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mmsuuus^smi r .
Mtee.ee! p*l Man levant* Davie* *f
l>a>e*M?wa, tt/lav-Whan N jt In
UM Tafe** but Urtu Woaxru
A a*w form of kaock-dowa cbiok
?n .soap haa tv**a patented tr a Mle
eourl maa. Wku *r*ct*d lt term* ala
Iroomjr coop anal when tak*n down lt
eccupUa llttl* apac*. Th* atnictur*
1* of metal and oonalets of a bottom
pt*c*. a top al*** and ald*a and two
?ad*. Tha roof la currant to ab*d raia
avad aaa a handle by which tb* coop
?aa ba carried *aally. >U thaw* paru
stet lato each other by maana of
Pertable CMcfcen C*op.
groove* and extensions. Tb* door la
a hinged flap tbat caa tva kept op*n
or closed ao tbat anfy tb* farmer can
tapani lt. sand baa vant bola* la lt. With
thia d*or clo**d th* chicken or chick?
en! ar* perfectly aafe during th*
night from oata, rata or other preda?
tory animal* tbat roam tbreugh pou>
tiy yarda and kill ao many fowl.
Mmnaacta la?erl meant Staason Ra>e?rsv
tTiawssa* Device ava ?hewn, la Illus*
tratlan Herewith.
? good faxed hopper for grain and
dry maah feeding la ahbwn In tb* 11
lust ration bar*with and la r?com?
mended by th* Minnesota Experiment
?tatton, at Crookston. The diagram
explain* Itself. The advantages of
thia atyl* of hopper ar* tbat it will
net choke, th* chlckena cannot get
Int* th* feed with their f**t. th* f**H
ls kept dry *v*a outdoors, aad none
la wanted. Tb* wing on each aide
abowa th* roof over th* trough to
keep the outalde feed dry. One sid*
-Neve* Cr.eke" Htvpaer.
af th* upper roof may h* hinged Ilk*
a lld for fliting. Th* gabi* abased pro?
jection, runnlug th* length of th*
floor, allowa al moat every kernel of
Teed to be reached try th* bird*, thu*
srevecstla* fe*d from getting muaty
from remaining la tb* hopper too
V*r*vldlag Freeh Air.
Blrda aa* ao constituted by natur*
tbat they require an abundance of
freak air for health aad vigor. They
?ever do well with a limited aapply
of air. For thia reason mil coops and
box** in which poultry of any kind
la kept in the Bummer aheuld be aa
op** a* possHeble.
Let the roof be tight to protect from
rasla, but let at least, on* side be opa*u
for tb* admlaalon of freak air at ail
times The open alda may be protected
by wlr* cloth or other material that
will let lu tha air, but -keep out Tata,
Cleaning Up Old Neate.
Th* Incubating season la ov*r with
poultry ao far aa profit to th* oviwr
1* tsotveerned. and th* Mlnaaaota ex
??risfleat -a* tion advisee that all old
neaOng materiel be taken out aad
bumed, and that all nesting box** b*
dlalaf*ct*d and given a coat of liquid
Ile* xliUr. arter which freak atraw may
-b* plac*d la them for lat* layera
Tb* creoeote preparations aold at
luattvar yarda for wood preaervlag
h**e been used witt) good effect as
ile* killara.
aaammjfM) ?' ?"? Crlppi**.
Tb* cripBlas aad. th* nvalfonned
chiestea ako-jld be put to death lra
n*dlat*ly after hatebing. Such At?
tie unfortunate* will bring nothing
but diaappointaa.*nt. They will glra
you morm car* than, toa w*U and
whole *n*a. They will. make, you sick
of tha chicken business and give your
aa tir* flock a black ey* from th* first
aKlU 'em th* lnasauit th*/ ar*, borm.
Hew the a*vsrnm*nt Macerater In tba
Treasury Building Get* Rid ot th*
Oin eat I ?c Netta* ef Oar
Piper Moriaty.
A |OT9nunent which destroys $h*?
