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A Smuggler's
"The only roan I ever knew." said
the customs Inspector, "who smuggled
for n lona: while without being Cangai
whs a mau t>>- the Dame of Tunker
Tunka>r was a short, fut mun. Just
about such :i fellow ns his mime would
Indicate. Ile were very good clothes.
but nothing t ? attract attention His
countenance nus cheal fal, amiable.
and houesty looked out from every
feature. He returned from Europe sc
often that after awhile we Inspectors
came to know him. Ile was a very
good fellow ami often. lifter nil his
baggage lind Nen examined. wooM
offer us clears and occasionally make
some one of UH a little present he had
brought from abroad.
?" 'Here's a bottle of French ' -andy I
-wnnt to give yen. oki man.' I said to
me one clay after 1 bad pasti il the lan?
ela on all his hainRige. enabllag him to
remove lt fruin I ha* clock
"I declined i h. -iff. with thanks, but
some of the tither inspectors took such
things, mid I ii.?ticed ever nfter they
?were not va-n I borough in searching
the (river - .? ia* But Tunker didn't
care wbetbei lliey ?enrobed it or not
for they were mire to find BOthlngduti
allie there cv ??? : whal he had declared
"One day wi ? walking on tbe stree!
I noticed Tnnkei abend of me. As 1
was going li> the sn me direction. I kepi
on neatening my steps a hit. thinking
to Join him P.ut before I reached him
he turned Into the store of a large (tn
porter of Jewelry
"It ls marvel.nw how little tbinga sue
pest other things nf much greater Inn
portance i aupiaose in my cms,, tt wu.
natural noach lt should occur to me
toot the man wis .-.>ing in to sell
smuggled panda !?? ia#j it ls my baal
ness to look ont rm smugglers. At any
rate, the Mea pop! eal into my head that
Tunker's frc.pio it visita to Europe
might have something to do with the
diamond trude
"Following up the suggestion. 1
made Inquiries about Tanker. I could
learn nothing further than that he ap?
peared to (nive no bunine IB. and If he
had nm property 1t could not he found
He livid in the style of a man who
?would snend a boot .*'J.o00 a year except
for his Bnropean trips lt seemed like
ly that some .me waa bearing the ex
penso of these trips.
"I made ipi my mind that the next
time Tunker caine from abroad I woula"
search him lt was several month
after thi* t *. ? t i s:,w- him coming doxa
the gangplank of a newly arrived liner
lie lind n half smoked (Uar between
bis teeth, a satchel In one hand and a
cane In the other, dolly .-is usual, he
wns smiling and waving his cane at
some ono on the dock. I turned to mee
who wns greeting him and noticed that
there wns no one on the exact spot ai
which he was looking?nt least no one
that seemed to ho Interested in him
This confirmed my suspicions.
"'How are emir he said when ha
?aw nie ?Going tu let me through ease
this time?'
"'I can't. Tunker. Some one?an en
erny. I aoppowe haa been telling si,,
rles about you. and we've got mi ordei
from the collector himself to senr.l
"I watched his countenance wblle
spoke and saw that my Informattm
startled him But he recovered him
self lu an instant and said:
"'All right; ia*mrch away I know :
man who bntea me like ?.??'?sou an,
li Just mean enough to <U, anvtliin
like that'
"* took him into n private room, au
the search began. Tho tirst thing don
was to nus.-row the head of his iain
Hollow, hut nothing in it. Then w
went through his clothes, ripped o
the soles ,,f his shoes, felt the linin
?f everything he tun] on, looked Ii
aecret pockets In his satchel Ni
n thing could we lind. We took o
his hat with a view to sean li f.
a false Ivottoin In the crown. Thei
was nothing in the hat. hut the ii
covering of his lund revealed a lia
spot on the top of it which was ne;
the size of half n lemon.
"?Tunker.' I said, -why don't vi
have that thing removed? The sn
jreons can do lt and not hurt you
blt. I know a niau who had one
them taken off evil hunt any trouble.'
