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Puoliahed Every Wednesday Evening
m I I, L 1 A M K. K B N N K 1> Y
Editor snd Proprietor.
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Woodrow Wilson and Thomas R.
Marshall.representatives of militant
Democracy, won a great victory
yesterday at the polls. Their vote
in the electoral college may reach
nearly four hundred. The victory
was tho most overwhelming iu the
history of the country.
From the reports received up to
noon today, it seems that tho Demo?
crats have carried certainly HO of
the 48 State--, uno may possibly
carry several more in which the re?
sult has not been definitely deter?
mined. The Republican party was
sent down to third pince in many
States bj the surprising vote cast
(or R osevelt.
Indications are that the present
majority of 64 in the I louse of Repre?
sentatives will go to 100, and that
the United States Senate will pro?
bably be changed froma Republican
majority of seven to a Democratic
majority of one.
Roosevelt at midnighttelegraphed
congratulations to Wilson, and Taft
expressed the belief that the returns
insured the election of Wilson.
Already, locally and at large, are
heard from disgruntled Republicans
predictions of calamity under Dem?
ocratic rule.
Hon. H. A. White Spoke Saturday in
The Woodrow Wilson Club of
Harrisonburg brought the campaign
to ? dOM last Saturday with public
speaking. The principal address
was made by Hon. Hugh A. White
of Lexington. In reporting the ad?
dress the Harrisonburg News said,
in part.
"No Democratic speaker in the
State this year has ever hit the key?
note ol Progressive Democracy as
did Hon. Hugh A. White of Lexing?
ton, in his address at Assembly Hall I
Saturday atternuoo. Other speak?
ers have been content to sound the
slogan: to re-echo the party cries of
Otber days, to fall into the beaten
paths that have grown stale to the
majority of the people, but Mr.
White hit the spot.' His speech
(brough nnd through abounded in
ibe gospel ol' progress!veism and
sounded as if it were coming from
the lips ol Woodrow Wilson himself.
While other speakers confined their
n marks to the tariff. Mr. White is
not content with so narrow a piai
form. Saturday he went straight to
the point. He spoke forcefully on
the invisible ? ?overninent' that
lies in and be bi nd both the Demo?
cratic and Republican party, and
declared that Progressive Democ?
racy must take the government out
of the hands ol bosses and ma?
chines and give it back to the peo?
ple. He spoke about the power of Hel
inont and Ryan and a-inphasi/.ed the
fact that Woodrow Wilson n
Rvan s money at a very critical pe?
riod in bis career."
Mr. S. M. Johnson of near Wesley
Chapel, reports a yield of 86 bushels
of wheat to the acre. This is the
best yield we have yet had reported.
If others, can beat it. let us hear
from i iiem.
Mr. .1. E. Heck has taken the
agency for Rockbridge connty for
the ford Automobile and now has a
specimen car on exhibition at his
ware-rooms on Nelson street, oppo?
site Haplist church.
chool Fair of Rockbridge Will Be
Held Dec. oth-10th
Preparations are under way for
he annual exhibits of the School
'air of Kock hr iii ge. to b6 held iu
bs Skating Rink, Lexington. Tues
ay. December 10th, 1!>12. Tho fair
ire mises to be the most complete
ot held in Rockbridge.
Tb?*re will be exhibits by the boys
if corn culture, and the girls win
lave on display specimensof needle?
work and pastry. The needlework
?/ill embrace hand-made cook
iprons, percale shirts and doll-bed
unfits, while the pastry will include
?andies, cakes and bread.
Prizes are offered on the corn ex
libits. ranging from $1.00 to $5.00,
A-itli corresponding prizes for writ
en reports ou corn culture. The
lri/es on bread, cakes anil candies
?ange from $1.00 to 1*5.00.
The boys anil girls competing fi r
hese prizes are members of the
Boys' Corn Club and the Cirls' Ru
nestic Club of Kuckbridge.
A stereopticon lecture on educa?
tional subjects will be given Tues
lay night in the Skating Rink by
Mr. J. H. Din ford of Richmond.
*xeiutive secretary of theCo-Opera
ive Kducation Association of Vir
The committee of the Rockbridge
school Fair, composed of Messrs. A.
Iv Full/., demonstrator.G.W. Filing
jr, superintendent, J. L Teaford.
sV. R. Humphris, J. tv Hotinger
ind Miss Sally B. Dickenson, met
it the Courthouse Monday, and ar?
ranged the prizes for the various
exhibits, as follows:
For the beet yield of corn on up
land acre,Sii.00 and sack of fertilizer;
second, $5.00; third. $4.00; fourth.
13.00; Bttb, 12.00.
For best, yield of corn on bottom
land acre. $5.0<? and sack of fertiliz
er; second. 14.00; third, $3.00:
fourth. 12.00.
For best lo ears of corn, M.00;
second. 13.60; third, 13.00; foe.rth.