000,000 a day may not B.ec***arlly be
spendthrift. TJaale
Sam 'u*i lt, and
ha has th* reputav
Uoo of bains a
careful tort of
coal*. In bl* aerv
le* 1* a graiat In?
satiate uiou*t*r,
known aa tha
macerater and
kept In th* treaa
ury building, la
?Washington, and
through lt pasa In
tb* final proc*aa
of daatructloo th*
canceled not** of
our paper money. Thia maoecater la
a larg* *pherlcal receptacle of at*el
which contain* water, and la fltt*d in
th* Interior with clceely a*t knlv**.
which, a* th*y revolve, (rind tha con?
tact* exceedingly fin*. Th* ma*alv*
lld la secured by thr** Tal* lock*. each
with IU own Individual k*y. Th* key
of on* lock Ita h*ld by th* tr*a*ur?r.
of anoth*r hy tba secretary, and tb*
third by th* comptroller of th* cur?
rency. Every day at on* o'clock th***
tor** ofacials or their deputies, with
a fourth onay designated by th* aec
retarr to represent th* banka and the
peopl*. assemble at the maoerater to
dapoalt In lt th* money which la to
b* d**troy*d. Each k*y holder un?
lock* hla r**p*ctlv* lock; the lld ts
lifted; th* packages of halved bank
note* ar* brought, and the macerater
t*c*1t*m lt* million-dollar tribute. Tbe
lld la then clceed Th* kaya are turn?
ed in the lock*, the machinery 1* put
In motion, th* macerater begin* Ita
revolutions, and tha Xii stael knives
within ar* put to their work. Each
batch of material la ground finely and
mor* tnaaly until Hi maceration Ia,
Th* commute* of four then unlock*
a valve and th* liquid pulp flows out.
1* screened Into * pit below, and la
thane* transferred to the bureau of
engraving and printing, to be rolled
out Into theeti of bookbinder* board
and sold for $40 a ton.
The capacity of th* macerater 1*
on* ton of pulp. Tha average amount
destroyed dally ta a million dollar*.
Tha largest gum aver deposited In tbe
machine by the committee In one
day wa* $161,000,000 destroyed on
June 27. 1$94. It consisted of na?
tions! bank notea aad United States
Th* career af thia rejected money
after redemption and prior to Ita en?
tering tbs msxarater ia Interesting. It
cornea in sealed packages which- ar*
counted and thea put up In new. pack?
age*. *ach containing 100 bills. four
big hole* are then punched in each
package* A hug* knife cuts th* pack?
ager lengthwt** aad th* aeration* ar*
sent to two different officials for veri?
fication. Fr em beginning to end the
pro*?*** 1* like all thoa* relating to the
handlfag of money at the treasury and
bureau of engraving and printing, on*
checking and counter checking by dif?
ferent officials la order that absolute
accuracy may b* established. Th* ex?
perts are conatantly on th* lookout
for counterfeit*, and with all thia su?
pervision by trained eyes, lt la rar*
Indeed that a eounterfelt or a ratted
note I* ralaaed. When all th* halves
hav* been Identified and checked the
mass of condemned mosey ls ready for
th* macerater.
Wanted Any Old Thing.
Judge Rtioker, om* of th* Missouri
representatives, wa* approached fry a
conatltuent, who desired to serve hU
country in return for a modeat com
'You want a Job, eh?" says Ruck
er. "Well. I suppose you're like near?
ly everybody elae?you're looking for
a sinecure."
"Looking for who?'' inquired tbe Job
I say you probably want, a sine?
cure- -a soft snap," explained Rucker.
"Ton want something with good pay
and not much of anything to do.
Tou'd Ilk* to-"
"Oh, no," cut In the man. "I don't
want to be a congressman, if that's
what you're getting at. I simply want
any old thing that'll pay $76 or $100
a month."
Vivrner, Pole & Co.
Furnittare and Undertaking
Main Street, Lexington, Va.
Tba time bas come you will want
to gat tbe good of your porch.
Wa have the furniture needful:
Also for the Hall, Parlor, Dining
Room, Bed Room and Kitchen all of
which will prove satisfactory in
quality and price.
We can save you money if you are
going to buy a sewing machine.
jaVar** Registered Embalmer in charge
of our Uadartakintr Department
which is conducted in a manner
tbat will meei with approval.
Aa increasing number of people ra
pott reacul arly of tbe satltfaotor result*
from taking Foley Kidney Pills and !
commend their healing and curative
qualities. Foley Kiduey Pill* ere a
carefully I repared medicine, guaraa- I
teed to contain no harmful or babtt
furiulBK true*. Tbey can have only a
beneficial effect wben useal for kidney
aud bladder troubl***, for backache,
rheumatism, weak back or lumbago.
B. ll. Gorrell.
Dike* Foiled a Conquest.
The University of Leyden in Hol?
land was founded in 1675 as a inonu
ment to th* gratitude for tbe nation's
deliverance from a foreign enemy. The
Spaniards Invaded the Dutch country
in 1674 and laid siege to the town of
Leyden, but the people held out and
refused to surrender. Tha tactful
puncture of one of the dikes saved the
nation, driving tbe Spaniards away.
