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Don't Experiment
You Will Make No Mistake If You
Follow this Lexington Citizen's
Never neglect your kidneys.
If you have pain in the back, urinary
disorders, dl-stnesa and nervousness,
It's time to aot and no time io experi?
ment. Theist* are frequently symptoms
of kidney trouble, aud a remedy which
is recommended for the kidneys should
be taken in tim *.
Doan's Khlney Pills ls a good remedy
to use. No need to experiment, lt
haa acted effectively in many cases in
Lexington. Follow the advice of a
Lexington citizen.
Lewis H. Wright, farmer, Main St.,
Lexington, Va., says: "I am still a
great believer lu Doan's Kidney Pills.
1 often tell my friends about them. For
almost ten years I had kidney and
bladdor trouble. My baot, ached ccn
etantly aod my kidneys were too free
in mt ion at night. Sometimes the se?
cretions hardly passed at all. Doan's
Kidney Pills helped me as soon asl
began tak'ng them."
For sale by all dealers. Prloe 50 cents
Foster-Milburu Co.,Buffalo,New York
sole agents for the Uuited States.
Keiueinber the name? Doan's?and
take do other.
fl & \yNorfik& Western
XV ? e ssas?mm?im??e^a._naa__?aaa_n_a??a_a
2.20 p.m.?For Bristol and lnteriued
ate stations. Pullman sleeper and Din?
ing Car to Moan.>ke. Parlor oar Roan?
oke to Bristol. Connects at Koauokt.
with St. Louis Express for all points
'Vest. Pullman Sleeper Uoauoke to
Oolumbus, and Cincinnati Cate Car.
7.26 a.m.?For Koauoke, Bluefleld
?acabouta*, Norton, Wlnston-Baleui
Charlotte, Welch and interiueulate
stations. Pullmau Sleeper to C-*ary and
Winston Salem, JJ, Os Cafe Dining
Car to (Jary couueci*_at Roanoke with
Memphis Special for Chattanooga,
Nashville, Memphis. .
1.67 p.m.?For Hagerstown, Phils
delphlu, iNeaa- York. Pullmau sleeper*
via Hat/eisiown for Harrisburg, Phila
delpuiaaud New York. Dilling Car tc
8.30 pm.?For Hagerstown, Philalel
ohla and New York,Pullmau Sleeper ti
New York, CafeCar.
Hates, time tables and ^Information
cheerfully furnished upon applisatlot
to Agent N. A W. Ky.
Gen. Pass. Agt. -V. C. SAUNDERS
Roauoke, Va. Asst. Gen'l. 1'at-e. Agl
Jan. 13'MJ
Baltimore Sc Ohic
Atlantic City. I
Baltotnore, Md.
Chicago, III.
Cleveland, O.
Kansas City, Mo.
Minneapolis, Minn.
Philadelphia, Pa.
St. Louis, Mo.
St. Paul. Minn.
Toledo. O.
Washing-ton, D. C.
and many points on .the Pac iii
For further details apply to neai
est Baltimore and St Ohio tick*
Succeed when everything elae fails.
In nervous prostration and iemale
weaknesses they are the supreme
remedy, aa thousands have testified.
it lt th* best medicine ever sold
over a druggist's counter.
Hocky Mountain Tea Nugget
A Bust Medicine for Bitty Peopla.
Brinna Golden Health and Renesseo Vino,
A specific for Constipation, Indigestion, Ll'
an.. _. :_is.y troubles. Pimples, Eczemas, Ima.
Blood, Basal aJresth.Slufrg-iHh Bowel*. Ha-ml aa
and Backache. Ita Rocky MoimtiaiiiTria in ti
let form, SA cents a box. Genuine linnie
Hollis.-*. Dnuo Comi-avt Mallison, Wis.
What They Will Do for Yoe
They will cure your backact
strengthen your kidneys, c<
rect urinary irregularities, bu
up the worn out tissues, a
eliminate the excess uric at
that causes rheumatism. Pi
?ent Bright's Disease and D
bates, and restore health a
strength. Re'use substitut
Don't Scold Your Wi
if she stands half th* forenoon talk
with her neighbors ever the b
fane*. She Ia merely getting th* ne
Have the Home Paper sent to
regularly and her hunger fer narwa ?
be satisfied. Then she'll have din
?sadr on tim* and jr*ur hunger will
SSaaMBBaanaaaasaia||aHBl ' i - il
Tour ey** s*ad to my ltaaart a thrill
Such as lt never tfilt bf fore.