"'Wouldn't have that touched for
farm,' he replied, striving to nppe
easy. -Doctors say that If they cut
they'd open un nrtery and I'd bleed
'Vat h.'
'ilere was a puzzle. If th,, w
was built on to his head to conci
gems one couldn't prove lt with,
cutting lt open, for lt looked for
the world like the real thing lt w
of a purple hue and altogether i
lovely. Nevertheless I resolved tn t
lt I applied the sense of touch I [
my finger on il
"'1 am going to operate on lt myse
I Bald. 'I studied surgery when I v
youiiK. Sit down In that chair.'
"'Great henverrs. man. Hre von "o
to kill me?'
'"1 assiir?? you the operation will
Without the least danger.'
"Hoping that I was blurring, he tr
a bluff game himself. He sat dow-i
the chnlr. I took out my penhl
and thrust lt Into the wen. Out cn
a lot of diamonds. The cover I
made of wax.
"We una-arthed other ingenious <
trivances. but nothing so tine ns t
Tunker confessed that he had I
bringing over din monds for the i
whose at ore I saw bim enter
twelve yeara."
rhaa Ladles Knew Each Other tvon
Before Th:ir Introduction.
There win a great ?tok.I at the pic- |J
tura* c\!iH'ili"H. mill enil'tv seats were
?t n iniiiiiui". trhaja two pretty treaMn
.i.ieii .mil uKi.ic ?!? ? pfcwe ?? ?*? n*
mum n.-.tneot Ttwy reached tha prize
t,.Hut laOth [iieleiiilinj-- ii: no rn lice <>f
tte ..ther. aod. Soppiac ttl ??selves
Bown snceeettod in aqoeeaing bmatn
U.s>iv sad miserably >?? There they
sat then, each scow li ny and staring at
the rudeness ot her respective neigh?
bor, each vrtSgBag mid siiulrmlng as
mneta as possible ls order to cro-wd
that neighbor still further. Finally the
altnatloa beeame acate. and one of the
women apoke with tine sarcasm. "I
beg your patdoa. bat oo you need the
?rti.ve sent'"
?I beg y.uirs." the uiiswer came, but
I never talk t<> Mrimmers-"
lost Hun a thin! pretty woman
passed stopped and ?sVlrajo*.***! the two
at once: "Why. t.< think of Soding you
two here together! And I have always
wanted to Introduce yon, btjeonse l
know von will just love MCfa other.
Mabel thii is Maud, and Maud, this i?
raj dear old Mabel. Vou are hound to
love each "th.-r becanse you are f?o
exactly alike in .lisp.cition." ? Ha**
lort Prees
Resting a Model.
Adolphe Manses, the German painter,
at one time v.ns engaged on a work of
miiml decoration and kept a man posed
in un exceedingly (Mliming poettloB
on a scaffold for two hours. Tho great
painter worked away, heelless of his
model's discomfort. Finally the vic?
tim .died down. -Herr Professor, how
nh..ut the receeaT"
"Certainly, my dear sir. Tonie down
righi away ami yu shall have your
recetu "
Kn ihe model was descending from
the Mraffoldlng hi- limbs assumed a
poult ion which was one for which the
ml long been looking.
..< thundered. "Tiold!
' '
little vketrli ?
The artist drew rigorously for half
an hour, at the end of which he called
out Imperatively: "There, that will do
iw 'let np on the scaffold again.
We have hid our recess.**
Thc Choicest and
Latest Styles
of The WorL
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Arnica Salve
Coils, Cuts, Piles,
Eczema, Skin Eruptions,
Ulcers, Fever-Sores, Pimples,
Itch, Felons, Wounds, Bruises
Chilblains, Ringworm,
Sore Lips and Hands,
Cold ? Sores,
IONBT BACK if rr fails.
