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While We Live, Why Not Live Well
Youth keeps the world amoving.
Debts keep nu* moving.
1 hare bsSS able IO meet them all so far.
And if business keeps np !ik * it is. I trill ooom out ahead.
1 am not worrying much.
Fall and Winter Goods
I Sell
Coming in and HA VF. TO BE PAID Clothinir, Shoes, Hats*, Cape
FOR and Paid lor Quick to get a big Shirts. Caallars. Cults, Under
PIS OUNT wear. Jewelry, Trunks anti
llreps Suit Cases.
Help He Hake That
Make Clothes to Order
My conscience is in good si...pe and -Makl> tr>e?. to Fit and Reasonable
I won't rob you. Pr cos
Don't go svnewhnre else to be cheated. SEE US. My boys, Karl
ami Harton, both with me ready to do business.
Phone 26
Main Street Lexington, Va.
Improved Farming Implements
Bickford & Hoffman Drills.
Thomas Di i'ls. J
Imp'ii.il Cutaway Harrows.
Kui-bfl Sun's Clod Ci ushers and Pulverizers.
Farquhar Potato Diggers.
(Scientific Corn Cutten.
Hoosier Linn* and Fertilizer Broadcasters
Cider Mills.
Syracuse Spring Tooth Barrows.
Hillside ami Level Lind Plows.
Corn King Manure Spreaders.
International Gasoline Engines.
Ross. Blizzard and Belle City Fodder Cutters and Silo Fillers.
fAW~ If you buy any of the above implements yon may be satisfied
von nave the best
Fodder Yarn
J. Gassman & Son Hdw. Co*
Staple Groceries
Confections, Candies, Fruits,
Groceries, Tobaccos, Cigars,
Notions, Hats, Shoes, Etc.
Appear thtt you are tn up to date business man If you use out
Cite Stationery md Printing. Whatever ls done at this prlntsfa
R***Vt-?r f*'-*fe'i? iWSaaafM' ^R
ssssV*sss*fn assssssa*sssssssssssssssssassssssssssssssssa*sasssS
TO th? west of the great Court of Ilonor at the Panama-Pnolflc
International Exposition will como the Court of Four Seasons,
one of the most elaborate and beautiful of the great Interior
courts that will He between the Luge exhibit palaces ot the
main group. The walls of the court will be partly formed by the palaces
of Liberal Arts anil of Education and by tho two great wlngB of the
Palace of Agriculture and partly by the classic colonnades and peri?
styles that will connect these buildings. The Court of Four Seasons. In
classic Italian architecture, ls designed by Mr. Henry Bacon of New
York, designer of the Lincoln Memorial. In harmony with the title of
tbe court there will, in each of Its four corners, be set groups of stat?
uary symbolical of the seasons?Sprinp. Bummer, Autumn and Winter.
The sculpture will be set in niches screened by colonnades. Mural paint?
ings, also nm?lin of tbe seasons, will form the background for the
setting Mr. Jules Guerin. the noted artist, has charge of the color plan.
Thaj Court of Four seasons will be 310 feet square.
A pinch of cream of tartar In fudge
or boiled frosting will prevent sugar- j
lng and the frosting will be smooth :
snd creamy.
To !<move the white skin from or- i
angt s, ..old them under water while '
Cover poached eggs a moment to
give them the pretty pink look.
Water your ferns once a week with
cold coffee or tea. It will make them
grow luxuriantly
Add a little chopped cabbage and ap?
ple to potato salad. They Improve it.
Canned pineapple juice cooked with
sage or tapioca and served with cream
makes a fine dessert.
Almost any kind of preserves and
whipped cream sprinkled with dried
rake crumbs that have been flavored
with rose water will provide a nice I
A delicious filling for a layer cake
ls prepared with a cup of maple sirup
and powdered sugar, to make it of the
' right consistency to spread with a few
chopped nuts added.
When running a curtain on a rod,
1 an old glove finger put on to the rod
| makes lt run smoother.
Make the meal times helpful, amus?
ing and instructive. Even tbe little
people can bring their contribution. If
each is expected to take some part, by
I giving something in conversation for
the general good.
When tying a package, with no one
to pul a finger on the string, slip the
end you are tying twice through the
other, instead of once. The knot will
bot then slip while you finish tying.
White lead will mend china bo that
i lt will wear as long as new.
Do not salt soup until after you are
through skimming it, as the salt will
stop the rising of tbe scum.
The addition of a half cup of rais?
ins to a rhubarb pie greatly improves
When cooking rice, remember it ia
to be put on in bolling water and
cooked long and well that all of tbe
starch grains may be well broken.
Let us remember, in the preparation
of each meal, to furnish food that will
build, renovate and refresh tbe body.
His Mother.
The poet Goetho owed much of his
freatness to his mother, a woman
well made to bf;ar such a son, a per?
fect mother, and, better still, his in?
timate friend and confidant. Brought
ap In strictly borgeois and limited cir?
cles, with very little education, such
was her natural intelligence and sym?
pathy that she afterwards became ths
friend of princes, poets, and phlloso
phers, and her house a rendezvous foi
:he great minda of her day.
