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Lesson VIII.?^irst Quarter, For
Feb. 25, 1912.
Text of the Lesson. Matt. Iv, 1-t1|
Mark i, 9-11?Memory Verses, Matt,
iv, 3, A?Golden Text, Heb. ii, 18.
Commentary Prepared by Rev. D. M.
Tbe record of thc baptism le found tn
Mntthevr, Murk nnd Luke, but roost
fully In Matthew. In Luke III, 23, ara
road that Jesus bedail to be about thir?
ty years ef acc. and ara cannot bet
wonder at thc lowly and submis-!?. c
life of nil those thirty years at Nata
roth. Hew can wc over murmur al
limitations mid humiliations in oar
lives ns we lliink of this lifo lived fer
us? He came fruin Nazareth, where
Ha had been brought up (Luke iv, ll">..
and arter HU return to heaTen ll*"
culled Himself 'Jesus of Nazareth"
(Acta xxii. M. yet Nathanael said. "Can
there any Hood thine COOBO out of N
areth?*' afterward acknowledging thal
OOt "f Nazareth came ?Uie Son of God.
the Kine of Israel" (John 1. VU, Ol
Ile came lo Jordan, river of judgment
yet there was ii.'thine in Him to be
Judged, Others were baptized of John,
confessing their sins, bat He had DO
sins to confess. We i\o not WonfllI
that John said to Ulm. "I have nee.I
tn be baptized of Thee, nnd comest
Tin ni to meV" lint mir Lord's "SulTei
it to be so now" has helped many n
humble follower to submit to geera In e
ly unnecessary teing* that tbe right
eooaneaa of Cod might bc seen in th
and others won to Ulm. This ni il
ihnt other siiylinr. "About My Father-.
bU-s'lDsaa." lils two lirxt recorded DI
teraaces, are good for all <>f cs in at r
dally life. As Ile came np out of tl ?
water sotnethlnic happened from the
skies the heavens were oi>ened, and
the Father testified. "Thou art My bc
loved Son, In whom I am well pleased "
At the same time the Spirit of God de
<i.lided la bodily shape like a dove
upon Ulm. The Father had told John
that lt would be so, and John bare rec
>rd that Ile was the Sun of Cod (Joh i
, SS, .T4>. The one who sent John also
teatlhad that the one on whom the
^i>lrit would descend and rema'n would
llmself baptize with the Holy Spirit
then what hinders us thus to be bap
ired? Luke tells us that Jesus was
? raying when the heavens were open
il. Ile seems to have prayed alwa.vs
md about everything and sotuetliui a
ill niirht. Ile fasted toa. lu that
vbere wo fail? (.'onslder the other
i\ places, where we read of the heir.
?ii heine opened and always see Him
elf. I'ousiiler well every place where.
is herc, the Father, Bon and Holy
Spirit are seen or mentioned, as in
latt. xw.'ll. IO; II for. xiii. 14;
'eb. Ix. l-l. Se,, in ioho riv, it. l*:;.
iow the Spirit and tho Father and
he S.m make the bodies of believers
heh- abode or mb niton and to their
Whom shall I send, nnd who will po
or us?" Let aa gladly answer, "Here
va I; send BM." remoinhcriue lils
lords. "As My lather hath Bent Me.
rea so send I y.'if (Isa. vi, h. Jehu
a. 21).
When Spirit filled we may then ex
Pct to Ix- specially nttaeke.l by thc
evil. As our rcpreacatatlre Be was
>d by the Spirit into the wilderness
> be tempted of the darli. Rota Mark
nd Luke say that He was forty days
?niptisi (if thc devil. Matthew and
dike say thal Ile fasted forty days
nd forty nights; that He did Bat n.ih
ie Thus did Moses na two occasions
nd Elijah once, and these three we
nd Ba the Mount of TranBflguration,
nd wn hoar them sponk of the devil's
mst awful place of work, the deatb of
?sus He is the fearful adversary of
od and man and has beeu at wi.rlc
) such ever Mace he deceived .md
implored Ailinn and Bra, and he tell]
it ceaaa till he shall ba shut np In the
t for 1.1100 years. As the devil tempt
1 Bra on the Nae of the lust of the
?sh, the lust ot the eyes and the pr.de
' life (1 John ii. ll!) and won tba day.