**? whitewashing anil woodsawi
with gasoline engine. A po?
card will bring me to your do
Sam I. Hamilton, 17 David:
street, Lexington. Aug. 21
"Tells the Whole Story''
To say that Foley's Honey & Tar
'tan-pound lt* best for dill tren and
rrovrn person'* and contains no oplatfta
ells only part of the tale. The whole
itoiy ls that it lu the l>est medicine for
Hinges, eoidx, emu), bronchitis ned
>tlier affections of tbe throat, eh-st
iud lungs, tstops la grippe, cough*
ind Ina- a healing and sooihiug effect.
BenaembaaT the name. Foley's Honey
md Tar Com po ind, and accept uo
-iii-stitutes. B. H. Worrel I.
Two "liffaraant Mattara.
?'I cannot understand, slr. xftty yon
permit your daughter to sue me for
breach of promise. You remember that
you were bitterly opposed to our en?
gagement bereena t wasn't good
enough for her mid would disgrace the
"Young man. that was sentiment;
this is business."
Twinges of rheumatism, backache,
stiff joints and shooting pains all show
your kidneys are not working right.
I" rina ry irregularities, loss of sleep,
nervousness, weak beak and sore kid?
neys tell the Bated of a good reliable
kidney medicine. Folev Kidney Pills
me tonic.strengthening and restorative
I hey I iillcl up the kidney! nnd regulate
their net lon. They will give you quick
telief ind contain no habit forming
drugs. Safe mid always sure. Try
them. H. ll. Horrell.
Tho Pin Machine.
The wonderful machine which make
plus, measure* and cuts the wire
points and polishes it pms a bead di?
one (-nd. repolislies the pins and peri
them by ro-.vs Into the papers in whirl
they are sold
* If You Art a Trifle Sensitive
About the size of your shoes, lt's some
satisfied ion to know that many pen
pie can wear shoes a size smaller by
'baking Allen's Poot-Beae into them.
lust the thing for Paten! Leetbei
siloes, nnd tor breaking in ffaaw Phone.
ScM Kvervwlieie. 25c. Sample PB SE
Vii,lr.--s, Allen S. Olmsted, I.e Roy,
N. V. _ _
Tho Poor Poets.
Teeta are boru, sir.'" <aid the bard
to the editor
"Yes. I gnow they weren't hatched
from duck eggs." answered the editor.
"lint the question is. why are they
born':" Cleveland Leader.
S.-hetieetad v, N. Y. gd wa rd Is.Wag.-i
uni a most satisfactory ancperieaea
; uni- the use of Foley's Honey and Tai
i on pound. He sav.s;- ? The cold go'
?n inc cheat anJ I was In a si rion* con
litton. After taking Foley's Hence
ind Tur Compound f ?r three days I
.cns nil over my cold and f?lt Hue. 1
know ii will help others as it has me."
H. Ii Horrell.
Wet Shoes.
If shoes have been thoroughly wet
don't attenipl to dry them nour th.
?tove. Hub in plenty of vaseline or I
plain lard and let stand In a cool place
several days. ;mil much of the original
oil will be restored.
Mrs. m. A..Leintnger, 4Vi No. 10thI
St., Heading, Pa., f-a\s she used Fol.-.
Kidney Pilba with the" best ol reaultaforj
backache anal ? bad enan of kid nea
; rouble that had canned her angering |
'or it long time. ''Since taking Folej
K-ibiey Fills 1 have been free from I
iimsi- backaches and 1 suffer no aron*
with ny kidneys. I gladly recommend
them '? 13. ll.'Horrell,
Former's Son iwate liing eopytsl ll
gallery I?Wotever be she doing. rec
ttaerV Farmer She he copying. Ilka
Ve see. some o' these ere old masts
pictures be every old. so ronna* thee n
to replace om every now an aimil
same ns wall neper.? bondon Pum-n
('hus. Sable, 30 Cooke St., Rochester.
M. Y., reports the result nf bia taking
Poley Kuli,ey Fills for his attach ol
Kidney un,I bladder trout le. "I must
apeak a good word for Foley Kidney
Pills which I used for h seveie case of
kidney mid bladder trouble. The)
gave ne pioinpt lelief aud I recom?
mend them at eveiy opportunity, B
ll. Gorrell.
The One to Be Pleased.
