, we would suggest,
' FIRST, that you by all means
Install Electricity
iu tonr home or store nnless yon already have it. If
you ilre-'tiy have it yon should look over your lam {iel
s< tl see ii they don't need renewing Von can not net
a good light from sn old smoked lamp We recom?
mend the use of the MAZDA TUNORI EN lamps whick
give nearh three tim u as much light at the same coat
as the old st\ le car on lamps.
Phone 201 7 N'EisoN STREET
N w Fail and Winti? Stock
Shoes, Hats and
Gents' Furnishings
Clothiers and Gents' Furnishers
Wa hara n. full Hue cf Chase and iStroock Kobee and ii-A. Horse
Hlai.kets el ired from the factories wt tere the* are nia.lt*. rm eau offer
them it ver.v attractive prices.
?Te haTe abo ROSS FEED CUTTERS Hand ami Power CORN
WAGONS. Hnggiea, Bam eas, Haddles, Bridles, Halton, etc., iu fact
"Everything for the Farm"
?fiff* lWincinlie-r we carry a tull line of Sash, Doors, Bline.s,
Flooring, (Vi li nj*. MetmMinga, Etc., Wall Plaster, Laths rand
Finishing Lime.

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