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While We Live, Why Not Live Well
Youth keeps the world a-tiioviog.
Debts keep ino moving.
I have been able to moot thom all so far.
And il biisioes* kanpa np uko 't is. 1 will come out ahead.
I am not worrying nindi.
Fall and Winter Goods I Sell
Coming in andHANK TO BK PAID Cloth.nu. Shoe*, Hat*, Caps
FOItand Pttid lorQuIek tu get a big Shirt*., Collara, Cutts, Under
DISCOUNT wear, Jewelry. Trunks ami
sj s m -, i ts_ Deg? Suit lavi.
Help He Hake That
Discount Make Clothes to Order
Myiconscien'e i* in Rood fthape and ?*??*? ?*?*? t0 Fit und B>?Onsblo
I won't rob you. Pr ces
, Don't go >.>*iiewliur? else to bo cheated. SEE L'S. My boys, Kail
an! llnrlOB, both with BM ready to do b.isiness.
Phono 85
Main Sn, ,t Lexington, Va.
Improved Farming Implements
bickford ?Y Hui. ru Drills.
Thomas Dri'l i.
linp.'ri ii I'ut.-iwity Harrows.
1'iu iis Son's Clod tiu-liors and Pulvorizi'.rd.
Farquhar Potato Diggora.
Scientific Coin Cotters.
Uoosiei Linn* and Fertiliaer Broadcaaten
Cider Mills.
Syracuse Spring Tooth Farrows.
Hills'ile .uni Level Lind Plows.
t urn King Mannie Spreaders.
International Gasoline Bnginos.
Boas, Blizzard aud Hollo city Fodder Cutten and Silo Fillers,
OjkW Ti voa liny anv of tho above implements you maj ba satisfied
yon bare tin* Lost
Fodder Yarn
J. Gassman & Son Hdw. Co*
Staple Groceries
Confections, Candies, Fruits,
Groceries, Tobaccos, Cigars,
Notions, Hats, Shoes, Etc.
timk foi:
Heating Stoves
Coal aod Wood Airtight Stoves.
Cole's Hot Blast^Stoves.
Cole's Stove Radiators,
stove Kepal? of aii Kieta. Oil Haatara, Baaloo, cook Mm v
Aluminum anil Knatuel UtSaailS liecoraleil stove Mais
Valley Heating, Plumbing & Tinning Co
Advertise in The Gazette
*& *%. ii
?Ha*** J*?*
*???'? -<r.*jj?t.v;. -st?-*? -r
OMI of the most notable buildings at the Pana ma-Pacific Interna?
tional Exposition at San Francisco In 1910 will ive the great
Palace of Horticulture, constructed of glass, covering over five
acres, ar two city squares In extent, and surmounted by a dome
HM! feet high. Tbe Palace af Horticulture will be set In n great tropical
garden near tho malu entrance to the exposition grounds. lt will be
C72 feet long and tts greatest width will be 820 feet. An impressive nave
eighty feet high will run the length of the building and paralleling tbe
central ears on either side will be two side aisles fifty feet in height.
At the main entrance to the building a huge arch will be adorned wltb
classic bas-reliefs suggestive of the purpose of the structure. The en?
trance nnd interior of tho Palace of Horticulture will ho decorated with
trellises upon which Boweling vines will be trained. When the exposi?
tion opens tho Horticultural Palace will appear as if set in the heart of
a marv,-lons garden Although wood cvill be used In connection with
glass the Palace of Horticulture will be in every sense a glass palace;
ii will bc the largest glass structure ever built. Puring the night lllunil
oattnn* at the exposition tha vast surface of the building will present
unusual ami beautiful relloetlons.
E BOW th.' globe w r<>np the
i .->rn.
IVe bailld th* house where we may reit;
An.l t! ??n. st rnomfnts, ssmioVnly.
We !....li up to tin-" Kreat wide Shy,
Inquiring WhajTajfore w.' wert born?
For earnest or for Jest?
? E. B. Browning.
When a large amount of bread has
been sliced, do not allow li to dry out, j
but pack In a jar and cover with a j
doth wrung quito dry out of hot wa?
ter, then place a plate over them and j
the br-*ad will keep trash. Sandwiches.
ma> ad.- ar.il kit\ci1 at lanchsBOS
or er, | r and aro always a welcome I
udditton to tha Baal.
If you have a lilt of bolled frosting
left, add a few nuts and chopped raia- j
Ins and drop on wafers. Rake In a
hot ovain until brown. These are nice
with a salad
Fondant left from French candies
will keep indefinitely If kept In a cov?
ered dish, and may be melted Over
water and used for cake icings
A few tablespoonfuls of presarvea
may be used as a garnish for fruit
salad, like pear or apple. Or it may
be used as a filling for tarts, having
more than one kind to use up odd
A custard or chocolate Ice cream
may be used as a sauce for pudding if
used within a short time.
Dainty pies may bo made from left?
over pie crust In the form of turn?
overs, of which children are very fond,
or baked In gem pans and made like
a grown-up upie.
Take your convalescing friend a
baked apple prepared thu6: Wash
1 and wipe the apple but do not peel,
scoop out the cori> with an upple
corer, beginning at the blossom end
but do not make a hole way through
for tho small well is to hold a bil of
butter, a tablespoonful of sugar ami a
grating of nutmeg or a blt of lemon
j peel. Surround with water if tho ap
i pies are not Juicy, and bake until thor
; oughly tender. Apples that do not
keep their shape during baking are
not so attractive baked in this mau
i ner.
Left-over Icing or fondant, when ma
king candy, the scrapings* of the bowls
can be used to stuff dates.
