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Enthusiasm ie the greatest business B******** iu,the world.
If I.eats MomnJ* Tower aad Influence. Tlie greatest
minta I* e anvoue ever made wus to l>e afraid to make one.
lt costs a lot to live: the'seelavs.niore* than it did iu yore.
Hut when you stop to thiuk of it. it's worth a whole lot
more. It dou't cost as much td dress if you buy your
A Spring Suit
Woy Try me, I am not so bad
Flume 26
Malu - ivet Lexington, Va,
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DiiLied States Government
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Buena Vista - - Virgini;
Lesson XL?First Quarter. For
March 17, 1912.
Text ef the Lesson. Mark ll, 1-12.
Memory Verses, 9-11?Goldsn Text.
Ps. ciii, 2, 3?Commentary Preparad
by Rev. D. M. Stearns.
After the healing of the leper gmt
multitudes cuuie together to hear Ulm
and to be healed by Him of their iu
flrinliies. We can hardly Imagine the
Innumerable happy humes, Because
where once sickness and sufl'e
ruled now al! Is health aud peace be
cause of Him win*, being nuoiiitctl
with the Holy i;host anti with power.
weut about doing good and healing all
that were oppressed of the devil. God
being with Him i.VcIs x. Mk See In
thin verse, a. in so many others, tba
Ka ther. Bon ami Holy Spirit, all foi
us. ami compare Hom. viii, i'll, 31 34. li
Luke v. lt'., we lend I bat He withdrew
Himself Into UM wilderness and pray
ed. Tbere was always a con.-,
oneness with thc Father which we tl"
not cxperlen. e, because He always In
all thin-'s pleased the Father (John
viii. *_???; Matt. xvii. ap. The heallm
of today's lesson ls recorded in Matt
Ix and Lake v. as weil as In Mari.
Having retnmed to t'ui>eruniiin. the
people soon found it out. aud such
crowds gathered as to preveut all ac
cess to the Innis., in any ordinary wa\
Pharisees anti doctors of the law (ron
tlalllee. Judea and Jerusalem lia,
gathered to hear Him. and He pre*.
ed the word unto them, aud the |
of the Lord was present to heal then
(verse *_': Luke v. IT*. Hut In theil
own estimation they needed no heal
lng. for tliey did not know that witb
all their looming they were wretched
ami miserable mid poor and blind am.
naked (Kev. iii. la). The religious fat
of this world, the devil, had blinded
their minds lest the Ugbt should shim
unto them ill Oar. iv. 4c What a inn
tmat to their proud self suttleieno.
indifference to the welfare of other*
ls seen In these four men who baTOUghl
their palsied friend to Jesus, no doubt
fully persuader* tbut If they could oar*.
rendi Him with the sick one tlic>
would not need to carry him away, foi
he would certainly be healed. 1 ha*.*
met people who vere afraid that tiny
had not come to Jesus lu the rirgtit
way, but did ever any oue conn- te
Him In so et ranee a way as this'.' 1
have often wondered what the Paarl
sees aud d*>*'tors thought of having the
roof broken up o\ er their heads. >ei
we ennnot help laughing within u--. in
mattel- how they might scowl, for thc
. lielids succeeded In getting him "into
the midst before Jesus" (Luke v, llb
lu each of the three account*- it Is
written that Jesus saw their faith, th*
faith tif the four who brought him. St
tu Matt, viii, 10; xv. 28; John iv. BO.
lt was the faith of another thai
brought health to the sen ant, thc
daughter and the son. May the word.*
iu l's. xx. 4, B, "Grant thee a. urdlu-.'
to thine own heart and fulfill all thy
counsel. ? ? ? nil thy petitions,'
strengthen some to lay hold upon (loc
for others. In Matt. ix. 2. we have th*
Brat "He of good cheer" from i lie Up*
of the Lord. Bee other four In Matt
ix. 22; xiv. l'T; John xvi. SB; Acta xxiii
ll. The foul words are la the ll reek
Just oue won! of six letters, bul winn
0 word. ai.J from Him who alone li
able renliy to cheer or . omfort us
Then hear what follows. "Thy sinai ar
forgiven th.**'." This ls what the min
needed more than health for his body
1 heard lt for my own soul in the sum
mer of lRt , from I John il, 12, will
John I. 12. Have you beard Him sn;
it to yen*} If not, why? 'lhere cai
lie no rea' comfort without li Th'
scribes hui Pharisees, began to reasoi
in ttu-lr hi arts: "This mun ls a bin."