Their wondrous brightness eau trot fill
My heart with fonda*** more and mora.
They gleam Uk* stars that charm th*
(I wonder If yo? maka thain bright
With Optic Luster?It ls groat;
Thia weak a dollar nlnaty-alght)
Tour creaks woaald put te shaina tbat SS?*
No petal aver had such pink
Aa that which shyly ooma* and gua*
At some fond things you say or think,
X cannot watch that tint enoughs?
(Ts lt don* with a cloth, or puff 7
It's Ilka our spaolal bland ot roug**|
Our salas on it ara simply hus*.)
Tour tips ara rad aa cherries, dean
A perfect coral Cupid's bow.
t lora their smile whan I am near.
To aaa thant part for murmurs lowj
Their ruby tinting tempts my own?
(Our Lip Tint Spacial stands alone*
Can't b? detected?no. Indeed.
Full satisfaction guaranteed.)
Tour hair, a golden mash that binda
My spirit with Its glint and gleam?
It ia a wondrous charm that finds
A place in avary thought and dream.
Those solden strands, so soft, so fine?
< We're sailing now a dye of mine
Which will not fada nor crock nor streak
At eighty oants th* pint thia week.)
And. Oh, your alabaster brow
No Ivory so whit* and fair!
"Would I had words to tall you how
My glances ever linear thara.
The velvet aoftnesa of your akin?
(Our Magic Balm when well rubbed la
Makes freckles and all wrinkles flit.
And w* give trading stamps with lt.)
Miss Wunder?I don't see how Te
ste Tellem manages to win bo mar
gueslng contests.
Miss Qabbelgh?Why, her papa is
weather man, and she gets him to pr
diet the result of the contest, th*
guesses the other way.
Sh* Knew Him.
"All ls lost save honor," telephom
th* defeated candidate to his wife
3 a. m.
"Well, you'll have to walk hon
then," she answered, "for that woi
do you any good on the owl can
And nothing but the low, hoarse ba
xlng of the telephone wire answer
Time Saver.
Bobbi?You know Nobbs made
vow always to count ten before
Hobbs?Well, I saw him buying
lightning calculating machine tl
His Menu.
"I presume you ar* always fill
with th* divine afflatus," said th* J
miring Friend to th* Dreamy Poet
"Yee," answered th* Dreamy Po*
"yes, and that's about all, aa a g
?ral thing."
Hsr ?trang Point.
"To nought to te a landscape ?
lat," sall Mr. Henpeck to his wi
who had b**n saying things to hi
"And why?" sh* snapped.
"Oh, you show such an aptness
making mountains out of molehill
Misunderstood Him.
**I understand that you har*
great d*al of fret work In your hom
?aid Mr. Bassit to Mr. Hsnpeo.ua.
"I'd rather you would not drag
wife Into th* conversation, slr,** *
th* dignified reply.
R. S. BRUCE, President. TELKPHONE 76 T. S. BURWELL Treasure
WM. R. KENNEDY. Vice-President. E. S. SHIELDS, Sj-cretary.
Rockbridge Realty Corporation
Desirable Farms aad Town Property for sale. Located ia Lexi.ijf.on,
Va- Rockbridge and other Coonties.
HISTORIC LEXINGTON: A ceDter of education and culture, seat of Washington and T^e
University and the Virginia Military institute. The one enjoys the unique distinction of having
been endowed by George Washington and administered by Robert E. Lee, the other, often called
tbe "West Point of the South." is rich in the memories of "Stonewall" Jackson. Excellent High
Schcol, four strong Banks, five white and two colored Churches, two Railroads, a population of
4,000, including nearly 1,000 young men at the two institutions. Nearly l.'.*oo feet above sea-level,
healthful and invigorating climate, average summer temperature ~2 degrees, low i*ost of living, on
the National Highway from New York to Atlanta.l
ROCKBRIDGE COUNTY: Situated in a picturesque valley between the Alleghany and
Blue Ridge Mountains, being a portion of the famed Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, and about one
hundred and fifty miles from Washington City. Good farming lands, stock raising, blue grass,
fine trait, excellent springs. Thrifty people, nourishing schools, numerous cburches, good roads,
equable climate, attractive summer resorts, including Natural Bridge, Rockbridge Alum Springs.