? ha tempted the Ix>rd Jesus, but was
treated. Bra had everything that
ie Linl saw thnt she needed, jet she
a the forbidden fruit. Thc Loni .le
ls, baring fasted forty days and hi
g liuii'-'ry. yet overcame by thc
ords, "Man shall not live by bread
one. but by every word Of <.'<.<!"
.uk.- iv. 4i. The devil's ambition to
? as Cod conquered Kve ilsa xiv. ll.
en. lil. .%), hut the Lord Jesus c.n
lerad by tbe words. "Thou shalt not
nipt the Loni thy Cod." Adam and
ra bad been given dominion over ali
Ines (Gea. i, 26-28). but they lost it
r glrteg heed to this great enemy.
id ba has ever since been tho "pod of
Is world (II Cor. Iv. 4). The I.i,rd
sus, the Inst Adam, knew that some
y He would restore the dominion t,>
an. and the kingdoms of this world
iii ba His kingdom (Kev. xi. IB). So
B could Buy to the great adversary,
Jct Uiee hence. Satan." It ls written,
"hon shalt winship the Lord thy teni,
id Him only shalt thou serve." We
ad la Luke thal "when the devil had
(led nil tba temptation he departed
.ni Him for a season." nnd Matthew
id Mark Nil us th it "angels caine
d ministered unto Him.*' We must
mcnihcr that tbe BBBM prent advef
ry lu still point: about seeking whom
inny devour. Bat with the Utoor
Prided for us and by the sword ala]
I blood of thc I.atnli we. too, may
overeorners. seeking nothing for our
Ives, walkbat humbly with our Qod
d worthy of the killinium and glory
which wo are called (Lph. vi; Kev.
. 111. If we resist the devil bo will
e from nv, tor (jud is with ua.
I -
Pungent Crop Pots Best After Beets,
Cauliflower or Early Cabbage.
A Wisconsin siibscrllK*r ol' American
Agriculturist asks for Information on
the m; (hists of raising and marketing
horse radish. A lt !o oiizli the horse rad?
ish is a perennial ami will continue to
grow indefinitely if some of the roots
are left in th.- ground, lt Is usually
treated us an annual wben raised iii
commercial tiardening. lt ls most prof
italde as n secoud crop, following beets,
caulillower or early cabbage. Only the
main root ls us.-d for market, the small
ro'tli-ls being broken otT ami preserved
for planting.
The upper part of encb set should be
cut straight ami the lower part slant?
ing so that they may lie planted right
t-ntl np. Of course, they will grow any?
how, hut tbey will make a Beete sntls
faetoi-y crop if planted properly. The
sets may be stored for tho. winter In a
cellar or in pits out of doors. It is a
good thing to sprinkle saud ln'twcen
them to prevent heating. While the
crowns of the plants may In* roset and
will grow, they do not produce ri very
satisfactory crop of roots tor market
anti will not pay for rephititing.
The sets ure planted between rows of
cabbage or c.iulillower in holes eight
or ten inches damp mode with a light
crowbar. They are covered two or
three lochee deep. If they are not. set
deeply they are likely to conn* up too
soon and interfere witb cultivating and
harvesting the tirst crop. Hy planting
one hill of horse radish opposite each
eabbngo plant from 12,000 to 13.0OU
plants per acre are grown. One culti?
vation is usually suflicieiit. lie-cause the
ground is already clean from the lirst
crop, anti horse radish leaves soou shade
the ground anti prevent weed growth.
Directions For Making One That la
Serviceable and Inexpensive.
Here is a gOOd plan for a self closing
gale, reproduced from the Orange Judd
farmer, from which cuts nml descrip?
tion ate taken. The upright piece at
tbe hinge end of the gate is made high?
er than the post it swings on. A cross
>ar is driven tightly through a hole Bl
?ight ang'.os With the gate. Make the
?rossini i- two feet long or over and rm:
vires 11om the ends ,,t' iii,, crossbar tn
i point two feet from the crossbar ainl
Ol'I in ne by a single wire for tun* foot.