12.50; fifth, 12.00,
For best single ear. 12.00; second.
$1.75; third, $1.5(1; fourth. IL26;
fifth, $1.00, subscription to Rock
bridge County News.
For the largest ear, $2.00; second.
$1.76; third. $1.50. fourth. $1.25;
fifth, $1.00, subscription to, l.exing
ton (iazette.
For best written report on corn
culture, watch, $6.00; second, gold
stick pin. $5.01); third. $4 00; fourth.
$3.60, fifth, $3.00,
I' ir best loaf of bread, gold brooch,
$5.00; second, $2.60; third, $2.00;
fourth. $1.50.
For best pouud cake, bracelet.
$6.00; second, $2.60; third, $2.00:
fourth, riding bridle, $1.60.
l-'or best hand-made cook apron.
suitcase. $4.00; second, $2.26;third,
$2.00; fourth, $1.75; fifth. $1.50;
sixth, $1.25; seventh, $1.00.
l'or heat written report on hand
made cook apron, pair shoes, $3.50;
second, $2.00, third. $1.00,
For best doll bed outfit, $2.50;
second, $2.25; third, $2.00; fourth,
$1.75. lifth. $1.50; sixth. $1.25.
l-'or best hand-made percale shirt,
(shirt donated). $5.00; second, $2.50;
thin). $1.50.
For best chocolate candy. $1.50.
second, $1.25; third, $1.00.
For best cocoanut candy, $1.60; |
second, $i.2."i; third, $1.00,
For best nut candy, $1.50;second,
$1 iio; third. $1.00.
l-'or best layer cake, one rocker:
second, $2.00: third. $1.75.
l'or best drawn map of Rock?
bridge; rug, $4 00; second, $2.00;
third. $1.00.
Fur best- <j;eiia'ral gradi* High
School work, $5 00; second, $3.00;
third $2.00.
For best general grade Two and
Three Room school work, $5.00;
second. $3.oo, third $2.00.
For best general grade One Room
school work. .*r>.iH); second, $3.00;
third, $2.00.
Following are tho committees of
judges OS the various exhibits:
Report on Corn: jDrs. John H.
Latani- ll. I). Campbell, Messrs.
Wm. R. Kennedy. M. VV. Caxton, R.
0. Paxton.
Largest Yield and Best 10 Kars
or Corn: Messrs. W. C. Shdckelford,
J. II. Harper, Col. J. D. If. Ross.
Rust Single Kar and Largest Kar;
Messrs. Rice Hotinger, W. M. Mc
Nutt. Jas. A. Wilson.
Rest Round Cake and Layer Cake:
Mesdames .I. L. Teaford, J. J. L.
Kinnear, R. W. Clark.
Rest Rread: Mesdames K. W.
Nichols, (lardner P Kerr, Miss Klla
Rest Aprons, Doll-Red ( hitfit and
Shirts Mesdames J. <;. Montgom?
ery, (.e..rue \V. Rader. ll. M. Rees.
Best Written Reports; Mrs. John
H. Lataae, .Misses Allene Paxton,
Baking Powder
Absolutely Pure
Cooking under modem methods and con?
veniences is made so attractive the whole
family is becoming interested.
" These biscuits are delicious; this cake is
excellent," says the father. 4t I made them,"
says the daughter, and both father and
daughter beam with pleasure.
Royal Baking Powder has made home
baking a success, a pleasure and a profit, and
the best cooking today the world over is
done with its aid.
Unofficial Vote of Rockbridge County
NOVEMBER 5, >9t2
President '
1'RKClNCTs ?- 8 ; _ =5 ;! a
3 -^ ~ ?
I* 1 Bt S 1 tri na i .fc Eft
Lexington . 248 116 '.'I 277 5s 228 148
HnrtaMOata Shop. 21 21 <i :'l 6 28 25
(ilasgow. Ti 11 l l's |a 28 28
Glenwood. '_'- 4 l 261 u 24 12
Oik Rank. St\ 0 a 26 14 18 19
Natural Hridge. 64 19 9)1 tl'2 7 82 15
Rrosd Creek. 17! 12 9ll 19 6 21 '20
Hamilton School House .... '_> 7 4-11 .". 451 83
Collierstown. 2U 7 JU 25 s7 2*1 94
Montgomery. 48l 12 27 4S 21 4.') 4H
Smith's Mill. 2" 21 B 2\ ll Ri 44
Mig Spring. etti 84 ill 49 5 il .r?(l
R .,-k bridge Baths., H4 25 2 2t> ti 38 35
1' manum. 5*1 * 31 69 (i 62 1*7
Gunnan. 46| 88 8 51 89 4V 54
Kennedys Mill. '-'" 2 12 21 13 28 12
Fl ii.nen. 22 15 0 H4 y 89 29
Timber Ridge. 29 13 1 90 lu 2:> Ki
Riverside . --r> 1 6 23 7 Sol IS
Fairfield. B3 17| 5| 73 19 73 4!i
Raphine. 4?! 13 6 89 5 4H '21
Campbell's Mill . :> !? R R 12 7 17
Tital in County.? 945 4'2i> 213 1002] 349 1000 810
Bunns Vine.. 156 i:: 48 159 50 1H7 so
Total .HOI 463 201 1201 405 IR'7 B90
Fannie (Iraham.