pbemer. *?*-. no can forgive mus bu
? Jod only' if they had tlioughl
"This mu. be God com*- down I
earth, for only God cnn forgive sins.
they would have been correct, but t
them He was only a man. a mau o
the com mo people and a blnsphemei
Knowing t..oli* thoughts. He ri l I the:
aloud to t' i. and we might suppos
that this * jld have led them to se
In Him ne...- than a mere man. bu
tliey were orotighly blinded by th
god of tbis world. Then, anuouneili
Himself as the Son of mau bavin
power on earth tn forgive sins, II
saitl to the sit k man. "Arise and tal*
Up thy bed ..ntl go thy way Into thin
house." Immediately he did as 1
was bidden, and they were all snMfM
nnd glorifled Hod. saying. "We nevi
saw it In this fashion." "We h.ve se*1
strange things today** (verse p.1; Lal
v, 'jib. We may imagine I lie fol
Mends rejoicing greatly anti raying I
others that ls what we expo ted. Al
we giving the Lord cause to sny I
us, "O ye of little fulth." or. (;reat
thy faith, be It unto thee even as thi
wilt." His calling Himself -Son l
Man" might have led them tn I bil
of I's. viii and of one ?ho was '
bnve nil things subdued unto Him. i
of Han. vii, IS, 14, and of one who:
dominion woultl bo an eierlastii
dominion never to be dead roi ed.
we have our sins forgiven we will
due time have perfect bodies like H
resurrection landy (Phil. III. aft 21?.
that we cm well afford to rejoi
while in these mortal bodies whet li
in health or si* kuess. waitui-- for tl
resurrection lindy. All minn les mi
be called neted parables, and In ll
palsied man vee nay see the \ut
helplessness of tho sinner in ,(i, ntl
thing for himself, but Jeana b still t
same compassionate one and ready
forgive sins by virtue of ills grt
sacrifice, for the alua of tbe world.
Snared a Blackmailer Who Dared
to Invade Wall Street.
But tb* Old Financier V/am Not to Ge
Scared by a Blacla Hand Letter, and
His Partner Fixed Up a Scheme Thal
Cleverly Ccught the Culprit.
The lute Jay Goold arrived nt his of?
fice one morning lu ie stale of mind
"Tlmaf* he sieid ta lils favorite part?
ner, flinging doom a letter which had
been addressed to Mrs. Jay Gould. *'l
linn't mimi their writing their scurril?
ous things te> nie. hut when tlie*y begin
to solid them tee my wife Ifs got to 1.*'
Ft..[.p.'d. What can you eloV"
The pnrtiii-r first reael the letter. The
writer pre'ieilsod that he had lost a groat
deal of money sjKs-ulnting in tion Ul
?tocks, especially Missouri Pacific, ami
required that lu* 1?* advised how ti. ::<*'
back what he had lost nnel more be
?idea. Unless Mr. Gould Imparted to
him straight. t>ona m%* money nakina
lnfornintlon he would elostroy Mts
Could. The manner in which he de
sireel the Information to he lmpan 'el
was this: Kvory Morning an advertise?
ment should he Inserted In the personal
column of a ee*rtaln New York news
pa|>er nelvlslr.g him when to huy nnel
when to sell Missoeirl Pnolfic. The ad
vertlsenient should he written In a rode
which he had elevlsed. so that he atone
wendel receive anel understand the tip
"I think I can catch him," snlel Mr.
Gould's partner, ".lust leave lt to me."
Mr. Gould was for calling In Insjuv
| tor Byrnes nt once, but his partner
thought they had better wnit until
they bael laid n mine for the offender.