"No." said Parkham, "we never have
boiled ham nt our house any more."
"Why." snid Ascnm. "I thought yoe
were very fund of lt."
"So I nm. but my wife's rael do,:
Won't eat lt at all "-Detroit Fret
Mrs. Mattie Hamil, Chatham Hill
Va.. Mya:?"I want to advise al I win
road i liis not to be without Foley'j
Honey and Tar Compound In theil
homes My little girl wat t.iketi om
nijtlit with ii severe attack of croup
'mt e h?W doses promptly given beru
Foley's Honey and Tar Compound re
lieved h.-r 11111-* she went quietly t<
sleep. H. H. Gorrell.
A Fiver.
Tn what shape did he appeal lo yo
for help?"
"His ?ppral was V shaped."-Knit
more American
Tho youth ot n nation are Hie trui
tees of postelitv Disraeli.
A lazy liver leads to chronic dyspep
si.-i and constipation?weakens tb
whole Mvsti-m. Donn's ltegulots (|
cents per bH) correct the liver, ton
the stomach, cure constipation.
Just a Dig.
Prond Mother Frofessor Octave cal
ed nt our house today, and my dang!
ter played the piano for him. He jus
raved over her playing. Her Nolghbc
?How rude! Why couldn't be concei
bia feelings just ns the rest of us do',
Cure* baby's croup. Willie's dall
cuts and hiulses, mamma's sore throi
grandma's lameness?Dr. Thoma
Eclectic Oil?the great househo
Escapes an Awful Fate
\ thousand tongues could not ex?
ons tho gratitude of Mra. J, E. Can of
?bet. III., for her woudorful i!i'liv?r
iM from hii awful fate. "Typhoid
i.muiioiiIh had left me with .-a dre-ulful
nilli." she write*. "jSornetfni.'s I natl
eli awful coughing opella. I thought I
MM tliil. I could get no help from
?ctol*' treatment or other mo.li.-ines
I I used Dr. King's New Discovery.
it 1 own my life to thin wonderful
iiiodv for I scarcely oongh at all
iw." Cjuiok and safe,it's the mont re
able of all throat and lung medicines,
wrv buttle ku a rant .-ed. OOo. aud
100. Trial bottle free at S. H. Cor?
Many a man has lined up in t
little wavsidc opportunity merely
because he lacked the courage to
acknowledge to himself thal his
judgment had landed him in the
Wf *nc spot. Fcrtui-e d sdains m-*re
nhl itv; bran is nothing without
bravery. I lie man who can be
thr.-ished by a sneer has retreater!
before hr is dcfca'.cd.?Herbert
The Demons of The Swamp
M mosquitos. Aa they sting they put
oddly malaria germta lu the blood.
'hon follow the Icy chills and tho fires
f l.vor. The appetite Hies and the
treng'h fails; also ru alu ria often paves
he way for deadly Uphold. Hut Klee.
rio Hitters kill and cast out the malaila
;enus from the blood; give you a Hue
ppetite anil renew your strength.
'After long sufT-ri^g," wrote Wm.
fret wei I ul Lueaiisa, N. C., "three bot
le~ drove all tho malaria troiu luy eye
em. and I've had gnni health ev.-i
lace." Best for all stomach, liver ami
lidney Ills. 50e. at B. EL Uorroll's.
Hobson's Choice.
An eastern man who v;is on n busi?
ness trip through Hie wost stopped at
the small hotel in fl country town one
tay. Ile entered ruo iiiuiuir room mid
r.:i> s!i.>\vii to a table by il \v:lit?*r.
?*\\'ill '.ni have Rame perk and bonus.
sirV" asked Hie waiter ns lie brought
tin* . uatomary glass of water.
??N'.i 1 don't care for thoiii." answer?
ed Ibo man. "I never rut pork and
ben i.s."
"Dinner is over, then, sir." s;u,i thu
wni-.o.- as lie moved twajr.?Youth's
Helps a Juige in Bad Fix
Juattoe Bil Cherry of <?ll!is Mills,
Ton ii , was plainly worried. A bat
?nu. .ii ins leg had tm flied nevarra
doctors anil lng resifted all reiued.es.