Summer cold* are hard to get rid of,
and frequently lead to asthma, bron?
chitis aud bay fever. Do uot !?>t your
oold get a bold on vou, but use Foley's
Honey and Tar Compound for quick
relief. W. H. Allen. Chelsea, WU..
says: "We prefer Foley's Honey an?*
Tar Compound tu other cou nh uia'tli
clnes b*Mjause lt quickly eurea cough*
and colds. It will ward off a oold if
Utkcii in time." Contains nu opiate*.
B. H. Worrell.
An Innovation.
Hewitt?"We must have something
new at our altomoblle show." Jewett
?"Well, suppose w* have on exhibi?
tion machines showing their death
All In the Make Up.
"You can be young. If you make up
your mind to," says a beauty hinter.
Aad, aecordlng to some, you can look
young if you make up your face to.
A Reminder of Hom*.
A street fight ls apt to remind som.
married men that there are ethe
places like home.
In these days of high cost of living, i
medicine that gets a mau up out of bf
and able to work in a few days is a vs I
uablo aud welcome remedy. Join
Health. Michigan Bar, Cal., bad kldiu >
aud bladder trouble, was confined ti
ai* bed, unable to turn without baal)
"I couitueuca'd living Foley Kuli >
Pille and eau truly say I nus tatar** <
ut once." H's example ls worth fol?
lowing. B. H. Uorrell.
Th* Unsought Thought.
The thoughts that come often un
?ought, and, aa lt were, drop into the
mind, are commonly the most valuable
of any we have, and therefore should
bs secured, because they seldom ra
tum again.?Locke.
A. M. Nason, farming near Canaai1,
Me., waa badly crippled with j.j*in'
iheuuiatlsm due, he pays, to urie acid in
bis blood. "Foley Kidney Pills en?
tirely eur?Hi me aud also removed nu
ine.rous black specks that weie continu?
ally befaire my eyes." Foley Kiduey
Pills are a uric acid solvent and are ef
footive for the varlouu forms of rheunia
Usn*. H. H. Gorrell.
Th* Ruling Passion.
Did you ever know a man so pros
psrous he wasn't figuring how he
could make a little money off a side
lin*7?Atchlson Globe.
M. J. Gorham, (.'ashier Rank of Wood
ville, Woodville, Ga., had a vefy se?
vere attack of kidney trouble, and Ot.
pains in hie kidneys and back were te?
rian**, "I j-'ot a bottle of Foley Klduev
Pills from our diUfcgiat and they eu
tirely relieved me, 1 have mote beaeftl
from them than any other Ked Mao."
B. H.Gone)I.
Futility of Wealth.
"A man who can draw his check
for $10,000 ought to b* happy," said
th* contemplative man. "Yes," re?
plied the philosophic friend. "But
think how annoyed you'd b* If you
had to do IL"_
George L. Hlgble, Manton Mien..
used Foley Kidney Pills for kidney ai ni
bladder trouble. He say*; "I And foi
my case no other medicine equals Fo?
ley Kidney Pills for beneficial effect."
They axe a safe and reliable medicine
for kidney trouble and rheumatism.
Contain no harmful drngs. B. H. Got
Stool of Repentance.
For many year* in front of the pul?
pit in Scottish churches persons under
censure sat during the service. After?
ward tbey stood to receive public re?
buke. From thia practice we derive
the "stool of repentance."
Kegulates the bowels, promote* eas)
natural movements, cures constipation
?-Doan's Kegulets. Ask your I>ru??
gist for them. aaa. a box.
Quite the Opposite.
Agnes?What are you writing. Ethel
your will? Ethel?No, I'm writing my
won't. Jack proposed last night and
I told him I'd answer by mall.
Impure blood runs you down- makes
you aa easy victim for organic disease's.
Burdock Blood Bitters purifies thc
blood?cures the cause?builds you up.
Th* 8uffraget Lecturer?The north
and south poles were discovered by
men, but let me tell you, fellow club
member*, that the next pol* to be
round will ba discovered by a wom?
Baby won't suffer five minute* with
croup If you apply Dr. Thomas' Kuln?
ine Oil at once. It acts ilk* meglo.
Talleat Tr** In the World.