A spit al spring from a mower or bimi
r Is here nil ached, ami a wire is eon
ii-cted with lins spring and run to th.
econd posi of the fence. This gatt
lill swing eitlier way ami lie piilleil
hut again. A latch made as described
ii tin* drawing will be a great help
aken piece ol' bani wood? oak or ma
ile?and saw as indicated at c. Tbb
holli.1 be s bv '_' bv ?_' and sawed so .
lould ls? one inch thicker than the thin
iris. Two pieces should be sawed like
just so the thin part of C will slide
isily through it. Then saw a, making
ie groove one and one-fourlb inches
ldc and its edges rounding so th.
tch will work easily and attach to thc
ncepost horizontally. A spiral spring
om a sha.le roller is attached, as
ii nv n in skt'lcli. This is inexpensive
it serviceable and works well if right
m nie.
l-'v.-rything that we have ex- <?
cept u few lish anti ii hope in the |
hereafter comes out of the e
ground. Be gum] p. the ground. ?
?American Agriculturist. <?
Orchard and Garden Notes.
Early cabbage, lettuce and cauliflow
are sown in thc north in hotbed.
y time from the lader part of ,I:itiu
jr to tbe 1st of March. Sowing early
February ls preferred hy most grow
i, although excellent results may bc
rured by later sowings If the fra moy
> bandied properly.
t usually lakes nearly n week to ge:
> manure ready for the pit. und froj
ir days lo ii week ls generally re
Ired for the temperature to drop In
> frame suflicleutly to make sowing
'e. Tbe reader will thus understand
it the manure for the hotbeds should
stacked about two weeks before he
ends to sow.
V'hlli- flats are not used by many
?deners tbere are strong points iu
.ir favor. It is more convenient to
r in flats in a warm, comfortable
m. carrying the flats to tbe hot beti
cold frame after sowing or planting
I perhaps watering, although water
Is more frequently attended to lo
hotbed or frame.
CiiSSUi'tfiB Cry for Fletcher*.*
Tho Kl titi Vou lluvo Alwa.vs Bought, mid which lias buen
lu uso lor over HO yours, lias borne tlio 8l;rtiataro of
_^*7 m* mal has beea made under his per
?V^Z/l/^'/T^ ? atmal supervision sineo Its infancy.
i****d*ryy. s-Ci^cA**^ _\ih?w IIO MM to awawlyw you in this.
All tiuiiiti rfcits. Imitations and "ilust-as-jjood** aro hut
Experiments that trifle with and endanger tho health of
Infants and Children?Experience against Experiment.
Castorla Is a, harmless substitute for Castor Oil, l?are
?grorie, l>rops and *Sootbin?r Syrups. It ls Plfaiaant It
contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other "Narcotic
?fcalaill'Kii Itsajreis its {guarantee, lt destroys Worms
and allays Feverishness. lt eures Diarrhu-a and Wind
Colic* Jt relieves Teething* Troubles, earea Constipation
and Flatulency. It assimilates the Food, regulates the
Stomach and IJowels, yiviiifr healthy mid natural bleep.
The Children's Faiiaeca? Tho Motlier'** Friend.
Bears the Signature of
The Kind You Have Always Bought
In Use Fop Over 30 Years
>ee adv. of Desirable Properties for
Sale in Town and County on
Page 7 of this issue
Are You Nervous?
What makes you nervous? It is the weakness of your
womanly constitution, which cannot stand the strain of the
hard work you do. As a result, you break down, and ruin
your entire nervous system. Don't keep this up! Take
Cardui, the woman's tonic. Cardui is made from purely
vegetable ingredients. It acts gently on the womanly organs,
and helps them to do their proper work. It relieves pain
and restores health, in a natural manner, by going to the
source of the trouble and building up the bodily strength.
TAKE j^e
ARDUI Woman's Tonic
Mrs. Grace Fortner, of Man, W. Va., took Cardui.
This is what she says about it: "I was so weak and
nervous, I could not bear to have anyone near me. I had
fainting spells, and I lost flesh every day. The first dose
of Cardui helped me. Now, I am entirely cured of the
fainting spells, and I cannot say enough for Cardui, for I
know it saved my Hfe." It ls the best tonic for women.
Do you suffer from any of the pains peculiar to women?
Take Cardui. It will help you. Ask your druggist
Write to: Ladle*' Advisor? Dept. Chattanooga Medicine Co.. Cbattaaoors, Tetra..
for Special Instructions, mndtU-omge book."Home rreatmcat lor Women," aentfree. J 50

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