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Take It ia Time
Just as Scores of lexington I'eople
Waiting doesn't pay.
If you neglect kidney backache,
Urinary trouble* ofteu follow.
Doau's Kidney Pills ate for kidney
backache, and for other kidney lils.
Lexingtou eltlr.eue endorse them.
Mrs NV. A. Trolan, JefTersou street.
Lexington, Va., says: "1 can certainly
endorse Doau's Kiduey Pills. My HUI
girl was troubled trow birth by kidney
aud bladder weakness. I took her to
doctors and gave her medicine, but she
grew worse. She could not control the
kidney secretions at night. When 1
heard about Doau's Kidney Pills, I got
some at ii. H. Worrell's Drug Store and
in a few weeks they bad brought some
benefit. Now the child is able to sleep
well and her trouble is going away
qulckly. Doau's Kidney Pills did the
work after other medicines failed.''
Mrs. Trolan made the above state
mont lri Decemlier, 1907. One of our
representatives vlniUil lier on March
ll, ?ii I J, aud she said: "1 am /Iud to
confirm the stateiaeut. I gave several
years ago about Doau's Kidney Pills.
lt was currect lu every way."
For sari by all dealers. Price 50 cents
Foster-Mil burn Co., Buffalo, New York
sole agents for the Putted States.
Keiueiuber the uame?Doau's?e?ld
take nc other.
fej & yi Norfolk &\yestern
K,IO p.m.?For Bristol and lu termed
ate stations. Pullman sleeper aud Din?
ing Car to liiiainke. Pariel car Roan
oKe to Bristol. Connects at Koanoke
with St. Louis Express for all point-*
West. Pullman Sleeper Roanoke to
Columbus, aud Cincinnati '"afc Car.
7.36 a.m.?For Koauo'ae. Bluefield
"ocauuulae, Norton, Wluston-Salem
'Jhailoue, Welch and intel meninie
-talUn'nia. t'ulluiaii Sle. (.. i i. t-ary anil
Wiust. u Sa eui, N, C. Cafe DliUa
Cai tv. ti. rj couuec?_at Ko.*- owe witt
_e_pii? bywual ic/l t,li?ttanoogii,
Na-li > lue. Meicpllis.
1.57 p.m.?For Hagerslown, Pbil?
deipiu.-, a*??e a oik. Pullman Sleepeis
Vtm tlaarWlOWIi lor liitrris<>urg, Plnla
delpuia and Neel Vork. Dintag Car to
S.30 p m. -Foi H aieeietowu,Philadel?
phia and New Vork, Pullman Sleejier to
New York, Cafe Car.
Hates, time tables and .Information
cheerfully furnished upon application
to AKiiut H, _ W. By.
W B. 11EV1LL,
Cen. Pass. Agt. "V. C. SAL NDEUS
Koauoke, Vu. A-st. Ueu'l. Pass. Agt.
Jan, ia 'OU
Baltimore & Ohio
....TO... j
Atlantic City, .
Baltouoore, Md.
Chicago, lil.
Cleveland, O.
Kansas City, Mo.
Minneapolis, Minn, j
Philadelphia. Pa.
St. Louia, Mo.
St. Paul, Minn.
Toledo, O.
Washington, D. C.
and many points on .the Pacific
For further details apply to near?
est Baltimore and _. Ohio ticket
j Bitters
Succeed when everything else fails.
In nervous prostration and female
weaknesses they are the supreme
remedy, as thousands have testified.
it is the best medicine ever sold
over a druggist's counter.
Rocky Mountain Toa Nugget!
A Busy Medicine tor Busy People.
Brings Golden Health and Reno wea Vigo,
A specific forConHttiintlon, Indices! ion, Ut*
om. ___? truuhiea.. Pimples, E<-/.ema, Imi>'
Bluod, Bad 1 Yeuili. Slutftfiuti Bowels, Uta flori
and Back?-be. ItsUo, ky MountainTrain tal
let form, 35 cents a Ih>z. (Jennine m.el,- t
HoLLlsTKB Dacu COKPAHT Hailison. Wis.