"I thoaaght tt wus a cancer," he wrote.
"At lust I us..il Hueklen's Arnica Salvo
Bad mus completely cured." Curei
burri--, boils, ulceis, cuts, bruises ani
1 ilea. M cunts at H. ll. Uortell's.
Her Left Handedness Was Complete
A lil tl*" malden, quiet to notice pt
culiaritios. naked a truest at lier fn
ther's table if be were left handed.
"'Piirtially so. my little miss." ropllo
the visitor.
His answer puzzled lier, but nf ter du
reflection she remarked:
"I'm fiillb'.ootled tefl bunded."?Km
aaa I'it v Star.
What Texans Admire
is herrty, vigorous life, according t
Hugh Tallinaii of Sun Antonio. "W
lind," he writes, "that Dr. King's Ne
Life Pille surely put now lifo un
onorit) into a person. Wife aud 1 b.
lieve they are ibo best made. Fice
l-nt lor stomach, liver or kidney troi
ides. ?_'.?> couts at H. il. Uorrell's.
Ventriloquism In the Bible.
Ventriloquism has its ilrst histor
mention, ns far ns we are aware.
Isaiah xxix. 4. "And thou shalt I
brought down anti shnll speak out i
the ground, and thy speech shall 1
low out of the dust, and thy roi
shall be ns '-ne that hath a fa nilli
; spirit, out of the ground, and tl
speech shall whinier out of the dust
Many Children Are Sickly
Mother Gray's Sweet Powders I
Children Break np colds in 24 hon
relieve Feverishnefs, Headache, Sto
ach Troubles. Teething Disorders, a
Destroy Worms. At ail drufgiMts, 2
Saiuplo nailed PRES. Address*. All
8. Olmsted, Le Hoy, N. Y.
Escaped Her Too.
Elderly Mnn (greeting lady neqiiai
ance)?I reioi inlier your face perfect
miss, but your name hus escaped I
The Young Woman?1 don't wouc
It escaped nie three years ago. I
married now.
To feel stiong, have good appel
and digest ion, sleep soundly and eu
lifo, use Burdock Blood li.tters, t
great system tonic and builder.
Lobsters have n great dread of th
der mid when peals are very loud 1
swim to deeper water.
Itch! Itch! Itch!?Hcratch! Serst
?Scratch! Ihe more you scratch
woiae tho itch. Try Doao's Olnt.in
It euros piles.eczema, any skin itch!
All druggists sell lt.
Sura Things.
The only sure thing ls the thing I
has already happened. ? I'biladel]
MR*. Winslow's Sootiiivo Svkip h.i<
osed for over SIXTY YKAKS l.y MILLION
MOTHKKS for their CH1I.DR1..N WU
ia thc bru rrmrdy fur 1>1/ KKMU \. It I
aolulely harmless. Be sure and a-k for '*
Winslow's Soothing Hvriip.'* and laka so (
sisal. Tw?ul?'-*ve teats ? basti**.
a* ? a | I ? i ..'. ?"?QoO OOO ? i i ? ? a 'a a a ? il ii'i li'i M ?^'0
.OOO QoQ..tat
A DAIRY pays Just In proportion to ott
the skill anti care with which lt <j0I
Is managed Owners of little j^
farms who have truns|>ortation facill- no|
ties eau afford to make a dalry tue q
basis of their operation*. A place of jp
thirty to Bfty acres will maintain a (jn,
dozeu cows, without excluding poul- eV)
try. vegetables and fruit. del
The way to make such a dairy pay j?