Goshen Pass, Rockbridge Baths and Wilson's Springs.
All properties listed with us are widely advertised without cost to owner, wbether we
make sale or not.
We are in touch witli leading Real Estate firms in all parts of the State, and
if we haven't what you desiie. write to us and we will supply your wants.
Deeds written free of charge for all propsrty sold by us.
Farms $850 to $20,000
Residences $500 to $ 10,000
Lots $110 to $1,600
BusinessProperties.Stocks of Herchandise, Tim?
ber Tracts, Flouring Hills, Bearing Orchards
Maine Woodaman Telia of Seeing
Greyhound Left Behind by
Herd of Four.
In Main* lt ls contended tbat th*
caribou can outrun any other animal.
According to the testimony of on*
woodsman, caribou left behind a grey?
hound that had been matched against
A guide succeeded In starting th*
dog after some caribou?a herd of
four standing like statues on tbe ice of
one of the big ponda In the region
along the west branch of the Penob
Now, the caribou trots. Instead of
running, like moat other wild animals
In the present case there had been a
plentiful fall of snow, a rain which
had formed a thick crust, and then an?
other fall of snow, all of which consti?
tuted the very finest surface whereon
to hold a race of this description.
When tbe greyhound was loosed Its
owner confidently expected that lt
would outrun the caribou.
When the caribou woke up and hit
their pace it was a sight to see them.
They did not appear to be proceeding
with much speed, but as the hound
drew up on them they increased their
pace. Tbe bound was doing his very
best, but made no headway against
the caribou at all. The dog stuck to it
with courage, but before lt was half
way across the pond the caribou had
reached the other aide and disappear?
ed in the woods.
A Novel Idea.
A foreign idea ls to'have the place
card at table held in tbe beak of a
small wooden bird or the mouth of a
small animal, that is balanced on tha
edge of tbe tumbler. These cunning
little Imported birds have the gayest
of plumage.
A Guaranteed Care for Piles
Itching, Blind, Bleeding, Portruding
Piles. Druggist are authorised to re
fund money if l'ASO OINTMENT
falls to oura in 0 to 14 days.
Tnt Jule*.
Intoxicating liquors have been made
from the nap of tbe birch, the willow.
the poplar mid the sycamore.
Dr. Fahmey's Teething Syrup con
forms to the Pure Food and Drug I,nw
Each bottle guaranteed, (sample fret
Thin Gold.
Gold cnn l*e lH>att*ii ao thin that It
would take -MjOtt gold "eaves to pro
duce tbe iWctHMai of a single Inch.
Babies don't mind cold or tak* ooh
if kept well with Dr. Fahmey's Teeth
ingfcMP c et lt anywhere. 8ampl
***" ~~ cad.
lan-Slfl^aait'-t *
a0dwcvg^rc tcam on*l >
fa-Son* S^Ses tro?
**ea? ^overtougU^
Vad. te??*tebie^ ??-*
Cansdlan Cities Preserve a Worth)
Old Institution Brought Over
From Great Britain.
"Market -day,** for ages an lnstltu
tion In England, still exists In certali
localities, and may still be studio*
with Interest by the tourtst who vii
Its Halifax, Nova Scotia, or Charlotte
town, Prince. Edward Island, wher
large enclosures and roomy marka*
houses are maintained for the benefl
of the country people and such cit
zens as have established a rogilla
market business. Everything fror
live stock to a bouquet of flowers ma
be brought here for sale, the owne
being allotted a suitable place an
charged a small fee for his accommi
datlon, and while most of the mark*
people are far from being especial!
rustic In their dress or speech, the v
riety and sometimes the pecullarlt
of their offerings still suggest the Iq
portant part which the English ma
ket and Its legal control played 1
tha local and business life of thr*
centuries ago.?Charles Winslow Ha!