The talleat tr** tn tb* world ia th*
Australian eucalyptus, reaching a tot**!
altitude of 480 feet. The biggest aid
the mammoth tre?a of California, bi ?. ?
of which are 27? to 376 feet tn height
and 108 feet In circumference at th*
bas*. From measurement*) .of tb*
ringa it la believed that som* of these
trees are from 2,000 to 2.600 years old.
The oldest tree tn the world la aald to
b* on tb* leland of Koa, off tb* coast
of Asia Minor. It la **v*ral thousand
years old..but Just how many no on*
has dared to say. The tra* la carefully
preserved by a wall of masonry around
lt. and tha trunk la SO feet In circum?
Too Many In th* Party.
A. certain knight of Spain, aa high
In birth aa a king, aa Catholic aa the
jpope. and equal to Job in poverty,
arriving--one night at an Inn in
France, knocked a long time at tbe
gate till he bad alarmed the land?
lord. "Who ls there?" aald the host,
looking out of tb* window. "Don
Juan Pedro," -replied the Spaniard;
"Hernandez, Rodriguez de Villanova.
Count of Malafra. Knight Santiago
and Alcantara." "I am very sorry."
replied the landlord, shutting th*
window, "but I have not rooms
enough in my bouse for all the gen?
tlemen you have mentioned.?Life.
A Girl's Wild Midnight Bide
To waru people of a, fearful forest
tire te tba Cats kills ? JNMMg girl rode
lim st back at lultlnlKht mid sava-d many
ives. Def aloetl wan g'orion* but liver
?ra often saved by Dr. King's, New
Dis-covery In curing luuif "trouble, cough*
niii colili--? which might hast* einled li
i-onsuiiiptlon cr pnt.uiuor.iu "Itt-uretl
me ol a dreadful cough anal hm,,' dis
? ?use," writes W. R. patterson, Wei
>itigton. Tex., "after four In our faiuila
bad died with consumption, and I
ralfMsd K7 pouiads." Not lil vg so sura
mat Mfa] .'or ali throal and iui>s_ trou
l?les. Ptiea 50c and .fl Trial bottle
ree. Guaranteed by li. II. {jonell.
"None of use." we are told, "likes bis
?wn qualities when he Bees them r*
lected in others." Probably many r*
iH-ctable people will take lt for a par?
adox in all good faith. For we all
'chow that we live by choice with peo
ile who are like ourselves. We seek
nnd ensue those of similar tastes, simi
r virtues and similar vices. And
with people of different framework we
ire uncomfortable. Your good bour
geoJM gets on badly with people who
are unconventional. Your Bohemian
ages furiously when constrained tn
be society of tbe amil nu rv
A Hero in a Light Home
Fair ,rear<t J. S. Donahue. So. Haven.
Mle li., a Ol vii War captain, as a light
Uiiuse. keefer, averted awful wrecks,
hut aqueer fact ls. he mia;ht have btv
a wreck himself if Electrio Hitter* hud
not prevented. "They cured me of
kiduey trouble and chills," hu writes.
after I had taken othor so caliea! cures
for years without benefit, aud they also
improved my sight. Now, at seventy,
I nu feeling tine." For dyspepsia, in
ligestlon, all stomach, liver um] kldue)
troubles, they'ie without equal. Ti v
thain. Only VJ cte. ut ll. II. Gromll'a
Wanted a Variety.
That la a good story of tho charm?
ing American woman, who was about
to partake for the first time of what
our KnglUh cousins call "high meat.
Pheasant, I believe it was, waa about
to be served and the butler asked
her: "Will you 'ave some of lt stale
or 'lgh,' ma'am?" And the guest gra?
ciously replied: "You may serve me
a little of both Its tail and its eyas,
fimaaar _
Frightful Polar Winds
blow with terrlflli' force at the far north
-ind play havoc with the skin, causing
red, rough or sore, chiipped hands anti
'lpn, that iieeil Hueklen's Arniet Salve
to heal them. It makes the skin soft
and amaaoth. Unrivaled for cold sore*,
a!so burus, bolls, sores, ulcers, cuts,
hruises and piles. Ouly 26 cents at ll
H. Gorral I's.
As a Rule.
Tha man who pays strict attention
io hla business ls usually able to pay
everything else when lt falls due.?
Detroit Free Press.
Why Can't They Keep Quiet?
The trouble with most men who
make fools of themselves ls that they
Insist on calling public attention to lt
$100 per Piste
waa paid at a banquet to Henry Clay in
New Orleans in 1842. Mighty costly for
those with stomach trouble or Indiges
tion. Today people everywhere use Dr.