Rest Candies: Misses Carrie
Meador, Maria Robinson. Mary
Rest Map of Rockbridge County
and (leneral Work: Rev. Hrs. A. T.
Graham, Charles Manly. W. F.
Lexington's Financial Report
On page three of this issue will
be found the financial report of Lex?
ington for the year ending August i
90, 1012. A careful reading of this
most excellent report will inform
the r.-.sidents of Lexington with
what care and foresight the Town
Council has been looking after the
interests of tho tow n, and adminis?
tering th? trust committed to them.
The expenditures of the bond is
sue for streets and roads show
where improvements were made and
new roads and streets built.
Altogether, the statement is a
i most excellent showing.
(Successors to Koone.s it Harrison)
Wi- am now recrivln a full linn of
New Fall Goods
Bed Room Suites,
Parlor Furniture.
Rockers, Odd Chairs,
Rugs and Druggets,
Pictures, etc., and
All Kinds of Furniture.
*{-#? Undertaking department SSatSMSSsi
under i?s?lbterei] embalmer, at lowest
pr leen.
Cor. Nelson and Jefferson Streets
Nik-tit and Bundar Phone 2:^ and 77.
Btor* I'hou**. VL'tf.
A number of stores closed yester?
day and many pt rsonsspent the day
in the tield. The banks also etoeed
and the postollice obset ved holiday
The colored brass band caine out
last night and discoursed many airs
while the election returns were be?
ing received in the Courthouse.
I Specially Represent
The Review of Reviews . $3.00
The Woman's Home Companion $ 1.50
The \merican Magazine $1.50
The Christian Herald $1.50
ami atti send you aB, or cacti i<. a scnsiats sd
dress for ..ur year tar ASo Voa will note thc
combined price isf7.so. tbercesarc l s.n.- poa 41.70.
11 \<>u wisli :?ii> of the above stscssaaxa with an)
oilier BMffBSSSS I CBS savn you mollly.
Addis aa M. M. DUNN
Student Law li<p:irtment,
Waafciactoa aad Lee Uaiveraitv
Are you going
to let your family
do without a
Piano another
Remember, you premised your
wife and daughters they shu >ld
have a piano this full. Do not dis?
appoint them. Think of the many
long dreary days and nights they
will have to stay in doors this win?
ter, and how a STIaVF Piano will
not only help them to pass the time
pleasantly, but will enliven your
evenings and make your home the
most pleasant place on earth.
Buy one now. Write us today for
prices and terms.
Chas. M. Stieff
Factory Branch Warerooins
716 aaiain Street Lynch burg, Va.
C. W. Whitmore, Manager
$1.00 Hat Sale
GRAHAMS, The Shoe Man
Wc have pat on sale
100 Hen's Soft Hats
la Grey, Tan, Brown and Black Colors for
$1.00 CASH
Many of these Hats are -worth $2.50 and $3.00
and at the price $1.00 they are bargains you
can't afford to MISS. Don't go bareheaded this
winter when yoa can boy a good HAT for $ J.00
Every Pair Guaranteed
Ladies' Shop
Ten Per Cent Off
lu order to avoid Christmas rush I will (pre
I base ? large atock of
Watches, Clocks, Jewelry, Silverware,Cat Glass. Novelties
WOT" Remember vou save $1.00 on every {10.00. You can?
not alfi ml to miss this,as I have an unusual ly large variety of
Roods this year.
A. Bassist
Heating Stoves
Coal and Wood Airtight Stoves.
Cole's Hot Blast Stoves.
Cole's Stove Radiators.
Stove Kepa irs of All Kir.de. Oil Heaters, Kaiijfes, Cook Stove
AI ii in i ii ii ni anal K na im-1 Utensils* Decorated Stove Mat*
Valley Heating, Plumbing & Tinning Co.
For Sale
One first-class Alligator HAY
PRESS in good condition, been used
on my farm for 4 vears. And one
unod bay MARE, ll vears old, with
foal. Apply to
Oct. 30 2t F. T. GLASGOW.
?? n?;ie rooms, on Jackson Avenue.
Fruit in abundance. Large lot.
Pleasantly located. For terms, ap?
ply to D. S. LAYNE, Lexington,
Va. Oct. 23 12 tf
For Rent
Four unfurnished rooms. Central?
ly located. Apply to LESLIE L.
iron safe. Apply to B. C. TOL?
LEY & CO., Lexington, Va.
Persons dVsirinjj
To Settle Subscriptions
Tie Gazette
in wood, are requested to bring
at sn early date.

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