What They Will Do for Yon
They will cure your backachi
atrengthen your kidneys, coi
rect urinary irregularities, buil
np the worn out tissues, ar
eliminate the excess uria aci
that causes rheumatism. Pr<
vent Bright's Disease and Dil
bates, and restore health ar
?trength. Recuse substitute
Make* Kidn-ye anet -leaoler -H.at
We laugh at the lad when he serlhl.les
and scrawls,
W? smile nt lils pictures of houses and
Hut h* ls so serious all the while.
Unties .Unit the mock of our questioning
Ask what he Is doing: the answer lt
ls rich with belief: "All these wunnerful
The "wunnerful things" that he doea ev?
ery day?
The muk.-b.lleve marvel* he finds In lils
He tulkH to the trees) and he. talks to the
And Hst. ns all gravely while they make
W* n.'il nt tho tsnglcd-up miiili' be alng-s
But he says lila songs ar* all "wunnerful
Po solemnly calm, lie ran see in the *)isd?
Th* falH? a-il;mco to the songs lie has
And lu- can pretend that a box I* a
While lu- la a monarch who rulea there
W* laugh as we a?k what hla fancy gives
But ho la lils wladom says: "Wunnerful
We laugh at the lad?but our laughter
soon dies
On seeing tho rapturous light in his eyes,
For he haa that fiiltli In the things ha
Which mukra them all true! So our wise
laughter ends
With longing that we had the gladness
that springs
From a >liimlai1gn tluit rest* on the
"wunnerful tilings."
O. wonderful things In the heart of s
Whose dreaming not yet by unfaith aro
hcglllli-d !
The tilings that we older ones reckon ns
Are trin-r nnd fairer than those we linv<
We envy tis* Ind who In Joyousness cling!
To the marvelous charm of his "wunner
ful things."
In Washington.
Down Pennsylvania avenue came i
fattored and torn man. His eyes were
blacked, his nope was bleeding, ane
his cheeks were bruised; while hi
limped painfully, and had one arm ii
a sling.
Did the astute detective who ob
served him stop him and ask whicl
direction the footpads had taken?"
Not he.
He said: "Good morning. Senator."
The Optimist.
"It was too bad," we say to ou
friend, "that your house burned dow
"I don't know." he replies. "The fae
Is. it burned Just In time."
"How was that? Was your insu:
ance about to lapse?"
"No. But my wife was beginning t
plan for housecleaning."
Too Much System.
"You look 'all In,'" -we say to on
friend. "Aren't you getting enoug
"Not getting any," he yawn
"Troubled with insomnia. Been tryin
these different systems to calm th
nerves?hot bath, exercise, and a
that. Time I finish with them it
Excellent Plan.
"Say, 13111," says the friend, "you'"
had a lot of experience. What's tl
best way for me to keep my wife fro
discovering that I've had a drink i
two tonight?"
"Simple enough," answers Bill, pt
ting down his glass. "Don't go hon
until tomorrow morning."
Tha Realistic Editor.
"What objection did that edit
make to your verse on the beautif
anow?" asked the poet'* wife.
"He only said that he couldn't cab
the drift of it." answerd the poet
Modern Dram*.
"Ye*, indeed," we say. speaking
the celebrity, "hi* career has be
moat dramatic."
"Dear me!" flutters the lady. "Not
Ing so scandalous as that!"
R. S. BRUCE. President. TELEPHONE 75 T. S. BUSWELL Treasure
WM. R. KENNEDY. vice-President. K. S. SHIELDS, Secretary.
Rockbridge Realty Corporation
Desirable Farms and Town Proper ty for sale. Located in Lexington,
Va. Rockbridge and other Counties.