How Character ls Formed.
Characters are achieved?not re
oelved. They grow out of the sub
stance of a man's soul. They are no
put on aa a beggar might put on i
utolen coat. They mature like frui
from the vital fiuida of the tree. Thli
ls a sign of their genuineness; the;
grow with use. A false limb wean
out, -wastes with use. A natural Uml
*P I grows stronger and better with um
-Laaexs+Ui ts >n ...l.U.-nm.nL _
The City Beautiful ls a Matter of
Wise Thought Extending for
Many Years.
In the awakening to the Imperative
tiri d if a different and better method
of city making America ts following
th.> precedent of other nations. Con?
tinental European cities decades ago.
and Kngllsh and South American cit?
ies more recently, changed radically
their municipal regulations and their
methods of building cities. The splen?
did results of their activity are now
apparent to every citizen and visitor.
In the cities of Germany especially
the results are large and convincing.
Transportation and highway Bystems,
water fronts, harbors and docks. In?
dustrial and commercial development,
public recreation, better homes, par?
ticularly for families of small means
- such great municipal subjects as
these have been handled with skill
and experience supported by law and
public authority.
There are many misconceptions cur?
rent about town and city planning, but
none ls further from tho fact than the
notion that comprehensive plans are
only for large cities. The reverse ls
nearer the truth. In big cities the
conditions are comparatively fixed
and unyielding. Comprehensive plan
ning, especially with our present Hm
Ited city charters and the hampering
laws of our states, can have only nar
f?owly limited influence In largei
places?relieving only the worst civil
conditions, ameliorating merely thc
most acute forms of congestion, cor
reefing hut the gravest mistakes o
the past. Wide, many-sided, Imagine
tive planning, so far as large Amer!
can cities are concerned, must be con
fined for the present mainly to the ei
tension of those cities and to the bel
terment of what are really separat
communities on the outskirts.
But with small cities with a popula?
tion ranging from 2.500 to 100,000. th
case is different. Comprehensive plai
ning or replanning may be to them <
far-reaching and permanent servici
There ls scarcely anything in th
smaller places that may not b
changed. In small cities, for exampl
railroad approaches may be set rlgh
grade crossings eliminated, wati
fronts redeemed for commerce or re
reation or both, open spaces acquire
even In built-up sections.
A satisfactory street plan can I
carried out and adequate hlghwa;
established; public buildings can 1
grouped In at least an orderly wa
and a park system, made up of wi
distributed and well balanced publ
grounds, can be outlined for gradu
and systematic development. All
these civic elements, lndispensat
sooner or later to a progressive co
munity. may be had in the small cl
with relative ease and at slight co
Not an Unmixed Blessing.
A woman claims that by prayer a
fasting she has gained the gift
j tongues and now can converse in a
; language. The cynics will probal
l retort that, taking the self assert
t j miracle for granted, one tongue 1
i | proved to be far too voluble a
r I hide for the majority of her sex, a
s that the acinus of all languages ls i
> I so much a personal merit as a g
,. | erml misfortune.?Baltimore An
AVeget able Preparation ror.Vs
linallie Siomachsar.il Diw'lsoi'
Promotes Di^estionf hr rifiif
ness and Rest.ContatosneittiiT
Opiuni.Morplune nor Mineral
Not Narc otic
flmpiut Sttd~
jUxSrana *
tom Seed
Qm ???? rJear*
V...dnqntti fhmr.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the
Aperfect Remedy forComttjia
lion. Sour Stoiiiach.Dlarrtioca
Worms ,CoiTvulsions.FfVTrish
ness and LOSS OF SLEEP.
Fae Simile Signature of
For Over
Thirty Years
At b months ola
Guaranteed under the food
Exact Copy of Wrapper.
.Toa a arTT.
See adv. of Desirable Properties for
Sale in Town and [County on
Pages 2 and 7 of this issue
Don't Suffer!
" I had been troubled, a little, for nearly 7 years," writes
Mrs. L. Fincher, in a letter from Peavy, Ala., " but I was
not taken down, until March, when I went to bed and had
to have a doctor. He did all he could for me, but I got no
better. I hurt all over, and I could not rest At last, I tried
Cardui, and soon I began to improve. Now I am in very
good health, and able to do all my housework."
CARDUI Woman'sTonic
You may wonder why Cardui is so successful, after
other remedies have failed. The answer is that Cardui is
successful, because it is composed of scientific ingredients,
that act curatively on the womanly system, lt is a medicine
for women, and for women only. It builds, strengthens, and
restores weak and ailing women, to health and happiness.
If you suffer like Mrs. Fincher did, take Cardui. It
will surely do for you, what it did for her. At all druggists.
Write to: Ladle*.* Advisory Dept. Chattanooga Medicine Co.. Chattanoora, Tenn..
lor Special Instructions, ando*-pase bsok. "Home Treatment tor Women." tent free. J 60

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