The partner, who hnd n shrewd un?
derstanding of human nature, preced?
ed in nn iinexpccteel manner. It bnp
peneMl that Mr. Gould's firm wns very
active In Missouri Pacific nnd con?
trolled the stock's fluctuations. On
the next day nn ndvertlsemcnt wns
Inserted. ns the blackmailer had re?
quested. Informing him agn*eahly to
bis code to buy Missouri Fac!tie and
to watch for further instructions. Mis
sourl Pacific stock went np. A few
days later another atlvcrtlsenient was
Inserted tailing him to sell Missouri
Pacific. And Missouri Pacific dedIn?
tnl. Again he erne told when to bui?
lt and Biala when to sell lt. and abell
this lind been repeated a number of
times the pu rt uer was ready to spring
the trap. lie inserte-d an advertise
mont Which took the blackmailer olY
bis guard, lt wad somewhat like this:
"Missouri Pacific.?The person win
has bean receiving information to his
own profit ali.mt the movements of
this st.uk bas not kept faith with us
Ile baa been imparting lt to others
For th.it reason it is discontinued.*
That w:is nut true. There weis not
the slightest reason to believe that thc
blackmailer lied imparted his Informa?
tion to others; there had Leen exoil
no conclusive evidence of his acting
on it for Mar.-If. as he would not he
likely to speculate on so large a s ale
as io be recognised in the stock mar
kot. Put ceca in a 1'ew hundred share*,
nt a time a man coulel make a great
deal of money in a sh.ni time ii" be
knew beforehand infallibly wben tbe
price would rise and when it would
fall. Mr. Gould's partner counted
upon the man's natural Impulse when
accuseel of having, by bbl own luck
of discretion, slain his goose. The lui
pulse would be to deny that he had
broken faith. The ehane-es wore that
he would deny ll hy letter. The trick
was to nail him as ho mailed tile letlcr
Inspector Byrnes was now ca Heel
into the ease The Hocusing advertise
ment was printed on Sunday morning.
so that if the blackmailer posted n
letter during the elay it would l>e all
thc easier to catcb liini. Inapectof
Byrnes stationed a mun ut ewen mail
box in tlie postal district from whieli
the original letter of threat had boen
posted to Mis. Goold. Kvery man v. kc
posted u letter anywhere* lu that elis
trict that Sunday was nader suspicion
Before he was out of sight a del ec
tive. umlcr pretense of posting one ol
his own. had opened the box willi hi*
pass key .'ind bael inspected the li*tte*i
last deposited.
And Just before elark a letter ael
dressed to Jay Gould was posteel by i
well dressed young niau, who ten min
ute's later was in the office '>f Inspected
Byrnes protesting indignantly mid .;<?
daring his family connections. Modi.
not know on what evidence he Inn
been taken. Mr. Gould's partner wa
summoned, anil ho opened the lette*!
which was exactly the* one expected
The Writer warmly anil truthfully dc
uleti that he had imparted the Misson:
Pacific Information to any one and sa ii
that therefore be should expect to con
tinue receiving it as before
But tho blackmailer waa no lieu-.* sin
prised when confronted by the lett??
than Mr. Geold'a parlue-!- was when li
saw the; blackmailer, for it turned on
that he was socially well connectoe
He was. in fact, the* son of n mun fo
whom one* ?ember of the QaaM liri
entertained feeling! e.f friendship. II
had elone badly with everything an
bad at last resorted to blackmail. III
threat to do violence to Mrs. Gotil
was empty, though there was no kno\e
ing beforehand that such was the eas.
,., | Mr. Gould was not easily mollified. Il
d, thought an example shou Iel bc maele <
,, ' one of the few threatening letter wri
,,.. ers Wall street had ever caught ni
aa j hnnde*el. Tin* pleading of the youn
y.I mans family at length prevailed, an
b,, j he wns let off.?New Vork Pexet.
at A tree that Rives thee shade, do nc
I order lt to be cut down.?Arabian.
A\ .."-gelable I'reparation for As
similating Uict'ocKJainclHo^iila
imii Ihe Sloinuchs andBoveVls ol*
Promotes Digeslion.Clverfuk
ness and ncst.Con.ains neither
Opium.Morphmt? nor "Mineral.
Not Narcotic.
/IttmmiiH Srrtt
AU* S.-n/iir -
HKk.lt, SUtt -
Anim? .art--/ a
/tow mi/ft -
IU CartiAuile tat* *
llirm .Wed
tlrtifml W.jev
Ieiiii**i;.*c*t n*t*r.
Ap**ifecl W.*nietlv cforConslipa
lion. Sour Stonuift*t.l)i.irrlioci
maa andLosa of Sleep.
Facsimile Signature o"
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Page 7 of this issue
Stubborn Case
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