HISTORIC LEXINGTON: A center of education and culture, seat of Washington and I^ee
University and the Virginia Military Institute. The one enjoys the unique distinction of having;
been endowed by George Washington and administered by Robert E. Lee; the other, often called
tbe "West Point of the South," is rich in the memories of "Stonewall" Jackson. Excellent High
School, four strong Banks, five white and two colored Churches, two Railroads, a population of
4,OOO, including nearly 1,000 young men at the o wo institutions. Nearly 1.200 feet above- sea-level,
healthful and invigorating climate, average summer temperature 7:2 degrees, low cost of living, on
the National Highway from New York to Atlanta.l
ROCK MRI DGE COUNTY: Situated in a picturesque valley between tbe Alleghany and
Blue Ridge Mountains, being a portion of the famed Shenandoah Valley of Virginias, and about one
hundred and fifty miles from Washington City. Goe>d farming lands. Block raising, bi ne gr;iss.
tine fruit, excellent springs. Thrifty people, flourishing schools, numerous churches, ginni roads,
equable climate, attractive summer resorts, including Natural Bridge, Rockbridge Alum Springs.
Goshen Pass, Rockbridge Baths and Wilsons Springs.
All properties listed with us aro widely advertised without cost to owner, whether we
make sale or not.
We are in touch with leading Real Estate firms in all parts of the State, and
if we haven't what you desiie. nv rite to us and we w ill supply your wants.
Deeds written free of charge tor all property sold by us.
Farms $850 to $20,000
Residences $500 to $ 10,000
Lots $110 to $1,600
BusinessPropertieSaStocks of Herchandise, Tim?
ber Tracts, Flouring Hills, Bearing Orchards
Japanese Crinklor Crepe an Inexpen.
alve and Always Suitable Curtain?
ing to Be Used.
Japanese crlnkler crepe ls among
the attractive inexpensive curtalnings
for the summer sleeping room. No
matter what ls the color scheme of the
chamber, something to harmonize
with lt may be found In this material,
which comes in Innumerable shades
and combinations. Another attractive
curtaining in cotton has an arts and
crafts design on white or tan, ls
?triped with a narrow, brightly tinted
broche pattern.
All linen crash which ls 48 Inches
wide may be had In a variety of tones,
and needs only a coarse lace or a
machine hemstitched finishing to
make a substantial and refined look?
ing curtaining. Most attractive are
the Imported marquisettes of soft tin
Ish and strong weave, the white
piques with colored stripe borderings
'.n tan, blue, rose, maize or violet; the
silk and cotton foulard patterned ba?
tistes and the hand woven chiffon ba?
Charming looking summer bedroom
curtains are of Swiss muslin, machine
embroidered with white on color or
with a color on white.
Beauty of Woodwork.
There ls a friendly atmosphere in
the presence of much woodwork?not
painted wood, but wood finished to
show the beauty of its natural growth
?that ls entirely lost in an expanse
of smooth, hard paint. Its mellow
lights end soft shades form a far more
restful background than any papered
surface, and its strength and durabil?
ity make a wood finish Ideal for a
house that ls to suggest the feeling of
permanence and stability that belongs
to the true home.?Suburban Life.
A Guaranteed Cure For Piles
Itchlug, Blind, Bleeding, Portrmline
Piles. Druggist are authorized to re
fund money if PASO OINTMENT
falls ta cure in 6 to 14 daye.
value "of Lettuce.
Lettuce has a soothing effect on the
nerves and ia excellent tor sufferers
from lasouiula.
Dr. Fall nie v's Teething !S> rup MB
foi ins to the Pure Pood and Dmu l-aw
Kach bottle guaranteed. Hmm pie free
Coal Consumption.
The coal consumption of the world
has Just about doubled avery ten years
for tbe last century.
I Babies don't mind cold ort?'ecold
if kept well wirti Dr. Fahrney's Teeth
lingSvrp. tiet lt auywbere. Sample
A Little Forethought Will Do Much
to Add to the Enjolnment of
the Affair.
Prepare everything you want chilled
at your picnic lunch the night before
Do your sandwiches In oiled paper1
and pack in a box. Put your salad
dressing in a can. Wet your prepared
salad material very slightly with
dressing in paraffins butter cases and
put your hard bolled eggs in their
shells in paper pails.