In National Magazine.
French Revolutionary Months.
Ths order of the months In tl
French revolutionary calendar begl
ning with September 22 the tour w
Vendemiare, Brumalre, Frimlare. *
vose. Pluvlose, Wntose. Germin
Floreat. Pralrlal. Messldor, Thermlil
(Fervldor) and Fructidor, which ern!
on September 16. Then followed fi
days, tha Sansculotldes. dedicated
feasts of reason to ljee Vertus.
Genie. Le Travail, L'Oplnion and I
Itecompenses. Decreed November
1793. this calendar was antedated
September 22. 1792. It was abolish
on Vt vose 10. An xiv. corresponding
December 31, 1805.
lt ls of Special Manufacture and Con
bines Strength, Flexibility and_
The rope used by Alpine cllmbei
ls of special manufacture, combinir
as far as possible the differing qua!
Hob of strength, flexibility and Ugh
ness. Three qualities ar* Ls goner
use. baring made from Sisal, Halli
and Manilla hemps respectively, ai
occasionally, when cost ls not consi
ered, of silk. The latter, though ve
light and strong, ls not so durah
aa the others. That which finds ino
favor among Ilritish mountaineers
known as liuckingham's Alpine rop
lt ls made of the best Manilla herr
?n In thc year 1SS4, Mr. Mcl.eish |
calls, a committee of the Alpine cl
i made tests upon a number of ro*:
I suitable for mountaineering. Of t
, two that were approved one w
! made of italian hemp and the ott
of Manilla. The*, both had a bre;
j lng strain of two tons and sustain
i the weight of a twelve stone ni
i after falling from a height of t
j feet. Non-mountaineers have soi
j times considered this insufficient, 1
j lt is highly problematical whether I
I human anatomy could survive I
I sudden compression of a thin ri
; arising from any greater fall.?Fr
. Magazine
Most Powerful Poison.
The most powerful poison knowe
reported to have bees extracted b;
denium I'tienust Bron the seeds of
ricinus, the familiar castor oil pir
and has been attracting much att
tion on account ot Its remarka
properties, its power is estimated
be so greaf that a grain?about a t
tleth of an ounce?would kill a i
lion and a halt guinea nigs
For Infants and Children.
The Rind You Have Always Bout
Bears the
Signature of
IS* Fl
ala- -rsulu,
\BAri?. i lasts reliable 1-edU-. a>. la
set I'HUItHSTKIfS t_*ti;i
HUI ant alola1
hi lu. nbs., Tale sa- other ll
?>Na ^Vl ISaac roee S's. kalla allua, ea J I
-~ Ussa *?J ot ?a-r ISsxaaf i?a, or -nj
ape Sar Partleulas-e, 1 eatlaj
" Kellar fas* Ladlee," sa lesser,
ara Mall. lO.sststa r<-a.-_.?_...
...aa. I kl. br.l.r t ara.se,
?tanks- tina i*>a*si. Mtaaatuu la. l-htlss
_ mau and bftsnt-fic* tbs
l^sotiukLrsj a Ininrtnl (iMnp*
V?Ttr _r*tUl*, to K<s?tcrc
_Ba1t to ita Youthful Ot
~* rrnH luUr fsUUt,.-.
(By K. O SELLERS. I ir,, tor ot !*K-i?
nin?r 1 lepurtment. Th-j Moody Bible
Institute of ClTlcago.)
LKSSON TRXT? Matthew 13. *a-M
OOLDIM TEXT?**alsst* y? firs' Ms
klrigdoro, anil his righteousness: arni all
?these thlnjrs shall be avldeJ unto you."
Matthew 6:33.
We have studied some of tie prin?
ciples that are to obtain In the es?
tablishing and the working out of this
new kingdom Jesus c;m:e to found,
and the question naturally arisen, "Is
lt of sufficient value for me to con?
sider or seek to enter it, or to possess
lt?" In our Ifsson today there is Mt
before us I. - parables (Jehus' favo. '9
way of teaching) which he gave p.v
ately to his disciples and '-ot to the
multitude, that ought to ai.'uer any ?
such questioning In our hear-?