Is to establish a reputation for high om
grade milk, cream and butter. Private (
customers can l*e secured who will pa,
pay lllierully for these commodities if q,]
they are sweet aid -.hole-some and jol
show evidence of intelligent handling. ^
Tbe owner must insist on cleanliness q?
about the barn and In the pa its and po
cans. ap
One problem af the dairyman ls to tn,
keep the milk from tvelng contanilnat- na
ed. either throuch dirt falling Into lt pa
or by Its absorption of undesirable tei
odors. If the stables are clean, dry ^
and well ventilataxl there will he no ap
bud odors for the milk to absorb Of te
course there should lie no cesspools j.
nlaout tho stables, jmd the ground nu- Br
der the barn should lae well drained. t,f
Poor drainage cannot help but cause
object iona hie odors aliout the barn. 0f
The udder and the flanks of the cow Tj
should Ik- thoroughly wiped with a cf
damp cloth l>efore milking. Ti
One of the cardinal |>oints that a rp
good dairyman will observe in han- <j,
diing his cows ls regularity In all his
work. He will food the cows at detl- ei
Bite hours nnd milk them at stated tj
Intervals. If a cow ls milked at 0 n
o'clock in the morning she should be ?*
milked airaln at 0 nt night, the beal m.
results liebig obtained when the time m
hetWtSB milklngs is twelve hours. *
If for anv reason lt ls advisable to ft
** ??**** + ****-*?*?* ???? *********
To produce a perfect plant j
there must be a perfect seed. *
planted in a perfectly prepared *.
soil and cultivated by a trained J
intelligence. In Just bo far as J
there ls a deficiency in any one ?
of these particulars will the re- $ | ]
suit fall short of a perfect crop, at j J
Or Ara Your Animals the Kind That j i^
Pay For Food and Labor?
The cow, from an economic stnnd- J
point, is simply a manufacturing plaut
through which is run so much raw
material in the form or nutrients to
turn out the finished products?milk
and cream. Many of these manufactur?
ing plants ure run at n dead loss, hut
their owuei-s do not know lt. as they
are too Indifferent to take the trouble
to keep books so they can find lt out.
This is one of the lamentable defects
PhotoRiaph by University of Wisconsin
agricultural experiment station.
srU'lla&N OK THK "BOiHMll COW.'
In farming as n manufacturing enter?
prise, lu any other phase of industrial
activity such negligence of business
methods would spell bankruptcy. The
Batten k test and a pair of scales make
it possible for every farmer to keep ac?
curate accounts willi each cow In his
herd, and where this ls done It does
not take long to convince the owner
that the cow that does not pay her
board bad l>etter move on. But as yet
the major portion of dalry farmers have
uot risen to the point where they test
each cow's production. Through the
organisation of co-operative cow test?
ing associations lu a number of differ
ent states improvement ls treing rapid?
ly made, hut it ls probably a safe estl
tuate today to assume that 20 |>er cent
of the milk producing cattle In this
great dairy state of Wisconsin are not
paying their owuers for the feed and
care which they require.
In these days, when modern machin?
ery has so grentl.v rail need the relative
use of hand labor, a lamentable lack
of efficiency la shown where a man
Kpends bis time milking and caring for
A number of animals whose returns
often do not pay for the feed consum?
ed, let alone the labor expended.?Cir?
cular of Information. University Oaf
Wisconsin Agricultural Kxperiment
a ab
Value of Alfalfa Hay.
That alfalfa hay contains more
pounds of protein for each 100 pounds
than any other kind of cured hay and
also contains a large amount of car
bohydrates are Interesting facts
brought out In a recent bulletin of the
college of agriculture of the University
of Wisconsin.
Protect Your Post.
When making a cement hitching post
re-enforce it with a good stout bar of
Iron. If you do not. first thing yon
know some one will run against lt
with n heavy wagon and break it. Tut
iron rod will strengthen the post
Farm Journal.
inge the feed of ? herd lt should be
ie gradually, so that the cowa will
?ome accustomed to tbe chance and
: get "off fe??d" so readily.