Wrap each box, case, or pall, sepa?
rately in several thicknesses of news?
paper and set on lee till morning
Also lay in several newspapers.
When packing the baskets In the
morning have one exclusively for
chilled foods.
Lay half the chilled papers In the
bottom of this basket. Tack all your
chilled packages In as closely as pos?
sible and cover with the remainder of
the papers.
Arrived at the picnic grounds sot
in a steady place*. Prepared in this
way food will keep perfectly cold fof
vt leaat alx hours. Your egg palls
nake useful water palls.
borne Women.
Some women can't bear tha odor of
gasoline until they get an auto.?
Oh, That Accent.
"How do you know shs? is an Amer
lean?" "I heard her talking French."
Always Some Remedy.
Dr. Woods Hutchiinson says that
poverty ls a disease. Well, there ii
the sole} euro.?Judge. ?
;how-Chow One of the Least Expen?
sive and Most Popular of the
On cold meat days chow-chow
somes in very handy, taking the place
)f a salad or more expensive appe
:lzer. Knough of the pickle, too, can
ae made for one dollar to last ali
Chop one peck of gTeen tomatoes.
MM-half perk of ripe tomatoes, six
pnions. three small heads of cabbage.
Due dozen ur,, q pi Opera, ami thru
red poppers, with tilt' seeds of each
kind removed Sprinkle with salt and
put in a bas coarse enough for the
liquid to drain through. Hang the
bag over a \vidi> tin pan and let the
draining go on all night. In the morn?
ing put the drained vegetables Into
a porcelain-lined kettla sri?I two
pounds of brown sugar, one-half tea?
cupful of grated horseradish, and one
teaspoonful each of ground black pep
per. mustard, whole white mustard
seed, mace and celery seed. Cover
with good cider vinegar and boil till
clear. Seal hot in Jars with tightly
Qtting covers.
Eight Who Deserve Slaps.
Eight men who deserve to bo slap?
ped on the face: He who despises a
man of power; he who enters a house
uninvited and unwelcomed; he who
gives orders in a house not his own:
lip who takes a seat above his posi?
tion; he who speaks to one who does
not listen to him: he who intrudes on
the conversation of others; he who
seeks favors from tho ungenerous, and
he who expects love- from his ene?
mies.?Prom a Persian Saying.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the
, -.?V OrlelnaT Mad Only Kinnie
\?AKK. klaartraltahM I a.Ilr-. ??. !'-.f(li
Clllfll?STKK'S KMil.Isr
UK.ll ml Wald ?Malu.- tx.?I. a?a
. ihbliiariMMn.Ta_-aouthrr.Krr?>
?"S? *_, l>y.t.r?.. Nahatllutloaa aaa Inila
Ilona. Ruj or faur Pi i_i.l. er mm I 4r. I
?? '..r I'artloulara. 1?ll_onlal
? ICrllrf rur l.adll-a,- .a Ima- bj ta
Mall, lll.lllill i..:m
all Hrwc-.u. 1 hl.hralrr ? hr mira! Cv
_<?IHS ililli) 111 I Madoa lt. I'hlla. Pa
ClraoaM ajul |___a| th* halt
_??S_e luiunint Kr?_
Navrr Vail* to Krotoro Gray
Hair to ita ?mthful Color.
1?wilta hair fall hil;.
y E O SKI.I,Kits. Dta*aCt?ro( Evening
>? \, ir-ini-nt. The Moody Bible Institute.
;<)I.I>i:M TEXT?"Hut straightway
mis spake unto them, aavlng. lie ot
?oil elster; lt 1b I; bu not afraid."?Mat
The miracle of the feeding of the
fe thousand marks a crisis in the
re of Jesus. (John f*,:*--). The human
y of Jt'sus is shown In that a* soon
I he had performed that miracle he
rst sends away his disciples. then
?nds away the multitude, while he
pparts "into a mountain to pray." To
ray the prayer of thanksgiving, tc
ray for strength to withstand this
mptation, (John C: 14. 15); tc
ray for those whom he had tod
nd surely to pray for hi9 chosen om
nat they might understand him ant
Jeaui bcd tak< n lils disciples Intc
he mountain for their own good
Mark 6:31) and now he sends them
way Wt they yield to the advice,
he importunities, of the crowd and
onsort with them In thplr desire tc
nakf Jesus a temporal rather than a
1 king. Such a course would
iav.' ;iri*cipitated mattera. Hut in his
lolitude as he prayed, Jesus was
vatehful of his own.