The first two have to do aith the
great value of the kingdom, t ? rec
ond Its mixed character and final ;? ? i
ration, and the last, the great res,
slbllity of those who possess I
truths. In this entire group of par?
ables found In the thirteenth chapter
of Matthew are four that are for men
"who are careful to observe the out
*ward development, and four others
that are for those men of faith v ho
see beneath the surface the hld len
things of the kingdom. Those men
who view the kingdom, in each par?
ticular age as God sees rather tl.an
as man observes.
Today's lesson sets forth the pur
chase of things of great value. thc ac?
quisition and dLsposttion of thin*;- of
a mixed value, and lastly, the use of
these values after coming Into the pos?
session of them.
I. The hidden treasure, v. 4! Per?
haps more properly this should be
termed the parable of the bought field.
Wa need to remember that ia all of
these parables the Master himself is
the important personage. He ls the
one who sows the seed. etc. Hence
we understand that he is the one
who discovers this great treasure hid?
den in the field. Hay has already told
us that "the field ls the world'' (Matt
Symbolism cf Pearls.
II. The pearl of great price, vs. 45,
46. This parable ls very much the'
same as the foregoing, yet lt adds great
strength and force to this study in
value*. We ought to be very clear in
our study and appli"ition. The pearl
of great price uia> perhaps bs taken
as a symbol of our salvation, but if
so for us to Interpret the merchant?
man as tbe eomuji mitty ol man would
be for the sinner to purchase his own
salvation, a thing as far as possible
for the New Testament teaching.
Why does Jesus sjieak of pearls to
the Hebrews who di ! not esteem them
at all? What is tha symbolism of a
pearl? The pearl ls the one precious
stone that is the result of a li\ir.g
organism: it ls the result of an injury
done, to the life of the oyster. It has
always stood for purity and for in- ?
nocence. Is lt then illogical for us to
assume that Chri.-t is the merchant?
man who gave all to redeem ie. g..
buy back) the lost souls of mankind?
III. The drag net. vs. 47 -M. This
parable ls another that deals with the
mixed character of the kingdom here
upon the earth and of the final so; ara
tion incident t'-^roto. lt is t -*' eabla
that this Is i.a votive, not i: , loni,
fishing. There will be many move
"" j ments that will ostensibly bo for the
. I gathering of men into this kingdom,
but the principle here laid Iowa is
that one considered in the lesson of
the wheat and the tares, viz., that ul?
timately there shall be cast ont all
things that do offend. In the finality
of all things tho kingdom all be
without spot or blemish. Hence we
do not read Into this parable .??* tr
isis upon any phase of smug lism.
Search the Scriptures.
TV. The householder, vs. 51-53. In
the first of these parables we bad the
Word as the seed of this new kingdom,
In this the eighth of thc kingdom par?
ables we revert as lt w* . >* to the mat?
ter of the Word. Jesus asks his
disciples If they nuder trad the Word
he has spoken to them. Their re?
sponse ls. "Yes, we clo." Then Jesus
shows them what a I" rd en of respon?
sibility due to possession rests upon
them. Jesus re'er; to the Scribes
whose work Radi .he Jewish econ?
omy was to transcribe and to interpret
?. and tells the disciples that they in a
k like manner are to Interpret the king
dom to all men They ure to "hiing
forth" hidden treasaT s Va's most re?
member that Jesus taught in par.ibVs
that "hearing they might not hi;.:."
etc.. hence we are to s?>ar,i-h the
Scriptures and bring forth these hid?
den treasures of truth as we ga about
doing our part.
Are we willing to pay the price for
a mt the sake-of the pearl? Are we willing
Lw to pay the price of the 1*1*1 that oth?
ers may possess the great treasure cf
eternal life in Christ T Ho,-paid the
price to purchase eternal life for us.
Do not forget the kim*doni is not eat?
ing and drinking, but righteousness
and Joy and peace In the Holy Spirit
(Rom. 14:171.
The treasure **as discovered, the
pearl sought after; both methods
,1 have their place and significance in
** our lives that are to be hld\wlth
Christ in God. W? must reveal to th*
world Cleat treasures.

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