Advancement In Japan.
The Japanese are making great
strides in tho woolen industry, and bs
; Importing the lute..! murern ma
' chlnery, are striving to manufacture
. all classes of woolen gaods that fun
a market in Japan. Tills they wil
probably do in a few years, with th<
exception of gooda Intended for men'i
ootslda wear, but ;:t present tba milli
are making shirtings, both plain mm
?' ney and bi.lien' dn ss goods of v ?
Holland's Flag.
Holland's flag ls also the emblemo
liberty; but nobody knows how dui
lng the long centuries tha orange bi
came changed to r<*d.
"Tommy, did you wash your hand
this morning?" "I washed ono i
them, mother. The other didn't nee
The Line.
A girl makes this distinction b
tween white Hes and fibs: Rho tel
tibs to her chum and white lies to hi
Wlt>-->Lit (Jae of Device Results From
Ir.Jlvlduala of Any Flock Must
Bo Uncertain.
illy J Ia JONCa, Mechanical Engineer.
( UahOSBS Kxpuilnient Suction.)
It ls not necessary to dwell on the
advil ages of using trap nests. The
primary object ls to develop a heavy
laying strain. It bas been found by
the u. e of trap nests that the number
of e: ~s laid per hon in an average
flock varies from 40 to 246. Without
using trap nesta, the results from
such a Hock would be uncertain and
probably unsatisfactory. It ls the ob
Bank of Trap Nesta.
Jeot of tbe poultry man *.o breed and
build up the strain which lays the
heaviest, by breeding to the heavy
For fanciers, the trap nest is indis?
pensable on account of the fact that
in thc ordinary pen there are from six
to twelve females to one male. If
trap neets are used, and there are
as many as there are females In the
pen, lt ls possible to distinguish each
ben's eggs, while if the trap nests are
not used, thia ls Impossible.
Tho use of trap nests goes far tc
prevent the hens forming the habit ol
egg-eating. They are likely to form
this habit If kept in limited quarters
If so kept, they are probably not giver
the very best food, and probably nol
enough of lt, especially animal food.
The accompanying drawings of s
bank of trap nests are almost self ex
planatory. The r.osts are built with
out any top or bottom. The hen en
ters through the back of the nest
brushing under the hanging wire
which releases the door. She thei
passes on to the next compartmen
toward tho front end. To inspect thi
nest and to remove tho hen, ascortaii
her number, and secure the eggB, th'
front door is simply unbuttoned am
let down. It will bo noticed that th
two doors are fastened together wtl
a cord, so that when the front doo
Lt U aaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Baal
Sectional View of Nest.
ls let down, the trap ls automatical!
set again. Tbe hen will find it dlfi
cult to leave through tho back dot
at this time, aa the hanging wire pe
/nita her to go one way only. Thei
are so simple that in making them 1
almost any quantity, tho materl
should not cost over 15 cents, at mos
per trap nest.
Seek Knowledge.
He who refuses to be taught los
from life Its charin and sacrodnei
('ease to learn and you will in tlc
?taifa your powers of admiration,
reverence, of obedience, and all t!
rest of those delicate faculties wbi
In their union are tho very streng
of character.?Qeorge Adam Smith.
ChiSdren Cry for Fletcher's
The Kimi Tam Have Always Bought, and which has been
in uso f?>r over SO years, has horne tho signature of
?^yfi and has been made under his per
t^TL-C/^X^^^tyfy sonni supervision since Its Infancy.
*******^Jr, v<4CC*\4>Z>Z Allow no ono to deceive you In this.
All Counterfeits, Imitations and "Just-as-good" are but
Experiments that trifle with and endanger tho Health of
XnXunts und Children?Experience against Experiment.
Casi orin ls n, li: rinless substitute Xor Castor Oil, Pare?
goric, DtOft and Soothing Syrups. It ls Pleasant. It
contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotic
Kiihstancc. Its age ls Its guarantee. It destraiys Worms
and allays Feverishness, lt cures Diarrluea, and Wind
Colic, lt relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation
a nil 1 latuleney. It assimilates tho Food, regulates tho
Stomach aud Bowels, giving heall hy and natural sleep.
Thai Children's Panacea? Tho Mother's Friend.
I Bears the Signature of
he Kind You Have Always Bought
In Use Fop Over 30 Years
? /a
See adv. of Desirable Properties for
Sale in Town and County on
Pages 2 and 7 of this issue
Gave Up Hope
"I suffered five years, with awful pains, due to woman?
ly troubles," writes Mrs. M. D. McPherson, from Chad
bourn, N. C. "They grew worse, till I would often faint.
I could not walk at all, and I had an awful hurting in my
side; also a headache and a backache.
I gave up and thought I would die, but my husband
urged me to try Cardui, so, I began, and the first bottle
helped me. By the time the third bottle was used, I could
do all my work. All the people around here said 1 would
die, but Cardui relieved me."
CARDUI WomanlTonic
For more than 50 years, Cardui has been relieving
woman's sufferings, and making weak women strong and
well. During this time, thousands of women have written,
like Mrs. McPherson, to tell of the really surprising results
they obtained by tlie use of this purely vegetable, tonic
remedy for women.
Cardui strengthens, builds, restores, and relieves or pre?
vents unnecessary pain and suffering from womanly troubles.
If you are a woman, begin taking Cardui, today.
Write to- I arties- Advisory Dept.. Ctartantxtfa Medicine Co.. Cii.-itt.irir.nga. Tenir.
lor Special Instructions, and 64-rage book. "Hum* Treatment lor Women." bent Iree. 1 sV

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