'own should not be abused, as any
treatment affects their milk pro
rtlon. On the contrary, they should
?n be petter!, as they respond von
?fully to kind and gentle treatment
a way that ls profitable for tbe
>ne milker may be obie to get 20
r cent more milk than another. Tbe
lker should not worry the cow by
id talking or abuse of any kind. A.
w should lae milked quietly and
ickly. and ns the last milk drawn
mains far more fat than tbe first,
eclnl care should lie taken to get all
e stripping* IA milking the whole
nd should he used, closing first that
rt next to the udder. The cow's
nts should Ix* dry when she ls milk
WettliiK the tents is not only a
thy hs bit. but it also allows the
sta to chap In bud weather. If there
difficulty In milking a cow dry a
nail amount of vaseline may be rnb
?d on the hands.
In the summer the cows get plenty
1 exercise, but they should be pro?
ded with a shady place where they
in rest. In fly Mme lt mny be ad
snble to keep tue cows In tbe barn
irinir the day. darkening the win
>ws to keep the Insects out.
With ten or n dozen cows the farm
* needs a reliable hired man. for
lere ls n great deni of work In run?
ing a dairy, and it should be perform
1 In a thorough manner. The family
dil find much to do in connection
?1th the poultry, vegetables and fruit
dthout undertaking all the drudgery
f the farm and dalry.
I. ...... .. .... ., ........ ssssaQ
rsVwilrsV ar it 1t sV -lr -it sr sr aV -ir -aV w -sHa; -s*rs*rtsrsVww U
It's the exceptional year?the ?
I Benson of adverse conditions? *>
j when really good farming shows J
t Itself superior to poor farming, av
| Many a farmer loses his labor by *
i falling to do the right thing at 5
j the right time in the right way.? 5
i Kansas Fnrmer. ?
i *
Som Silage lt Better Than Mixture of
Field Pass and Oata.
Canada field peas aud oats sown on
food soil nnd under favorable condi?
tions will be ready for soiling or en?
silage In about two and a half months,
rhe growing of oata and peas together.
lays Hoard's Dairyman, produces a
larger amount of nutrients per acre
thnn when grown separately. The
combination works well and produces
a very palatable feed.
In 100 pounds of corn silage there
are 17.2 pounds of digestible nutrients
and in 100 pounds of oats and pea
silage ".bout IS pounds. Tbe compo?
sition of all feedstuffs varies, especial?
ly when cut green; but. on the whole,
lt is safe to say that corn silage will
contain more digestible nutrients tban
oata and peas, although tbe oats and
peas are richer in protein.
It would not be advisable to sow
clover or timothy seed with oats and
peas, for they form a very dense
growth wblch would not permit the
young clover or timothy plants to
grow. nnd. If they did. they would lie
so weak thnt after the peas nnd oats
were removed, the sun's rays would tie
very apt to kilt them. We do not
think lt advisable under any conditions
to sow grass seed with oats and peas.
Novel Chicken Roost.
Q. Derer, an Oklahoma subscriber
of the Iowa Homestead, sent a unique
plan for a chicken roost. Take a cart
wheel and
stab the
axle into
g r o u u d
or cut the
axle in
two. bolt
lt to a
chicken roost. post and
set tbe post in the ground. When tbe
chicken bouse needs cleaning all you
need to do ls to lift tbe wheel off and
lt ls out of tbe way. Then, too, if
there ls a chicken on tbe other side
from you that you wish to catch. Just
turn the wheel around. This makes
a very convenient chicken roost.
What the Lawyers Tell Us.
A lease which ls altered after ita ex?
ecution and without the consent of the
lessor by changing tbe dates of the
commencement and termination of the
term is void. ?St. Louis Advertising
Company versus Itnbtlste, Mo. HU
Southwestern 438.
A landlord who furnishes supplies to
enable a tenant to make a crop is en?
titled to a Hen for tbe price of tbe
supplies, and it ls Immaterial whether
the tenant could or could not have bad
tbe crop without them. ?Fernlnan ver
lus Nowlln. 120 S. W. S79
Every contract mode for or about
?ny matter or tbtng which ls prohibit?
ed and made unlawful by statute la
void, aad hwece. under the Arkansan
statutes, which require the killing of
glandered animals, the sale of an ani?
mal affected with glanders ls void.?
Compaglonette versus McArmlck, 120
1. W. 400.

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