Hi- had sent them Into the storm
o avoid a greater danger, would he
lot watch over them? So with many
>. testing in our lives. They seem
but how little we know of the
jreater dan..er wt- have Biased He
-aw ? v. 48) their distress long b- I
they saw their relief (t.49). J
knew the need of prayer. Jesus knew
the need of solitary prayer as he must
ifs crisis, so lt was that while
he lingered In prayer they were di^
tressed till "the fourth watch."?near
Ill Considered Teat.
It is not strange tbat they did not
Ixe Jesus. He cf tun comes to
us In ways we do not at first r
nize. in ways that at first terrify us
but he do<s not leave us loni; in
pense. We read, he "straightway'
il them "It is I; be not afraid."
Notice he assures them first who it ls
that is near, "It ls I." They recognize
the tones of his familia^ vol?e and
then they were ready for his words
of confidence, "be not afraid." So Ood
speaks to us In the hour of out
darkest trial, saying "Lo, I am with
you always;"?"bo not afraid."
From the parallel account by Mat?
thew (Matthew 14: 28-31) we read of
Peter's attempt to walk upon the wa?
ter. His rash and lil considered teat
cf the reality of Jesus' presence. Then
we see him as he too compares him?
self with the angry storm and taking
his eyes off of Jesus begins to sink.
Peter's sharp, piercing cry: his clear,
definite, appeal is at once answered
and Jesus leads him safely back into
the boat.
How- different is the picture once
Jesus was in the boat, and how soon
they naehed the goal toward which
they had been struggling, (John 6:19,
21). If any one is at sea. If any one
is fruitlessly toiling against wind and
wave, only let them take Jesus on
board and soon they will reach a
j safe landing place.
The disciples vero amazed and
! their hearts were hardened (vv. 51,
I 52), and this even after the creative
miracle of feeding the five thousand?
why so? It is evident that even
\ those nearest to him did not appre
hend the true meaning of this Dirac]*,
on the contrary their hearts were har?
dened, e. g.. blind.
Spiritual Application.
The real interpretation of Christ's
! miracles is not that we are to be
; amazed at the material manifestation
I but that we are to see the spiritual
I lesson and application
It was a different reception Jesus
received when they reached Genne
saret (vv. 53-56). There he is recog
; nized at once. There they Sock to
him with their sick ones and Mark
with a few deft strokes shows us the
picture of a vast deal of healing. Non*
ls disappointed, for we read that as
ninny as touched him were mada
whole. His healing ls not confined
today to a single person, nor limited
to a peculiar placj or ?brine*.
In this lesson we see Jesus direct
lng his disciples. We see the disciples'
obeying that direction even though it
led them Into contrary winds. Wm
i see him as he walks into them bring?
ing relief, superior to boisterous wind
, and wave. His presence brought
I peace as it always does - to storm
tossed humanity. His assurance is
that of his own presence (Matt
, 28:20). "It ls I; ye not afraid." We
see Jesus answering the fear of tha
I disciples.
This ia a lessen of many applica
| tiona. The story ls clear and simple
Us values are tat? onr comfort and
I help. The unseen Christ is by our
J aide. Miracles? They are only won
- derful things, that ls all. Something
s beyond our ordinary experience. Shall
/ we discredit the sunlight becaus a pia
I point enters to blind the eye? Mira
I cles to the Christian are the mani*
Mestatlons of a loving Ood, they aro
[what one would expect of the Chrtat.
j if he be the Christ Let us look them
j squarely in the face and pass on
I awaiting the light of a clearer aud,
I faore beautiful^ da**\

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