King's New I Ile Pills for these troubles
as well as liver, kitlney and bowel dis
aattlers. Easy, safe sure. Only 25 cts
at B- H. Gorrell's.
A 8ur* Teat.
"Have you proposed yet to that
North Side girl?" "I can't seem to
get a chance." "Can't get a chance,
eh? Better turn your attention else?
where, then. If your girl wished it,
you would get a chane* all right
' 'Doan's Olnt men t cured lue of eczema
that had annoyed me for a long time.
The cure was permanent."?Hon. S.
W. Matthews, Com missioner Labor
Statistics, Augusta, Me.
Voice of Experience*
Beck?If 1 marry I'll rule the roost
?r know why. Peck?You'll know why,
all right.?Boston Transcript.
Musi. Winslow's Rootiumi) Svm-p lau-, I,
?ted for over SIXTY YKAKS l.y MILLION-. .
MOTHERS for their CIlILUkKN Wlll_.li
ALLAVSisll 1-AIN , CU K1CS U INO Cul.lt and
i* the bern remedy for ->I*KKHO? _, It is els
aolutely harmless. Be s re (nd afc for " Mr*
Winslow'* Soothing Syrup," and take ua_ axhatf
_l__. Twe_t*--_ve ccata a buttle.
Mrs. Ollie James. Wife of Kenn -ky
Senator. I* Popular in Wash?
ington Society.
There are rour men in the lower
house whom every visitor, be be from,
north, south, east or west, always asks
the guides to point out. and thoy are
"Uncle Joe" Cannon, the speaker.
Champ Clark. Nicholas Longworth
and Ollie James.
Whenever any of this Illustrious
quartet ls missing from his accus?
tomed place on tho floor the guides
look troubled and the visitor feels as
though he had been cheated out of a
spectacle for which be paid his sound
Mrs. Janies is a frequent visitor to
the house Kallery, and she has some
lively stories about the way the pro?
fessional cicerone points out ber hus?
band. ,
"I used to feel aggrieved." she said,
"when I would hear the Inevitable pro?
logue. 'See that (treat big roan with
a bald head; that's Ollie James from
Kentucky. He ls the biggest man on
the floor and I can tell you he does
love a horse race.'
"Now I look around and see how
the stranger relishes this explanation.
One thing for which I rejoice, my hus?
band's baldness ls not tbe result of
matrimony. It was just as apparent
eight years ago when we were mar?
ried and I believe even prior to hts
soul-racking experience of falling In
"lt is some years since Mr. James
or I have indulged in our much loved
exercise of horseback riding, though
Mrs. Ollie Murray James.
?ve both still think lt ls the finest and
most exhilarating of sports and though
we must plead guilty to the guide's
description of loving a horse race, we
are not always able to be present at
these exciting Incidents of our fa?
miliar Kentucky life.
Mrs. James came to Washington a
bride shortly after Mr. James took his
seat In congress. She is very popular
as an entertainer.
Kensington Palace Contains Variety of
Togs, but' Has Nothing on
Uncle Sam.
Uncle Sam ls getting along In every
way. He has got to a point now
where he ls going to Imitate Eurolie in
the gathering of tbe costumes of noted
people. In Ixmdon, at Kensington
Palace, one may see the togs In whioh
the late Queen Victoria spent her
childhood, those In which she was
crowned, and ala*o her marriage gar?
ments. In Paris, at the Cluny mu
seum. may be seen the slipper, about
four inches long, worn by the Princess
Lamballe, and also t!hose which cov?
ered the more generous extremities of
the queen, Marie Antoinette. So in
coming years at the National museum
at Washington will be shown the duds
worn by Mrs. Roosevelt, Mrs. Taft.
Mrs. Grover Cleveland, and the first
Mrs. Janies A. Garfield. It was cur?
rently reported at Washington during
the Roosevelt administration that the
"first lady in the land" boasted that
her annual expenditures for clothes
came within $300. It ls respectfully sug?
gested that Dr. Mary Walker donate
to the society the unmentionables
which cover her nether limbs.
History of Each School Child.
Every child in the elementary
schools of the United States would be
card-catalogued and a running history
of his entire school career tn the
grades kept permanently on file under
a plan formulated by Investigators
whose report has Just been Issued by
the United States bureau of education
The plan has the approval of the Na
tlonal Education association, and som
300 cities already Have begun to keel
the cards. Eventually, lt ls antlclpat
ed, about 6,000,000 pupils will be thui
From the new card catalogue sys
teni definite and scientific answers cac
be made to a large number of quos
Uons, the solution to which now must
be guessed. The committee of invos
tlgators also bas drawn up a uniform
method of reporting fiscal statistic*
for th* computation of costs.
Too Mach.
"Who gets tbe custody of the auto
"I told my wife she might have it. 1
can't keep up a machine and pay all
mony too."
Los Angele* Newspaper Condemn* a
Proposed Plan as Not In Inter?
ests of Economy.
W. H. Humphreys of tha Los An?
geles board ot-public works has gone
on record as favoring narrower drive?
ways in strictly residential districts,
and would lessan tbe street width and
widen tbe parkways of many now ex?
istent- Thia from a purely economic
view of tbe matter, says the Examiner
of that city. Narrow streets cost less
to build and less to maintain than
wide ones and when there are to be, or
are paved such Initial cost and up?
keep is no small expense.
But there ls another side to the
question, tbe esthetic view of the
matter. How may we have beautiful
streets with but a narrow green rib?
bon along each side from 18 to 38
Inches wide? Such a paucity of park?
way does not in the*least influence th*
appearance of the street. All tbat may
be said for lt ls that street trees may
be planted therein, tbough they can?
not remain in vigorous health and
beauty except for their youthful years.
It may be possible for a tree to sur?
vive for many years under such hard
conditions, but what about them In
60 or 75 years, at tbe time when they
should be most impressive. The
trunks will then have filled any or?
dinary parkway from curb to walk.
Shall we then cut them out or shall
we cut a large half-circle out of the
cement sidewalk and also narrow the
driveway three or more feet on each
?ide by moving each curb toward the
middle of tbe street? Would lt not be
better to start right and have fine vig?
orous, healthy trees for all time and
rest assured of their enduring cen?
turies, to the continued beautification
of our city? When shall we correct
admittedly wrong conditions? Do lt
Plenty of Trees Not th* Only Essen?
tial to Good Effects?Straight
Street* Wrong.
"When art will make our streets a*
beautiful as the woods and as elevat?
ing as the mountainsides, then lt will
be a pleasure and a rest, and not a
weight upon the spirit to come from
Ute open country into the city." So
sang a great writer and a great ob?
server. Though this means, primarily,
the carrying out of the writer's hobby
?fully planted street*?there ls much
more to be done before we have beau?
tiful streets.
Straight streets in residence dis?
tricts, especially among the hills, are
largely wrong, though if many were
contour lines we might easily endure
a few straight ones. In following a
straight street we are impressed with
its monotony except it be well planted
and flanked with fine gardens. On
streets of series of graceful curves
tbe scene is ever-changing, and wo
view both street and garden scenery
from every possible angle, thereby get?
ting all vartatlona obtainable. It al?
most constitutes a crime to cut can?
yons through hills, for lt will ever be
a source of regret to those of good
taste, clear down to the end of time.
Nevertheless, we are progressing in
this respect, for many large subdi?
visions of late have been laid out in
conformity to the contour of the hills.
Thia means, usually, that landscape
engineers, rather than civil engineers
only, are planning this new work.
Wider parkways are also prevailing,
still another assurance that the land*
scape gardener and horticulturist ls
not without influence, even is cold?
blooded business deals.
European Model Villages.
The plan of "garden cities" has been
taken up with great enthusiasm in
France and In many industrial center*
efforts have been made to follow tho
English example of establishing model
villages for work people. A big coal
mining company near Donal has laid
out a splendid garden village and now
ls rendering more beautiful the ap?
proaches to the mines, masking tbe
unsightly shafts and engine housea
with rose gardens.
Women Travelers Expect Much.
But for an interesting, discriminat?
ing and all-round exacting proposition
the lady patron is doubtless the win?
ner. She must always have a parlor
floor room, with bath, fronting th*
street; plenty of closet room. Tha
room must be large enough to accom
modrte a couple of box-cars she cails
trunks. Sbe will use three times as
many towels aa a man; keep the bell
bops In perpetual motton to answer ber
j calls, and make more complaints
about the temperature of her room ia
one day than a man would In a month.
?Hotel World.
Mexican Plague of Field Mic*.
Manxanlllo reports that a plague of
mice has visited the fields in that sec?
tion of Colima and almost destroyed
tha corn and rice crops. The rodents
have gnawed away at a rate that
alarmed the farmers and they have
appealed to the authorities for som*
means to exterminate them. Whole
fields of corn have been moved down
and the farmers are at a loss how to
check tha advance of the mice to pre
vent further loss.

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